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Instagram Marketing tips For Business Easy Step By Step Guide

teacher avatar Chantelle Fashion, freelance marketer and designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (46m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Instagam training part 1

    • 3. Instagam training part 2

    • 4. Instagam training part 3

    • 5. Instagram engagement part 1

    • 6. Instagram engagement part 2

    • 7. Instagram engagement part 3

    • 8. project

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About This Class

Instagram Marketing tips For Business Easy Step By Step Guide learn how to create engaging stories, learn how to read your analytics on business Instagram. I also teach you how to do hashtag research that will get you the most discoverability.  

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Chantelle Fashion

freelance marketer and designer


Hello, I'm Chantelle. A freelance social media marketer, designer and fashion blogger/ vlogger. London based designer graduated from University for the creative arts with a degree in BA (Hons) Fashion. Inspired by travel, sewing, textile art, London fashion week and Fashion trends. I decided to make my skills not only my business but my personal brand. I share my passion here on Skillshare! 

Art and Design

I have an extensive background in different forms of art and design. I have a BA (Hons) Fashion degree. 

I also have a history in video and online presence, specifically youtube. My passion for youtube has helped me become a master in understanding lighting, video editing, and confidence with a presence on camer... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hello and welcome to this skill share class. I'm so happy to see you here and in this class I'm gonna teach you exactly how you can grow . Your small business account on Instagram is really easy. It's organic. No boats and no fake. Miss is all about the organic likes in the organic growth. So I'm teaching you all of the newest organic techniques to grow your instagram account. And that's what you want, right? You want real people and you don't want to spam anyone, right? Of course, though you don't want to spam anyone. So if you're ready to grow your instagram account organically for your business, you're in the right place. Way to be great. 2. Instagam training part 1: so should you have a business account or a personal account? So I think the obvious answer is to switch to a business account. You just get more functions and you get to get a wider range of analytics. Once you have a business account, when you have a personal account, you don't have any access to the visibility off your post. You don't have access to promoted posts or ads, so it's really great. If you can switch to a business account on the having business account gives you the advantage of being able to do sponsored posts. It gives you the advantage of being able to look at what hashtag are working and which hashtags are not working. You can see the reach of your posts and how many people are visiting your website, so it's really, really important to be using a business account. So if you're not already switched over to a business account, let me just show you quickly how to do that now. So to check, if you're a business account, you need to go to the right and corner and then go on to your settings. Then from settings you click on to account, and from account you would click on switch to a business account. If you're already a business account, it was. They switch back to a personal account. You don't need to switch back to a personal account if you're already a business account, so that's fine. So to give you some more analytics, you can go back to the top right hand corner, and there you can see how many people have discovered your page. You can also look at your audience and see how many followers you've gained. The areas there from their ages, their agenda and the times of day that they're on instagram so you can utilize that information to post your posts at the right time. So capitation czar everything. They're great for adding engagement. So you just need to follow this really simple formula hook context. Add value and cool T action. Some of the hook you want to have a bold statement or a question to draw people's attention . When people see your post, they don't see the whole entire capitation. They just see the first line, so the first line needs to be engaging enough for people want to click on it the context needs to explain a little bit more detail about why you made that statement or the question on just really explain what what it's all about. And then you want to add a little bit of value, so maybe you might want to add some tips. So if you're doing some hair extensions, you can add some tips about how to maintain hair extensions or how to look after them at home. And you you could just add, like different bullet point tips. And then at the end, you would add your call to action so you would have them ask them a question. Do they currently use hair extensions? Or you could even say to find out more information, click the link in the bias that you can find out more on our website. Instagram hashtags. Relevant hashtags are important and even more so than ever because people have the ability to follow hashtags. This means that if they see something that comes up in their feed that they don't like, they can actually flag your photo up for not relating to that hashtag on. That means your photo won't show for that hashtag in the future if people flag you for using an incorrect hashtag switch up your instagram hashtags. This is important as well, because copying and pasting the exact same list of Instagram Hashtags into every single post can get your post blocked and not seen for that hashtag. So what I like to do is I like to have about 10 different groups or about five different groups off Hashtags that I alternate between. That means that I will copy and paste one group for this for one post and then for the next post our copy and paste a different group of hashtags so that you're not using the same list over and over again. A really easy way to do that is to save it or your father. It's important to know that hashtags help your post to get found within the first hour off it being posted after that, pretty much for hashtag so kind of a useless. So there's no point of going back to old posts and adding new hashtags. It won't do anything for the discovery bility of those posts. They've got really short life span, so that means that you need to be posting regularly one post won't generate lots of views after it's been posted ages ago, the one that you do each day. So the most recent post will generate the most views. So Hashtags imported feed being found within that first hour and engagement that you get in that first hour determines how well the Post does for its lifetime. So you're probably thinking, How do we actually get to the Hashtags? And I'm going to jump right into my hashtag research stage. It's important to have at least a few different types of hashtags included. You want to have extra small medium on large hashtags about 10 or so. What I mean by the size of hashtags is about how many people are using that hash tags so you don't want to actually use the most popular Hashtags. Only it seems like common sense to want to use the most popular hashtags. But the problem with that is, if you use a popular hashtag with over a 13 million people using it, then your post, your tiny little post is a new small person entering Instagram. Your post will get swallowed up and it will get lost. It won't even be seen for even a second. So what you want to do is you want to have just a few large hashtag. So when I say large, I mean hashtags with people over 500 k using that hashtag, then you want to use the medium hashtags as well. So those air about Hashtags air around 500 k or less. And then you want to use some small hashtags, which are around 10,000 K 20,000 less than about 100 k See when they use and release more hashtags as well, And that will really help you to get found. So I'd say about 10 of each would be good. You get about 30 hashtags to use. You can experiment with harmony Hashtags to use Ah, lot of people. There's lots of speculation around how Maney hashtags should be used. It's the Graham hasn't officially said how many Hashtags is the most optimum, so I think it's best to try different amounts of hashtags and see what works for your account by looking at your analytics and seeing how people respond to the hashtags that you're using. So let's do some hashtag research together, so let's take a look at the Hashtags. So here is some of the hash sticks that we have elegant hair extensions. I tip extensions. So this post have had four likes. So let's take a look at what's going on with the hash sex of this one. That we have right here is to small off a hashtag so you could see only 17 posts have bean used with this hashtag. So this isn't a very good one. You don't want to go to two small. I'd recommend the minimum amount you'd want is just at least the minimum of 1000 people using that. But even 1000 people is really small hashtag maybe want even want to look up 5000 people at least using the hashtag. That's just not one good to target because no one is looking for that at war. The next one let's take this is quite good. This is a good example off a nice small hashtag. So this is good. You've got visual results for this. So people are searching for this kind of hashtag which is a good choice to make long here don't care. So what, sickle go back to this one is one that is super, super large. This has 11 million posts, so I think this one's a little bit too big. I don't I wouldn't recommend you target hash tanks over a 1,000,000. Because if you'll talk in Hashtags over a 1,000,000 then you're just going to get lost in the post like people post. And then it gets swallowed up after just a second. Because unless you have a lot of followers, you're not gonna end up as the top pose. And that's what the gold is here is to end up as the top post rank as top for your small. Hashtag is a small as a newbie on It's the Ground, and that's the main goal. The case. Let's take another look hair color. So let's see what happens again. This is a little bit too big. It's about five million people using this As soon as you posed, you're just gonna get swallowed up and disappear. So that's no good. So the see this one? This is quite good. So this is a good number. So this is 41,000 posts that people are searching for it, but it's actually not too much that you're going to disappear. So you have a fighting chance using this hashtag 3. Instagam training part 2: So let's take another look at their hashtag research. So this is another way where you can find all of your hashtags. So I'm going to go from the hashtag that we found that was good, which was the my crowing extensions. I think it's cold, so I've clicked on that. Let's go about 41 K people post people who are using it. And along the top bar, you can see right here that there's thes air, the other related ones, and these are similar sizes. So this is like 355 K which isn't too competitive, which is good. And that's this is how you confined good hash tags. You want to look at the hash tags that your competitors are using, as well as looking at the top bar to find really nice hashtags that are not too competitive . So you want to look at 100 K for Ikea, Max. You know, 500 k You might want to find some that are mostly around 10-K less than 100 K That is very good. If you're a small small page. Basically, once you get bigger than you can start targeting bigot bigger. You can start targeting bigger hashtags, but whilst you're small, you want to look at these ones and there's lots of good ones that you confined along the top bar, so it suggests the best ones for you. And as you can see here, videos come up as top real estate videos do so well. So if you can utilize video content that can really take your account to the next level. And it can be the difference between a viral post on the non viral post. Now it's a lot easier for you to get a lot more views and likes if you do a video rather than if you have photos, because videos do really well, you can actually see. This is how this page group all of their posts are only video posts, and they're using so viral pictures and bright colors to edit their videos. I mean, it doesn't have to be exactly the same way as this. It could be just you showing your service, showing how you do your service on editing videos in a simple way. But video show up in Instagram and their prioritized because Instagram is really pushing videos at the moment the platform is moving more towards videos. Everything is being consumed by videos. Videos give a lot off. It engages people a lot more than a photograph does. So that's the reason why it's Graham. It's really pushing for videos on you can get thousands of views and start to go viral. So it's really about having really interestings shots like this. You could see the hairdresser doing the process. The coloring is sped up. It looks really fun and exciting. And that's the kind off five that you want to betray when you're creating your own videos for your content. So let's look at some best practices for posting to your instagram account and growing it. So you need to spend a lot of time consistently posting to instagram and doing it regularly , so it's not good to do. I would say, a post every single day. If you can't maintain that, if you can maintain posting one post every single day, then I'd recommend it. You can do free post today, but if you can't maintain that, then maybe trying to to post per week on the same day every single week or free post per week on the same days every single week on. That's how you can start to grow your audience. Instagram really likes you to be consistent. You don't want to be posting eight times one week and then you run out of content for the next weeks. So even if you're just posting once a week, I mean you grow faster if you are posting a little bit more regularly. But consistency is more important than you posting lots of content and then stopping for a long period of time because you've forgotten or you haven't got enough content. Instagram also looks at your relationship between your followers, So this is where you want to take your opportunity to get them into your inbox. They take priority over people who are in your inbox if someone's messaging you on your in box. The feed off instagram is not shown in chronological order is shown by in order of people who you engage with the most. So if you've got your followers D M in you, if they're commenting on your post, if they're liking, then that will signal to instagram they like your post and then your post will show up at the top of the feed when they log in, because what happens is is every single time you post a new post people, all of your followers don't see your posts, so that's a really difficult part. You don't get a lot of reach with your posts and your followers. Maybe 10% of your followers will see your post. And then when people start engaging for your post, it's the Graham shows it to a little bit more people and they show it to more, and then they might show it to 50% off your followers and so on. So it really depends on that engagement. So you need to start building a relationship with your followers if they comment on a post . Always comment back on. Just make sure that you're replying and responding to everyone, and then you want to improve with a consistent It's the ground brand aesthetic, like we saw that other hairdressing page. They had videos they had sort of like they were all the same kind of picture image. But I had a sort of brightly colored theme. I think you could see they looked really fun. You can see they branding and their aesthetic come through with the videos, and that's what you want to do with your videos and your photography on your page. You want it to come through as your brand aesthetic, and that will help you to build a strong following. Sometimes posting your own content all the time and creating content can get really hard. So one of the good ways that you could create content is by curating other people's content and re posting it on your page. Now something that I've seen that is blown up on Instagram is sharing. Twitter takes on Instagram, and this is where you screenshot a capitation off a tweet that someone's made something that's maybe interesting, a quote or something that's funny on. Then you can just put posted on a background. And then it's a great way off adding curated content on connecting to your audience. So maybe you could have some of your own content and then mix it in with some curated content as well, and I'm gonna show you exactly how you would do that right now. Still, the key to making this work is making sure that you choose a popular page a really great indicator off knowing whether or not the pages popular is whether or no it has this little blue tick in the corner of the name. So you want to choose like a popular page. And if they said something funny, like a reference to pop culture or something that relates to your brand, maybe it's whatever it may be. It might link to your brand in a way. Or it might just be some sort of funny quote. These things really get a lot of likes. A lot of people love things like this, and it could be something that helps you to connect to your brand. So what you can do is you can screenshot back by pressing command shift four on. Then you could just grab it like this and then that just screenshots it and then you couldn't go and take it over to a app called Can Var. I like to use Candler. It's really easy. It's just click and drag. So can va, and they have a already for you. Look is called It's the Grand Post. It's soc so easy. You click on Instagram Post, and then and then they make it so easy. They have all of these templates for you. Right here. They have templates already here. So it's just about scrolling through and picking a template you want. I want this template because I like the way it looks. You can just choose when we're pretty background. So it's got this image here, and this is what you want to change. So you would go to your up, loads on, upload the image that you just screen shop, and I'm gonna have to go to a find that is gonna be safe to my desktop. And here we go. So we have a little image, actually. Might need to resize this to make it work, so actually, this temporary looks like it's not gonna work. Yeah, I'm just gonna scrap the template. Just get rid of it. Actually, we don't need the template. Well, I'm gonna do so. I'm just put the quote here in the middle, and then you can go to backgrounds, and then you've got all of these free Brett backgrounds that you can you can choose from its natural brands. Any dots, anything really you could ever want. They have the background for everything I really like this like pink, so I think I might go ahead with that color. But you could just spend ages here. You could see all of the templates that you could use. When you're ready, you just click download at the top download and then that downloads to your phone. You could doubt you can use this app on your phone, but I like using it on my guest stop. It's a little bit less fiddly, and this is all free, and then you can just use that and not loaded as a post. 4. Instagam training part 3: stories is enough, a great way for you to get found and a way for you to connect and grow your audience. It's one of the easiest ways to have something that's a live update at the moment, because stories disappear after 24 hours. So it's nice toe. Have something a little bit raw and not so polished as the main feed. So let's start by creating a story. So one of the easiest ways you can create a story is like creating the text story where you can type out your message on that. Using the text is a really easy way future in convey whatever you want to say, I usually try to think out your story, plan it out and think about what you're going to put in your story before you actually start creating it. Have a plan in mind and plan out each steps. So here are my top tips. What is your ultimate goal with your story? You need to figure out whether you know it is awareness, traffic or engagement and how you can do that. If it's awareness, then maybe you just want to create an interesting post, and at some hash tags that will make it a little bit discoverable, adding hashtag and locations to your story is possible, and that means they can get found and discovered. Why people This can help to build awareness. If you want to add traffic, then that maybe you might as a call to action on your text, saying Click the link in our description or follow us on our page. There's lots of different tags and features that you can add. This music questions polls. This countdown stays these different types of things so you can join chat on. This is a great feature. If you want to have a conversation with your audience, is a really great way to connect and find out what they want and what they like to see a little bit more off from you. So there's lots of different types of stickers that you can do. So I'm adding some hash tax to this. So this is how you would add hash tanks. You'd go to the text setting and you could add your hashtag. There's another way to add hashtags, but by doing it this way, you can add to Hashtags, so it is actually better if you do it this way, and you can get more chances. So what I like to do is I like to minimize it by pinching it. It's a little bit fiddly. And then I like to hide the hashtags behind Joined Chap, so you don't see the hashtag, so it doesn't look very. Spare me. It looks clean, and that's how I would do it and you save It is your stories you can take a look at what other brands are doing for inspiration. So this is a clothing brand on. They are adding different text on top of their videos and images, and it doesn't have to be anything complicated or difficult to do. You can just add a video or image at some text on. This is just letting people know what they've got in store. The moments that's the awareness. That's the goal off these posts. At the moment, they're letting people know that they've got stuff new in stock on. This is what's available at the moment. So you really need to think about is awareness that you're trying to drive traffic to somewhere, or are you trying to get them to buy some think in that moment, so there's lots of there's a different place and time for you to do each step. If you are small than you want to start with building awareness, then you want them to follow you. You want to grow their awareness, get them to sign up for your email. This Andi been going on from there? You want to engage them and let them get them excited. And from watching this, it's like a short little fashion shoot, which is something I really love. They've really fought about this story, and they've told it well. So let's make our own instagram story on our own. So I'm using the APP called Unfold is a free app. Andi. To start, you can just create. So just press the little plus sign and then you have the name your project. So I'm just calling the Instagram. It's really not important what you name it, because it was a show up. And then if you press the plus sign at the bottom, there's all these templates, so I'm just choosing a really simple one on in the middle. You can press the plus sign and you can choose what image or what video You might want to show up there so it takes you to your images, and then you can choose a video or image that you want this. I've chosen this video here, and you can add your short tie tour, and then you can add a little bit of a descriptions this app. Eggs. It's so easy to really customize your stories and create stories that look unique and beautiful without it having to be difficult to do. So you can just agile text in really simple. It's already therefore you on. Then you can press edit text so you can click on it and used the little bar to scale the size. So there's a little barter bottom, and then you can use this bigger or smaller if you want it to be big or small. And then at the top, you have all your different fonts that you can use. So I'm going to go this far because that's the kind of front that I use for my branding. That's what I like to use, but they so many fonts on here. There is a paid version, and you can upgrade to different fonts. But these there's only a few fonts available for free, and I think the free version is sufficient enough. But if you want to pay a little bit extra, you can get all of the features. So when you're done, you can just press safe to device on that will save it to your phone. And then once it's safety, your phone, you can upload it to your stories. So that's a really nice way that you can customize your stories and I have something that's completely unique, and it will help you to stand out on the platform. So for your growth strategy, you really want to be making sure that you're taking no off insights. Checking Hamli likes comments and shares and saves. You're getting so you can see this one was shared 12 times and it was saved 16 times, and it had over 2000. Impressions on those impressions came from Hashtags, so that's how you can tell if your hashtags are doing well. The top impressions was hashtags, and that's what you really want to see because you want a lot of your audience to be new audience. You can see 90% of the audience were people who weren't familiar over another growth strategy that I like to use is targeting by location and hashtags and targeting competitors followers. So this is the page for tearing off the day. Just the random hashtag just showing you, for example, you would search your hashtag and you would look for the top posts. So these were some of the top posts on the page. This is one of the top post that show up. This is another ta post on. I would go to the comments section and the recently you wanna go to the comment section is because thes air the most engaged people who like the brand rather than just going fruit of followers. So what you would like to do is you would like to like on at least four of their photos and leave a comment on their photo. And if you do this, they will see this. They get notified every time you like their photo so they'll see four likes in a row, and l see a comment and they might go over and check out your page. And this is enough away where you can get traffic going over to a page. Just leave a really nice comment that relates to what they're talking about or relates to the post. Nothing too generic, but you don't have to take too long. This is literally not sped up at all. This is how long it takes me a few minutes and you just go through and look, this person wants to buy something, so maybe they might be interested in the products that the person X selling if you're selling jury that maybe they would be interested in your jury. A swell if you just like their photo leave. A comment. Um, I just always find it really easy to use voice chat, and it's just so simple. Andi, I would recommend that you spend about 5 to 10 minutes every single day doing this on your competitors accounts on searching by location, searching by Hashtags on finding the best people who would be interested in you, and then this would help to drive traffic to your page. It will help to drive people who would be possibly interested in your services, because the chances are if they interested in your competitive services and they're leaving comments and they're engaged in their page. They're going to be engaged in your page if they like your If they find your stuff good and they like your your content, they think it's relevant. Then there's a good chance that they will follow you and visit your website as well. That's a growth strategy that you can try out, and it's really easy to do. 5. Instagram engagement part 1 : Growing your Instagram daily is important for making sure that your account can grow more and more. And the way to do this is through engagement. So you need to be creating daily engagement and daily growth on your account. There's no good to implement all of these techniques and to forget and neglect engagement. So let's do a deeper dive in how we can optimize our growth. You should really be thinking about engagement as your full time job is a part of growing it. See, really need to think of it as a job. It's time and effort that you need to put into Instagram every single day. If you actually have enough time to do this, then I would suggest the highest someone out and get a virtual assistant to help you with this task. If you're not currently got the time to focus on this. But if you do, this is a great way to grow your account. Remember this, if you are really serious about growing on Instagram, you need to engage on Instagram daily. You can't just leave your account alone. You have to be interacting with followers. You will competitors followers, you will be interacting, weaving certain hashtags in your niche. And she also needs to be interacting with people who can support you and help you to grow within the industry. It's about making connections. So remember that social media is very, very social. It's not just about posting images and just adding hashtags. That is only a small part of the formula. And if you only use that you won't grow a lot. So we are going to do the 30 comments a day for engagement and growth. And before you start this, I want you to take a look at your analytics, see what kind of growth you have on there currently. If you don't know how to look at your analytics, should check back earlier in the course. And I talk about the analytics and how to check it. So you want to look at how many followers you are getting per week, how much engagement you're getting, and also how much traffic you're getting to your website. All of the engagement on your account, basically you want to take note of, and now you want to start implementing these things on a daily basis. And this is going to propel your account and help you to grow consistently. So you're going to be doing six comments in a hashtag. So that could be a hashtag that pertains to your niche. You can do six comments and pages that you follow. Six comments on your followers pages. So these are people who follow you. Six comments on the explorer page and six comments on your competitors followers. So not your competitors pages, but you go into your competitors accounts and you look at their follower list. And the chances are if they are your competitors, the same people who are following them will like your content as well. That's the idea behind that. So this is very, very important. Do not leave generic comments such as, I like this peak, I loved this, et cetera, are emojis. Take the time to write real comments, real statement or six words or more on every single photo that you comment on. And alike doesn't count as a comment. Comment is higher engagement. So this is very, very important. And it's really important that you do not copy and paste because this will flag up to Instagram that you are a bot. So make sure that every single comment is unique and make sure you look at the post or the caption or what's happening in the photo and comment and make sure that you let that person know that you actually took the time out to look at their post. You actually read it and you're not just a bot or just commenting something meaningless. Because then they'll take the time to go back to your page and follow your page as well. 6. Instagram engagement part 2: Before you do this, you need to update your Instagram bio to convert your traffic. If they go over to your page and they see your Instagram bio on your Instagram page, and it's not up to scratch. Chances are they might not follow you back even though you have engaged with them. So make sure that you have your logo or a photo of yourself and your profile picture. And in your scrum bio, I know you only have a few words, but make sure you tell them who you are, how you can help them, and why they should follow you. And then also at the end, make sure that you add a call to action. Why they should click on your website link. Maybe you have a lead magnet or something that can help them, but always add a call to action. Don't just assume that people will just click through on Joule link. So to find top hashtags, we are going to be using website called display purposes. This is a free tool to use. It's really, really great. And you can use whatever hashtag or niche that you're in. So for example, if you're a poet, you could add the word poet and it will auto-generate really, really popular hashtags within this niche. So you, this is a really great way for you to find really strong hashtags that you can find an interact with. Now when you're commenting on the post, you want to go to the most recent rather than the most popular. Because the most popular images are gonna have thousands and thousands of interactions. And they might not take notice of your one comment, whereas the most recent might not have as much engagement on it. And that will help you to get noticed more because they appreciate comments and likes more when they are smaller page. So let's have a look at the poetry hashtags. So this is the poetry community. And over here you can see these are the top posts. So this is very important to pay attention to because this is letting you know which posts have the most engagement on. So you don't necessarily want to engage on these posts because your engagement is gonna get lost with the thousands and thousands of comments that are already on here. That's not the point. The point is, is to look at the images that are here. And this is to give you a good indication of what people really like when they are looking at this hashtag. So if you know this, then you will want to make sure that you can create, replicate images that are like this. This is the type of content people are engaging with. So beautiful images like this or something in a picture frame that looks really great. Within this hashtag, bees are the types of images people like, or even the simple photograph, which is really, really interesting. So take note of them. And that could be something that you could use for content creation in the future. But for now, for this engagement, we are gonna go to the most recent posts. This one has 0 on it at the moment is 0 as well. Make sure that you, to take notice of the ones that you're commenting on. Like, I wouldn't comment on this one over here, or either this one with this smiley face because they don't look very high-quality, they look low quality. So make sure to comment on high-quality posts and make sure you take a look at them and choose ones that are very good quality. You want to make sure that you're engaging with the right people, not just anyone and not just being spammy. So for this, I would just go to this one. This one looks like a really nice one. I'll have a little read about it and wasteful about. So this poem is about losing a love, love, losing love and walking away from it. So basically a breakup. So I've just left a little comment about the breakup. And this is very specific to this. I haven't just said great work, amazing. I've actually specified so that they know I've actually read their poem. So make sure that you do it specifically for them. So I will ignore some of these. Like, I look for the ones that are very aesthetic and really good looking. 7. Instagram engagement part 3: Because you want to associate yourself and engage on the right ones. And when you're commenting is really, really easy when you've read their caption and what they post is about is really easy to comment over six words. If you're leaving a meaningful comment, suggest Have a look for. And I'd also recommend to make sure to do this on the desktop. It can be very tedious to do this task using a phone you can do on your phone using voice talk. That I've done that before. When I'm typing out something is easier just for me to tip tap Voice to. It's easier for me to tap Voice Talk. So it's not so tedious, but it's really good to use your phone or you can use the desktop app. Another app that you can use is this one. It's a Chrome extension. And it looks like Instagram. And you can just go through and like people's pictures from here. And I really like this app for that. So that's really a good app. But usually I just used a desktop one. Make sure to like it, and then talk a little bit about the poem. So next thing you want to do is go onto the page where you follow people and you want to start adding your comments. And you'll do six comments for the people who you already follow. So you just want to keep adding your six comments onto each section, the explorer page on the hashtags to your followers, people who follow you and also people who you follow, as well as your competitors. So you might have a list of competitors that you've already identified. But if you haven't identified some competitors, a really great way to find competitors is through that hashtag. So we can go back to the top posts again. And these guys would really be your competitors. So you can have a look at these if we want to take a look at the first one, this one has around 8 thousand likes, 8,548 likes. And how many comments does it have? Let me have a look. It has about 65 comments. So that's good about engagement. This one has about 900 likes and a 100 comments. So these have quite a substantial amount of followers. So one way you can tap into their followers is you can actually go into their page. You can have a look at their followers. And you can actually just go through. So I would generally look for ones where it says writing with coffee. This lets me know that this is someone who is also a poet or an offer. So it has something to do with this niche. So it going to their page. And I can see that they have some poetry as well. So just go in and engage on their work as well. And do the same commenting strategy. And do that throughout their whole, entire follower lists enough away that you can tap into your competitors audience is that you can actually go through the comments. And this is really nice because usually the comments are the people who are most engaged. So the chances are if they're engaged in their page, they might be engaged in your page too. So I'd usually have a look. This person has a little bit too many comments, so I really wouldn't usually comment on something that has something 95 comments already and 400 likes. You know, I'll comment and our engagement might get lost. And they might not really pay attention. Sometimes when people have a lot of comments and likes, they don't return it and they don't bother to engage with you back. So that's something to keep in mind. That's why I'm choosing smaller accounts. So this is something that I'd be looking for someone with lower follower count but is still interested in the topic, they are more likely to reciprocate the engagement and follow you back as well. And you just do that over and over again until you've done your six comments. And I really just say a maximum of six because you don't really want to go overboard and do 200 comments because you could get blocked by Instagram and they might think that you are a bot. So make sure you just do six comments in those five different sections. And that should give you for the comments a day. You should be able to complete this in about 30 minutes to an hour. 8. project: for the class project. I would like you to submit your own. It's the ground story using unfold or even any other app that you'd like to design it on. You can even try to design one of the Twitter snaps on camera. And I'd love to see the different post that you come up with. Make sure to share your class project with the rest of students because I would love to see what you've come up with. So good luck on I hope that you have the best results ever. Thank you for enjoying this class by