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Instagram Stories: Step By Step Guide To Create Amazing Stories on Instagram

teacher avatar Vishal & Shubhi, Bloggers, Freelance Content Writers

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (40m)
    • 1. Class Introduction

    • 2. Introduction to Instagram Stories

    • 3. Types of Instagram Stories

    • 4. Stories: Walk-through & Posting

    • 5. How to Re-use Old Posts Through Stories For Maximum Engagement

    • 6. Muting Someone's Stories

    • 7. Creating Your Account Nametag

    • 8. Keeping Instagram Stories For More Than 24 Hours (or Forever)

    • 9. Checking & Analyzing Instagram Stories Analytics

    • 10. Class Project

    • 11. Conclusion

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About This Class

Join This Class To Learn How To Create Beautiful & Attractive Instagram Stories & Grow Your Account Reach!

Instagram can boost your online presence since it has millions of users across the globe. If you create Instagram Stories then you can reach out to more people. 

Instagram is one of the best platforms of this century and it can help you in growing your business or brand really easily and by joining this class, you'll know how to reach out to more people by creating attractive Instagram stories. 

Here's what you will learn in this class:

  • Introduction to Instagram¬†stories
  • Types of Instagram¬†Stories
  • Stories: Walk-through &¬†Posting
  • How to Re-use Old Posts Through Stories For Maximum¬†Engagement
  • Muting Someone's¬†Stories
  • Creating Your Account¬†Nametag
  • Keeping Instagram Stories For More Than 24 Hours (or Forever)
  • Checking & Analyzing Instagram Stories¬†Analytics



  • Those who want to know how to create attractive Instagram stories
  • Those who are new to instagram and want to know learn everything about instagram stories¬†¬†
  • Those who want to know about the different tools inside instagram stories & how to utilize them for creating stunning instagram stories¬†

What you will need for this class?

  1. You will require internet connection to watch the lessons 
  2. You'll have to download the official Instagram App & create a free account

We invite you to take this class and join us in the journey of search engine optimization. 


Meet Your Instructors: 

Hi, We are Vishal & Shubhi!

We have been in the online space since 2016. Both of us are Content Writers & Digital Marketers.

We have created content for several brands and business and helped them in optimizing their social media presence. And in a span of just 1 year, we worked with 50 brands and helped them optimize their content strategy. 

We can help you in having a strong online presence. Join one of your classes, and see for yourself!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Vishal & Shubhi

Bloggers, Freelance Content Writers


A warm welcome from Vishal & Shubhi!

We are freelance content writers & Blogger. We started our journey as content writers but soon switched to freelancing and within 1 year we created content for over 50 websites. 

We have worked with national and international clients and helped them have a great online presence through our content writing services. 


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1. Class Introduction: hi and welcome to our new skill share class Instagram stories that blast of guys to create Amazing story. That's what you're going to learn in this class but will have an introduction to the Instagram's Joe Leans. And then I will walk you through the different types of stories, which you can bolster instagram based on. But there you have a business account or you're just using it for both of youse. Then we'll give you a run through how you have to create you instagram stories on Boston. This would be a difference that guard on. We will also share the different instagram towards that are available in absence up and how you can use them to create beautiful, attractive instagram stories. Then we'll see how to reuse the old post through stories for maximum engagement and reuse the old content that you already have. Next, we'll tell you how you can mute someone stories in your instagram account so that if you're not interested in watching their instagram stories, you can move them next. We'll show you how you can create your account name tag, which would help people in falling do instantly. Then we'll try her little strict with you that would help you in keeping instagram stories for more than 24 hours, or even forever. So there's a different feature that Instagram stories are only available for 24 hours. But by using this little trick, you can keep your instagram stories forever. Finally, we'll show you how to check and analyze your instagram story analytics so that you can increase your engagement on boost your gown. My name is should, along with my instructor shot, I have designed this class for those who want to know how they can use instagram stories to grow their account range. But wait learn from us because people would have bean in the digital online space. Since 2016 and we have been working as content creators freelances on digital marketeers. You have helped or 50 websites and enhancing their social media strategy and uplevel in their content game plan. So when you've been drooling this class, you can be assured that you're learning from those who have hands on practical experience in the world off social media market. We're inviting to join us last and know about Instagram's Jones and how you can use it for boosting your brand or business. We welcome you to this class. Make sure you include on done the best things about Instagram stories. 2. Introduction to Instagram Stories: introduction to instagram stories. Welcome to this lesson. Every we're going to discuss about the instagram stories, So let's get started. So as soon as you log into your instagram account, you're going to see little stories on the top off your boasts, the bulls data coming in your feet. As you can see here, the little circles which have different pictures of the people whom you're generally following. Or these are the accounts that instagram things that you will like and engage with. So these are all the stories off those accounts. In fact, stories can also be seen sometimes on the explore page, and they're constantly shown you in different parts off the APP. Instagram stories are currently 15 seconds long at the time off regarding this lecture. If you want to know the current stats, make sure to Google it once and thence from stories are available for 24 hours, which means once you both them, they are going to disappear automatically after 24 hours. So, for example, if you both just starting 7 p.m. on a tent off August, then that story is going to disappear automatically at 7 p.m. On 11th or focus. That is exactly 24 days, 24 hours after that. Currently, it's believed that you can boast unlimited stories to Instagram. But there have been certain articles which say that you can post only 100 stories in a day or at one goal. But this is not even sure. And in fact, most of the users do not use stories in abundance, which means you can easily boast around 15 to 20 in a goal. Most users do not post stories more than this number, so generally people do not utilize the entire amount of stories that are available to them . But it's what noticing that the less stories that you posed, the more engagement that you get this has we noticed on several accounts, and we're going to talk about this in the coming section. No hander are the Instagram stoking sciences. So for videos and photos, the size should be 10 80 by 9 20 big cities. The aspect ratio for videos and photos for Instagram stories has to be nine is to 60 and the maximum video length off one story can be 15 seconds. So, for example, if you have a video that is one minute long or two minute long, then you do not have to worry about it. You simply have to upload it on instagram stories, and instagram is automatically divide your two minute video into 15 seconds. Read you, which means it would have different stories combining your entire medio off two minutes. Stories are great for several reasons, including increasing visibility. When you pull stories, your accountants better chances off getting noticed by different people. It can help you in getting more followers. This is a natural thing, because once you're visible on instagram on more people see you, they are automatically going to follow you if they like your content or if they're interested in your niche. Finally, stories also help you in reaching two new people because stories can easily rank on the X tore beach. For example, if you put hash stocks into this story, it could easily rank on EC store page. And more people have a chance off during your story, which means you can reach out to new people very easily, using stories in comparison to your normal posts. The next reason why Instagram stories are great is because it can help you in promoting products and offers. This is generally done by business accounts and those who are promoting some other effin eat products, or this is also done by influences. So promoting the product is the key idea behind using stories for many accounts. As you can simply post the pictures off your latest offers deals, services, products and discounts on your instagram stories. And once it's 24 hours, it's going to be vanished from the accounts. It's a great tool if you do not want yours post to be permanent on your account, so you can definitely you story for that book. That's for promoting your product. Next is to launch new products. Many business accounts use Instagram stories for creating a buzz around their laters products or the upcoming products. You can do that, too. The next reason is that it's great for posting short term content, which means if you do not want opposed to show up on your instagram account forever or permanently, and you can boast that content using the stories because it's going to disappear automatically after 24 hours. So it's not going to be prominent unless you wanted to. Finally, it's great for building connection stories can make your account look more lively and interesting. Stories have a high engagement read because these have animation Imo jeans and they look very lively. So that's why stories can easily help you in building connection with your target audience with your follow WAAS and those who are your potential customers. So make sure that your your stories or instagram because it's a great tool, given my instagram for growing your account, as well as for boosting your business growth. I hope you enjoyed this shot introduction about instagram stories, and I'll see you in the next lecture. 3. Types of Instagram Stories: times off stories. In this lecture, we're going to discuss the different types of stories, which you can boast for your instagram marketing. The first type is tutorials, and how does so to give an example? Generally, fashion bloggers on makeup YouTubers do this The post several tutorials on their instagram account. By using instagram stories, they simply show you their makeup tutorials, there dressings or their outfit off the days. In fact, even cooking bloggers toe this to show their leaders recipes using the instagram stories. Other than this, various companies used this to showcase how their products can be used. So these come under the tutorials and how dull stories. Next is promotion. Again, stories are used maximum for the purpose off promoting a product service launches are for showing the deals and discounts so you can do that as well. The next kind of story can be for inspiration and motivation. So, for example, if you have used a product as an influential and you find great results from it, you can post it to inspire others are you can simply post something that motivates others because this kind of content works really well on Instagram, an example of this could be the weight loss journey. Many people post their bait loss before and after pictures to inspire others to do the same who are struggling that their weight issues and fat issues. But this is an example of inspiration, so you can try this kind of stories on your own account. The next kind of story could be day in the life. So, for example, if you are an instagram influencer, then you can easily both pictures off the happenings off your do you. So whatever eventful happens in your day, you can simply post it in your instagram account because many people would be interested to know about you and your personal life. So why don't utilize it to create great content for Instagram, the next kind of content can be behind the scenes, So this is generally done by celebrities on motivational speakers on those who are quite popular on instagram or in the entire world. So behind the scenes can be really useful if you want people to know how a certain thing was done or how it came to life, so even you can use this kind of content if you want next up is office can show. So if you have a business or a brand, you can show up the office culture by posting stories off your employees or how they work, or certain activities or programmes that happen in your office. So it's going to show the office culture. Next is the activities throughout the day, so this is similar to what you post for a day in the life. But there you can simply Bush anything and everything that you want. So it's not basically the major events that happen in your day, but anything that you want to boast, because eventually it's going to disappear after 24 hours. So why not just posted and get engagement on your account? Finally, I would recommend you to try different types of stories because this would help you and knowing what works best for your instagram account. Surprise different kinds of stories and see how people aren't your fault. Awards react to it and then try to do more often off the stories that brings you the most engagement. Our views. I'll see you in the next lecture 4. Stories: Walk-through & Posting: it's lecture. We're going to talk about instagram stories, and I'm going to show you how you can post stories your own account. So once you log into your account on the top left, you're going to see your own profile there. It's going to be written your story. As you can see here under my profile picture it say's your story. So if you click on your icon off your profile picture, you're going to get your camera opened. And here you can directly record your stories, or you can choose from your gallery. So it's going to show you the different folders. You can select anyone and find the stories that you want to post. Also, if you click here on this little icon on the right side, which is for the multiple majors now you can select different images and click on this little circle off the image, and this, for you can order your images for the stories. So, for example, if you want to host multiple majors, you can select the number off post that you want to post. So, for example, as select 123 and four images Now if I want to reorder them. I simply have to arrange them by clicking on them and create a different order for stories . So that's how you can post multiple images on your instagram account. Now, once you selected these, you simply have to click on next. Okay? And you're going to see now all the five images are here in the exact order off what I have selected for them. So if you want to delete any off these pictures, you seem to have toe click on that picture and hold it for a few seconds and you're going to see this trash icon. So once you get that, you just have to click that trash icon and the image would be removed from there. As you can see, only four pictures are a meaning. So now you can simply click on this next, and it's going to post your story. Now you simply have to click on your own, profiled here, right here on the top and click on share. So once you share, your story is going to be posted. Now I'll show you how it's done. So, for example, now these top icons right here, These are for editing your stories. So this first smiley icon is for adding Phil toes, so you can simply add Phil does to your images. As you can see here, you can select multiple A major multiple filters on did use the one which you really like. So if you want thes filters, you can use them any off these they're free to use. And if you scroll hair, you can select. But they want to remove these effects, or you want to save them to your camera and use them again and again. So that does the option that you have as off now. I don't want to use these filters now I'll click on here, and the next icon is for adding a link. So this works when you want to create a paid partnership with some brand and promote their content so you can add the link to your stories. But that feature is available only then you have at least 10,000 followers. So the next option right here is this downward arrow on. If you click on that, it's going to save your photograph to your gallery. This particular image from the stories would be safe to your gallery now the next icon right here with the little smiley. It's the sticker icon. This is the most important region off stories. So as you can see here, there are different things that you can add the different kind of stickers right here so you can add the location sticker. Or you can add the hashtag dimensions to go where you can actually tag any of the accounts . So, for example, if let's say I drank this account, it's going to show up in the image itself. It's my own account. So this way you can add on another account or you can choose three. Hashtags are various other kinds of stickers that you want. We're going to talk about some of the popular stickers in the coming lectures, but as off now, you can just use thes any of these that you want. Now, next up, this little icon with the little pen right here. This is for using different other applications and tools like this. First, little Ben like structure is going to add some text, so to do that, you simply have to right on your just scroll your finger on your screen and it's going to show color. So this was also selected right here. The white color. Now, this bar right here on the left is going to deter mined the strength or the you can see the capacity or the how strong you want your content or your spend to be. So, for example, if I click on the Penn icon right here on this is quite born right now. If I select and take it to the downward, take a downward, then it's goingto be all slightly pinup in. So this was just to show you how this works. The next thing right here, this is for like, a highlighter or kind of brush kind off thing. The next one right here is for highlighting urine majors for so this 3rd 1 if you put it, you can simply highlight your image like this, Or you can simply make it more attractive. As you can see here and this final like on writer the 4th 1 this is the razor. So let's to select this and increased intensity off this and I'm going toe scroll my finger on this paint that I have already done. So it's going to remove everything. It's going to make the picture clean again. So this is a very handy tool. If you mess up with your story than you can raise, it is illegal. And this final one right here this is like an airbrush cool, which you can use like this. If you simply scroll your fingers, it's going to put on air. Worst kind, often effect, so you can simply remove it if you don't want. I'm just showing you the different tools available in instagram stories. So once you're done with all these tools and editing, you can simply condon on the top right corner. And yes, of course, if you want Oh, remove something that you have just done. You can click on undo. So it's going to show that up again. So now once you're done with that, you simply have to click on the done on the right. On the final tool right here is the double A. That is for adding text. If you click on that on top right now, here is something that you've been died. So, for example, let's say quick lunch recipes. So now we have this text right here now on the top, right on the top, so on top left. What we have is the alignment for the decks, so you can tap on it and it's going to align decks. And next to it we have this a button covered with attack tangled. So this is going to add a background to your text. It's a very handy tool. If you really want to enhance your stories on the text written on it, you can use this on in center. We have this phone. You can change the font. You can choose the different ones, like neon typewriter, strong class sake. Modern. So these are the different recipes that you can use now if you want to change the color of the phone or the text. What he did was simply choose any off these colors. Let's see if I choose this yellow sheet, I'll click on it, and I'm going toe drag my fingers across this palette so it's going to change the color off 36. I'll show you again with another phoned. So let's say if he chose this phoned. Now, if I want to change the color, I'll simply click on any of these. If I want these simple fellows, I can click on them, and it's going to change them according to my wish. But if I want to use the entire pallet than what I'm going to do with, I'm just going to click on one off these colors, hold it there for a second, and this entire pilot is going to come in front of me so I can choose which cutter I want. So let's say I chose this one, okay? And the stool writer on the left hand side, this is the eyedropper tool. So, using this, what you can do is you can pick any off the colors from the entire picture itself. So let's see if I want a dog. Oh, shit. I can pick, right? And I just have to drag my finger on choose the color that I won't. So this is a very good tool if you want. Oh, you know, maintain the contrast off your image. Let's say I used this one and we'll click on done. Now. If you want to move the text, you simply have to drag it wherever you want to place it like this on. If you scroll to fingers over it, then it's going to change. The size is well, it's like zooming in and zooming out like this. So now I want to edit it more so I can just simply use the phone style like this and edited . So we're done with this. And now we can even add the backgrounds. I'm going to do that to this and see if we add the background. Okay, I said, This is how you can add the decks to your story. Finally, when you're done with it, you just have to click on next and you have to select your story and share. Now, once it's done, simply go to your profile right here. You can even go to the homepage of Instagram and you click on your own. I concert. There you go. You have all the stories on the images that you're falsity 5. How to Re-use Old Posts Through Stories For Maximum Engagement: in this lecture, I'm going to show you how you can post your instagram in majors on videos directly to your stories. So you simply have to go to your profile and you just have to select which of the post you want to show up in your stories. So let's say if I want to use this post right here, I simply have to top on it. And next I have to tap on this airplane icon right here. So once I do that, I have to click on ad opposed to your story. And now I can simply edit it so I can choose to add any of the filters or at the stickers which are shown here. Or let's just say, if I chose a hashtag. So if I put a hash tag, let's see inspiration and I'll just minimize it on. I just stabbed it to send it to the back. So this is a little side tip that I would share that you can simply add any hashtags or anything and simply minimize it or send it to the back off the image. So this way the people or the followers won't see it, but it's going to do the work off acting as a keyboard for your image. So, dr this drink if you don't want to spoil the look off your stories. So once you're done with this or if you want, you can even add text or format this story. Andi. Next you have to click on this your story. So what we can do now is we can simply posted in the stories. Or if we hold this little button right here on the left side, your story for a slightly longer time. We can act us image or disposed to our highlights so we can choose to use any of these highlights or we can choose to create a new one. Let's see, I create Ah highlight cover named Inspiration and click on that. So now if we go toe a profile and refresh this, it's going to come up in the highlights off our polls. It's just going to show up right here. Okay, if we simply tap on our profile, it's coming up in the stories right here. End. As you can see here, it's also coming up now in the highlights. So this is a quick Tim that I wanted to share with you. Also, if we go to a profile on tap on this particular story, it says, See post. Now if we click this or if your follower or someone who's easier story clicks on this to see the Post, they're going to be directed. They're going to be redirected to the original post, so so they can simply come here and like on it, comment on it or take action and engagement. This So this is a really cool tip that I wanted to share with you. Fourth instagram stories to in Greece your engagement on forgetting new followers. So try this on. Use your previous post off images or videos on used them as your highlights or even as your instagram stories to get maximum engagement. 6. Muting Someone's Stories: in this lecture, I'm going to show you how you can mute the stories off certain accounts in your instagram because maybe you're not willing to see their stories or you're just not interested in their content. So how you can do that? So once you go to the home page off your instagram account to the feeds right above here, you're going to see the stories off different accounts that you're following. Or these could be suggested from instagram based upon your activity on the South. So what you have to do is, let's say, for example, if I want to block this particular account, I want to knew the stories off this account. I simply have toe tap on their profile right here for a few seconds, and it's going to come off with this baba box, which say's your profile or mute so I can simply click on mute. And then it's going to give me the option off, muting the stories or muting the story on the post, or to just cancel this. So if I want to stop seeing the stories, I can simply click on mute stories. But if I'm not interested in their post as well, but I simply want to follow them. I just want to keep following them, but I'm not actually willing to see their content frequently. I can simply Jules, any of thes and great that So that's how you can simply go ahead and Neil the stories off those accounts, or those people whom you do not want to see. If you're using a personal account than this little tip is going to be very useful if you're not interested in seeing the content off people, but you still want to follow them. So try this on mute the stories off those people who you do not want to engage with. 7. Creating Your Account Nametag: in this lecture. I'm going to show you how you can create a name, Jack for your instagram account. So by name tag, what we mean is that if someone scans your name tag taken directly, follow your account. So let's see how you can do it. You just have to simply go to your profile Page on. Click on these. Stop three nines. Writer this hamburger Aiken and write her. As you can see here, the 4th 1 is name tag. Simply click on that. So this is the name tag for this particular account. You can change the color like this, or you can big any more cheese. Or you can use a 70 or choose a color. Wasn't free topping it right like this. You can even change. The emoji is simply after tap the screen and choose the emoji that you want. So let's just say if I chose this one, it's going to change the Imo. Jeez. All right, so this on if engaged, you scan. Take on the scan an intact and scan someone else's name. Jack. You can instantly follow that account, so I'll show you how you can do that. All right, So, for example, if I go to name tag and click on the stop on this scanner name tank down below, it's going to bring up the screen. And, for example, if I'm scanning this particular tag for the preview up, it automatically scans that name tag. And now it's showing me the two options are following this particular account or to view the profile so I can simply click on follow and start falling this account. Or I could go to your profile and check the profile on D. C, whether I want to follow them or not. So this is how you can use the name tag. Andi even create your own name tag because name tax are very, very bob below for getting more followers. So just create your own name tag by following the steps that I've shown you. 8. Keeping Instagram Stories For More Than 24 Hours (or Forever): Let's see how you can keep your stories for more than 24 hours. So, for example, if you have already posted your story, simply have toe go to the home beach off her instagram at and click on your story on you can simply posted from here by clicking on highlight. So once you do that, it's going to ask you to create a new ones. You can do that and right name for it and then added, or what you can do is tap on this corner. I can offer human on. Go to your profile and here if you click on this. Plus I can't plus new below the profile button. It's going to give you the option of choosing one off these or multiple images for your new highlights. So, for example, if I choose all of these stories and click on next, it's been to ask me to mean this. So let's say easy recipes, and if you want, you connected the cover by zooming in or zooming out. Or you can choose one of these other images. For this, I choose this one so no Elphick on done, and then I'll take on done again on the top right corner. So once we're done with this, as you can see here hair, it has boasted that story itself on. It's going to be appearing on my profile forever, as long as I keep it there without deleting it. So you can save your stories like this. Or you can simply go to your profile to your profile and click on the icon right here. And then click on this highlight and short Do again. Add new and let's see simple rest simple lunch recipes. I'm just showing it to you out of postage directly from the stories. Okay, recipes and and once you click on add, it's going to say, added to simple recipes. And again, if you do fresh this as you can see here, another highlight cover has appeared, so if you click on it, it has simply posted the story right here. All right, so that's how you can keep your stories for as long as you want. And in fact, if you click on this highlights, then it's going to show you all of the stories that you have ever posted to your account so you can simply use the one that you want for your cover for your highlight cover on that so you can keep your stories for a long time on your insta ground down. 9. Checking & Analyzing Instagram Stories Analytics: in this tutorial, I'm going to quickly show you how you can see the instagram analitico for your instagram stories. So to do that, you simply have to go to the whole beach of your instagram at on tap on your profile picture on the top left hand side, it sees your story, so simply tap on it. And here you can see the story which you have posted in the previous training for hours on down below on the left corner, you can see it's a scene by 1 41 So some treetop on that. And once you tap on that, you're going to get the analytics on the people who have actually seen the stories. So these are the accounts that have seen this story. So by using this by creating the story, we have reached so many accounts within 24 hours. No, If you tap on this little icon besides this number, it's going to really insights. So it tells us the impressions before lost the navigations for this, which means that it's showing us how many people reacted to this. How many people followed this? How many people navigate through it? Exactly. So these are some really good insights, which can tell you which off your stories performed better than the other on what kind of stories you should be boasting more often. So, for example, if you get ah, high engagement on one or two off, you're stories tried to pull similar content for your instagram stories because that is what people are liking for your account. So make sure to use on. Always keep a check on your instagram analytics because these are certainly going to help you getting more engagement on your account on your posts. 10. Class Project: Congratulations on completing the class successfully. Now it's time for the class project. Here are the detained instructions to do the class project. First, make sure that you watch all the neck choose or the lessons in this class toe have a better understanding about instagram stories. Next you have to create the Instagram story is using the step by step guidance that was shown in the lessons. Then you can also save your instagram stories to highlights so that you can keep them for more than 24 hours or to keep them forever on your instagram profile. Finally share your stories by taking was green short or you can share your instagram handle if you're okay with that submitted in the class project Andi, get being back. We would love to know how you found the Scouse helpful on how much value you have gained from it. So make sure that you follow these simple instructions and make sure to do this easy class project 11. Conclusion: congratulations on completing the class. We hope you enjoyed it and found it useful. Please make sure that you follow the guidelines and some mature project for this class. He would love to know how you found this last useful on. We would be delighted to offer our feedback on your class project. Also, to get notified about the next class that we will upload, make sure to click the follow button on our profile. This could help you in knowing about the latest classes that we upload to skin ship. Finally, they would want to thank you for joining this class on for being an amazing student. We wish you all the luck for your learning journey ahead fund. It was a pleasure to have you as our student. We hope to see you in one off our other classes on skill share.