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Instagram Post Perfection

Chris Emmer, Branding + Social Guru

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6 Videos (30m)
    • Intro

    • Lesson 1: Instagram Basics

    • Lesson 2: Photography

    • Lesson 3: Writing Captions

    • Lesson 4: Hashtags

    • Lesson 5: Interacting


About This Class

Wondering how anyone is actually growing their Instagram anymore?

Feel stalled out, overwhelmed, or frustrated by your account?

Sick of seeing other Instagram accounts thrive while yours just kind of sits there accumlating dust?

You're in the right place.

In Instagram Post Perfection, we'll outline the specific steps to creating content that your audience actually interacts with to start boosting your ranking and getting your posts seen.

How it works.

When you have an understanding of the why behind your posts, they'll start to flow naturally and you'll never have another "what-the-heck-am-I-going-to-post" kind of day again.

You can drop the fear of vulnerability and low engagement when you're getting your posts seen by the RIGHT people.

When you start to see success online, it has a snowball effect. Every time your content gets high engagement (like, comments, etc.), your algorithmic ranking increases... meaning more people will see your next post.

See how this works? The time to start your growth is now.

The Process

  1. We'll start at the very beginning, with the purpose of Instagram and why we spend time on it in the first place.
  2. Then, we'll talk through your options for creating beautiful, compelling images that grab your audiences attention.
  3. Once we cover the beauty, we'll get to the substance. We'll work through how to write the perfect caption that engages your audience.
  4. Then, we will move into hashtags. We'll go over exactly why and how to optimize hashtags to GROW your audience.
  5. And finally, we'll cover interacting – what happens after you hit post. This is where the conversation starts and where you turn fans into lifelong customers and clients.





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Chris Emmer

Branding + Social Guru

With more than ten years' experience in the industry, Chris Emmer has a uniquely fresh and relevant approach to digital media. Beginning her career in graphic design, Emmer followed her passion of smart communication from a boutique West Michigan Design studio, to a global agency in the Swiss Alps, to a leading digital agency in downtown Chicago, working on prominent brands such as Dodge, Marlboro, Disney, Hyatt, and McDonald's. She specializes in small business and developing smart, human-ce...

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