Instagram Marketing: Top Trends for 2017 - Grow Your Brand Awareness and Gain Followers

Kiara Smithee, Instagram: @kiarasmithee

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5 Videos (10m)
    • Introduction

    • Top Trends for 2016

    • When To Post

    • Partner Up

    • Review


About This Class

Welcome to the Course!

With every New Year comes new trends. This new year is sure to bring a lot of changes and with much growth in social media. I have been doing some research and will be sharing with you guys in THREE LESSONS the BEST ways to engage with your fans on Instagram and build a following.

I have experimented with these reports myself and have already seen tremendous growth in just the last months and want to share my story with you here on Skillshare!

We are going to go over the FIVE Content Trends for the new year as well as the Best Time to Post. The last lesson will go over how you as a photographer, marketer, or entrepreneur can align yourself with other successful brands to Grow Your Following and your business.

This class is great for individuals who want to use Instagram as a way to get their work, brand, or name noticed and really capitalize in 2017.

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Buena clase! Corta, pero concisa. Da tips adicionales que otras clases de 40 minutos no han dado. Gracias!!
Thanks for the short, simple, and EFFECTIVE explanation of trends, Kiara! Would highly recommend to others!
Jonathan Ely

Visionary ♦ Dreamer ♦ Leader ♦ Teacher ♦

Nice brief overview of what's trending!





Kiara Smithee

Instagram: @kiarasmithee

I am a published writer, publicist, and online marketing specialist with 4 years experience in Marketing Communications.

I am successful at creating website sites, familiar with search engine optimization, producing high quality content, and managing marketing campaigns. Having worked in the promotions department at Channel 6-CW News and NBC 7 San Diego, I know how to network with the media, identify quality content, and follow the latest trending. 

My goal as a teacher on Skillshare is to share with my students both traditional and untraditional ways an individual can be successful in the marketplace. I share with my students my personal success stories as well as provide statistics and resources they can apply in their own business.

I hope to inspire others to CREATE something new, SEE something new and DO something new.

Stay Inspired,

Kiara Smithee