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Instagram TV: Turn Horizontal Videos To Vertical Videos

teacher avatar Ole L, Physical Product Management

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What Is Instagram TV

    • 3. Creating A Channel

    • 4. Making Your Horizontal Videos Vertical

    • 5. Loading Vertical Video To IGTV

    • 6. Wrap Up

    • 7. Class Project

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About This Class

This class will show you how to turn your current horizontal videos vertical so it can be loaded to Instagram TV (IGTV).

IGTV is Instagrams long form video platform that only accepts vertical videos that is a minimum of 15 seconds long.

Meet Your Teacher

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Ole L

Physical Product Management


There is no reason to stop learning and the best way to learn is to share the knowledge you have.

Through sharing my knowledge I hope to add to mine.

Having been fortunate to have worked in buying departments as a Merchandise Planner on three different continents, I have been able to gather a wide range of experience and have accumulated a wealth of knowledge, as a Merchandise Planner, which I am now imparting on others.

What is a Merchandise Planner?

A Merchandise Planner is someone who through planning sales and inventory increases profitability by maximising sales and minimising losses within a retail buying department.

Have specific questions related to planning? Email me at [email protected]

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1. Introduction: Would you like to know how to load your current videos to Instagram TV? Would you like to know how to create the video for instagram TV? Would you like to know more about instagram TV if you answered yes to any or all of these questions? This class is for you. That is because in this class you will learn how to create videos in a format that can be loaded onto INSTAGRAM TV. Also known as I G T B. This class is primarily a bounce converting your existing horizontal videos to a vertical format, allowing you to load. It's on to I G. T V. This is a work around a method aimed to help you get your i g TV channel up and running quickly without having to recreate VDs. You already have still interested. Watch each lesson to discover what process to follow. 2. What Is Instagram TV: INSTAGRAM TV, also known as I G TV, is Instagram's long form video platform. It differs from stories in that it allows you to upload videos that is much longer than 60 seconds. It can be accessed in two ways by your current INSTAGRAM account over I stand alone app. To use this feature, you'd need to create a channel. Luckily, your channel Maine is the same as your INSTAGRAM account name. A feature that I G TV has is that you can load your video using either your INSTAGRAM account on your device or via your desktop or laptop. So as long as you have an INSTAGRAM account, you can create a channel. Your followers will automatically become your subscribers. You can begin posting videos to your channel either from your fate or from a Web browser. 3. Creating A Channel: creating an INSTAGRAM TV channel is fairly straightforward. There are three places you can create, a channel by instagram app by A. I g TV app or at instagram dot com on the Web. The process for each is fairly similar if you choose to use either the INSTAGRAM or I G TV app. Here's what you need to do. Tap the I G TV icon found on Your feet Attack the Creates Channel icon. Once you do that, follow the instructions on the screen to create your channel. If you would rather use your Web browser to create a channel, you would need to sign into your instagram account by www dot instagram dot com. Click home the I G TV. I come on your profile, select, create channel and follow the instructions on the screen to complete the creation of your channel. Once your channel has been created, you are now ready to start uploading videos. It is at this point that I G TV differs from most other platforms in that Amy accepts videos that are vertical, as most videos in our libraries are currently more than likely horizontal. Like this one you're currently watching, You can either choose to re recalled all your videos, all convert your videos in a way that can be uploaded to I G TV, which is what the next section off this class is about. 4. Making Your Horizontal Videos Vertical: in Show you how my put a result videos into a vertical format so it can be loaded to I g TV . I shall be using standard tools that come with a Mac, specifically keynotes and quick time. If you have a Windows machine, you need to find the equivalent tools suitable for your machine saying I horizontal videos have dimensions off 19 to 0 by 1080 or a ratio off 16 to 9. The quickest and easiest way to make these horizontal videos vertical is by doing the following. Once you're in key knows, go to file new before choosing a bean. Click on wide in this instance are selected the first option with black back ground. Click on shoes to view the full slide Quick overview Show presenter Neitz. Get rid of the text boxes by clicking on them and pressing. Delete. Make sure your format get down to color. Fill and select the color for the background of your slide except out of color field. Go to documents, click on documents. Get down to slide size where it currently says white screen 16 by nine She's custom slide size change. The with 2 10 80 the height to 1920. Click on I Can biscuits, he the vertical format for HGTV. You can insert the videos by either going up to inserts and clicking. Choose and then selecting the file from your computer. Or, if you have the file on your desk top drag and drop onto the slide. The video automatically fits onto the width off the slide at this point, because you have space above and below the video. As it stands, you can type in a short message, either at the top or bottom of the slide. Click on the text box paste in any texts that you have written all type of him. Adjust the formats off the texts by going back into formats, Clicking on text and adjusting the font size. Make it bold if you so choose. If you click on style also within format, you would be able to change the background color off the text box. What's he have? The image looking the way you wanted to go to file export to quick time leave. Everything is is click on next. Give the file a name and click on export once the fire has been exported into quick time. Go to where the file has been saved and changed the extension off the file to MP four. Once you change the extension of the file to MP ful, the pop up comes up asking if you want to keep it as M 40 or if you want to use MP for Click and P four and your file is now ready to up laid into my G TV, that is it. You have successfully a major horizontal video vertical and you can load it to your RG TV channel. 5. Loading Vertical Video To IGTV: Once you're vertical video has been created, it's time to load onto I G TV. They're too lazy for major vertical video toe I G TV. The first method is by using the app, either the Instagram App or I G TV App, and the second method is using a Web browser. If you're using the INSTAGRAM App or the I G TV app, this is what you need to do. Tap on the I G TV icon and then tap on your accounts, image or photo. You would notice that there's a plus sign would need to tap on this and then cheese. The video too late. Attack next and here you would add a title for your video and a description for your video . At this point, you can select to share your video on your Facebook page if you said she's a tap post. If you choose using the weapons to lose the images to your eye G TV channel, you need to sign into your instagram account via www dot instagram dot com. Once there, go to your profile and click I G TV. Click are played video. Click on the plus sign. You can select the video to a plate from your files. Or you can drag and drop the file onto HGTV. Add a title and description for your video and again, at this point, you can choose to share your video on your Facebook page as well. Click a post That is it. You have uploaded a video onto your RG TV channel without having to create a brand new big ear in vertical format. 6. Wrap Up: I hope you found this class helpful. This is one method you can use to make your current, for example, videos into bicycle ones and getting through this class you've gone through what an I G TV channel is. How to create an I G TV channel. How to make videos. You can a plate to your I G TV channel without having to recreate then and finally how to upload your video, even though a Mac was used to demonstrate how to create vertical videos using your current horizontal ones, you can use this method on non Mac devices as well, so long as you have a way to export the completed slide as a video. 7. Class Project: Now it's over. Two year. Go through each lesson in this class. Select one off your horizontal videos and creative vertical one. Share an image off your vertical video with us to share, but image. Take a screen. Shut off your video. Once you've finished creating it on a plate, it's by clicking on by your project tab. Upload in the screen shelter and clicking the create button. Use the community tab for any questions you have or additional ideas you would like to share with myself and other students. Also feel free to share the class link with those who you think would benefits from it. And don't forget to leave a review and a thumbs up. Oh, and also don't forget following my channel.