Instagram TV: Turn Horizontal Videos To Vertical Videos | Ole L | Skillshare

Instagram TV: Turn Horizontal Videos To Vertical Videos

Ole L, Physical Product Management

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7 Videos (12m)
    • Introduction

    • What Is Instagram TV

    • Creating A Channel

    • Making Your Horizontal Videos Vertical

    • Loading Vertical Video To IGTV

    • Wrap Up

    • Class Project


About This Class

This class will show you how to turn your current horizontal videos vertical so it can be loaded to Instagram TV (IGTV).

IGTV is Instagrams long form video platform that only accepts vertical videos that is a minimum of 15 seconds long.





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Ole L

Physical Product Management

There is no reason to stop learning and the best way to learn is to share the knowledge you have.

Through sharing my knowledge I hope to add to mine.

Having been fortunate to have worked in buying departments as a Merchandise Planner on three different continents, I have been able to gather a wide range of experience and have accumulated a wealth of knowledge, as a Merchandise Planner, which I am now imparting on others.

What is a Merchandise Planner?

A Merchandise...

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