Instagram Success for Artists : 2 Week Challenge to Grow Your Following | Ohn Mar Win | Skillshare

Instagram Success for Artists : 2 Week Challenge to Grow Your Following

Ohn Mar Win, Illustrator surface designer teacher

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12 Lessons (49m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Overview of the class

    • 3. Your Instagram Profile

    • 4. Make Art Everyday

    • 5. Other Content to Consider

    • 6. Use good quality pics

    • 7. Use great captions

    • 8. Timings of posts & Insights

    • 9. Comments and Engagement

    • 10. Hashtags

    • 11. Final thoughts & Class project

    • 12. BONUS VIDEO

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About This Class


I set up my Instagram account in September 2014 starting with a fuzzy picture of a pear sketch, and just a handful of followers. Now just over 3 years later, I have 100,000 followers, and in this class I want to share some of the tips I used to achieve this. I really enjoy sharing my art on this platform, as it almost serves as a daily time capsule of where my art is at, and is a good reflection of me and my personality. 

There's a theory that goes if you perform a certain task every day for 30 days, new pathways are formed in your brain, so it becomes a habit. This can be applied advantageously to many areas of your life. I also feel this is a great approach for gaining great follows on Instagram.

This class for those who are already using or wish to use Instagram as part of their art, illustration or design business. I believe if you made consistent effort for at least 2 weeks, using the tips I'll be outlining in the class you'll seen tangible results in that time: more followers !!

The class will cover :

* an effective profile, including profile pics, identifiable user names and links

* making art everyday ( if possible) to build up anticipation 

* good quality phots or images

* effective captions for your post

* timing and using insights

* comments and the all important engagement

I hope you'll join me in this first class of 2018

Also a massive thank you to the artists who kindly let me feature their work - without their helpful support I would not have been able to create this class

Claire Picard  

Dylan Mierzwinski 

Tom Froese

Jess (jeshypark)

Affra Gibbs