Instagram Marketing Mastery | Christopher Greenwood | Skillshare
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15 Lessons (53m)
    • 1. Instagram Course Promo Video

    • 2. Choosing a Theme For Your Instagram Page

    • 3. Instagram Photo & Video Checklist

    • 4. Follow for followback strategy

    • 5. Scheduling Instagram Posts

    • 6. How To Edit & Post Videos On Instagram

    • 7. Using Hashtags In Your Photos & Jumping On Trending Topics Edited

    • 8. Commenting & liking Strategy To grow instagram followers Edited

    • 9. Pro Tip Save time using this Hashtag Trick

    • 10. How To Edit & Post Videos On Instagram

    • 11. Using Call To Actions In Your Bio & Instagram Posts Edited

    • 12. How To Sell Products & Services On Instagram

    • 13. Buying Follwers & Likes On Instagram

    • 14. Don't Spam People On Instagram

    • 15. Archive Your Content For Reposting


About This Class

I currently have over 14,000 followers on Instagram and have used it to promote my music sell merchandise plus engage a loyal fanbase.

Instagram is a must for any artist or business owner promoting their brand and looking to make an impact online.

Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms with over 300 million users and 60 million photos uploaded daily. 

Instagram was recently purchased by Facebook so it's not going anywhere anytime soon.

Currently, Instagram doesn't require you to pay to have your posts seen by your followers.

I have put this course together for you - to which you have full lifetime access, including all the updates, for free. (I update my courses every other month with the latest techniques)

I "take you by the hand" and "behind the scenes" and show you everything, explaining it in simple detail with videos and written support lectures. 

See exactly why I'm so successful with Instagram - see the stats in the free preview videos, below).

  • See inside my Instagram account 
  • Brand your Instagram account and stand out from your competition
  • Grow your followers quickly - get more likes, and engagement with your audience.