Instagram Stories: Promoting your Brand and Business all over the World! | Diego Davila | Skillshare

Instagram Stories: Promoting your Brand and Business all over the World!

Diego Davila, Top Digital Marketing Courses for You!

Instagram Stories: Promoting your Brand and Business all over the World!

Diego Davila, Top Digital Marketing Courses for You!

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8 Lessons (29m)
    • 1. Module Intro: Instagram Stories

    • 2. Top Instagram Stories examples

    • 3. The Power of Instagram Stories

    • 4. Instagram Story Settings

    • 5. Creating your Instagram Stories

    • 6. Powerful Call-to-Action (CTA) on Instagram Stories

    • 7. Final Project

    • 8. Congratulations!

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About This Class

In this skillshare class, you will learn how to use all the power of Instagram Stories to create a community of raving fans and grow your Instagram account.

We are going step by step, from beginner to advanced. You will also watch over my shoulder as we create an optimized Instagram stories.  

I created this class in a way to guarantee that you have real results. 

These are powerful strategies that you can implement right not on your Instagram Account. Strategies that will help you to reach more clients and add more value to your audience.

See you in class!

Meet Your Teacher

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Diego Davila

Top Digital Marketing Courses for You!


Hi, I'm Diego. welcome to my SkillShare profile!

My Mission is to help entrepreneurs and small business owners to spread their message all over the world and make a huge impact in the life of their fans, friends, and clients.

My goal is to produce the absolute best material, best courses to help you to bring your life to the next level, next level on your health, finances, relationship, and to help you to conquer your goals so you can live a more fulfilled life.

I want to thank you for taking the time to improve your life and learn more and more, take a look at my courses. I created each one of them thinking about YOU.


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1. Module Intro: Instagram Stories: Hey, guys, welcome to this model Here we are ready to start talking about East Room stories on how to make raving fans that what you every day on instagram? Okay, we'll talk about the top strategist for INSTAGRAM. Stories astride that you can start implementing right now will analyze the top players on the interim stories. Aria, Nike, Starbucks, whole foods on DNA. Aggio on who will get destroyed is that they are using, so you can use that on your business, too. And by then off the model, you'll have all instrument stories ready on your profile. Knowing how to use it and how to use it efficiently also will talk about called toe action . Own stories on this is what one of the most powerful things. Because you can use call to actions to drive people to your website or landing page to YouTube channel or toe anywhere on the Internet that you want. Let's move to the first lecture 2. Top Instagram Stories examples: this video will talk about instrument stories on before. I'll give you more information about how you can create the absolute best stories for your business on Instagram. I'll show you some examples here right now. So here we are on my cell phone on If I go to Sirte, you see that immediately I see some circles in the top site off the screen. These circles here these are all the uses that are available right now that have are from story available Also, I can just click on one of thes and I started watching. This is how the stories looks like. You see, they use her name to our That means that this was added two hours ago and you see the timeline at the top so I can jump to the next one. He can jump to the next Yusor and I can jump on watch all the stories I want. So the goal for asking is toe, have your story here on Instagram. So when people the people that follow you on Instagram they will see, they will have They will receive this notification. They will see your story here on Instagram every day every time you create an Islamic story and you will do, they will see that here on your timeline So I can also search for stories. Let's start, for example, for travel. Let's see. Travel on. When I scroll down, you see that some users is this one. For example, view. They have a circle of a colorful circle around the picture. That means that they have current interim stories. These travel in our shoes, for example. You have a circle here on the view. You have a circle. Here it's click on this one. Travel travel Neuer So you see that they have some. They are actually promoting here, a JetBlue winter sale saying that they have flights starting at $39. So this is a great example of how people are using instagram stories to profit for under Islam followers. Okay, here's another promotion on another one, and that's how works. Also, if you are following hash tax and this is a nor powerful way to do it, you can search for, for example, travel. Go here and you click on follow. Let's see here you see that the blue follow bottom. So if I click here, I will be following these specific travel hashtag and you see that in this travel hashtag circle, we have also the color for the color for story circle that is around the iconic. That means they they have current stories. So if I click here, I can see all the current stories that has the travel hash tax on then. Okay, this is how works on. It's a great way he storms stories is very, very popular on instagram right now, people cos everybody's using this everyday on its promise is noticing. They're releasing new studies These various a very new tool there listen new studies, Same that most people are The people are spending most time in the storm stories that other places on the East room app So that's why I want to create bees and I will. In the next videos, I will share with you the strategies that you need to know on how to do it, actually, the step by step to do our interim story on also the strategies that you need to keep in mind when you are creating one in norther to deliver the message, not just posting photos and video, but delivering the message for your out is how you can use the power off summer stories toe . Actually create sales for your business to actually increase your followers toe collect name and email, for example, came or talk about your products and services. All that we will be talking in the next video. Let's move forward right now. 3. The Power of Instagram Stories: Okay, now that we saw some examples off the storm stories, let me tell you small leaders about the stories and how that works. The stories last for 24 hours, so if I pose a story today, it would last for 24 hours so I can pose one today. One. Right now, I compose the second for or video in a few minutes or in a few hours on Easter, one will start collecting all the things that I am posting on. They will create what they call is from stories. So we do that and not 24 hours. They clip that complete. The 24 hours will be dropped from the stories, and you can add more and more clicks. Let's see if this goes to the next one. Yes, it goes on that how works also business are using these in no to collect customers name and email to drive people to their website to promote their products and services on. You can do that very easily to one suggestion. A lot of beans are doing this. They are doing the back scenes, the backstage off the business, So getting to the business every morning how that works. What do you do first? The morning meetings. Making the product may be creating what you are selling. Delivering your service. Maybe. Right. So there are no limits off the things that you can share on instagram stories. That's the beauty. The more creative you are, the better. This is like like like creating a YouTube video, I can tell you. Okay, Corinne, a YouTube video about these days and these, but actually the people decorate original video. Are the people on the companies that have MOCs more success on? The same applies here for instrument stories. So there are no limits and no rules for you or for your business wanted. Suggestion that you can do east analyze what your competitors are doing so you can go and search as I show you later. Earlier, in the course here, you concert for your competitors. You already have a lease off competitors. Probably. If you are doing the assignment in order on, you can go there and see what they're posting on the storm stories, letter from them. They see if people are in engaging or not. And with that, you can start having ideas and creating your own Easter um, story. Another important tip here is Toby, very regularly with the stories. If you decide that you want to do in terms stories for your followers, I recommend you to do it daily because the more regularly you polls on on Islam stories, the more the closer to the beginning. You go. Let me show you what I mean. Exactly. Here we are on my test account on Instagram. They want that we created for these cars and you see, the 1st 1 here is work out. The 2nd 1 is food form travel new your city and love. You see that New York City? That law, for example, it's last on the list is if I go here and they watch this one. I watched the love story. This story will be on the first position off my least so the most. I watch one story and these are actually hash tax. But you you can follow hashtag as you know, or you can follow users. I can follow one specific use of one specific company like for simple Nike on. If I watch Nike stories, it will always show in the first place on my stories what that means for you. That means that the most rare, the more regularly you posed, the higher you will go here on the ranking. Let's say off the sovereign for your followers. That's what is important on the only the other thing is that is instagram stories a little bit different than just posting on Instagram because let me play these here because when you are posting that's great. You are interacting with your audience. But when you are doing in some stories, you are that you are sharing apart off your day with them. OK, you are daily saying, Hey, this is what things looks like on my business to see what my life is like. So you are sharing a small person off your life right on. This is not demanding aspirating daily videos or daily blocks, for example, because it will just take your few seconds toe open your phone, open the instrument at and record the stories you can share 12 for 5 10 seconds off story a few times a day on that won't take much time for for you right on. The good thing is that you are getting your stumbling that relationship. That's my point. Actually, the point is that you are creating on you are establishing a trustful relationship between you and your customers. The more the more your customer see you, the more your customers see your company, your products or services. The higher the chances for them to convert later on a client, the higher the chances for them to purchase junior product or to hire you again for for your services, right so that Islam stories is a powerful tool that people are loving it on Instagram. Also, if you go life on Instagram for some reason, it will go to your story. If you set up in the way on, we'll talk about the Sermon Life, how you can Go Life for your customers on your followers on Instagram in the next model. OK, that's Instagram story. In the next video, we'll create your we will talk about first the storm story setting so you know what? Which are the best settings that you need to set up on your phone in orderto to be more optimized and to record to say that story on your on your archive on only sermon. I'll show you that in the next video. Let's do that right now. 4. Instagram Story Settings: Okay, Instagram stories, settings. Let let's talk about the settings on. I'll show you how. E series to configure the best settings for your story. Here we're on the main East Room account. Let's go click on the lower right hand side unq ear. We click on the settings icon, and now we're on the options. Right scroll down until you see story settings. You see account photos of you on story cities. Let's click on that. And here we have all these stories settings available right now. If you are watching this video in the future, you may see more options here because Instagram is always adding more and more options to a story settings. But let's explore explore what we have right now. The first option is is sharing with us. Hide story from. So if you want Tito, hide your story from specific people, there are, Let's say you I don't want your friends from work to what to see one specific story so you can click on here, select the people that follow you that you want to hide your story front on. That will be done. That's it. Initially, I recommend you to just leave 20 people here, if you are, especially if you are using this for business because we want your story to be in front of the maximum number of people right as possible. The second section here is allow message reply. That means when you are crazy stories, you pose that on your followers are watching. They have the chance to reply to you if they if they click on the screen, they tap the screen. You they will see a reply. The keyboard. It will come up on the screen and they will have the chance to reply to you if you allow their replies on this case by before we are allowing replies from everyone, Um or you can say, OK, I want replies on Lee from people that I follow Okay, so millions of people can follow me, but I want I want I want to allow the replies my story on Lee off the people for the people that I follow. That's an option, or you can just simply after the comments off on this case, nobody will be ableto reply to you. I will leave it on, especially if you're using for business, because we want to start a conversation with your audience. So if somebody if somebody wants to talk to you. So somebody have a question about something that you share about a product, a service, you can reply to them. Here you can start a conversation, and that's important. We want to use all the chances we have to start a great conversation with your audience. The next section. Disallow sharing. Let people share your story. Us messages. This explains itself. Basically, when they are watching your story they have. They will have the chance to click a button and share that with other people with their friends or family. Off course. I will love. I love I will love. If they do that on, I will allow these for sure. The next section is saving on these by before on my account is off, so it's saying safe toe camera roll or safe toe archive. I will enable both off this. What's the difference? The 1st 1 is camera roll that will safe the stories on your phone so automatically every 24 hours they started will disappear from Instagram from your followers, but it will be safe on your camera roll, and that's important. If you want to keep right, you want to keep the register. You want to keep the good memories that you share with your audience. Maybe so your personal account. Maybe you are traveling and you want to have that Enstrom story. That is great. You will have that saving to your camera roll on. The second option is to save to archive and these East saving automatically on Easter Graham archive. Be saying he automatically say your photos and video in your eye archive so you don't have to save them on your phone. So if you have a phone that doesn't have a lot of memory, you are running out of memory. You can disable the camera roll on, leave the archive, enable game only you can see then after they disappear from your story. So after 24 hours, if the archive is enable on Lee, you will be able to see them. Your audience wants would have access to the stories that have more than 24 hours. Okay, on the last one is shared. Your story on Facebook automatically posed for us on videos from your story to your Facebook story, Facebook now have also the fabled Facebook story. Actually, Facebook on Instagram they are the same company on Facebook now is implementing. If you see on your Facebook up on your mobile at the top. Also, you'll see some stories from your friends. It's not very popular right now, maybe populating the future. So if you enable these, it will automatically save your stories from Instagram to Facebook. If you are doing this for business, this is a great tool. So these are the interim story settings very basic on Easy to use. The most important thing for me here. It's actually make sure the comments are enabled because I want to start conversation with people I want to allow sharing on. I want to for sure, safe to my camera, roll on to the archive on, so I hope this is helpful. Let's move forward to the next video 5. Creating your Instagram Stories: OK, guys, now is the time to create the first storm story. And let's do that together. He were on the phone on the APP on. If we go here on your icon on your A logo on your e, much the main image off the count. You see a plaice sign. I click there. On here. You see me? This is the front facing camera off their device we're using on now. I am ready to start creating my story. So what? What are the options we have? The first option is to take a picture, make a video here, actually make a video with me in front of the camera or you can use the other camera if you want. Right, or you can use the front camera. That's one option. Another option that you can do. You can pose videos on photos that you already have on your device. So if I click here, you see the square here on the lower left hand side. If I click here, I see the forest I have on my device. I can just pose any of these photos right now, right? So I can select this one and I can add information as I will show you in one second. Let's discard these first I will show you the life one. So if I click on the center, is that the middle bottom here to record? I hauled down on you see a line moving around the circle. This is because we have only a few seconds to record your story. So when I release, I will see my video on. I can send these to someone clicking and sent to or I can add to my story. So I will say at your story. Let's see is processing Excellent. Now I added that video to my story. So how we add another clip here we again click on there on the logo and at the top right on the top, left hand side You see your story and you see the lower With the class signed on blue we click on that icon and now we are life again. So let me share another trick here we have some effects. If you see the first of frank to the right on the lower corner you see that we can add some great effects like this one. For example, Let's see. So we have, like, this light. We have balloons. So there are a lot off great effects on these Eastern. These are in every day. Here I am with sunglasses, at least school. Um, So you will find new and you have new effects every day here on the system. So let's remove these. Let's see here, let's go to the not natural, okay? And this is another way to do it. Also, you have at the bottom here normal life, boomer. And on Super Zoom, rewind, hand free and stop motion. These are specific ways to create videos. Two for the stories Life. Don't worry about that. We're talking about that in the next section. A complete section about this because this is super powerful on Boomer, and it will go in a look. So if I click on here on I do these you see at that you will. It will play is not perfect. But you get the idea. It will play in. Look what I am doing during these seconds. OK, so I invite you to play with this option on This is options. I can create your serum story. Let me show you the last thing here is the pictures. So if I click here on the picture icon here, you see all the photos that I have on my device. So I can pick any of these for us. Let's like this one, for example. And I can add more information. Like, for example, if I click on the top side the first icon, you can add location, temperature, date specific hashtag the day of the week specific. Um uh, icons on draws that are for the locations that you are on. The things that are happening right now in the world. So I can at any of these things here to my story. And you can move it. You can change the size you can do us you like. Okay, you get the idea. Here, let me add another one. Just for test. Let's see, it's at this one like these. Let's remove these guy here. Okay? I'm not these being win here. Excellent. So when you are happy with your with your ah, the sign you can just send to somebody or our add to a story. Also, you have the option to add graphics. You have a hand free tool here that you can use. You can add tax clicking on the A here at the top so you can at high and you can cut off course. Some emerges. You can change the size. You can change the caller on everything that you want. When you're ready, click on Don Change the location on Let's add to a Story now so at the story and that's it . Now I have a story with two events. I have the 1st 1 which is These were recorded a minute ago on the next one, which is this that we just added here to the stories. So you get the idea. This is powerful. I hope that you like these and I hope that you get they get into the habit off creating this daily. One adviser I will give you is if you are starting on Easter. Graham. If he sees your first INSTAGRAM account and you don't have a following on, is normal right now. Maybe for now, it's not time to focus every day on stories off course if you have signed police doing because it's powerful, but if you don't have time and you need to choose between creating Bailey stories or post in regularly on Instagram, I will invite you to post regularly on Instagram first until you get a few followers after you get your followers. Yes, starting best in every day on stories, so they will start watching you daily and they will start creating that relationship that we want to great between you and your customers. Okay, that's it. I hope this is exciting. I hope you are excited about the stories. It's a great powerful tool. And I see you're right now in the next video where I will share with you some other great strategies for your business. See there. 6. Powerful Call-to-Action (CTA) on Instagram Stories: before we end this chapter, this model on the course I want to share with you. One last thing about the storm stories, which is the call to action call to accidents, you know, is when you ask your customers your followers to take specific steps in order to complete. To complete the purchase toe may be subscribed to your family's, maybe to visit your website or anything like that. So there are a lot of companies right now. This is very hot in the Eastern world. A lot of big companies using call to action on instagram stories. You can add links on the stories, but you need to have a business account that we already have, and you need to also have 10,000 followers or more. On this case, we have a new account, so we don't have that. But if you have 10,000 followers or more, you will be able to add links to your in terms stories. But in this video, I'll show you how to create very easily a call to action for your customers. So let's go to the home page here, Click on your icon here on the top, click on there. Adding to your story on here, we again on I have. If I click on the images, I have this red image that I got from Google. The idea here is to have a plane color image on tough A call to action on in top. Off off the emit right. That's the idea. So let's adhere some text off course. You can use a fore or if you prefer, if that's better for your marketing for your audience, you can feel free to do that. So let's see here. New East diagram. Course it's here. Course. Let's increase the size. Yes, excellent. Let's add another one here saying visit Diego Davila dot com. Okay, so here we have. Let's see here. Maybe we do like these. Maybe we cannot even to get free coupon. So this is a call to action for the outings. You can change these two lets the use yellow. Excellent. So we'd have ladies, this is just 1/2 an idea. So we have a plain background color grand grand black run background with a call to action on telling people where to go. If you don't have 10,000 followers on your account, right now, you can not at a lean, but if you do, you can add a lean here. But that's fine. Doesn't matter, because with this technique, you can still do it. So I will add these to my story. Excellent. So if I watch my story now, you see here all the things that we created this is the boomer on that I was demonstrating for you. And this is the last one. New interim course visit deal, Avila that come together free Cooper. So this is the easy way to promote your products. Your services. You can adhere the leading toe, a landing page, the link to your YouTube channel. You can say hey, new video about be subject that that is interested to you. Or if you have a local store, you can say, Hey, new customer gets 50% off. Bring out the free coupon on this address. So there are no limits and no rules for these guys. This is open for you for your imagination, for your creativity. I just want to show you these. So you know the tools and the powerful tools that we have enhance right now to grow your business. Okay, let's continue with the cars 7. Final Project: Hey, guys were completes assignment and excited to see you here. And now we are ready to great your instagram story. So in order to complete this assignment, I ask you please to create your instagram story posed that on your instagram right now and in the next section heat off their Simon area. Please share with me and with the community the link to your instagram account so we can take a look on your story. If there is anything that can be improved, you will be receiving some positive feedback from the community. Okay. Thank you so much. I hope to see your stories on the link of her instagram account in the next section. And after that, we continue with the course. 8. Congratulations!: you were at the end of the course. Congratulations. You just finished all these course and I want to thank you very much for investing your time here with me on my skills Course on owner. Because you need that. Before we go, let me tell you, I need you to do to small things. The 1st 1 is to follow me here on a skill share. Why you need to follow me basically. Because when you follow somebody an executioner, you will get an email. Every time I release a new course for you. I have plans. Amazing courses with greatest tried on learning every day with my clients in the real world . And I am creating every day new courses, packaging and publishing here on a scooter for you. So click on the follow bottom here on the pages. Somewhere around here you can follow. And by doing that you will follow me on a scooter and you will get an email every time I have something new for you on. That's amazing. Also, if you like the course, please please leave your review Here. Click on the review bottom. Leave your thumbs up If you like. The course. If you don't like the course for any reason, that's fine. Contact me and tell me, what do you need? What do we need to do in order to improve the course in orderto add more value to you until more serious. But if you like the course, leave your thumbs up here before you leave. Don't leave with the other of you. That's super important because that's helped the course to grow and to reach more people down like you are looking for ways to grow your business and to improve your life. Also, if you go to the end of the villa dot com slash skills share, you will be able to see all the courses I have for you. And if you are a premium member, excuse so you can go there and take all the courses for free. And they're all these amazing strike, thank you very much. Go to my weapons also to see other products I have for you. Diego Davila dot com on me, I'll be happy to see their on. I'll be owner to see you in my next sculpture cars