Instagram Stories Strategies to build stronger connections & monetize your craft | Luna Vega | Skillshare

Instagram Stories Strategies to build stronger connections & monetize your craft

Luna Vega, Author - Podcaster - Fashion Ecommerce Consultant

Instagram Stories Strategies to build stronger connections & monetize your craft

Luna Vega, Author - Podcaster - Fashion Ecommerce Consultant

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9 Lessons (46m)
    • 1. Welcome

    • 2. Assignment

    • 3. Before We Get Started

    • 4. Establish Credibility

    • 5. Finding Your Edge

    • 6. Build A Connection

    • 7. Bread Crumb Method

    • 8. Exclusive Access & Gating Your Content

    • 9. Conclusion

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About This Class

Unlock the latest strategies to share Instagram Stories so you can generate more traffic, build a stronger connection with your audience and monetize from your craft. 

Many spend too much time perfecting their Stories or only sharing behind the scenes without creating a hook to get their audience more engaged. 

In this class, I will share strategies to get your audience more hooked, more engaged while increasing your opportunities to sell to them in a non-pushy way.

You will learn how to harness the power of Instagram Stories. You will have at your disposal easy to replicate strategies that will position you as an expert in your field. 

Meet Your Teacher

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Luna Vega

Author - Podcaster - Fashion Ecommerce Consultant


Hi Guys :) and Welcome! Thank you for checking out my classes here on Skillshare. I'm a Fashion E-commerce Consultant, Author, Youtube, Podcaster based in New York City, Miami and Barcelona. I am on a journey to connecting, teaching, and creating possibilities for all talented freelancers, business owners and entrepreneurs out there.

Thanks to my many years as a digital marketing consultant, I know what works and what doesn't. I started my career working on a range of large-scale digital campaigns for a list of Fortune 500 clients. I left it all to pursue my passion in digital strategy and marketing consulting. My goal is to share my knowledge about digital marketing to inspire & empower others to Love Mondays.

Where will you find me? At an airport browsi... See full profile

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1. Welcome: instagram stories Those fun, little updates that we all love to watch 500 million users post instagram stories and watched them on a daily basis. So it's no secret that if you want to succeed on Instagram while you better be a scene, your INSTAGRAM stories marketing strategy Now Instagram story is a great traffic generator . Also, great weight toe. Get more cell, failed your customer base. Establish yourself as a credible brand. More often than not, Instagram story is not really used to its full potential. You'll see brands posting the same old behind the scenes content without really creating hooks to engage your audience, especially because the platform itself has evolved tremendously. The big question that I want to answer in this class is what kind of content you should be sharing on Instagram story. To build your community and generate more. Celso Instagram Story has been accredited to help brands double their cells and also helps with brand recall. This is a way for you to build a deeper connection with your audience. So will this cause how you can refine your voice, how you can create content that will get your audience hooked, get to engage more with you and eventually purchased from you. So this class is great toe help you harness the power of instagram story process tailored for anyone. Whether you are a consultant, freelancer, designer, already haven't etc. Brent or commas brand. I want to provide you different ideas. You can have your brand stand out from the competition and, most importantly, monetized from your craft. So after this class you'll have all the tools at your disposition to create a strong Brende presence and loosen parley star generating cells directly from the platform. Who am I exactly? Well, my name is new Vega official marketing Sultan. I've been in the industry for about 10 plus years, have worked multiple Fortune 500 companies and I'm looking forward to seeing you inside this cloth. 2. Assignment: the class assignment for this class is pretty straightforward. I want you to go in and take a screenshot of the current insights. So I mean analytics of a current story, and I want you to just oppose it with a new story which can pick from any of the ideas that I will share. The goal is for you to see the kind of engagement that you'll be getting with all these different ideas versus the type of analytics you were getting with your previous story. Now I will share different ideas so you can pick and choose whatever feels right for you. And you can start seeing the increase of engagements with any of the tactics that I will be sharing. So I'm looking forward to seeing all your different assignments. 3. Before We Get Started: before we get started. Let's go over some housekeeping items, instagram stories, a lot of fun, and we all love to watch them. There's an aspect of voyeurism. There's something rewording by being ableto watch casual moments. And for whatever reason, some brands just keep us hooked while others well, we could live without. And partially throughout this class, we're going to discuss how you can get your audience more engaged and get them hooked. But before we do that, we need to understand what are some of the common mistakes that other brands who are just block don't keep our interest? What is it that they're doing? So you can be contentious of these mistakes when you're planning your instagram story? So the first thing is sharing sporadically and without consistency. It's difficult to build a bond with your audience. If you're not consistent, you know that one friend that you speak to wants in a blue moon. You guys air still probably friends, but you don't feel ask close as a connection anymore. Well, the same applies with your followers. If you're on Lee sharing wants in a blue moon, chances are they just don't feel that deep connection with you sharing behind the scenes or selfie with no background information. Hey, I love selfies just as much as anyone alls. But selfies with no caption really don't mean much. You we need to understand what's going on. It's all part of a threat, a storytelling thread. So beacon changes of dot when you're sharing behind the scenes explained to us that perhaps your having a specific product being shipped to someone special give your audience a hook, something toe hang on to. So this way they feel excited about watching the other story. Then there are brands were sharing Onley products for cell. I really do encourage you to post your product. However, it's important for you. Toe have a mix content that really makes you human as a brand beyond just telling them about the special cell or the special service that you're providing. There's also a lack of storytelling, so this comes hand in hand with the fear of wanting to reveal too much. And ah, lot of consultants or freelancers feel that way, and I totally understand where you're coming from. But followers they crave to connect with your brands because they want that human aspect they want. They don't want you to be perfect. They want to understand what's your journey? They want to understand which obstacles you might have gone through. This is what's gonna make them connect with you. And finally, and this is goes without saying not having a clear strategy in place. Now, obviously, if you don't have a good strategy in place, chances are you're sharing sporadically. Your posting wants in a blue moon and posting daily it. My seem difficult at first, but it is simply a habit. And there's plenty of scheduling tools out there like Plan Aly, and we'll go over it shortly. That enables you to plant stories ahead of time, so plan your contents and you can this way mix it with unplanned activity when you feel like sharing. Finally, I hate to break it to you, but if you are generic, no one will care about what you have to offer as a business in today's saturated world, this is the reality we live in. You must create an irresistible brand and not to worry out. Provide a hack and how you can answer some of these questions simply by using Instagram story, so don't get discourage. You need to have a specific neech and know who your followers are, whether they're likes. What other dislikes, what keeps them up at night? What are some of the problems that you are helping themselves? You need to understand what makes you different. This can be your opinion on a different subject. This could be your personal story, how you roast a fame or how you were able to be an expert in your specific niche, your voice so meaning how you approach certain topics. And again we'll show all share more and some of the following chapters. Finally, you must have a compelling story to tell. This is what will make your followers hang on to your every word. So before you say blah, blah, blah, I already knew all this. The reason I bring all this up is because 99% of the time these fundamental problems are the reason why your instagram account isn't blowing up because there's no voice. You're simply going and looking at what your competition is doing without really adjusting it. So it feels like you. I want to ensure that your contentious of the following So let's go over some tools that you can use to pimp up your instagram stories. One is an app that you download on your phone is called Wort swag, and it enables you to add different text with different fonts directly into images. Another one that I really like is unfold, and I'll show you here desire example of templates that you can use. They have various templates that you can leverage in order to, well, tell your story specific way. As you can see, it's really beautiful, and it allows you to have instagram stories that have more text in them, if you will, and then the last one is plan early. So I personally use plan early in order to schedule my stories. And it also has a new tool, which enables you as well to create stories template ID stories, which you can leverage for your instagram stories. So before we get started, please make sure to Donald one of these APS, as I'm going to want for you to start scheduling your instagram stories and also thinking about the overall style you want to stylish moving forward. Now, a word of advice don't get to cut up about the overall design of your instagram stories. Many Bruns do, and instead focus more on getting the message, The ideas out there and you could see plea use the tools that are already available on its two grams stories. So I understand you might feel well. Design is very important to me. I get it. By all means. However, do not find yourself in a position where you feel overwhelmed just because you're trying to make your instagram story. All of your instagram stories beautiful. You need to hop the right mix. All right, let's jump now into the next chapter. 4. Establish Credibility: How can you establish credibility? Credibility can be a key factor in bringing in more cells or securing clients as well as growing your tribe. If you have strong credibility and communicate it well, others will be eager to trust you. And like you, the good news is that you can establish your credibility all within Instagram. It's actually much easier then most make it out to be. Well, you might think that you need lots of followers in order to have Bren credibility. You actually couldn't be more wrong. You could have plenty of credibility with very little followers. Not having enough followers shouldn't be your excuse to not be active on instagram stories can set up yourself as an expert without that event any metric. So how can you position yourself as an expert? Well, but simply using instagram story highlights and I'll share some specific examples shortly. Make sure to include the following type of content. First and foremost social proof. It could be anything from testimonials press mentions. For instance, you might have spoken an event assuring that you're sharing some stories of you speaking at that event. What it does is that it shows your audience that others have established you as an authority and shows that you are an expert in that specific niche. It allows your audience to feel comfortable trusting your business or product because others already have. Now, you can also provide value to a common problem people mind have. It could be a great way of building your credibility because it establishes you as an authority on your topic. It also show you're knowledgeable about the problem at hands and half solutions for people . Your audience is more likely to trust you if you know exactly what the problems they're having and how they can address them. This is also you or even showcase perhaps your YouTube channel, podcasts or a newsletter that you have another thing you wanted you is. Show your human side. You want to establish credibility by acknowledging that you're human by demonstrating that you have made mistakes and have stumbled a bit through life. So by doing this, you indicate that your ought to your audience that you are relatable. And so the more people trust you because you are relatable, the more likely they are to follow your lead, so revealing your mistakes can be a psychological trigger for your audience into trusting you, especially if your mistakes are similar to your audiences. Mistake. They're more likely to trust you, because while you're being human and no one believes in perfection, no one's perfect. So when somebody appears perfect, people expect something hidden that will come up later. So when you're honest about your mistake and show that you've grown and that you are now an expert, this is a great way to set yourself ahead of your competition. So be contentious of the following now here are some examples of highlights when creating highlights beyond what I showed in a law slide. Think of what could be interesting to your audience, whether featuring a special capsule collection. If you're in e commerce shop like cast, if I I encourage you to check them out or sharing any valuable tips. Entrepreneurial tips. Perhaps if you are a coat or consultant, anything that can be actionable for your audience, don't make it all about what you are trying to sell. Instead have a mix of credibility content with human slash approachable content. In the case of Sunny Leonard Ducey, she includes Oprah. This is her credibility factor than she has testimonials, and she also includes her podcast, and then her human touch is the Q and A's. Now your best bet is to look through highlights of your competition and try to figure out or obviously, individuals within your niche and try to come up with ideas as the best instagram story highlights that you could potentially include. Now I won't go into details on how to create is simply because I want to provide lots of value without making the class any longer. So please go to YouTube to learn how to create Instagram story highlights. Another example I wanted to share is Gary V. Because he simply has a highlight where he encourages people to sign up to his newsletter. It's just a creative way to get people to be part of a stride by receiving weekly emails from him. Now let's watch it. I'm sure it's gonna inspire you. And if you have a newsletter, make sure to keep the following in line. Now you're probably wondering, why should I spend my time doing all this well, because, unfortunately, credibility matters, it's what sets you apart from the competition is it's your signature, if you will. It's a great way for anyone coming into contact with your page. Decide whether or not they want to continue doing business with you or follow you by having an instagram profile with a sharp bio. Impertinent Instagram story highlights. You will set the tone for what is to come. You want people who follow your page to follow it because of resonates with them because they feel you provide value because you might have a unique factor. Agenda Sequa, which they haven't seen anywhere else. I also want you to remember to pepper nd's principles of credibility of building trust within your instagram stories, meaning make sure to share testimonials. Share you speaking a different events. Sure, your podcast. Whatever it is, make sure that you remind your audience wants a week of the impact you're making in your niche. So this brings us to our next chapter, where we will discuss how you can pinpoint your edge by leveraging instagram stories. Being unique is key, especially an uber saturated world. So here we discussed how you can set your credibility so people will be compelled to listen to you. Now let's discuss how to fine tune your edge 5. Finding Your Edge: So let me ask you, do you suffer from getting people to comment on your post? Are people not resonating with your brand? No matter how much you post, it feels like it's going to def years. Well, you might be suffering from May syndrome. Your content doesn't feel special, and it suffers from being unmemorable. Perhaps you aren't solving a n'importe problem, or maybe you're stuck in the eighties literally. All right, we'll all bad jokes aside. What I mean by that is that if you are in the weight loss niche, for instance, showing people weight loss strategies that already know well, chances are people won't pay much attention to what you have to say. So, for instance, how to lose weight in 10 days is not as Clickbait sexy, if you will, as another headline, which would be a simple method use in the eighties to lose weight. Having a major comeback, find out more. As you can see, the second headline picks people's curiosity. It's not something that they've seen in the past. They're more likely to feel engaged and want to learn more, so you must create content that piques people's interest that piques their curiosity, you must create a new method. Have a different angle Now. You might have already known that and thinking to yourself, Yeah, awesome. So how do I do that? Well, say hello to data mining. The Wikipedia description is data mining is the process of discovering patterns. Toe. Learn about potential trends. Essentially, it's the process of doing research and serve. Ring your demographic to understand what gets them see. Most Fortune 500 companies will spend a fortune to figure this out and understand what can make their brands memorable. Well, the good news is that you can do the same using instagram stories by serving your current audience. And you can do this with quiz See the fundamental to any great marketing beyond being authentic is really, really, really, really understanding your audience. Finding your edge if you will. Once you have that simple yet vital knowledge, everything will start shifting. Followers will start commenting, engaging with you your captions or stronger your offers are strong. Er's. Your followers will feel like you truly understand them now. You might scratch your head at night trying to figure this out. What are your followers into and what er their problems see too often, and this goes to people selling products to consultant. You think you know what problem you are solving and what your audience is looking for, but you might be completely off. As a result, you find yourself creating offers that no one is interested in. This is why I personally love to leverage surveys. See, I love to serving my audience and understand what they need. The most help with this gives you the data. You need to understand what they like and dislikes and go from there. It also enables you to segment your audience accordingly and get an understanding of percentage that is actively following you. So a quiz gets the initial easy commitment from your audience by asking them simple questions and see a few days later or a week later. Since now you know the answer to their question, you can simply provide them with a special offer to your product. For instance, it's also going to help you with creating more engaging content is going to help you have that edge that your competition doesn't have. Now there are different ways you can set up a quiz. You can ask three key questions and reward. People who participated with the quiz with a link to a pdf if you are an illustrator, are special workout routine. If you're a trainer, you get the gist of it so you can have a lot of fun with these quiz. You can also ask your audience to pull on your latest drawing, Austin What they like and dislike etcetera. The sky is really the limit. So this is a great way to get your audience to engage with low level commitment. And what you're doing here is that you're mining them for data and building a deeper connection at the same time. So I'm gonna share with you some example, of course, questions you could create just so you can start having some ideas and start brainstorming . So here are some generic questions you could set up to start probing your audience. This is simply done by using the polling tool on instagram stories. So, for instance, if you're fitness in structure, you could ask him, How happy are you with your health age, you feel great. Be could be improved. Seeing me to be better, d it's a disaster. So again you're not selling them anything. You're just asking them to get a sense of how they feel about their health. Then you can continue probing. How often do you work out? Four times a week, three times a week, one time a week, one times allow. So then you can get a sense of what really their problem is. Obviously, they say one time allows, well, they're not doing a great job at setting time aside to work out, for instance. So you know that you need to create content in helping them figuring out what one to schedule workouts, if you will. So, again, this is pretty straightforward, and you start understanding what we're going for here is really understanding how what their problems are, for instance, and then, as a result, what type of content you can create. Another example that I am taking directly from a fitness and so answer her name is Valentina Luc. Ooh, she's simply asking her audience by using the ask me anything tool on instagram what type of content she, uh, her audience would want to see. Ah, she's an, um, relationships. So she's like, what type of content you want to us to do together. And then, as you see, she also includes some of the answers from our audience. And so she's replying back. Ah, someone replied. Meals, healthy meals. I want toe get a sense of different ideas so I can cook for myself. So again, it's really understanding what your audience is looking after. You might think, you know, But again, this is going to give you really the data that's gonna make all the difference. To make your quiz creating process easier. I've also put together some example of questions. You want your questions to be fun and also give you insight about your customer. So let's go through them really quickly. Ha often do you work out? Review a quarterly goals. Get matter your kids, etcetera on a scale of 1 to 10. How are you? Ah, happy with your relationships out of so your job, etcetera. If a genie where to grant you a wish, what do you choose? And then you could have multiple questions as well. How likely are you to stop eating meat? Stick to your budget, not check your emails for a day. Which image best describe you and then you can have different images, for instance, and you can create a poll. So these air just different ideas, and I encourage you toe have a sequence of 3 to 4 questions in order to start probing your audience. And obviously you want to do this every other day. I mean, it really depends if you already have some insights and you feel like you know your audience, you should be getting lots of comments, and you should also I already have that deep connection with your audience. If you don't, I highly encourage you to do this exercise So your money talks for this chapter is to data mine your audience the goals. To understand what their likes and dislikes are. She can create content and offers or products that really resonate with them. You want after this exercise to be able to create an irresistible offer, you want to be able to know exactly what type of content would get your audience excited. You can even test headlines or ideas just to see what are the what they like and dislike. For example, you could test Would you be interested in learning more about my top 10 hawks to get you more Instagram followers this year versus Want my 10 minutes strategy to get Ah 100 Instagram followers per day. So this is a great way to test different headlines to see what people resonate more with you. Get the gist of it now. Part of the exercise beyond understanding your audience is problem is heavily geared towards copyrighting. So a last, if I'm going to provide you, is by simply going to buzz sumo and start analyzing best performing headlines and your niche by simply entering key words that best describe your niche. So if you need some inspiration to get those questions going and just things up, this will do the trick. All right, So happy data mining create a series of 3 to 4 questions that better understand your audience here. Some ideas. How do they feel about their business or health? What do they like about your art? What do they need the most help Where What kind of content would they like you to share? Etcetera. Looking forward to hearing from you see in the next chapter 6. Build A Connection: in this chapter, lessons cost how you can build a connection with your audience by now. You should better understand what your audience likes and dislikes like we discussed in previous chapter. The goal here is to continue to build a connection to get followers so trust you love you, become your Chillida and eventually purchase from you. This is how some brands have called like followings, that I have a tribe that hangs onto their every post. This is how you monetize from your craft by having your audience loving what you do so much that it will be a natural transition for them to just want to buy from you. In this shop, Termina share components needed to build a connection with your audience will disliked specific kind of content That gets a reaction along with example. Now these are specific ideas you can execute so well. Take out a lot of the guessing. This is meant as a framework that you can replicate Disturb illing that d connection with your audience you've always been craving. So let's talk about what Instagram users crave. They crave authenticity, especially in a world filled with illusions. We love real nous and riel emotions. Yet so many brands are scared to be authentic and to be, really think of it this way. If people can relate to your everyday struggle, where there are more likely to stand by, you be relatable. The rial share emotions. Never underestimate the power of emotions. If someone can make you smile or shadow tear, you establish a new emotional bond with that person, and it enables you to relate to them. So don't be afraid to show your imperfections. Be raw in this story I just shared. You see a photo with a very touching message. My fitness journey wasn't all Rambos. Hey, right, most of us can relate. Losing weight is a mental battle. It's very simple. She included before and after pictures and talks about her journey by just including some within the caption. Very easy to replicate. You can also be relatable by using humor or self deprecating humor. In this case, an account in credit to check out is friend nerd. She's a Chilean illustrator based in New York City, and she often shares her fears, whether it's her insecurities selling her work or you seen the story self deprecating humor about her age as she's commenting on her Spotify music selection. Billie Holiday, The Smiths Running human, you name it. The key is to showcase your real personality as an influencer or brand. What makes you if you aren't feeling confident about the idea? Well, then just simply test by a posting a few ver noble stories and see the kind of response you get. I guarantee you people will love it. Share what makes you vulnerable, whether it's a picture of you starting your business perhaps five years ago, or a drawing or illustration that took you six plus hours to draw. And by the way, I'm going to show you right now as well. How you can add multiple images to your stories by simply picking this template. As you can see, it's easy to include multiple images so you can share different stories that resonate with you. So next you also want tohave a no opinion and don't be afraid. Toe alienate Brands with character Have an opinion. Are you cook Cola or Pepsi? I can't stress this enough. Having an opinion makes you stand out from the crowd. Biggest side and encourage debate. Remember that in order to be considered an expert. Not only must you provide valuable insights, but you also need to pick a side. Are you pizza or pasta? Gina Culture does a great job being riel, and at the same time she loves sharing her opinion about various topics. But as you can see in the story, she stating that if someone already has your idea, it doesn't matter, and she's linking to a block both. Now this sets her as an expert because she has a strong stance. So some ideas for you could be sharing a poll. It could be a powerful way to start a debate and get your audience to react to something you're passionate about. For instance, again, if you're in the fitness industry could have a photo off past a and right here is why eating pastor isn't so bad for you after all big curiosity and have an opinion. Perhaps you don't believe in no carb diet, so you can even follow up with an Ask me anything sequence where you encourage people to share their weight loss questions and tell them how to introduce pastor. And he could perhaps help them side Cheetham So they don't grab ice cream at night, for instance, and just share your personal opinion about various topics that are related to your knees that are related. If your consultant in marketing or if you're an illustrator, pick a side and talk about different controversial ideas share value while this goes without saying sharing value, which you can't find anywhere else, is key. If you're an influencer, it could be special makeup tips that are only available on your page. Perhaps you have a groundbreaking method for applying makeup. If you are an illustrator, could be insights about the meaning behind your illustrator or art Overall inspiration. I can't stress this enough. But again, if you've done the exercise on the last chapter of mining your audience data mining them, you will know exactly what type of valuable content to share with them. Also, you can just test different ideas and look at overall analytics of your story here. Specifically, I wanted to share Kim Rose Art. I love how she will just film herself live painting, and then she invites her audience toe. Ask her questions so we really feel like her close friend hanging out with her watching her create our art and really, it feels like she's sharing value. She's perhaps helping us along the way. If we are another aspiring artists, you get the picture. So people also love exclusivity. Give your audience something that we can't find anywhere else, and we'll talk more about the concept of exclusivity. But they will automatically gravitate towards you and spread the word if you provide value that they cannot find and you were also sharing. Value doesn't have to be informational like in this example, I provided it could just be providing them exclusive access. So really food for thought Now, we already spoke about this in our chapter about credibility, but testimonials go without saying, especially if you're an agency or a consultant. I love testimonials for multiple reason. First, it's great to see what others people experience was working with you and also enable your audience to perhaps resonate with people you have helped out. That could be, Oh, wow, this person was in my shoes, and this product or service is help them. Why? I really want to experience the same thing. Plus, instead of making it, Hey, people, look at how awesome I am we'll focus on sharing how working with you helped your clients customer who perhaps had some of the same struggle I had your current followers and how you helped turn their business around. Testimonials help establish credibility, but it also is a way of building a deeper connection with your audience. Be creative on how you share them here. Some examples for you, whether you're doing interview style or simply re posting screech shot with your happy customers. And don't forget to save those in the highlight section as well. Like we discussed previously simply following and posting these four categories of post that we just talked about moving forward and adding it. With some day to day behind the scenes, you'll had warned me to your instagram stories. You'll build a a closer connection with your audience as you're providing them a form of entertainment knowledge. You're also encouraging them to start debates with you. Some of you, my feel stock with defining what your brand messaging is and honestly, this would require a complete, separate course. And instead of getting caught up with these details simply focused on highlighting the personality of you and your brand and take your learnings from your data mining. Recent just a simple example I wanted to share is a book from YouTuber Shane Dawson, which is called It gets worse. And the only reason I wanted to share that because it's a showcase of how he is using his personality. Obviously, he's a YouTube influencer. His personality is really what sets him apart from anyone. Also, this way you'll start this covering your voice and let me point out you can still post a story of you headed to the post office. The ship a product to someone. Don't be afraid to post a mundane behind the scenes. Just remember to include substance. The story behind it all. What drives you? What got you started? What are your fears? Don't be afraid to be raw for this chapter, brainstorm about potential post that you could showcase, perhaps ah, fear or ah ha moment. An opinion tips or inside testimonials. Simply brainstorm some ideas just for one post to get started and apply what we discussed in this chapter. Now, in the next chapter, we will discuss how you can start converting your avid followers into potential buyers 7. Bread Crumb Method: Now that your followers adore you in this chapter, I'm gonna provide you some actionable tricks on ideas you can use to draw your audience in and generate more cells. Loves shot breadcrumb ing. What is bread Cramming? The breadcrumb technique is literally a yes ladder, also known as foot in the door technique, something that is often using cells to get people in a positive mindset so they're more likely to purchase from you. You're simply getting followers to say yes to small request at first and leading them to yourselves, funnel or to purchase from you. So there's a great research, which was conducted by Scott Fraser and Jonathan Friedman on how to get people to say yes to something they normally would say no to. So their goal was to go door to door in a local neighborhood and get people to put a drive carefully sign up in their front yard, and this was a big sign. The first time they tried, only 20% of people said yes. Then they did the exact same experiment again. But instead of asking people to put the original sign, they asked him to put a much smaller sign that request created an opportunity to get them to eventually say yes to this playing the original sign, which was the original goal. So the take away is to work backwards from the big. Ask your call to action your purchase by finding a lower steak for step. An example. Let's say you're an interior decorator who wants to drive quote requests and you want to get more clients. Well, you could perhaps ask in a story. How many square feet is your home? How many rooms do you have? See you get the point instead of asking them, Hey, do you need a interior decorator? You are proactively already getting them in the mindset of starting to think about their home and starting to think about perhaps well, yeah, maybe I do need a decorator. I've been struggling and my house is really messy. You got the gist of it. So here's an example for someone who is a marketing consultant, for instance, this would be a three stories approach. The 1st 1 would be Do you want to get more people to buy from you? Yes. No. Hey, pretty self explanatory, right? Then you dig deeper. What is the reason you aren't achieving this now, and the beauty with this method is that you can start reframing their thought process by having the answers ready for them. It also makes them realize they might not have all the answers and need some additional help. Then you continue digging end to see what type of content would best raising it with, um, to help them fix this problem they are having. Would they be open to mentorship? I'm a coaching call a course, and this all started by asking a simple question that is non threatening. You're simply asking for how you can help them. Finally, either within the same sequence or a week later. Based on answers, you can reveal special discounts for all the different options. The way you would do this is by replying back to people who clicked on whatever they preferred and provide them a link specific to those options. You can use whatever permutations work for you and note you can also just have one offer available in the last story. If people resonated more with having a course birth, i them with a special offered to the chorus 50% off for anyone who register today, for instance, here's another example. Let's say your proposal photographer to ease people toe buying one of your special packages . You could see how easy it is. It all starts by asking a question that is yes or no question in this case, Are you or friend planning to propose to your special someone? So again you aren't shoving your offered down people's throat, you're simply leading them to it. This is a simple yet effective cells technique. Sells professional, have used us for a long time, and you can easily replicated using instagram stories. This is the beauty of it. How amazing is that? And if you have followed all the steps in the last chapters, meaning people see you as a credible expert, people relate to you because your content is different, they resonate with you. You're solving a problem. Well, everything will fall into place and you can easily sell. With this technique, you don't need to have lots of followers. So for this chapter, I want you to create a breadcrumb or yes, ladder instagram funnel. So you will asked what the biggest problem your customer is having. You will also ask them how you can help them. And then you will create a special offer. Simple enough, Right? So let me know how this goes. 8. Exclusive Access & Gating Your Content: who doesn't like to feel V I. P, while gating some of your content and making it available only to the most engaged followers, makes your audience even more proactive. Remember the last time you weren't allowed access somewhere? Then it make you want to fight even harder, for it also brings them up your cells funnel By making a small commitment. They're more likely to purchase a bigger ticket item from you in the future, so there's couple tools you can use The close friends feature that instagram rolled out. The feature enables you to show exclusive stories to your list of clothed friends. You can be very creative, allows you to let certain people have access to your exclusive stories so you can create challenges and open the door to the 1st 20 people Who d m you. For instance, if you wants to make it for free, you can also test Instagram latest joint shot feature. This is a little different where it allows you to just shot with whomever joins a shot by tapping on the sticker. I'm showing you here right now, which is available on Deep Instagram story section. Now. You contest different challenges and every day provide different tips, for instance, so perhaps it could be a 30 day challenge to losing weight. A 30 day challenge to read that Creating your house If you're an e commerce store, you can simply create a special group who would have access to exclusive discount or products in your store or speak about a specific topic. Let's say you sell baby year. You could talk about how to transition your baby for the bottle to eating real food. So on Lee, allowing a select few will set a sense of intrigue amongst your audience and have them pay attention to your next offers. For this to work. I encourage you to quiz your audience first to get a sense of what they would really need. Help way. We talked about this in the data mining chapter. Do they want to lose £10.15 days? We do. They want to get a six pack. Additionally, I want to share links space. What I like about Links Basin again this world out recently, you can create a membership based offer directly from your instagram. You can decide how much you want the membership to be could be $9 or more than that. It's built to your followers monthly, so it's really simple. People simply click on the link to your profile because that's where it would show up, and then they will be redirected to enter your close friends group. How amazing is that? Here's a simple example you can replicate for you business again. It's a way to probe them and get them to be introduced to your membership area. You can decide to make it free by just using instagram or paying by using the link space up . If you're just starting your business doing 15 days. Ah, free offer. A special challenge can be a good way to warm people up. So in this example, I write one access to my top secret hacks to get in shape and record time. Yes, no, this is following the breadcrumb ing method. Click below to unlock special access to my private fist fitness coaching, and they can join the chat opening the doors to a 15 days challenge. 1st 10 20 people who DME So these are three different ideas which you can do separately and a great way to prime people for having exclusive access to one of your offers. So for this chapter, I want you to test out creating a 15 days challenge, come up with an offer and create a closed group 15 day challenge. This is another great way to bring you closer to your friends and build super followers, if you will, so looking forward to hearing from you and some of the results you're getting. 9. Conclusion: Congrats on finishing the class. I shared multiple instagram stories strategies to get your creative juices going like I mentioned prior are starting this course. You really want to step away from sharing the same old boring behind the scenes content, serving your audience, not being afraid to pitch to them in a non needy non cells the way will make the difference . Don't hide behind your social media. Don't be afraid to gate some of your special content and charge for your services. Provide a ton of value by all means, but also know when to make people pay for it. This is how you will start monetizing from your craft. So I encourage you this year to keep a close eye on all the new instagram story features that will continue to be world out and think on how you can integrate them into your editorial calendar by applying some of these vital steps I covered in this class. I can't stressing off each step I covered in this chapter are required for these methods to be successful. If you don't have content that is different and that your audience is interested about, it will be hard to establish your credibility, build a connection with them and hence sell to them. The contentious of this. I'm excited to hear from you. And don't hesitate to ask me any questions you might have until next time.