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Instagram Story Ads to Grow Your Following

teacher avatar Luna Vega, Author - Podcaster - Fashion Ecommerce Consultant

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (32m)
    • 1. Insta stories ad

    • 2. The Anatomy of a Good Insta Story Ad

    • 3. Setting-up Your Creative

    • 4. Setting-up Your Insta Story Ad

    • 5. The Facebook Pixel

    • 6. Analytics

    • 7. Conclusion

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About This Class

Learn how to easily set-up Instagram Stories Ad to (1) grow your Instagram following (2) grow your brand (3) get more customers.

In this class, I will share my screen so you can set-up your very first Instagram Stories Ad. You will need to have an Instagram Business Profile to do so.  I will share examples from brands for inspiration along with sharing free tools you can use to create your Ad.

By the end of the class, you will be able to set-up your very first Insta Story Ads.

This class is for beginners looking to grow their Instagram Following rather quickly or start growing their brand while leveraging the power of Instagram Stories Advertising.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Luna Vega

Author - Podcaster - Fashion Ecommerce Consultant


Hi Guys :) and Welcome! Thank you for checking out my classes here on Skillshare. I'm a Fashion E-commerce Consultant, Author, Youtube, Podcaster based in New York City, Miami and Barcelona. I am on a journey to connecting, teaching, and creating possibilities for all talented freelancers, business owners and entrepreneurs out there.

Thanks to my many years as a digital marketing consultant, I know what works and what doesn't. I started my career working on a range of large-scale digital campaigns for a list of Fortune 500 clients. I left it all to pursue my passion in digital strategy and marketing consulting. My goal is to share my knowledge about digital marketing to inspire & empower others to Love Mondays.

Where will you find me? At an airport browsi... See full profile

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1. Insta stories ad: did you know there's currently 300 million daily uses interacting with instagram stories? It's incredible, and these number keep on increasing instagram stories is extremely powerful. When it comes to grown, your brand growing, you're following and getting more customers. Why? Because it's still pretty unsaturated. Only larger brands are really leveraging the power of instagram stories. Now the key is to target the right demographic, the right individual that fit with your business goals. So in this class, it's meant for beginners who never set up instagram story at I'm gonna walk you through step by step in order to set up your very first a three grams story at and free tools that I used in order to set those up easily. So if you're looking to grow your instagram following base, if you've been stagnant, I encourage you to double with instagram story as if you're looking to also retarget individuals who might have discovered your instagram page. Well, this is the place to do it super easy to set up. So who am I exactly? Well, my name is one of a guy I'm additional marketing concerns. That and e commerce consultant as well. I've been in the online game for about 10 plus years. I worked for numerous fortune 500 companies and super happy to be here. And you're my knowledge when you guys so looking forward, toa have you in this course, it's going to be super straightforward. I'm gonna share specific example. I'm gonna share my skin as well. So you know exactly how to set up instagram ads Once you finish this class, I'm looking forward to seeing you guys inside. 2. The Anatomy of a Good Insta Story Ad: all right, So before you get started, let's talk about the different options that you have, one setting up into the story adds. And what makes a great instance? Story adds, So the first option that you have is a single image, pretty self explanatory. If you are a freelancer or an agency, an image of yourself or an individual, someone who's in your company will perform better than something that's more abstract now. Yes, you can play with headlines, and you can have just straight up copy if there's plenty of friends were doing that. But overall, individuals will relate better and engage more with on image of an individual. So in this case, as you see a very simple call to action, swipe up, learn how to make money on Instagram. The reason there is the caption song on is because the following is driving you to a landing page with a video. Obviously swipe up is the call to action that you want tohave because this is the action that individuals will take in order to either be driven to your instagram profile or be driven to your lining page or website. So single image pretty straightforward the other option is single video. Now I love this example. Amy Porterfield has great. Instead, story on encourage you to check them out. If you haven't seen them yet, All you have to do is good on her website. Any Potter fields and you'll probably get retargeted. So this video is It feels like she's talking to a friend. It feels a little bit more amateurish, which is great. This is exactly what you want. You don't want something that's too stylized. I'm sure you've seen plenty of brands doing. Videos are extremely stylized, and the following actually does not work as well as you might think. Obviously, having fun animations and whatnot does work well. But if you're starting out, having something that feels a little bit more personal will actually perform better. As you can see, she has a really cute fun headline to hear my recipe voice. Make sure to have to sound on this performs really well. It's a way to make fun of herself away, to be curiosity and have individuals engage with her ads. Now the third option is Carousel. Auto brands are using that. If you're feeling like you have greater graphic design abilities that you can go ahead and use the following. This is an example that I picked from made. Well, as you can tell, it features some of their different products in the fund way and is driving individuals to their main lending page, where they're featuring all these different products. So again, a fun way to essentially stitch different images together and for individuals to get a sense of your brand and what it's all about, having all you can have all your different products featured etcetera. Now overall, what you want to do is make sure that you keep it simple by having one simple call to action swiping up, swiping up either to learn mawr about something that you're teaching to drive them to an E book to drive them to a book. To drive him to a product that you're selling. You need to find a way to pique their curiosity. You need to brainstorm different ideas. I encourage you to write as faras 10 ideas. How can you? Bitter curiosity giveaways are a great way, obviously, to pick curiosity, give a solution to a problem or want. This is how you can potentially pick their curiosity by doing as much audience research. It's possible really understanding who your customer is. This will make all the difference. Obviously, keep in mind that you cannot have too much copy on your instant story. At a swell, the less the least amount of copy will perform better. Now, you also want to make sure that you're creating some form of foam. Oh, urgency. I'm gonna share an attitude that just that in the next light. So overall, start also thinking about what your goals are. Are you trying to go? You're following. Are you trying to get more individual to go to your website to go to your landing page? Or are you trying to convert these individuals to shopper? Obviously, all this is gonna dictate the kind of creative that you put out there. So a great example is J. Crew. In this example, they were essentially driving the audience to learning Paige. They were also playing around with foam. Oh, because they only had 50 pairs of these pink sunglasses really fund for spring, which were only available through instagram. So individuals already know J crew. Obviously, it's a trusted brands. So this is a great way to encourage individuals to go to their learning page. As you can see, they have a fun also photo of an individual who has the glasses on and just like, you know, putting raspberries on her finger. So this is a great way as well, too not feel like an ad and, um, again foam. Oh, because this is creating urgency. It's only available on Instagram. If I really loved the sunglasses. Well, this is my only opportunity to get them. Another example is a give away. This is great. If you're trying to get more followers, as you can see, they're offering ah, $100 e gift card. Now they have quite a few different steps. For me, this is a little too much. Usually you wanna have just two steps that would have been plenty. So they're asking individuals to follow them on Instagram or tagging their friend in their latest post as well. I was along with having an extra chance by entering at Global Bar on any of their post. So again, this is a great way to get individuals interested in Well, first of all, you're giving them an incentive to follow you and most importantly, this will help you get more followers. Don't worry. In the next chapter I'm gonna share a specific example of something that would my work well as well as far as getting more followers. Alright, guys. So in this chapter, what I want you to do is determine why your goal is for that first that you're going to do . Are you trying to get more followers? Are you trying to get more traffic to your website? You're trying to get more cells, so think exactly as to what your goal is. Now we're going to keep your first since the story. Pretty simple. We're only going to create a single image so you can get acquainted with the platform. Alright, cells, you in the next chapter. 3. Setting-up Your Creative: in the last chapter. We talked about different examples and options that you have one setting up your instant story at. So let's walk through how to set up your creative. Now I encourage you to check out this Facebook business. Adds guide. It's in an actor active guide in which you can see all the different specs whether you're interested in doing video carousel. And as you can see, you can choose your specific at placement. Make sure that you shoes stories. Couple thing to keep into consideration is that with image specs, you usually want to use 6 28 by 1200 making sure that its vertical Don't worry. I'm gonna walk you through different options that you have to set that up format. If you're doing video, make sure that obviously, it's vertical nine by 16 Max. Video size has to be four gigabytes MP four or M. O. V. 10 10 80 by 1920 is the recommended resolution, etcetera. So don't worry. All the different formats are actually available in the Facebook ads guide again, a great reference if you're looking to have specific specs, all right, so different ways that you can set up your out. Pretty straightforward. So can va, which is a free tool. This is what I'm This is what we're going to use in this chapter and all's well, minutes show you how to set it up on your phone. So Canada is a tool that we're gonna be using in order to set up your first ad. I'm gonna also gonna show you how you can do it directly with your phone. And if you're feeling a little bit more creative, I encourage you to check out spark adobe dot com. I think that they have a 15 day trial. This is a platform that has a lot of different templates that you can leverage a za long as well as giving you the ability to do animations if you're looking to do animations. Alright, guys. So let's jump into Canada and I'm gonna show you exactly how to set up your first ad. All right, so within Canada dot com, you'll create an account. I'll show you an example of at that I've already created. But it's actually what you want to do is use custom dimensions and what you're gonna do is 6 28 by 1200. So this are the specs of a single image. Odd design. All right, so it's the proper format that we want it toe have. So now I'm going to recreate this ad. Essentially, you can upload as many images as you want. Let's see, we can just essentially upload this image, let's say and then you can essentially include elements which are shapes. Let's use this one. And this is where we will have our call to action, etcetera. So let's look at this ad that I created earlier, Um, as you can see. So here is an element that I included shape here. I included Copy. So you need tohave A simple call to action. Learn how I traveled the world and make money online. I also encourage you that you have the swipe option at least a sign or an arrow And then this is a little hack follow in Senate GM. I only respond to followers. This is a great hack. In order to get individuals to follow you and d m you, when they damn you, you will be higher in their list. This is a way to trick the algorithm If you will. And this is where you can share with them a link to your e book or whatever material you want to send him to now. Pretty straightforward. Wait to set up your ad. Now you can upload as many items as you want in here and go from there. So, essentially, as you can see, that I did it, I think, Yeah, this is Ah, the PNG icon. As you can see, you can include whatever you want within the platform. So I'll let you play around with this. This is the first wait to set up a single image. Add Now, let's jump and let me show you how to set it up directly within your phone. All right, So what you want to do is open instagram pic on image that you already have. And in this case, I'm just gonna have to call to action and just write it out as I would in a regular story. So Lauren Haw. I traveled the world and make money online. Pretty self explanatory. You want to make sure it was well that you highlighted? Have a couple icons as well, or emoji is following helps so pretty straightforward then we want to make sure that we have to swipe option as well. You can do the following by either using a gift. So going the gift section on, just grabbing any of the icons that you like the most in this case and just picking that one, making sure that its prominent so people see it now make sure that if you save it as an images, like, did hear, people won't see the animation. So another option that you have is to Well, I think I'm not sure if there's a swipe up option, actually, with an instagram a little emoji. That s ta tic. No, there isn't. OK, so you can also include fun emojis like they did here. And we're just simply going to write out, swipe up and have the little arrow emoji as well. I'm gonna highlight it. Make it prominent so people see it. There you go. And then all I have to do is save it. There you go. And I'm going to discard it because we don't want it to be in her story. So I provided you with two example of how you can create a simple image. Odd I encourage you to do the following whatever you feel more comfortable with, whether Kanda or doing it directly with your phone. Remember, you just want to Taskings out, especially if it's your first time that you're going to set up an instance. Story odd. So go ahead and design a single image. Odd. Let's keep it super straightforward. Make sure that you're saving it to your phone and as well to your computer so you can have access to it. We're going to need it a next chapter, Alright, looking forward to it. 4. Setting-up Your Insta Story Ad: Alright, guys. So in this chapter, I'm gonna walk you through exactly what is needed in order to set up your very first on insta story ad. So you make sure you go to this. You're all facebook dot com slash Adds manager. This is where we're gonna create your ad. Very important. There's a lot of newbies who have t assumption that the ads functionality is when pages. But that's only to boost different post. And ah, I would I really encourage as well that you never Busta Post. Usually it's so big waste of money, so Okay, let's jump right into it. I've created a dummy add for you guys. So let's create, click on create We're going to start over and essentially here there is different consideration and different types of goals that you could have. So traffic is what I recommend that you do if you're trying to grow your following or even get individuals to go specifically on a landing page. Engagement is great for Post adds usually not so great for a story. So I would encourage that you to traffic and another one would be lead generation slash conversion, but not going to go into that. This is when you're looking for individuals who are either going to click on your ad or also potentially purchase. For now, we're gonna concentrate on traffic. So I'm gonna make sure that you have a name that makes sense for for your ad so you can differentiate it from other ads that you're probably running. So instead, story ad Example one, um, image, for instance. Now, don't worry about the following. Create split test and budget optimization. Create split test if is for If you want to run more than one creative, you can use the following. It's gonna split the creative between the same audience, and it's going to give you results. I've used that. It's OK. You can also duplicate the odds. So click continue. And this is where you're going to determine where the traffic is and also your audience that you're gonna be targeting. So for now, let's have it go to website um, audience. Okay, so there's different ways of doing this. Ideally, you want tohave an audience who has already interacted with your instagram page. If you don't have in this case, this is a dummy account, so I don't have any saved audiences. So we're just gonna creating you and, um, you will. So there's two ways of going around about it. So first is to do worldwide, so worldwide is great because it's gonna give you the cheapest data, if you will. The thing is your mind. I'll get quality traffic if you're trying to grow your following. So this is ah, hack that marketers are official marketer they're currently using in order to fastly grow their INSTAGRAM accounts. My recommendation is to do United States. Yes, the traffic is a little bit more expensive. Obviously, this really all depends on where your business is located. If you're doing a brick and mortar, you can be more specific and include the state or city. Your brick and mortar is in. So Miami, for instance Miami, Florida. Okay, on use. You can see you can get pretty granular here, but for now, for this example, we're going to do United States. Okay, um age demographic all depends whether or not you have an idea of your targeting, you can keep it open for now and, uh, dictated did it yet. So save audience. I recommend that you do that So we're gonna do us a insta story. Ah, test for now. Now, with audiences, it can get pretty granular as well. Optimization. We're going to do link clicks as this also really depends on what you're trying to achieve . What? Your objectivist So landing page you If you want individuals to go on your specific learning page, link clicks if you want individuals to just simply click impressions daily. Unique Riesch, etcetera. For now, let's just keep it at link clicks just to get our first set of data. Um, one quick thing, we have to go back up. Policemen. We need to edit the placement. Obviously, we're only doing stories, so just go to mobile. We're gonna take out Facebook, we're gonna take out audience messaging feeds, and we're only going to do stories. This is another option is well, only one connected to Wi Fi. If you can use it as well. I like to not check market and just leave it open. Daily budget. Let's just get five for now. There you go. Okay, So we're gonna click on Continue. Great. Make sure that you've selected the page. So in this case, this'd is my linked account. You want to make sure that you've also linked your account as well. All right, so we're gonna use single image for now. These are all the different options like we talked about. I'm gonna browse already. Hop, t image. And here. So this is the image that I did in Canada. There you go. So as you can see, the one more button is right here. Everything is with inspect. So you might want to have to test this couple times as you're creating de ah to make sure that everything is properly fitting. Now the euro. I'm gonna make this my instagram instagram dot com slash Miss Luna Vega. Obviously you have to tohave it. Yours. We're gonna do website. We don't need to add text. I need to re enter it. We don't need to add text because obviously this is an instant gram story out. So all the text is already available for us. It's already included within the image is what I mean. You can also switch toe call to action in this case, I have learned more. Listen now if you are driving them to a podcast, contact us, etcetera, etcetera. So this really depends on where you're driving. Dem. Okay, so Facebook pixel, this is something that you will need to set up. I'm gonna walk you through how to do that in, uh, at the final chapter. Very important step because essentially, when you don't have your facebook pixel set up, it's almost like you're wasting money in the sense that what Facebook is doing is that it's getting data on who's engaging with your type of content and just getting smarter, making sure that it's targeting the right individuals. So if you are running ads without having the pixel already set up, it's going to create issues in the problem. You're essentially putting down money down the toilet. So I don't have it set up here because this is a dummy account that I've created for you guys. Then you create confirm today Today to jail. This might take a few seconds there with me. Okay, so my odd is and draft and essentially, um spelling await Teoh get approved. Its publishing todo the six a little while. Okay, don. So it's in review and I'll get une male one. It's ah, it's set up, so I'm gonna turn this off because obviously I don't want to run this ad. But now you have everything that you need in order to set up your very first ad. Congratulations. It's the story out that is. Congratulations, guys. 5. The Facebook Pixel: in this shop terminal. Focus on making sure that you have your Facebook pixel set up if you haven't already done so. So where you want to do? The following is under events, Manager. As you see, there is pixels. So this is where you want to click in order to create your pixel. And all of this is under business at manager. All right, so where you're here? I've already created a fake pixel I'm gonna do on you on. So under add source. Facebook pixel. There you go. Create a Facebook. Like so. I'm gonna call this back up to the beauties. You can have multiple Facebook pixels included. So this is where you're gonna have the landing page. You want to draw people to of Ah, already set this up here, but I'm just wanna show you guys how to do this. So whatever leading page. So this would be your website. Your Shopify site. The main home page. That is OK, so we're gonna create it and ah, this is where it's gonna ask you Essentially. Okay, So I've created Tita. Ah, let's see. Right. So this is where it's gonna ask me how I want to integrate it. So like I mentioned, Shopify enables you to do it pretty straightforward automatically. In this case, you can also have it included manually with WordPress. This is usually how you do it. If you Google any of the platform plus Facebook pixel, I will give you an easy to follow step by step in order to implement it yourself. You can also go on fiber and have someone help you with this, or you can email instructions to yourself. So in this case, um, I'm just gonna click here for now, continue events that I would like to track. Um, I would just groups for now we're going to do, um, DDT. Where is it view Content? Because we want to drive people to a specific landing page. But obviously this will change. And don't worry too much about the following, because depending on the type of campaign that you set up, it's gonna track different events for you. Okay, so this is don eso. This is my pixel. I d desist. E cooked a number that I'm gonna include whether I'm using Click Funnel or if I'm using Shopify as well. And once, once it's connected it's going to give me a red icon. So what you want to do next? If you've already set up you add is you want to go back and edit your ad So we're gonna go in D actual ad we're gonna do edit yet. Great. So this is where we're gonna set up the Facebook makes also see here under tracking. So you get to this again by going toe ads in your ads, manager So adds manager ads and then at it. Great. So you're gonna go down and your going to set up your picks? Also Facebook pixel. And as you see, I have two different Facebook pixel Dewon die. We just set up was Well, we have a bunch of wands, So this is a correct one, okay? And then I'll click set up and then publish. In this case, I'm not going to do that, because, ah, well, this is just a dummy information for you guys, but all right, so you have everything you need. Make sure that you set up your pixel. This is extremely important. I wouldn't want you to flush money then the toilet. What pixel is essentially tracking all the information of the type of individuals who are coming to your landing page or also interacting with your ad and helping Facebook get information about the types of users that like your content. So this is why you absolutely must set the following out before you set up your first instance story at All right, guys, I'll see you next chapter. 6. Analytics: Congratulations. You've set up your first in Starr's story. Add. Now we need to review the analytics and make sure that your ad is performing well. Now go back to ads manager as manager. Click on the add and in the column you'll see well usually will give you performance default. What I recommend you do is coral down to performance and clicks for now. You can also customize these columns as you get more advanced. Now, obviously, your budget like we talked about you want to keep it at five dot daily, especially as you learn what your audience likes and also test different creative. Now the first thing you want to look through is the CTR, so the clicks rate How many individuals who are serving, who Facebook is serving the out to are actually clicking through. You want to make sure that your score is rather high. Anything that is above 20% is good. Obviously you want to try to get it as high as possible, but as you're starting out, you want to make sure that your seat dear Click through rate is at least 20% and above. If it's not, then I would look in tweaking your creative tweaking who you're targeting as well. The other thing you want to look at is the overall cost that it's costing you essentially pearling. Click. So you want to get that under a dollar and making sure that people are actually clicking on or swiping and going to your instagram profile page, etcetera. So those are two very important metrics look at and also you need to keep into consideration. You need to have the ad run for at least, um, well, 2000 impressions. So making sure that there's you've gone at least 2000 plus impression, Usually the following can happen depending on uh who your target audiences. But within 24 hours really depends. Another thing to keep into consideration is relevant Score. So, as you were starting out, your relevance court will be probably below five because you don't have a full understanding of who your audiences you might be targeting it to really broad audience. But as you get better, you want to make sure that you're above a five. Ideally, between eight and nine is the ideal scored you wanna have in the future. So this is a good way to have an understanding of the your creative whether or not it's working for the demographic that you are targeting. So make sure to keep an eye out like I talked about of whether or not people are clicking through. You're also going to see if you're trying. If you're aiming to get followers, whether or not you're following base is going to change through the at as well. So make sure that you keep a close eye. You want to be able to test as many creative as possible, especially as you're starting out. I usually I encourage you to have at least two creative running with different messaging to see which one will work best and go from there. Alright, guys, well, this is pretty much a breakdown of what you need to look at and keep into consideration. Another thing I just want to bring up is if you're interested in double equating an ad, um, you can simply duplicated here. This is something that you might want to do as you test perhaps different audiences and what not 7. Conclusion: all right. As congratulations for finishing this class couple of final points I want to share with you . The first thing is make sure that your instagram is set up as a business profile. So here's a page that I wanted to share with you an instagram blawg, which shares the step by step in order to set up your instagram as a business profile. This is how you will have access to the ads. Managers make sure to do the following. Another quick thing is asset library very important having an understanding and tracking all your different audiences. So if you go under audiences, you'll see this is the audience who is currently seen the odd that I set up in the last chapter. But you also want to create a custom audience of individual who have engaged with your instagram profile. As you can see, you can have individuals who've been kids with your video who have engaged with your Facebook page. Etcetera, in this case, were only interested in individuals who have engaged with our instagram business. It's a grand business profile, so you can also be a granular as you want. In this case, we're going to do 365 days. But if you running a specific campaign and you want to track individuals you engage with you within the last 30 days, for instance. You want to make sure to do that as well. So here will do instagram engagement and create audience. So this way you'll be able to run ads specifically for these individual, decent individuals who already interacted with you. See, you know that they're more likely to. Well, they already know use, the more likely the purchase. They're more likely to actually swipe and go on. Your websites are gonna create this and tipped it. It's it's taking a while. I'm not sure why. Yes, Don. There you go. Okay. So thank you so much again for taking this class. If you had a positive experience, please make sure to leave a review as it helps the class get this covered. Most importantly, make sure to follow me on Instagram at Miss Luna Vega. This is where I share special links to you guys and also let you guys know when I'm publishing new classes. I can't wait to see all of your Instagram story as alright guys. See you. Bye.