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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (53m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Assignment

    • 3. Feeling Lost In The Shuffle?

    • 4. Setting-up A Winning Strategy

    • 5. Ultimate Stories Hack Guide

    • 6. How To Use Stories For Your Business

    • 7. Tracking Results & Final Thoughts

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About This Class

Are you avidly using Instagram Stories yet? If not, why haven’t you jumped on the bandwagon?  Instagram Stories has quickly become the top marketing tool for many brands. It's been reported by the Instagram Statistics team that 75% of users take action after looking at an Instagram Story or Instagram Story Sponsored Ad. In this class, I will share how you can leverage the power of Instagram Stories so you can double your engagement and sales.  We will review some of the powerful features you must use to start driving more traffic to your website. We will review case studies of brands who are doing a great job with their Instagram Stories, so you can draw some inspiration from these them.  This class will provide you with a comprehensive Instagram Stories guide so you can continue to grow your business despite all the changes in Instagram Algorithm.

Meet Your Teacher

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Luna Vega

Author - Podcaster - Fashion Ecommerce Consultant


Hi Guys :) and Welcome! Thank you for checking out my classes here on Skillshare. I'm a Fashion E-commerce Consultant, Author, Youtube, Podcaster based in New York City, Miami and Barcelona. I am on a journey to connecting, teaching, and creating possibilities for all talented freelancers, business owners and entrepreneurs out there.

Thanks to my many years as a digital marketing consultant, I know what works and what doesn't. I started my career working on a range of large-scale digital campaigns for a list of Fortune 500 clients. I left it all to pursue my passion in digital strategy and marketing consulting. My goal is to share my knowledge about digital marketing to inspire & empower others to Love Mondays.

Where will you find me? At an airport browsi... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Are you avidly using instagram stories yet? If not, why haven't you jumped on the bandwagon? I get it. You don't want to add something else. Your ever growing to do list? Well, you might want to reconsider Instagram stories is quickly becoming deep top favorites of many brands. Unlike snapshots, instagram stories provide with reporting, you get a sense of your results. But most importantly, it holds the greatest potential. According to the Instagram statistics team, 75% of users will take action after looking at a instagram story or an Instagram ad brother promoting products and events using INSTAGRAM stories and getting at times higher conversion rates than other social media platforms. Now, this is not the only reason why Instagram Story hold so much potential. As Instagram becomes more competitive, story is fairly new and hence provides brands the opportunities to reach organic traffic, especially since Instagram is heavily promoting instagram stories. In this class, I will share how you can leverage the power of instagram story so you can double your engagement and get more cells. I will share some of the features that you can put in place right after the class. You can start driving more traffic to your website, and we will also review some key studies of branch or killing it on instagram stories. You can draw some inspiration from there and come up with creative ways to use your instagram stories for your business. We will also discuss how you can schedule your instagram stories you can never run out of constant and most importantly, how you can measure your instagram story in order to optimize your messaging accordingly. Overall, the goal of this class is to provide you with a pa Pretences guide to instagram stories. You can continue to grow your business despite all the change in the instagram algorithm. All right, so a little bit about me. My name is Mona Vega. I'm a fashion e commerce consultant, co founder of E Commerce Academy. Youtuber and podcaster ah help brands with their digital marketing efforts, mainly helping them double their cell. So I've helped brands gather as many as 14,000 emails for a launch within a two week period to helping them double their cells solely using instagram marketing efforts. Now I can assure you, most brands out there aren't leveraging the full potential of Instagram marketing now, my goals specifically in this class to share with you all the latest tox you can put in place in order to be ahead of the curve. So I really hope to see you guys inside. 2. Assignment: hi, guys. And welcome to this Instagram stories hacked to drive traffic and sell class Looking for to having you here so D assignment for this glass is pretty straightforward. It's a little bit more of a challenge, if you will. I want you to create at least one instagram story a day and being consistent with it for a week. Why? Because you will see that through being consistent. I will talk more throughout the course as to creative ways for used to use instagram story specifically for your business, for your freelance business, whatever business you have. But it will be important for you to commit to posting a story daily in order for you to start tracking your results and playing around, obviously with the new features that we're going to talk about through this class and for you to get a sense as to what is most effective for you. So this assignment is pretty easy. If you also want, I encourage you to share your stories by simply saving them and assuring them with us by uploading down, whether it's on Dropbox or any other platform that you're using. But I encourage you to be consistent. And obviously, if you want to add your instagram handle in the comment, I'll be more than happy to follow you guys. And ah, and feature you actually in my story, So Ah, yeah, Please share what you're working on. I love to Ah, see what my students are working on and looking for to ah, having you on board. So let's get this class started. 3. Feeling Lost In The Shuffle?: So first, let me ask you, Are you feeling lost in the shuffle? It's no denial that Instagram is more crowded than ever, and you might have noticed it's harder than ever to get your photos discovered organically . Yes, you can use Hashtags and wish to get discovered by a few people and grow your following that way. But let's face it, the good old days of Instagram's organic reach are gone, and it's become much more competitive than ever. Waas. So what does it mean? Well, you need to get a little bit more creative to find opportunities to continue growing. You're following and getting discovered. So this is where Instagram story comes in. But we'll talk a little bit more about that in a minute. First, I want to go over the different the differences within the instagram new algorithm and dissect all the different features that Instagram provides in order for you to understand where the opportunities are So first and foremost. Obviously, our photo post the following are much harder to rank due to the change in the algorithm because photo post appear now based on relevancy, meaning dot If somebody likes your photos, engages with you and that's anyone of your follower. Obviously, your post are gonna show first. Or if a picture has a lot of upfront likes and commenting, then it's gonna appear on top of the feed. So actually, it's interesting because a lot of Instagram bloggers what they're doing now is that they're utilizing instagramming pods and those air commenting pods where they have a group of other bloggers who are essentially liking and commenting photos in order to fight if you will d instagram algorithm. And this is a trick that they're using in order further post to appear first within the algorithm and further followers to still see their post. Now, why is it harder to rank? Well, because obviously you're gonna have to do more hashtag research. So if you are using a hashtag that's highly popular and you don't have a lot of engagement , it's gonna be a lot harder for you to be in the explore top and for people to discover your photo. Obviously, there are still opportunities for people to see it if you've posted right then and there within the second, because obviously also appears Crown igic chronologically within the explore feed. But the following is a much harder than it used to be, and obviously accounts who have bigger followers have an advantage over you because they have more chances of being the top post. So you do need to spend a little bit more time with your hashtag research and look for hashtag that obviously are getting searched but aren't as crowded as perhaps foot of the day or any of these other hashtags and obviously to add complexity factor to it. Ah, lot of hashtag have also been banned from Instagram. I talked about that in my shadow band class. If you haven't checked it out, urge you to go check it out anyways. Let's move on to the video post. So video post rank a little bit better because fees book as a whole and instagram as a whole. They're really trying to push for more video within Instagram, so it does have a little bit of a better ranking than photo post. However, the same logic applies in the sense that you need more upfront likes and commenting a Notre for it to show within the feed right, So obviously it also requires hashtag research, and you are going to compete with accounts who have bigger followers. So why is video more powerful? And this is where story sort of comes in? Well, because it's an opportunity for people to get a better sense of the behind the scenes, the overall personality of you and your brand. And uh, yeah, I mean, it's it's a lot more forgiving than photography because, obviously, photography on Instagram people do like beautiful pictures and pictures that are more inspirational. That's just the nature of the Instagram platform. So what about stories, Right? So stories has so much potential because it allows for the most organic reach right now. And all these are free. Obviously, options will talk about paid as in a seconds, because it's important to talk about those anyway. So stories. The beautiful thing about it is that it appears chronologically, and it shows on top of the individuals, feeds people off easier ability to discover your contents outside of your network, especially through some of the latest features that Instagram implemented will talk about that in the other chapters and, um, yeah, I mean, there's just a lot of opportunities for your content to get discovered. I mean, something as easy as alive. Instagram enables you to be first on the feet and for people to be able to look at your stories and engage with you and some of the statistics that I have shared. And the introduction video is that Instagram's statistic team showed that 75% of users usually click on the brand's profile and later on their website once they've actually watch the stories. And they also are more likely to comment on a story and send direct messages. So it's old, full of opportunities, and it's easier to rank and have people discover your brand through stories than any other medium. And why, because also, Instagram is heavily, heavily promoting stories, but more about that in a minute and additionally from that, um, there's also story adds, and obviously adds within instagram. So whether it's photo post or whatnot. But, um, the reason I really encourage ads is because, let's face it, it's much easier for you to grow following when you are spending advertising budgets. And um, it's an opportunity for you to be able to reach the specific demographic that you have in mind, and ah, you can do the following by having lookalike audiences would or lookalike audiences thes air individuals. You've gone on your website, and so, through the Facebook pixel tracker, you're able to get a sense of who these individuals are and retarget them through instagram . So that's a specific way to do so. But odds have the best reach, right? And yes, you can use all the different hashtags and all the tricks. And obviously I'm going to share with you all the different ways that you can grow your organic reach. But as are the most powerful. So this is why I wanted to include it in here because you really cannot can no longer deny ads, especially as a business, Um, so I really encourage you to really think about opportunities there as well. But overall stories have great organic reach, so let's go through sort of the growth of instagram stories. So Instagram Stories has surpassed snapshot user base. It currently has 250 million daily active users. Instagram is heavily promoting stories to continue growing. Its user base is like we talked about. It's ruled out a bunch of new features, such as were playing live videos and more and we'll go over the following in the other chapters. So users are more actively engaged with INSTAGRAM stories. It really enables them to feel the overall culture of a brand and get a behind the scene. It's been reported dot 1/3 of the most view. Stories come from businesses, so the platform also boost some impressive engagement numbers. One and five Instagram story gets a direct message from its viewer and roughly 70% or watch with the sound down. So, um, obviously it shows that it has a lot more opportunity than even Facebook ads, and Facebook video is what he meant to say. So, needless to say, story is full of potential, and it's not another useless thing to add to your marketing agenda. On the contrary. As a business as a freelancer, you must be a Nurlita adopter in order to really seized these opportunities early on to grow your brand. And right now, obviously, since Instagram posts and Instagram videos are so saturated, you have to really jump on the bandwagon and start using instagram stories for your business. So how can you compete in this ever growing jungle? Well, the first thing is obviously tapping into the power of instagram stories due to the growing user base and the ability for you to reach a bigger organic audience, our reach an audience. Ah, organically, you need to leverage. Obviously, the latest discovery tools available on stories will go over that in the next chapter, obviously collaborating as well, with other influencer within your niche having them taking over your story, for instance, that could be an example. Don't worry. We'll go through all these different examples in the other chapters. But that's just a NY idea and obviously experimenting as well with instagram story odds like we discussed in the previous slides. So this is just to give you an idea of all the opportunities that instagram stories hold, so you can really start thinking as to how you can use it for your business in order to continue growing your audience. So let's go through the next chapter 4. Setting-up A Winning Strategy: Let's discuss how you can set up a winning strategy for your instagram stories. Well, the first thing, obviously, is for you to start looking at your overall content calendar and think as two ways that you can give it life through instagram stories. So first, let's discuss the overall instagram funnel and your number one goal, because you really need to keep the following in mind as you're drafting your editorial calendar. So obviously there's discovery through Hashtags right, which is this section right here. Discovery through hash dogs. People can also discover you through advertising or contest. So obviously having an add on Instagram doing a contest with other influencers doing a loop contest is another option. Collaborating with other influencers where they're sharing your products with their audience. They're doing a story about it, etcetera. So these are all the different ways that your content can get discovered through instagram through hash dogs, through advertising through a contest and through collaboration with other influencers. Now what do you want to do? Well, there's couple strategies, and there's one that I recommend, but you either drive them to. Perhaps if you have a YouTube channel to our YouTube channel in order for them to get better acquainted with the type of content that you provide. This is a softer cell doesn't always convert, but something to consider the best ways to get people's email addresses and capture their emails in order to continue having a discussion with them and later, sell your services to them or sell your products or driving them to your website. Obviously, when you're driving them to your website, it's recommended usually to capture their email addresses. Because what happens is that yes, these individuals will go on your website never to come back unless you already have a feast book pixel implemented within your website. And then you can do some Facebook ad retargeting or INSTAGRAM ad retargeting with these individuals, meaning dot once they've gone on your website. You have that information and you can retarget them in order for them to come back to your website later on. Obviously, then you'll need to go through. These individuals will need to go through a funnel in order for you to convert them into potential customer or potential clients. So this is really important to keep in mind when you're drafting your editorial calendar. Your number one goal when you're drafting your editorial counter is to capture new leads. Right? So you needed to make it a priority to grow your email list. Because, like, I mentioned a lot of individuals and I'm sure you're guilty of this. I mean, mostly everyone does this. You might really like a story that you stumbled upon or post that you stumbled upon on Instagram. You're curious. You click on their bio link and then what happens next? You go on the website never to return again unless you have a reminder from the brand. Unless you given your email address etcetera. It's important to keep in mind that it takes customers eight and nine interactions before they start purchasing from you before they start feeling comfortable becoming a loyal customer rate. So it takes a few interaction because you need to generate trust of concept of individuals were going to do impulse purchase the foodies, foodies, um, these individuals exist, obviously, but for you to base your business solely on these customers, it's gonna cost you a lot of money. And you're better off being more strategic by really understanding the fact that most individuals need more time in order to feel comfortable purchasing from you. Right? This is what you need to keep in mind when you are creating your editor calendar for your instagram posts and for your instagram stories. Right? So the first thing is obviously need tohave a bile link, but the by a link I highly encourage you to either have a bait Lee Earl or a U T m. Tracking your also you tm tracking your URL. You can easily google the following All it means is dot You're including that following tracking so you can have an understanding of how many individuals are coming to your site from Instagram Ah, Betley euro are also recommended because this way you can track exactly how many users or are coming directly to your site on a daily basis. So why is this so important? Because you really need to have an understanding of how much referral traffic is coming from instagram, right and also most importantly and well, going to mere detail. But on the other chapters, when you're creating specific stories and you're driving them to a specific contest or a specific offer having specific beat Lee, you're all for that content will also help you get a sense as to how successful that specific story was. So you obviously always want to track the results. Next thing is, you obviously need tohave an email. Opt in learning Paige. Why? Well, like I've mentioned driving somebody to a website, they are not there. Most likely never will return. So really, your goal is to provide them with a free offer, something for them to be willing to come back to your website and offering them a discount . Usually the following dozen word because obviously they don't know who your brand is. You're probably very green, and it's not gonna be as powerful as providing them a free e book. Let's say our a free video to how to do specific things, etcetera. So the recommended way to do the following is using a landing page creators. So whether click funnel, opt in monster or you can also use your own website. And really, the goal here is to drive individuals from your instagram account and also from your stories directly into a landing page, where they're going to receive a freebie. When you're creating your editorial counter, you want to keep all the following in mind the fact that you want to drive individuals to your freebie that's needs to be your number one goal. So another thing to keep in mind is that your stories, photos and videos should interconnect will go over some brands that are doing it well so you can inspire yourself from these brands. But try to think as to how you can interconnect all of the different content, so it's cohesive. Obviously, you need to make sure that you're Brent. Communication is cohesive and you don't lose your customers throughout the journey. Now I really recommend that you put a little advertising budget something as Louis $5 a day in either you spend it on instagram story. Odds and test Whether or not the following is working for you, you also should think about influencer collaborations. Obviously the following ranges. Depending on who you collaborate with some individuals, you might be able to do it for free. Others you might have to pay them. Use it at you. I mean, obviously use it at your own discretion, but its influence your collaboration work great, or you might also want to do contest where obviously you'll bring in other influencers or affiliates and do cross promotion here. So really, this is the funnel de instagram funnel that you need to put in place in order to convert followers into subscribers and then eventually, customers. So let's review really quickly. First thing you need to do is make sure that you change your bio link into either a bit. Lee, Ural or, um you tm tracking your URL in order to start seeing how many users are coming directly from Instagram, and you can get really need a greedy here by if we If every time you have a different offer , you can have a different Billy Earl. Your objective is to drive these individuals to an email, opt in Learning Page, where you're giving them a freebie or a special offer that they don't want to resist so an irresistible offer. Then you will draft an editor roll counter either. I mean, obviously of your stories, photo video post, etcetera, that interconnects and also encouraged people to check out your learning. Paige, your freebie. You're irresistible. Offer and finally think about collaboration. Think about having an advertising budget in place in order to supplement your editorial counter and bring in more individuals. The truth of the matter is, and I mean this icy really bothers me. A decisional marketer. But a lot of brands have this notion that they're going to be able to grow their brand organically because a lot of business publication push that type of content out there. But the truth of the matter is, if you're really serious about growing your business, you do need to spend money in advertising. So obviously, if you're really green toe advertising, I don't encourage you to spend $10 a day. Obviously, you need to get a sense of really tweet kids. So first of all, you know what type of messaging you need to put out there, who your audience is specifically etcetera. It take some time, but I really encourage you to start investing. I mean, has little US $5 a day in order to really get a sense as to how you can continue growing your audience. And obviously, like I mentioned before, playing around with Instagram story adds a swell. So now that we did a refresher and you have a full understanding of the Instagram funnel and what your number one goal needs to be. When you're pushing content out there, let's go through the story hacks that you can use in order to drive more traffic to your website. 5. Ultimate Stories Hack Guide: Let's go through the different story hacks that you can use in order to get your content discovered. And these are actually the latest features that Instagram came out with just a few months ago, and they will make all the difference. And essentially, what's happening is that Instagram is really heavily promoting instagram stories. So this is why there's so much, so many opportunities. So the first thing is location, stickers and what these are. It's your ability to essentially put a location sticker based on where you are geographically and what Instagram is doing. You might have noticed it if you go on. The explore top is that they are promoting stories from that specific location. So if you're in New York City or if you're in Central Park, you are able to broadcast to a wider audience of individuals who are in the same geographic location as you. So this is a great opportunity four local businesses to promote their business and their specific geographic locations so it's searchable by people who do not follow you. It's an opportunity to get your content to discovered like I mentioned. Instagram is promoting location based stickers on their explore feet, So first option you absolutely need to play with is the locations thicker? The second thing is the hashtag sticker. So same the following. A searchable by people who do not follow you in the explore. Top Instagram is heavily promoting stories before video and image post. So if you have a specific hashtag that you're using, obviously you'll have to. Research is to on a hashtag that makes the most sense for you, meaning you want to make sure that it's a hashtag that individuals are searching for. It's a hashtag that also correlates within your specific nish based on what you're doing as a business. And also it's a hash tag that is not too competitive. So, for instance, ah, hashtag that I've used for some of my clients include digital Nomad Monday motivation, etcetera. So these air searchable by people who don't follow you. It's an opportunity for you to get discovered, and these stories are on top of the hashtag feed, so I encourage you to do research as to what hashtag makes the most sense for you and Starr using them within your stories. Now the next thing which is revolutionary, actually, for Instagram is the fact that you now can add a link two stories. So if you click the button, which is in the top, you can add a link. And it's important for you as well to tell people that they need to swipe up in order to get to that specific link. So this is really an opportunity for you to start driving people directly from your story into your landing page, your website or the specific product that you're promoting now, like I mentioned earlier, if you're going to do so, make sure that delink that you're including is a Bailey euro. Because you want to track how many individuals actually want on the link from Instagram whatever you are promoting, so you can start tracking and measure your stories and get a sense as to how successful these methods are. And you'll have the specific data that you need in order to understand the type of content that perhaps is performing better on INSTAGRAM stories. Etcetera. Um, so revolt. This is I mean, this is huge because it's an ability for you to drive people directly to purchase from you and a lot of retailers, and I'll show that in next. Chapters are using this specific feature in order to start driving more traffic to their websites. So definitely a must have. And it's important for you obviously to pepper in these different pictures when you're doing your stories now. The other thing is, you can also tag other accounts by just doing the at and ah, you can essentially do brand partnerships or influence or collaboration by cross promoting different accounts. This is a great way for influencers when they're tagging you well, it's an opportunity for their followers to actually check out your account, and vice versa, something toe also play with. And, ah, it will definitely help you drive more individuals to your specific instagram profile and, again, an opportunity for you to grow your follower basis. So the only difference here is that obviously, the content specifically that you'll have with tag mentions is not a silly discoverable. I mean, it will be discoverable in the sense that if you're collaborating with an influencer or brand, then you're bringing that fresh traffic of individuals that are following these individuals , like to your page to your instagram page. But I mean, in order for it to be organically discoverable. It really depends on what this influencers posting. Obviously. Now, the next thing that we discussed are sponsored stories, so a so so, obviously is using a lot of the sponsors post for a full list of INSTAGRAM ads. I've included the euro for you, but definitely play around with including that option. If you've never used Instagram ads, I encourage you to start with Image post by just having a simple static. Add videos and stories perform much better those air the statistics. But to start getting a sense because essentially, I don't want you to be spending a lot of money and adds, You really need to understand again who your audience is in order for your ads to be successful in. The best way to do that is by having a static post first. And once you really mastered and understand who your audience is and you're getting a good conversion rate on your static, adds, then you can transition into playing around with Story adds, which is super powerful and video ads as well. So something to keep in mind and then finally, is life stories. So why our life stories So powerful because you are on top of the story feed. So let's say you have 10,000 followers and you are doing a life feed. You're going to be on top. Apples are also going to receive a notification that you're alive, So this is an opportunity for you to really engage with your audience. The great thing as well is that now Instagram has a new feature where essentially can save your live broadcast, and they will be available in your stories. So this again is a future. I encourage you to test at least once a week or once a month, depending on whether or not you're running a contest or you're running a specific campaign player on with it and see the top of engagement you get. It's also a great way to see who within your following bases is the most active in order to reward these individuals, because another thing that I want to talk about is the fact that a lot of brands are posting content, but not they're not spending a lot of time replying back to their followers, and brands are successful. I mean, somebody like Rebecca Minkoff, for instance, obviously she's got a staff. I know, but again, this is not an excuse. You really need to spend the time replying back to individuals were writing back to you because this is what's changed so much in advertising and marketing in general. Is that essentially brands back in the day on, Lee broadcasted content out. But now it's really you need to really have a back and forth of your audience. And if they're replying back to you, it's important for you to reply back to them and have a conversation with these individuals . So mixture that you are spending the time to nurturing D's relationship with your followers in order to really make these individuals, Brent advocates and make them excited to be part of your tribe, if you will. What's great as well about the life stories is that your content is discoverable in the explore top. Essentially, what Instagram does when you're live is that it takes all the top life stories and features them in the export top. So this is again opportunity for you to get discovered by wider audience. So again, make sure to pepper all these different features within your editorial counter test. What works for you, obviously, the your L and driving traffic directly to our product that you're selling or lending page like That's something that wasn't possible in the past, obviously, with the poster not really able to do that, you always need to drug people directly to your profile and your bio link. But now there's an opportunity for people, right? Wonder watching your story to go directly to your lining page that this is huge. So these air, all the different features that you definitely want to start using and pepper in within your ID. A troll counter. And most importantly, you need make sure you're tracking the results, and we'll talk that about that. How to track your results in the last chapter. So let's go through. So now the next chapter. We're going to go through what some other brands are doing and how they're using stories so you can get inspired from them. 6. How To Use Stories For Your Business: all right, so let's get inspired. How can you use stories for your business? Because I know it might feel a little overwhelming. Too many options, especially now We're including video, so it's a lot to digest. Well, the first friend I want to feature is a so So Obviously esos includes sponsors stories within their overall strategy. But what I like about them is that they use graphic animation, which are really fun. The tool that they're using to do so is Adobe Spark Post encourage you to download the following up. It's free, and it allows you to do ah, lot more from an animation standpoint, which is great because now Instagram stories allows you to post content that's already been made, especially if it's been done within 24 hours. We'll talk more about how you can schedule your different stories. You never run out of fresh content, but most importantly, keep in mind that you have to think about how you can essentially take your overall editorial counter and extend the story, so I encourage you to follow a source. If you aren't already, look at their stories to get inspires two different ways. You can essentially get your following base to go specifically on your site. How to promote your different products, etcetera. Another account you want to check out is misguided. So what I really like about them is they do a really good job showcasing their special product and encouraging individual to shop. So if you look essentially as to wait, the stories are set up. They're kind of using it as, ah, animated out, if you will. So Babe of the Day is the first slide than they include an influencer, for instance, or one of their models wearing different outfits. Then they mentioned, um, leopard print biker jackets, which they include in the next slide, and then encourage individual to shop. And they're doing a really great job using graphics. So a lot of this, like I said, can be done using Adobe Spark and uploaded accordingly. So again, this is obviously a little bit more time consuming and requires you to put a little bit more thought into it. But if you schedule your instagram stories, you can definitely get creative here and be able to post these items ahead of time in order to encourage people to go ahead and shop from you or tout a specific contest or tout that freebie we talked about in order to drive these individuals to a specific learning. Paige. So these graphic obviously fits the demographic that misguided is targeting. So think as to overall your overall design brand communication and make sure that it fits your audience accordingly. Another example is self ridges. What I like about them is that they do a lot of influencer takeovers, where they let these individuals essentially take over their feet and broadcaster day and the also they have behind the scenes that are pretty fun as well. And it's a great way for individuals to get a sense as to how the different garments are made. What happens inside their offices and what not. So this is something you might want to play around, especially if you are an illustrator, perhaps, and you're working on a specific project. Or if you are a designer, I mean a designer of any kind, again, like this doesn't fit every business but something to keep in mind and, ah, to keep it fun, etcetera. And obviously you can pepper a little bit of all these different inspiration within your editorial calendar. Depending on, Perhaps you could do Thursday, um, takeovers or, ah, you know, Friday, behind the scenes etcetera suit. If you make it consistent, chances are people will really appreciate dot and, uh, you really get to understand a little bit better your overall mission statement and what you're Brun is all about so important for you to play around with all these different inspiration. Now the next one is tat Lee also encourage you guys to check them out. They have a really fun. It's the Graham account, and I really love their stories. Would they do is that they have exclusive offers for individuals who check out their stories. This is a great weight to encourage individuals who are a little bit more active with your accounts to have access to exclusive offers so you can tell them to swipe up in order to have access to if you have a promotion or any special content that you want to share with them. So Red Bull does this a lot. Actually. What they do is that they have exclusive offer or they tease special content, which they will drive specifically from stories and then they tell individuals to essentially see the full video by clicking on the link. So, for instance, if you are youtuber, if you have a YouTube channel, you might want to play around with this idea. Were essentially, you tease some of the content that you have within the Vita video, and then you drive these individual directly to your YouTube video. This is something to test. So essentially, the purpose here is to tease special content, which is Onley accessible on your website are on your YouTube page and drive these individuals directly there now. Birchbox. I love what they do because essentially they tease life stream and they invite individuals to check them out so they do their life stream on Facebook. But you can test the following by having life stream on Instagram. So this is a way for individuals to know that you're going to have a life stream on a specific day, and you can follow up with them in order to remind them. And you can essentially have a little countdown, which could be a lot of fun. So having a counter like one day countdown to the life stream and this is an opportunity for individuals to ask you specific questions. If you're working on a special products etcetera now Mission Bicycle. Another great instagram account to follow. So they had a Kickstarter, which they launch and promoted using instagram stories. So they had a little countdown. And, um, you can do the following with either a contest or product launch. This is a great way to build anticipation and get people excited about a specific item that you're launching. So again, all these are different inspirations for you. I hope this is helpful but really start thinking as to what works best and obviously what is less time consuming for you. But you might want to test all these different ideas. See what works best depending on who your demographic is. If you are small brands that nobody knows, definitely want to be a little bit more playful. I encourage you to drive people to additional content of following works really well. Obviously driving people to something to purchasing. Yes, you contest the following, but I don't guarantee the following will work for you as well as a bigger brand who already have a tribe of loyal customers. So you want to test the following out. See what works best for you, depending on hot committed and hall lawyer. You're customers and followers are but your first purpose, like we discussed in the very first chapter pace to make sure that you're driving people to a leading page where you're going to capture their email addresses, because this is where you'll be able to continue having a conversation with them. And the purpose of your story, especially if you're a greener account, is to get people excited about what you're doing and for them to actually follow you on instagram and discover what you're all about. 7. Tracking Results & Final Thoughts: So let's discuss how you can track your results and go through some final thoughts. So the first thing is you need to be consistent and this goes with everything. You start any sort of campaign that you start, you need to be consistent. A lot of people have this nasty habits of starting something and not following through just because they have this misconception that it's not working. Yes, things are gonna work right away because it takes some time for you to learn what your demographic likes Your audience likes and really tweak it accordingly. So do not give up. Because instagram stories, I can assure you, especially having done it for so many clients of mine really works and really does make a difference. It's a really powerful tool that you can now leverage in order to convert these followers into loyal customers. So you need to make sure that you haven't editor Roll calendar in place. You already know this. I'm sure you are already have this in place, but it's going to make all the difference because it's going to help you really think ahead of time and being able to schedule your content accordingly. Now you can use an instagram schedule er, to schedule your stories, the only tool that allows the following. Right now it's plan Aly. I personally really love that tool because it allows you to obviously post all your content ahead of time. So what you can do, for instance, if you decide to use Adobe Spark to create a lot of your content, is to essentially download of following that you're creating and then uploaded directly on Planet Lee. So plan only can be used directly on your mobile phone if you want to do it all through your phone, or you can also do it directly from your desktop. So this way you can have content on a consistent basis. Hot often show you post while it really depends on U. Um, obviously I encourage you to post once a day or where you can do is post every other day post a story every other day. But the more consistent you are, the more opportunities you have in getting your content discovered, especially if you use some of the tools features that we discussed, such as the hashtag tool, so including a hashtag within your story in order to get discovered. So this week in test different hashtags in order to get a sense as to how many people discovered that specific hashtag Usually what Instagram story does when you look at the statistics essentially go up and see us who looked at your story. It gives you an idea of how many individuals came directly from the hash dog. So this we can have you can start getting a census to hashtag which hashtag is the most powerful. Obviously look also looking at the location based feature as well and you want to start getting a sense as to when are the best time to post and the following really depends on the type of business you are and where you are located. Okay, so finally you need to make sure that you're looking at your overall analytics report to get a sense as to when are the best times to post so tracking your results, you need to switch to a business account. Why? Because the business account of instagram allows you to have insights about your instagram stories. So this is huge because if you've been using snapshot in the past, it's really hard to get metrics on how, on the overall ah, success of your overall snapshots. So now if she switched to a business accounts, and I know there's been a lot of talks out there as to whether or not you should do it personally, I love it. I've been using it. I've been recommending all my clients to switch to business accounts because really having access to tracking and understanding what instagram stories have. Mawr are essentially which instagram stories are more powerful. It really enables us to optimize the contents. So tweak the different stories accordingly in order to make sure that we're leveraging the same ideas over and over again based on that knowledge that we have. So, for instance, if you're doing a life streaming and then you re posted and you're seeing that a lot of people are engaging with that life streaming after the fact, then it's good insights for you to know that you might want to do the following more consistently etcetera. So the second thing you absolutely must do like we talked about is include Bentley Urals within your instagram stories. But Lee allows you to track how many users came directly to that landing page. So then this way you can know how many individuals actually clicked, right? And you can get a sense as to ha powerful And how many individuals are coming directly from Instagram. And you want to have that data because essentially, you want to know how powerful your stories are so you can tweak your messaging accordingly . Right? Another thing you can do this is a little bit more advances used Ah, you tm trackers and then set up Google trackers within your website to understand essentially how the traffic is converting. So what I mean by that let's say that you are promoting a specific product and you want to drive individuals specifically to that product within your website. So you're going to use that Ural include a U u T M tracker. You might want to use a bit Lee in order to shorten the euro in order to include it within or target within the post. The story post that IHS So then this way you also will need toe actually include trackers directly within your website, especially the shop the cart. To understand how many individuals came from Instagram and then actually purchased. That's products, right? Because one, I mean, with the bit Lee euro or the U. T M Girl all it's doing its tracking the amount of individuals eat the number of individuals who went directly to the page. But then the second step you want to also track is how many individuals who came from stories actually purchased right? So all this information is vital. A lot of brands completely dismissed analytics because they feel like it's too time consuming. The thing is, the more data you have, the easier it will be for you to start creating content that is relevant and not half guess what works and what doesn't work right. So you need to know exactly the type of content that is making or that's converting for whores essentially into loyal customers. So it's very important to not dismiss this step. So some final thoughts overall make sure toe have fun. Don't feel like this is an extra task that you must take on. I encourage you to test it out. The opportunities are there. I mean, like we discussed in the first chapter. Instagram is extremely saturated. There's plenty of opportunities and story, especially now that Instagram is heavily promoting. They're different features, so make sure, and obviously essentially since now you have the ability to drive individuals directly to something you've worked on, whether it's a YouTube channel that you want to promote or specific product or a specific freebie or contests, this is your opportunity to drive people directly from stories you need to make sure is while you that you're offering relevant content before you try to sell a lot of brands or a really green try to sell right away. And this is really off putting, which is why I've mentioned you need to understand the funnel. You need to make sure that your first goal is toe capture. Email addresses Get people something exciting, an irresistible offer, whether it's e books, I don't know, like try to come up with something that will get these individual excited to be part of your tribe and then on Lee. Then once you gather their email addresses, sell to them. So you need to really understand that logic in order to be successful with instagram stories. Alright, guys. Well, that's it for now. My name is Luna Vega. I have several courses on skill share. I encourage you to check out if he wants additional business steps. I encourage you to check out my website luna vega dot net. Ah, you can also I also have a bunch of YouTube videos which you can go ahead and watch. Most importantly, please, If I would love if you could take the time and review my class, The following helps me greatly. Because then I get a census to what type of content you would like toa for me to publish on skill share and also keeps me motivated so love to get your feedback. Thank you so much for taking the time. Teoh, listen to this class. I hope it was useful. And I can't wait to see all of your project guys and please share your stories or your instagram accounts. I definitely want to see what you guys were working on and let me know. Hot is going. All right. All right. That's it, guys. Take care. Bye.