Instagram Marketing made simple and practical: From scratch to 1000 real followers | Frici Barabas | Skillshare

Instagram Marketing made simple and practical: From scratch to 1000 real followers

Frici Barabas, Instructor, Marketer, Founder of Digital Lifestyle

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25 Videos (2h 22m)
    • Introduction to the challenge - Day 0

    • The power of Hashtags on Instagram - Day 1

    • How to measure your stats - Day 2

    • Trial and error - Day 3

    • Introduction to the follow/unfollow technique - Day 4

    • Your growth equals with the amount of energy you put in- Day 5

    • Step by step guide for the Follow/Unfollow hack- Day 6

    • Don't go crazy on following! - Day 7

    • Unfollow accounts that are not interesting- Day 8

    • Theme and testing different posts - Day 9

    • Recap of the tactics used till date - Day 10

    • What is shadow banning? - Day 11

    • Consistency is key... - Day 12

    • I started to post again...assessing the damage - Day 13

    • Testing out new type of posts - Day 14

    • New posting schedule & stories trick - Day 15

    • How to switch to Business Account & Instagram Analytics - Day 16

    • Making friends on Instagram - Day 17

    • Post notifications - Day 18

    • Testing out the captions - Day 19

    • Keep posting stories to get more exposure- Day 20

    • Reached the 1k and why post videos on Instagram - Day 21

    • BONUS: Quick app tutorial for Instagram videos

    • BONUS: February 2018 Instagram algorithm update

    • BONUS: March 2018:Instagram Hashtag Algorithm Update March 2018


About This Class

Instagram has 800+ million users worldwide! Your target audience is most probably active on this social network, so YOU have to be present on Instagram in one way or another.  

In this short course I challenge You to get started right away and grow your presence on Instagram. Nobody talks about getting how to get started on Instagram from 0. Although, I think it is the most important thing because it is actually hard to do it. 

At first, it looks impossible and it takes up a lot of energy. Most people give up after a week or so. 

My advice is to not give up and follow the process because it will fruitful in the long term. Whether you want to grow your personal or business Instagram profile, this course will help you get started.


I will teach simple techniques and show you how I grew my personal brand account from 200 to 1000+ in a short period without spending on ads or getting shoutouts from big accounts.

The videos are simple and raw. I did not focus on editing the videos. I say the same things multiple times because that is what is practical.

Who should enroll in this course?

This Instagram course is suitable for people who have less than 1000 Instagram followers

This course is NOT for You if you’re looking to learn super advanced strategies

What you will inside this Instagram course?

  • 20 lectures of what I did to grow my account
  • Tips on how to create images with free tools
  • Growth hacks
  • Tools to measure your growth
  • How to create a strong and appealing profile
  • How, When, What to communicate

What will you able to do?

By the end of this course, you'll have skills that will help you build a community of Instagram followers. 

Hope yo see you inside!


Instagram: @fricibee





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Frici Barabas

Instructor, Marketer, Founder of Digital Lifestyle

Hey! This is Frici...

I love teaching people and offer valuable information. I also like to travel and work online.

My goal is to help You kick-start your digital career and design your dream lifestyle. I know that sounds kind of...ambitious but hey... got to aim high!

I want to help 100.000 people with my course(s). Currently, I have 20.000+ students in my first courses. Long way to go...

Here's a short story about me:

I've been making my mark online for 4 ...

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