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Instagram Strategies for Solopreneurs and Local Businesses

Emilia Gardner, Learning every day!

Instagram Strategies for Solopreneurs and Local Businesses

Emilia Gardner, Learning every day!

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5 Lessons (40m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Case Study Pt 1 Sarah's Home Organization Business

    • 3. Case Study Pt 2 Sarah's Home Organization Business

    • 4. Case Study David's Expert Business

    • 5. Class Project

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About This Class

The primary issue most new business owners struggle with is HOW TO GET CLIENTS. Many small businesses are born out of need, having lost a job, for example. There might not be a big pot of investment money to use to jump start the new business. For many people new to business, who have a lot of time to invest in the business (but not a lot of money), social media is a fantastic way to get those first clients. 

However, what I see in my time on social media, is that new business owners focus on the wrong tactics. The mistake I see every day (and I have made myself) is to focus heavily upon the content I produce with the goal of building the account and getting more followers. While it may feel awesome to have 100,000 followers, this does not necessarily correlate to money in the bank. Small businesses are generally local in focus. There is no value in having followers in other states (or even cities) because these people will never become customers.

Stop with the followers, and focus on making connections with local accounts and influencers. In this class, I will explain the strategies that two real world small business owners have used to build their businesses and get their first clients. 

Meet Your Teacher

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Emilia Gardner

Learning every day!



My name is Emilia.

I'm not an expert. I'm learning every day, just like you. I'm here because I am passionate about: "Learn, Do, Teach." I truly believe that teaching is the best way to master a skill or concept. I create content around the topics that I am implementing for myself.



I am obsessed with building passive income streams. When my children arrived, my dreams of the corner office with the view changed. Now I dream of having complete control over my days so that I can be where I am needed, when I am needed. No more trading time for money. My classes focus heavily upon helping others build the same skills that I have learned (and earned) since making my career pivot. 

One of my goals here at Ski... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Instagram is a powerful, powerful tool. But what local business owners and soul openers often make the mistake of doing is focusing on followers focusing on putting out content that is simply waste of their time because all they're looking to do is try to grow their account. Local business owners and sell openers, especially when they're service, is focused in a very specific area, should not care about followers. And she care about customers. So we can go through and work with Instagram to actually get people customers if they just modify slightly what it is they do and how they do it in this training. In this course tutorial, we're going to go through some really life examples of what we have done in our consultation with a couple of individuals in local areas to help them start their businesses and to get customers for the very first time. We look forward to seeing you inside 2. Case Study Pt 1 Sarah's Home Organization Business: All right. So let's talk about Sarah now. Just so you know, Sara is actually a really person. But I have not included any identifying information about Sarah or her business or where it is located, cause I don't want to embarrass her. She's a good friend of mine. But Sarah came to me with this scenario. Okay, And just knowing about Sarah will help you understand what it is that we can do for her. As Faras helped her build her business with Instagram. So first of all, Sarah is a super sharp lady. You know, She's a stay home mom with an advanced degree, and she's been at home for between six and eight years. She has followed her husband around the country for his work, and now they're stabilizing. But you know, she is ready to re enter the workforce. Her kids were in school, but it's not that easy. And so she decided that she wanted to start a business in order to make some extra money, you know, to challenge herself the have something that was her own and to be happy. But she wanted to do that without putting pressure on her commitments of being a month. And so she looked at what it is that she knew how to do. And she loves her kids. But she also loves her home, right? Organizing, designing, working with people, helping people be happier in their homes and creating amazing spaces for them. Just like this is a business, right? And so this is where her business was born. But the problem is, Sarah, when around this really backwards okay, without really thinking about who her clients would be. Well, where she would get clients. She just incorporated a business. She started going out there. Since I have a business, I'm ready to do work but didn't know exactly how to get clients. And now there are lots of ways to get clients. But again, in this video, we're gonna talk about how Sarah can use Instagram to build her business. So the first thing that Sarah really needs to do for her action plan for Instagram is not to go to Instagram. The first thing that Sarah needs to do is sit down with a white sheet of paper and build her customer avatar. Okay. Who is it that she would be targeting on Instagram What are their qualities? What do they like? Where do they buy things? Where do they hang out? How can she get in their heads now? Sara will have a really difficult time on Instagram or any other platform online if she does not build out her customer. After a really good book for this that I recently read is dot com secrets. Russell Bronson spends, you know, several pages going through. You know how he builds a customer avatar, and why am I highly recommend that book? But anyway, she should sit down and make up, um, the male and female avatar. Now she may have a hard time getting into one or the other of those profiles. Maybe in the beginning, she just focuses on one. Maybe she just focuses on the women's avatar because maybe she connects better with women. Or maybe it's the opposite. Maybe she connects better with men and designing men's spaces. Whatever it is, she should just sit down and focus. So who is her avatar? How old are they? In most cases, you know you want to pick out on income range like, who are you targeting? And you know it's really good advice somebody gave to me recently, and I really, truly believe it. I pass it on is don't try to sell your services. Two broke people. So when you're creating your avatar, you want to think of people who can afford to pay for your services. So if you are thinking of people who you might know one like or maybe are in your current sphere E like, Hey, John, you know he's awesome, you know? And this is what I could do for John, you know, living in apartment. But if John is not in her avatar, if it John does not have the income to hire her, she needs to separate him out and focus on the people that she could get as potential clients. So, you know, for someone who's doing home organization in home design, that person may have ah, you know, extra cash laying around to be ableto hire someone for a non necessity because really harm organization designs? Probably not a necessity. So in building her customer avatar, she's gonna wanna look at age. You know, someone Super Young may not be in her avatar. She may be looking for people who are between, you know, 35 75 or 35 65 you know, before retirement. And once she's done that. So the next thing she used to do is figure out what it is that they like. Like, what is it that they are interested in? And then where do they hang out? Especially on Instagram, You know, what sort of profiles do they have? So once she has a list of her avatars, qualities and characteristics, the next thing Sarah will do if she hasn't done it already is create her own INSTAGRAM account. Now, you know, you could use your own INSTAGRAM account your personal account, but I really think that it's best to have an account designed specifically for when people turn around and come back to it later on. So if this is her business account, she's gonna wanna have pictures in it that are examples of her designs, especially before and afters to show her work, right? People come back to it and they see what it is that she could do. She could even use instagram posts that are all texts, you know, telling people like a BCG. Here's what I do so that when they're scrolling by, they'll see it if they don't want to click and screen read through in the description of photo. I would also recommend that she do some block post type posts on her instagram account, really explaining her love for design, her love to help clients, her passion and what it is that she's really interested in. I also think that she should do some videos in their right, some live videos of herself talking and, you know, being enthusiastic, you know, in just about the world, so that people who are seeing this would be like, Man, I really like that person. I I would love to hire that person. So when she has her INSTAGRAM account set up, she's also going to wanna have a planned out link for her bio. You know, in the beginning, it probably ought to be her website, you know, could either be a link to her profile. So when they cook on it, they go and see her and, you know, immediately introduced to what it is that she loves. Or maybe it's to a particularly awesome job that she had done, you know, And if she doesn't have those jobs yet because she doesn't have a business or any clients yet she should go and volunteer and work for a friend just so she can have some case studies or some testimonials or some examples. And I do think that in her Instagram account, if she can get some one minute recordings of her clients, you know, talking about their experience, working with Sarah. So hey, I worked with with Janie and, you know, listen to what she has to say about what you know what we did. And he doesn't have to be, you know? Oh, Sarah's awesome. Sarah's awesome. There's awesome. It's how much they love their new space, right? What is this experience did for them, you know? Did it change their life? Did they wake up in the morning and just feel wonderful? And so when people come back eventually to visit Sara's profile, they will not see pictures of her kids and her dogs and you know her complaining about her day. They're just going to see this wonders array of awesome things about what Sarah could do for them. So once Sarah has for Avatar, and then when she has her INSTAGRAM account and her profile set up. What Sarah needs to do is start going out there and pounding the pavement on instagram. Uh, because this is a local business. Sarah's gonna want to focus on making a list of profile accounts in Instagram that she can confirm our local. Now there's a couple ways she could do that. Wanna She can search hashtags for local areas in her city. So if she was in San Francisco, maybe she would look for, you know, hashtag MoMA or, you know, look for specific restaurants or look for specific businesses and looking for people who, uh, are tagging themselves at these particular spaces. She might look for just doing searches for, you know, the town itself or anything else that she confined us local to the area. But ultimately, what she's gonna want to do is look for ah ah, building herself a list of between. I would say 80 and 100 accounts of people that are local, Um, in that list of, you know, we can call the dream 100 right? If you've never read books or articles about 3 100 you really should. But she's looking for, ah, list of essentially, ah 100 accounts that she can really target and really get to know these people, these profiles, maybe businesses. They may be potential customers, or they may be potential collaborators who will get her customers now. Sarah's, um, efforts right now in her INSTAGRAM account is not to build followers. Okay, just having, you know, 30,000 followers, you know, that may not do anything for Sarah Right now. Sarah's goal is to build on and get customers. So what she's going to want to focus on instead of trying to get followers, is to go out there and contribute and give value. So once she has 100 customers or 100 profiles and again, you know, I really don't think that looking for the biggest accounts are really that important, because big accounts they don't always have a lot of engagement directly with the account profile with the person who is running it, because ultimately Sarah's gonna want to connect with that person. I think that accounts that are in the range of 500 to about 10,000 followers generally those accounts are more personal. Most the people who are following you know? Well, not most, but a lot of people following will there would be a ton of engagement and again looking for accounts. There are seriously engaged, but not so big that that everything gets lost in the noise. Right? So you see the profile of the person, the collaborator, the instagram er that you want to get to know really you don't want to get in with. I was really talking to his or her followers a ton, you know, so small to medium accounts with tons of engagement. And you want to look for 80 to 100 of those that you can go into and then just start talking to these people. You know, the purpose of having Sarah's INSTAGRAM account set up. Just think about how does a user use Instagram? So let's say it's someone who has under 200 followers the minute that someone who is unknown to them comments on a post that account, that person is going to go and see who the person is right, because they're not generally getting a lot of engagement. So if Sarah in her plan finds ah, you know ah, a mother or a wife or business owner or a man or woman or someone with 202 150 followers and sees, you know, one of their posts and the hashtag feed and says, Hey, you know, this is awesome and and you know, just rights of paragraph not just Hey, what's up? What's going on? But actually writes like 100 or 200 words, you know, in response to how you know their post affected her. What's gonna happen? That individual is likely to read that. And then that person is going to go back to Sarah's profile and look at it because they're gonna be curious. Who is this person who took this time out of their day to write 100 or two winner words in response to my post? So what Sarah has done for free, by the way, is get someone to come back, essentially to her instagram profile and potentially to her website. If she set up her profile correctly now, does this mean that this person is going to be a customer? No, not necessarily. Probably not, in fact, but what will happen is that is one more person in the world who knows about her and her services and that she is awesome. And so if she continues to post on this person's profile, one way or another, that person again is going to get the message over and over and over that Sarah is awesome and that Sarah is a home designer and that she loves organization and she loves people and she's really helpful. And she's not there to change the world. And what Sarah will probably get if she has been commenting on this small account for not very long, is this person will probably follow her now. Followers is not the point. The followers is nice, But again, this is one more person who can go out there and eventually do advertising for her in this town. Eso you know, going and doing this 100 times getting 100 accounts of doing this over and over and over. There is going to be 100 people out there who think that Sarah is awesome and that they will know that sir is a home designer re organizer and they will know this and stare will not have to spend any money. Now. Think about it. If Sarah were to do things like run Google ads, you know, to her website she's gonna have to be paying me toe potentially anywhere between a couple dollars to several $100 to get a customer or to get somebody just to come back to her website, because that is how competitive Google ads is becoming. And so for Sarah, you know this strategy of simply having a great profile and going out and doing a lot of commenting like really, really doing the whole Gary V, you know, adding value posts will achieve those same goals, essentially of getting people back to her website so she could go on pay Google, you know, for the clicks to get people back to her website or with a people, use the word optimized you called the optimized profile. Or you could call it the carefully planned out profile strategy of going out there and providing value to encourage people to come back and click on her profile and to click on her Lincoln or Bio that goes back to her website so they can learn more about how Sarah is awesome. 3. Case Study Pt 2 Sarah's Home Organization Business: all right to summarize. So so far, Sarah's Instagram action plan has been building her INSTAGRAM account and building her dream 100 list. So she's built her avatar. She started an account. She's got her website or her profiling back. Her, uh, contact. She's getting out there. She's talking to followers, and she might be building followers. But she's really letting people in her local business area know who she is, what she does and what she is about. I really wouldn't be surprised if Sarah was putting in a couple hours a day on this every day of the week. You know, instead of spinning her wheels like taking this class, they're doing this. You're doing that. But just spending, you know, even just a hour a day of reaching out and posting in 20 accounts just really high quality post that she's not going to build followers or potentially get enquiries about her business. So that's step one. Ah, Step two is going to be Now that she's got that base down is making use of the, uh, the influence of other people on Instagram. So Sarah needs to go back to her green 100 list and look it over now are these accounts are these dream customers or are these dream influencers? And if Sarah sees most of these profiles as people that she would love to work for, but they don't necessarily have a lot of power to help her get business, and she needs to go back to the drawing board and look for a a Dream 100 list of accounts that you know are between, you know, a couple 110,000 in her local business area that can help her get business now, these may not necessarily be people who are in her particular avatar. These may be businesses, however, that our interests of her customers avatar. So, for example, ah, Sarah's avatar, you know, loves to work out. They're just people who have a little bit of extra time, and they spend a lot of time. It's Jim, you know. So ah, gym owner may not be someone who would necessarily hire Sarah, but that gym owner who has an account that has, you know, 10 or 20,000 followers, you know, they may not be all local to town, but if you know a small percentage of that 25 percent of that are local people. Then maybe that's someone who Sarah would want to connect with and try to figure out how the day could collaborate. And the way that she would initially make that connection is the same way that she would do that for, you know, potential customers. She's gonna go and start posting on these accounts, and she may even send them direct messages and saying, Hey, I love someone. I love what you do, you know, when commenting on a specific post that was super inspiring. You know, I'm just saying how that the post actually impacted, heard and not making it up like she really wants to be authentic, right? If you spend any time on Mr Graham, you will see how many people out there are using. Bots were using programs to take care of this and how poor quality this connection really is. You know, people just go and we'll post lover stuff love your stuff, love your stuff, love your stuff. I don't bother following back to their profile and to see any more about them. Because I know all they're trying to do is build followers and not interested in working with people who are like that and for you. If you're going to go out there and use the strategy, you have to focus on quality over quantity. So if you only have time to do three or four posts like this, it's going to be well worth it compared to doing in 2030 or 40 of Love it. Love it. That's great. What's up? You know, Follow me. Love about that's not worth the head first. So Sarah's gonna want to look for her dream collaborators. And these are people that she is eventually hoping we'll be able to help. Sarah gets business. So when sir has spent some time building relationships with ease people these accounts, what she can do is go to them and say, I'd really love to collaborate on something, you know? You know, and she can watch the counts and see what they do. Do these people give giveaways like Sarah could offer toe rappel off raffle. I mean, offer to give away, like to free in home design consultations to there to their followers. You could just say, you know, I love your account so much. I love what you do. I really want t be involved in your community. And, you know, I really love to give something to your people. Like, let me give something to you. No strings attached, you know? And the more that you do this, I mean, you know, and you may go out there any mass 10 accounts for 20 accounts. They may say they may not respond. But, I mean, if you've really done this right, like if you really formed a connection with them and you know who they are, they're going to say, you know, Sarah, I'm not really interested in this like they're going to respond or they may say, Hey, you know, that sounds really interesting. This is an opportunity for them to also build more followers, because maybe what they'll do is they'll do one of those. You could do, like, follow chains where you know, somebody to be entered. Teoh to be a part of this has to, you know, comment with the accounts of a couple other people to try the bill. The profile of that particular instagrammers account, like Sarah, is not trying to do this to her account. Necessarily. She's trying to help this other instagrammers build their account by giving them something of value that they can use to build their own count. Another thing that she could do instead of just trying to give away something to the followers of the Instagrammers, is just Teoh approach the influencer and say, Hey, you know, I'm I'm looking to build testimonials for my business. Could I offer you this free service? And if you like it, um, you know, tell your followers about it, you know, no strings attached. This is really fun. I love what I'm doing. I think you're really gonna love it. And his fruit, No strings attached. You don't have to buy anything on. And I don't want it to be sales E. I just, you know, looking to fill in my business any time you say, You know, I really want to give you something, you know, to help build my business. A lot of people will be open to that. Especially if you've already warmed them up to you. Now, if you just go and direct message people who don't know you who you haven't talked to you haven't spend any time on their accounts. they may just ignore you. Okay? They don't have any reason. Toe want to participate. They don't want to help. They don't care who you are. They don't know you. They don't know anything else. Uh, the other thing That may happen, though, when you do this And if you do any sorts of giveaways is that you are going to build followers. Now, I prefer this strategy to building followers. If that is your goal to doing, you know, like motivational close with hashtags. Because when you're a local business, it really doesn't do you any good. If someone in New York is following your profile like you are better off having a smaller profile of actual potential customers than 100,000 people who are around the world who will never spend a dime on anything that you have or buy or sell or anything else. So stop worrying so much about how big your countess just Please stop worrying about trying to get followers and posting things that will get you followers. If you're going to spend any time on instagram. What you have to spend that time doing is connecting with people and forming relationships with people because so much of Instagram. Now it's becoming like Twitter and becoming like this. But where everything is becoming Ottoman, you know, evil marketing that that is really where evil marketing is falling off. It's because everybody knows that it's in our responders sending the messages. I know that when I get your super tailored personal email that you also sent that same email to 50,000 people. So people are not receptive to that type of marketing. And this is what this is. This is marketing. So when you're on instagram, every single thing that you need to do is about authenticity. About being yourself about, uh, doing it personally, like you probably don't follow Gary B. But if you do, you know that his thing is being authentic. You know, he you may agree with him or disagree with him about his hustle, you know, putting on their coats hustle. But what he really does a good job of doing is, is putting himself out there and connecting with his followers. So he will spend time, um, going through his Facebook followers and looking for their birthdays, and we'll actually send them a personalized message that says Hey, and scary be, you know, a happy birthday. You know, Thanks for following my count. Uh, you know, and maybe he's hiring me. Nova is to do that. But still to get, like, a personalized message that someone could respond to that he could right back to that makes a huge difference because so much of this is becoming automated. So for Sarah, let's talk about what other things that she could potentially do to earn more business using collaboration so she could give way her consultations or some of her skills or her services or products eso that the influence or can give those away. You know, this is partially to help Sarah have people come back to her account and go back to a website, see what she knows how to do etcetera, etcetera. She could also find other products to give away. So if she doesn't have the time or the ability or doesn't want to give away for services, she could give away something that was valuable but simple. She could give up branded merchandise or if it's an account that you know so that she is cooperating with us. That is a gym owner for example, she could give pay for something to give away something to their followers, that it's something that they would be interested in that would draw them back to her. But again, you know, it's something that is value for them. OK, so focusing on giving value, putting yourself out there giving more than you were trying to get back because everybody can see through that crap when it is. Obviously, I'm just doing this for me, for my business, and that's not going to make an an influencer be interested at all in collaborating with you. So in summary, uh, Sierra's Instagram action plan is gonna have to part. Swan is developing and building her account and building her avatar building her, you know, initial like dream 100 customers. And then the second part of that is going to be, you know, having her dream collaborators and going out and corporate in the same strategies of the initial customers or the initial dream customers of having dream collaborators that she can go and connect with and reach out to you and, um and be really well with in order to leverage their audiences and their influence to circle them around and draw them back to her 4. Case Study David's Expert Business: all right. In this case study, we're going to talk about David. David is an actual person, but I've changed his name because, well, David would be various teams to know that I had done this video about him. So I won't talk specifics about David even though that would be helpful. But David was his work for 20 plus years in in one job, and he knows a ton about his specific business, his specific surface. And he was ready. Teoh work for himself, you know, his kids were grown out of the house and just ready to make a change. So he decided that he was gonna start a business right, doing consulting as an expert. He is absolutely an expert. There's no question about him calling, you know, like self labeling himself an expert like he really just knows a ton. And in fact, you know what? When I sat down with David to talk to him about his business, I recognized right away that what he knew how to do at the price he wanted to sell it, for if people just knew that he was out there offering the service that people would jump all over it, but there were a couple problems. First of all, David had never really run a business, okay? He didn't really understand necessarily a lot about advertising about the Internet and how the Internet could really help him, how it could really jump start his business. And he really didn't understand the power of social media. It was something that was super annoying that his kids had done. And he was, you know, had never gotten involved in it. So, uh, but also, you know, working for a firm for so many years he never had to do any rain. Making himself the business just always came. So we didn't really understand about how he had to position himself on what sort of confidence he would have to go out there into the world to do, to present himself to customers. And so part of what I did when I sat down with David was, you know, give him some reassurance about the value of his services, and we talked about what he wanted to charge, and I implored him, Please, David, you need to charge more than that. And he's like, not on. I can't do it. But you really think I have something? I was like, Yes. He said, Well, you know, I don't have a lot of money right now. You know, I just quit my job. Like, how do I get customers? I really can't afford to advertise. And I really don't know how, uh, you know, help. Right? And so here's what we did. Okay, cause David could not go out there and say I'm worth so many dollars an hour. He just needed to get some customers to start paying him. And then he would realize that that he could, you know, bring that money in on his own and then potentially charge more in the future. So with David's Instagram action plan, here's what we did. David didn't have an INSTAGRAM account or any other social media presence. No website, nothing. So what we did was we started him an instagram account. We started him a Facebook page Facebook account focused on his business. So not putting pictures up of his family or means or anything like that, but focusing on David, the expert s o. He had an instagram profile with Facebook page, and also we started building his website so In the meantime, while the website was going, we put the link to his Facebook page, his Facebook profile in the profile link in Instagram so that if people wanted to find out more about him, that go to his Facebook profile, which was completely loaded up with information about him, that they could go back to and call him. So I had him writing articles, block post. He could put their on Facebook. Eventually we put them on his website. But so when people would go back to his Facebook, they would see that he waas an expert. So what we did, um on Instagram, though, is, uh, instead of looking at the specifics of the person of the Avatar, we went and hunted down all of the businesses that David would like to work for. So, you know, in a local business, you know, it's it's relatively simple, especially if you know your your consulting client really well, it's not a matter of, you know, men male, female, aged inside of whatever. It's a business, a locale. So in the state that you were in in the state of the battle, who are the businesses that you would want to work for. And so, getting a list of as many of those businesses as possible these days now, especially so many of these being a startups and businesses that are just starting now on growing Some of these burgeoning markets are really heavy on some of these social media platforms. So it was pretty easy for us to generate a list of between 50 and 100 businesses that David would like to provide services to, You know, when he had started making some calls and, you know, he had made two or three phone calls and, you know, it's like, Hey, you know, these these people think that that I would be good at this, you know, they they just didn't know that I was providing the service. And I was like, Duh David, Of course they don't. Not yet. Um, he's like so, you know, should I just keep calling? And I said, yes, absolutely. You keep calling, and what we will do is go out and tell all these businesses that you are in business and able to our for the service. And so instead of focusing on beautiful photos like really eye catching photos We made lots of text posts that were basically headlines to track people's attention. So, you know, really, really startling like, Hey, if you don't do this, you're going This is going to happen or do this to make this happen or waiting for that call back or just things that people were to see them or to read them. Now they wouldn't have to go a click on the photo, get down into the text to read it. They would just see it. It would come by like they searched a specific hashtag. It will come by and then they would see it. So we put between eight and 10 of these text type posts on his INSTAGRAM account on. And then what we did is we went and followed every single one of those businesses that were on his list. So we followed every single business in this particular industry that he could offer services for with the hopes that when these small businesses or medium sized even large size businesses would see what he could do, that would raise the just the knowledge level of his availability in this particular market to provide the service so you know, immediately within, like the first. I would say 24 hours of just the strategy of going in creating connections to these businesses. By following them, David had between 30 and 50 followers. Just people, you know, clicked on his profile to see who had followed them, and then saw what was in his account and immediately followed him back. So he didn't do anything Spammy. He didn't have to write any messages. He didn't have to do anything except follow them. And they saw what he could do and then immediately following him back. And so again, you know, his profile and his a bio in the instagram bar we have. And I'm gonna use the word optimized again because people in marketing love to use optimize . We make sure that they could easily get ahold of him. So we had again his link to his Facebook. We also had his phone number there and an email address. And so people could see in their how they could get ahold of him quickly. Because ultimately, what we were trying to do in a short amount of time was just get him some clients. He just needed to get some sort of income coming in so that he could, uh, uh, start actually making some money. So once we had sort of the buzz going, people understand that he was out there actually offering the service, you know, he had followed probably 300 accounts. We then started a strategy of the same strategy that we did with Sarah, which is, you know, dropping comments on the posts of these accounts. So if somehow they miss that he had followed them, people would see, like, really solid post your comments on their their accounts and so he would spend on our will We together. But, you know, a couple of hours just going through and right and really solid comments on as many of these business accounts of these potential business customers as we could to draw them back . So within, you know, another short period of time. I mean, we're not even talking. Over the weekend, David had close to our 100 followers another way that we managed to draw people back to this account. And we're doing this to this day is posting with the hashtags that are very, very, very specific to the location and to the specific business. So any city and then, you know, industry specific tags like, uh, like Nevada Foods, for example, Or Maryland cosmetics. Or, you know, uh, Florida eyeballs. You know, something very specific. Orlando Fitness. Very, very town specific on state specifics, a location specific. Plus, you know, the industry types. So he's creating posts that were in these very specific industry hashtag so that anyone who was doing hashtags San Francisco art you know, when we scroll through there would jump through and see his big headline I grabbing headline text post. You know, again, these text posts weren't really, really dense. Not like Pinterest infographics, but just a bold, bold headline like your business is missing out if you don't blank. And so this just little square with a really, really bright color, you know, just like a red flashing light like Bebe Bebe like you must stop here. You must look drew more people back to his account. And finally I got David doing video. So just doing the instagram stories trying to do as many of those as possible. So when people would come back and see his account or if they started following him, they would see that he was going live. And I kid, you know, we started the strategy on Friday, and by Monday David was getting calls and landed his first couple accounts from social Media. So really, what David had to do was not build a business, necessarily. I mean, David was building business, but David didn't know how to advertise. He wasn't prepared to advertise, and he wasn't prepared to put himself out there necessarily. And, you know, go out to the world and do radio, advertising or television or see himself in the phone book. But with a little help, we were able just to simply tell the world what David had to offer. You know, just tell the potential customers who we knew would love his service just because that service was unique. It just wasn't out there. People needed help with these things, but no one else was actually providing the service that David could provide. And we just had to let them know, and we used Instagram to let them know that he was out there and what he was about. And he to this day gets clients on a regular basis simply because he is posting to his INSTAGRAM account. It's free it all. It takes us this time, and I think it's just a really great example again how Instagram can be used to help local business owners get clients. 5. Class Project: for the class project. I think it would be really helpful for all of us to do a couple things. One is Teoh, right out the specific scripts that you would use to approach potential collaborators on instagram on and also to right out ahead time potentially some of the details of what it is that you would like to post when you are writing comments on other accounts or when you were trying to really just make good connections with other Instagram profiles and people and accounts on Instagram. So what I'm going to do in the class Project section is to go ahead and post a couple of scripts that I have used in order to help my clients gets, uh, connected to influencers and also to reach out to encourage them to collaborate with you. And I would like to see everybody write out a T least one script for what they would do, or how they would do when they first approached another INSTAGRAM account or to post something that worked for them. So the particular back and forth that work for them just posted were dark or, um, as ah as ah, an image or something just so other people who are reading this or watching this or seeing us, we'll know. Just feel less intimidated by reaching out to other instagrammers because the hardest part , sometimes it's just you don't know what other people are doing or saying and you don't know what's working, and sometimes it is a lot less than you are thinking.