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Instagram Stories for Small Business

teacher avatar Haydn Adams, Creative Technical Educator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

21 Lessons (39m)
    • 1. Introduction to the course

    • 2. What is an Instagram Story?

    • 3. How to Get to my stories

    • 4. Take a Photo or record a video

    • 5. Creating a Bommerang

    • 6. Creating a Superzoom

    • 7. Stop Motion

    • 8. Starting with only type

    • 9. Adding Type

    • 10. The ability to draw

    • 11. Adding the Time and Temperature

    • 12. Adding a animated gif to my story

    • 13. Add A location

    • 14. Mention another Instagram Account

    • 15. Another way to tag an Instagram Account

    • 16. Add A hastag to your story

    • 17. Create a Poll

    • 18. Build a temperature gauge

    • 19. Viewing results of a poll

    • 20. Creating and edting highlights

    • 21. In conclusion

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About This Class

Instagram stories might just be the hottest thing on the internet, in terms of social media. Originally derived from Snapchat, stories are a quick snapshot of what occurred 24hrs ago, or sooner. While Instagram stories live on in your account, stories invariably disappear after 24 hours. Poof! Gone. 

Stories are design to entertain. People want to see fun stories, infotainment and informative stories. They want to see what is happening right now with a business. Maybe you're running a special. Or having a yearly dinner for a company retreat. Maybe you just want to tell everyone, "The sun is shining, come on down." With Instagram stories you can do all of that and more.

In this tutorial, I'll walk you through the step-by-step process of photographing (you can use a photograph taken within the 24 hours of time window) something and adding text and additional information to it. An easy breakdown of all of the steps are here.

We'll explore:

  • What a boomerang is
  • How to shoot a stop motion
  • What various super-zoom's do
  • How to add time and temperature
  • How to add a poll to create interactivity
  • How to setup an interactive temperature gauge
  • Creating a text-based Instagram story
  • and so much more!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Haydn Adams

Creative Technical Educator


I grew up in two words—the web design / development world where I wrote HTML, CSS and now JSX, and the graphic design world where I mastered H&J's in Quark (yes, I said Quark).

I've now shifted nearly all of my work online but find that the design elements shouldn't change just because they've shifting to pixels rather than paper.

In 2020, it's crucial to understand how to code, especially as a designer, and more so to learn how to design through coding.

Before making Udemy videos, I was a instructor at Academy of Art University in San Francisco where I taught web design and development for over 13 years. Also during that time, I launched 3 iPhone/iPad Android apps and had the best-downloaded app in the University's history.

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1. Introduction to the course: instagram stories. They're pretty much the hottest thing on the Internet right now when it comes to social media. But what are they in this tutorial? I'm gonna walk you through as a small business, Everything you know about how to shoot, edit and share your instagram stories. I'll show what a boomer ring is. I'll show about super zooms on all. Show the behind the scenes of how you can read the analytics of your polls and your temperature gauges on how you can engage your audience in an interactive way using instagram stories so that further ado, let's get started. 2. What is an Instagram Story?: So what the heck are stories? Stories are very unique. Unlike posts, you post instagram. If I scroll down the page, you can see that I have a collection of posts from different companies and people that are mostly wine related. But if I go to the top outside the posts, you get what are called stories, stories, air 24 hour or earlier posts or stories by said companies or said people, This is more about what's happening today, not yesterday, not three days ago, but today or in this case, 24 hours Prior. Vice Girl through I'm gonna click on the champagne one. General Lodin, I'll show champagne worldwide If I want to stop and look at a story. All I have to do is hold down my finger on my phone. Hashtag champagne campus summer pale old verging on green gold. Others are old gold verging on Greg Old, others again, our straw yellow tending to bright yellow. I'm assuming they're describing the color of champagne. Then again, I have no idea if I go through little further, you can see that I have a couple lines of the top indicate stories of this nature, so it looks like it's just stories about champagne. That's a pretty darn gorgeous picture. So where is your summer destination? To enjoy Champagne so I could go down to the bottom and I could respond to that message so I could do a lot. I can also scroll down my finger to get out of that champagne story. But here's the true trick about stories. Stories are all chronological means that this post are this story, not post by Chelsea and Card in a hour posted first before Caroline Moyers or anybody else . What's also unique about stories on the chronological scale? If I scroll all the way over to the right, I am following the hash tag wine tasting, and what I can do is that I concert for all of the posts in the past 24 hours. This was 23 hours ago that featured the hashtag wine tasting, and once again these They're all done within a 24 hour or sooner period. So let's go in and let's talk about how to create a story from the very beginning 3. How to Get to my stories: So how do we go about accessing my stories? What the bottom, the home icon, the magnifying glass, the plus sign, those air, all working with our posts of our INSTAGRAM account. I want to go to stories. You can get to it one of two ways if you see a little blue plus icon Aiken tap of my finger on my phone and inherently slice with left and I'm looking at a video or a picture of my glass desk, so there's not much to see in this picture. But if I don't ever see the little plus sign, I've already added to my story how toe access a new stories. I can always swipe to the left. So if I hold my finger on my phone down a Napa vineyards and I slide to the left, you can see that the whole screen moves over, and now I am excess ing the actual screen to post a story. Let's take a look at the kinds of post you can do with a picture 4. Take a Photo or record a video: So now that you're in the actual screen to create a story, let's create a story. The simplest way is tapping that big white circle in the middle. So I tap it, keep my name on a glass desk. You can see different silhouettes of what's below. So if I tap on this circle, it'll take a picture of whatever you see in the viewfinder. This case I have a glass desk. I'm gonna have the acts the top of the screen to get out of that. If you also want our cord video, you get up to 15 seconds per story. You can do that by holding your finger down on that white circle and you'll see this little circular icon go around on the screen That's recording video once again up to 15 seconds. If any time I want to stop, I just like go my finger and now we'll show you a video. There's not much to see in this video example right here of the video story that you can then send to your story on Instagram. Once again, I'm gonna tap out of this. But that's the first way of recording or creating a story live where you can click a picture or record a video 5. Creating a Bommerang: so stories are about having fun, and anyone who looks at a story wants to be engaged and essentially entertained. You could do a bit of education here and there, but pretty much people click on stories to be entertained. They want to see what's going on. Stories inherently were created also to create this foam Oh, or a fear of missing out. Inherently. I want to see what's fun about my company or any other company, and therefore I want to make this exciting, and Instagram has made me re open my fell in there. Instagram has made a couple extra tools to make it really fun and engaging to make either pictures or video come toe life more than just a straight video. We're gonna look a type o later on, and Live is just live video. But let's go into the other options. On the right hand side. The Boomerang basically takes a video and plays it backwards, and forwards have an example right here in this Napa Jazz one. So once again, if I took a photograph, it's just like that, But the boomerang. If I tap my photos once again, you can use any photo you want from your camera roll, but preferably in the past 24 hours, so slick and see what a boom Oring looks like. So you can see how the boomerang goes backwards and forwards backwards and forwards backwards and forwards. And I will stop talking about backwards and forwards. So if I just come on, stop moving. No, I meant to hit the X on my screen. So a boomerang once again goes backwards and forwards backwards and forwards how you photograph that. You basically hold down your finger on the boomerang icon and move or let your object move for about 2 to 3 seconds is a very, very quick movement. I panned a little slowly away from the wine bottle and what I got once again how were to go . There it is is a member and going back and forth, back and forth once again, kind of fun. It just makes a little more of a fun video of a short piece to engage your audience. And that's example of what the boom oring looks like 6. Creating a Superzoom: the next option to the right is focus when focus will dio. I don't have a face example. In this case, all they have those wine bottles, but what it will do is find a face and then blur around it or focus on a face. But let's go forward over to the Super Zoom because this is more of a fun one that really I gotta say I enjoy a lot. You can tap the film music icon to have no music or music, but then you can also tap to see what different kinds of effects the super zoom has. So I want to show example right here. I did the boom ring before and I want to show you. Here's what the beats looks like and I zoomed in. Actually, that's the super zoom. So it zoomed in Zoom, Zoom, zoom into the Napa Jazz label. Now if I want to show the example of also the Beats, because that's also why I picked the Napa Jazz. So the Napa Jazz added some different colors and almost like a disco tech beats kind of style. So once again, Napa jazz lights and beats for that super zoom this one might build too annoying corner might work perfect. Depending upon what you're working on, I want to show you the examples in the Syrian issue. Can think about how you want to utilize all different components for your business account on Instagram to create stories. I'm going to stop this before it gets too overwhelming to the viewers. So once again, you can choose bounce. You can choose dramatic. You can choose beats and you can choose TV show, which kind of has his glowy little style. Allah Price is right kind of approach. So this is how the Super Zoom works in your stories. 7. Stop Motion: the last one I want to focus on is not 31 because all that really does is play video in reverse. So if you record a video, you can then play it backwards. The next one also is hands free. So what, this one does that have holding your finger down to her court of video? If you tap this, it'll record the video for all of 15 seconds that we have to continue to hold your finger down on the actual screen of your phone. The last one, though, is pretty unique. Stop motion. So how this works If I tap this, this is gonna look a little awkward when it comes to this example. But if I tap it, what it will do is it will basically show me a Siri's of different screens. So the idea is that once they're all played back, it creates a stop motion example. What I did outside was I create a stop motion of this Napa jazz and what I did was I photographed it and I rotated the bottle every couple degrees. And the result is a fun little style of a stop motion animation. It wasn't perfect. I didn't get it. It was hand holding this one. The best way could have been that I should have held the bottle or should have held the phone with some sort of camera device. In that way, it wouldn't have moved their black. I easily could have spun it without it moving on the screen. But for an added effect, it was not perfect. It was a little off kilter, and it creates a fun of fact for Napa jazz. So this is created using the stop motion animation that I have right here. I haven't reached a pinnacle of how Maney frames you can do with this. I'm assuming it has to do with the 15 2nd time limit of video. But once again, if you have a different is on, you're thinking of you can keep tapping this, and when you're done, you hit little photo icon and there we go and it will go and save and say, Done, Yes, I'm down with groups. Want to go back there and so once again, it will then go forward to save your stop motion animation. I'm just spending the bottle or this little glass screen in front of you. So once again, as an example, we have right here is the Napa Jazz as a stop motion animation. So you've looked at a couple different ways to turn your videos into a different style of story. Different picture into different styles of videos, depending upon what you've shot in the past 24 hours or sooner. 8. Starting with only type: So what if you don't have a photograph from 24 hours or earlier, but you want to put up something to engage your audience with? I love using the type tool because it kind of creates a fun, different dynamic of not having to rely on pictures all the time. But you can't rely on type. So if I had the type type were, let's say type tool. But it's only a type tool. If I had the type area, it moved to this design so I could do a couple things tapped, a type I can also tap to the right. Come on, I meant to type over this way. I'll do later so I can tap to type and Aiken say, rose a all day by default. The strong type comes up, but I can also choose a different style of type. I can say modern Rozelle day. I can say neon. That's pretty cool if I don't necessarily like the color, even though it's nice and pink, I can also tap this bottom left to choose higher we go rose a all day. Now we're looking very rosy s and it gives me and not digging the turquoise yet, and you could go all black or red, and it cycles through different colors. So what you can do with that of having a picture, you can tell people Hey, come up, I have rose A. You can also turn the type by with two fingers, rotating it and notice that as you go back, it'll eventually realign the type you can make a bigger. You can make it any direction you want. So if I said Rose a all day, maybe I want to be an alignment in a vertical way. Second, set up a design for just type, and I can also go back to road. So along with neon option, you also get the design of typewriter. That's strange. Didn't actually change my type two typewriter. There we go so neon. If I click on the type again, I now get typewriter and it creates a typewriter font. Now, along with just white, I can also choose a different color of style of type if I want a different background to match that. So if I choose this kind of film Newr I wrote a different description of this design. I can also go back to strong and cycle through different approaches. I like that neon with this design. So I'm gonna do is I'm gonna put the type of here. But usually when I say are very right type like to ask a question. So I'm gonna say Rose a all day and what I can do is and future examples. I'll show you how you can create a interactive idea using the type. So I'm gonna hit this little arrow. I'm gonna lock it in, and I'm gonna save this for our future example by clicking save at the bottom. And now it's saved this example of how to create type instead of using just actual pictures , I'm going to keep it for right now, and I work on it in the future. And this is the type option for your instagram story. 9. Adding Type: So let's say, for example, I'm gonna grab the Napa Jazz that you took an amazing photograph. Ah, there it is. Napa Jazz. I was gonna do sing with the other videos, but they're just too much movement and those. And since I am talking on doing this, the video's gonna keep playing and playing and playing. I thought, You know what? Let's just have the picture the way it is. So there's two screens when it comes to stories. The first green, if I go back, is Theobald bility to capture, create some sort of content that fills the entire screen if I grab example from the Basque . About two hours ago, I took a photograph of Napa Jazz. Now I'm on the second screen and I can do a lot of things with that. What I can first do is I can add tight for go the top of the screen and click on the A. I can say a for type, and I can say, Have you tried this wine? Now you can choose a variety of different type faces. We have strong classic which they've used for the since the start of instagram stories, and I can also make now the type smaller. Have you tried this wine? Have you tried this once? I could make it smaller, Bigger until it kink any bigger on the screen So I can keep that I can say done. And obviously I can't read that type. So click on the type to edit it. Maybe there we go. And I'll make it smaller in there with classic type. Also, I can choose left, right or center and I can choose how I want this type of look. I can put a silhouette behind it. I have more of a wine color. Here we go. And now I can say he tried this wine. It's easily readable. Now, unfortunately, can't read the bottom word or design of it. So I almost want to put it over here. Toe, ask my audience. Have you tried this wine? Maybe so. Maybe not Along with the classic type. You also get your modern type. And you also get this neon design. I can also choose type, right? I like this one modern. Have you tried this wine? Nice, classic, clean line. And from there I can send this off into the world of instagram stories in hopes my audience will interact with me when I say Have you tried this wine? So the first step of editing this design is adding type to your story. You can add type both to video and to still pictures. 10. The ability to draw: so, along with adding type is ability to draw on my design. If I tap the little icon, if I go back to the top, looks like little pencil on a sheet of paper. I can then move this and choose different styles of marker in which to use. And I can draw like a little heart with a little arrow coming through it, indicating I like this a lot with Napa Jazz. And if I didn't like the way it looks, I can say Undo, undo, undo. And there it goes, little sparkly design. Napa jazz love. I can say smiley face so I can draw different designs, and I can also choose different brush strokes of thin to thick. So once again, you can create this unique approach. This is becoming more modern art now, and I can read the word Napa jazz, but I can once again erase what I don't like by clicking in erasing all of this. In my drawing note, it will not erase the type just what you've done when it came to drawing. And so once again, here's a few different ways to draw. Here's 1/3 1 It could say heart wine. And now I have a marker design by drawing on this design, so aside from in addition to adding type, you can also draw different elements on your designs. So if I want a circle Napa jazz that will indicate that someone should look at that circular object. So along with type, you can also draw on your images and your video. 11. Adding the Time and Temperature: just when you thought you were almost done. The type is fairly straightforward, and same is the drawing. But this little happy smiley face up in the top, right opens up a whole new world. Here we go. So this area gives you so many different things to choose and use. You can put different information for example, a shot, this photograph if I click on 12 01 and I couldn't tap it for different designs. And I could say I shot this at 12 01 or you can say, Hurry up, It's time to have some wine, for example. So you get a couple from clock options hoops, no type go away. But if I don't like it in any given time, I can also just drag this and as I drag it, trash can by by. So this has a lot of options that we're gonna explore that, But the first time I want to show was the clock and temperature. So if you want to show a fantastic day, you can also tell your friends that air living in Snow country, this is what I love doing, especially to my friends in Minnesota and Canada. in the wintertime is I love to say what temperature it is and Aiken tap and I can show a son icon 71 71 of the sun or for anyone who's living overseas outside the U. S. You can also get a degree of centigrade and not just Fahrenheit. So I'll keep us right here for right now that have you tried this wine? It's also 71 F and I could send it on this way. What will next do is explore all these different options. But the first hole one to showcase were time and temperature. 12. Adding a animated gif to my story: about six months ago per this recording and recording this in kind of mid to late June, they added gifts, how gifts can be quite entertaining and also quite a knowing. But what I want to do is I want to add a gift to this designs. I'm gonna tap happy smiley face. I'm gonna choose GIF. What this allows you to do is at any kind of gift that I want to my design. There's a lot of fun ones as a lot of annoying ones. Depending upon what you want to dio in this case, I want to find a question mark. So I'm gonna type the word question and then I want to say Mark to so to get rid of everything else. And here's a whole bunch of gifts then involved different question marks. Why do I want to put a GIF? The reason for this is is it grabs someone's attention that anything moving that I can create stops goes, Ooh, this is exciting. So let me see what we got up. That's all we have right now. So I'm going to grab the big Spinney one right here in this design and what happens is, I can put the big spinning design. And now this picture now becomes almost a moving image. When I create the gift to say, Have you tried this wine? Big question mark, and that is how you add gifts to your design. 13. Add A location: along with adding temperature time. Also, we can put in a gift is the ability to add a location. This is great. So if you're a location based company, you can put information of where you are. Fight Tap the happy smiley face up on the top. If I tap on location, it'll choose things that are around me. So let's say I choose Bonnaire Hill now. The reason why I don't choose everything so specific is let's say someone's looking for places to go in your local area and they don't know your company specifically. But let's say we're in the town of Greenbrae, California and someone searches for pictures of stories bettering GREENBRAE, California This has the ability to capture someone by looking for stories of this area. If I type Larkspur, California, I can choose the Rainbow Aiken tooth traditional, which is this purple violet blue, Grady int Or I can tap it again to create this transparency effect, and it's always liken spend things sideways. Let's put right about there. There we go and we'll put it like that, and I have tagged the location of Larkspur, California Thistle group within a bigger cluster of stories from Larkspur, California And this could help you do a little bit of free advertising to the area of Larkspur, California of some of looking for things to do in Lark Spur. This will pop up in their story if they search for stories in Larkspur, California That's kind of cool. So this is the first way of adding location, and I try to add more of the bigger surrounding area. Not so much my business people don't know where I am. 14. Mention another Instagram Account: Oops. I forgot to take off the location. There we go. So in addition to that, what I can also do is give someone a mention. Now, mention is tagging a different or another instagram account. In this case, this bottle of wine came from Mackenzie Mealer. So all type Mackenzie and there it is there m c m winery. So I can put this right down there to indicate that this wine is from M. C M winery. What this will do is it will alert the company that you tagged. And once you do publish the story, the user can click on M. C M Winery and toss the instagram story over to their page, giving in a bit of a kudos or a shared reference or some sort of extra ability to say, Hey, check this out. I got a picture of Napa jazz and I'm giving you some credibility by tagging M. C M winery so you can tag any company you want as long as on instagram story or not of personal or business. So I'm gonna drag this on. I might put it once again in a different direction. There we go right about there, and that yellow and rainbow is a little too hard to read, so I'll tap it for traditional. Or I might tap it that ways. I can read it even easier with the white and gray background, and that's how you include another instagram account by tagging them. 15. Another way to tag an Instagram Account: But wait. There's another way to tag a winery. So along with adding at the top, the mention of another INSTAGRAM account, what I can also do is that if I type the A for type, I can also type it here. So I could say, Come on, come on, There we go. If I set at sign M C M when I type M C M. McKenzie Miller Winery came up and it put it underlying in my type and I can keep typing is amazing. So what happens is I can also tag them that way. Let's move the types I can see a little bit. And now if I tag M c m that that also ability to tag a winery or tag any business or personal instagram. And when I send this to my actual story, what happens is, Is that why I know you will be notified? I think actually twice now, since I gave him double kudos on this design. But this is also another way of tagging a business inside the type or using the mention option included in the story design 16. Add A hastag to your story: So if you have a particular hash tag or you think a hashtag would work well in the situation, let's say we'll use the hashtag Napa jazz for this one. If I go to the top, I can also do hashtag like it's a hash tag Napa Jazz. So what this will do is it will choose Napa Jazz as my hash tag and do the same thing as they had before with the location or the mention is that now that's clickable and tap herbal. So that way, if anybody's hurt searching for Napa jazz, this story will come up and show Napa jazz just like before. I can tap and traditional colors or have the semi transparent to see through the design in the specific hashtag, and this is how you create a hash tag for your instagram story. 17. Create a Poll: This is one of my favorite tools to use. I asked the question, Have you tried this wine? So let's give some ability to answer this question with a simple poll. If I choose the option above and I say, you know what poll? It gives the option to ask a question. But what I do is I'm gonna keep yes or no, I'm gonna say, sort of, Yes, I'm like, Heck yes or I need to. Let's have some fun with the questions. So if I just keep it and I tap off of it now I can give the audience or my viewers the ability to answer the question. Have you tried this wine? Heck, yes, where I need Teoh. So instead of saying no, I haven't It is a fun way of accomplishing it in a different way. What I can also do is have I re tap this. The question is right here. But the problem is that I cannot change the color of the type of the poll question. So what I do often if I just tapped us off the poll questions it above. But what I'd rather do is take off the pole caption title and use the type to create a poll of Hack Yes or I need to and down the road, I can view the results of people who have tapped yes or I need to. When you create interactivity or any kind of question, You wanted to be the easiest way for your audience dancer. When they see the story, they're gonna type. Heck, yes or tap. I need to make it really easy and you'll get great results. But this is a way of creating a poll on your instagram story. 18. Build a temperature gauge: so apologist 50 50? Yes. No. Maybe so. Maybe yes. Maybe maybe would you can also do is you can get a gauge or a temperature. And you can say something like in this case, how likely are you to drink this wine? Not wind. Let's put it there. So it's political question will say how like you to drink this wine instead of saying a poll. What I can also do is I can use a slider effect down here in the bottom. What I love to do is asking a question I'm gonna find. Maybe I'm not gonna find it in here. Well, we'll just keep it right now. Well, maybe I could do that somewhere in here, All your emojis if I keep scrolling through and scrolling through There it is when glass. No, not that. That's not the way. Unless Oh, man, that's been easier to find than I thought. Let's go down and down, down. And now we have the wine glass. So now when I put it in there, it could have a question. I cannot have a question that could move this now down here, what happens is that when someone comes across this. How likely to drink this wine? The left hand side. Oops. Of this poll move. There goes the left hand means and not so much. The right hand side means a lot more, so people can then drag this slighter to the right or to the left. And then you get more of a temperature gauge to see how likely they are toe like or answer this question. You can also change any icon till we had that Lloyd pop design to existing on fire to the screen. Picture to whatever you want. You can say How much do you love this wine boom heart in this design so I can choose a whole bunch of different options in which to choose from. I like to start at the beginning in there. So once again, how, like you drink this wine, love on the left, Not so much love on the right, a lot more. And this is how you can gauge the audience instead of a pole to create a slighter to create a bit of interactivity and getting the audience a little further 19. Viewing results of a poll: So now we've added a poll. This example they put up about a couple weeks ago was how awesome was national rose a day, and I try to not have, like, a yes or no answer. But I try to have a fun and a fun answer. After all, this should be entertaining. So I created was I put a GIF up in the top and I basically showed the question, How awesome our national rose a day and the really percent audience said I am still seller . Sorry, 30% said pretty darn good, while to be 7% said. I'm still celebrating. Let's look the result and what this is. So if you view your existing design, let me go back here in here at the very bottom you'll see it says Seen by 22 people. When I click on that, it'll show the results of the question that I answered. So two people voted for pretty darn good and four votes for I'm still celebrating and then shows you who voted for what result. And also it will show everyone in here who also saw your design of your instagram story, and this is how you can review results of either a poll and in general, the story of who's seen it 20. Creating and edting highlights: all right, we're back to our profile screen, so stories live for 24 hours, then they disappear. Or do they? So what happens, though, is that you're able to save your stories indefinitely. Let's create a collage or a collection of stories using our highlights, which air down here? I've already got a few of them white events pulling vineyards and dogs. But let's put a new one and let's say we choose. A one with the zinfandel bottle will choose Napa Jazz and his infernal bottle. So I'll say next. But I'm gonna say is bottle shots because after all, this is pictures of different wine bottles. Now, if I say add now that story lives forever as a highlight. If someone ever comes to your profile, they can click on bottle shots. It will take you through bottle shots. There's one from seven weeks ago 2016 Nol and the Napa Jazz from McCann's Mueller Winery, so you can add different pieces. There's also my white events one, and if ever I want to add to it, I can just hold down bottle shots, and I can edit the highlight, and by editing it, I can go upto archive and add different bottle shots. Hoops. There we go. I know I've got him somewhere in here. There it is. Let's grab the Alexander Valley Vineyards bottle shot as well. And now when I say done and I go back to bottle shots, I have Alexander Valley, I have no and I have Napa, Jez and I can keep adding to this as a create new stories of bottle shots I can add to my highlights. 21. In conclusion: as a business. I use highlights to keep in front of my audience while Instagram posts are great and I use them all the time as we can see here, I've got a bunch of wine, different photos of instagram I love stories cause it kind of tells what I'm doing right now or what I'm drinking for example So if someone says be a bottle, I might have a video of me unboxing this box of wine saying Thank you so much. Ex winery. I can't wait to try it. Also, with your highlights in your stories, you just keep showing that you are active out there in the world of photography and video about your product. If you've done this successfully, I have loved to see what you created Oven instagram story as always on the iPhone and also probably on the android Take a screenshot. I love to see what you've done by holding the center button and the actual power button on the iPhone, you can take a screenshot. I love to see results of what you created for different highlights for your business. Thank you so much for watching Instagram highlights for small business. Have a fantastic day