Instagram Stories: How to Add Personality and Increase Engagement for Beginners | Jerri Howard | Skillshare

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Instagram Stories: How to Add Personality and Increase Engagement for Beginners

teacher avatar Jerri Howard, Social Media Coach & Strategist

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (47m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Why Use Instagram Stories

    • 3. How To Post

    • 4. Adding Personality

    • 5. Adding Filters

    • 6. Adding Stickers

    • 7. Adding Drawing & Text

    • 8. How To Navigate Stories

    • 9. Adding HIghlights

    • 10. How To Check Views

    • 11. What To Post

    • 12. Putting It All Together

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About This Class

Hi I’m Jerri, a social media coach.  Are you wondering how to use Instagram Stories for your business?  Then this class is for you. It will teach you how to show the fun and engaging side of your business using Instagram stories.  

The use of stories continues to grow with more and more users watching stories daily.  Why? Think about this.

Your favorite shoe brand (which you follow on Instagram) starts a behind stories series about how they come up with the shoes in their line.  During the series they ask for color and style likes from their viewers. What?! You actually get to be part of their design team! It is a small part but it still feels amazing.  People love personally connecting with their brands. 

Research shows they also want brands that are authentic and real with them.

This class is for those who want to use or are beginning to use stories.  All you need is an instagram account and a basic understanding of the platform.

In this class you’ll  learn:

-how to post

-what to post

-when to post

-how to use the features to add personality to posts

-how to increase engagement

-how & where to keep stories longer than 24 hrs

-how other business are using stories

-how to know who and how many are viewing

You will create:

2 stories posts using the add on features to add your own personality to each post .

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jerri Howard

Social Media Coach & Strategist


Hello, I'm Jerri.

I teach small business owners, professionals, and entrepreneurs how to grow social media which will build their brand, communities, and profits.  My mission is for people to feel empowered by social media marketing not intimidated. 

I launched JerriGailCreates my personal lifestyle blog in 2012 to explore my creative side.  You can't blog without learning about the need for social media to drive traffic to your blog. I set it up and found I enjoyed social media for more than just driving blog traffic. It fueled my research side because each platform requires research and planning for success. Engaging followers was a hidden jewel. As time went by I realized I liked social media more than blogging!  It was then I decided I wan... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hi, I'm Jerry, Social Media Coach Todd, Your your creating thanks for joining me during a create start is a personal log. This seems you start I immediately. So I started creating all my single friends were asking questions about social media for their business. Jerry Gail creates social media training. I just started my instagram energy stories. They were So you're wondering Cow Teoh you stories for your business, then this is the classroom. It's when it teach. You have a show, they fund and get inside of your business. Using stories in this class, you will create two stories posts using a few that add on features such as filter stickers , drawings and text toe. Add personality and engagement opportunities to your posts. This can be started and uploaded to the project gallery at any time. So why is using story so affordable just for my own personal experience? When I started using history stories daily on a consistent basis, I gained all was really interested in my in that show because my engagement usually next with friends that they love on a personal level, Instagram stories is a perfect place for them to connect. You're going to learn how to add that personality. Increase that engagement also, how to keep your stories longer than 24 hours and how don't know how many and how many viewers you have. This class is for anyone. Two wars just beginning to use I always need is instagram account and a basic understanding of class you get, Oh, my profile so that you can ask questions as she goes to the lesson. Be sure that you upload your project to the gallery, your later review this course. 2. Why Use Instagram Stories: everyone. Are you ready to start its programs? Stories? I know I am. So what is the story? Story is just a vertical 16 by nine. Oh, photo four Video that you can add text graphics guests to the only stay around 24 hours unless you add into a highlight and they appear the talk of your new speed. So why are stories so important? Well, because so many people are using instagram and Instagram stories right now, Instagram has over one billion users 1/3 of those you stories daily. Let's take a look at a few more members. Average time spent layers 28 minutes a day. 15 post results in interaction. That last number we looked at this so important. Instagram has the hostin Gadgil in classrooms and stories is a big reason why it has features that encourage engagement involving the user, and they love it. So let's take a look at a couple of examples. One of those would be the question sticker where you can ask your followers specific questions and have them answer like, where are you from? Another example is the whole sticker. Were you talking a specific question and then two answers that day can choose from. You can use those features and instagram Teoh. Ask personality and encourage engagement to things like hot scenes, photos or videos, questions and answer sessions. Flash sales product demos help choose the list is seriously jealous. 3. How To Post: Are you ready to post in this video? Your glandular had a post. What? Posting options are available and see if you examples lighter videos. You learn how to add the text, graphics, gifts and have navigate through stories. First thing we need to do is open. Instagram from you ever needed opens to the news feed. If you scroll to the top, you'll see that the stories air located with circles, the camera icon to the left opens the posting screen. It generally opens to normal. Normal. If you tap that big button I call and that takes a regular photo, Hold it down. That takes a video until you release it. The Icahn levitated to the right. The double circle arrow is your selfie. I find it reverses the camera. The icon that's the lightning bolt to the left is your flash adjustment. It goes toe Otto on or off now, posting step by step. The first thing you need to do is take a picture. Once you've done that, you'll notice that at the top you have your addition icons, which will use later at the bottom left. You'll see your profile pic, and that is what you tapped to post your story. Once it's posted, you will see that there's a red ring around your story at the top. If you wish, you can tap on that to you. What you have just posted and there is your story. Another option is posting from your camera roll. Once you're on the post and screen, you'll notice a square I call into the left. If you tap it, it will open up your photos intact, the photo or video that you would like to post Once there you hitcher profile icon to the left of the bottom. You'll see that you have the red ring around your story and remember, you can pop it open to view your story. Next, it's posting options, so we're gonna go back into the stories posting screen and at the bottom you will see the options that you have. You can scroll to the left and see all the video options that are available. You start with boomerang boomerang loops, video forward and backward. I'm in the demo. This really quick with the use of the selfie camera. Turn that around and hello, everybody waving away. The next option is super soon There are 10 super same option as I used these by often. And I'm gonna demo that you start with the fire option. You see the fire option. You'll see it has a lot of flames. Now remember, there are sounds and graphics for this one. The graph the sounds a little closer. You can't hear it that well. Next. We're gonna look at the notes icon of the nope supercedes and you can hear that has the pop sound. And it has a big X that shows up. The next thing we're gonna look at is one that I've uploaded to show you the sound. It's called beats. Focus is your portrait option past basement enhancement features. So if you want a nice looking selfie or portrait of someone else, it's a really good option. The next feature is rewind, realigned and moves video backwards. I don't use this a whole lot, but if you have action shots that look cool backwards and it's a great one to use, and I've got an example for you, the hands free options takes video without you holding down the button. It will continue to take a 15 2nd videos and to you tap the button again. I use this feature a lot of chips, how twos and to tell a story. And then I never have to worry about whether that video is going. Teoh, stop. If you notice, you'll see that it is putting the clips above. And once you stop it, you'll see that you have two clips below that I can do additions to if I want. I have an example for my stories to show you. And if you're using Twitter or Instagram, you need to be using cash tax that are associated with your city or whatever the location that you want to promo wherever your business happens to be. So for me, I would do a bronze. Or let's say I was gonna do an event in San Antonio. I would do hashtag San Antonio to promote it. Now let's look at the Akron's to the right. Live is the 1st 1 and we're not gonna go over that in this course. The next is music. You may add music to any video or photo, and you get to choose the little segment that you want. You would use the button just like you do for normal and hit it for a picture and hold it for the video. The next button is tight, and this is if you want to add just a text image and you have four options for your text and you have four color options within each one of those texts, and we'll take a look at this more of depth in a later video. Wow, there are a lot of options as we go the discourse. I'll continue to show you have used these for your business. I encourage you to try a couple of these posting options right now and upload them to the hours. 4. Adding Personality : Now it's time to work to ads. Personality to your posts. Thistles where you start protecting with your audience of absolutely my far. Because I get to gate fee and unedited. This is about it into three videos. The first video is adding face in color filter. To add face filters, click on the smiley face to the right. You can see that there are a lot of filter choices, and most often filters were added before the video or image is taken. Teller filters were added to photos. This wife left to add the filters. Video is how toe add stickers. When you're ready to add, you click on the square icon at the top. You can see there's a lot of stickers. Location. Hashtag. There's engagement stickers like polls, questions, countdown and so on. Words and different things. Once you've added a sticker Yuki and can't you to make it larger, make it smaller. You can drag it across the screen. Video is how to use the draw, and text tool tools are located. The top right, you tap on the text tool. You will see the keyboard opens. You have several text style options and color options. And just like the stickers, you may drag it wherever you would like and use the pinch two sizes 5. Adding Filters: look a base Builders first, let's open up. Instagram will open up our stories. Price filters are located on the right hand side with a smiley face. When you open it, you can see that you have a large selection of face filters to choose from. Mr. Graham changes these out from time to time, so let's take a look at a few that are available now. So you have the box halo, and this is the hidden shades. You have your dog and the broken up box glitter sign kitty. Next is the arrows with the kisses. A fine face filters is See you just pick the face filter that you want. Take your picture or your video imposed it like all the others by tapping the bottom left profile picture. Many accounts use color filters as a way. Keep their images consistent. If you're gonna do that, just stick toe one or two. I personally don't use them, but it's really just a personal choice. To add a filter. You can either upload one from your camera roll, or you can just take one. You get it there. If you flick to the left, you will see the different choices that you have for adding the color filters. When you decide on the one that you want, just leave it and then you can post it to your store. 6. Adding Stickers: get ready, it is. Take your time. You're gonna learn how to add stickers for personality. Have helping users find you and to increase your engagement. Where are stickers? Let's open up a Fogo. You do that you're going to see this day. If it's older than 24 hours, it is a sticker, so you could just squeeze it and you can't put it in the trash can. And that goes for any stick. Stickers are located at the top. The icon that is the square was a little old that opens stickers. Searchable stickers are extremely important in getting discovered by the users. You have location and you have hashtag and just like in new speed. These are searchable in discovery Tap location. You'll see it gives you a location that it thinks you might yet or you can search, and you could put in any location that you want it. If I wanted to put New York New York, I could. You don't have to be exactly where that location this you may size it. You may change colors by tapping, and you can always move it to work. Cash back sticker. You start topping. Instagram will be a selection of the most use related to your word. Remember that you can do this like and you can actually cover. These are also searchable, just like the locations. Dicker. If you decide you don't want to post this, you hit the X and discard. The at mentioned sticker is just like tagging in the newspeak. Some tap the admission. Start typing the user name of the account you wish to tag, just like with the other stupors. You can resize, change color and move it to wherever you want. The gifts. Stickers A super fun way to add some personality and fun to your account. Open stickers yet is located on the second line. Open it and you'll see that you get a variety of the trending gifts. They give you that first, then you see the search option. We're gonna search for crazy I from my picture of Michael, which you were going to select. Be crazy, I would want It's like any sticker. It pops open, size it and move it up. Next is music and date stickers, music stickers like Before. When you open it, you're gonna get the music and you're gonna be able to search you add that little trap to it, and then the day is next to it. What's four stickers are the interactive stickers, which are so important for you getting that engagement with your audience and connecting with them. We'll start with poll. When you open up a whole, it's gonna allow you to change the question at the top. You can also tap on yes or no and change those questions as well. I'm in a demo. Yes, with my picture with my aviator sunglasses on and ask my audience and aviators yes or no, I don't want it. Squeeze it down and trash it away. Next. This questions. So you opened up the question sticker. You may change the question to whatever you want. Questions and polls will show up in your notifications, so you'll know that the answers that you got you can also like other stickers. You can move it around, tap it to change colors and place it where you want. The countdown sticker is a great option. If you have an event coming up, we have a product or service that you're going to release. You can change the name of the countdown to whatever you want, then it'll ask you to kick when this is ending. Once you do that, it will feel in the hours, minutes and seconds that it's counting down followers in turn on reminders and share this countdown in their stories, which is a wonderful feature. Next we have the like slide sticker. You open it, you have the option to ask your question, or you may leave it blank, and they can just vote on the picture. The other stickers start with the temperature that you can add. You could also add these self sticker, which allows you to take a selfie. It is a round sticker. You can move it around, size it and place it wherever you want, just like other stickers. When you open at the rest, you'll see that there are words. There are icons, one of the more important one to sound on. So if you have the video that you want to let them know they need to have the sound on four , you may use that sticker. The place is sticker on. You just tap it and emerges air located at the bottom. Let's look at some examples so This is an example of gifts. The 1st 1 is a little girl running to signify the hurray for the sale. And the 2nd 1 is just the sale gift really show that sale. The next one is for a service business, and they have used the tap here sticker to indicate to tap your move to the next story from more information. Last is the polls sticker, and they've used to pull sticker Teoh, ask if they want to see more of this type of content and then they shared the answer with their audience. 7. Adding Drawing & Text : the drawing text to are located at the top right of the addition screen. Start withdrawing. Attack the drawing icon and you'll see that poor icon show up. The 1st 1 is the marker. The 2nd 1 is the highlighter. The third is the highlighted pen, and the next is the erasure. We'll start with the marker. When you tap it, you'll see that it highlights over to the side. You see the sliding scale for the thickness of your pens. The bottom. You have your color choices. You can make sure if the color leave chosen by looking to the left and the left hand circle will show the color, we'll do a little drawing, and that's what the market looks like. You want to remove it. You can use the undue and keep hitting it until all your marks are off. Next up is the highlighter, and you can also use that size. And if you want, highlighter is just a lighter based just like a highlighter. Next up you have the backlit pin. Well, that is. It glows with the color around it last of the eraser, so we'll put a mark and we'll use the eraser to erase it. So you tap it, notice it's backlit. You drag your hand across its your race. I'm gonna add a hero to this so I can post later. The ad text tapped the letters to the right. It opens to the last style that you used. You can change it by tapping, and you can see what each one of those looks like. Type canopy and the strong style I'll change its color toe orange. And then I'm going to use the little block to the left to give it the color behind the lettering. You can do that on several of the styles and then put it where I want. You can use text to add up to 10 hashtags to a story I would stick with maybe one or two. You don't want to get it to junkie and too messy. So you just start tapping like you would. Any hashtag instagram is gonna give you suggestions below. You may choose your style and use the back block if that's available, you can also use the margin justification on the left to place it. I want this smaller, so I'm gonna change to the typewriter tax mosque in the back, block it and then move it with the justification you can see it moved over. I'm changing the color toe orange and then actually put in the back block back on it, moving it, sizing it. I want to hide it behind canopy, so I will open up canopy and close it. And then I would be able to drag it if I needed to. So next we're gonna look at at mention you can use the at and then start typing the account you want to tag. An instagram will give you the suggestions below again. Place it wherever you would like, and you can also change the color and things. Just talk you can with any tax. Let's talk about the use of text that's gonna context your images and tell more information about it. The texture is very important. Most videos are awash with sound off, so it's important that when you can, you add headlines to your videos. No, by videos for stories. Don't have the exact words that I say. They always contain the main points of the video, and that's due to the time it takes to type that out So here's one of my Twitter or instagram. You need to be using the hashtags that are associated with your city or whatever the location that you want to promo wherever your business happens to be. So for me I would do new bronze. Or let's say I was going to do an event in San Antonio. I would do hashtag San Antonio to promote it, so just be sure that you're using the hashtags that your appropriate for your location. 8. How To Navigate Stories: it's time to learn how to navigate stories and learn about a few more Poloz on that edition screen. You know, stickers are you may not have all those icons. If that's okay, it depends what happened. Always you have if the instagram updates if you've uploaded any magic tiki videos and sometimes and surprise a little buggy a my account right now that doesn't have music in this area. So if you don't have all these, it's a Remember when you open up. Instagram stories are located at the top. The red ring indicates those with a new story. The account with the most recent story is the 1st 1 that you see. When you open stories, you'll see lines across the top that indicates the number of 15 2nd stories that they have tapped right to go to the next story. Half left to go back, Swipe left to get to the next account when you're ready to get out. Happy X. Once you posted, the more icon will show up to the bottom, right with the three dots on the top. This is going to give you some options to do you can delete from here. You can delete your story. You can save your story. You can save just the video or the image, and you can save the whole story. You can share it as opposed. Get the next button and it will give you the auction toe. Add your caption and put it on your newsfeed. You may send it to any of your followers. The next two are not available currently for Instagram, so I don't know if they'll bring them back. So we're going to go on to promote. Promote is advertising. So if he wanted to advertising, you could you could do it from here. You can also access your story settings from this screen. We're going to talk about these options in the next clear from the posting screen, you'll see a gear icon at the top lip that is story controls. It opens to this screen. We're gonna take a closer look here. You can hide your story from any specific follower, and you can also choose your close friends. From here. You just tap those and it'll pull up your lists. You also set your message replies here. You could do everyone for just people that you follow or you can just turn that off, sharing its next. I allow that because I think that it is a great way for your story. To get seen by more people have to saving options. You can have things go automatically to your camera roll. You also can save archive, and this should be set toe on. And that is for highlights. And we'll talk about those in the next video, and you can have it set to share to your Facebook story. Now on to more of those icons on the addition screen, I'm gonna uploaded photos. You can see these better that pre prepare. First, we'll talk about the ACA cons located at the top of the screen. First, there's a music. Music is just like before. You get to select from different tracks and add your little piece. Next. The down arrow is the save button. It will say to your camera. Roll the face eyes. Khan is next, that is, or you can apply your face filter after you take in your video or your picture. The next is a link button, and if you're using Aggie TV, you may put a little piece of it on here and then link to it so people can go watch the full video. I actually do a little bit of allergy TV so I could link this if I wanted the next three icons we have used and talked about before. Sticker draw and text tools. So let's go to the bottom. There's a big icon, almost a button called Sin to It is another area where you can send specific stories. Teoh your close friends on Lee that you have actually picked or to any of your followers. 9. Adding HIghlights : in this city out, you're going to learn how to add highlights. Highlights are stories that stay around for longer than 24 hours. Users wanted away reliving their favorite story moments, and Instagram answered, This is grouper businesses because it usually a place where you can feature your services, products, customers and so much more to add an image to highlight. First you miss. Post it. Once posted, go back into your story in the highlight icon will short the bottom right, tap it and then choose the highlight wish to add it. To add a new highlight, go to your profile. You'll see the highlight with the plus. Tap it. It will open up your pictures. Choose the picture that you would like. You can been add your title. You can also edit that cover. Adjust the picture. You can also open your camera roll and choose a totally different picture. Once you've got it chosen, you can adjust it as well it done, and then you can add this to your profile. You can see it. You can scroll toe. Look at the other highlights. You'll see that I have added cover photos. This is something I'm gonna cover in a more advanced course. Now let's look at how to edit the high line. Choose the highlight. You want to edit open it, see the four at the bottom ride. Open it. You can remove this image from the highlight. You may edit your highlight from here. We'll look at that in a minute. You can send this image to one of your followers. You may promote the image from here, and you can also copy the U. R L linked to this highlight. Now let's look at the editing feature. So when you tapped at it, highlight. This is the screen that you will see. You can edit your cover. You can edit your name. You can de select any of the photos in the highlight to the right of selected. You see the word archive, and this is where your stories are archived. Remember in settings, I said, you need to make sure that it is set to archive your stories. This is how you add older photos to your highlights. Add an image. It's older than 24 hours. Tap our chi. When you open it, you'll see all your old stories. Select the one that you want. It added the talk, and now you added it to your highlight. Now that you know how to add highlights, let's talk about what should be in there. Think of highlights its category or certainly convenient website. If you're a business with products, she could have a category or highlight for blouses they have or shoes that you have your service business. Like myself. I had one for my services. I have a coaching highlight, and I have a trading highlight so that when I make stories about those things I placed the been that highlight. You're a blogger. You have one that maybe says my blog's time to make a story or about three blocks. We're gonna place it in there. Your travel blogger. You might put the countries you visited or the cities you visited. I am women. Count that I follow. That is a great job restaurant rep, reasoning their customers with the highlight today that they're her phone customers go are with the background behind them and they make a cute little boomerang video. Just a regular photo say, Well, thanks for being a first time pester. Just make sure you could have you fun highlights in there as well 10. How To Check Views: checking your views. This seven for. And that's what we're being aware that in this what check your views is gonna tell you what you're always want to see from you. They want images. Videos didn't want more out. Choose tips for just behind the scenes. Look at your business. You have to check these within 24 hours. It will tell how many years that you've had and who view Get your stories. This is gonna be very important in deciding what to put out in your shores. How does this healthier? Well, the war views you get tells you that that's what you're hours. What? To check your story views. You need to open your story. Look to the bottom left and you'll see how many people have viewed you. Tap it. It will open up and show you exactly the accounts that abuse your story to the left. You see these three dots? That is where you can hide the story from that particular account. Airplane icon to the right allows you to a message. That account just hit it again to close out to the top left, you'll see the gear icon, which is the settings just like before the circle with the arrow downloads to your camera roll. And then the X is how you exit out the bar graph that you see that is for insights. Recover insights in another course, the eye with the number Tap it. It goes back to that very same screen with the viewers. The broken arrow is for your ad area promoted area. The down arrow with the line is for Dalit into camera roll. The next with the arrow up, is for posting to your news feed. We've seen that before you hit next to allow you to add the caption that you want trash can is for deleting your story. When you're ready to get out, you get the X. 11. What To Post : what to post. I get that question a lot, and in this video you're going toe where the most common types of posts and look. It's, um, business examples, although I'm gonna show you what most businesses were having success with it. You less test what your followers what to see, and that goes back to checking the fuse that we talked about in the previous video. I cannot stress how important this year's every business is unique, and one size does not fit all. So you have a clothing boutique and you do a story Siris on half a foot at fits together. Use images and videos. You just sound with the whole war questions Digger, and you asked, Would you wear this hat or this car? You look at the bees and you see that Oh, they lied. The video's more that you get more views with those, so that tells you that's the kind of posting that proof always want to see. Because engagement it's so important. It is the first post op that we're going to talk about for engagement. Use the question hole and sliding full sticker. One of the ways to use the questions Dichter is to change the question to ask me anything. Accounts use this to start a conversation with their followers. One of the ways to use the full sticker is toe asked what I call this or that questions. This gives your followers a chance to give their opinions. Let's look at one of the polls that target put in their stories. They pulled their followers to see whether they prefer to have folded towels or rolled towels in there. Laundry room. Notice that they used a couple of different styles of text, but they limited their text to just enough to get the question asked. Way to use all three engagements. Stickers is toe asked for their opinions on future content that you might create products or services they would like to see maybe a design element in your products for how you should bundle or package your services. Let's look a a business that use video and the question sticker in the video and in the questions sticker. The business is asking the followers what colors or images they should be using in their brand. Getting their opinion makes them feel more connected to this business and the brand next type of post we're going to look at is behind the scenes. This is a very popular type with followers, because it is a place that they can see the authentic side of your business. It's a place that you can add a lot of personality and a lot of fun. One way to do that is for people to get toe, look inside your office or your building and show them where you actually do your work. Another way to go behind the scenes is to highlight or introduced your employees or yourself. Let's take a look at an example from a company that highlighted one of its employees. In this example, the company showcased one of its recent Romo's. You can also do this by introducing your employees and giving a little information about them and things that interest them. Another way to go behind the scenes just to show how your products are made. So, for instance, if you're an artist, you can show yourself painting. If you make bows for dogs that you sell on Etsy, you could so part of your process for that. If you make online courses such as myself, you can take pictures of your computer and show the things that you're working on there. So many possibilities. How you work on a project is another great option for behind the scenes. It also could be an event that you have going on, but she just take your audience there and show them what is going on. Let's look at an example of a business that takes their followers behind the scenes of one of their campaign. So this company has a summer campaign for their summer clothing line. So they took their followers to the campaigns like it see the harnessing actions. It makes them feel involved, more connected notice that they did let them know on this First lied that we're looking at what's gonna be coming up. And they did several really good slides after to make it a complete story. The last behind the scene option that we're gonna look at today is a bit of your daily life . This just means anything that's going on your day that you think your followers would be interested in. They're her vast possibilities here, and I have an example for you. And once again, I put it in more of a story format. So any time that you can link Serval together, it makes it more of a story. The first post just lets them know that I'm not in my normal office. The 2nd 1 was done a little bit later to show them my cool view for the morning and then the last slide. Let's, um, no hope I didn't leave and pick up my pooches and headed home. Let's look at several other ideas so that how choose air, very popular, how to do something, How to make something. And we're gonna look at one of those examples now. This is from a vegetarian chef account, and this just goes through how she preps for a salad. Another popular option is the Were to use where you take your followers with you to an event, a convention or any place you think they would like to see. Let's look at an example. This is a finance company whose employees air involved in a training. It is a great way for the followers to see and know that their company is continuing their education and bill confidence with their followers. You can always tease new products and services that are coming out. Give them a heads up, make them want to come back to Seymour about it later. Another idea is to demo products or services that you offer. We're gonna take a look at a service business that did a great job with the video of one of their services. This is a skin care salon, and they have a video of someone getting prepped toe have micro needling. They not on Lee tell you what it is, but they give you the reason why it would be a good option for you to get putting. Flash sales and limited time offers on stories is also very popular. It helps put out that sense of urgency that you need the last one, that we're gonna talk about his resource recommendations and this could be sending people to a blawg post. It could be giving them a list of good resource is anything that's going to help them get to their goals or solve their problem. Fits here. Let's look at an example. This business is letting people know that they have the new blawg up and exactly what they're going to get when they read the block 12. Putting It All Together: It's a raft. You have learned everything that you need to know. To start posting stories, make sure that you use the builders stickers. Texan drawl. Choose that had that personality to propose and to start conversations with her followers. Check your views to make sure you know what your followers would like to see. For me. You even not uploaded your projects to the gallery. It's time to start. Do I cannot wait to see what you come up with? Post Remember, if you have questions, asked me and lastly, easily. Are you of this course inhabit posting?