Instagram Marketing made simple and practical: From scratch to 1000 real followers | Frici B. | Skillshare

Instagram Marketing made simple and practical: From scratch to 1000 real followers

Frici B., Instructor, Marketer, Founder of Digital Lifestyle

Instagram Marketing made simple and practical: From scratch to 1000 real followers

Frici B., Instructor, Marketer, Founder of Digital Lifestyle

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26 Lessons (2h 42m)
    • 1. Introduction to the challenge - Day 0

    • 2. The power of Hashtags on Instagram - Day 1

    • 3. How to measure your stats - Day 2

    • 4. Trial and error - Day 3

    • 5. Introduction to the follow/unfollow technique - Day 4

    • 6. Your growth equals with the amount of energy you put in- Day 5

    • 7. Step by step guide for the Follow/Unfollow hack- Day 6

    • 8. Don't go crazy on following! - Day 7

    • 9. Unfollow accounts that are not interesting- Day 8

    • 10. Theme and testing different posts - Day 9

    • 11. Recap of the tactics used till date - Day 10

    • 12. What is shadow banning? - Day 11

    • 13. Consistency is key... - Day 12

    • 14. I started to post again...assessing the damage - Day 13

    • 15. Testing out new type of posts - Day 14

    • 16. New posting schedule & stories trick - Day 15

    • 17. How to switch to Business Account & Instagram Analytics - Day 16

    • 18. Making friends on Instagram - Day 17

    • 19. Post notifications - Day 18

    • 20. Testing out the captions - Day 19

    • 21. Keep posting stories to get more exposure- Day 20

    • 22. Reached the 1k and why post videos on Instagram - Day 21

    • 23. BONUS: Quick app tutorial for Instagram videos

    • 24. BONUS: February 2018 Instagram algorithm update

    • 25. BONUS: March 2018:Instagram Hashtag Algorithm Update March 2018

    • 26. BONUS: March 2020 - How to make Instagram and Facebook videos

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About This Class

Instagram has 800+ million users worldwide! Your target audience is most probably active on this social network, so YOU have to be present on Instagram in one way or another.  

In this short course I challenge You to get started right away and grow your presence on Instagram. Nobody talks about getting how to get started on Instagram from 0. Although, I think it is the most important thing because it is actually hard to do it. 

At first, it looks impossible and it takes up a lot of energy. Most people give up after a week or so. 

My advice is to not give up and follow the process because it will fruitful in the long term. Whether you want to grow your personal or business Instagram profile, this course will help you get started.


I will teach simple techniques and show you how I grew my personal brand account from 200 to 1000+ in a short period without spending on ads or getting shoutouts from big accounts.

The videos are simple and raw. I did not focus on editing the videos. I say the same things multiple times because that is what is practical.

Who should enroll in this course?

This Instagram course is suitable for people who have less than 1000 Instagram followers

This course is NOT for You if you’re looking to learn super advanced strategies

What you will inside this Instagram course?

  • 20 lectures of what I did to grow my account
  • Tips on how to create images with free tools
  • Growth hacks
  • Tools to measure your growth
  • How to create a strong and appealing profile
  • How, When, What to communicate

What will you able to do?

By the end of this course, you'll have skills that will help you build a community of Instagram followers. 

Hope yo see you inside!


Instagram: @fricibee

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Frici B.

Instructor, Marketer, Founder of Digital Lifestyle


Hey! This is Frici...

I love teaching people and offer valuable information. I also like to travel and work online.

My goal is to help You kick-start your digital career and design your dream lifestyle. I know that sounds kind of...ambitious but hey... got to aim high!

I want to help 100.000 people with my course(s). Currently, I have 20.000+ students in my first courses. Long way to go...

Here's a short story about me:

I've been making my mark online for 4 years now. I started out by building a WP website (failed), then I got into affiliate marketing (kind of failed, too). Then I started to sell T-shirts online. I failed at the beginning but this time I didn't give up that easy. Today I can tell that this online venture was the most profitable one.See full profile

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1. Introduction to the challenge - Day 0: you're well, What's up? Everybody? I have been asked this question like when you're going to blow up your instagram account? Because I've been working with clients on Instagram, growing their calm, getting customers getting leads from Instagram, and I don't really have time to work on my own. Instagram. Basically, I had time. I was just kind of lazy. So I want to do a case study on how I grow my INSTAGRAM account, my personal one. And honestly, I think the 1st 1000 followers its key. It's really building a community. You get to a 1000 it's going to be easier. You can do shout outs, then you can do share for shares. But until then, you have to just share and document and share good content. So I'm going to start with I'm sure with this account can you see Fritzi be? That's my personal account. I have been talking about these two for a long while. Now I'm going to start with this one. So let me show you my account. Just a second, Okay? This is the account I'm talking about. So I have 36 posts, 220 followers, basically my Facebook friends and I'm following 265. So the goal is to reach 1000 followers. Now, if you start from zero, I'm not acting on this account. The GNC. I posted this today. This first picture let the game begin, like, four minutes ago. And I posted this remesy when? Six days ago. So I'm not really active. So with the tactics I have been talking in my course also consistency. Share for share, follow one following stuff. I will be applying that to my account and I want to gain 1000 followers. So I already have 200. My goal is going to be to get 1000 and 220 followers. So the goal is to get 1220 followers. I'm guess I'm going to take. It's going to take about 2 to 3 weeks and I'm really doing daily updates. So this is the zero and these are the stats. I'm going to share some photos today. Tonight also stories and I'm going to release the video series after death. It will be a bit available on my account maybe on you, to me as well so that's about it. Day 0 220 followers. Goal is to hit 1200 as soon as possible. So thank you. See you in the next. We'll see you tomorrow. 2. The power of Hashtags on Instagram - Day 1: welcome to they want off the Instagram challenge. I'm doing so how to get to 1000 followers or hot to get 1000 followers. So I started yesterday with day zero and let me show you what happened since yesterday. So here I am in my desktop and I opened up my count and let me show you what happened since yesterday. So I posted two pictures. Basically, I started with this one. Let the game begin just to remember myself when I started this whole thing. And, uh, actually I did this image with the so I think the image of my wall it's in the background. I don't know if you can see it. So I took a picture of that, put the little contrast on it and put some words on it with an application called Eazel. So I'm going to talk about that. Maybe in the next videos. So I posted this one and and the caption off on a mission, and I posted another one later, later on yesterday. It was a throwback Thursday, so I took one of my old photos when I was hiking in the mountains. Put some filter on it I do Oldest tagging and hash talking to get more exposure. So this is why I want to show you that I take I also in the first comment, I I used 30 hash tax. So this is one of the main tactics to use, and I used also, I had my own hashtag, obviously, but I used the other ones, like marketing when a one marketing life, social media training. And so I want to get more exposure to my photos. And as you can see, I got over 100 likes and I got I don't know about maybe 10 comments or something. And on the 1st 1 also, I got, like, 20 comments or something. Anyways, I wanted to show you what hash tags can do. So let me show you the last picture I posted about a week ago. I didn't put any hashtag or I would put the relief you Actually, I put 12345 hash takes. I got one common from my friend and I got 24 likes. And yesterday I posted this. I put 30 hashtags. I got 217 likes a lot more interaction in the comments. And on this one I put also 30 hashtags and a lot more engagement. A lot more exposure. So this tactic of hash tags, it's really working. When you start out, you have to use Hashtags. It's the number one way to get more exposure to put your picture, your image, your content out. Okay, so that's about it. For today. I will be posting two more pictures today. Then, from maybe day three, I'm going to also start another technique the following fall strategy that I would be following people or interested in what I'm interested. Basically marketing content, marketing, working remotely, working from working in the digital space and digital marketing online. Mark. So I will be following those type of people. Most of them will follow me back, and that's how I can grow my con. That's how I get more engagement on my post, so I will keep you updated with the two because this is they want. So I will be posting two more pictures today and let's see what happens. Oh, by the way, I forgot to say this. I have gained about my hand yesterday. I think 220 followers and I gained, like 44 to 6. Okay, Around 40 followers. So thank you for listening. See you tomorrow on day two with updates. 3. How to measure your stats - Day 2: Welcome to Day three. They two off the Instagram Challenge. Let's see what happened to my INSTAGRAM account. What's that has changed and how I'm doing on this challenge. Coming right up. You What is up? Everybody, let me do an update. So this is day two? Yeah, they to actually is day three because I counted a 01 and two. So this is the 30 anyway. Stay too. So I posted two more pictures yesterday, and I also posted today this one I just posted, like, 11 minutes ago. So this doesn't really have any engagement yet. I posted this one doom or And I got 135 lives and kind of Ah, a few a few comments on there and I posted this. I got the free T shirt from T Spring not long ago, about two weeks ago, and I I wanted to tank them, so I made this picture up. I made this picture of actually with the application layout. So that is an application by Instagram, and you can do this kind of a layout. You put different pictures together, and you can come up with different kind of layouts of This is a three picture. One is bigger too. Two small pictures on the left and you can play around so you can do frames like this with the layout at Instagram. So I did this. This got the 100 likes I got the few comments here. Yeah, that's about it. Now I want to show you a little clip that I recorded yesterday about how you can follow your stats, hiking all your statistics. And basically I talk about interest. 61 this side and social blade. So these are two sides. You can follow your statistics and so on now. But Social Blade, it's kind of hard because my contents really small, So future projections are really hard to see. It doesn't recognize it yet, but you can do really nice. You can see really nice stats over here in 361 And as you can see, here's my urine distribution. I didn't post much. I really started posting right now. I posted five media in the last three days. Basically on before that, I didn't really post five media in March 8 in February, Nothing in January going back to December 7. So I really posted a few times now I'm posting two times every day, and I already can see the followers getting up. So again another. I had, like, 2 50 to 60 something yesterday, and I have, like, 2 95 now. So another 30 followers. Okay, let me put that clip in from yesterday on. Hard to use these on the web sites to track your growth. Then let me go to this page is social blade here you can follow your process. I mean your progress. So here on today's four things of April Friday, I have did this amount of followers I follow to 66 I had 36 meter. And from today on, Social Blade will follow my account and I will see how many how many followers I get per day. So now I can calculate more or less when I'm going to hit that 1000 followers. So that's about it on this page. I wanted to show you also this one in 361 you have to register. First of all, I am registered with my other account, but you can register with any instagram account and here you can search for any instagram account that this public, of course, and you have a nice little steps about it. Account overview. So I have this amount of followers followings likes received comments, received post history. So basically, I already posted this one today. So when I posted the first time, it was July 2016 and this is how it shows how many post I got. So I got 38 as off today and this is the history. I didn't post that much on this account. I told you he of the yearly distribution time. We will talk about this later. I wanted to talk about here the most liked posts, so it shows the most like post. So the 1st 1 is this picture I took. I don't know. It was last year sometimes, but I remember that I bought likes. So if you get like if you get more likes, you can get into the top posts for a certain hashtag X. So I bought some lives, but it's really cheap. It's really cheap tactic. It's not that you're not going to get engagement, you're gonna get a lot of likes, which does not help to grow your audience on instagram or your exposure. And I wanted to show that the top five post I posted yesterday the two pictures I showed you and they are in the top. So I received more than 100 lives for Does, too. Pictures from yesterday I really is the hashtag X. That's the only reason they got a lot of blacks. The hash sticks use the hash tanks. These are the most common to the ones. Yesterday's picture Let the game begin, but 27 comments. Then I went blonde. Last year I got a lot of directions. A few reactions from my friends there and also yesterday this picture got a lot of comments with the hiking. So I'm going to show here the progress of my account. Hominy. How many comments likes I received? What tactics do I use and so on? I will be explaining how you can do the same. Just basically, you do this for your own account, and you will be ready to go to be on instagram star. Okay, Just kidding. But you can grow your instagram pretty fast and get an audience on Easter bread. So thank you for listening. See you tomorrow. 4. Trial and error - Day 3: your hell. What's up? This is Day three of the Instagram Challenge. Getting your 1st 1000 followers in my case, 1200 father words. Let's see, This is day three. I actually I want to say I skipped one day because it was Easter celebration. I had spent time with family and so on, so I couldn't do a video. But this is the official day three. I didn't skip a day on Instagram, so I posted two pictures on Instagram. So since they two I posted this one. This is a painting off one of my friends. And, uh, I used a little bit different hashtag So I used giveaway give away gift art freedom. And I used the's Hashtags because she is giving away. She actually already found the winner and she gave away this painting and I also used the usual suspects the usual suspect the hashtags, which I use on my picture. Then I posted for Easter celebration. I posted this happy Easter and just a little picture of some eggs and so on. I used the hash text that I use and it kind of flop because I have got only 2 62 in directions. Really few comments. 123456 comments on Lee. And then I posted this with the labral and rulers. I got 89 likes 31234 comments or not that much of engagement, Probably because it was Easter and I didn't post something relate to Easter for the holidays. People were not really interested, and I posted also this one, which flopped totally. I posted this 15 hours ago, so I think it was like 10 PM last night. And OK, the picture is not good either. But I used the relevant hashtag X related to Liverpool FC and while get like 17 likes only and just one little comment here. So this one flocked really badly on the follower counts. Let me follower conflict me go to Social Blade and his heart started So I had like 2 20 the first day, I think 2 20 Exactly Then I grew up on 2 to 91 then a 311 322 and 320 now, so the average is a daily. Every just 10 and monthly average obviously is going to go 300 here are the media's I posted to every day. Ah, yesterday I posted only once right here. Yeah, it was Easter holiday, so I didn't post. I just posted only one. I didn't follow every anybody. So my following is the same 266 And what I want to tell you that I'm going to start probably with today I'm going to start to post not only random stuff happening in my life but I would post something maybe coats. But coats are officially and I would start following people. So I will use the tactic following follow. So I will follow people who are interested in marketing in social media an instagram marketing in traveling basically digital nomads who were traveling and making money on the Internet Because I'm interested in that and I will follow And those type of people are officially what Hashtags I will use and find the count's and let's see how it goes. That tactic following following. Let's see how I can grow this account further. So that's about it. Oh, yeah. I posted this last night around 10 p.m. which was I think the really worst time like 17 lacks it's really bad. I want to show you how you can go to in 361 Either way, you can see you that in April I started. I got a lot more indirection comments received. Likes received here in April, only post like five times, maybe six times in the last few days. And as against the engagement group and I only used the hash, takes the hashtag thank think and the most commented post world 1234 of the latest I posted in the last few days and there, as you can see, they are really random pictures, just a little bit of filters and that's it. So that's about it. See you tomorrow with more updates. 5. Introduction to the follow/unfollow technique - Day 4: Hello, everyone. Welcome to date four of the instrument challenge and that I told you before I started to do the follow unfollowed Tech, which boils down to me following people who are interested in the remote working digital nomad stuff co working spaces, traveling and so on and so on. This tactic can give you a lot of followers because if you have the same interest, people will follow you back. This is how you can grow your account. This is hiking grow your instagram. And obviously this is going to be pretty helpful when you're trying to reach out to do partnerships. When you are trying to reach out, to make some new friends and try to do some interesting stuff so you have to grow. You have to make your profile interesting in order to be interesting to other people. So that's about it. I want to show you also the progress I made IHS since two days ago, I think because I'm messing about with messing up with the days here. Actually, this is Day four. I'm recording a video, but actually I think I did a update two days ago Anyways, let me open up my computer and show you what happened here. OK, since the last time we didn't update, I shared three photos. So this was the last one which flubbed terribly. Got like 17 likes night. It's on 28. Really bad one. Probably The picture is not good. Then I shared three more. I should This basically it says two days ago, yet it was like more than a day ago. That's a picture of me and I put on there. Let's say it's a coat. It's not a coat. It's like a rent. And I got a lot of intention on it. People commenting I got I think this is the most like Then I shared once again another rent to never stop. So basically, I want to forget this challenge because I don't really have time to record every day. And I said like if I started this, I'm going to do it. So I just reminded myself, obviously, to don't stop so never stopped is just a picture of my keyboards. And I put some different Tex here, Hustle, hustle, hard entrepreneurship. It got the, uh, pretty. I got a lot of attention on it, so I share this yesterday also 17 hours ago And this morning I share just I worked out of a coffee shop and I should this picture six hours ago. So basically around eights nine oclock in the morning and it got already hung over. 100 likes probably it got a lot of attention because people really after they get to work what? The first thing they do, they go on social media, they go on Facebook, they go on instagram. And if you have a good coffee picture like this, you will get a lot of intention. A parent. Well, this is the updates on the content I'm doing. Let me show you what happened on social blade. My average got lower. Obviously, I think I didn't post here. The media posted. It's a little bit inaccurate because I'm in a different time zone. Then social weight and the chills I posted only once. I really posted yesterday too. So it doesn't show here and it think anyways, the following the daily average went down to seven followers, which ends up in a monthly average of 210. Obviously, I have to improve that to reach 1000 followers but I think I will do it. I just need to do some great pictures. So here is my account. I have 371 followers and I followed 332. So I started the following follow tactic. As I told you, I started to follow people who are interested in the same things is me working remotely working from on the Internet traveling. So I started to do that tactic and I against our followers, but very few, and that's about it. That's what I want to show our we do. Another update tomorrow, maybe two days from now. Anyways, I want to be this learning curve for everybody who follows these videos and to see it's not that easy. If you're trying to grow your account organically because you have to be interesting, you have to be users on instagram. So you have to be. You have to be outstanding up to stand out from the crowd, which is not easy, obviously, but you can do it as I showed you. I did it with other accounts. This one is a personal one. It's a little bit difference and you challenge for me. Let's see, how much does it take to get 1000 followers? So see you tomorrow, hopefully 6. Your growth equals with the amount of energy you put in- Day 5: Hello, everyone. So this is the five off the Instagram Challenge and I want to show what happened since yesterday. I posted one picture on Lee since yesterday and I want to show you what happened and what's changed on my account. So let me grab my computer and show you what happened. Okay, here I m in the social blade and since the last update since yesterday basically I gained followers and I lost followers. So today is the 21st of April and I had I have 392 followers. Let me show you and I since I had last refreshed. I also lost three followers. So I have 389. And on day four it let yesterday I had like 371. So I'm averaging 15 per day, which means 450 in a month. So I have to increase that to make progress and reach those 1000. No, you know, it says like I told you, Because of the time zone difference, sociable cannot really track when I'm posting. But usually I'm posting to post today. He did shows I didn't post here. It shows I posted three times he actually I posted yesterday. I posted this picture, started to snow here on the 20 of April, start to snow and I said, like, adapter die. So not everything is like you wanted. It's like an entrepreneurship or just a simple like I wanted to have by now, 500 followers on day five, because I already have 200. And I said, I want to have 500 but I didn't managed it. So I have to adapt and move on and have to work more. And that's why I posted this picture, actually. So the circumstances are not always as you wish. And you have to do that. You're expecting some things to happen to you. And most of the time, they don't happen. As you wish. So you have to adapt and just work more. I posted this 18 hours ago. I got a lot of engagement here a lot. I mean, I got the usual 100 likes and some comments. Okay, let me show you like what happened in April. So since I started this challenge, these are delights received. As you can see, I started to be consistent with the Hashtags I also started the following followed tactic and I received a lot more Likes I received one almost 2 to 1.700. Yeah, 1700 likes. These are the most liked posts and comments. Also, I received a lot more so this account started to really grow and get attention, get some exposure and that's a lot. That's all about it. It's all about growing using the tactics, Hashtags consistency following follow and your account will grow. Is that simple? So by this average, I will need two months to get to those 1000 followers or more than two months. But I would try to produce more. Also, I'm doing instagram stories which cannot see on desktop. But tomorrow I will show a video from my phone so I can show you I'm averaging about 40 to 50 views on instagram stories. I'm not sharing much. I'm just sharing my day. What I do where I am Not much of interesting stuff. Probably if I share something more interesting, I would get more views and I would get more engagement. But for now, this is this is my progress. This is what it looks like and see you tomorrow with more updates by 7. Step by step guide for the Follow/Unfollow hack- Day 6: Hello, everyone. This is date six of the Instagram Challenge. I just wanted to show you that I started a tactic called Father One follow. So basically you follow people who are interested in what you're interested. If you're a business, maybe a coffee shop, then you are going to follow your competitions followers. So let me show you how to do it. So this is the screen of my phone here. I'm here in my account. Since yesterday I posted two pictures. I visited a friend at the wine shop and I posted this picture. I tried out some new hashtags with wine wine blessed, but then I posted the usual ones. Then I got, like, 73 lives. A few comments there. Then I posted this one basically a picture of myself. It's like a selfie. And I got like, I used the hashtags. I didn't get any comments on it. I only received likes. Okay, So what is the follow on? Follow. As you can see, I gain some followers since yesterday. Let's take it like if you're a person and you want to make friends, you're going to follow people who are interested in what you're interested. So in my case, I'm interested in travel. I'm interested in a remote working, so I'm going to go to search top in remote. And here you can see all the Here are the top hits. You can search by people by tags and by places. So the top is remote J o the remote year and so remote workers with 8000 followers. So what I need to do is just click the followers on the top off the profile and all the followers show what off this account. So basically, these people are interested in what I'm interested working remotely working from when it from wherever you want. So I'm just going to follow them, and that is all about it. These people will get a notification that you follow them and they're going to check you out. If they like your profile, they're going to follow you back. So that's how you grow your calm. Obviously, later on, you can connect people who follow you back. You can send them a message like thank you for following this connect. Maybe you will find some new friends on Instagram. Now, if you're a business, maybe you're a coffee shop. What you have to do is you search for your competition. So if you're a local coffee shop, you just two places in the search. I don't have a location turned on. Anyways, I'm going to search for coffee. And as you can see, the last time I used this, I was in Lima. So, So D Coffee Island pops up and people are who tagged in in at this coffee shop. And there's a lot of people who who take this coffee shop, and this is the 2nd 1 called the Coffee and Lunch Bar. So, as you can see, people are taking pictures at that place. And if I was a competitors coffee shop in Lima, so I would go to search and search for this. Call the coffee, Let's see, called a and I go to people. And here you are is the 1st 1 it has, like 200 followers. That's more or less than you can't anyways. It go to followers and you start following the people who follow your competitors. Why? Because you these people are interested in that place in their coffin, their products, and you are offering the same now Once you follow them, they're going to follow you back, depending on your content. If your your content is good, they're going to follow you back. Then you can send them a message like if you come to our coffee shop, we'll give you 10% off. And that's how you build. So I followed a few accounts now, and I will do an update tomorrow to see how many of those people were followed me back. As you can see, I refreshed and I got 400 wife. I followed a few people and I got 407. Most of the people will follow you back if you're interesting enough and they see that you have the same interest. If you're a business, they see that you're sharing good stuff and they are interested in coffee. Maybe they're interested in juices or tease. If you're a tea house clearly depends and you have. If you have good content, you will get followers. So that's about this tactic. I will check in tomorrow and see how this goes. So thank you and see tomorrow 8. Don't go crazy on following! - Day 7: Welcome today, seven off the Instagram Challenge. So let me show you what happened since yesterday I posted two more pictures. This one which got you can see I posted 16 hours ago, Got a lot of engagement, Pretty good engagement. And I posted this one not longer. About 46 minutes ago, I got to the likes. I used my hashtags not no comments. So I wanted to follow up on yesterday's tactic the follow on follow tactic, and I want to explain a little bit more about it. So as you can see, I gained a few followers because I had, like, 380 something followers, and now I have 430. So as I started to follow people, people follow me back. If they like my content, if they like my profile. So that's why you have to post every day. He has to have a content. You have to be consistent with your content and people. If people in your interest like you or if you're a business and you're offering great value , great content, they will follow you back. And that's how you can convert start to convert those father words into customers. That's the meat Main idea. But be careful. So I suggest you do not follow more than 60 people per day. 660 No more than 60 people Because Instagram will flag you, they will consider your spamming. They will stop a block your account. You cannot do any actions for maybe two weeks. I had that problem. I actually followed too many people and then I couldn't follow any accounts. I could not comment. I couldn't. I think I could push the like and that's it. And after two weeks, I could continue my all my activities. So don't follow a lot of people at once. So do this. Do this. If you're in your can't do not follow more than 60 people that per day and the duty on following thing. So once you follow for two days so you follow 60 people today. Tomorrow you will fall another 60 people, obviously from a constant or similar to yours or interesting to yours. If you're a business, you can follow your competitions followers. And then on the third day, you start toe on follow people who didn't follow you. And that's how it works. You follow for two days, then you unfollowed people because they're not interested. They don't like your profile. If they don't like you, they don't follow you. You move on and that's it. So let me show you what happened. Statistically, the love rate went down a little bit as you gained more followers. The the love rate. Basically, which is the like rate. How many people are liking your post goes down the talk rate also. And here I wanted to show you where it is. Yeah, The most liked posts now are becoming the post I've started to share this month. I thought you'd this one the most like when I just bought likes. And this was really bad decision disliked her to six weeks ago. I bought for likes for this picture. I didn't get an engagement. I just have a lot of likes on this picture, and that's it. So never buy any likes on your picture. It's not going to do anything is just numbers. Okay? Comments received. Also a most commented post this is or what I wanted to show you. So these are since I started the challenge. These are the most commented post so basically the ones that I started to share. So let me go to Social Blade. And here, as you can see, I increased my daily average of followers by 15 which comes out to 450 followers a month. I'm sharing since I started to share on the 14th of April, the average for a month sharing is like 30 so I'm sharing 30 pictures in a month. But I started only and on the fourth team. So basically, I need to increase this number I started to share. I'm usually sharing two pictures per day, and I'm going to increase it. Maybe I will share three or four images in a date. And let's see how that the ghost, maybe it will help me grow my calm. Usually the Mori post, the more you gain. But if you're just posting a lot, so maybe do 10 posts in a day or you don't post for two days, and in one day you post like 10 pictures because you went to I don't know, hiking or you went to swimming or whatever. You start to post a lot of pictures that's going to be boring. So big assistant find I really get frequency off. Posting 34 maybe two posts per day and add the little variety. So if you don't post for three days, then you go. I don't know. You go to the beach in the we can't and you post 10 pictures in Beach Sun and whatever. That's going to be boring. So people will not be interested because, yeah, you have to be consistent every day. Share something. Okay, so that's about it. Don't go crazy with the following. And don't forget to own follow people today. I'm going to follow another, maybe 60 people. And let's see what happens until tomorrow. Okay. See you tomorrow. Goodbye. 9. Unfollow accounts that are not interesting- Day 8: welcome today. They ate off the Instagram challenge. So this is what happened since yesterday. I posted two more pictures, This one and this one earlier this morning. And these are the stats. So this is pretty new on 40 likes, not much of engagement. This had more success for eggs. And I want to show you that since yesterday Again, a few followers. I'm at 462. And just as I told you, if you follow people most far, people will follow you back. So yesterday and the day before, I followed people and not. I'm going to honor follow people. So I'm just going to go to following and start on following people. Usually I checked like this one. This account has just one post. Not really interested in inactive accounts. This one is pretty good, but not a lot of engagement here. So I'm just starting to on follow people randomly, so I don't follow people. Maybe I will follow 60 people. I see these cat accounts. I'm not interested in these ones, so I'm just going to unfollowed them. Obviously I followed them because they were interested in the same things that I am. But if they're not active, if there are, if they're they're inactive. I'm not really interested in there. This sounds interesting. What? This is like a travel travel instagram, which looks great. The travel book. So this is nice. So I'm not going to follow this one, But maybe this This looks interesting. Too Italian. Okay, so that's about it, You unfollowed people and you can see my following count on the top right corner. It came down to 524. Then I have 463. So this is basically for two days. You follow people on the third day, you unfollowed people that are inactive or uninterested. Then you start over to start following people again. So let me go to Social Blade and tell you what happened. So I'm getting 24 followers per day, which averaging 720 per month. So this is how it looks like as of today. And here are D, uh, followers on each and every day source since the 15th of April, 2017. Usually I post two pictures, maybe one. It shows that I posted three pictures. Actually, I posted to and this is home. I images and my followers can't do so. Obviously, I'm going to do another update. I will keep doing this to tactics the hash tax. Maybe I'm going to do a little bit of different hashtag X for each photo. Then I'm going to do the follow on follow tactic and let's see how far this will get me on Instagram. So thank you and see tomorrow. 10. Theme and testing different posts - Day 9: Okay. Welcome Today. Night off the instagram challenge. I'm really sorry because I skipped one day. I couldn't upload anything yesterday, so I skipped one day. So let me show you what happened in the last two days. So since my last video I uploaded for more pictures. I uploaded this. Basically, this is a repost from my other account digital lifestyle. And this is the engagement I got. The usual 100 likes are around 100 likes. Then I posted this pretty much the same engagement around 100 likes 80 likes. Then I posted this. This is just a picture at night which doesnt really fit into my theme. And because I was sharing like, all this Rance and the coats and sayings and I just posted this or this got a little bit less engagement. And I posted this one just like, 13 minutes ago, and it got like, yeah, like, seven. Like, So this one is fresh Now, this is what I wanted to talk about today. So if you start a theme, if you have, like, a profile So this one is a personal When I test with it, I'm starting to build. I'm showing you what I do. So I did all these coats and these Rance and sayings and then I just posted and I just posted this one, which is just a picture at night. So this one does not really fit in what I was doing before. So I started this also, this one, the one that failed with these bottles. This doesn't really fit into the profile. And this is where I wanted to talk about. You have to test with different kind of post. As you can see, my followers didn't care much about this post or the one that I posted last night, like 15 hours ago. Got, like, 66. Like E. I just put, like, evening wives really short capture and the picture at night. They don't really care. But this one, this picture of me with this little rent thing before you talk got really appreciate. So if you start a theme, if you start sharing, then you have to share that because your followers will expect that from you. This is easier if you're a company because then you have a steam. You know what you're trying to say? You know what you are selling in your your post will be about your company, about your products, about your customers. So it's easy with personal brand, like you can share personal stuff personal from personal life, social life, work it really. She is a combination of these, and you have to figure out what people like and how you can interact with them. The battery. So this is what I want to tell you. Like you have to test with different post a personal picture of your dog. Then post a picture about your work and you will see how people react. Which one they like most, how they know you on instagram. They know us, the girl with the cats or the girl with the cool codes and the cool sayings. And and as you can see, I gained like 20 more followers since yesterday I had left. It's not not since yesterday since two days ago, so I follow 457 and I have 481 at the moment, growing slowly but steadily, I will try to share more. Also, I'm sharing the I'm sharing stories to which is a complete makes a share stuff. What I do what? I work on a share stuff what I do in my free time. Old it old thing. So I really have to find a team which people like which people which posts which stories people like better. So that's about it for today. See you. Hopefully for tomorrow with more posts and more updates. Bye bye. 11. Recap of the tactics used till date - Day 10: so welcome today. Then, off the Instagram Challenge, I want to do a short recap off the tactics with discussed I discussed. So the 1st 1 you have to do is the half staff, so you have to set like 30 hash tax. I don't know how many's that 30 sold 30 hashtags that are relevant to you basically relevant to your interests. Or if you're a company and you're trying to market your company, you have to find 30 hashtags that are in your niche that are in your industry. So if you sell coffee, then you have to research coffee, coffee lover, coffee lovers, coffee for breakfast. I don't know. He go into instagram. You go to search and find the best once that fit you and fit your industry. The second, let's say growth. Heck, so hacking instagram growth. It's about the follow on follow. So you have start to follow a constant or in your industry, or you or you follow accounts that are similar to yours, or you can follow the followers of your competitors. So if you're a company, follow you your competitors, followers, and that's how you grow. So these are the basically the to tactics that you can start with. And 3rd 1 that I really started to do is to engage. So I replied to every comment, I like photos, I comment on other pictures, so engage engaging with your audience, talk to them. So let me show you the stats. What happened until now? And, uh, I'm almost halfway through almost halfway there. So the 1st 1000 it's hard, but yeah, you can do it. If you put in the work, you can do it in a very short period. And after that you have to keep your consistency. Keep engaged in, keep doing the hashtag skip doing the follow on follow. So be consistent. So let me show the text. Okay, I'm in social blade social blade dot com and here are the stats. So I'm still averaging about 15 followers per day, which comes around 450 in a month. I started as a few days ago I told you I unfollowed people, so I followed about 100 people, and today I started to follow again. So today is the 27th of April and I started to fall a few accounts. Maybe I followed around 20 accounts today. Let's see how that will grow. I'm averaging two posts per day and let me show you what happened since the last time I checked in with this. I only posted one picture. This one on purpose did it on sideways. So people have to turn their phone. And I That would be really interesting to find out, actually, harmony people turned their phone to see this message, but anyways, I posted this two hours ago. It already got 66 likes I got, uh, basically two comments which are automatic comments, as I can tell. So these great feed that's hot. These ah comments are basically automated. You can Maybe I will explain you later. You can be automated comments, but it's not recommended. Okay, I have 546 followers. I'm following 517. I started to follow again as I told you, and I gained some father worse. And this picture that I was talking about that it didn't really fit into the feed started to get attention. So this is one day old and reached the 100 likes, which is interesting. This one got 125. This one got the lot more engagement. My friends also engaged with this post. So even today, I got some comments one day after posting and let's see how this will do so I will check in engaging. So this one is really important. You have to engage. As you can see, I like every comment I cannot show you here on their stuff, but I respond to every comment, even if it's a simple general comment or a new emoji comments, or let me show you here I comment. And like every interaction I get on my post, that is really important in order to go, because it means you give a shit about your followers. And even if they are from the other part off the world, you still give them intentional. I press that little heart and give a like, if you don't want to comment. But at least do that show that you really want to do something here, and that's how you get the engagement. So, yeah, that's about it. This is the main point of this. Today's like go and engage go like go comment. Go interact. I also messaged a few people because I received likes. I don't know if I can pull up here. I received some, like likes from social media companies and I contacted them. Like what? What are you doing? What is your software? And I engaged in some conversations so that one is important too. But I will talk about this later on. So thank you for listening. See you tomorrow with more updates, but by 12. What is shadow banning? - Day 11: Hello, everyone. And welcome to day 11 off the Instagram Challenge. So I skipped one day again. I'm very sorry about that. This is really hard to do a video every day. But, hey, I'm still learning and I'm just sharing what I do. So I was s about shadow Banning. And what is this whole thing about shadow banning? So today I want to explain that a little bit. But before let me show you what I posted since the last time I checked in. So I posted three more pictures this 12 days ago. This one Yesterday 22 hours ago. And this I just posted today, like, two hours ago. And, uh, here I am. I got the 102 deluxe on this one. I got 88 on this one, and this one is pretty new. I got about 45 and I'm at 612 followers. So about half. So I told you, I want 1000 followers. I already had 200 so I'm more or less at tough. Wait Point. This is where I am now. What I want to tell you about Shadow Ben. This is a way Instagram blocks you for getting more exposure with hashtag X. So I told you you want to use Hashtags because Instagram is based on Hashtags. Everybody searches based on hashtag like this one. I told you before I used 30 hash takes right here. These are the ones And if I want to check if I'm shadowed band for a certain hashtag site so you can get shadow bed for only one hashtag. So, for example, the first hashtag is marketing 11 If I go there, my post should appear here in the most recent ones. Nothing The top ones Because my account is not that big. To have to be in the top was, but it should appear somewhere here. But if you want to check if you are truly shadow band, you need to check it from a different the council. I assure you, I want to go as switch over to I have to get it. So this is my account with the Liverpool Football club and I just posed this one recently So about 35 minutes ago and I have these Hashtags Are these hashtag a Liverpool FC and I've see Gerard, you never work alone and field the cop reds, Cotino, storage and the rest. So if I want to check if lfc gadgets account is shadow band on a certain I can't I have to go back to I have to switch back to another council on account. That is not following NFC gauges on. Want to switch back to free? See? All right, this and I'm gonna search for a lefty gadgets, so I left to get its here with this. I'm not following. As you can see, I'm not following my own account here, so that is really important. Did you have to make sure you are not following the account? So I have to get it uses these hashtag So I'm going to click on the 1st 1 which is Liverpool FC. Not all the pictures that use Liverpool FC will show up here. So here are the top ones. The top nine ones and the most recent ones. And if my post does not a beer here, it means that lfc gadgets is banned on this Hashtag So here it this So it appears. Let me go back and check another account. So direct. So here are the top ones. And here is the LFC gadgets one. So this this account is not banned. So I'm not shallow Bend, I'm I mean, the LFC get its account is not Shadow band for this hashtag Now, obviously shadow bed if use obscene hash sticks like porn thick triple X The girls naked to what they were. That was your getting automatic automatically shed open because Instagram doesn't want any stuff going on here like death one. Let me check if I'm check. Did your life star here in this? So let me check if this one is I'm not following the second leader, but this is mine too. So let me check if I'm Shadow Ben for one of the hash tax here. So the 1st 1 hustled. It's a big one, let's say digital moments. So here are the top post and I posted one recent I posted yesterday may see if my post appears here. This one Waas 14 hours ago. I should be I'm going to skip this part and just if I hear it this So this is my picture. This is what I posted. So in the future is you can see the most recent on the top most recent hashtag digital moments This post off the July of star which is my account This post appears here so it is not Then it is not shed of banned by Instagram. If your shadow band your post will not appear And this this could be a big problem because the people who follow you So this is the main idea. So the people who follow you already they will see your post because they are following you . But people who do not follow you and you use Hashtags to get more exposure to reach more people. Your post will not appear under that hashtag So if somebody searches searches for I didn't know dogs in your your account is banned on that hashtag for dogs. Your post will not appear and people were not seeing so basic You you will not grow. New people will not see your post people who don't follow it and that could be a big problem. Now this is the way how you can check it. You check in with another cop and that's about it. I hope you understand if you still have questions about this shadow Banning, please let me know and I will try to make another example. Another video to explain you. So I will do more updates. Hopefully I will post more because I was Yeah, I was missing some post on this account, so thank you. And see hopefully tomorrow. 13. Consistency is key... - Day 12: You're welcome today 12 off the Instagram Challenge. And this is where I want to tell you this. In the last couple of days have not been active on my instagram become so I just posted. But I really I didn't follow anybody. I didn't comment like I'm catching up But this is what I want to tell you. Keep posting. Keep being active You gain more followers If you stop the music stops so you will stop gaining followers I want to show you I want to show statistics. In the last few days, I only posted like four times four times I have not been active. Now I'm catching up on trying to in a comment to requite your comments. And like all the comments But yeah consistency you have to be consistent otherwise it stops If you stop communicating for stop engaging stop following everything stops and you will stay the same and slowly your account will be inactive. Father, words will follow you on Instagram. We're not sure your post to followers because you're not hosting and engaging on a regular basis. Let me show you the stats tried update tomorrow and every day. But this against traveling, so hopefully I can do videos. Hopefully I can do the updates, but I don't guarantee anything. So see more hopeful? Maybe in two days. Okay, this is my account. As you can see, I'm on my desktop. Sorry about not posting in the last two days, but I have been traveling. I didn't have time to do any videos and do updates. And as I told you, I have been in active on this Instagram. I only posted the pictures. So since the last time I posted, let me show you. 1234 four pictures. Four pictures I posted since the last update. This one did OK, but started out really slowly. This one, I asked the question. I didn't really reached the 100 life, but nobody actually Nobody answered the question in the comments. So this means that I have this account for for a long time and I haven't been engaging. I haven't been posting since the last 22 weeks since I started this challenge. And actually nobody responds to my question, which is kind of sad, but yeah, that's where you are. You need to build up your audience. You need to build up on audience. So I posted this today. Today is a Liverpool game. I have the support for my team and I posted this picture. Obviously not many of my followers are interested in Liverpool FC, so I posted for hours ago. Really? Slow start 25 likes by three comments. 123 comments. And I replied to old three of them. Yes. Why? I'm being active again on the instagram. And I posted this 28 minutes ago. Yeah, and got 25 like so as you can see the difference. I posted this four hours ago. 25 likes I posted this 28 minutes ago, already on 25 life. So if I'm a little bit out of my theme, so this is nothing has to do with what I'm doing here. The Liverpool stuff. I get less engagement. And for this one, I don't know. People just like this stuff better. I got more likes on this. No comments it. So yeah, I followed a few people, like, two days ago, Like like 30 40 people. But after that I stopped. I gained a few more followers, but basically I had the same level at 600 followers or so. So I have been lazy. I've been avoiding this account. So as you can see, I stopped and communicating. I stopped posting. I posted last photos. I posted less stories, actually. And everything stops. So you have to be consistent. You have to bring the consistency. You have to communicate every day with your followers. If you want to grow, obviously. Okay, so this is the today's update. I'm I will be traveling in the next few days, so I don't guarantee that I will do. Maybe I get some cool pictures on the road and I can post. And if I don't do any updates every day, I try to do it every two days, maybe three days, and we will see how this account will grow. So thank you and see you in the next few days. 14. I started to post again...assessing the damage - Day 13: Hello and welcome today. Toe 1 13 They 13 off the Instagram Challenge. I have not seen posting. And since I started to coast, I didn't do an update. I really have to apologize, but I am on the road and it's really hard to do. I never tried this. So this is really a challenge for me to keep you updated in this group, so nothing changed much. I got about 600 followers since the last update. I posted nine pictures, I think started to post yesterday. I posted three times in two times and let me show you. And, uh, since the start of the month, if you look here on the media column, you're a social. But I didn't post 12344 days. So if you don't post consistently, you will not grow. Consistency is key, so I'm not growing here. I am. You're just wanted to show the statistics also, but the lights received. As you can see, I started in a pro and it was a big jump, a big jump in engagement and one of the comments let me show you dead comments. Okay, so this is how it looked like I was inconsistent in April. I was pretty consistent and honestly, more comments and likes. In May, I started off lazy again. But this is where I am at the moment. So daily average 14 followers. Yep. And these are the ones I posted. So I posted a few days ago when I posted this two days ago. Im bank to post thing again. And here are the pictures since. Okay, that's about it. I would do an update in a few days. I don't know if tomorrow, but these next couple of days I would do another update how this goes. So see you. Bye bye. 15. Testing out new type of posts - Day 14: Hello guys won't come to this short update. First of all, I have to really apologize because I haven't done an update and I think in two weeks or so So let me go or to my instagram and see where I am. So I'm posting stories every day. I'm posting two pictures every day and this is where I stand. I had I have, like 800 followers, I post pictures and videos with Hashtags. I was trying to vary the Hashtags. Now I started off some videos, just cereal, simple videos, just me working on a keyboard and stuff. So this is how it looks like now what I have to say that it's much harder to grow in Instagram account this year in 2017 compared to 2016 because there are lots of people that are more and more users every day, and it's hard to stand up. Obviously you can do it. You have to be consistent. You have to do the hashtags. You have to do the follow on, for which is the main tactic eyes. I follow people, then I unfollowed people and could people who might be interested in the stuff I share, they stick around and that's how I gained followers. That's how I mean exposure also with the Hashtags. I'm trying to diversify on this one, but a lot of business and hustle Hashtag x On this one, I put more like digital nomad travel, lifestyle, prospective. Either way, on what I see also happening is schools, not coat sayings are still good. Look, this this one got like or were almost 130 likes this picture. So simple messages, motivational stuff still works on instagram This one I got 96 views on this 130 84 on this 1 98 20 on this one. I shared it just a few hours ago. I shared this one just six minutes ago. So this is harm Standing rock now I think this is the 14. I'm trying to do an update every day from now on because I'm not traveling this month so I can do an update every day so you can scroll. True. You can watch my stories I put here call to action. This is an interesting post that got a lot of attention. So we've got 160 likes. And I asked my followers to turn on post notifications, which means that if they turn it on when I share something, they will get the notification that oh, Fritz is shared something. So this way they get more engaged in this way, they get more engage with your content. So this had pretty much success I had under 60 likes a lot of comments. Either way, this is what I'm posting now. I changed a little bit from the travel style because I was traveling here. I post a lot of pictures traveling. I got the tension on it, but I think this new style that are started with sayings, coats and stuff I believe in so they get more attention. So I think I'm going to continue on this path going down on this bed. So let's see, I started. So we're in June. So I started 1.5 month ago. Basically, it was an inactive account and I started more than a month ago. When on April let me show you, But the game begin. It was on. Oh, yeah. Where this at that time? Here you go. I started on April 13. So April 13 warn month one in a health one throw. And as you can see, I gained from 200 to 800. It's really hard. It's hard to stand out. But if you keep on the work, you will succeed. So I just keep going at it. Keep posting, keep sharing. Keep following people. Keep using the hashtag. Maybe if I reach 1000 followers, I would do it. Giveaway. I didn't know I finished my instagram course. So maybe I will give it the way to a few followers. Island, we'll see. Hopefully see you tomorrow. Thanks. 16. New posting schedule & stories trick - Day 15: Hello. Hello and welcome to this. They I have to apologize again. I have to change my strategy now because I cannot do these long updates about this account because it's really taking a lot of time to do this videos and to add branding on it and put the little logos and everything on it. So I'm going to keep it low, and I I will do daily updates from now on or have a post to every two days. I tried to keep at it. I doing other stuff, so I cannot do like long 10 minutes videos, then added them and put little nice locals on them, changing the strategy I'm going to do like five minute up this like today's ones. So I'm two months and more than two months in because I started on the April the third and today is let me check 21st of June. So more than two months I got, like, 200 followers, basic friends, and now I add, as you can see at 922 and I want to show you what I'm sharing. I'm testing literally interesting a lot. Ah, you can follow me Fritzi be double yet the end. I post a lot of stories. I cannot record two stories on laptop or for you from the phone. So it's better you to follow him and check what I do. What I tried lately that I tried to post just one time per day. So I posted this one yesterday. Got very good engagement. I posted that two days ago. This one, this is like a multiple type of post. If you cannot do it or you don't know how to do it, just ask me in the comments and I would do a video on it. Show you how you can do it. Basically, I'm using another F I found, and I'm creating these little images from photos of me. So I posted 11 post today. Got pretty good engagement on them on trying different things. I'm trying more things there with, you know, with my face on it, without my face on it. I'm looking for the reactions. How they commented. Also, people start to stop me on the streets and they say, like I follow you on Instagram I I left a lot. I learned a lot or I hate you or whatever. I'm following you. I don't really care. As long as I'm getting some reaction, I'm getting some exposure. So it's really working. I'm going slowly. As I said in the last update, It's way harder to royal account organically without paid paid ads on Instagram this year in 2017 then last year. But what I found out is that she focused on local. So you're trying to become the local celebrity, and there's one little trick in the stores. You can take your location and you become, then the story off the day for that location. If you become that you get more exposure, more people will follow it. You will get more people following you from your area. So try to be, you know, like a local hero, the local instagram or whatever, and this works excellent for businesses to, so just take your place. If you're not on Google maps, uh, just tell your city or your area and coats post some stories on instagram and obviously keep posting in your feet. Keep your feet alive and that's about it. I want to show you that I posted a call to action which is my e book. Hard to get leads from Instagram and I posted this on the 12 of juice of 10 days of nine days ago. And I got, like, $5. I guess so. I got, like, five leads from this account. So this account is what you really few followers and I was able to grab, like, five people's attention and got them to down this e book. I'm going to delete this post and I will tell you why. So I want to keep my feet clean and not push it too. You know, I'm selling all the time, and I'm going to delete this post and keep on working and from a weak form now, or like every two weeks, I will post, uh, again a cold section to Donald my e book. So let me get to the social blade. So this is hard and my ranking I get the daily average of six followers. As you can see, I got a few days and I get, like, 20 plus followers. Then I lose some followers and I have, like to a tree, basically is when I follow a lot of people, lot of people follow me back and they just don't like me or don't they don't like my content. They just sleep. So that's why it's fluctuate. So you get a lot. Then for a few days, maybe you get just three or four followers, or maybe you lose some followers. But that's okay. Nobody, not everybody, is in your audience. Not everybody's interested in you or in your business, so I just want to keep this videos like this short show you some stats. What I'm trying eso wants no branding, nothing, just recording the video and upholding its right to the Facebook group. If you're not in the Facebook group, if you know somebody who was not in the Facebook group and they are interested about instagram marketing hot to grow instagram or getting started with Instagram, then add them to the I will approve and let them be in the group. We can talk. We can interact. You can see it's a small community. It's growing slowly, but there is some interaction there. A man strangled questions that I get in the group, so let's keep building, building this, and without you, I can't do this. So I'm asking for your help here. I'm trying to provide value for you every day. Now. Okay to thank you for listening. See you tomorrow. 17. How to switch to Business Account & Instagram Analytics - Day 16: Hello, everyone. Welcome to today's short update on INSTAGRAM Challenge. So basically opposed to two more pictures from yesterday since yesterday. This is the 1st 1 I like this because they received the lots off the comment and a Z you can see I reply then the light, all the comments, which is very important engagement with your followers. It's really important. And I also posted another one from this I posted late at night. This got a little bit of engagement, not many comments, and, uh, that's about it. So today, what I want to show you is some of the NLL excell. I'm going to insights. If you don't have a business profile, you can switch to business profile in your settings like we Sure, so you go to the little gear butter button under following scroll down, and here we're it says for me, switch back to personal account. You should have, like, switch to business account. You press it, you have to give an email or contact the phone in an dress or some sort of a contact. I gave my evil and the you just switch. Then you will have analytics. The analytics is accessible on top, right? Right next to the I don't know if you can sit to that reversed clock next to the archives. These only archives and my next door alliance the vertical lines and those are the insights . So I had life worth 7000 impressions. Over 1000 people reached 950 Pro fire was so people who visited my bio my profile. I got the eighth website clicks and these are my post. These are my stories. So these are the stories off me yesterday and he can go in. And I want to show you how you can check which are posts are working for you. So you're just going to post and you have to feel stuff. So you're going to sell it? Maybe in the last three months. Because since then, I started to work on this account and you select engagement and you hit the block. As you can see, these are my most engaging posts. 1st 1 is this one's reach. Cumin. It's a cult. It is a cult action post. I asked people to turn on the post notification so they receive a notification when I post . And it was a little bit cheeky because I said, like, turn me on. They really liked about received at the Blackstone comments on this one. Okay, the 2nd 1 is a like a question and, uh, have not longer cash in. And I have this one stay humble. This T shirt seemed a lot of engagement. Also, this caress fell type of post received quite a lot and two videos. I posted videos of me working on the laptop. This received a lot of engagement also, and another video just of me working on a Sunday. This received a lot, this one. And this is another call to action. So maybe we can find me on this. Platforms cure Sherry Damien on digital lifestyle. And here you can find what are your most engaging posts. So you look at the top line. Here are the top nine posts, and you will try to reproduce those or create similar pokes because those have the most engaging. This is the tactics, and I'm going to post today to more, and I'm going to push something with my face on it. The culture action of turn on post modifications type. Maybe I would do a video with the office again. So these are the ones that are the most engaging. So these are the post you want to replicate in the future. Okay? This is what I want to show you. You can also see by impressions, and you can sit by. Likes comments. Couldn't be seen by car. So it twenties. So dis received more comments because I asked a question. If you ask a question in a post, he will receive more comments. You will get to receive more engagement, for sure on this one. Fewer. Everybody loved lost coffee. And this one is from yesterday. As I told you, this one received a lot of engage with a lot of comments. I really like this one. Okay, so that's about it. To your instagram, too. The business profile. So you will have insides. You would have analytics so you can adjust your content. So that's about it for today. Thank you for listening and see you tomorrow. 18. Making friends on Instagram - Day 17: Hello, everyone. Another update on the instagram challenge. So here we go. Since the last video I posted to my pictures basically this one and this one This one just posted 24 minutes ago. Its brain knew not brand new. It's like 24 minutes old. It got no reactions on it yet Hopefully I will get but the design is not that good. I put too much, too much blue on it and the white letters are not that visible. So I should have more bold letters to see the coat. Eerie. Let's see how this will perform. I posted this earlier three hours ago. I got a good reactions on it and I got that. I really have to show that. Really? You have to repost it from it. So let me show you. Somebody reposted this already on. Let me see if I can find her No chiller approach called heaven. Not that there she was. There you go. So, Coach Helen Smith, we've been talking. She's been following me following me. I have been following her not from this account, because this is the digital lifestyle account, but my personal one. And he she reposted this a picture which I'm really grateful for it because this is how instagram connect people. So as I connected to Helen and we discuss here and she posts my stuff, I can repost her. We talk. Ah, that's how you can connect with your customers. It's not that easy. If you're not, if you don't have a brand, if you don't have a brand like apple or Nike, whatever, it's harder because you don't have nothing out there. You don't have any content under, so if you are new, you have to take it one by one. Step by step. You make connections one by one. You keep sharing. You keep posting content to have some leverage to have something to show. You will not receive anything if you don't put anything on the table. So ah, I really see this working out. I didn't didn't gain any followers today as far as I can see. Let me see. Let me go back. No, actually, I lost. I think a few followers today, but I got the reports which which makes me really happy and which makes me that really influencing some people. I'm really connecting with some people and I don't even know where she's from, so it's really great, and this is how you can do it on a local level. If you're a business, you can do it on the local level, which is way, way, way more easier to go local because you can ask your friends and co workers and colleagues and everybody to share your post or comment on your post like literally warbling you can ask them, and this would create a more of a bus, so I'm a local level. If you're trying to do it on a local level, it will be easier. I never tried. Actually, I should have been posting in Hungarian or Romanian. I never tried cause I'm trying to reach on audience of worldwide audience with this account , so but we'll see how this one before. Uh, I just got a comment. Since we've been talking, I think on this one. So let's see how it if you have any questions. If you have any questions, how do I do my posts? Or which software's I use what the what to show If you don't know what to share, um, anything, basically, anything with design. Instagram designed post instagrams strategy Instagram growth, whatever. You have questions with Instagram police posted in the comments below. Now try to answer them if necessary. And one my one person to person or I would do a video on. So thank you for listening and hopefully see you toe Tomorrow is Saturday and Sunday. Either way, I'll try to post a video on the weekends to just to keep keep up with you guys. Okay. Thanks. See you in the next one. 19. Post notifications - Day 18: How do I welcome to this update off the Instagram challenge. Your 1st 1000 followers. So I'm at 970 followers today. Today is Tuesday. I didn't post on the weekend. Sorry for that, but I'm going to make it up now. So the last time iced, I went back to posting one picture day. I posted two pictures yesterday. I'm basically posted a picture in the video and I'm sure what happened. But first of all, I want to show you this post, which is a call to Action Post. So if you if you want people to see your post immediately, what you have to do is ask them to turn on notifications. How can they do that? They just simply have to go to the three dots on the top off your picture, in your feet. When they see their picture or they have to go to your profile, I'm going to show you. Maybe I go to going to another continent, Missy. So I'm going to the LFC gadgets account. And if I want to turn on notifications for this account, I just hit the top on the top ride the three little dots. First of all, you have to follow it. So let me make sure I follow lfc get it? So this is my other account. I follow left again, just as you can see. And then I'm going to hit the three dots and on the bottom, the last option is turned on post notifications. And if you want to ask this in a post thank you have today is you go to a post. This is how it is going to appear in the post when that somebody sees it. So we're going to hit the three little dots on the top, right? And there it is, turned on post notifications. Okay, so this is what you have to ask. I'm going toe on, follow my account because I'm not I don't want to mix. I don't want to follow my other accounts either way. So this is what I asked in this post. I asked people to hit that little tree buttons. As I said in the caption turn, oppose notifications. So I tell you when I post, or if you hate me just on follow me no hard feelings. So I asked people to on follow me It's really simple because you keep out the haters. There are a lot of people are just an animus. They're not putting their name in. They're just I don't know. They're just wasting time on socially that they're not doing any meaningful on social media or in life. That's my opinion. So okay, that's one point I want to make. Then I posted this on Sunday. Believe your mark. As you can see, I posted this two days ago. Then yesterday I posted this picture of me at the networking meeting. This got a lot of attention more than usual. Got a few comments on here. And as you can see, I think each and every comments are replied to every comment. This is important to keep, keep on engaging. Okay, then I posted this video, so I posted this video is a longer video. I posted this on my Facebook, and I cut it up to be make it one minute video. Usually, videos do a lot more, so instead of getting likes, they get views. So I got 100 and 30 views, and I'm showing how many If you click the views, it's really hard to click it. By the way, you can see I'm keep, uh, views. Okay, so you click views, then you can see how many views you got, and Harmony likes. And they got, like, only 54 like so for videos, you don't get much likes. People tend to double tap on pictures, but you get more views and videos are going viral on any platform this year. So keep on posting. Try posting with videos to I would try to post more videos on this account as well. So that's about yesterday I posted to. Then I went and I said, like Okay, I'm going to push for a week. Just one picture per day. So today I posted this. Ask more questions. This is a really simple stock photo from pixels or picks, a base or free stock photo. Nothing fancy. And I posted this three hours ago. I got like, 40 it likes, and I got on a common time. So actually, today is tomorrow already because it's 12 AM 12 a 12 and 04 Either way, I posted this three hours ago. Let's see how this will do. Based on what's happening, I'm going to go back to. As you can see, I lost the follower since I'm talking since I'm doing this video. So I let me go to insights for a second. But I assure you why I decided to post just one per day one because it's less work. Obviously this account is the seventh A calm time managing so less work for me carafe. So here are my stories. As you can see, I keep posting by 5 to 6 stories every day. And as you can see, all my followings are expected after 3 p.m. So three PM till nine. The M 11 p.m. So I decided that we post only one at three o'clock from 33 pm tonight being so, I'm going to put just one for one for the next week and maybe, and I get to 1000 followers this next week. If I do, I'm going to stop the series. I'm still going to do some updates on it at the beginning. I know I told you I want 1200 followers because I started with 200. But I think once I reach 1000 I'm going to stop. But this series I will be posting videos to this group or to this lecture on going to keep posting videos, but not this frequently. So as you can see here, Insides on the top. I got more than 2000 impressions from last week. I reached more people. I got more profile views. I got more website clicks on basically people who want to email me. They click on the email button in the profile so everything route so everything is growing . So you have to be kicked out. Sorry for this. So you have to be patient. Your account is growing for sure. If you keep doing what I want, I'm going. Keep posting. You keep following people Keep on following people. You keep using the hash seconds you can see I'm using cash things on every picture on this when I use more of Ah, hustle hustle hard. Did you tell Nomad business growth? Hey, stakes on this one. I don't know which I used to see on this. When I use the more like a digital nomad, work hard, anywhere, more working entrepreneur mind said content marketing, marketing, stuff like that. So I keep wearing older hashtag x it really depends on the picture or what are trying to post. So as you can see, I'm refreshing. I want to reach 1000 once I reach it. I was army, not stuff I will keep posting if you're not in the Facebook group, you are watching this item of this is a replay. You watch it on another platform. Maybe on YouTube. Maybe I would posted on YouTube. So if you're watching it, I aspirin and you're not in the digital lifestyle community Facebook group to get updates on Instagram's and social marketing in general. Then you should be in it. You can interact with me with other people who are interested in this stuff so we can grow the community together. So thank you for this and see you hopefully tomorrow. But 20. Testing out the captions - Day 19: Hello, everyone. Welcome to today's lesson and today I learned a big lesson. So yes, that old Young went to post one post today and I posted this today. Let me show you. I posted this four hours ago, so in four hours I got 16 lives. I got to comments because one comment is the hash tax. I put it in and I got to comments 19 engagement, 254 impressions and reached almost 170 people. With this post. I only got 16. Like so what I learned from this awesome image. I don't know if it's awesome. It's pretty cool. But do not use all the two tiles and characters in the caption. Nobody's going to read it. So I just wanted to test out and put one of my block posts about selling T shirts online into the caption. So I managed to put the number. I think the limit is 2000 word. I'm not sure. Maybe it's 2500 eso I put here like 2000 words, and I got really bad engaging. So this is what I learned from yesterday from today. Sorry for yesterday's questioning few people told me onto two people told them where they're from, even though this post reached 300 people and only two commented, Were there from and the asset? Actually, this is how you test how many people read the captions because not everybody is going to read a caption. Most of the people just double tap and scroll school scroll, double tap school. They don't even read the captions, but the ones who read the captions or the ones you can make your customers If you're a business, obviously you want to make connections. And those those are the ones that or potential leads and potential clients in the future. The ones that three so you can test, like you reached 300 people with your post pure tree commented and commented, like answered your question because you're you're If you're going to ask questions, Captain, you're going to get more engagement and they don't say, like, great photo or I know super or a great source of what they were. So they actually answer. So those are the ones who actually can become your customer. So this is the engagement on on my account, which has less than 1000 followers. So I'm going to do an update. So this was lesson of day. Do not use all the 2000 characters in the caption. Nobody gives a about it, you know? And that's about it. Tomorrow. I'm not going. I'm not sure what I'm going to post. I'm going to put post. Let me see. So I posted today for four or five oclock. And tomorrow I'm going to post. Maybe I'm going to post later. Embassy. Uh, Thursdays. I'm going to post maybe at six or eight. So that's where I'm going to post tomorrow. Not sure what I'm going to push yet. Either way, let me let me know if you have any suggestion. What should I post? So this was a short update off today. I hope you learned something common below. If you when? Something. Or if you have any other questions regarding Instagram regarding if you don't understand anything about instagram the statistics here in the profile and the insides What? Our impressions reach engagement. If you don't understand those things, let me know. I will do it with the on it. So thank you and see you tomorrow 21. Keep posting stories to get more exposure- Day 20: Okay. Welcome to this little update from today on the INSTAGRAM Challenge. So he Ryan, this is my feet of beautiful places. Couple of sponsored posts. And this is the profile. Okay? I hosted a young going to put just one time per day, but I cannot stop testing. So I posted one in the afternoon. I posted this picture. We got, like, 40 like, so if you can see 18 hours ago, I have two comments, one comment, one comment on it and posted this around three off work. Look where the statistics said that I get more engagement, that for four oclock or something. And it was a failed, as you can see on Lee 44 to something people like that. So don't post. I don't know. Maybe depending on the country. But when people get off work around four o'clock five oclock, engagement tends to be lower. Not not slower. People are on the internet, but I don't know, they're not on instagram, at least in my case. So I posted this as you can see motivational stuff, Um, rants, saying they're still doing good. Like this post is doing better than 90% off my recent post and I posted this around eight o'clock at night last night, so I got a lot to be engagement. Oh, few people start to comment on it. 123 or 55 comments on it. I replied to all of them and this is performing better. Posted this 13 hours ago. So always be testing. I got a couple of more followers because I can't see yeah, video the video is doing. It's getting closer to 200 views. Really? Okay, this one is performing really bad long captions. It's a big no no. Nobody cares about your block on Instagram. It's good to know No this this gut, your engagement that. Okay, so I'm still testing what I want to say. Stories keep posting stories I opposed to story this morning. Coffee I posted story about Can I say Then it's surely statistics on and Missy. So the stories. So as you can see, it got 100 56 impressions because I take my city in this second post, I got 77 so almost double if you take a place, this one I also take with the coffee. But the ice coffee. I also takes teahouse. I got 300 impressions. 300 ng precious 130 impressions. So if you take, you're not miss, actually about reach the last 24 hours. Okay, so that reached 52 people. This reached 68 this 1 73 79 So those posts that you take a location, so turn on your location, we'll get more views. And if your stories get, get more views because people watch stories on location or 1/2 steak, you will get more exposure. You will get more, you will become more discoverable on the knife. It's that the word there's the chances of being discovered are much higher. If you post stories and tell your location, pin your location there. So that's what I want to tell. This was today's update. The impressions. It's still growing. The reach profile views website clicks. Everything is growing from week to week. So if you keep putting in the work, you will get results. Keep on testing. Keep on instagram ing. See you to marry 22. Reached the 1k and why post videos on Instagram - Day 21: Hello. I'm welcome to this. Short update today, Saturday, And I want to shoot this video just before I go to work. Yes, I go to work on Saturdays too. So if you can't see my screen, hopefully, yes. I just hit the 1000 mark and I said when I hit 1000 I was stopped. But I would just want to keep going and I want to do an update tomorrow. Also. So yesterday I only shared Let me see. Two days ago I share to post this one which is performing really good. I showed you this already. And yesterday I shared just one of video. Here's the video. Got the 100. You see the inside? So 72 legs. 14 comments Want somebody saved it. It's a really good indication if somebody saves your post, that's really good. The indication that they are interested in what you're doing. I got 362 impressions reached to wonder than 60 people and so on. So this is like a one minute video here. What I want to tell you got 120 something views. I shared this video also on my Facebook page. my personal Facebook page, which is I got like, 600 friends and I shared this. Let me see on Instagram. I shared this 16 hours ago and on Facebook. I shared it like 10 hours ago. So at night when nobody's on Facebook, I should, I think, one o'clock, indeed in the morning when where nobody was really on Facebook, like very few people on Friday are on Facebook. Yes, some people who are bored at the club or at the bar. There are Facebook. Either way on face with this video got like 200 something views in 10 hours. In 16 hours it got 120 on Instagram. No, what I want to say here you're limited on videos on Instagram. You can only share one minute videos, and, uh, if you really want to get into video, you should do. You should connect your INSTAGRAM account to your Facebook fan page account, share long form video on Facebook like more than a minute by 10 minute videos. Then just do a preview on Instagram and try to send people from Instagram to Facebook because videos are doing better on face Instagram. It's still as you can see for this picture. I got 100 likes. Let me see the steps 110 likes 11 comments. Uh, 400 impressions. 320 people reached. So still Instagram is a photo based application photo based platform. You highlight some stuff you're you highlight moments on instagram with photos. Videos are coming up still, but there's are doing much, much greater on Facebook. YouTube Another platform Facebook can you to make on instagram steel? You can be in 2017. You can build a huge a calm, great account, a great following. A great business, A calm for your company with pictures on. You don't have to do video because video is I know it's little bit difficult. Nobody, not everybody knows how to video. And so So this is what I wanted to share for today. I would just want to thank all of my father words here. If you follow me, I just want to say a big thank you to you. Probably this we go on the tomorrow, usually on Sundays. I have less engagement and probably a few people will on follow me and I would go back on the 1000 followers, but that's not important. Keep on sharing. Keep on building. And, as you can see, if I go into inside just like yesterday, it's this. It's growing slowly but is growing. It's hard, harder to do it. Then last year is going to be harder to do it. If you start later, you start in 2018. 2019. There's gonna be a lot of Instagram uses. Instagram just hit, I think. Last week Instagram hit 700 million users. That's huge. It's growing faster than Facebook Group back five years ago, and Facebook just hit two billion 2,000,000,002 billion with a B two billion users. It's incredible. And instagram, which means your customers are going to be on Instagram not just young people, but grandmas and grandpas going to be on Instagram just like there are on Facebook now. So this is for today. See, tomorrow I would do more updates. Have a nice we can't or have a productive weekend if you're working. See you. Bye bye 23. BONUS: Quick app tutorial for Instagram videos: Hey, guys, Welcome to this update video. I'm going to show you how to do videos for your instagram Really fast and cheap. I mean free. So all you need is on instagram account for the purpose off this video, I'm going to use my INSTAGRAM account, which is dedicated to Liverpool FC. You can see them screen to and what you need, you're going to need pictures or you're going to need videos now, pictures you can find online, it's easy. Or you have probably images for your niche for your product, for for which ever industry you are in. But if you need videos, I recommend Giffey or Jiffy. I don't know hearts pronouncement. Here you go. You can say this jiffy giffey dot com Here you can find gifts or chips. I don't know what's safe and you just download them. You moved into your phone and use an application called Quick and you're you're about done because the app is going to do the video for you. So let me show you I'm going to go over to my phone and show you how it's done. You going to open the F? Okay, guys. So this is the EP hope you can see. As you can see, I have other projects here, but after download the app, it is by go pro. So you know the action camera manufacturer GoPro. This application is by go pro. It's called Quick. They have other applications to go to the Android store or the iPhone store. They will find the application. It's called quick. It's easy. You download it, you open it up. It looks like this. If you want to try, add a new project and just hit the plus button, this will take it to your photos, and I'm going to go with videos. And I already downloaded a few videos like 626 seconds, eight seconds, videos from giffey dot com And I'm just going to psych told of the deals. If you can see I'm going to add it and the rest is done by, As you can see, it's already done. So now you're you can see the main video on the top. Under the video, you have different styles, so I'm going to You can see they're just different styles. You have the box and you can shoot whichever you want. You can choose whichever you want, so let's go with the action on the bottom, you will have the style. So on the bottom you have a little menu. You have the style you show, choose the style. Then you can choose the music. So you have here free library music can use. You can okay for travel and here to move to the right of the Amro's. You have different music. That's about it. If you want to put your own music, you can do it. You just hit the right button on the go to until it goes to music library. You open up the music library and it goes to the screen. If you want, you can download the music library from quick. It's about 300 megabytes sick and downloaded that. Then you can edit you're, ah, videos offline or just hit on the bottom right corner. You have my music. Then it will open your music from your phone and you can choose or on the stock Agencia plus you can add, or you can use it from who will drive or from Dropbox, whatever. So this is how you had the music? Okay, that's about it. So the turned on the menu is the frames. So the first frame IHS some sort of a text so you can edit it if you just click on it. It says a Saturday afternoon. Today is not Saturday. I don't know why it's saying Stay Saturday. Either way, you can just put here like goals, not goals, skills by Liverpool players and it to him. Then you can go to the second slide, which is this one, by the way. You can highlight it Highlighted. You can add text on it or you can add some. What kind of stupid stuff you can it text. So for me No, this is the player. You can add the worth or it's called for me. No. Okay. You can delete it. You can highlight some aspirin off the video. If it's too long, you can highlight that. Then you hit. Okay. Then you can trim the video. You can rotate the video. You can take out the sound of the video. You can speed it up if you wanted to show it fast, slow regular. Actually, I want to show this and really slowly slow. Then you can fit it If you want that the video is enough. The instagram format. You can't fit it in like this or it takes off the middle. Okay, you can duplicate one slide one bit and you can do this for the old video. So that's about it. You can play around here you can duplicate. You can add more clips if you want. You just hit this button and it would take it to the photos. You can't. If you want more, you just hit the kill. Then the last one is setting secrecy. Dulue, you can choose the format if it's square portrait or cinematic. So you have this cinema square and the portrait for Instagram. Obviously you go for the square, Just hit. Okay, let's get OK and you can choose the duration. And this is really cool because it shows what is the maximum length the EP can do with your videos or photos. And the maximum here is two seconds. Because of these videos are bullish worked and you can choose like this is great for instagram. Total duration, great music ending if you put 29 seconds So as you know you can't put videos on Instagram up on tier one minute, so keep it under a minute. If you have and I know a lot of pictures or longer videos, then make sure it's under one minute and you just said OK, and you can choose when the music starts from the beginning in the middle of what they're. So that's about it, and the last option is to say so. Let's go well worth again. 1st 1 to choose the style you want the video in, and second, you can choose the music or you and your own music. Then you can play around in the with the slides. With the clips you can rotate Treem and so on. And last one duration music start and format here. Also, you press long. I mean, this is on the iPhone. So should go back to the 1st 1 to choose the style. You can add filter to the video, so I chose the action style. I'm going to press it for a long time and let it go, and you can choose the format format of text or you can put some filters on it. Oh, you can chew the graphic, some graphics. Honestly, I don't think this is the last one with restaurants either, where you can choose some fielders here to make it look vintage black worldwide's. That's about it. I'm going to choose this feat that you hit. Okay, Let's see what I produced here in life on, um, in a few minutes. So Okay, lets see. You can see I can choose here to edit it so I can add a text here. I wanted to slow and I want some text because this is ah on this is another player. So I went just solar here. So if you me know, Saleh, this is for me no, again on you can see stadium whatever. You just hit, OK, And it's in the app actually does this really fast. You need a good phone to do this, but the EP edited really fast, So let's see and that's about it. I said, I'm going to take off the filter because it's too dark. Once you're done, just hit safe. You have different options. You can publish it the right onto instagram. What's a phrasebook messenger and slapped with whatever you can do? Also story so you can if you do it in portrait mode. You can add Snapchat videos, instagram videos to the stories. And so and the last option is photo library and you just click saved two photo library. It will download the the video. Then it will be in your camera roll just had done. You can see it now. I have two projects here, and that's about it. I'm going to go over to videos. And here you go. Here is the video. 29 seconds. That's about it. So I hope this helps you create awesome videos. Don't forget, uh, jiffy dot com Quick app. And that's about it. You needed these two tools basically or pictures, and that's about it. You can make awesome videos really fast. Thank you. 24. BONUS: February 2018 Instagram algorithm update: Hello, everyone. Welcome to this video. I want to talk about Instagram algorithm. So this is a two dozen 18 January update. They just released some new stuff and they changed the algorithm again. What this means? It means we have to change our strategy. We have to change our tactics and we have to change just a little bit about everything on how we do. Instagram, First of all, history says that only 10% of your followers will see your posts. So whenever you share something a nice picture video on Lee 10% of your father was received . So if you have 1000 followers, 100 people will see that post and those 100 people would be the most active followers you have anyways, 10% through only 10%. Visibility is the same thing they did with Facebook as Facebook owned Instagram. And this is what they did. They showed your post to a lot of your followers. A lot of people who like then they decreased it continuously. Not they're doing the same thing with this diagram. Why? To buy ads. They make it to buy ads to be visible on instagram the same thing they did with Facebook. Okay, moving on number two. They talk about early engagement, so early engagement. They don't specify what early engagement means. Probably early engagement means that if you share something, 10% of the people the followers will see if they engage with your content being like comment or they click on it, they save it because you get our car, you can save on instagram note. And if the interaction is good, they were sure to a lot of 10% of your followers. So if you let pretend you have 1000 followers, 100 people sees it, 50 of them like comment what they were the interim. They save it deeply common. Then history will show that piece of content to another 100 people if they interact again officially, to more and more. And this is how the Instagram algorithm were so early engagement. Make sure that your followers a genuine so nobody engagement is counted. Comments are not counted heart or just thumbs up. Those comments are not counted, so this brings me to update number three. Instagram changed the engagement or gorilla, so if you post a response, comment to a picture on another con. So your friends shares something You want to comment and you Onley add like a little heart or off comes up or I love this. Those are not counted as and those are not counted. So if you you're responding, if you're engaging, you need at least four words to be counted as engagement. So I love this is not enough. I love this picture is enough the same way If you share something that somebody comments just a little hard terms up or good pick or good image or whatever, it is not counted this engagement. Why? Because there are a lot of Instagram butts out there. You know what is an instagram? What? Basically, although mates all the commenting and everything on instagram, they're not counted. That's why they want to measure real engagement. Oh, and also emojis don't count this work. So if you put four emojis five emojis six emojis, it doesn't count as engagement you need to write down words And if you received thumbs up I love this photo stuff like that. It's nothing competent as engagement and your visibility decreases. That's it. OK, moving on the last thing I want to talk about is the one minute rule. So what is the one minute rule? Instagram just announced it. So if you share a picture and somebody comments on your picture, whatever the comment, that doesn't mean if they common something on your picture and you don't respond in one hour in 60 minutes, then your visibility decreases. You respond in two days, three days, more than an hour. Your visibility is going to decrease. Mr. Graham will consider your content. Not that engaging. You will not respond, so they really try to be the community around here. This is this is how it is. So these are the updates. I hope you will learn. Make sure you check out the new update on hash days because instrument changed that, too, but is so complex that I made a whole new video about only hash tax. So thank you for listening. I hope this helps. And this does not mean that is the premise over actually is becoming more and more than your Facebook for brands, for personal branding, for for engaging for social media is the new cool thing. Why they're doing this so simple Answer is they want to DEET and smoke out all the fake accounts, all the instagram pots and really create profiles and help people who engage with certain brands, certain people and make it more of a feeling of a community. This is not a bad thing. The bad thing is, it's not. That is going to be harder to grow your engagement. That's it. But if you have good content Oh, no. One more tank and the 50 don't end. So if you post on instagram and you made a mistake, a spelling mistake or you didn't write something you didn't put in the hashtag or whatever , do not edit that picture because, yes, the women considered this spamming condoms. Spending it will not immediately decrease your engagement or your visibility on the platform, but edits are not welcome. So what? What you have to do is if you if you see a mistake, a spelling mistake or you in your picture or in your captions, just just delete it and re upload it. So that's about it. Thanks 25. BONUS: March 2018:Instagram Hashtag Algorithm Update March 2018: Hello guys. Welcome to this video. I'm going to talk about hashtag X. You can see it in my other video yesterday Changed it all rhythm and I mentioned five things you have to pay attention to in the other video now they also made some changes to the hashtag. First of all, you can follow hash sticks if you didn't realize it. Now if you put in a hashtag in the search, you can follow that hashtag So if you put in I don't know KFC or McDonalds or whatever Hashtag if you put in a hashtag, you can follow the hashtag and you will see the top nine post and then you will see the recent post that used that hashtag. Now I told you before this how to use Hashtags in this course. So what was the trick with Hashtags? So you uploaded your picture. You ruled a nice capture And in the first comment you put 30 hash tasks which are related to your niche to your product, to your business, to whatever you're trying to do on Instagram Now Instagram changed this because they see that this way you can get more visibility and they just updated there are over them. And now whatever you put in the comments or anybody puts in the comments a hashtag it is not considered. And you can see this really clearly with I tested this and this is so true is you've put Hashtags in the comments. It is not working anymore. So you have to put your hash tax in the captions in the post right below the picture. Now, it really looks bad if you put 30 hashtags and this is the grand found out that they still allowed 30 hash sticks. But the recommended with the new algorithm that you recommend the number is five yet five, only five. So if you put on a motivational coat or something, you say something motivational in a video, you have to choose five hash sex. And if you choose big hashtags like motivation or motivational, those hashtags are used by millions and millions of people, and your post will get lost. You will not get any visibility or exposure to that post. So make sure you find hash tax for example, for motivation. Maybe find motivational codes. Motivational Monday motivational, Whatever. You can do this by just put Go to search, Click the tags and Putin Motivation and you will see hash takes. So I recommend you find Hashtags death or between 20,000 and 100,000. So people used that hashtag but not in the millions. You will get more visibility on. The smaller country will get into the top section for that hashtag and you will get more visibility will get more lives, more engagement. And that way you will increase your followings and you would increase engagement on your page. Okay? I told you the other radio also no edits. So you upload a picture, you see a mistake in your picture or in the caption, or you forgot to put in the hashtags in the captions and delete that post and re uploaded the right way because Instagram doesn't like at it. So don't know going back to the hash sticks. I recommend you use 5 to 10 hash sticks. You can test this so you put in five hedge days in next supposed to putting 10 hash sticks and captured that you will see which one performs better. Maybe you can use 10 hash sticks Either way, stick to five that number is kind of OK, the algorithm off history doesn't spend you right the way. Views five hash day. So even if you use 10 I tested it. It's OK. What time problem, David Decrease Because they consider that you just used too many hash tax. Okay, Another thing about hashtag X. If you heard the word about shadow Ben, I talk about this in my courses and I've been asked about this shadow banning means that you're if you put in too much hash tax your post, discuss your considered spamming because we're trying to get his ability. And Instagram does not show that post end in the Explorer page or in the hashtag sections. So here's what you have to do. There is a side called Shadow Band. I don't know what it's along. I link it up below this video. You can see it somewhere. Oh, down somewhere here for his shadow, ben dot i don't know. You go there, you put in your your user name and you will see the last post if it's banned or not. If it shows up for those hashtags you use or not or you can go and put in the l off that post. If you want to see for one post, just copy the u. R. L put it here on this website and it will show if its shadow bed or not Basically, shadow banking means that Instagram will not show that post in those hashtags used in those Catholic girls. It will lose which visibility will lose exposure. That's about it. I hope you don't overuse hashtags. They are still important. You can still ask your followers to follow your hashtag that you are using For example, for my cunt for the for the next gauges account, I have the hashtag lfc gauges and I asked my followers in stories to follow this hashtag most of the people do. I don't know. It's a good way to remind them to follow you because even if they don't follow where account or they follow your come and they follow also, the hashtag you use in every post, they will see your content. Do you get it even if they don't follow him? But they follow the hashtag that used in the report They were CIA post most probably because in the feet 90 where you're getting post from people you follow and the hashtag says you follow. So that's the biggest update there. Okay. And one last thing about hashtag X. So there are a lot of APS and I talk about these abs. Probably before you can choose a knish and find 30 hashtags for that. And use that those 30 hashtags in every picture for every post you make. Now you can use five. Now you can still have the list, but what you have to do is mix it up. So if you posted a motivational coat, use five hashtags related. If you post the next time another motivational coat don't use the exact same five hash sticks. Find new ones imposed with that. So put in the caption, but make it different because if you repeat this process off putting the same hashtag x all the time, the same five or 10 hashtags and every post is the Graham will find it out. And they were shadow Man, you shadow Manny. You know what? You were not show up in any of the search or in the suggested page in the Discover page. That's about it. Keep hustling. Keep growing. Your instagram keep growing your influence. Thanks. See you 26. BONUS: March 2020 - How to make Instagram and Facebook videos: how to create awesome social media videos if you are not the filmmaker or a video coming up right now. So if you're into marketing, if you have a social media agency and you don't know that video marketing is on the rise, you need videos for YouTube for so social media, for instagram or Snapchat for tic tac for Facebook story and so on, and you don't know how to make it. I thought I strongly suggest to follow this video. I'm gonna show you what kind of software you. So I'm just going to show you on my left up the video and I'm going to walk you through all of the stages of this application. I hope you will like it. Let me know in the comments, and if you like the video subscribe, hit the valve and let's get into it today. So if you want to create a Social media videos for your company or for your clients and you're not the video maker you're not. The film editor cannot shoot videos. I strongly suggest you used on online video editor and the one that we use, and my team uses his in video so all you have to do is go to in video that I owe. The link is down below, and here's the landing page. The offer. So let me introduce this blast from really quick. It's a basically, it's a dragon drop experience. You can just add images like the color scheme at text, and the rest is done by in video. It's a club based application software, so you can access it online anywhere from a laptop. That here's what I really like about in video is that they have over three million stock footage is, and if you pay for the premium, you have premium library of over one million videos. So these are videos that are royalty free, just like stock photos. These are stock videos. You don't have to worry about copyright and trademark stuff like that. And another cool feature really like is the ready made templates. So let me just log in and show you how it looks like from the inside and show you a couple of examples. You sign up and log in. This is the main page off in video, so here's the main page that will greet you here on the plateau stance on you will have the categories, and here on the main page you will have three options. You have the pre made templates article to review and blank templates. So if you're more of a professional, you can start off with a blank template. I don't recommend that article toe video. I want to show you this one because this is really cool. If you have some articles and you want to create like a text based video and also the most often used by me and my team is the pre made templates because, as you can see, this is the most interesting one and the most easy one. So you just have to start if you want to do a Facebook story. Instagram story. Instagram posts YouTube landscape or use news feed for Facebook. Just select the format and you can school down here. You can see what is hot. Unfortunately, what this health right now is the Koran, a virus? No. OK, moving on. You have the editor speak brand essentials. March calendar video ads. They have really good video ads, templates. This is what we use for our clients to create the awesome looking videos. So let's just start with the before we start. I want to show you right here on the top, right corner here we have the settings and I just want to go into the brand presets just really quickly and show you what you can do here. So during the French assets, what you can do here is pretty simple. You can't right here your brand name. I just walked my name here. You can choose the, uh, type face and you cannot hold your lover's. I'm going to open really quick my local, just to show you what in video does to choose this one. Here it upwards here, down you can create. You can put your facebook page twitter, handle instagram, handle YouTube channel links here or basically text and you can choose to default. Lee create an end clip. So doesn't matters. Yes, it does not matter if you create pre mates template videos or you create Article two videos or blank canvas. We do. It will put an end upon each reduce. I'm going to hit, save and want to show you what it does. So let's just go start over here and let's say I want to create not the pre made templates , but I want to create an article to video time. So let's go with the less say yes, the story. As you can see, the templates down here change to the instagram story format, which is Portico. I'm going to go with this one right here. See the previewed, the template. Just select you this template and the editor will start up. Okay, so we want to keep a headline. So let's call the headline is, uh Eatzi's first our you can add the story. And if you have the story here, I mean the first paragraph. Then you can add a second line and third line to so these will be creating scenes. You will see. You will see I was going to hit. Thanks. Enter the video main editor. It will look something like this. So on the ra left hand side. So on the left hand side, you will have all the stuff all the media you can. So we prompted. We wrote the first line, the second line, the headline and so on. You have the script for this article, and this is how it looks like you can see here is like a timeline right here with old the scene. Well, this seems I told you that the 1st 1 is a headline in the 2nd 1 is a story lie the 3rd 1 and the last one is I told you, if you upload your logo and your handles, it will create on out trope video sequence the scene which is called also on end clip So you can edit each any of this. So let's just go to the 1st 1 and maybe you want to change the picture or upload a video or cheese a video. So I'm going to search here for dark really quickly on the videos. It was sure all the videos with dogs and can preview it by clicking it. It will show up right here. And if you want to add it to your video, just drag and drop it right here. Here with it will ask you if you want all the length of the video, which is I cannot see it from my big face, which is 24 seconds. But obviously you can call the video to be Onley five seconds, for example, just try boom. That's it? Yes. I just wanted to be a five second long. I'm just gonna hit done with my face back here. Okay, So you do it the 1st 1 and it will appear. And as you can see, I chose a were not the vertical with your butt landscape one. And here's how you can edit it. Just sell like the first scene we just hit edits It will open up a new window which will show the advanced editor in a similar fashion. On the left hand side, you have all the media you connect and you can see it appeared more stuff here on the left hand side, like stickers affect shapes enhancers. You can also upload your own video And here on the right hand side, you just going to select each element. For example, the title, the headline and you can edit it here on the right hand side. If you want to delete and you just hit save on the video, it will deleted. And it will make the size even smaller, as you can see. And, uh, let me show you. I'm going to select the video. I'm going to edit the video right here. I just want to crop the frame because I told you this is a story video and I chose a landscape videos. I'm going to crop it. So I wanted to hit Croft and in video with show which way I can crop this video so I can select. As you can see. Maybe I wanted the eyes and the noise off the dog to be in here. And once you you're satisfied, use had done and automatically it will crop the video in such fashion after you're done editing your scenes or the background, the texts, the different layers, the playback speed. You have also re sizing options. Video animation options. What's your old done right here on the bottom? Right corner, where my faces it's just going to hit safe and boom and you're prompted back, brought back to the storyboard and, for example, you want to edit the second scene just in the singular fashion. Just drag and drop the video or images here and you hit, edit, and you can add it. So I want to show you, for example, if I want to and it I want to add like a social post here, for example, a tweet. Just select here from the drop down menu social. You can add that you are here. So I'm going to go to my Twitter. I want to copy a tweet I made about a video. I'm going to fetch it. Right. Your coffee Paste it. I won't to fetch the data. And as you can, you will see that it will fetch all the data from Twitter. It will fetch. As you can see, Let me hit the Eddie toe are too. So against even bigger. It will appear my profile. Picture my hand or my name. The Twitter level Twitter color brand colors and also the tweet. And if you want to edit issue, just sell like the elements you want to edit. And on the right hand side, basically, just that is what you want. And as you can see ideal it it a couple of sentences here and in video Made the text to fit right there. Made the text even bigger. So it looks great. So you don't have to have video editing skills. So once you're done, you just hit save right on the bottom. Right corner. I'm not going to save this? No. And also you have the addressed at interview which looks like this. As you can see on the left hand side, you it will appear a little bit of more options or the advanced options. Stickers affect shapes and so on. And the right hand side stays the same with editing the elements off the video. And the timeline comes down here in the bottom and you can select which see, you want to edit. You can delete and more scenes. Just select another scene and edited once you are done, just hit preview and export. As you can see every item of 5% 10 seconds if you edit something if you moved to move something, if in venue will save it automatically, so we will not lose any data. So this is the article to video. Once you're doing just review and export it, it's really easy. Let me go back to the main site right here and show you the second option that we always and most of the time uses the pre made templates. So all you have to do is choose what you want to create for lead for this example. Let's just go with a YouTube landscape Medio just selected here. Then you can see all the categories right here. What is hot? What is just added? Basically they have over 1500 templates and they are adding more and more each week. They are working their ass off, as you can see, and they are ending a bunch, a bunch of new templates. And I'm pretty sure it does not matter in what type of industry or niche you are, you will find a template that is good for you. So they just go with. I just go with the restaurants because I have a restaurant client, and, uh, and the end. I also want to show you a video about it. I cannot find here. So I'm going to pull here in type restaurant and let's see what templates came up. So if you want to square one, why Juan? And that's the art with this. This looks okay. I think we used this one already. Boom. And I want to use it as okay. This one is only only available in square. So for the sake of with, we create a lot of square videos for instagram Facebook because that's what we used to. I'm going to choose this template right here and show you how the editor looks like. Yes, they have the intelligence video assistant, which basically helps you at it. All the videos. Okay, this loaded pretty fast. I was expecting to be a little bit more so I chose the template. And as you can see, if you choose the pre made templates option, then you will be prompted. You will be headed straight into the advanced editor. Here on the left hand side, you have all the stuff you can end. And here on the right hand side, you can choose the each element, the logo, the background, the text and you can edited right here on the right camp side. And you can also see the second scene, Which is this one. That special menu you can see here, the third C and the last one, which is the basically your logo. Your, um your local in your contact information. And actually, it just added everything you want and you can create the video and that's it. So basically, you can preview it always. Obviously you can change the music if you don't like it, so I so forth. So if you do a preview here, I just want to tell you that sometimes the preview will not blow as good as and if not, play as good as the final export. But that's no problem, because and obviously and when you try to used in video on safari for other browser, it might not work. And there might be a glitch in so in video suggests that use Google chrome, which is what I use for this purpose. And I want to so show you a small, short video that we created for our client here. So this is the video. Obviously this is square radio and let me play it for you. I don't know if you can hear the sound is also sound for this video. Do we can menus? So basically what we did here is so basically what we did there with the video is that we added the images taken by a professional photographer. We added the text and we had their logo at the end and presented the weekly offer. So that was the video created, and after death, we advertised that on Instagram and Facebook and it's really works. Well, it really works well. So that's about it. If you have questions, please ask them in the comments. You will see this video in my courses on my YouTube channel. So if you have any questions, let me know below. Guys, let me know in the comments If you like this video, if you like this in video application, the link is non video. You can try it out. You can create a free account down with as many as as many. We deal once you can try everything I showed you. And if you like it, use it. This is what we use. We are more than satisfied with it. So thank you. See, even the next one.