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Instagram Marketing: Ultimate 30 Days Action Plan For Growth

teacher avatar Justin White

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

31 Lessons (1h 25m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. TIP #1: How to create a content plan

    • 3. TIP #2: Know your best posting time to schedule later

    • 4. TIP #3: Shooting techniques

    • 5. TIP #4: Retouching techniques

    • 6. TIP #5: Instagram Stories (part 1) - Days

    • 7. TIP #6: Instagram Stories (part 2) - Locations

    • 8. TIP #7: Profile Grid Diversity

    • 9. TIP #8: Instagram Stories Diversity

    • 10. TIP #9: Making it FUN (part 1)

    • 11. TIP #10: Making it FUN (part 2)

    • 12. TIP #11: Instagram business account vs personal

    • 13. TIP #12: Series of images

    • 14. TIP #13: Profile grid look

    • 15. TIP #14: Make Your Instagram Stories Look Great

    • 16. TIP #15: Awesome image captions

    • 17. TIP #16: Emoji in your captions and descriptions

    • 18. TIP #17: Tags and tagging people

    • 19. TIP #18: Hashtags magic

    • 20. TIP #19: Using Instagram Direct the right way

    • 21. TIP #20: Bot services - Pros and Cons

    • 22. TIP #21: Consistency the right way

    • 23. TIP #22: Links

    • 24. TIP #23: Buy Exposure

    • 25. TIP #24: Bio & CTA

    • 26. TIP #25: Reposts

    • 27. TIP #26: Seed your content

    • 28. TIP #27: Save & Reuse

    • 29. TIP #28: Learn new Instagram strategies this way

    • 30. TIP #29: Monetizing Your Instagram Account


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About This Class

Instagram Marketing: Ultimate 30 Days Action Plan is a course, that will show you the exact strategy on how you can grow your Instagram account by adding one new marketing tip every single day.

Marketing strategies given in this course are easy to apply to any kind of Instagram accounts - business or personal.

You can perceive this course as Instagram marketing 101 - everything you need to know will be covered here.

This course is a great fit for you because it contains real-world marketing strategies & tactics for developing different types of Instagram accounts.

You'll discover different strategies for Instagram which gave amazing results in 2020, and also which one will be trending in 2021.

This course will cover up different apps and services for Instagram which will simplify the processes of content creation, curation, and distribution for you.

You'll learn how to automate all the processes starting with creating a content plan to creating actual content and marketing it to your audience.

Also, you'll get a few PDF downloads - checklists, templates, and cheat sheets to get you up and running.

We will cover the differences between Instagram business and personal accounts, talk about collaborations with influencers, and I'll explain why you shouldn't buy Instagram bots and how to grow Instagram followers organically.

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1. Intro: Tip number one, what do we want to get from your Instagram account before we started this course, let's talk about its main idea. Why do we want invest time in your Instagram account? To most common scenarios where you have your Instagram account are personal or for business. Dependant on this, you'll spend more or less time on it. And if you are using Instagram for business, it will require some strategical thinking and preparation. By the end of this course, you'll understand what to do every single day to make your account grow and give you expected results. Here, I have few examples how you can describe your perspective. Right now. You want to gain followers. You want to gain more likes. You want to gain more Instagram Stories, views. You want to gain more comments and engagement. You want just to increase sales and sell your stuff. You want to get exposure and recognition, or you want to combine goals mentioned above. And here comes the most interesting part. First, you need to understand what goals you need to achieve in the next 90 days. A common mistake is that lots of people sings and bots and likes can help them to sell more. But it's not necessarily true. Or you don't want to sell Anniston, you want just to increase your exposure. And this is a completely different story. No matter what is your main goal, all you have to do to be successful with it is to spread the right message to the right people at the right time. And now let's take a look why if you are not representing any business, but one, just to get in touch with some people. Try to talk more about your hobbies and interests. It will help you to gather people with the same interests and increase your comments. Tell stories, more text you'll add under your images, more time visitors will stick around it. Also stories help to remember what was seen on photo or a video. Imagine that you are the owner of the local barber shop in your city. Your main goal as a business owner is to get booked solid, and increase your revenue. To achieve this, your number of likes and followers not really mattered too much. If everyone like and subscribe to your account. But you don't see lots of new customers every day. It's a useless strategy. That's why you should know your audience and talk only to them. If 80% of subscribers are from different regions and cities, you can't count on them. So your main goal is to focus on local people, gelled tax and interest tax. That's how you'll get most of your account. What to do if your business is worldwide? First of all, you need to decide what language preference is used by your customers. If they speak mostly Spanish, don't use too much English in your posts or tried to combine them. Second, tried to use different gear locations and find which one works the best. Don't limit yourself just to boundaries of your city. You want to know the exact steps to implement this. Let's move on to the next lecture. 2. TIP #1: How to create a content plan: Now let's make a first step to making your account grow really fast. And this first and very important step is to delivering regular content's straight to your audience. Before we move on in this lesson, I want you to make a short but very important exercise which will help you to improve quality of your content. First of all, take a piece of paper and write down any ideas you have in your mind. Which type of pictures or videos you can post in your account, which will be interesting for your audience. Tried to became someone from the crowd to whom you will show your content and tried to imagine what will be interesting for them. It could be anything, it could be any kind of big shares or any kind of videos if you're making your Instagram account for your personal needs. But if you want to use it for business, tried to add some kind of products or lines of products which you can deliver or sell to your audience and write down everything in the next five minutes. Okay. Congratulations, now you're done. No matter how many topics you write down on your paper, I will give you a lot of ideas right now in this second part of this lesson. But before we move on to this part and I share all my ideas, I want you to understand some basic principles and application which will help you to improve and major content plan. Really great. Alright guys, so now I want to share with you some of my latest tips which are used to create great content plan. And I will hope that they will help you a lot. The first tip is this PDF PNG image. I downloaded it about two years ago on a digital marketer website. And it really helps me to generate ideas for my blog posts and for my Instagram posts. And it's really huge inspiration if you have lack of ideas. So let's see closer what we have here. Actually this file will be included into downloads so you can downloaded anytime and use it for creating your content ideas. So this mind-map is divided into a few categories. As you can see, it's bu human be promotional, be controversial BY engaging, be timely, be entertaining BY generals, and be useful. And all of these branches is divided into a few sub-branches which have actually ideas for topics or four posts, how I use it. First of all, I try to use one of these branches every single day. So let's say human is for Monday, promotional is for Tuesday and so on. You can just use it clockwise and change every branch, every single week. So let's say in the first week, you can make inspirational posts. Then on Tuesday you can make comparison passed. On Wednesday, you can make what if posts and won the next weeks come in, you can just change it to a next sub-branch. You can download this least in download materials for this lecture and make sure that you use it because it's really good. Next tip I want to give you is Google Spreadsheets. Actually, it's really easy for use. But the main idea here is that TO create five different categories for your content and create, let's say, a content plan for your publications. Before we move further, I want to make some hint. You will not use this spreadsheet on a regular basis. Actually, you will just need to users once or twice to make some ideas pop out. So let's see how to use it. Here, you can find five different categories. The first one is about you, all images that are about you, where you are. The main subjects need to be bowed down here in this category. Try to take from five to ten minutes and to fill in the blanks, Let's say about 20 rows in this spreadsheet and tried to fill them out with your ideas. The first row is you. So try to write down 20 different types of content which you can post into your Instagram account. Next one is someone else. It could be anyone. It can be your girlfriend. It could be some quote in the front of mountains from your recent trip. It could be just a interesting picture. Anything where main subject is not you. It could be your friends, it could be just some scenery panoramas. And missing and the idea is the same, Tried to feel up to 20 rows. The third column is your product. If you are using Instagram for business, try to write down some ideas how you can show up your product. Let's say if you are selling spinner, you can just make a picture of you holding the spinner and your shop is in the background. Next image could be your happy customer. And we will talk about the contests and how to make pictures and how to receive features from other people in the next lesson. So I will not focus on this right now. The third could be just lots of colorful boxes of your product. Next could be another happy customer, and so on. And try to feel as much as you can in this column. Next column is vidoes. This is the force kind of content. And you can just make a short videos and also you can cut it from your DSLR or other camera. If you have one, it could be you're skating. It could be your riding a bicycle eating ice cream. And this could be created and looped like a boomerang, and so on. Try to feel as much as you can. And the last column is stories which disappear in 24 hours. And here it could be anything from your everyday life. Let's say if you just start your day at seven AM and finish, come back home and 06:00 PM, you can just make a really simple pictures on your way from home to work or from work to home, or wherever you are and posted just on the go. Try not to reattach it too much. Try not to think too much what to shoot. How to shoot, just make pictures and post it to your Instagram Stories. And in the next lessons, I will explain you why you need it every single day. And also you can just brainstorm and write as much ideas as you can. So this exercise is made just once or twice because you don't need to use it on a regular basis. But for now, when you finish it, it will give you a lot of ideas how you can use your Instagram account and what kind of content you can generate every single day. Next thing that I use on a regular basis is Google Calendar. Here you can try to figure out which posting times are the best and just mix and match your content. So it became not boring to your audience and it has different posting times. So let's say for the next two weeks, like 15 days or so, just write down every single time when you post something to your Instagram account here in a separate calendar, you can create it under calendar, And here under my calendars, you can just create a new calendar. I named this one Instagram. And as you can see, it doesn't touch my personal or work calendars. So when you post something, let's say you're on the beach, as you can see, it's first picture here. The next one is a quote, and the next one is holding spinner. So as you can see, we just move through this content categories. And every single image or video is different on its nature. Like the first one is about Hugh, The second one is about someone else. The third one is about your product. Then you have vigor. And in the middle of all these four kind of content, you have your Instagram Stories. And here on this timeline you can see very clearly how it looks like on a single day basis and another day, you have another time and you can just try different ones and try not to make like DES. So all your content is posted on indifferent times. So it's a visual representation for you when you post your content. And after a few weeks, you will just be good to pause it without this calendar. But understand how and when the best time to send a new post. And the last tip for you is to make notes on the work done every single evening. I encourage you to write down it for at least two, maybe three weeks, and write down all the insights that you get after sending out content to your audience. Let's say Yesterday I realize that it's easier to prepare a certain images for one week in advance. And the post damn by a Content plan guidelines. In the next idea is to prepare some funny images for hello and in advance. Next one is ask for a few pictures with a spinner from your customers and make content and prepare maybe some price. And every single evening when you write down all your ideas and all your insights, it's mainly for you, easier to look back where you started and where are you now? And in one month, you can just remember when you started what you were doing and what you're doing now. So you can see a real progress in your work and you can see real progress on growing your Instagram account. Good luck. Try all of these dips and see you in the next lesson. 3. TIP #2: Know your best posting time to schedule later: Okay, welcome to the next lecture and now we will talk about best posting times. I'm pretty sure that you heard a lot of times that there's like a few opinions about this. When is the best time to make your posts in Instagram? Some people say it's could be like eight o'clock in the morning. Someone could say it's the middle of the day. And ASOR opinions are the best time is to post just in evening. But for me and for my experience, I can tell you that there is no best posting times and let me explain why there is no best posting time in the first 30 to 60 days. That's why I want you to take the knowledge from the previous lecture and write down every single time you make a new post to your Google calendar, what time you made it. And after, say, 30 to 60 days, you can use your Instagram stats to see when you're audience is most active. And then you will decide, is that times when you post it right or wrong, and you can tweak them a little bit to make your posts really come out and the most impressions from your audience. So what I encourage you to do is to go to Instagram account and click in your profile on the insights tab, which is located in the upper right corner of the screen with four bars. Then you will see what times people actually watch and have insights on your posts. Then you will get some ideas. What is the best time for posting to your audience? And it will be a really, really died just to your audience. It will not be like the same with all audiences, so you need to figure it out on yourself. There is no a shortcut. Just write down in Google Calendar every single day when you make posts, then go to insights in the end of demands and tried to figure out what is the best time for posting. And before you do that, try completely different times. There is no best time and this is depends. It really depends from a lot of criterias. And the main criteria's are whether it could be like cold outside or it could be raining. That's why some people just want to spend time in their phone. Check the Instagram account. But when it's sunny and or one and good two, ASOR outside, people like to go hiking and walking the park, like span time with their friends, drink some coffee on the streets in a coffee shop. And they are not most likely, like checking their Instagram feed every single minute or hour net. Why? It depends. And also in the bands from the time of the year, depends from mood of your audience. It actually depends from your audience because different audiences, they have different like behavior, how they, I'm on Instagram. That's why you never can predict it. And the only way is just to make a simple test, run it down and after 30 to 60 days, you can figure it out. So good luck. Try different posting times and never hope that there is one best time. Just post, post, post Mike new pictures every single day, send them to Instagram. And you will receive a really good feedback from your audience. 4. TIP #3: Shooting techniques: Okay, welcome to the next lesson and now we'll talk about shooting. I mean, like shooting, making pictures with your smart phone or camera. And first tip that I want to share with you is the default camera app. When you go to Instagram, you can just like clique, the middle plus button, and it will open the default photo or video camera inside your app. And this, this camera, it's really bad. Just really bad because it compresses the quality, quality became wars may be five to ten times and your default camera. And also it makes a square picture so you got the edges of your image which make it smaller and you can never resize it. I mean, like you just lose that sides and you cannot get them back. So it's not cool. And what I encourage you to do is to use your phones default camera. If you have like n in default camera, it could make better images than the default camera inside the Instagram. That's why it's very important just to make pictures was your default camera and on the, them, send them to Instagram. Also, if you have a modern form, you can try to shoot URL. I have MY 5S as I showed you before. It's Xiaomi phone. Under Android. It has a really amazing camera. It's very similar to Google pixel. It may be not so good as iPhone seven or eight or Dam, but actually the quality of images is pretty amazing. And this camera, I have a feature to shoot in RAW, similar to DSLR cameras. When you can then send it to Lightroom or Photoshop and edited as like a real or, or file format. And you have much more opportunities to reattach this image to color correct it, and you have more wider amount of information to work with. So if your phone has a raw file format, just try it out, give it a shot and maybe you will like it. Actually, I experiment from time to time was rho file format. But for me, jetpack works really better just because it's easier to handle. I prefer sometimes just to reattach my images with some standard presets I created in Lightroom. And for some reason, I don't know why. For my this particular phone jetpack makes the quality a little better. I mean, not the overall quality of a machine, megapixels or like resolution sharpness, but just in colored treatment, Japan gives me better colors than row, even if I should draw and I try different presets, I get similar results, but with JPEG, the colors just to look more national and more juicy for me. But with other fonts I tried from my friends, I realized that are all on their phones. Sometimes work better. So you just need to figure out it just depends on your phone. And even if you have a DSLR or a mirrorless camera, like this one, I have Canon Power Shot J 7X marked to. You can just make pictures with this camera. It has this kind of screen. It's very handy. It's very easy to shoot with this camera and it shoots a really high-quality row images. Also sometimes I can make pictures with adjusts irregular GoPro camera. And then I send these pictures to my laptop and I retitle them in Lightroom, also a dive shop, sometimes in Photoshop and the species, they just start looking more amazing that than if they were taken just in JPEG. Because phone, it's I think it's pre-made to shoot in JPEG, but if you have another camera, it's much better to shooting raw and then reattach it. You will have much wider like gamut of information to work with and your results will be much better than regular JPEG. But on your phone you can just skip it and make it easier for yourself. And also just tried to combine different cameras. You can shoot one image resume, GoPro, you can shoot another image with your mirrorless camera. Then you can shoot another image with your phone. And you can shoot another image. Visit DSLR, which I'm shooting right now. And when images inside your account look different leg people noticed that some image could be wide with a GoPro, it's really wide or super wide. And other image should be with a blurred background on a DSLR. And another image, it could be really noisy, low-quality with this flash straight into the face. But people will notice that the content is constantly different. It's not the same all the time because in some Instagram accounts, I noticed that all the pictures are just perfect, lead to perfect. And when you watch it, it looks like some kind of website or portfolio and it doesn't feel human. So if you want to feel human in, if you want to have some relationship with your audience. I just know that different kinds of contents graded with different cameras in different qualities worked just much better than it will be like two perfect. So tried to combine it, mix and match, and you will have a really amazing results. Good luck and see you in the next lesson. 5. TIP #4: Retouching techniques: Welcome back. And in this lesson, I want to talk with you about reattaching How we can improve our images with the help of Lightroom, Photoshop, snap seed and ASOR apps. Actually, let's start from a mobile phone. As you know, there is like tons of different apps which you can use on your mobile phone. And the most commonly popular of them, snap seed. It's, I think number one in the market, in the app store or wherever you can download it. And this app is really amazing. It gives you like, opportunity to do wherever you want with your image. It works just totally fine with JPEG and withdraw file formats so you will have no disappointments and no problem to just surrender and export any file format. Also, I have a course about snaps yet you can just check other of my courses and it will be really handy for you to understand how to work with this app on your mobile phone. Also, there is a Lightroom version, four mobile phones and tablets, which you can use. I don't like it so much, but actually it's very good for working with raw file format. Also, the very, very, very popular is actually VSCO, dawn of people use it and it have this worldwide famous presets. But actually, I don't use this app anymore. I used two years ago and I was happy with it and it was the results we should Gave Me. But for now, I realized that snaps, it could do just everything with the possibilities of Lightroom and VSCO combined. So one single app and the world of possibilities. I just have a no-brainer to choose anymore. I just use snap sit on my phone and I can show it for you right now. That I know is if you can see I have snps ID, I have f-stop and I have portfolio. This two apps just help to categorize and flag and give some rating two images. Then later I can send it to a computer and it will synchronize that settings. Actually, I will add it under this video so you can download, like I'll add dealings below again, if you want to attach images, what is the first step? First step is to send them to snap seat if you want to be really fast to use retouching software straight on your phone. But if you have an extra time and when you preparing content for weeks upwards, I just hope that you will use your computer, your PC, and reattach images with Lightroom. So snap seeders, number one for your phone, then number two, his Lightroom on a PC or Mac, wherever US. Number three is for the shop, you can just add some extra touch to your images to make them look better. Or you can add some special effects filters which are not available in snap seed or in Lightroom. And also, I recommend you to use presets process are just amazing. If you check my course on a snaps YouTube will see that all the times I start with a preset that I, then I tweak it a little bit. I add some extra layers which are not in that particular preset. And then I can resave it and create a new preset. The same situation is with Lightroom one, I added images in Lightroom. I just open them. I tried to mix and match some settings. Then when I get that nice result I was aiming for and just save it as a preset. And also I add some extra naming to that preset so I can particular understand for what camera that percent is created like for GoPro, I have just a GoPro presets for my Canon small camera. I have presets for that camera and for my iPhone, I have another set of presets. And when I start retiring, I just start with some kind of preset. If I have a few ones, I just clicked through lamb and I tried to see does it fits to that image or none because depending on different shooting conditions, it could be like Sunny Day or it could be cloudy. It could be inside the building. It could be made with a flash was external flesh with some extra light. Like now, as you can see, I have a light here, light source and it has some colored temperature. So presets from the outside that doesn't match with the presets from the inside. So that's why I always receive them and I tried to name it properly. And then when I create a few presets, I just start with them. I tweak them and I received them and maybe once per month, two times per month. Just try to clean it up to keep it clean and neat and lets it. I have maybe ten to 20 presets for every camera and I start with them, then I tweak them, and then I save the image and I get really great results. So my bottom line is, you can save a lot of time when you're retouching on your PC or Mac. But if you're on the go, just use snaps it and you will achieve really great results. Okay, sayings, try experiment. I wish you have a great pictures with nice quality and see you in the next lesson. 6. TIP #5: Instagram Stories (part 1) - Days: All right, welcome back. And my next tip is about Instagram Stories is you can now stories are really powerful nowadays because everyone just wash them. Everyone. You can see that small bubbles on the top of your Instagram account and people just wake up, they go to Instagram and first one, what they see is stories. And only after stories they can see their news feed. So in most common scenarios, people start which stories and then move on on ASOR images or videos. And there is a cool feature inside Instagram stories, which not a lot of people know about. And this is tags with day of the week. As you know, you can go to that stickers when you create a story. And then you can see that there is like Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, whatever day it is now, Instagram just peaks the current date from your mobile device and it places it inside that stickers in that particular day. And when you can add that day of the week to your Instagram story, people actually can search it and they can see it in the tags or just into recommendations. And as you can see, there's like a lot of tags. And here, the top one, the first one is Monday. There are small like certain Melians posts with this hashtag. So if I go to Monday, I can see that actually there is like a feed with a lot of images here. And on the, on the top there is storing Instagram story was Monday. And if I click through the, through it, I can see like a lot of people from all around the globe which used that tag. I can just see XHR stories. And if the story is interesting and I can click on that particular person and subscribed to its account. So if you will use these days of the week, a lot of people will see your stories inside their feet or in their recommendations. And also another good like bonus for it is that one people just watch your stories and they didn't subscribe your account show up higher in the search or in their recommendations. So the more people can search you and what people can find you. That's why this very simple technique is very powerful. Just add to every single story you use day of the week. You can make it smaller, just size it down, put somewhere in the corner. Nobody will see it or we'll see it somehow if they use like looking glass. But it will be there, it will be there at that hashtag, will be inside your publication, which will move it higher and it will gain you more followers, more likes, and more views. Good luck, and see you in the next one. 7. TIP #6: Instagram Stories (part 2) - Locations: Now let's talk about locations which you are using for your Instagram Stories. The main tip is to use locations which makes sense for your audience. Let's say for the last four years, I was living in Bangkok, Thailand, but my main audience was from New York City, USA. That's right. I use tags from the New York City, nearby areas because they made sense for my audience. When people go to Instagram sears, they can see your images based on the location. And even if the pictures were made from completely different places, you can just use any location you like. And people will see your image linked to that location. Tried different locations because people can search in Instagram for a particular city or place which they are interested in. So if you did that exercise our stock in about a few lessons ago, you understand now how important it was, because right now you can clearly understand the picture and profile of your audience and realize what location xj shrink for adding tags with locations for your Instagram stories will actually help the storage to show up in the search for that particular tag. And if you Instagram story gets enough likes and views, it have all chances to became a top story of Instagram in that particular area. But we will talk how to achieve this in the upcoming lessons. See you and let's move on to the next one. 8. TIP #7: Profile Grid Diversity: Okay, this tape is very easy and the main idea is to mix and match your photos and videos when you post them to your Instagram account. The easiest way to implement this, as I told you before, is to use a Content plan. It will help you to understand how often post videos and photos and which one works the best. So I recommend you to start with five photos and one video combination boast five pictures than one V there. And again 5B EHRs, and again one video. And it will help you to make your account look a little bit different because it will have not just images in it, but also Vedas and what kind of videos and how to do them. I will explain you in the next class and just use it as a rule of tamp. Put one way there in between every five images and you are good to go. Well done. Just remember this rule and let's move to the next one. 9. TIP #8: Instagram Stories Diversity: And for this tip, I want to talk about different angle, but not for your main Instagram profile, but for your Instagram stories. As you realized in a previous lesson, it's very important to put one single video in between every five images and to realize what is the best combination and what number works best for your audience. But for Instagram stories, it works a little bit different. Tried to use more videos over images in your stories. And now I'll explain you why. When did people watch your Instagram profile? They can just scroll it like a portfolio and they know what to expect next. But when the people watch your Instagram stories, say completely don't know what to expect at and what will be next. So this is the main idea why you should use videos in your Instagram stories because people can easily skip them, but they can not fast forward or rewind. They can just watch it from the beginning till the end. And if you tried to put inside that 15 seconds or so, a lot of information and make this information useful and meaningful, people will actually watch it. And as you can understand, you can just give more ideas and more sense with the help of the Vidar than with the help of the images. So if you want to use your stories like for selling Samsung or to like moving forward some idea. You should definitely think about creating videos for your Instagram stories. You can write like a short script or you can make it just on the go. It doesn't matter. Just try to use more videos inside that stories than images and mix them with speak shares like usual. Again, dock more, use different angles and see you in the next lesson. 10. TIP #9: Making it FUN (part 1): Okay, let's move on to the next tip. As you know, people like fun and people like to make fun from themselves or from Azra people and especially do it and see it in Instagram. And to get most of it, you can use stickers as you know, when you post image to Instagram or when you post it to Instagram stories, you can just swipe up and you see a lot of this final stickers which can be added to your image. Just take a look here. Is you can see there's lots and lots of different stickers which can be added to the image. Sometimes they add a new ones, but you also have like a regular set of stickers which can be used. And it's really fun with the help of this stick is you can just add some more dimension to your image and make it more meaningful. Lets say if somebody is just sitting in the front of you and you might some image, you can add some unicorn to the background, or you can add some glasses. You can make this funny hat or this like party moved with the help of a lot of colorful papers flying around. And I use it all the time in my Instagram stories. People really like it and it's easy to remember. So when you add it, people will remember you. So stay connected to your audience, make a lot of fun and use stickers to make it even better. See you, good luck, and let's move to the next lesson. 11. TIP #10: Making it FUN (part 2): Actually this tip is very similar to the previous one, but it uses completely different approach and it's much easier to implement. Let's say if in the previous example you had to mind your own picture and then to add some stickers tried to make it fun. Actually, there is a lot of images already pre-made for you and you can just use them. As you know, there is a lot of different websites like nine gag and so on, which creates like South hundreds, hundreds, thousands of funny images every single day. So the idea is to go to that web sites. You can do it even from your mobile phone using the app or just going to web browser, download some images. And when you post some Instagram stories, you can just add that images inside your Instagram stories. As you knows, they will disappear in 24 hours. You don't have to worry about them. And in the next 24 hours you can just add some new images. The first time I saw it in my friends Instagram, once she posted one or two images in between others inside her Instagram story, Me, her friends really liked it and we start to post comments and to reply to this story because it was really fun it to see Samson connected to her main job which she was posting in her account. She's a fitness instructor and she always posting some funny images connected to her audience and everyone who watched, it makes them really smile. So I encourage to think what finally, images are really tied and connected to your audience and to try add them from time to time when you're publish other images into your story. Good luck and see you in the next lesson. 12. TIP #11: Instagram business account vs personal: Welcome back. In this video, I want to talk with you about Type of your profile. And to be more precise, I want to explain you why you should or should not convert to a business profile. As you know, there is two kind of different Instagram profiles. The first one is just a regular profile which people use as individual one. And the second type is a business profile is more advanced and it will give you a few extra so you can better understand your audience. So the first option which you will receive after converting your regular profile to a business profile, use contact info if you're representing and business, or you just have a small shop or some address where you want to meet with your customers. You can use this to put like email, phone, or street address, which will be represented straight under your profile picture is, is very handy. Let's say if you own a barber shop, people could easily find you're just clicking Show location. It will switch them to Google Maps and people will clearly see in which direction they need to go to find you. The second grade option which you will receive after converting to a business profile is analytics. It will show you how much impressions, views, likes, and comments yours from your audience and what is the exact time and date when you receive them. So let's say you want just to understand what is the best posting time. And as I told you before in the previous lessons, it is not possible without some sort of analysis. So this analytics will just lead you through all of these numbers and you can clearly understand what is the best time to post your picture or in what day you received more likes. So later on you can just tweak it, understand better and use that exact time for your new content and the CRT, as I'm sure, minor reason why you should convert to a business profile is the ability to around Instagram ads. If you want to pay money for your ads to show up in your followers feed, you should definitely switch to a business profile. So Instagram ads will give you an opportunity to show up your message straight and the front of the eyes of your potential customer. As an additional resource for this lesson, I added an infographic which will help you to understand. But do you really need to switch from individual to a business profile? Just take a quick look, see, and answer the questions which you will find in that infographic. And you're ready to go. When you finish, you will clearly understand, do you need to switch it or not? Anyway, let's move on and see you in the next lesson. 13. TIP #12: Series of images: This next tip is all about how your images look like. And I will give you as a photographer, my view and my perspective of how good Instagram profiles should look like. The main thing in your images are the composition. Because no matter how are you shooting in black and white or color or how you added your image? The first which people will notice is how the small objects are put together in your profile view. So when you create your content plan, as I asked you to do the previous lesson, you should understand which kind of images you will post and in what order. But to take a step further, I recommend you to make these images look a bit different and to combine them under the worst, to look different. I mean that you should use three main kinds of the composition which will separate one image from another and make it more interesting to scroll through all of your images inside your account. So the first kind of composition shot I recommend you to use is a wide shot where you can show your audience the overall view of the image which is taken from your camera. It could be Samsung shot with the 16 million or, or 24 millimeter. I mean, like in DSLR equivalent. But if you're using your mobile phone, just the widest angle you could use will be just fine. The next kind of short is a close up shot. It could be supported of someone and that person needs to be shot a little closer. It's not like a lot of different staff is going on on your image, but just like one person or a few persons, but the frame is more died. You just throw away all that garbage, which is unnecessary, and tried to focus on a fewer objects which will be more important on your image. And the third kind of framing is a detail. It's a really close up shot of something or someone which you want to make the most important part of your image. So for this example, let's see a few images right now. So this is a wide shot. As you can see, there is a lot of stuff going on here. And this image is very interesting to watch around and move your eyes on the different objects. And now let's take a look on this second image. Here you can see that our framing is more tied and the angle of the camera is not so wide. And compared to this cert detailed image, you can see the difference between them. So to get more excitement from your audience, the people who will watch your images tried to mix and match these few types images. And remember, even if you are taking one picture from different angles, tried to make this angles different writers shoot from one side was more wide angle and then just take a few steps forward or just zoom your lands if you have the ability to do so and make a more close up shot. And when you combine that two images, you will see the complete difference. And it will look much more interesting than if you shoot it from the same perspective with the same lands or from the same distance. Good luck, tried to use it and see you in the next lesson. 14. TIP #13: Profile grid look: This next deep is all about how your profile looks from birds fly view. If somebody go inside your profile, they just see this small squares with a small preview images before they click on them and see the overall image. So to make people stick and to make them interesting, I have a few tips for you how to do that. The first tip is try to decompose your images before you post them in advance. What I mean, when you have a content plan, let's say for the 15 images you will post in the next few days, tried to mix and match them and take a look how they will combine together and will they combine nicely or not nicely? If something is missing, you can just move them around and take a look if it becomes better or not. And after that, when you put images one after another, it will give your account a batter look. The next step is color. Tried to use similar colors when you use different color schemes in your images, it can look really awful. Just imagine you have a very, very colorful autumn image. And just next to it, you have a really desaturated Luke of Samsung convenient edge. If you have a lot of suchlike jump cats in your images, it will look just horrible. So tried to understand which is your favorite color scheme. It could be also black and white and tried to make almost all of your images in that scheme, it will give her account and overall nice Luke and S1, somebody to jump in and start watching your photos. Xj will be really pleased of what they see. So have this in mind, color, composition, and overall style. When you use these three methods, you will make your account look a really great, good luck. And let's move on to the next lesson. 15. TIP #14: Make Your Instagram Stories Look Great: Now let's talk about how to make your Instagram Stories looker really amazing and differentiate you from all of the competitors you can see there. So step one, pick up your DSLR camera or mirrorless camera if you have one and tried to shoot videos, not horizontally but in vertical position, it will give you much more stabilization when you walk around or move somewhere. And the image will became better if you use DSLR camera, it will also give you some depths of field to your image and you can make a background out of focus. So when somebody will take a look, they will understand that it's shot with some good camera. Also, if you have a possibility to ride to record sound to wizard external microphone or with some lavalier mike, or with any good audio equipment you can afford. Because our, their quality is so important when you're shooting videos. But a lot of people don't take it too, and they get not so perfect results before issuing tried to get some idea of what we'll be shooting at. You can write down a really simple and short script and tried to shoot a reader, let's say 15 seconds long. Actually, when you will film it, it will take you more time. But after that, you can just put all the media to your computer, makes some editing and you will get very good results in the end. Also, you can add some nice sound track. So you can just try different kinds of edits. But for my taste and for my experience, the short edits walked the bass. You can make a really short video with a lot of jump cats and just put it straight to your Instagram story. And that 15 seconds will be enough for the beginning. And the most important part of all the sequence is that you should make it interesting from the first seconds, just straight after someone taps who is his or her finger on that story and start watching here video, you should magnet people stick. Because if they go away, they will never see your perfect leader no matter how much effort you put inside it. So go tried to shoot, use your cameras, use your imagination. Good luck and see you in the next lesson. 16. TIP #15: Awesome image captions: Now we're starting to move to the more advanced stuff. But this stuff is very important and I encourage you to listen very carefully. One of the completely most important things you can do is to write a long tail descriptions for your images or your videos. If you're sinking that people watching just images and videos in Instagram, you're wrong. Actually, they don't understand what's going on on the image. Even if has a lot of subjects or very nice colors or perfect composition, people just want to know Story was story is behind that image or video. So when you at that descriptions, they just opened the eyes of your audience and give them more insights of what's going on. So stories make people stick, people read it, people just feel it and wisdom, emotions, they became more glued to your account and to you as a person. So tried to resonate with your audiences interests for doing that, just try to write some stories and images. The more sentences you will write the batter it is tried not to make it like super long because it's also boring. But for best practices, I encourage you to start with at least five sentences of text. And when you practice a little bit, you can make it longer. Also think what is interesting for people who are subscribed for your account, what they want to see and what they want to know from you. You can ask them questions. You can answer some of the previous questions you received in the Commons. You can just continue the story from the previous picture to the next one. And this is called storytelling. And you can create like a series of images which are connected with one story or continuing one story from another and from announcer. And it will be really interesting, but it is perfect at writing, so you just need to practice and the first step is to write down some of the descriptions for your next 15 images to make all this process more easier, I give you a tip how you can write it. I actually use Evernote, but you can use any text editor and write down all this stuff on your computer because it's much easier to type than on your mobile phone. And then you can just send it back to your phone and then just posted straight under your Instagram content, right? Your first descriptions. Good luck and see you in the next lesson. 17. TIP #16: Emoji in your captions and descriptions: And making one extra step from the previous lesson, I encourage to use emoji inside your descriptions is very powerful tool, but a lot of people just don't paid enough attention. So if you want to make your content to really, really viral and descriptions and add some emoji to that description. When you put some colorful elements inside your tags, it make it more bob. And when people just see you image and they start scrolling down, they see all the smiley faces or all the colorful fruits and staff, what's going on inside your text? And they make it more interesting to watch what's going on next. Why there is so many colorful staff going on inside that boring black and white text. So at emoji to your tags, to your descriptions, and you will see how these descriptions will became more interesting for your subscribers. Good luck. Use it and see you in the next lesson. 18. TIP #17: Tags and tagging people: And now we will create your content more viral with the help of other people. To do so, I encourage you to make pictures with your friends, with some interesting people you might have tried to make new friends. And always, always Arabic, always DAG them on your images when you post English was you and someone else just step on that person's face, find her or him in Instagram, and add the person, your image. When they received that invitation of tagging, they will see actually your image and they are on that image. And the secret is that a lot of people like to Mike repost of such images. So you'll have an opportunity that someone will repost your image to their account. Elsa, tagging someone in your content will increase the opportunity that that person will write down a comment and start some discussion under the picture. And once someone so another big shoes comment under your image or video, it encouraged announcer person to leave some comments. And this is a viral effect. The more comments it's possible to receive from the overall number of subscribers from your account, and also a small hug. When you tap on the PC video, you can just drag a person straight on that image, but also you can tack the person just straight under your image in the text section, just start diving, was that at symbol and write down the person's name. So you will get like double dagger. One is straight on the content on image or video and another one is underneath it. That's it. Use it and see you in the next lesson. 19. TIP #18: Hashtags magic: Now let's talk about hashtags. First, use at least five hashtags on every piece of content you post to your Instagram. Rule of damp is seven to ten. It's really good. Use more hashtags. If you can write down, up to ten hashtags, it will be better than five. Number three, your hashtags should be relevant if you have a lot of stuff going on, on your image, try not to pollute it with different random hashtags. Just write down that exact words which are related to your image. And remember, one word. Hashtag, never tried to write down very long hashtags because nobody actually use it. People like to use very simple hashtags like CAD, sand farm, summer, holiday, and so on. But if you use like summer in Milan, 2017, I can bet that you're the only person who used that hashtag. Also use location hashtags. They're very powerful because often people tried to find Samsung what's going on in the particular CT. So you can add images from your vacation and write down the exact place where it was taken, even if you were not in some kind of CT. And you weren't just nearby. You can also use hashtag and it will be completely irrelevant to that place. And to give you just some imagination, tried to understand what does your audience, interests and E, if you can understand better what hashtags they could try to find, it will be easier for you to write down that exact hashtag too much their search criteria. But also there is a few programs. You can just try to find them on App Store or Google Play. Just write down hashtag search and you will see a lot of different applications which will give you a lot of random ideas of what hashtags you can use in your image. Okay, Good luck. This is for now and see you in the next lesson. 20. TIP #19: Using Instagram Direct the right way: This next tip is all about Instagram direct. If you used it before just for messaging and chatting with your friends. I'll give you an alternate angle how you can turn it into Sampson different. So tip number one, try to answer as a comment directly to the person in which picture or video you was interesting and liked it. Lets imagine that you have like 500 subscribers. I'm in people who have you as a subscriber. And you're just not as some interesting picture in your newsfeed. And you want somehow to start that relationship with a particular person or brand, but you don't know exactly how to do it. Because a lot of people are like, I just like in that particular images and videos of that person you are interested in. So you can just like it. But right, not comment are underneath that image or video, but to send it directly to that person who is Instagram direct. Also when you are watching Instagram stories, you write down a common. It's also sand automatically as a direct message to the person you're viewing. So this is a good way to stay on the top of their mind and to remind about yourself when somebody sees that you want to communicate with them and you send your comments or your direct messages straight to that person. It always remind about Hugh, and if you do it regularly, it's a good way to make that person go to your profile, checkout your images, check out your videos, and subscribe to your account. Good luck, use it and see you in the next lesson. 21. TIP #20: Bot services - Pros and Cons: Now I will demystify one topic in which a lot of people are particularly interesting. But I will just explain you my perspective, how I use it and how you can use it also. And this topic is all about Instagram boats. So the number one question is, why you should use Instagram bots? First, let's talk about that boast that we're in some near past like one or two years ago, there was a lot of services which gave you the ability to add some extra subscribers and like a lot of publications from your account for money every single month. And the idea was simple, you just by the money and they tried to make as many followers as they can and grow your account that way. But after let few years, Instagram became more sophisticated and the algorithm for filtering became more advanced. So they just start catching out all that, not real subscribers gotten out all that common slag and a lot of accounts and also services which provided that kind of stuff were closed. So my perspective is very simple. You can use boards just to imitate your real human activity. If you have a lot of people you want to communicate to, but you actually don't have enough time because you need to like clique, which some image or video like it. Write down a comment and do it all the time. Even if you have 500 subscribers in your account and you want to like, for one image from one of that subscriber, it we'll do Q like just a few hours of time to do so, and both can help you to recreate that activity on their accounts you are interested in. Susie idea of Instagram boards is not to grow like your account with the help of not real people, which will just be represented as a number. Like you have 10 thousand subscribers, but most of the people are not real and they're just like a fake accounts which doesn't count. Now, I'm not talking about that stuff. I want you to use that Instagram boards just for growing your account by real people with real interest and using a real algorithm to show your laugh. Let's save that people. Endif, I'll see that you are really interested in this. I will send you that PDF so you can also use it for your own account's. Good luck. And let's move on. 22. TIP #21: Consistency the right way: Hello again. In this lesson, I want to talk with you about consistency. And actually, this is one of the most important steps which you need to do every single day. Let's imagine that you have for your Instagram account. And right now you have 0 subscribers. If you post one picture per day, that 0 subscribers will grow. And let's say in one week, in seven days, you will have like 15 people. Its margin about two persons per day will subscribe to your account. So if you post one picture in seven days, you post in total seven pictures and you gain 14 to 15 subscribers. Now let's imagine another situation. Let's say you're posting one picture every two days. It means that in two weeks you have the same amount of pictures and the same amount of subscribers. In the first example, you get 15 people just in seven days. But in second example, you get the same amount of people in twice more days. Now there's future pace. And imagine that we are six months in the future from now. So if you are posting six months every single day, you will gain much, much more subscribers if you post not so regularly. So consistency is one of the most important steps you should do every day to the way of the growth of your account. No matter what happens, you should make at least two posts per day. And if you want, you can do more, but I recommend you to put this number somewhere around three to five pictures per day if you have really great content. But if you don't be sure to make at least one post per day, but do it every single day, even if you don't know what to post, just try to imagine Samsung tried to work hard and create that one single image that we will post right now, make a sharp spouse. If you lack new content and you don't know what to post, just sit down, relax, take a deep breath and try to recreate any idea you've seen before. If you want to get some inspiration, you can just go and search for other people's images or videos and tried to do something similar with some new stuff implemented in it. So long story short, if you will, poster Instagram, let's say one time per week, you will grow very, very slowly. But if you will post three to five pictures or videos every single day, your account will grow much, much faster. So do it. Good luck and see you in the next lesson. 23. TIP #22: Links: Now let's talk about links. I mean links to other websites, resources, online shops, or somewhere else. You want your subscribers to click and move on to research, read, or watch Samson else, links are very powerful because actually you can show wherever you like to your subscribers, which is not allowed on Instagram. So let's talk about the places where you can actually put that kind of links. The first and the most visible place is your profile bio. When you write down your buyer, you should add a link to your website or to some external resource out of Instagram. So one new subscriber or existing subscriber watch in your profile. This is the first link which he will notice. So the tip here is that you can actually change this link. How much Often you like can change it every single day or a few times per week or even once per month. But anyway, don't let that link be completely the same all the time. You can change links to different website pages. If you have a website or you can change it to some resources. You can also make linking for you to videos if you creating some and people will gladly click it and watch your content is the next step is to add the links just under your pictures or videos in their description. When you write a text description, you can just add some links or you can write down with worse like if you want to watch this video or to see more, to know more about whatever I post it. You can just go to profile buyer and then you can click the link and you will move on to that specific website on the internet. But this kind of linking is a little bit different from the previous one, because when you use it, actually, you will switch the links every time you post new type of content. So if, let's say you put an image and write down some link in your bio and write down under the image description, that person will move and see something when you post and nasa image or another video and put in as a link, the previous one will make no sense. So keep it in mind and try to avoid some misunderstanding with your subscribers. The third type of links or links in Instagram stories, but actually they are available just to people who have their account grown more than 10 thousand subscribers. If you have one, you can easily put your links in the Instagram story and it will be much, much easier to connect with your subscribers because you can put a lot of different products in 24 hours. They will change. I mean, the images or videos you post and the links will disappear. So you can just try different links, try different products, and put it inside the stories. That's it, good luck. Use the links the right way and see you in the next lesson. 24. TIP #23: Buy Exposure: Now I want to talk with you about one of the easiest paid methods to grow your account. And this method is called by ads exposure in Azure people accounts, let's say right now you have 1000 subscribers. And no matter what, you want to buy ads from someone else who lives in your region or who have a lot of audience that you're interested in and you want to buy the ads from that person. But keep in mind, when you have a small account, don't try to buy ads from someone who's like much, much huge yours and you are, I mean, if you have one hundred and one hundred k subscribers, don't try to buy, that kind of adds because actually they will cost you much more money than you can spend buying from someone who has a smaller accounts and also smaller accounts. Not necessarily mean that the quality of the audience or the quality and overall feedback from your ad will be not significant. Sometimes people were smaller accounts, but very high-quality audience can convert. You're much better than a huge accounts with hundreds or tens of thousands subscribers. So the tip here is tried to buy that adds gradual. First tried to find someone who have smaller accounts at around 100 thousand subscribers to 5 thousand, and tried to communicate to that person and ask what are the price tags, how much they want for ADD? Or maybe you can cooperate and somehow talk to that person. So we'll not pay anything but do something from your site. Often people like that kind of cooperation when you advertise them and they advertise you. And this is the perfect idea from where to start when your account will grow more than 10 thousand subscribers, you can just start to find someone who have similar amount of subscribers and talk to that person. Often they are ready to cross promote you. But if they want some money, it will be smarter to pay that people when you are on the same level as they are and tried to keep the gap as smallest possible when you're advertise in someone sells account, keep an eye on how many subscribers they have. It will cost you less, it will be more effective and you can gain a lot of new friends because when people sees that someone has the same grows as they have, they are more likely to communicate with you and became friends. So good luck and see you in the next lesson. 25. TIP #24: Bio & CTA: Now let's talk about your profile bio or description, whatever word you like more. The one single tip I want to share with you is to write down your buyer as full as possible. Because when someone clicks on your profile, the first thing that he or she will notice, it's your description, what you talk about yourself and what you want to share about yourself. So write down what you do. Write down what you like. Write down how you can help the person to solve any problem. If you sell something and be sure to write down your contact information. It could be a phone number, email, it could be your Facebook, anything. But it need to be very easy for a person to communicate with you. Try to avoid a long forms on a website's when someone needs to type down her name, surname, and some capture because people head that stuff, be as friendly as and as human as possible and people will more likely to write down your message. And if you don't want to share any of your personal profiles, you can just write down that if someone wants to conduct with you, right? In Instagram direct, Also make sure to change that link from time to time, as I told you in the previous lessons. And it will also can make people act and click on that link to move wherever you want and to make that wheel for click and even more ad call to action, it's very easy phrase or sentence, which just gives more power to what you want the person to do. Let's say you can write down, click here to communicate with me, or click here to watch more. Go on this website and you can read much more information about my product and so on. Just use call-to-action. Add as much description about yourself and your services as you can. And don't forget about easy communication by website formed Instagram, direct your Facebook or phone. Good luck and see you in the next lesson. 26. TIP #25: Reposts: Okay, now we are coming to New tip, which is called repost. It is very easy but yet very powerful. As you know, when you are making a new post in Instagram, you can actually have a possibility to repost it to Twitter, Facebook, and some other social networks. So my recommendation is to always use this feature because it could give you much more impressions for your publication when you're a post to Facebook, all your friends from your page or fewer business page, we'll see it. And actually they are potential subscribers for your Instagram account. When someone sees from time to time images inside your Facebook or Twitter feed, they will actually more likely to click on it, see your profile and then subscribe. So you can make sure that a lot of your Facebook friends will actually became your Instagram, France and subscribers. So use it to repost every time you put out a new piece of content. And you will see how your account grow. Good luck and see you in the next lesson. 27. TIP #26: Seed your content: This tip is a logical part number two of the previous lesson, and it's called duplicate your posts into Facebook and messenger. So let's take a look on example. You have one new piece of content picture that you want to send to your Instagram. But let's dig a little bit deeper. Actually, you can use the same picture in three different places, in three different times. See how it works. When you post a picture in Instagram, all your subscribers for Instagram. But to be more precise, not everyone but just some amount of them. We'll see it. And more likely that some other people will also see it and then subscribe for your account. But when you post the same image into the Facebook, or it could be Facebook stories. The people from your Facebook number of France will also see it. And you can add some sticker or something that will write down check my Instagram and the name of your Instagram. So people from Facebook will see it in phase bookstores and more likely go to your Instagram to subscribe on it. And also you can do so the same way with the messenger. Because nowadays, messenger and Facebook, they have different stories. It's like messenger stories and phase bookstores. And no matter that this is one platform, actually the stories are completely different and shown to different people from the number of your friends. So posting the same piece of content in three different directions for Instagram, messenger and Facebook will triple the amount of people who will go to your Instagram account. So be sure to use it every single time you post some kind of new content. Good luck and see you in the next lesson. 28. TIP #27: Save & Reuse: This tip is very simple but yet super, super powerful. After you post something to your account, you can actually save it and then reuse in some amount of time. Let's say if you have a great picture that you posted it six months ago, and people are really, really liked it. So you can just reuse it after two or three or six months. And if you continuously post into your account, a lot of people will even not noticed that this is the same image that they saw before. Because in all that kind of content 0, just forget about it. But you will have one more opportunity to put that awesome piece of content in the front of your subscribers so you can save your images on your hard drive or inside your phone, and then just reuse it from time to time. Make sure to reuse your images. Good luck and see you in the next lesson. 29. TIP #28: Learn new Instagram strategies this way: Now let's talk about live workshops. Make sure that you are visiting some live workshops about Instagram or some people interested in your niche somewhere in your area. This is huge because social connections will give you new ideas and opportunities when you communicate with people from your field, which you are interesting in developing. Let's say it could be your business about something when you meet with people who have similar businesses or completely different businesses, but they're also interested in developing them. By Instagram, you have a huge amount of ideas which can be shared with you by other people. And one-year doing something and you're not sure, are you doing it the right way? People can actually give you the right direction where you can move. So as you know, Instagram is constantly upgrade in developing. They add new features, say could disable some old features. So to be, let's say in the middle of all this important events, you need actually to visit live workshops because as this is the best way where other people can share their experiences with you, I'm completely sure that there is a lot of free and paid events. And I encourage you to visit both because when you pay money, you will listen more carefully to what other people are saying and make sure that you always write down all the new ideas which you heard live workshops will make your new friends. They will give you a lot of new ideas and actually they will give you a real push forward for growing your account. Good luck. Go to a new event around your area and see you in the next lesson. 30. TIP #29: Monetizing Your Instagram Account: Okay, now let's talk how you can monetize your Instagram account with the help of emails and push notification. As I told you before, when you have your website in your account description, you can constantly changes that links to your website and just send people to random pages you're interested in. So make sure to connect some kind of email provider to your website to grab their emails. You can create some free PDF or some samples, some video and is in which people can download on zoom and give you their email or other contexts in exchange. And one, you have some new products coming out or you want to make some announcement, or wherever you want to tell to your subscribers, you can just send that email to all those people and they will get your message. Not everyone will read it and not everyone will click on it. But actually it's much butters. And just to make that announcement inside Instagram or just Facebook, as much platforms and as much possibilities you use will give you much more better results. And also you can make sure that you have a push notifications on your website. I put a short description under this video. What are the services that I am using? And you can try the same ones. Push notifications are really easy because when you create some short announcement, you can just send it and people will see it straight in their browser if they are allowing push notifications. So totally combined announcement with emails, push notifications, new blog posts and other stuff you post on Facebook, Twitter, or even on your Instagram, will give you the best results when they are combined together. So use this tip, good luck, and see you in the next lesson. 31. TIP #30: THE MOST IMPORTANT TIP!: Alright, my final tip for this course is not very easy, but yet very powerful. You should start doing averaging. I told you before, just step by step every single day, try to implement at least one deep birthday and you will see significant results in the next few months if you're doing this constantly as there is no any way why you can't succeed. So just make sure to every single day making new posts and implement as much tips as you can. Create content plan, starts posting, start commenting, start communicating with your audience. And I wish you good luck. Bye bye, and see you in other courses.