Instagram Marketing - The Step by Step Guide to Making Money with Instagram

Calvin T, Online Marketing Consultant

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9 Videos (51m)
    • How To Make Money With Instagram intro

    • Updated Introduction - Watch First

    • Key Points - How To Make Money With Instagram

    • Model 1 - How To Make Money With Instagram

    • Model 2 - How To Make Money With Instagram

    • Model 3 - How To Make Money With Instagram

    • Model 4 - How To Make Money With Instagram

    • Model 5 - How To Make Money With Instagram

    • Model 6 - How To Make Money With Instagram


About This Class

Now if you’ve been in the online marketing space for a while you will have realized that once you’ve created a fantastic experience for your audience or tribe, money comes to you as a byproduct.

It’s like enjoying your favorite sport and losing weight without even noticing or trying.

But if we’re honest with each other, we’re all out here trying to make money.

Everything from 13-year-old girls selling Slime in plastic containers for $13 a pop to Mothers being paid as micro influencers by brands up to $100 per mention.

These numbers seem small but these Slime sellers are raking in $3k a month and there are 30 days in a month to mention brands at $100 a pop.

Once you have your online money making machine, scaling it is relatively easy. You just need the right leverage.

The hardest part is getting started, so in this course, we’re going to look at ways to manage Instagram accounts with the specific outcome of making money.

You can literally start a business on Instagram without a business website. You just need a loyal audience and the following strategy in this course, so sign up and I’ll see you on the other side.





Calvin T

Online Marketing Consultant


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Instagram Marketing

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