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Instagram Stories For Business & Marketing - Instagram Sales Machine

Justin White

Instagram Stories For Business & Marketing - Instagram Sales Machine

Justin White

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8 Lessons (1h 3m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Instagram Stories Overview

    • 3. Instagram Stories Goals

    • 4. Instagram Stories Stickers

    • 5. Directing Traffic from Instagram Stories

    • 6. Instagram Stories Content Types

    • 7. How To Use Instagram Live Streaming

    • 8. Instagram Stories Goals - Assignment

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About This Class

Instagram Stories For Business - Instagram Sales Machine is a course, that will show you exact strategy on how you can increase your sales through Instagram by using Instagram Stories.

Using this Instagram Stories marketing tips and strategies will allow you to constantly grow your business, sell more goods or services depending of your type of business increase loyal fan base and convert viewers into customers.

Instagram Story marketing strategies given in this course are easy to apply - you can be owner of a small online shop of t-shirts or bigger type of business - they are applicable to any of these.

You can perceive this course as Instagram Stories marketing 101 - everything you need to know will be covered here.


I'm pretty sure you want to grow your account fast and sell more using modern social media tools.

If so - this course is a great fit for you, because it contains real-world marketing strategies & tactics for growing your business with  Instagram and Stories in particular.

I know how to achieve that, and I want to share this knowledge with you!


This course contains great Instagram marketing tips for business - if you want to sell your goods or services it will show you exactly how to do that.

I'll explain how people make buying decisions on Instagram and how you can speed up this process.

You'll discover different strategies for Instagram Stories growth which gave amazing results since this feature was first introduced, and also which one would be trending in 2019.

This course will cover up how you should use a step-by step plan for creating high quality stories, you'll get a content plan template with dozens of examples and as a main goal this will give your business more sales.

You'll learn how to grab attention with stickers, text, drawings and music, how to film and edit videos for Instagram Stories.

Also, you'll get a few PDF downloads - checklists, templates and cheat sheets to get you up and running.

We will talk about Instagram Stories goals - How to improve relationships with current followers, gain new followers and get discovered with stories.

I will show you how to use locations, hashtags, mentions, surveys, questions to get most from your profile.

Also very important part is driving traffic to your Instagram account and website - here you'll see how to unlock swipe up feature, use product testimonials, videos, blog posts, fribies, call to action to increase your results.

In this course more than 20 different content types would be covered and you'll learn how to use and recreate them for best practices.

And for sure I will introduce you to Instagram Live broadcast feature, best practices of using it and different branding and style design tips to make your profile look liker a candy ;)


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Justin White


Hello, I'm Устин.

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1. Intro: Hi, my name is Ostian and welcome to my new course, Instagram stories for business. In this course, I will teach you how you can use Instagram Stories and live to gain more followers, to increase your sales and to make your engagement and engagement with your audience much and much better. After finishing this course, we will get step-by-step plan for creating high-quality content for you, Instagram Stories, and also you can reuse everything what you've created, your Instagram feed and other social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, et cetera. Also, I will give you a Content plan template, which will help you to create new ideas and generate them for upcoming stories and upcoming content, what you will be preparing for your audience. You will find dozens of examples in this course in which I will explain you how you can leverage your stories, what you need to post, how you can engage with your audience and make them act. And as I mentioned before, the main goal for this course is to increase your sales. So let's get started and move on to the first lecture. 2. Instagram Stories Overview: Alright, now let's make an Instagram Stories overview. I will explain you how Instagram stories are made, how you can use them with your phone, and how actually they are created to navigate inside Instagram stories, what you can use, what you're allowed to do, et cetera. First of all, Instagram stories are used by more than 400 million people every single day. So you can imagine a lot of people when they have their phone and they wake up, almost everyone do the same thing. And meals. I wake up and first, what I check my email and my Instagram because all of the interactions in the modern life is inside this Instagram. People direct message each other. People check how their friends are going, what they are doing, what part is the visited? And in general, they are interested in other people's lives. So you can be one of those brands and you can show up in Instagram Stories of absolutely different people around the world and you have a lot of possibilities for doing this. Instagram's stories are completely free and very effective because all of the time when you post a new stores, your account goes to the beginning of the line. And if someone is subscribe for your account and following you, when you post a new Instagram story, it will appears on the top of their screen in front of other accounts. So the idea is very simple. The most stories you publish on your Instagram or when you go live, the more chances are that someone who is following, you will see that exact piece of content. And after that, they can swipe up, they can interact with your questions or pulse. They can go to your feet if you ask them to comment on you, on your new post or video. So as you can see, the possibilities are endless. So in this course, you will know Amaris in Unit Two about Instagram Stories is the next interesting fact to know about Instagram stories is that they are available only 24 hours after they are posted. So if you create a new story after 24 hours, it will just right the previous one. So the previous story disappears forever. But all of those stories which were created before, they are saved in your archive. And this is a new feature which was introduced on Instagram in 2018. And ever since you've posted before, since the update is saved in your archive. So you can find whatever story you posted before and you can reuse them. You can check the analytics of that Instagram stories. And this is a good way to see what kind of content is interesting for your audience. Because when you post often and you see what's contempt was more engaged. Get much better. Coleman's or direct messages or tabs rewinds so you can understand how it performed and if it performed well, it's a really great idea to reuse that kind of content or create a similar one in the future. So people would, with much higher possibilities to interact again with that kind of new, newly created content. What I want to mention in the beginning of this course is the comparison between iPhone and Android. Before I used Android, and I noticed that a lot of new functions introduced by Instagram are not supported on Android. So if you want to use the full potential of Instagram stories, I encourage you to use them on iPhone or iOS device like iPad. But to be sure and just try to update to the latest iOS version, which is iOS 12 at the moment. And also don't forget to update your Instagram app. This will ensure you that you have the latest updates of the app and all of the options which are included in that version are completely available for your account. Also, from time to time, Instagram arose out some new updates or better updates, which are not available to everyone in a single day so they can roll out them like in small portions. And if your account doesn't have something new which was introduced in the new app. Updates. Don't worry, is fine. It's okay. Just wait a few days or weeks. And I'm pretty sure that that update and new feature will be available on your device. Also, I had this before and I also doesn't understand what's going on. But after I checked out the Instagram support and I ask them why I don't have the latest feature available. They explained me that they are rolled out not to everyone at the same time. Another interesting fact about Instagram stories is that you don't have to make your content perfect if you tried to reattach or edit videos which you post to your feed, the content which you post in Instagram stories could be result retouching at all and it makes it more genuine. So when someone goes to your stores and they see your content, it makes it more personal so you don't have to worry about retouching. You can just upload to wherever you want. But if you have more time and if you want to take it to the next level, surely you can attach your images and videos which you are posting to Instagram stories to make them look better. And it will give you some extra points. Remember that stories are created for posting on the go. You don't have to make them super perfect to spend a lot of time on posting to Instagram stories. All you have to do is to create a great content plan so that content is valuable to your target audience and you have to post as often as possible. Instagram stories give you an option to grab your viewers attention with a few different methods. And they are stickers, drawings, texts, and music. Let's take a closer look at each of them. The first one is stickers. Stickers allow you to add location hashtags, mentioned someone, and just add irregular stickers. Also there's different other options. I will talk about them later in this course. But for now, let's move on to the second one. And this is text. With help of the text, you can actually add some information which makes sense about what you're posting in your story. Sometimes when you create some video without audio, like boomerangs or time elapses, it could be very handy to add some captions and explain what's going on in that video. Also, you can draw on the top of your image and add some arrows or stars, or just grab attention with some colorful lines. And the shapes. And the recently Instagram introduce music which you can use in Instagram stories, but it's not available in all of the countries at the moment. So if you live in the United States or other countries which support this feature, you can add music tracks on the top of your Instagram Stories and it makes them more entertaining. If you're wondering how much storage you can post every single day, I can tell you the number of 60 plus i personnel tried more than six to stories in a single day. But trust me, it's not worse it, because the more stories you post every single day, the less engagement you get on the latest ones. Because if someone just tap on your stories and they see that you have a lot of the small dots on the top. So the person realized that, wow, there's a lot of staff to see. So maybe I will watch it later and they go back or just tapped to another story. So the magic number is somewhere between five to ten stories every single day, it's more than enough. But if you have a lot of content and you want to share that content with your audience. And you assured that they wouldn't be interesting, you could definitely add more. You can combine pictures with boomerangs, with videos and match them in any order you like. Before there was a limitation on Instagram which allowed you to post any image or video might in the past 24 hours. But for now, if you want to add any veto or mean that to your Instagram story. But we have to do is to swipe up on the screen where you add a media like this, and then you can choose it. So first, when you swipe up, you will see that you have this best 24-hours. And then you can see all other media from your camera roll. Also, you can click this camera roll button and see all of the folders inside your camera roll to choose from. Now let's take a look how you can navigate your Instagram stories. First of all, when you tap on your story circle here in the left upper corner, you will see the last story posted in your store is feet. So if you swipe up on the screen and you have a business account, you will see the analytics for that particular story. That's why you definitely should switch from personal to business account to have access to all this analytic features. And if you're wondering, there is absolutely no difference between personal and business accounts, all of the content is shown exactly the same. And Instagram confirmed this in 2018. So you don't have to worry that some of your content would get less engagement and would show up less than other type of accounts. So when you swiped up on your own story, you will see that it shows up how much people saw your story. It is discovered tamp. Also we can see the interactions, how much replies, profile visas you got from that particular story. And you will see how much profiles fall off to you after discovery from the hashtags. As you can see, I didn't use any hashtags in this story, so I don't have any follows. And if we look down, we can see this navigation which shows up 160 different taps on the screen. We have back forward next story and exited. So how people can use them. If they just single tab on the left side of the screen, they will move back in with a single tap on the right side of the screen, they will move forward to your next story. But if someone swipes from right to left or from left to right, they will move to another account story and all of your stories will be just missed. So be aware of z. Also people could exit if they swipe down. It means that they close your story and they close all of the stories they are watching right now. Also, you can download here your media by using this download button, you can export your media and create a new post visit or you can delete it. Also, you can see which accounts engaged with your story. And you can see all the responses if you have some questions or false, you can see the interactions with your particular story. That's it for this short introductory video. Now you know how Instagram stories are made and how they work. We talked about difference between iPhone and Android. So if you want to leverage your stories and make your business grow and get more sales and customers use iPhone, it will give you all the possibilities you have. But if you use Android now wars like 80% of adverse and we will cover in this course is available on Android. Also, don't forget to switch your profile to a business type of profile if you hadn't done it yet. And I see you in the next lecture. 3. Instagram Stories Goals: In this lecture, we will talk about Instagram storing goals. You will learn how to use Instagram Stories and get best results of using them. You need to understand that idea that Instagram stories are a bit different from your main feed. Because if you post something to your Instagram feed, your followers see those new posts, let's say once or twice a day. Sometimes you can post more rare, like once in two or three days, and that's completely okay. But with Instagram Stories, The idea is completely different. You need to post as often as possible. So as I talked before, at least you should make 234 or five stories every single day. And the best number is five, between ten. If you do so, your audience will always see what's going on with your profile, what's going on with your life and be in touch with you. So the goal is to understand what's your Instagram profile. Main goal, if you are having q or profile for business and you're trying to sell any goods or services is completely fine. But some of you are developing your personal profiles so that content on those two sides would be different. Let's first talk about instagram for business. And as this course is about Instagram stories for business, I will take a deeper look inside creating content for your business to sell more. First, why you should use Instagram Stories is to improve your relationship with followers who already know you and who already subscribed for your account. So the idea here is very simple. One, the person first see your account or see you as a person. They don't know you and they don't trust you because you're a new person or new business which appeared in their life and they don't know nothing about you. Was you sell, why shouldn't they trust you? And why you are better than others? So the idea of using stories is to move person who falls you from the person which doesn't know nothing about what you do and who you are. To a person with a deeper knowledge and understanding why they should buy from you. And Instagram Stories is the great way to convert, called terrific to loyal bank customers. So when you post every single type of content into your stories, you should ask yourself, why I'm posting this? What is the value for my audience and for my customers? What they should learn from this. And after you answer that question, you can clearly understand all you have to do is to make the life of your followers better. You can achieve this goal by posting content, which answered their questions and explains how to use your product or service. While you are different from other people on the market who have similar kind of business and why they should buy from you. Was every single piece of content you publish to Instagram stories, the connection between you and your customer became closer and it gives you an opportunity to sell them much and much faster and convert them from cold traffic to loyal customers. For example, you have online shop where you sell t-shirts. And all your Instagram account is about t-shirts. You post from time to time, pictures of your products in your feed. You also post videos where people are wearing your products and they show up your t-shirts, how they look like. So this is great, but Instagram stories could be a little bit different. You don't have to show the ideal images of your products. All you have to do is to make this connection between you and your customer much and much closer. So you can post some backstage videos of how your tee shirts are created. And it could be advertising from the idea stage when you just create different designs which are printed on your t-shirts. Also, you can show the production, how those t-shirts are produced, how many people took part in production? Also, you can just ask questions about your new collection. What people who follow you like about your t-shirts, how is the quality? You can compare your previous tee shirt with a new one. You can talk about new materials which you use and the improvements in quality which you can give to your audience, et cetera. And this creates value for your customers and your followers now are more interesting in you and your production and buying from you. Then when you just post photos and videos of your products, hope now you understand how valuable is to work with your existing audience, with your existing followers, because it's much more easier to convert people who already is following you. And every single day they watch your Instagram stories. You can easily convert them to paying customers, then get in your follower and start all over every single time. So be aware that if you have 100 or even 500 or even 100 people following you, you have really, really great chances to convert those people from your followers to your customers, then to achieve a new followers. Also with Instagram stories, you can gain new followers to follow your account and see what's going on inside your business. And to do so, you should use hashtags, locations, and mentions inside your Instagram Stories. We'll talk about all these options in the next lessons of the course. But for now, I just want to explain you how this works. Let's say you post a new story and you add hashtag, which highlights what's going on inside that photo or video. Also, you can add location. And when you choose some kind of location where your target audience is more likely to be in. It gives you more chances to be discovered because people on Instagram, when they go to Discover tab, they could see different stories from that particular location or with that particular hashtag. Also, Instagram edit recently a new option where someone could subscribe for hashtags and if some new post is published with that hashtag or your story just goes to the top stories of that particular hashtag or location, more people could see it. So when you post new stores, don't forget to add a hashtag and location to every single piece of content you published so more people could discover you via locations and hashtags. Also, when you mention someone who was in your Instagram story, Let's say you just make a short video with a few people who you work with about your t-shirts and you tagged every one of them, it's more likely that they could reshare your story to their Instagram and more people from their following will know about you. And this is a great strategy to grow up your account by mentioning other people and collaborating with as much people as possible. So let's make a short summary of this lecture. First of all, tried to work with your existing audience, with your existing followers, because it's much easier to convert them into customers then to acquire new followers for your account. Also, the second part is that you should acquire new followers for your account by adding hashtags and locations. And it will greatly improve the chances of you being discovered. And every single day you can get dance to hundreds of new followers just from your Instagram stories using these methods. Thanks for watching. And now let's move on to the next lecture where we will talk about stickers. 4. Instagram Stories Stickers: This lecture will be dedicated to stickers. You will learn averaging about hashtags, takers, locations, tickers, and all other kinds of stickers which you can use inside your Instagram stories. So let's start and the first type of sticker is locations. Stickers. They could be accessed by swiping up from the bottom of your screen and adding allocations ticker. First you can add your country, the country where you live, or the country where your target audience Leaf. Let's get back to our example with the short online shop on Instagram. Your target audience is all around the world. Then you can change the countries from time to time to get more engagement and more reach of your Instagram stories. But if you have some business wishes located locally like a barber shop, it will make more sense to add your target CT or places around your location, that street where your business is located. So next option is to choose the city where you live and all the time. Tag your Instagram stories with location of your seating. But if you have a complete understanding of your audience, you can change the locations from time to time to make your audience see your stories from that locations. You can add locations of shopping malls or restaurants which are situated near your business. And it will give you more chances to be discovered by people who are interesting in that place. As also, you can try to reach out to your audience by adding allocation of other people with similar businesses. If you have your local business, you should definitely add your own personal location to your business, and it will show up in Instagram. So later you can add your personalized location to all of your stories. To create your own location, you should go to Facebook and to create a business page where you should add the location of your business. And after that, you will see, and that location will show up in Instagram Stories and Instagram in general, when you are using locations inside your stories, your Instagram stories show up in location story of that particular location. When you go up to the extension tab of Instagram, you can look up for some particular location. And when you tap on it, you will see all of the stories connected to that location for the last 24 hours. So chances are that a lot of people who see for some particular locations, and if that location is yours or someone near yours, see your Instagram story in their store is location feed. So my best advice is to add different location on your storage depending from type of your business, if you are selling worldwide at different locations, but keep in mind that the more specific you are, the most specific audience you could reach. Don't try to run after oversaturated locations like some name of the country or name of the city. Because a lot of people post in that location. And it's much harder to show up up in the search results than if you choose some local shopping mall or local restaurant. Less people see for location. That people convert better and they will definitely see your storing, mix and match all three types of locations, countries, cities, and particular locations on a map inside your city to reach a wider audience of people. And follow up by adding a hashtag sticker, about which we will talk in a second. So if you're completely new and you don't know nothing about hashtags. I have a dedicated course about hashtags wishes 1.5 hours long. And it covers all of the basic and advanced stuff about hashtags and explains how you can use them in Instagram Stories and Instagram in general. But for now, I will give you a few examples, how you can use hashtags and what possibilities they give you by using them in Instagram stories. First of all, you have a limitation of number of hashtags you can use in every single story. And that limitation is 11 hashtags. So if you want to add a hashtags with sticker, you can do so. All you have to do is to swipe from the bottom to the top of your screen, choose hashtags thicker, and enter your hashtag. Then you will see that there appears some suggestions for hashtags starting from the letters you start typing. So if you scroll to the right, you will see more suggestions of what hashtags you can use. The rule of thumb is very simple here. Use hashtags that are not oversaturated and also don't use hashtags which are very rare and nobody used them after you add SDK or with your hashtag and location, you can make those ticker smaller or bigger and you can cover one seeker was another. But if you want to add more hashtags, you should go to the text tool and just start. Your hashtag was a hashtag symbol and write down the hashtag you'll want to use in that post. Every time you create a new text, you will get a new hashtag added to that Instagram story. Also, you can mix and match them. You can change colors, you can change fonts, and you can change the size of that hashtags and cover each one with an ASOR hashtag. There is a simple tip for me if you don't want to show up all 11 hashtags on the top of your Instagram story. Just tried to cover all of the hashtags with each other and leave the main and the most commonly used hashtag for this story on the top. So people who see a story see only that one hashtag. Also, you can scale them down and make them almost invisible. Or you can hide all of your location and hashtags behind us or texts or stickers. And I use this method almost every time. After you added a hashtag to your Instagram story, your story will show up in hashtags, dream on Instagram when someone goes to discover tap and they search for a particular hashtag, they will see your stories in that hashtag stories. But to show up higher, you need to get more interaction of your Instagram story views. So if you have more followers on your account. It's much more likely that your story will show up higher in the search results or hashtag and will show up to people who are following particular hashtag you are using. So if your account is very small and you don't have a lot of engagement and interaction with your stories and feed. Tried to look up for hashtags which are not oversaturated and have, let's say from 5 thousand posts to 10 thousand posts. And with your account grows and development, you can use hashtags which have more saturation and used by more people, but it's OK. When you get more engagement, your stories will show up higher and higher and higher. Next type of sticker is mentioned sticker. The main idea of this sticker is to mention someone who have a connection to you, your business, or just to picture or video you've made, unpause it into stories. And it will show up in notification of that person that someone tagged them in their Instagram stories. So you have a possibilities to tag up to ten people in one single story and all of that persons who are tagged inside that story, we'll get that notification. But the best part is that they could reach share your story with a simple click of a button on the bottom of that story. And it will appear in their feed of Instagram Stories. And when their followers would clique and sees a story and they will tap on the top of it. They will see the link to your account and they will be automatically redirected to your account. So this is a great way to increase your followers by mentioning, as are people in your posts which you publish to Instagram stories. So when you create a new content, tried to collaborate with other Instagram or especially with people who already have some following. And it will make it easier for you to gain new followers for your own account by mentioning those already established accounts in your stories. Also you can mention in your Instagram stories some brands or ASOR Fisher accounts. And I'll explain you why you should do this. If you mentioned some brands, let's say you're selling some kind of jewelry and you have a picture of yourself, or you have a picture of your client wearing jewelry. And that Fisher is really nice. The chances are that brand already have a huge following. It could be tens of thousands to millions of people. And you can imagine if that account really shares your story, chances are you will get a lot of new followers to your account. Also, there is some thousands to tens of thousands accounts who feature other people's content. And this is also a great option to be featured on some huge accounts. All you have to do is to tag and mention them in your stories. And the admins of that account could see, unlike what you've shared and they will reshare it in their stores. So these two metals of mentioning brands and mentioning Fisher accounts are really great for getting new followers with your Instagram stories. Both is a questions which have two different kinds of answers. It could be yes, no, or you can change and tweak them. Let's say you want to know, does your followers see your new collection? So we can ask, Have you seen my new collection? And you can add yes and no answers. So after the viewer of the story, choose the answer, you can go to Instagram Stories analytics and you can see how many people voted for one or for Nasser answer. And gathering that data allows you to understand better how your followers and engage with your content and with your business. So after you get some amount of answers, you can continue to interact and engage with your followers and viewers by adding new questions or answering for a previous stories you posted before and given them more value and more explanations about what you want them to do. And the third type of stickers are questions stickers. So you can write down your question. The person who answers that sticker, they need to write down an answer. And then you will get in your Instagram analytics all of the answers you've gathered for that particular question sticker. It's very handy because you can have not just simple yes or no answer, but you can have a really long explanation why the viewer things or do something. And you can use this as an insight for your future content and new sales strategies and insights. Next kind of stickers is question with slider. So you can add one of a few different images and you can write down your question. So when the person want to vote, they just drag that slider. Then you can see the average answer. Also, you can use the text tool to ask some questions and write down even longer captions and Zen in the end, you can add this question with slider sticker. So now let's make a short summary. First of all, you need to use this triggers all the time you add something new to your stories. Add locations to be seen in some particular location by your target audience. Use hashtags to be seen in hashtags, stories and mentioned other people to be featured and a reshared in their Instagram stories constantly using this three matters of adding stickers will rapidly increase your Instagram following and make your content more shareable with other accounts. So your assignment for this lecture used to create at least five to ten pieces of content which you will share and upload to Instagram stories and use all of them methods with stickers I showed you in this lecture, add location to your story at hashtag to your story and mentioned someone in your story. Try different locations and hashtags and mentions on every single story. And you will see that new followers will find you and every single day your account will grow up faster. 5. Directing Traffic from Instagram Stories: In this lecture, we will talk about directing traffic from your Instagram account to your website or other resources which you want to promote. So let's dive in. You will learn how to take your visitor and move them from Instagram story to whatever resource you need and to make them act with call-to-action. So you have two options, how you can direct your traffic from Instagram account. The first option and the easiest one is available for any type of account, even for those who don't have more than 10 thousand subscribers. To add your website link straight in your profile description. To do so, you need to go to your profile settings, click edit profile, and add your website address there. So everytime someone goes through your Instagram profile, they will see this web link. And when they click on it, they will be redirected to your website. And the best part is that it's absolutely free and it's easy to use. But in most cases, people don't start clicking on that link by themselves before they know what your account is all about. When people are more familiar with who are you and what's your business about? What does this Instagram profile about? They're more likely to check out your website. But every single time you need to remind them to click on that link, you need to make them click on that link. And you need to remind in every single post you have in your feed or stories to go and check your website, see your new products. So to make people visit your website, you need to have some reason why they should go and visit your website. And using a call to action is a best practice to do so. So in every single Instagram story or post you have in your field, you need to push people and explain them why they should go and visit your website. For example, if you have a post about your new collection of T-shirts, you could ask people to go to your website and take a look on a new photo shoots you created for that collection. And the immature Poston could be some kind of model wearing your T-Shirt in your feed. And a bunch of stories from the backstage how that photo shoot was created. So this will create interest in people's mind. And for those who are interesting to see the whole video or the whole new product line of your new T-Shirts. They will go to your website and they will end up on that badge who isn't included in your link in profile B0. Also, a really great tip from me is that you can always and constantly changed that link. You can change it even ten times per day and every single pause to wish you publish into your Instagram stories or feed could mention that, go to link in profile description to see blah, blah, blah, and the content which will be included in your link will be constantly changes. So if I click that link, let's say Today's morning at nine AM, I will go to one page of your website. But if you change and published a new piece of content and you ask to visit your website, but you change the link and I will click it in the evening, I will go to a completely different webpage. It gives you possibilities to constantly change where your followers will be moving on your website and what they will see there. Now let's talk about swipe up feature on Instagram stories. And I will explain what you can offer people on your website to make them swipe up or click on your website. The first you need to know is that Instagram swipe up feature in stories is available only to business accounts which have more than 10 thousand followers. So if you don't have that kind of following right now, don't worry, it's completely fine. You can change a little bit how you explain people to see your website. And it will give one extra step for them to visit your site, but it's completely fine. So if you have more than 10 thousand followers, you should definitely use this feature because it's very easy for people to use. All they have to do is swipe up and they would land up on your website. But if you don't, don't worry, it's okay. You can just ask them to go to your profile description and click that link. So let's see where we can direct our traffic and what we can offer for our followers. First kind of Instagram story you can use is a product testimonials. You can ask your customers to write down a testimonial for you and post on their stories. Just ask for any kind of content which could be prepared in advance. You can shoot them on video with your phone when you meet them in person. You could ask them to write down a letter for you or it could be whatever. But when you post this piece of content into your Instagram stories, you can just say that if you want to read the whole testimonial or if you want to see more testimonials from our customers, follow the link in our profile, and you will see every single testimonial on our website. And it gives you more social proof. People start trusting you more because they see that some other customers are already happy working quiz you. So you should definitely use this testimonial promotions in your stories. Next strategy is to offer something for free for your visitors and followers. All you have to do is to write down what exactly you are offering them, what they can download for free or use for free. It could be ever sink you want, it could be some digital product, it could be PDF, it could be something that they can download. It could be app. It could be a free sample which they can get in your shop, whatever, or it could be a discount. So when you add this to your Instagram story, the picture or video, you should write down that to get these for free, you should go to our website and register, enter your name, email or phone, and other information that you need for that particular occasion. And if you have a swipe up feature, it would be much easier. The person could just swipe up and they will end up on your website. But if not, you should ask them to go to your profile description and click on the link in your profile. Also, if you have a new blog post on your website, you can just copy and paste a piece of that blog post and add this to your stories. So the person who is washing your Instagram stories, they will read the beginning of the blog post. And then you can say that if you want to read all the posts and see all the images and all of the insights which are included in that block post. You should definitely visit our website and you ask them to swipe up or go to your profile link. For the last year in 2018, videos in Instagram stories start crashing for us. So if you want to get more engagement, you should make more videos in your Instagram stories. Because people watch videos and the engagement grows up as they continue watching every single part of that video. So if you have a longer video, let's say for one minute, you can cut it into few videos of 15 seconds. And if your SWOT is connected in all these four videos, in all this one minute, the person who start to Washington first feeder, more often, watch ever sink what you are talking or showing in that feeders and see every piece of that video. And in the AMT you can ask to go and visit your website. Also, my recommendation is to ask for contact information from your followers. It could be email, messenger, social media, phone, or whatever you need. And it will give you an opportunity to contact them in future. Because once someone is following you on Instagram, it doesn't mean that you can contact that person and that your business have some kind of profit of having a lot of followers. So the option to grab your followers conductance formation is to create a landing page which you should include in your website link on your profile B0. And then when someone will click on that link, they will end up on your website landing page, enter the details and only then they could browse your website and see another pages. I encourage you to grow your account to 10 thousand K because when you have the swipe up feature each, it's much easier to change links in every single story and direct your traffic wherever you need. Because if you have your landing page as a main profile link on your account is not so perfect because once someone will click on that link, they will only end up on that landing page. And if you want to show up your products or services on the main page or other pages of your website is impossible for that person to visit other pages. So remembers this golden rule. Always give value to your followers. Don't ask in advance before you gave something, try to give as much good content for them as possible and only after this, ask them to make something in exchange. Also be specific was your call to action because it's very important. Not everyone will visit your website before they will see or hear a call to action from you. Don't forget to ask them. Go and click on my website, swipe up, check out new collection, send me a direct message. Go visit this, go see that. And after you included call to action, the chances are much higher that that person would go and visit what you want them to do. Also as a life hack, you can use some graphical elements in your Instagram stories. Recently Instagram introduced gift here so you can add gif animation to your stories. And there is a lot of different animated arrows and fingers which show on something. So it's much better to use GIF animations to draw attention of your followers and visitors of your Instagram stories to some particular call to actions like swipe up, Do this, do that. So let's make a short summary in this lecture, you learned how to drive traffic from your Instagram account to your website. And to do so, you need to follow some rules. First of all, you need to have a website and if you have a landing page is a great place for you. Also tried to reach 10 thousand K on Instagram. It will help you to achieve this swipe up feature and use it every single story you want. And remember, it doesn't matter how much followers you have on your account when you don't have their contact details, it doesn't make any difference for you. So ask them to register, leave their email messenger for phone number to use it in future. That's it. And see you in the next lecture. 6. Instagram Stories Content Types: In this lecture, we will talk about different content types which you can post on Instagram stories and leverage your account. You will see a lot of insights in this lecture. So keep an eye on what I'm showing and listen carefully to what I'm talking about. Let's start. First of all, you will get a checklist of different content types and topics for this lecture. And you can download it in supplementary materials for this lecture, printed and you can use it in future to create a new different entertainment type of contents for your Instagram stories. First type of content which you can use in your Instagram Stories is top tips. You can add, let's say five top tips, where to travel or what to experience this year, or five business tips, every marketer should know after you choose your topic, you should start creating the content. And every single tip could be on a one or a few stories. And let's say if you have five tips, you can create one single story for each team, or you can create a flow of fuel stores for every single tip. If you want to write down longer text, you can easily divide it in between a few stories. Also, you can shoot a few videos. And as you know, every story is limited by 15 seconds if it's a video. So if you shoot, let's say one minute video, you can divide it into four pieces. Also, you should add seekers, you should add locations, hashtags mentioned someone who is included in this story, and you're ready to post it. This is much better than to post everything just in one single story because the master is you have, the more chances are that you will engage and entertain with your audience. And also the chances grow when you add different locations and hashtags on every single story you've posted. The second type of content is fun follows, let's say you have some loyal fan base of your Instagram account and those people are buying your stuff. You can always ask them to make some pictures, wearing your T-Shirt or using your product or showing up how they engage with your services. If you provide services and you can use it as a user generated content, you Instagram stories. So just find those people tried to interact with them, write them a direct message, and ask them to share some kind of content which shows up your product or service. And then you can publish it on your Instagram stories mentioned those person. And it will work for you as a really high-quality content which you get for free. Next type of content which you can use is Instagram Live announcement if you want to go live and we will talk about life in the next lecture, you can make an announcement in which you can say that you will go live at exact date and time. And you can encourage your audience to go and visit your profile and debt exact date and see you alive. When you go live, you have a bunch of ideas to share and show. You can interact, ask questions, talk to your audience, and it will get you more opportunities to generate new sales. The next type of content you can generate is Instagram Stories takeover. Let's say you are a brand. You have this T-shirt online store and you also have some influencer who wear T-shirts or like to promote your stuff. So you can collaborate with other influencer and showed them in your stories. It could be very easy and organically if you are a brand. You want to show some person who using your products or services and they talking about it, but you post that person in your Instagram stories. This type of collaboration became very popular in Instagram because it's very easy to use. You can find any influencer in your niche and ask them to be a star in your story so you can film them or photograph them, or even they can do it by themselves. But they sent you this content which will be posted in your stories and mentioning them, and they can also publish some pieces of content in their stores mentioning Q. So this is a win-win because you show some kind of personality on your brand account. And the person, the influencer also get your products. They can try them, they could test them, and they can make a review for them. So this is how Instagram Stories takeover took place. The next type of content is behind the scenes. You can show to your followers was going on, on the behind the scenes of your production or urine land shop. It's very interesting for your followers to see how exactly your production looks like. You can show them the materials from which your products are produced, or you can show them how exactly your product is designed and created. Also, it can show some of the people who work behind the scenes and who actually create your product or service. This makes you as a business and your customer really closer and they start to trust in your more. On some accounts, this behind the scenes Instagram stories could be one of the most interesting ones, so don't forget to use them in your business. Next type of content is new product or service announcement. Let's say you have a new t-shirt in your stock or you have a new service which you recently added to your website. Just make an announcement and ask your followers to swipe up or visit your website and see what you've got. Next type of content is breaking news or event announcements. Sometimes you can create and hosts some offline or online events. And this is a great opportunity to announce your followers about those events. You can tell them what to expect, how to find your where's the event would take place and what they will receive when they go there, live or offline. Also as a piece of content you can publish from time to time, some discounts or exclusive offers. Yes, this can create scarcity and some people wouldn't like it. But most of the people who are really interested in your product or service, and they were deciding in past to buy, it would definitely use this opportunity and go for your discounts and exclusive offers. One of the newest features on Instagram stories are highlights and you can create catalogs as a piece of content for highlights. If you have a collection of t-shirts and you want to categorize them. You could certainly do this with Instagram Stories highlights. To create a highlight, all you have to do is to tap the plus button behind your Instagram B0. Then you will have an opportunity to add some past or new stories into that highlight. Then you should give it a name, add a picture, and you are done. Using this method. You can create a lot of different small catalogues in your highlights. And then you can tell people from your Instagram stories to visit that highlights, to see more examples of your products or services. So if you have this collection of t-shirts, you can add all of them as a storage to this highlight and give it a name. Let's say red t-shirts and blue t-shirts, whites t-shirts. And then if someone is interested in a particular color, all they have to do is to press on that highlight to see all the stores which are included in this highlight. And make a choice of bank what they want. Next type of Instagram story content is teasing of new blog post on your website or a new post in your feet. All you have to do is to make a screenshot or make a photo of new content that you just published on your website or in your feed and publish it into Instagram stories. Also, you can add different arrows. You can add some text and explain, what is this, what people should expect and what they will get when they go to your website, clicking the link or swiping up. Also, if you're publishing a new picture into your feed, you can paint over all their pictures and make them invisible. So the person's attention is drawn just to that one last blog posts, picture or video. Next piece of content is call to action. I told him about this before, but you should remember that you can add call to action almost to any story and ask person to do something, to do some action, to move forward. And this is very powerful. Just remember to add call to actions from time to time, and this will increase your engagement with your followers. Also, you can introduce or showcase and new team member to your followers if you operate as a business, it's very interesting because the people who are following your account, they are not always familiar with every single person who is working with you and being a part of your team. So you can introduce some person, you can make a live with them. You can ask some questions and shoot a video switch you will post in Instagram stories. Just let your imagination work and you can leverage this method very well. Also to add a little bit of humor to your account, you can make some quotes or finest stories as part of your Instagram stories. You should add them not so often, but a few times per week. Works just perfect. Find some joke or some funny picture on internet. You can definitely screenshot it or photograph it and post as Instagram story because people like fun, not everyone won't just to see your products or your serious posts in your field. Sometimes humor is the best choice and don't forget to add some humor into your account. If you want to create a really interesting content, you can make a step-by-step tutorial or DIY In your Instagram stories, everything is very simple. You just photograph or make a video about some kind of process. Wishes show as small story in your stories. So when the person start to watch and you can show, let's say before and after. And then you show the intermediate steps of what was going on and how to create something. Getting back to our T-shirt example, you can photograph first Caesar's and the material from breach your t-shirts are produced and you can cut a piece of material and show how it's connected together. Then you can show up how your print is added and how you design that print. And the final image would be ready to wear brand-new T-Shirt. People like to follow those changes. And sometimes you can show something that they could reproduce and it will be very interesting piece of content for your audience. Also, a great example of using Instagram Stories is to add a different angles of your product. You can make a few different photographs or video shoots from different angles and show closeups and show more general overview of your product to showcase your T-shirt, you can just make a few really close-up photographs of the material of premed, how the color looks like, how they are looking. One someone wears them, and so on. Also, if you're leasing some property, you can photograph from different angles how the furniture looks like, what materials you use, how it looks likes from outside, from insight was open windows or disclosed ones. So you get the idea, use it and your followers would really appreciate it. To get people engaged with your content, you can ask questions, but not ask them to tap on some stickers, but to reply into Instagram direct. Very simple example how to do this. You can show some pictures and ask people to vote from one to ten or from one to 100. And also xj could add some answer to that message and you will better understand your audience and what they are looking for. Also, Instagram stories are really great for lotteries and contests. You can start a lottery or contests as Instagram Live, or you can just make a recording and Zen show how the winner was chosen. Alright, that's it. Don't forget to download the PDF checklist for this lecture. And you can find much more content types which you can use in your Instagram stories and lives. And in the next lecture we will talk about Instagram live streaming. Stay tuned. 7. How To Use Instagram Live Streaming: In this lecture, we will talk about Instagram live streaming. And this is very popular and modern instrument which you can use for engaging who's your audience? First of all, what you need to know. The maximum length of Instagram live video is one hour. So if you want to go live, you should keep in mind that if you want to stream more than one hour is not possible. So you should stop and then start again your broadcast. Also, when you go live, that followers who engage with your account the most get notification that you go live. So as I mentioned before, if you want to start a livestream and talk to your audience to communicate with them in real time, you should make a few stories where you should talk about the upcoming event so people know and more people would come and be in time on your live event. Using the same principle as Instagram Stories, lives are stored for 24 hours, but it's impossible to add them as a highlight. After we finished a live environment, you can download the video itself and it will be saved in your camera roll so we can use it later on your Facebook or applaud to HGTV as a separate video. And reuse this kind of content from your reader as other pieces of content. Also on you start a live broadcast. You have a comment which you can be, and it will be a BMD common on the TOB, Something like highlighted comment, which will always appear when someone connects to your life stream. This is very handy because you can add some kind of link or valuable important information for people visiting this live stream. Let's say you are talking about new options in your business and how people can use them. So you can write down a short description and add it as a comment and everyone will see it and understand what's going on. Also, you can just explain what is the topic of your live stream. And if someone will watch your recording or just connect in the middle of the stream, they will fast and easily understand what's going on and what you are talking about. Also, I want to share one easy trick, how you can boost your conversion. Let's say to visit your website or go by Samsung from your business. You can write down on a whiteboard the name of your website or some valuable information and just put it behind you. So if you're sitting in a chair like me right now, you can write down something from the behind and someone who will watch your stream will see it. Also. You can just put some information in front of you on the table and it's also worked fine. Why I encourage you to start live streaming is because Instagram alike, the engagement of people during the live stream. So if your regular recreate a new life, let's say twice per week, it's very good for your account and engagement with your audience because more people will get this Notifications. More people will tune in and see what you are talking about, what you sell, what value you can give to viewers. And every time you create a new life, more and more people will come and wash it. Also, you should understand that during your live broadcast, only a small amount of people could be online and watch it. Sometimes it happens that There's three or five people watching you life. Don't get upset is completely fine because during the next 24 hours, lots and lots of your followers will see that recording and they could watch it. Start to finish and understand all the information that you gave in that live broadcast. To summarize this lecture, I want to encourage you to livestream at least once per week or tried to do it more often. And your business will leverage greatly from making this live broadcasts. Also combine them with your Instagram Stories and you will win this Instagram game and gain more and more customers. Thanks for watching and see you in the next lecture. 8. Instagram Stories Goals - Assignment: Your assignment for this part of the course will be to switch your account to business account and post at least five different diet of stories in your account. It should be photos, videos, boomerangs, and whatever you like. You can use Schedule and post all of your media during the day in a different times, let's say nine in the morning than one BM, 4PM, HP am, and 10:00 PM. After that, on the next day and go to your Instagram analytics and take a look how many accounts interacted with your content. Also tried to add stickers, tried to add some polls, questions, and make your audience interact with your account after you've gathered all this analytics and you realize what worked best, make some notes for you, see what works better, and continue posting on the next day. See you in the next lecture.