Instagram Stories Hacks for Success | Luna Vega | Skillshare
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7 Lessons (53m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Assignment

    • 3. Feeling Lost In The Shuffle?

    • 4. Setting-up A Winning Strategy

    • 5. Ultimate Stories Hack Guide

    • 6. How To Use Stories For Your Business

    • 7. Tracking Results & Final Thoughts

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About This Class

Are you avidly using Instagram Stories yet? If not, why haven’t you jumped on the bandwagon?  Instagram Stories has quickly become the top marketing tool for many brands. It's been reported by the Instagram Statistics team that 75% of users take action after looking at an Instagram Story or Instagram Story Sponsored Ad. In this class, I will share how you can leverage the power of Instagram Stories so you can double your engagement and sales.  We will review some of the powerful features you must use to start driving more traffic to your website. We will review case studies of brands who are doing a great job with their Instagram Stories, so you can draw some inspiration from these them.  This class will provide you with a comprehensive Instagram Stories guide so you can continue to grow your business despite all the changes in Instagram Algorithm.