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Instagram Marketing Mastery for Women Entrepreneurs

teacher avatar Genesis Moreno, Mentoring women to become better!

Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

42 Lessons (4h 6m)
    • 1. Instagram Marketing Mastery: Introduction

    • 2. [Module 1] Set Up & Optimize - Introduction

    • 3. [Module 1] Profile Picture

    • 4. [Module 1] Profile Picture & Logo - Demo

    • 5. [Module 1] Title Name Bar

    • 6. [Module 1] Optimize Profile - Demo

    • 7. [Module 1] Optomize Bio

    • 8. [Module 1] Leveraging Your Link

    • 9. [Module 1] Leveraging Your Link Demo

    • 10. [Module 1] Business vs Personal Page - Demo

    • 11. [Module 2] Pictures & Content: Introduction

    • 12. [Module 2] Creating High Quality Content

    • 13. [Module 2] Creating High Quality Content - Demo

    • 14. [Module 2] Captions & Call to Action

    • 15. [Module 2] Hashtags

    • 16. [Module 2] Hashtags - Demo

    • 17. [Module 2] Location & Tags

    • 18. [Module 2] Location & Tags - Demo

    • 19. [Module 2] Repurposing Content

    • 20. [Module 3] Engagement: Introduction

    • 21. [Module 3] Followers

    • 22. [Module 3] Commenting

    • 23. [Module 4] Apps & Tools: Intro

    • 24. [Module 4] Apps & Tools: Demo

    • 25. [Module 5] Stock Photos: Intro

    • 26. [Module 5] Stock Photos - Demo

    • 27. [Module 6] Collaborations: Intro

    • 28. [Module 6] Engagement Pods

    • 29. [Module 6] Giveaways

    • 30. [Module 7] Ads: Intro

    • 31. [Module 7] Creating a FB Page

    • 32. [Module 7] Switching to a Business or Creator Account

    • 33. [Module 7] Facebook Ads Manager

    • 34. [Module 8] Stories & Live Streaming: Intro

    • 35. [Module 8] Going Live

    • 36. [Module 8] Stories

    • 37. [Module 9] Sales Funnel: Intro

    • 38. [Module 9] Sales Funnel - Demo

    • 39. [Module 9] Email Building & Platforms - Demo

    • 40. [Module 10] Scheduling & Grid Planning: Intro

    • 41. [Module 10] Scheduling Content

    • 42. [Module 10] Planning Content

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About This Class



According to there are:

  • 100 Billion monthly active users on the 'Gram as of 2019!

  • 500 Million people use IG stories every day

  • 200 Million users visit at least one business profile daily

  • The gender mix is: 52% Female, 48% Male

  • IG's potential advertising reach is 849.3 Million users

  • 75.3% of U.S businesses will use IG in 2020

Sometimes I seriously can't contain my excitement when it comes to Instagram

Why? Because I do all my marketing on this platform and the best part is I pay FREE 99 to build, brand, and market my online business!


Here Is What You Get When You Get Started Today...

Module 1: How to Set Up Your Profile

Module 2: Creating High Engaging Pictures & Content

Module 3: Boost Your Engagement (likes, comments, & shares)

Module 4: Influencer Insider Apps & Tools

Module 5: Perfect Image & Content Strategy

Module 6: IG Account & Website Traffic Mastery

Module 7: Attract Your Ideal Client

Module 8: Establish Yourself as a Top-Notch Influencer & Expert

Module 9: High Converting Sales Funnel

Module 10: Schedule and Plan Your Content


What you’ll learn

  • How to establish yourself as a powerhouse account on Insta by positioning yourself as a credible source and "expert" to your ideal community and client.
  • How to feel completely confident in your ability to produce captivating content like the top-notch influencer that you are. By the end of this course, you will be on the radar of top-level brands and businesses who will want to collaborate or partner up with you.
  • How to conquer more technical things in less time so you can spend more time doing the things you love and that will generate more fulfillment such as: creating, investing, traveling, and connecting.
  • How to build a concrete marketing plan to expand your audience and reach the people who want to invest in what you have to offer (services/products).
  • How to create an automated system that allows you to rake in an income while you sleep, travel, and create.
  • How to feel positive and fearless when it comes to showing up consistently as an expert and authority figure on your Insta stories and live stream.

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

  • Have an active Instagram account
  • Have access to a smartphone and computer
  • Have a burning desire to market their business on social media

Who this course is for:

  • Women who want to build, brand, & market a successful business on Instagram.
  • Women who are new to Instagram or those who have less than 10,000 Instagram followers.
  • Women who want to grow their Instagram account through our clear step-by-step strategies that convert your followers to paying customers.
  • Women who are geared for entrepreneurship and are ready to share their gifts, talents, skills, knowledge, and medicine.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Genesis Moreno

Mentoring women to become better!


Hello, I'm Genesis Moreno and I guide individuals like YOU that are curious to grow, evolve, expand, learn, and transform towards a more purpose-driven lifestyle. Over the last 10 years, I've invested thousands into my own education in Psychology + business + coaching + energy healing + teaching and now I'm pouring it all back to you :)

Here's what I'm passionate about + what my courses focus on:

personal growth spiritual growth business growth


See full profile

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1. Instagram Marketing Mastery: Introduction: Welcome. I know you're the type of women that ambitious, dedicated, determined Andy go-getter. I create this integrand Mastery course just for you because I know you want to build an empire online, sell services and products, collaborate with high engage in accounts, gain more eyeballs and followers have a Wi-Fi Business that allows you to obtain more time and financial freedom. I built how to love him from scratch in 2016, and I have seen a major boost in my digital business by applying the same steps, tips, tools, and HAXM about to reveal to you, I was able to build how to women organically. That means no paid followers, no paid likes, no automation bots. Many hours of trial and error were spent on my end before nailing down a function on effective system in order to gain thousands of raving fans and due to high demand and are ready to learn, feel that exact steps I took to build my Instagram business and this mastery course, I'm going to teach you how to set up and optimize your profile. Create raving fans who can't wait to see your next posts and generate leads and convert them into cells. I will also reveal the absence tools at most top-notch influencers are using to schedule and plan their posts in order to spend less time on their phone and how to create high engaging content. This course is broken down into modules will, I will guide you step-by-step via video and worksheets. 2. [Module 1] Set Up & Optimize - Introduction: Optimizing your profile is king when it comes to generating leads in income and followers, aka fans, meaning the way your profile setup will determine the success of your Instagram business. I can't emphasize enough how many people that blog, podcasts sell products, have services, and own a business missile on potential income due to not positioning themselves correctly on Instagram. As of June 2017, Instagram has 700 million monthly active users and 400 million daily active users. If these statistics don't excite you than I don't know what will, as a marketing expert, these numbers translate to opportunity. Opportunity to present your work, be an expert, gain trust and create fans, offer services and products, generate leads and create an income. Don't miss out on 700 million monthly opportunities anymore. Let's begin to optimize your page by setting up your business profile correctly. 3. [Module 1] Profile Picture: Optimizing your page begins with a high-quality profile picture of how you wish your brand to be represented. This picture should clearly show what or who your business pages all about at the very first glance, only post an industry niche specific picture, meaning high-quality business logo, product placement, high-quality selfie or portrait, or just to clear body picture. What does niche mean? It means a specific person, place, or thing in your market who you target. For example, say you make ensouled really trendy. She collars for dogs. Your industry with the pets, your categories are dogs. The product service are collars. And your niche is a very specific market such as college woman who own poodles, select a picture that clearly depicts what your brand or business is about. Rule of thumb on how to decide what picture to utilize. Use a logo if you have a company, product or service picture of you, if you are the brand of the service, podcasts, blog you offer, or another picture. If you have a blog or a page of special and specific interests, such as travel, cartoons and castles. 4. [Module 1] Profile Picture & Logo - Demo: In this video, I'm going to show you how to set up your profile picture and your logo. I'm going to give you two strategies. One strategy is specifically for businesses and the other one is if you're building a personal brand. So I'm gonna begin with building a business because how to woman is a business and I already have it up and running. So as you can see, I have a logo or have a logo for how to woman. And when you're designing, are crafting your logo, it's important to grasp a few key concepts. Your logo has to be bold because most people are going to view from their mobile devices and the profile picture will be seen small. So as you can see here, when you go to the How To woman page, you get a pretty good view of the logo. But once you start scrolling down, the logo gets smaller. And that happens with your feed as well. And when you get to the comments section, I believe it personally gets even more smaller. So it's really important to create a logo that is bold, that is simple and that is visible, and that is congruent with your brand. As you can see, I have white branding. Have a white, have a checker theme with white quotes so that definitely goals aligned hand-in-hand with my logo. Let me demonstrate a other few logos that are out there, such as Boss Baby, Inc., which has been around for quite some years. They definitely have a logo that is simple. Get straight to the point. It's bold. You notice it. People are talking about. If you were to show this logo to someone they would know right away who boss babies and they would know what their theme is to, because it's very congruent. It's very aligned to their, to their theme. Another, another brand out there. Another business out there is boss ladies mindset. They have to have a logo that is definitely congruent to their theme. It's beautiful, it's visible, it's aligned. Let me show you another example. Boss Baby triphosphate tribe is one of my favorite accounts. They have black and white theme. All of their quotes is pretty much black and white. And their logo is black, right? So half a black background or a white background. And just literally the lettering has to be the opposite in order for it to stand out. You really, really want to catch people's attention because marketing is all about recognizing your brand, your logo, your name, and your content. And at the end of the day, the day the goal is to have people talking about your page outside of Instagram and referring to your content. And recognizing your logo. So you do have options in regards to creating a logo. For me, I chose to literally spell out how to woman all the way. But you can also, we can also do is abbreviate it. And I know that there's some accounts out there who abbreviate there who abbreviate their logos. So let me see if I can find one. Here's a good one, actually millionaire mentor, right? So this guy here has 2.7. But millionaire mentor actually has a very fancy simple logo. So before I actually get to the abbreviation, let me get to the fancy logo creating. You gotta make sure that it is on brand because people are going to pretty much you want something that people are going to be able to recognize, like I mentioned, recognized outside of Instagram. So don't add too many intricate details where people can't really see it. Because remember, as I was stating earlier, the logo gets smaller. As you can see here, the logo got smaller. So be mindful of be mindful of the logo that you are creating and how fancy you pretty much gets remembered. This logo is likely to be seen in a tiny circle and you don't want people to have a hard time trying to figure out all the intricate details. Now, you can also abbreviate it. And let me find someone so profit passion Academy. Profit passionate Academy has a beautiful, beautiful theme going on and they have a congruent logo as well. And what they decided was that they were going to abbreviate it. So they put pp, a standing for profit passionate Academy. And whenever I see profit passionate Academy comment on my post. I know who they are, I know what they represent, I know what they're all about. And this is something that you can do. So your options really are when it comes to having a business is either having a branded, beautiful, beautiful picture like Catherine. Catherine has from manifestation baby. She has a beautiful portrait of her. Many people know who she is because she obviously brands herself as you can see, shoe brands or solve, She people know who manifestation babe is. So she decided to associate her brand with her being a coach and printing the portrait on. But you can also go the route of how to women and either just spell out your business if it fits and if it's visible, you can abbreviate or you can create a fancy logo like I showed you with millionaire mentor. So there you have it. There's a couple of, couple of options for you if you are a business. Now, if you're a personal brand, just like Katherine is or Reece is from yes. Apply. What you can do is just strive to get a professional, high-quality picture that will capture your personality, keep it fun, and make it visible. So there you have it. This is the strategy for a profile picture and the logo. It's really, really, really simple. And I trust that you're going to make the right choice and that you're going to make it very nice, very nice, very beautiful, very bold, and something that people are going to recognize on and off of Instagram. 5. [Module 1] Title Name Bar: Optimize your search ability on Instagram by utilizing the bold title name bar. This bold title bar increases opportunity of being found by your ideal audience, consumer and clients. Similar to Google, you can search for specific people, professions, products, businesses, accounts, and topics. And based on your search, you'll get a list of recommended accounts that match your keywords. And as you're typing keywords, Instagram, just like Google will attempt to guess what you're searching. This is a huge opportunity to establish yourself as the expert and the go-to accounts utilize this title bar correctly and you'll see an increase of traffic on your page. Rule of thumb is, use your name if you're an established public identity entertainer, or if your handle isn't your name, use accompany name. If you're an established business outside of Instagram, otherwise use a title that matches your profession, expertise, or niche, such as Instagram business coach, women empowerment events, online, personal trainer, personal trainer NYC, team fashion magazine, organic and Vidkun cosmetics. 6. [Module 1] Optimize Profile - Demo: In this video, I'm going to show you how to optimize your profile name, AKA title bar, and your bio. So really what we're gonna do on this video is broaden your audience and your searchability with the clean and organized file that people can observe really easy, easily. Also optimize your profile name or your title bar. Here's, I'm going to explain briefly the difference. So your title bar or your profile name is literally the one thing that sticks out in bold for me, it's mindset mentor for women. And my handle is how dot to dot woman. If you think of Instagram as a search engine, then it will certainly act like one. So let me show you, for example, why the profile name is so important is because if we were to type in motivation, when we type a motivation, we get a list of accounts and hashtags, right? So these are all displayed because motivation was literally extracted from their handle and also their profile name. And what Instagram will do is it will give you recommendations and suggestions for what it thinks will kinda motivation you're looking for. So this is motivation for fitness. This is motivation for, for women, right? And we can go down the line and see what kind of motivation people are specifically targeting. But we can also see that the handle, all of these handles have motivation, or most of them have motivation on their handle or like I said, on their profile name. You can obviously get as specific as you want. Like for example, motivation for women, right? This, this, obviously, as you can see, this page, only targets women and it's all about empowering women. And I wanted bring attention to the bio because the bible is really, really important. This page has what they're all about, which is empowering women. They have a way for you to communicate. They have a personalized hashtag. Also, they tell you what they're gonna deliver daily. So it's pretty much new messages, what they're gonna deliver daily on your bio. You want exactly, you want people to know exactly what to expect, what they're gonna expect for mu, how they're going to benefit from your page and what they will walk away with. And what I've discovered is that utilizing a bullet point format makes it easy for the eye to digest information. As you can see for, as for how to women, I have master how to get clarity on your purpose. Breakthrough fear, anxiety and doubt manifest abundance. Then I have a call to action, which I will talk about in a bit. And then I have a link that pretty much redirects people exactly where I want them to go. If you choose to go this route, right, the bullet point format, just know that it is easier for the eyes to digest information. Instagram is very visual and people usually go on in surround just to literally do this, just scroll through. So when you are designing your bio, it's really important too. Answer the questions. What you do, why you do it, and how are people going to benefit from you? What I use in order what I utilize in order to create this bullet point format is literally the notes app on my phone. Because what I've realized is that if you go through this option of edit profile, this doesn't allow you to hit return if anything, it just says next. So what I like to do is literally design my bullet point format. My bullet point, yeah, I use my bully play format and literally just put exactly what I described to you. Copy paste, put it back on to my profile. And voila, there we have it. The bullet point format is definitely very popular. I've realized I bake accounts such as boss babe, have it. Let's see if boss ladies they have it to. Of course, everyone has different things that they like to put. Some people steer away from that. And they literally just describe what they're all about, which is fine too. Just know that sometimes it becomes a little bit harder to read all of this and some people don't want to read all of that. So what I have discovered for me in my business, the bullet point format works excellent and it works really, really well. You want people to know what your brand is about and why they should follow you and how they can benefit you. So keep that in mind when when writing your your bio as far as call to action, I I include a call to action in my bile because like I said, you get to redirect your audience to submit their email list in order to download a freebie, purchase a product, maybe purchase a book, et cetera, whatever it is that you want people to do, your call to action goes here. So for me, my call to action is freebies plus work with me. What I had before was download my free workbook and then I have the link of anxious, too ambitious there. But as I'm expanding my business, I have a link and it's linked tree. And what Lean tree allows me to do is literally have multiple links where people can then book exactly what they need. So if they want to work with me, they get to work with they they get to just click that and their redirects them to a page, a specific page with working with me. And it's downloading right now. So here we go. It goes directly to my website. It talks about my programs. And it's really awesome to have a link like this because and it's free. Link tree is absolutely free. And in the following, in a different module, I will teach you how to set up your own link tree and the benefits of it. So literally you can download my workbook, anxious, too ambitious, and it sends people over to my sales funnel or my landing page, where people can then submit their email, address, their name, and just their information and they hear get em this landing page. They get the information as to how I'm going to help them solve their problems. So if you want to, if you want to take redirect people in, literally direct them to bind something from you or maybe exchanging their e-mail. You definitely, definitely have to include a call to action and include a link that you can optimize from. And in the following video, I will talk about how to leverage on your link in also how to create a call to action. 7. [Module 1] Optomize Bio: If you currently have a business page, does your bio clearly answered these questions? What is it that you sell? What's in it for them? How is your page going to benefit them? How will your brand product makes them feel? I can't emphasize enough how many potential clients you are allowing a bypass and will walk away from your business because they are turned off by your bio in sorry, I'm not sorry woman, but I'm here to be your coach, not you're scared friend. There needs to be a fine line between business and personal info with all due respect, no one cares about how many pets you have, or who your partner is, or what your hobbies are, or unless you are a lifestyle blogger and this is your focus. Your ideal clients will be confused by your page on what you have to offer. The accounts attract clients not only have appealing pictures, but also a clear and informative bio. Captivate your prospects by having an organized file that includes what is it that you do, what they should expect, what you offer, what's in it for them. Ultimately, your bile must describe what they're walking away with at a word thought-provoking motion and feeling because this allows your audience to connect at a deeper level. The best way to structure bile is by utilizing a bullet point format. And in order to create an organized and polish look, use your notepad app on your phone to type your information. 8. [Module 1] Leveraging Your Link: You need a setup on your profile is an optimized link that your ions can resort to when you give them a call to action. In the following module, I'll talk more about what a cauda action is for right now. Don't worry too much about it. The link that you place on your profile will either direct your ions to one specific site or to a hub, a multiple links. In the fine tutorial I will go over how to set up your link and what tool I use in order to utilize multiple links. And there one hub. 9. [Module 1] Leveraging Your Link Demo: If you're promoting your business product or service on Instagram, you're going to need a website link in order for people to buy or a landing page in order to build your email list. Leveraging your link is simple and you have many options to choose from. In this video, you will learn how to choose a link that suits your desired outcome. In the meantime, just know that the link you placing your bile is likely going to correlate to the call to action you use on your post. For example, for me, I have a link tree account. And what linked tree allows me to do, which is a complete free service it allows me to have. And how's multiple links under one roof? A lot influencers are using it because it's just so simple. So let me just show you some few examples. So we have positive soul, Jacqueline, who has a link tree. And because she has an amazing and also has many courses, she has all of that in here. So she has her freebies, she has, which is her free love master course. She also has her coaching which is page. She has events, she has a blog. So there's many things I you can put if you're definitely an influence or wish and strive to be an influencer, I highly recommend to get a luxury because you're able to, how so many things? I mean, look at this right here. You're able to have so many things under one roof and just completely go crazy with links and put it all out there in order for people to see what they want. So for How to women, I have had a mean NHGRI, I have a free workbook. You can book a competent rendering strategy call. You can go to my blog or you can just simply just work with me right off the bat. Links are really useful. So before I get into that, you have to have a call to action. People need to know what they're clicking on. For me. People know that I have freebies and also ways to work with me under this specific link, which is my link tree. You can use your link in order to advertiser website. If you want to start building your email list, maybe if you want to exchange a freebie for an email, maybe you're into affiliate marketing and you want to start creating an income, passive income via affiliates, you can absolutely do that. You can also have a sales funnel or you can just simply have your product and your service available. So let me show you, let me show you exactly what I mean. You can have a sales funnel. An action just like millionaire mentor. Here, he's promoted his, he's promoting the way that he pretty much launched digitally in the income that he made. So in order for you to get access, you have to put your first name and your email that right there. What he's doing is he's bringing brand awareness to his website, which is made it And also bringing brand awareness to the brand that he has created, which is millionaire mentor. He's also giving you a freebie and at the same time he's working in salts funnel. So he's working a couple of things at the same time. Where you get to put your link though, is you can access that via the settings and let me go back settings right here at the top. And then go to edit profile. And pretty much right here where it says website, that's where you're gonna put the link. You can put it straight to your website, to a specific page in your website, or you can just use a link train. There's also other ways that you can go about it. Some people don't have like, I personally have a business page. And in the next video I'm gonna talk about the difference between a business page and a personal page that I personally have. A business page that allows me to gain insights, insights in regards to how my pages performing, how my poster performing, how my stories are performing, which is really, really amazing and that those are one of the perks that you have when you unlock a business account. But on the other hand, there's people out there who don't have business accounts and bulli that are not Boss Baby, Inc. is a personal account. So for people, people like them who don't have necessarily the insights right away available to them at the top of their dashboard like you do here, right? If we go back, they're using a Bitly. So your free download, that's their call to action. They have, they have a free download likely on one of their posts they might be talking about how to download something for free. Let's say not yet. So they do have things are for free and you can obtain your free downloads via this bitly, bitly link. And what bitly does is it's pretty much a software that allows you to shorten up your personal link into something smaller, but also into something that I can track the movement, the website traffic, and in every pretty much every motion that here doing whether or not you came to the page, whether or not you put your information and it'll just gather a lot of vital information for you in order to see what's working and what's not working. There's also another there's also another service out there and it's called rebrand Lee and r2 Bradley is essentially the same thing as Bitly, but I'm just giving you options so you know that you don't have to go through any of them. You really can utilize your link in any form that you want and just know that the best way to really redirect people to your link is to have a call to action in hot a woman in every post I have a call to action. Whether it's right in the beginning, like type amen if you agree or it's saying something like if you check out my bio right. Given a suggestion, if you check out my bound, how to, you'll soon realize I went through a lot. So if they go simply to how to to my about me right away, they'll see my story. Next post. I have a anxious, too ambitious call to action and I tell them where they can access it, which is click the link on my bio as far as this one. And this is another call to action that I have tag a friend. We'll tab repost. And we're just going to go down the line. And these are call to actions that I rotate. You'll see them on all my posts. I have a call to action at all times for this last one, last example, I have tools and resources which you can find my interest too ambitious workbook. And you can find all my blog posts that are available to you. And once again, all of that seriously is axes here through my link tree. And you can download all of them and it'll just take you straight to them. My anxious, too ambitious will take you straight to my email slash landing page in order for you, in order for you to download your copy. You can book a call with me, you can work with me. There's many, many options and there's many things I'm going to add to linked tree. I highly, highly recommend if you are a brand who wishes to have courses and just multiple things that you offer services and products. And even if you're a personal brand, it's still really neat to have a link tree because you can redirect people to your blog or just maybe an affiliate link, you know, maybe to a YouTube page or your Twitter account really you can redirect people anywhere. Some definitely recommend to utilize the link and think about how you want to utilize it and don't be scared. Definitely have FEA can change it anytime you want and just kind of do your own research and see what is being effective and how your lists are growing and just how many cells you're making. So go based upon that. Try it out. Have your calls to action at the end of your posts are at the beginning of your posts. Make it work for you because seriously, the call to action strongly correlates to the link that you have and what you want your audience to do. So tune into the next video, which we're gonna talk about the difference between a personal page and the business page. 10. [Module 1] Business vs Personal Page - Demo: On this video, I'm going to show you the difference between a personal account and a business account. Currently had a woman a set up as a business account. And I have access to a few features on my personal page, doesn't have such as a category title, categories title. As you can see at the top left corner is personal coach. That's something that I set up within my Facebook page. When you have a business page, you have to set up a new Facebook page. And it pretty much is something that that Facebook wants to know what you're up to. They want to know whether you're an organization, a business, a cause, whatever it is, you get to put a category under your business page. And for me it's personal coach following. I have a direct contact option which is right here centered in the middle. It's the e-mail. If you click e, if you click that email button, it will go straight to sending me an email directly to my personal email. So I have the opportunity for clients and prospects and people who want to collaborate to literally just contact me at the push button. I also can create and promote ads within the Instagram app. So I can simply just look at this right here. Any of my post and continuous promoted, just click promote. And because it is associated with Facebook, right? If I were to continue, let's see where those redirects me, then I can promote it. I can get either more visitors to more visits to my profile or my website, or I can reach out to a couple of people and in order to get their eyes over or yeah, in order to get their eyes too. My website or my sales funnel or what, whatever it is I'm wanting to promote. So I have that option within the app. I also have the option to see the insights of my personal page. As you can see right here at the very top it says 1560 profile views in the last seven days. So those are, that's, that's a lot of people that in the last seven days have been visiting my profile. But I'm also can see very specific insights out shows how many people I've gained in the last seven days. How many people are following me, how many post I have? I also can see the impressions. I can see how many people my posts reached out and it's very intricate and this is all free. How many people have clicked on my website? I can also see how many people have clicked on my email as far as followers, Oh, give me the demographic of the people who follow me, them the most. And we can really go into details as far as gender, 16% men follow how to women in the rests are women, 84%. It'll tell me the age range for all. It can get a specific apps for men. Specific as for women, right? Top locations, New York and Los Angeles are literally head ahead following London, Atlanta, and then Dallas. It also will tell me the country's I'll tell me peak times 44, literally every single day of the week and OK. Give me the hours. It will give me the details in regards to what days are best to post and they'll give you insight. I mean, that literally tells you. So these are the insights dot instagram allows me to see, to see what are my top performing post, right? This post right here, I posted it literally 17 hours ago and within even the postal gives me insights. Here, it'll tell me how many profile views I got in how many people are reached? I mean, it reached 3 thousand people. How many people bookmarked at a 123? How many people commented? 1300 people liked to 473. So, I mean, these insights are very important because it's important to measure. So it goes even further. It gives me the stats on my story's literally tells me who views it and all. And yes, I have some of these insights available to me through my personal page bill images show you what my personal page looks like. It's definitely simple. The layout, the dashboard is is definitely simple. And I don't have a contact button here. So if I really wanted to put my email out there, instead of having how to woman. So having this how to woman link, I probably would probably be best to put, for example, here on website to put a link to my direct email. Or I can put it somewhere in my bile right here in order for people to contact me. As far as insides going on the personal page, I don't know. I know off the bat right here how many people have liked it, but I don't have any more insights Other than that as how many people bookmarked it or anything of that sort. Let's see As far as insights on all my stories, I'm going to share, done. Okay, pretty cool video we got here saying, yeah, so it's pretty much the same thing as my mouse, my business page. I'll get to see who is watching it and what not. But that's as far as our goal. So I highly recommend a personal page. If you don't care about the bells and whistles, if you and the bells and whistles that I'm talking about, is being able to brand in market yourself, being able to have, being able to promote. Being able to create ads within your Instagram app. Being able to, to pretty much engaged and grow your following and just use it analytic tool that we have here, which is insights. If you're not want a wanting any of that, if you don't really care to see how your Instagram is performing on what changes in growth you're making. Then really I just recommend for you to stick to something more simple, which would be your personal page. One thing that I want you to know the pros of having your personal pages, that you can set it up to be a private account or and that you can also attach it to multiple Facebook pages. So I don't know, some of you may have 234 Facebook pages and you want to integrate it to your Instagram. You're able to do that with a personal page, but you're not able to do that with a business page. So like like I'm showing you here the dashboard, the layout is totally different. There's definitely a lot of perks to having a business page just because it has more functionality. If you have a falling over ten Kds, really, really neat that you're able to put, you're able to put links on your, on your stories. So I get to actually get to have the opportunity to literally redirect people, not only through my link and my call to action, but I can do calls to action VMI stories and also include a link in order for you to swipe up. So let me just view this. Let me just show you what I'm talking about. We are going to go visit how to women right now and see and see what I'm talking about. So I literally just did this three hours ago. And here we go on to see more. It literally will take you and anybody else who decides to swipe up to, it will redirect them to another website. So it's really, really cool to how those features, and I'm able to have that feature as, as a business page. And most business pages over ten K automatically unlock that feature. So it's really, really neat if you're trying to decide whether to have a personal or business page, just keep in mind that if you're a business in your wine to create or you, or you are a blogger with a strong identity or influencer who wishes to utilize Instagram for marketing purposes and utilize the IG stories option and run ads and benefit from the contact button as you're growing and engaging with your followers. And you find that knowing your analytics or the insights is really important, then definitely make the switch. The switch is very, very, very easily Michelle, you via my personal page on how easy it is to literally set up your account. So you're gonna go right here to the gear icon. And you're gonna tap Switch to business profile, right? It's going to ask you to continue. So we're going to continue or give you a little breakdown, what non give you, give you the breakdown on what it is. And then you get to choose your Facebook page and pretty much integrated and just follow through with it. And literally you just follow, just, just follow through with instructions. It's really that simple. So I'm not going to go over all that because it's very self-explanatory. But now that you know how to set up a business account and you know how easy it is for your customers to contact you directly and how easy it is to have to have follower insights and promote your post all within the app. I highly, highly suggest for you to make the switch over to a business, to a business page. If that is something that you want to leverage on. 11. [Module 2] Pictures & Content: Introduction: We already know impressions are everything. And when it comes to Instagram, nothing is more true. Within a few seconds, your profile is immediately scans and judge, saboteur, but both you and I do it too. There's no doubt you're beautiful, charming, and loving woman already know you're a go-getter, an expert with a powerful work ethic. The only missing component in your business equation, our branding and marketing strategies, the most influential brands in accounts, understand that if they invest in branding and marketing, then the lead to self ratio will be higher, meaning they invest in a little extra time and money in order to, in order for their content to be highly engaging post high engaging pulse consists of high-quality pictures and videos. By no means am I saying go out there and buy a professional camera learner and you trade. But if you wish to play in the game, you have to become a bit more invested would tools, programs, and creativity in order to stand out, This module will cover everything you need to know about content, such as pictures and video. And of course, the formula many influencers are using to generate high engagement on their posts. 12. [Module 2] Creating High Quality Content: As I mentioned before, high-quality pictures and videos perform the best in regards to engagement in cells conversions. In order for your business page to be a contender in the Instagram world, you must start off with nine top-notch pictures and videos. This is step number one of the high engagement formula. The content, aka pictures, quotes, and videos and must be congruent with your brand. Meaning if your business is focused on sheep, dog collars, posting selfies, a view in your girlfriends on a Friday night are a huge no, no. Your personal interests in life do not belong in your business page. Your business page is strictly meant for business unless you're hiring of branding and marketing assistant to manage your page. And I urge you to be more focused and intentional with your content. As your coach, I'm holding you accountable to invest more time and effort with your future content. Promise me you won't post anymore selfies with your friends and family on your business page. I'm serious woman, these unrelated pictures are pushing away prospects and income. The most successful brands are popular not because they're good people with good cause or product. They're influential because there are pulse, are creative, offer value and scream quality. In addition, the most engaging accounts have a theme and moods set in motion that appeals to their fans. These accounts played what specific colors, objects, interests in patterns. I recommend two, choose two primary colors that we've in your page and then introduce a third color that compliments them. Don't be afraid to select your favorite colors. Don't worry too much about the psychology of colors. The goal is to be inspired to post good chance you follow feel counts are predictable with their feed. You expect a pattern, mood, color, or theme from them because they're consistent with their content. If you're having trouble discovering what direction you wish you take in regards to the theme and mood of your page, do a search on your competitors, see what's working for them and what's appealing to you. There's nothing wrong with obtain inspiration from other accounts. Once you've gained more clarity with the content, you want to showcase its time to condition your audience, to expect a consistent theme and mood from you. The following tutorial will demonstrate examples of high engaging content. 13. [Module 2] Creating High Quality Content - Demo: Now that you know how to set up and optimize your page, you will learn about how to develop a content strategy. The content that you post on Instagram is the way that you give value. Just like you anticipate content from your favorite accounts, your followers also anticipate your content. The way that you're going to provide value will be through your images and your captions. As you can see here, the image is inspirational, it's motivational, but also I have more than elaborates in that the caption and I try to give as much value as possible, whether it's a TIF, whether whether it's a call to action, whatever it is, this is the way that we provide value as influencers, as business owners, as bloggers. So it's really, really important to know that people are anticipating your content and people are wanting to see the value that you give and Will, are wanting to An, are paying attention to the images that you have. And soon you'll discover that your page may actually cater to multiple interests. Asked for me, I have a little bit of business, I have a little bit of spirituality. I have some white quotes. I have so many different things, collaborations that I have with other people, things that are branded that I create on my own. And that's because I, what I've noticed for how to woman is that there's multiple people who are multiple types of women who are looking for inspiration, for motivation and for tips for value more than anything within how to women. So just know that you're going to have multiple people and it's kinda your responsibility, do z, what's gonna work and how you can cater to them. On the other hand, I do want you to know that the best way to set up your page and create content is too seriously. Just simply model those people who are, are ready. Influencers who already have created image, who have created a brand for themselves and see what works. I know for me I received some inspiration from people who are ready have like a checkered, who already have a checkered feed. And I can show that proved to you because I personally have gone through a couple of different different layouts. This is the one that has probably remain the most consistent for a longer period of time. But as we scroll down, and I just want you to see firsthand that my theme changed and it really just changed from like here we go. This is the beginning of the checkers of the checkered layout. Here I had all the white, all the white coats right in the middle. And that lasted for a bit, but it really didn't last for too long as you can see, then I had little bit of a mix of everything. And then it was really uniform because I remember when I first started how to woman. Here's another different type of different type of layout that I was try now and testing now. And now let's just experimenting. I even went through the Greek, the colourful gradation phase, which I'm sure will pop out soon. Years blog, here's purple, goes into pink then red and you get the point-like. But there was something that I was consistent in that inspired me at the beginning. And this is the beginning of how to woman there really is the beginning where started doing a green theme with black and white. And it was just, it was just green, black and white. And this was inspired by a boss fav. I remember when I first started how to woman, I was very inspired, very heavily involved with the, with the Boss Baby brand in the Academy. And what I learned was that, you know, you got to prompt your audience to know what to expect from you. So this is something that I tried out personally myself, and this is the very first pose of How To a Woman, July 2016. So I just wanted you to see the transformation, that evolution, how I got inspiration. I didn't copy a definitely did not copy Boss Baby. But I definitely got the inspiration and the education from them. And I just went off with it and then I wanted to add more colors. So as you can see, this is literally the evolution, the transformation of what it evolved too. I tried doing the whole grid thing again with black. Why in more color in order for it to pop. And then in the end it just came to be that now it's just this right here. And what I've noticed is people are responding very, very well and there definitely is potential for change where I've decided that may be I'm just gonna do all white. Just slight Boss Baby tribe. They have nothing but why quotes, you know, this is their branding. This is what they have remained consistent with. And it's something that I know I can model because they have, they're definitely an established brand with a 127 K followers. They have amazing call to actions. They have amazing content and value that they provide. So it's something, it's a definitely a brand that I can model and work off of. But I have noticed that within the industry, within the personal development industry, amongst hustle him. And we kind of have a, a certain theme going on here. And, and it's, and it's working really is working. It's very easy on the eye. And it's very easy to just form and to build and to automate some, get inspiration from other people and do your own thing seriously, whether it's, whether it's all white coats, images with quotes, flat lays, if you're a blogger, fear into fashion, maybe images of your products and your services. You have to do your research and find out what the top accounts in your niche are doing and model what, what works. Don't steal their content, just model it null that Instagram is very visual and HD images are highly favored over pixelated posts. Big brands like Nike, big brands like Nike, big brands like Zara, such big brands like spiritual, gangster. They all have high image quotes like if you'd or zoom in there. Super Chris, They're super clean. Spiritual gangster has a beautiful, beautiful theme going on in the brand that they have. And none of these pictures here are pixelated. You can seriously zoom in and you can see firsthand that people respond very well to these like these are high, this is a high engagement posts for shirt and know that your content needs to be on point a really has to be aligned with your brand. And it has to be on point and make sure it doesn't look like crap. High-quality, high visual is the key when creating content. And don't worry if you don't have a DSR camera, don't worry if you don't have the latest smartphone. Smartphone, there definitely plenty of ways to post and to repurpose HD images and more to come on the following videos and module. So stick around. 14. [Module 2] Captions & Call to Action: Now that you know what type of content must be displayed on your page, let's move on to step two of the high engagement formula. Most of the top influencers in high selling accounts at a captivating captions on their content. These captions are usually humorous, inspiring, motivating, authentic and well thought of. No doubt from this point on you will have to commit to providing more value. The best post Have a great story and a CTA. Cta stands for call to action. And a call to action is when you specifically tell your audience what to do and the best calls to action will clearly instruct their fans what link to click, how to buy a product or service and where to find more information. If you're businesses of product and service space, you always want to have a CTA on every post. If you have courses, ebooks, guides, and freebies, let your audience know where they can obtain them on your post. If you want to build an email list, then you know that you'll provide value and not spam. Let your fans know where to sign up if you're a blogger and want more traffic, let them know where to find you. If you want more likes on your picture, tell him double-tap. It's that simple woman. Bottomline, always provide a CT on every post. Believe it or not, your fans want direction from you and they want to know how they can get more of you. And I can already hear you from this side of the screen saying, I don't want to come off desperate or salesy. And I'm here to tell you then don't be authentic and provide value. Truth is products and services tau, but stories sell. The secret is, the secret to the step is to become an organized storyteller and to always provide value for your audience on your CTA. Now head over to your worksheet for examples and exercises for this lesson. 15. [Module 2] Hashtags: The third step to the high engagement formula is vital to place you in front of many eyes, including your fans and ideal clients. Instagram allows you to use 30 hashtags, which means you have 30 opportunities to pop up in the right set of eyes. I can't begin to explain how many times I see accounts utilizing hashtags and the wrong way. Hashtags are meant to give you more exposure under specific categories and interest. In the following video, I'll thoroughly go over the structure of how to pick your niche specific hashtags. 16. [Module 2] Hashtags - Demo: As I mentioned before, you have 30 opportunities to land in the right set of eyes. On this video, I'm going to demonstrate the process of choosing 30 hashtags. So that will increase your chances of being seen within your niche by ranking as top posts within tags. So we're going to begin with going to our search icon and then type in the niche, interests or service that you are. Your business or your personal page is currently promoting, marketing and just you're building upon. So for me, I'm going to use personal development because I am in the world of personal development. So for example, let's see type of personal development. As you can see, you get a mix of suggested hashtags of suggested accounts. And these accounts are appearing because somewhere in their handle or their title page slash profile name, they decided to put personal development. So you get all of these examples, you get all of these suggestions. You can go down the line. If you just want people who are associated with personal development, you will get the list. You can also get hashtags associated with personal development and see all the different variations as there are with personal development. And of course there's places I even have personal development. So just like in my previous video, I was talking about using geotags. These are geotags ie you can utilize as well. If you're in the personal development world, you can definitely utilize these in order, again, more visibility. But I am going to show you a couple of ways on how to go about choosing your hashtag. So personal development itself, I'm going to click it. Personal development has close to 2 million post. So personally if you're starting, I do not recommend to utilize any hashtag dot is over 500 thousand. And the reason is because when you post using like personal development, what's going to happen is you are going to get lost in the sea of almost 2 million people. Your content's not going to be viewed. The ones I really, really get viewed and get the attention are the top post. These are the things, these are the post-docs were high engaging with likes, high engagement with, with comments, high engagement just in general with following and bookmark. So your goal is to gain visibility in the only way to really truly get visibility is to start choosing, start choosing tags that are, are, are under 2 million. In order to get related hashtags. Instagram made it super easy for you. So right here, as you can see, there's related, you can just slide through. And these are all related to personal development. They're related to the industry. I can put self-development. Can self-development will have related pillows such as personal development, life coached, Think, and Grow Rich, which is a really popular personal development book. There's also the law of attraction because many people who believe in personal development somehow believe in the law of attraction to and in the secret. And these are all the things, these are all the tags that are related to personal development. So one route that you can go about in choosing your set of 30 hashtags because you have 30 opportunities, right? Is to literally just start with something so broad and just go down the list of the related, of the related post or related hashtags. And in C, So this is over, this is over 500 K. So I'm just gonna kind of go down the line. Let's see what Think and Grow Rich has. Grow Rich would be perfect because they are close to 400 thousand. So I can post and guess my stuff will get lost here, but I have a higher chance of higher probability compared to a hashtag that has close to 3 million or is in the millions, right? So like I said, my rule of thumb is to, if you are just starting, if you are wanting to gain momentum, start choosing hashtags that are under 500 K. And 500 K is a lot, really, it really is a lot. So even success minded would be something more along your alley. And we have manifestation babe, she does really good because she has she has really good visibility because the hashtag that she uses, the hashtag that she tends to use are under that 500 K Mark. And he or she has all of all of her hashtags, which brings me to method number two and choosing your hashtags. There are people out there who will have high engagement. Catherine has really high engagement content and this is just prove I mean, this girl goes into the thousands. Sometimes. Yeah, she goes into the thousands. Her pictures are really high engaging their high-quality people are always commenting, uh, he or she has 74 comments. So people are liking, people are sharing. And what you can do is literally just go into her, into her content. In six days ago she posted this and go into She likes to put just like me, she likes to put her hashtags on the first comment. The rule with that is place your hashtags within the first minute. I don't know why or how the algorithm figures it all out. But Instagram really like say when you put your place, your hashtags within the, within the first minute. And that's the way it just work. So I'm just relating it to you so you can practice it. Another thing that you can do is this is method number three. You can just go to the personal development goal under tags and see what kind of variations they have, right? Personal development junkie would be perfect for someone who's just starting their business, their brand, who was marketing. And like I said, I'm going to reiterate it again. Your mission is to gain visibility and these people are gaining visibility if you were just to want to go into personal development junkie, if you were aware of that hashtag. There's already 8.4 thousand posts that are utilizing it. And these are ways to also gain leads, which is a little bonus if you want to start seeing where your clients hang out, where your ideal clients saying Gao, if I were to want to target someone, this is where all my clients are hanging out right now under personal development, under personal development and junkie. And these are just people that I can see what their pain points are, what transformations are made, where they wanna go. I can start building relationships with all of these people. So these are 8.4 people or posts that I can target too. So there you have it. The best way that I, the way that I like to create my set of hashtags is literally through my notes app. I find it very easy. Instagram, when you're in the app, it doesn't really allow you to, to format it this way. Plus, Like I said, you have that one minute timeframe, so it's easier to literally just copy, copy, and paste it into that first comment of your post. I don't recommend it to I don't recommend to put any hashtags. And if you do keep it like two, no more than three hashtags on your caption because to other people, hashtags look really spammy, so just hide them. The way that I like to create this format right here is two, which I have four sets of hashtags. So what I like to do already started the process here is I like to just simply use dots, use return, right? And just do the same process. And then unlike to just put 30 hashtags in a row, and then I just go in here and I start filling. Now, you might have a better technique. You might be a little bit more tech savvy, and you might just figure out a better method than I do. And if you do, please DM me, send me an email and let me know, but I'm just sharing with you what has worked out with me and these are my set of industry related hashtags. Another method that I have, another suggestion that I have is when you're choosing your 30 hashtags, make sure that at least ten are related to your niche or your service. You can also use ten that described the image itself. Or you can use ten that maybe are branded or community-based hashtags or industry related hashtags. So there's really different ways to go about it. You're going to find your way. Use, test them out. Not every hash tag is going to be a successful one. And I'm here to let you know. I'm going to share with you social proof right now. Shoot. Right now currently, I don't have any of these posts that are that are on the top post, but I do have I do have social proof of when my personal content was on the top posts and I mean, a lot of personal content. I see four here, I see 1234 right there that were under vibrational energy. I've been featured under Sol Sol per neur, right along with Catherine. I've been I think the biggest one that I had was law of attraction at 3.2 million post. I didn't make it and I made it to the number nine slot, but I may and I know that just being featured here, excuse me. I know that being featured here allow me to be on the explorer page of people. So really those hashtags are powerful. I don't care what anyone says. Those hashtags have proved to be very powerful and have allowed me to gain visibility and engagement and just gain momentum and really me forward just to refresh, refresh here depending on what I've been searching. These are the suggestions of features of my explorer page on what people, what Instagram things I want to see just based upon the hashtags I use in the searches that I do. So if you want to appear on your ideal clients search or feature explorer page, please utilize those hashtags. They're super important. Stick around for bonus material where I teach you the power of staying committed and consistent, repurposing your content and how to create a caption and the call to action. 17. [Module 2] Location & Tags: The final step to the high engagement formula is often overlooked. And this simple step can literally place you on the map of millions of eyes, top influencers and brands. The last step is to add a location to your post and tag 20 influential accounts. Even if you live in a small town, never underestimate the impact you can leave in your community. You never know who in your hometown my need your skills, talent advised, product and service. Of course, you can add high traffic cities such as Los Angeles, but don't be surprised if you get lost within the millions of pictures. In addition, you can also add other businesses to your location and that will increase your exposure. Lastly, tag 20 accounts that are relevant to your content. It only takes a few extra minutes to search and add accounts that can lead to a certain collaboration. Shout out and sponsorship. Don't miss out on the limitless opportunities to be discovered by top-notch browns and influencers. Thus far, I've been featured free of charge by top-notch accounts in my industry by simply tagging them. Again, hundreds of new fans and leads from accounts who saw value in my post and voluntarily decided to give me a shout out. This can be two. Next time you post any picture, makes sure to tag 20 accounts above ten K followers within your niche. On the next video, I'll demonstrate how to choose 20 account tags. 18. [Module 2] Location & Tags - Demo: Another way to gain visibility is to utilize the geotagged that appears on the top left corner of your posts. For example, here on my post I have Los Angeles. You can tag your personal location, whether it's a city, a town or village, or region, and gain the trust of the people. There are there, as you consistently a post on Instagram. You can also tag physical businesses you visit and wish to get attention from. So let me show you, for example, on this post, I hashtag, I mean I geotag Earth cafe. Earth cafe is a vegan vegetarian, super delicious, hyperconscious restaurant owl in Pasadena. They have multiple, multiple locations, but I specifically target discipline here in Pasadena and California. And if I wish to get their attention and they're likely going to see it. So what happens is geotags work just like hashtags. They have top posts that are performing. Holy moly, I got mine right there, top performing posts. So there you have it. This is like the power of geotagging. So anyone who goes specifically Earth Cafe who wants to see the recent post that people have been posting. As you can see, it's all vegetarian v in yummy delicious food. You know, all these people are here trying to get the attention of Earth Cafe one way or another. And the power of a, I just made the top, the top posts under earth cafe. The other one's 48, probably will super high engaging. Let's see these right here, 216. So this, this account here is getting some 11. But here we have how to women under earth cafe Pasadena as the top post. So anyone like I said, that goes and visits that tag, that geotag will get to see what, who's performing in and just kind of brings curiosity. So it's really, really, really neat layer of visibility that you can add to your personal profile. And I mean, a really can go even deeper. Many don't realize that the additional layer visibility you gain just by using the geotag it. And here I am showing you specifically first-hand right away the power of it. So keep in mind these geotags also have a set number of posts as I told you, like, associated to them. And your content can get lost and will get lost if the geotag is something like Los Angeles. And let me show this was very specific. This is earth cafe Pasadena. But I also have LA Los Angeles. Now. Just like I predicted, my post of how to woman is not off the top posts of Los Angeles because literally, these are all the recent, all the recent posts people have made in Los Angeles is very, very big. So all these people are hashtagging LA and they're wanting to get the attention of it. But as you can see, top post, if you want to make it to the top of LA. I mean, we're hitting up already close to thousands of likes. And if not already in the thousands or ten thousands, right? So. If I want, how do women a pop-up in the top posts of Los Angeles? Los Angeles is not an a workout. So what does a workout is just businesses, smaller businesses or maybe even like this one here, spiritual gangster. Once again, top posts. How do women right away under spiritual gangster as, and as you can see, there's many people who do put spiritual gangster a has their geotags, so people are always posting and this is just another way to add more visibility to your profile. And it's another way to gain visibility not only via the profile, your handle, right? Which is how dot how to woman that's my profile a handle. So not only in the search, will you be able to, you know, seek things and find it. But you can also use the Places tags. So here you have it. That's another layer of visibility that you can gain from your own personal account. On top of that, what you can do is hashed is tagged 20 industry-related accounts onto your posts. So for instance, this post right here, I gained a lot of visibility. It was literally a post that I posted two days ago. I can show you the insights which I described in my past video. Business accounts. You have the ability to see the visibility, to see the insights of your posts, to see the insides of your page. So here I hash, I tagged 20 accounts. Of course this is one format you can do where you're just ln one on top of the other. And the easiest way you can do is just click these three dots here at the top, top right. So you click those dots, you go under edit. Why is it not going through at it right? Scroll all the way to the top. You're going to click the little icon, little black icon. You can tag up to 20 people. So I can tag literally anyone that I want. Let me see. Earth cafe if they're here, of course, Earth cafes here. So either I can do this format here and then I can always rearrange it right? So you can see where it's at. You can do something like that. You can play around with it, rearrange it everywhere, bam, set, done, and see it that way. But of course, when your audience's visiting your page, use likely don't want them to get distracted by all of that. So what I like to do is I like to format my tags, my industry-related tags of the accounts. And I like to put them all together underneath here, just stacked one on top of the other four. Just visual purposes. I think it's easier on the eye to have these all here. And some of them are a little secret if some of them are not, that what I have learned, what I have gained is honestly visibility. Visibility. From a high engaging accounts and just tons of shoutouts. It's tons of shoutouts from people who have over a 100 K and 200 k that personally charged for a shout-out promotion. And with the amount of freakish free shadows and I've received, I've honestly believe I've saved over thousands. So put into practice what I'm here teaching you, you never know if you'll get lucky, if you'll get that lucky shoutout that will literally make your post go viral and boost your engagement and following. So utilize the GIL tags here on the top left corner, right, and also utilize the the option, utilize the tagging option and that both things can be found here on the top, on the top right, or the three dots are out, you just click that, put edit. You can edit by clicking the top where it says Los Angeles and literally remove it or change the location. Let me just show you what the postdoc doesn't have a geotag just so you can see how easy it is. So this has no geotag, it literally has no account tagging. I haven't haven't tagged any other accounts that are in my industry. So what I wanna do is when we go to a top three dots, click that click, Edit right here where it says add location at the top, at the top, left and right underneath how to women, I'm a do that. When the set a location. I'm going to say Los Angeles, right? It'll give me a couple recommendations. I'm going to set that. I'm going to click those three dots once again. Go all the way to the top. Click at the bottom left, the little black, little black icon. And then just tap anywhere in, literally just start tagging people who are in my industry. And like I said, you can you can do is you can stack them, right? You can do anything that you want, that you want to do with them. So just play around with that in know that these people are watching, they get notifications and, and if they don't like you can even yourself go and see where people are tiny. So if I just go to this icon right here, I can see all the people who have tagged HOW TO a woman, these are all people who have tagged me in one way or another. And as you see, awakened vibration has typed out a woman along with other industry related accounts. So these are all people that are attacking me and that are getting my attention one way or another, whether they're big brands are small brands or people who are just thinking about women empowerment and wanting to include me in it. So really that alone is another way also where people give you visibility. Because if one of these, one of her audiences or one of her followers taps into the picture. They get to see all the people that they're tiny. And so it's really, really remarkable, really, really something that most people bypass and don't even think about tagging other Council start tagging 20 industry-related accounts to your posts and order, start gaining visibility and also utilize the geotag. 19. [Module 2] Repurposing Content: If you pose two to three times a day and look at this at a bigger scale such as three months, that translates to a 182 to 70 posts that you're going to share, which is a lot. Over this time, your content can easily get lost in the masses. What we notice that how to woman is at high performing and high engage in accounts, repurpose their content. If you were to pay close attention, they usually have less than 1000 posts. Some have less than 3 thousand posts, but it really just is determined on their following. So what they do and what I do to is repurposed the content that got the best engagement. And as you start building your brand or revamping your page, you'll notice what posts do well and which ones don't. And in reality, there's no reason to leave a post that didn't receive much engagement due to poor quality, no effort or not relating to your niche in order to repurpose your content. Go back to a few weeks, a few weeks ago and repose. Suppose that did really good. And if you're worried about your audience noticing, don't even sweat it because as you're growing and constantly posting two to three times a day, you report your repurpose posts will appear as fresh content. This is a sure way to predict engagement rate of the posts because back then it performed well. In addition, it's also a sure way to avoid getting stuck on a screen creating content for long hours, instead of focusing on things I will generate an income. So let me just show you here my repurpose posts that I recently have in my first nine squares. Nine, yeah, my first nine squares we come on to how to women. So what I did was I got this one right here, which I showed you. This was posted originally November 15th, 2017. So I got really good engagement. Let's see the insights just so you get to see, I had 56 people who bookmark that, which usually what happens is those people who bookmark things, they usually share things. So my branded image is floating around somewhere. A got 27 profile visits, meaning these are visits from the reach of almost 3 thousand people, right? That got to see it via being featured on the explorer page. Or maybe he was suggested and maybe someone Tang, I don't really know exactly how I got those 27 profile views, but I know I did and they got 419. So this was really high engaged and this had a lot of high engagement. And so what I did was I grabbed it literally was a couple months ago. I grabbed it. I knew that it did well, and I simply put it, I reuse, repurpose day in. The insights for now are 21 profile views, 361 likes 20 comments and 37 bookmarks. And this is something that I literally just posted two days ago. So over the following week, it's actually surpass. It has potential to surpass the original posts. So there you have it. This is a way that you repurpose things. I know that I've repurposed cap captions, I've repurposed images. I've changed the background. I've turned these white quotes into images, beautiful images like this. And it really works out a lot because as you repurpose, you spend less time on your screen and you spend a lot more time focusing, like I said, on the things that generate an income. So the next video I'm gonna talk about the caption and the call to action. So stick around. 20. [Module 3] Engagement: Introduction: Ever heard of the word algorithm tossed around in your social circle, then you already know Instagram is constantly changing it. But if you're new to the IG game, don't worry, I'm here to guide you and keep you up to date with the language and functionality. Ever surfed. They explore page, maybe even discovered some great accounts, if so good. That's a prime example of how the algorithm works. Who suggests content to Instagram users based on what they search? Your last search were puppies and you're explorer page will suggest the highest engaging posts based on that category. So where am I going with this? If you follow the high engagement formula from the previous module in regards to content, then you'll have a higher probability to be featured on the Discover page and the top of the hashtags you chose, which means more opportunities to be seen and make money. In this module, I will teach you how to optimize engagement of your business page as a whole. 21. [Module 3] Followers: I have two questions in regards to new followers you acquire. How often do you send them a message via the M? In case you're wondering, will often means it is anything that falls within 24 hours. Last question, how often do you reply to the comments left on your post? Once again, often means within 24 hours. Truth is if you're not at least replying to your comments within 24 hours, you are decreasing your chance to have the algorithm work in your favor. What does this translate to? Limited to no exposure. You heard me right? You're limited to who will see your content on their feed. This also includes those who follow you unless they have a notification on to notify them immediately when you post. See unfortunately, the algorithm is set to work in favor for the account sat, produce high engaging content. High engaging content isn't only limited to pretty picture a clever caption and cool hashtags. How engaging content also Intel's traffic on your comments. This means even if someone leaves you numerology or a general bought comments such as nice when your duty is to respond with at least five or more words on that comment within 24 hours in order to increase your chances of being seen. Now back to my first question. If you didn't answer often to sending a message or you followers, you are letting impactful opportunities go to waste. You are in business just in case you forgot, you must read everyone who decides to follow your account and build rapport with them. Unless you know it's a spam bot or a creeper tree, Instagram as a business and they will perform like one. So this means make yourself seen Bill relationships, get to know people's pain points. Build trust in order to have the results that you want. The moment your followers know you love you, trust you is a magical moment. Your position to make a stream of income via Instagram marketing. Your duty from this point on is to create loyal fans from people who follow you. These fans can lead to a collaboration, sponsorship referral and or a buyer. The Instagram marketing is free, but the art of making an income via Instagram is sold separately. You must work for it. With that being said, time that brush up on your social skills and time to get a little uncomfortable as your coach, I'm holding you accountable to reply to all comments left on your post and sending the simple message to your new followers VIA DM. Referred to the examples and exercises on your worksheet to reveal the appropriate messages to send to your new followers. 22. [Module 3] Commenting: Time to go the extra mile woman ready? On the last video, I spoke about the importance of replying to comments left on your post and messaging everyone who follows you within 24 hours in order to have the algorithm working your favor on this lesson, I'm going to reveal commenting tactics. I will allow you to gain new followers through tampering accounts that have over 500 k and 1 million followers. What do I mean when I say tap routing? Simply put getting the attention of low fans from huge influential accounts. But before I get to the juicy ways to drive more people to your business page, I'd like to go over the basics, as you can see now, managing and ought and optimize and high engaging page requires an investment on your behalf. Mainly time if you've been applying all the knowledge you've been receiving from this Instagram Mastery course. I honor you and I can't wait to hear about your progress. If you haven't applied anything you've learned thus far, then I highly recommend for you to hire a social media specialist to manage your account because Instagram's simply isn't for you or you're not as committed as you thought you were. Instagram marketing isn't everyone's cup of tea. And that's okay, maybe Facebook is your jam and we will save how to market yourself on Facebook for a different Mastery course. But I can bet if he having it applied anything from the previous lessons, it's because you're feeling overwhelmed by the amount of work you have to put in in order to see tangible results. Your results are in based on talent, more skill there are based on, we'll see, knowledge is not power, applied. Knowledge is power. You can have all the knowledge in the world, but if you don't find the will to apply it, then it's wasted knowledge I noticed is all time consuming, but it's always scrolling past accounts that are high-performing, engendering capital and only leave you feeling depressed. So if you really, really want this put in the work, stops, skipping steps and Lego of the excuses. Now that we got that out of the way, I'll want you to click through a set of 30 niche specific hashtags you chose for your business or your last post and leave genuine comments on an account that stands out to you. The fewer followers a has the batter. In addition, like about three to five of their pictures. And if you absolutely loved them, follow them throughout the day, set time aside roughly five to ten minutes each hour to comment on other accounts that match your target audience. Leave compliments, words of advice, and if it's fitting, invite them to your page. Now that you've connected with small accounts, you can move on to commenting on huge accounts. Select ten accounts that you love, admirer and strive to be like within your industry and comment on their posts authentic messages. In these comments, I highly recommend for you to express your feelings about their account or that particular post. And at the end, right, a CTA. The CTA should go something like this. I love it if you checked out my page because our missions are similar, or if you go to my last post, I think you'll agree that poodles look great in bling. If the account holders don't respond, don't worry, your words will go unnoticed and a loyal follower of theirs will likely be curious and had to your account. The goal here is to gain exposure in any way possible and a direct specific of a direct specific audience to your business. I recommend to consistently repeat this process of commenting on accounts that have over 500 K niche specific followers related to your industry. Calm and ten high engage in accounts at least once per week. Make yourself noticed by these top notch influencers and build rapport for the future of your collaborations and also opportunities. 23. [Module 4] Apps & Tools: Intro: As you know, there's an app for everything. Needless to say, the App Store and Google Play have an abundance of apps crafted to enhance your IG game. There's a good chance you might have already downloaded a few to spice up your account. Without a doubt, there are a few apps and tools that most influencers love to use in order to craft the most engaging content. This ranges from photo editing to lettering. In this module, I am revealing the top apps and tools that most top-notch influencers use, including myself, in order to craft captivating content. 24. [Module 4] Apps & Tools: Demo: On today's video, you're going to learn about photo and video editing. I'm going to go over a couple of apps and tools that I personally have used over the lifespan of the how to woman. And I'm going to show you as well within the app how easy the functionality of, of it is. So let's start with font o, because before I stumbled on more intricate apps and tools, I use Fontan for about a good six months and it worked amazing on font o, which you can find on Apple and Android. On font o, you have the ability to edit the picture by adding filters and lettering. And let me just simply walk you through how easy it is. So I'm going to use a selfie in, in this case. As you can see here at the bottom, there's tons of filters that you can use and these are all free unless you want to pay for the paid version. And then you see the little lock at the right, at the bottom right. So what I'm gonna do is I'm going to use this one right here. You can, you can fix the saturation. Right? You have the ability to edit and change the saturation, the lighting within it. So let's just do that. And then if you simply tap on the picture, you can add text. The text, the font they have is absolutely amazing. They have a huge variety, lots, lots to select from. I'm sure you'll find one of your favorite fonts here. So I just want you to see and literally from a to Z, you can pick up. Seems like he can also do your, you can download your own, your own fonts. And I'm going to show you where you can buy your own fonts on this video 2m. So for the sake of knowing what is good and what I used to use, this was chunk five was my go-to was my go-to font for how to women when I first began. So let's create some thing like no. Okay. So I'm gonna do know you're worth you can change the size of it. You can tilt it as if you want to as well. Let's go back to 0. You can also move it, center it right by clicking the A's right here at the bottom. There's layouts where you can place it in case you are not. Too good at doing this or you're questioning your ability, you can just click out layout and then put it precisely where you want it. But for the sake of this example, I'm going to put it down here. And then I'm gonna tap again to create another text. You can also use symbols. And this is what they look like. So you can get really creative. You can change the color. You can change and add a background. Many things you can do. You can add more color. So all you have to do is just mess around with the settings here and I'm sure you'll find something that you like, but I don't want that. I really don't want this here, so forgot how to it's been such a long time since I've used it. So what I'm going to do is it's gonna delete it. Oh, you can also align things. So I'm going to tap one more time. Let's say at how DOT two woman, random middle, create a different font. Here we go. Change the color to make it smaller. Center as well. And there you go. So that's something that you can do. You just simply save it. And they'll save right to your camera roll. Another one. Another app that I absolutely love using is Canva. Within canvas, you have tons and tons and tons of things that you can work on, such as create your own designs such as Instagram, Facebook. You can create a Facebook cover, a Snapchat, filter, your own story. You can even create a logo. And this is a nice option because they have free, free things that you can utilize to create your own logo. So I know we spoke about in the earlier modules about creating a logo, something bold, something by something that stands out. If you want more variety instead of lettering and definitely use Canvas. And if you get the paid version, which is the business version, it's about $12 a month. You can have transparent, transparent logo so you can paste them on your pictures. You can create posters, flyers, invitations, cards, collages, banners, blog graphics. Pinterest, Pinterest post. I mean, it goes into Twitter, it goes into YouTube. Business cards. If you're an artist, you have also album covers. And it seems like they're about to upload even more designs. So the functionality behind canva is just superb. I highly recommend it. I have my own Presets. This is how I create my own Instagram posts already have a priest, a setup, already have something that's pre-made, that I've made. And it was seriously only from the template's here. So I just grabbed a template that really spoke to me. And that had, I think it was probably something like this. And you can work off with template. You can erase things out you don't want. Like right here, click that trash can. Click that trash can and you can tap, tap, get different images. They have images that they provide for free. So they have their own stock photos to. Canvas is attached to pixels until all the stock picture websites when you purchase the business account, you have access to all of that and it's just integrated so you don't have to go through pixels and getting pictures from the stock places, or you can choose the stock pictures out they have here and search as well. So let's say woman or girl, okay, so we have women here. This is a picture that I have to buy, but this one right here where it says free is not something that I have to buy. I can change the filter of it right? Within it as well. Of course there's a filter are ready within the, There's already a filter within the preset. So what it does is it saves to my images and I can just work from it. I can just create more content over and over. I can add text. And they have these text already that are premade and you just simply have to add your own, which is really neat. They have graphics as well. So you can add little icons, you can, whoops. You can add maybe a border. And the cool thing about Canvas is you can work on your desktop too. And recently, Canada used to be Apple app, but recently they expanded them their market and they went into Android sum. We're going to just do that right there. Click share, just so you can see, so you click share. And you can create multiple. You didn't go making create, I believe, up to 30 images until you have to make a new file and new folder. So these can all be ready to go for you. You can knock these out, put it to your images and it saves to your camera roll, right owing. So it's really, really neat to have this. A canva is absolutely free. I've created my Facebook cover, I've created an Instagram post. I've created an Instagram story like call to action or banner. And I think it's worked, it definitely has work. This is a tool that I highly recommend. I've created my anxious, too ambitious workbooks, the covers, I, I've created so many things here and I highly recommend it. It's definitely something that I say if you really just wanna go straight to having the best content out there and straight to, to providing amazing value via your pictures. And wanted just, like I said, be as professional as possible. Then go guns blazing what Campbell, and download it now, it's free if you want to upgrade to the business level. I've done it before, I highly recommend it. The next thing I want to cover is VSCO Cam. Viscal cam is another app, but it's more for editing pictures. So if you are, I'm sure many of you have. I have heard of Photoshop. Right? And I'm sure many of you who are photographers modify your pictures. So VSCO Cam is app that you can modify your pictures. So let me just show you here. They have, if you click this Left Icon, they have their own pictures that I believe you can also modify on your own and utilize. Let's see, messaging reposts his image. Okay? Probably not. Okay. So you just look into this app. They have already tons of images, I believe some of these you can edit and you can create like a portfolio. But if you want to start editing your pictures, just go to this plus sign right here at the top. Let's see what we can work with. I'm gonna work with a picture that I have found. Another thing you can do, as I've described on my stock pictures video, which is next, there are stock images out there and websites that you can utilize for free. But another thing you can do is find images like this one right here. You can find them on Instagram. I like to screen shot them. After that, I'd like to give them credit too. I found this on woman's look. And what I'm gonna do is I'm going to see what kind of filters they have. I believe the picture alone is beautiful, art ready. It doesn't really necessarily need a filter, but I could modify it, which is pretty neat too. I like this right here two. And this, these are the apps that influencers use an order further pictures to pop out. So these are all stock pictures. These are stopped filters I you can use and you can also shop for your own. Of course it comes with a paid version, but as you can see, 399 to already have presets made for you. And all you have to do is just put in, putting your picture. I definitely think it's worth it if you are looking to create a a fee that is consistent with filters, with the mood, if that's your thing, definitely buying these presets is worth it and it's definitely the route that I suggest. But if you're just gonna go the free route, you can definitely have many options are reading as is, I'm going to edit, I'm going to crop this picture. I'm going to go right here, crop it just so you can see the functionality of the, of this app. Okay. Now, I don't think it needs anything else, but you could mess around with the saturation just like you see on Instagram. And there are tons and tons of options as well on what you can do. So I'm just going to save the picture. I like it this way and then you can just utilize it. You just download it. Published rubisco. Okay. So I just published it. It seems like you can share your pictures. Do so. Save to camera. Oh, there we go. That's saved to camera roll. And the cool thing is I can use this picture if it was my own portrait of myself, I can just post it up to, or I can take that to Canada, can take it a Pfam TO. Now face tune. Face tune is similar to Photoshop. Face tune is an app that is free but also comes, comes as a paid version. The paid version has many, many, many options. Let me just show you a before and after. This is after. And this was the before. So what I did was I created more color. I made it pop out a retouched it. I created a blur. And this is my niece Everybody, her name is Luna, and we're all excited to hover. But this picture turned out to be so cool because I did a little bit of extra, I know the iPhone X, I believe, or the 81 of those iPhones has a capability of blurring the background. But if you don't have an iPhone or a phone or a DSLR camera that automatically the lens can blur out and make the object pop-out. Well, you can do is use face tune. You can add filters. These right here where it says VIP, these are further paid members. But look at this right here. It went from being a little washed out. Maybe a couple of things in the background, that word distracting to then after editing within face tune and just creating my, my own thing. What I've done here too, is let me just create a new project. So almost say that to my camera. I'm gonna create a new image. And let's go to phase two. Okay, sometimes I forget how I do these things. So. Okay, here we go. Sometimes we can do is, here we go. Let's use this for example, new picture, and then edit it. I'm gonna do is maybe retouching it wherever my options. So you can Y and T P can smooth things out, you can add texture, you can make details pop out. You can use a sealer, add some glow. So here I am adding some glow, just lightened up my face just a little bit. People use this app to an order. You can add effects, right? There's many, many things you can do on this app. Am sure out ESA cannot do defocus, right? Defocus. If I won defocus, I can do that by blurring, maybe blurring these people, making me standout eaten. Zoom in loops is you can zoom in, delete, delete that, and then work on it. So these are the things I've used. These are the apps that I've personally used that you can use. Two, these are free. A lot of the top-notch influencers are using these app and this is their go-to secret weapon. And then you can just save it. Of course you can do more editing, but this, this is an app that I've used to create these blurry images, to make my images pop out a little bit more and then save it to the camera. I can take that to VSCO Cam. Maybe create something different with it. We got here. Okay. Right now we get to look at these are hair that looks kinda need to. So these are the things you can do to create certain effects, certain moods in your, for your feed. Nas, dig it. So there you have it. These are the apps fond TO Canva face tune and VSCO Cam. There's also tons and tons of things i you can search for on the App Store. And all you gotta do is just submit, search for what you want. So lettering, you can get your own lettering. These are really, really cute right here. These are all seem free as wow, so just go wild. You know, figure out what your aesthetics is, what you're going for if you like lettering, if you wanna make your, your pictures pop out, there's tons of things you can do as well. The last thing I want to show you is Creative Market. Creative Market is a desktop site. I am sure you can find a here Creative Market. If you're the type of Galba appreciates one-of-a-kind things and creative marketing will do the job definitely in what the satisfying taste. This is a website that you can buy and sell one-of-a-kind fonts, graphics. And they have tons and tons of designs and templates that you can choose from with different styles. And you can purchase fonts and designs easily adjust, adjust. Redo. Now I want to show you Creative Market. If you're the type of GAO that appreciates One of the things and creating market will do the job. This is a secret that I Have. You came by fonts, you can buy a templates, you can buy designs and pretty much have the license of it to utilize it as your own for your own brain, your own marketing on your website and on your social media? Yes, a do cost. But check this out. There's so much variety. You get a font. You get designs for $20. And these are things that people are utilizing in order for their, their fonts to be one of a kind because you can't find this on phone TO, you. Probably can find something similar on campus. But these are things that you can purchase on Creative Market in order for you to have something one of a kind, in order for you to have something different. So definitely check out this website if you're really wanting they expand on your website and have something different, you'll find tons and tons of fonts and designs and templates. So there you go. These are the top secrets. 25. [Module 5] Stock Photos: Intro: Seriously, let's praise a geniuses that created beautiful and creative stock photos for us to showcase as if they were our own doing. Stock photos are professional photographs of common places, landmarks, nature events, or people that are sold on a royalty-free basis and can be reused for commercial design purposes. The stock photos come in handy when you don't have the timescale creativity or desire to photograph every image you display on your post. I highly encourage you to utilize stock photos as you are designing your account because a many influencers use them and be, it's guaranteed high-quality content. On this module, I will share my absolute favorite royalty free stock photo websites and recommended paid websites. 26. [Module 5] Stock Photos - Demo: This video goes out to all you ladies who absolutely either are scared of taking pictures, claim that you have no photography skills, or simply have ran out of ideas on what beautiful, high-quality content to post on your feed. I'm going to show you today my favorite stock picture websites. These Schweppes also offered pay images in order for you to use for commercial use, if you're gonna put it on your website or if you're planning on creating an add. You can also use it for personal use. So what you can do is search. Search, the specific thing that you want. So let's say you're creating a course. Let's say you are wanting an office space so you can get either off this c. And as a result, you get really amazing quality pictures that you can put lettering on top of it, right? You can put your own lettering or you can go through Canvas. As I taught you on the previous module, how to edit your pictures. And you can utilize these stock pictures in order to put your lettering, in order to do some promoting in order to just color really amazing, bad as feed. Another. Besides pixels, I'm going to show you all four of my favorite. I've used pixels, IVs pixels on my website. I've used pixel images on my Instagram. I'm going to show you another one called free images. Free images has really amazing pictures and they even showcase the popular photos. So Let's see where they take us is our popular photos that people are using apparently all the time. So these are for sure pictures that will have pretty good engagement. And it's just based upon the search that people have mean. Just, just like pixels. You can go on the search and check out what it is that you want. For me, I'm going to personal development and just search what it is. What comes up. Searching process is a bit slower. Here we go, personnel development. According to personal development, these are the pictures that show up. Now, I personally don't know if these are if these match exactly what I want. So you have to be more specific. You have to also know what it is that you want. So let say q desk. Okay, so if you allow all images to show, I'll show you a lot of them, paid and unpaid. And if you click on the free images and it shows you what you can use in regards to being free. So I'm gonna move on to the next platform, which is on On has really vibrant, really amazing pictures available. This is really, really cute. This is something I would use for how to women definitely, because it matches up vibes and the aesthetics on my feed and what my ideal client is, who she is. So as you can see, really beautiful, high-quality images that you can download for free. And some of these, yes, you have to pay, but it is so worth it if you have no photography skills, if you have ran out of ideas on what to post and you just want something clean, super sharp, super amazing, already edited for you, ready to go in order for you to do your own edits or in order to just posted on your content. Last one I'm going to show you as stock snap dot IO. I haven't used one. I haven't used the images here, but I definitely know that they provide high-quality images and they're really, really key. They're very vibrant. They vary in filters and as you can see, the pictures here aren't as vibrant compared to the last, the last pages I gave you, but the filters in the editing is still amazing. This is really, really cool. I dig it. So there you have it. This is, these are the websites that I highly recommend for you to utilize if you are wanting clear, crisp stock pictures that aren't completely for free. If not, they do come at a cost and the cost really isn't that much and they're totally worth it. 27. [Module 6] Collaborations: Intro: Ever heard this aim behind every successful woman is a tribal other successful woman who had her back tooth is we rise by uplifting each other. This applies to collaborating with other accounts who wish to grow their business, just like you. There is no doubt you can manage your business account on your own and go viral without anyone backing you up. But it will take longer than you'd like. Plus why would you wanna do this alone? Believe it or not, there are tons of people in this world, in cyberspace, I genuinely have a desire to team up and create magic with you. There are real people behind these business accounts that law to serve and support your mission. So let's put our ego and pride aside in order to grow our business by an uplifting each other. In this module, I will reveal a few impactful ways to collaborate with other accounts, including top-notch influencers. 28. [Module 6] Engagement Pods : Let's sure booster engagement is to participate in engagement pods. Engage me, pause our integrand groups that are composed of up to 15 similar accounts who agree to Like and comment on each other's post. In order for these pods to function properly, all counts must have similar interests, services, and followings. Lately, Instagram has been catching on to this method of boosting engagement through pods. And they haven't really been pleased with people trying to outsmart the algorithm. My advice is to participate in engagement pods with caution and at your own discretion. Best-case scenario, you have secured likes and comments from accounts who have your back, but worst-case scenario, Instagram temporarily shuts down your account for violating the rules. They keep forever changing. If you haven't been invited to a pod, take initiative by becoming the organizer and leader of the engagement pond. As a reminder, select up to 15 accounts with similar following interests and niche. Another route you can take as contacting similar accounts to do a shout out for shout-out, just like an engagement polity can collaborate with up to 15 similar accounts, where one account is selected each day and everyone agrees to shout out and repost content from the selected page for 24 hours. Write a call to action that directs your personal audience to their page. The shout-out for shoutout collaboration can be utilized with any pod or between your account and someone else. Participant is participating in a shout for shoutout pod definitely is an effective way to get more people redirected to your page. On the next segment, I'll touch base on another popular method that influencers utilized to collaborate and redirect followers. 29. [Module 6] Giveaways: Have you ever participating on the Instagram giveaway? Maybe your favorite account was giving away a high-value prize such as a camera to one lucky contestant who follow all the detailed instructions, hosting and participating in a high-value prize group giveaway or loop giveaway is a sure way to gain tons of followers. It's quite simple. Referred to your worksheet for a detailed explanation of how a loop giveaway works. 30. [Module 7] Ads: Intro: As he know, people browse your Instagram to be inspired and discover things they care about. There are millions of people scrolling right now looking for everything you have to offer. And just like Facebook, Instagram also uses the same powerful advertising tools. And what does this mean for your business? Simply put, awareness, consideration and conversion. Running an ad on Instagram helps you reach your ideal client more effectively in tribal awareness of your business, brand, product, and service. As a result, to placing yourself in front of the eyes and ears, you'll have potential customers considering to learn more about your products and services. And in the grand scheme of things, this only leads to conversion, AKA more qualified people visiting your website, purchasing your products and downloading your goodies. Getting started is quick and easy. This process only has four steps. In this module, I will teach you how to set up an ad, determine which add to use for your campaign, and how to publish the perfect ad for your business. So let's create some magic. 31. [Module 7] Creating a FB Page: Now anyone is able to advertise on Instagram, both personal and business accounts. The good thing is you don't need a business license that catches you have to create a Facebook page. Facebook pages, a separate identity you create aside from your personal page, it is a public page where you establish yourself as a business, public figure, organization, brand product, or a cause, cool thing, you'll gain fans because unlike your personal page, pages do not gain friends because there are people, these are people who wish to go out of their way to like your page. Plus by simply having a Facebook page associated to your kernel, you gain major brownie points on being a total legit business and have more marketing opportunities. Can we say hello, Facebook marketing and branding? Of course, we will say all that good stuff for the Facebook Mastery course. In the following video, I will walk you step-by-step how to create a Facebook page in order for you to fully take advantage of all the IG advertisement opportunities. And if you already have one in motion, pat yourself on the back, you have completed step one and you can move on to the next lesson. This video, I'm going to show you how to create your own Facebook page via the desktop. You can create a Facebook page through your Instagram mobile app. If you decide to convert your personal page into a business account, if you decide to have a business account, you must absolutely create a, you are obligated to create a Facebook page just like this that is attached to your business. This is where this is where you have the flexibility to control and to set up certain features on your business account. And it's all through here. So what we're gonna do is go to the top right. Go to create a page. You have different categories to choose from. If you are a brand or if you have a product, you have a couple of options. You can create an organization or a company. You can create. You can go through the brand and product, or you can go through the public figure if you're a coach, I highly recommend for you to go through here. Because as you can see, there's different options that go hand in hand with coaching. So coach, there is a motivational speaker, a fitness model. So this is going to show up under the, under your profile names. So the profile name, as we learned earlier on your Instagram page, it's the bold lettering dot you see that makes you searchable and that you're going to leverage right underneath it. If you have a business page, if you go to how to woman, it says I believe it says personal coach. And I got to choose that through here, through this category. So for me, I'm just gonna go here, coach. And then I'm gonna say genesis. How h t w hat a woman? Just for the purposes to get started. It's gonna take me to the next the next thing. So right now I don't want to put a profile picture, I'm zone skip it and cover. I'm going to skip it. And you can carry your cover via canvas. As I, as I mentioned, you can create a profile cover through many, many other different ways, but Canvas has definitely one way that I highly recommend. So this right here is a my page and let's see if we have the ability to link it to our Instagram. So here we go. We're going to click Instagram. And then you're just gonna log in right here in order for you to. So as you can see, my Instagram is already connected to something. So let's see if we can connect there, which I don't know if we can, but we're gonna give this a shot. So Genesis, your mentor, C, psi k. Okay, so it didn't go through, but it's okay. So if you want to manage your Instagram on Facebook, you just connected to your Instagram page and that is all via settings. So there's many things that you can do here. Branded content page approvals oppose features and business partners, okay, you won't be needing that, but you will have to connect your Instagram. And this is where you connect it in order for you to create Instagram ads from Facebook in order for you to manage, manage your business Instagram page. So there you have it. That's how you create a page. You're gonna put all your information on when the go back to my own personal page, not that person over my own page of how to woman just so you can see what it's going to be. So you're going to put your cover here. I created this through an app called camber. It is available for both Apple and Android devices. I have my integrand set up and attached and it's all right here. So how to woman. Oh, okay. Edit page. Let's see what else we have. So we have templates. There's different templates I you can choose depending on on what it is that you need, on what it is that you are. And it's really neat because there's something that caters for everybody. But for me what I did is I went for services and when someone clicks my page, there's different things are going to be available to them via here. I haven't gone as far as filling up my page, but I will be filling it up. As you can see, there's there's different things out. I can advertise. I can create an event, and these are things I can send my audience on Instagram to come and see and get more information on Facebook in order for me to start building another audience on Facebook. And I'm not gonna talk too much about Facebook because that is safe for the Facebook Mastery course. Facebook is a whole different animal, but we're gonna focus on Instagram. So if you want to create, if you want to create and convert your Instagram into a business page of business count. And you will have to set up this Facebook page and the Facebook page, like I walked you through it. This is what this is the process and this is what it's gonna look like. Services. So all of these things are going to be here on my Facebook page. So this is a pretty big deal. I definitely highly recommend for you to go as far as creating a page just so you can establish yourself, just so you can get your name out there through as many fleet free platforms as possible. So this concludes the, this concludes how to create your Facebook page via the desktop. 32. [Module 7] Switching to a Business or Creator Account: In the very first module, I explained the difference between having a personal count in a business account on Instagram. As you learned, establishing yourself through a business account will allow you to have more insights on how your Instagram pages performing and will allow you to take advantage of the extra quirks Instagram decides to roll out in the future, which are only meant for business accounts. If you already have an Instagram business account or wish to stick to keeping your regular account, then you can skip this video and move onto the next lesson where I introduce you to Facebook ads manager. Now if you are ready to convert your account into a business account and reap all the benefits Instagram has to offer, including creating and managing an ad via the Instagram app. Watch the following video to learn how to set it up. Let me show you via my personal page on how easy it is to literally set up your account. So you're gonna go right here to the gear icon. And you're gonna tap Switch to business profile, right? It's going to ask you to continue. So we're gonna continue or give you a little breakdown, what non give you, give you the breakdown on what it is. Then you get to choose your Facebook page and pretty much integrated and just follow through with it. And literally you just follow, just, just follow through with instructions. It's really that simple. 33. [Module 7] Facebook Ads Manager: Now that you have successfully set up a Facebook page and establish yourself as a professional identity. Let me introduce you to Facebook ads manager Step two, and walk you through all the various ads you can choose to market your ad campaign through Instagram. Facebook ads manager is the all-in-one tool to creating your ad campaign. It is the command center to create, manage, and track your ads display on both Facebook and Instagram. But before we jump into getting to know the Facebook ads manager really well, I want you to become aware of all the options you have at the moment available to you in order to create and manage an Instagram ad. There are five different ways to create and manage an Instagram ad. Number one, within the Instagram app, only if you have a business account number to Facebook ads manager and number three, power editor. Number four, Facebook's marketing API, and number five, Instagram partners. In this mastery course, I'll cover the first two. I'm going to teach you how to create and manage an ad via the Instagram app and Facebook ads manager. These are the simplest among the five. Power editor and Facebook's marketing API are for people who want to create huge quantities of Instagram ads at once. While Instagram partners are experts who can help with buying and managing Ads, engaging with your community and creating Instagram content for you. I will be up front with you. Facebook's advertisements system in layout is exhaustive at first glance because it is all in one command center for both Facebook and Instagram. There are several steps we have to go through to create an Instagram ad. But on the other hand, they're really straightforward and I'll walk you through each one in this next tutorial on this video, I'm going to show you how to navigate through the Facebook ads manager. As I mentioned before, the Facebook ads manager is the hub, is the source in order for you to create Instagram ad. Facebook ads manager also manages all Facebook ads and I'm going to show you exactly how to get there. So let's begin right here at the top right. Go over to create ad, and it will then take you over to the Facebook ad manager. So this is a Facebook ads manager where all your new campaigns and all your existing campaigns will reside for both Facebook and Instagram. If you have a Instagram business page, then you don't have to always go to your desktop. But if you have a personal page, if you want to create ads through Instagram, you will have to go through the desktop and go specifically through Facebook in order for your, for your ads to be managed and to be created and just to show up on Instagram. But if you have a business page, that's the perks that you can create ads via your app, right from your phone. So let's begin a width marketing objectives. So the first step is to create a marketing objective. Facebook offers. If you're going to create a Facebook ad, you have 11 objectives available to you, but ours are right now. Instagram only has eight objectives available to you, which are brand awareness, reach, traffic. App installs, Lead Generation, Video views, conversions, and engagement. And depending on what your objective is, then you have a set of Instagram formats that you can showcase. But I'm going to show you what is available to you for the sake of this, for the sake of this video, I'm going to show you what kind of things that you can do. So if you're wanting to decide how to choose an objective right here on the right hand, it will tell you what each objective is. So this is one column of objectives, this is another one and then so forth. As you can see, if you want to build awareness, it's simply if you want to generate an interest in your, in your product or service. So you would focus on brand awareness or reaching people if you want people to start thinking about your business and look for more information about it, then this is going to be your column on what you're going to focus on as your objective. And if you want people, if you want to encourage people who are interested in your business to purchase a product or service. And this is going to be the column as of right now, Instagram, from my knowledge, you can only utilize conversions. I'm not sure if you can use catalog cells or store visits that possibly you could if you have a store setup on your Instagram, but I'm sure you have to probably set up your Facebook page as a store as well. So for the purpose of this Facebook, this video, I'm going to click a couple of these, but overall the saint, the first step is still the same ones. So you choose your objective. I'm going to choose reach. I want to reach people. So the next step is to create a campaign name. I know this is a very simple step in itself, explained, explained. It's self-explanatory. But I highly recommend for you to become a little bit more intentional with how you want to name your campaign for the sake of sorting things out. Because if you decide to utilize Facebook ads or I mean Instagram ads, then it's a might get a little bit crazy. So for the sake of this, I want people to, want to reach out to people to know more about how to women. So maybe like introduction to how to women. I want people to know about my business. So you have the option to create, to test groups. But I'm not going to worry too much about that. So the next scene continue. After that, you get to choose who your audience is. As you can see, this can get very intricate. It can, they can be very simple or it can be super intricate. My page, the page who are want to advertise is gonna be yes through how to woman. This is going to be the page that I want to promote surprise. How long people to know that I have a Facebook business page and in order, okay, and then the next thing is to choose my audience. As you can see, I can choose locations, age, gender, languages, aching, get super detail. I'm going to walk you through all these details right here. So custom audiences, you can create a custom audience to show ads to your contacts. I'm not gonna worry about that. I am going to just go through here. So everyone who lives in this location. Sure. I'll select people who live in this location. Yes, I can do the US, but I can also do something more specific. So I live in California. I can advertise my business to all the people who live in California. So this right here would be my audience. And as you can tell writer through the meter, the potential reach is huge. It's 29 million people that I can choose, so it's very, very broad in the audience. Meter will heal where he will tell you. Let's see more specifically, I live in the Big Bear Mountain. So if I want people in Big Bear to know about my business, then I can do that. So as you can see, my reach now when down to sixty one hundred, ten hundred people. Yes, it's good to think about many, many people, but at the same time, something that I've learned in business is that if you speak to everyone who you're speaking to, no one. So be very mindful of who is your ideal client? Where is your ideal client hanging out? Where do they live? What kind of things are they interested? So for me, let's see if they have something like a county. So Sam, Bernard, de No. No. This is my first time trying this out. They don't they don't have it. So let's see, I can choose Big Bear, so I'll just choose big VR for the sake of this. And how to women. We focus on millennial woman. So anyone over 21, maybe all the way over to 35. And we focus on women language. If my audience spoke Spanish and I would put Spanish if I want them to specifically target people who speak a certain language, you would put it here and then target detailed targeting. This right here to me is the most impressive thing because you can add demographics, you can add interest or behaviors. For me, I like to target people who are interested in certain specific things. And I like to target people who are in, who are interested in personal development. So there are 77 million people interested in personal development who haven't expressed an interest through their pages. So it's really, really nice. And then right here I can just click suggestions and it will give me a long list. If I can't come up with specific interests, a will give me a long list. So self-help, live coaching, self-awareness, mindfulness, definitely about that consciousness. You know, you've got Stay woke, self-actualization. So the list goes on and on and on. And it will tell you how many people have already demonstrated an interest in this. The other Facebook page or just the behaviors out they've done on their Instagram or Facebook. Positive psychology will be my last one. Alright, so here we go. These are the amount of people in Big Bear that I could potentially reach over to 3300 to me, that's really, really good. And then this is the estimation of daily results of how many people are going to see my campaign or might even click on it. The next thing I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna save. These are just extras and they'll tell you what this extra is all about. I'm gonna save that audience, okay, make sure it's good. My audience Name is going to be big bear. Big Bear, spiritual and spiritual women. The next thing to do is your placements. Do you want your placements to be automatic or do you want them to be a specific way? So when you play something, this is something new. They place now as all your Messenger app via Facebook. So now he can run ads up. People will see in the Home tab, okay, so as you can see, ads will automatically be shown to your audience in the places are likely to perform best. So, and you can choose specifically worry, want these, these, these ads to be placed, whether it's on their Instagram feed, whether it's on, if you're advertising through Facebook, it can be through their Messenger app or it can be their homepage. But as for me, I'm just gonna, I'm just gonna let Facebook do their thing. They know what, what the algorithm is and they know what's working out. So I'm going to let them do their thing. The next thing to do is to choose a budget and the schedule. You can start as little as I believe, $5 BA let me see if it can be like $3. So no, it seems like lets say OK, $3. Yeah, you could start with $3. And then so you choose what you want when you're ads are more, ok. So when your ads have more opportunity to get results, you may spend more than your daily budget you'll spend on Sundays unless k and maintain bridge. Okay. So I'll tell you a little bit more. You can set a schedule, you can set, you can set something to run every single day. So for seven days a week and your costs will be 35, or you can set a start and end date. It can be from today till tomorrow, or it can run from one whole, entire month. And this will be your cost for for 28 days, which is pretty, pretty neat. And then after that there's more advents, there's more advanced things you can do. You can start a bidding like there's so much you can do. So I'm just going to click continue. So you get to see the next page. Because with any objective, with any objective, you're going to have to go through the whole audience. The only thing that really changes is your ad format that you want your ad to be showcased. So since of my Campaign objective is to reach out to people. These are the things that are, are available to me at the moment to reach out to my audience via Facebook. As you can see, here we go. We have a carousel which if you want people to swipe, right? These are, these are things that you can videos and images or you can swipe to the left, you can swipe to the right. You can add just one single image. You can add a video or a slide show. Let's see here. So this is what is going to show up. This is what will show up unless I change it. This is what's gonna show up through. This is Facebook's, so you, we get to change it and Instagram feeds. So this is what is actually going to show up on my Instagram feed. We get to choose the text, whatever we want it to be. You are see card, No, no, no destination URL. So you can send them specifically somewhere. So for me it's going to be a That's gonna be my destination. And things will change. Do I want a call to action button? It can be listen now apply now book now call now a contact, download, get direction, show time. So for me it would be something lie. Contacts us. And they'll show the button so you'll see the preview as we go, what it's all about. Let's see what else. So you can set an image, right? And it can be something like maybe, maybe want to showcase my anxious, too ambitious workbook. So let's see if that goes through. And it does. And here we go. And there we go. So they'll give you previews, different, different previews on how obviously this will, this is what's gonna be Showcase on. Okay, those are not working now. So this is what will come up on Facebook. But if you wanna see the Instagram feed, OB righ here, and you can create ads for your feed and your insta story. So confirm you agree including obligation to comply or RI I'm not going to click confirm because I get a feeling that gets that takes me straight to pain. So I just want you to show you show you what goes on and what is available to you. Now, if we were to change our objective to traffic or lead generation, that will change the formatting as well of what we have available. So let me just go and scroll and as you can see, here's a collection, here's the thing, here's different things that are available to you. So this is the Instagram. I mean, this is how Facebook ads manager that controls the ads that you have for Facebook and for Instagram. 34. [Module 8] Stories & Live Streaming: Intro: Instagram stories in live are often overlooked as a powerful marketing tool because it requires you to go the extra mile and show up for your community, as I mentioned before, for some of you hopping on in front of the camera might come natural, but for others, the thought of it sends you to the brink of an anxiety attack. I'll be honest, it's taken me some time and the warm up to the camera which you confidence. But with continuous practice and persistence, I've reached a point where now I don't care what I'm feeling and show up for my fans because I'm committed to them. See the daily decided to become a business owner was also a day. You decided to become a leader and builds a community around it as serve others. You made a decision to show up every day providing your gifts and talents for the world to benefit from. Not only here, to remind you of that decision you made, I strongly encourage you to utilize in stories and live as another way to connect and show up for those who really need you and what you have to offer. But that fear and doubtless side, no one is grading your public speaking abilities or how polish your face is. You know why? Because imperfect isn't you perfect? People want to connect with real people, period, consumers appreciate a true and honest person, Brand and Product. So show up every day for your audience, deliver value to your market, and allow that process to blossom. I promise you'll grow the most from it. And if you ever get an institutional trying to rain on your parade because he believed he completely screwed up your stream, then so be it. That's their opinion to let one little negative remark ruin your who you are. Huge purpose, vibrate higher, send him some love. Now that you're committed to doing the best that you can in show up for your fans. Let me show you how to maximize your exposure on insist stories in life. Let's begin with insist stories. 35. [Module 8] Going Live: So today I'm gonna show you what Live looks like. And yes, I have a little bit of jitter is because literally going live. And as I told you earlier on the earlier modules and videos, going live can be a little frightening. And I remember when I first started, it was nerve-wracking And I remember my coach telling me Genesis, you have to connect with your audience. You have to show up every single day. You have to be there for them. They're waiting for you. They want, they want your knowledge. They want you to give them value. They want to know more about how to woman. And I remember I would like push it and I would push it and I would push it. And then when it came down to Michael Johnson, who Genesis did you go on and live? What happened? You haven't even hopped on stories. It was all because I was living in fear. So now that I'm more comfortable, I can honestly just go live anytime in I actually now reached that point where I'm like, okay, I can't wait to go live. It's almost 12 o'clock, so I set a time. Right? I set a time for me to go live in order to hold myself accountable even after my coach was gone in my life, I set a time in order for me to be accountable. And I've noticed that if I don't honor it, I feel like I'm losing integrity. Right. I feel like something is missing. So set a time for you to go live and just try it out. The best way that I would suggest to ease your way to go in live is to actually start with a story, create a insist story. You can record a, you can delete it, you can save it, you can do whatever you want, right? Most people fear going online and messing up, you know, having a word vomit or just like freaking out or blinky now, and it just is all correlated to public speaking. Here's an awesome statistic that people are actually scared. The number one thing that people fear is not death is public speaking and then it steps. So just looking at it that way, the only reason why you're facing wire having any fear is just because you're scared of public speaking. So I'm gonna go live. I'm going to show you the process of what it looks like. We're going to likely split the screen of this video so you get to see what's going on in my phone, how I set it up and all of that everyone meet bogged in. This is bogged in right here. He's behind how to woman and he's my screensavers. So if you're curious, you know, with his handsome guy is that's who he is. So shout out to him. Alright, I'm gonna go live. So what I have is I have notes, have no Tom, my phone. And it pretty much allows me to have a flow of rhythm, a schedule in order to, for me to have more of like content. So what I decided to do is I go live five times a, five times a week, right? Once a day. And I have Mindset Monday for Monday's 2p sees or have transformation Tuesday, wealth, Wednesday, thriving Thursday and flow Friday to me that all correlates to my industry of personal development. So I love to give value in regards to these things. And. I'd like to talk about these topics. So I would have noticed a works out for me and we're about to go live. So what I'm gonna do is I'm going to write my topic beforehand instead of going live. And it's just so weird and awkward to like be like Hold on, wait a minute. Let me type up what the topic is about. Usually yell, you can go live without a topic. But what I've realized from my own personal experience, people want to know what they're getting themselves into. So right, a topic and write a topic, put it on the comment, and then pin it. And I'm going to show you how to do all of that right now. But beforehand I'm gonna write the topic. So today's topic, I just came up with it in. To me. It resonates with driving Thursday, so it is ignoring and accepting your mind body. So I'm like So on the spot right now and I just want you to know what goes on. So I'll hole, hole and spirit. So this is really what happens before hop on live. And sometimes I'll get a little creative. I'll put like emojis because what I've noticed is people love emojis. So I put a few of those, and I don't always put the hashtag. But if I feel like it, I'm gonna put thriving Thursday just so in case anyone wants to use that hashtag that we're able to, to use it. So I'm gonna do is just select it, right, and then go into Instagram. So I'm already here, already here, and I'm gonna go live. So this is the process. You go over to the icon at the top left. And you have so many things. Oh, I just realized this is like new features. I, every time I hop on Instagram, I see new features. So you get to see me. Okay, so we're gonna go live and yes, it's super scary and my hands, if you can only feel my hands are super sweaty. And I'm going to show you my quick outfit too, because I want you to know that your elephant does not determine how your life is gonna go. You determine how your life is going to go. So quick, little, bear, fly it. I'm on my sweats and to be honest, some still wearing the shirt that I was worrying yesterday. So I just want you to know shit like this happens and you just have to go with the flow. You just got to show up. Remember you're beautiful, you're confident, you're worthy, your valuable, you have tons to offer. So just hop on live and know that your audience is waiting for you. Lama hop on lap. All right, in 321. And we're alive now today is deriving Thursday. And for thriving Thursday we're gonna talk about accepting. And rejecting your mind, body and soul. So let me just pinned this here in order for you guys who are just hopping on live to null. Hi, welcome everybody. I'm so excited, so excited. Hi Anna. Hi sands. High moments, not places loved them to the lab today we're gonna talk about ignoring an accepting your mind, body and soul. And this came to me today because it's thriving Thursday, I'm super excited to share with you what revelations I had and also what things I put into practice that absolutely helped me have a thriving thursday, a thriving Morning, and I already feel in my bones is going to be a thriving, exciting day. So there's two things that we do as human beings when we're uncomfortable, when we experience pain, when we just go throughout our day, right? Most of the time our body is sending out signals. Most of the time, our body, our mind is telling us what we're feeling. It's giving us feedback. And this is usually what we do as human beings. We either ignore what the voices are telling us, what our body is telling us. We usually ignore what the feedback that our mind, body, soul, and spirit is telling is giving us and I'm good, I'm happy, stands out, you're listening. So listen up. And then there's other times where we accept it, right? We accept it and we embrace the pain that you're experiencing. We accept and we embrace the discomfort that we're feeling. We accept and we embrace the happiness and the joy that we're feeling. And that's what we do as human beings. We either accept or we ignore, or we neglect, or we reject, or we do all these other things that really just aren't to our benefit and isn't necessarily accepting who we are. So what I noticed is that if you, for example, haven't had any movement, usually what happens to the body is It tenses up and needs fluidity, and it just ends up being clogged up, right? Your energy ends up being clogged up. So it's really important to have movement into how flow, right? And that's exactly what I did. I woke up today with kind of like a sore neck, so my body right. I'll, I'll get to the mine soul in spirit components of this story, of this live. But what I noticed was that my body was feeling a little stiff. It was seeing a little and pain. And I just didn't feel like my energy was completely flowing through. So what I did was I had the option of ignoring it or accepting it and embracing it and doing something about it. And I know sometimes I'm always on the go. My mind's just like but you gotta do x, y, z, and you have to be there by a certain time. And you have these deadlines and you gotta meet so and so, and just busy, busy, busy stuff, right? So what usually happens is I ignore sometimes my body what it's telling them, telling me, telling me that it's in pain, telling me that I need some movement, telling me that it needs a little bit of more excitement and a little bit of more adrenaline pumping through in order for it to feel. Good in order for it to feel vibrant, in order for it to feel energized and flexible and all these amazing things out your body desires, Right? So I decided today to honestly honor myself and accept the fact that my body is yearning, is crying out for movement. And what did I do? I just did little subtle things. I went outside because it was nice and sunny. I live in Southern California was nice and sunny. And I just started meditate. I started doing yoga. And there wasn't necessarily a structure. It was more about being in tune with what my body needed. I didn't need a system, I didn't need structure. I needed to give myself permission and allowance to move and accept the fact that my body was aching. So I literally tuned into my body in that moment of meditation and I started doing the movements that I needed. And I knew that my hands, my wrist needed a little bit of love and they needed to have the juices that are flowing within my body. They needed to loop my joints. They needed to literally just energized me and I did it with my back and I started asking myself, where is your body hurting right now, whereas your body feeling stiff, whereas your body needed some extra love. And that's exactly the moon. And I did no structure, no instruction. Just completely allowed myself to permit myself those 20 minutes, I set a timer for 20 minutes before I hopped on live, actually, 20 minutes. I gave myself gave myself permission to just be in that moment. Right. I couldn't ignored it. And throughout the day I could have been complaining about my freaking hands, complained about my headache, complained about every little part in my body that was aching. But instead, I decided to accept it, embrace it, take action, send a tons of love, and do the movement that I needed. This happens also with our mind. Most of the time when we either certain thoughts, right? Thousands, ten, thousands thoughts come through our, our throughout the day. We're always thinking, we're always believing, we're always valid and things, things are always firing within our brain, right? Literally from the moment that we wake up to the moment that we sleep. And even within our sleep, our mind, our thoughts are always flowing. So we, as human beings, when we have these thoughts, right, when we have these thoughts, whether they're good or bad, whether they're good, whether they're bad, we sometimes ignore our thoughts. And that right there is very detrimental. Because if they're good thoughts that are coming through your mind telling you that you have to kinda like your intuition, right? Let me just fix up there we go. Tot kinda like your intuition, your mind is, is your intuition, your heart is your intuition, your body is your intuition. And if your mind is telling you, hey, you know what, it's really time to quit this job because this job isn't fulfilling. And this job right here, you just absolutely can't wait for it to be Friday and you hate when it's Monday, you really need to move on and do something else. If you are ignoring that desire, that want, what usually happens is you suffer pain. You're body is always, not always suffering pain, but you have the pain of stain in the same place where you have the pain of growing. And when you ignore your mind, when you ignore your thoughts, when you ignore. What's going on? You're going to suffer. And it's not like intentionally that God or the universe wants you to suffer. But if anything, what the universe really wants you to do is just stretch out, it's to grow, is to expand, is to become a better individualist, to become the best version of yourself. So usually your mind, sometimes your job is to literally not attach yourself to your mind. If anything, just be an observer. Observe what kind of thoughts are coming through. If they don't really align or resonate with you, it's something that you don't want to believe, right? Not neglect or ignore, right? Because you could be in a really shitty situation wherein a toxic relationship and you know, that they've cheated on you, you know, the trust isn't there, you know, that things aren't the same and you can move on, right? But what happens sometimes in those sticky situations, your soul and your mind kinda aren't aligned and they aren't working together in the mind will say, you know what, no, I want to stay here because I'm really comfortable and like, where am I, where am I going to find love again? Like I think I'll just work this out. I can forgive, I can forget. And what happens is the soul isn't really okay with that. The soul wants better and wants bigger things. They want real love. A wants to trust, a wants to give love and receive love. So it's really important not to ignore those things, if anything, it's really important to come to a realization that you're going to end those sticky situations, you're going to have to come across pain. And the pain is going to be the pain of saying in the same place or the pain of growing. It's painful. It really is whether you're growing, whether you're remaining the same place. It's painful if you remain in the same place. What usually happens is you suffer the pain of feeling unfulfilled, a feeling unloved. I'm feeling feeling unappreciated, of feeling stuck, a feeling of loss of feeling just like not yourself. When you choose to go through the pain of growth, what happens is you go through the pains of letting go, of surrendering of what was comfortable, uh, what was your life of Louis literally rewiring a your whole mindset of accepting new things, of letting go of things and people that no longer serve you. That's the pain of growth right there. And that's what happens when you ignore or accept your mind and your thoughts and your beliefs. Now I wanna move on to the soul. The soul always knows what it wants and it's really connected to our higher selves. But most of the time because of fear, because of anxiety, because of doubt, because our own personal cells, we ignore the fact that our soul is always speaking, always speaking to us and it knows what I want. Because like I said, it's performing at a higher level. It's connected to our herself. It's grounded to the universe. It's grounded and connected to the creator. So when you ignore your soul's desires, you suffer once again pane. And the moment that you start accepting what it wants, if you are not in that like alignment of happiness and fulfillment and living your purpose right, then what's going to happen is you're gonna have to suffer the pain of growth in order to literally close the gap of where you are and where you want to get to. Because usually you're not in the in the place where you want to be. If if you're suffering pain and if you're desiring something else. It means it's feedback, right? Feedback from your mind, from your body, from your soul, from your spirit, because everything is connected. What that is, it's feedback that you're not fulfilled, you're not alone, you're not living in purpose. So ignoring it, it's only going to bring more pain. Ignoring your desires from your mind, from your body, from your spirit's going to create more pain all the time and it's so, so detrimental, it can honestly leave you to some severe depression if you don't do anything about it, it can lead to cost and anxiety out of the blue anxiety, extreme hardcore panic attacks. It can lead to poor digestion. It can lead to health issues really. The list is endless of the consequences of ignoring your mind, body, and spirit. When you finally accepted life is so much more harmonious. It doesn't mean there is no pain. Of course there's going to be pain, but this pain is not gonna be associated to remaining in the same place. This pain is finally going to be associated to growing. And that's what life is all about if you're not growing, if you're not stretching, if you're not expanding, then you really are dying without being buried in that set. You're harsh statement and it's sometimes that can be a little too real for some people who are just like uncomfortable. But the truth is that your mind, body, soul, and spirit desires to have new experiences, desires to have an receive and give new experiences. And it wants to expand because you were not made to stay this, this, this small. You were made to literally become big, big, big, big as much as you want to, as much as you desire. And you have these amazing capabilities to be so much bigger than what you are right now. And I'm calling you how it's time for you to realize that you are so amazing and that you have greatness within you. And it's finally time for you to step into your greatness. And the only way that you're truly going to step into your greatness is through growth, is through personal development. It's through accepting and embracing your feelings as they're being in tune and honoring yourself, honor yourself, honor yourself on yourself. This has been an amazing live. I'm super, super thankful, super grateful that u2 and in, I absolutely love you guys. Tomorrow's gonna be flow. Friday we're going to talk about flow. I might even show you some movies that I got that allow me to literally clear out that the trapped energy in my body. I think it's been very beneficial to me, so I just want to share with you. So Tamar wanna do a little bit of movement. We're gonna work with our pressure points. We're going to work with our body and honoring and accepting our body finally, so sending you tons positive vibes, tons a hugs, tens of kisses, tons of wishing you and sending you tons of love, but also wish you happy manifestations. Step into your greatness. You deserve it on yourself. See you tomorrow. I'll write. And just like that I went online. I don't know sometimes how I don't know really how long they're going to last. Let me just exit from here. Necessarily know all the time how long they're going to last, you know, was this long video? Yeah. Probably one of the longest ones. But I want you to see and yeah, you can fast forward in gold back to cede my emotions and to see what really goes on, but really going on live at the, at the end. It's so empowering a, like I feel like I can conquer the world. I feel like I didn't conquer my fears. I feel, I feel like I don't really have any fear or doubt because a the conversation Adam was really fucking empowering thing. So it's time that mean you talk about a personal level. It was so empowering to me. Right? And that's all that matters. It was so empowering to me that it left me feeling so empowered and like I conquered something. So you can have the same feeling. You can go through the same thing. You saw the process. You've got to see firsthand of what I do prior to my lab and you don't have to be in a cute little setting like I am right now. What's studio lights and a background? You can honestly do live anywhere. Remember your audience wants to see you. They want to get to know you. They want to build trust with you. They want to learn from you, and they want to gain value. So really it doesn't matter what you're wearing, doesn't matter where you're at. It doesn't matter what you say, right? They just want to get to know you. So the more you show up, the more you build rapport, the more you build trust, the more that they want to know, the more that they're seeking you and they're anticipate these moments. The more the closer to your clients or your ideal clients, and the more that you can honestly have a prosperous, abundant business and personal brand as well. So that concludes our live session for our life stories. 36. [Module 8] Stories: I'm gonna share with you what the story process is. So stories is a little bit different than live, right? So as I was going live, it's very wrong. There's no script. I mean, it literally for me comes from the bottom of my heart. And what I've noticed is that that works out best for me compared to being on a script where I'm constantly worried about whether or not I said the right thing or I missed out. It just gives me way too much freakin anxiety. So I'm a share with you the power of stories, but also show you the process of before my story's completely goes obsolete because you have 24 hours, right? You do your story, you optimizing, and then you see the magic unravel. But the story itself remains on your timeline for 24 hours. So right now, my story is at 22 hours, I have two hours left and I want to see, want to show you the magic behind stories and how effective it really is. This is something I did yesterday. You see 22 hours ago. And I want you to see the power that I'm going to show you and how it, how it's optimized. And I'm going to first show you though. I'm just going to show you the match, so tune-in. Alright, so this is my story and I get to see my story literally through here. This is just a Live that I did literally 20 minutes ago. Here's my story. So this is what, 23 hours ago, as you can see on the bottom left corner, it says how many people have seen this, this actual story, right? This one got 241, this one got 2.3.3. I had a poll as well to a 11193161 16T. I mean, this is amazing. These are these are these are, this is my story. So let me show you a little bit more on how powerful it is as a business account. I get to see the incites a little bit more than my personal account. And it literally tells me the impressions out and made. So it hit 459 people, 339 viewers and no replies. It also tells me what stickers I used on my video, which is I used a tag, I used the Los Angeles geotag. I also used a hashtag. You're able to use all these things that literally help you optimize and gain more visibility. This is probably the most I've ever, I've ever gotten actually. Ok. So let me show you. So this is usually what you see in your personal account. You see this format. You see if you use a geotag, it'll tell you how many viewers I use a hashtag. It'll tell you how many of you saw it on that specific hashtag. It'll give you the list of people who view Damn, the same thing applies to each video. I created a pull or I created a pull and it tells me how many people answered one option and then it tells me the other one. It even breaks it down to as a clear list because these are the viewers here, but these are the participants right here. The voters. If I just click See ya and literally gives me the whole list of people who answered one thing and then the other lists of people who answered another thing and really pulls are so powerful because it gains and allows others to view your content, but it allows them to participate, to feel connected to you, and then also depending on your question. So for me, do you believe that lunar phases, such as full moons, creates certain vibes with us? Alpha o show or I don't know, right? So 72%, and they get to view the 72% said, oh fo sho, but to any eight set whom they don't know much about it. In that moment, whoever votes, they already feel connected to a certain group, right? So I'm building community here as well, allowing people to feel connected to other people. But also I get to connect with them. Because what I can do with the list of people here that answered something right? Like for instance, stands right here. This is another poll that I had. This was the last one. And my question was more like a quote, I shared a quote, I hashed, I tagged an account. So you can do essentially the same thing. Gotta go back you can do is essentially exactly the same thing that you do with your posts, but with live in. One thing that I noticed with lied is like a hates the mass is clinically real really fast. You get a tap into other people. Because like I showed you on the hashtags when you're searching for your hashtags, there's live stories in the feature top posts and that's where you get discovered. So I call the attention a mantra magazine because there are, there are a huge magazine and lineage is show you what they're quickly all about. They have a hundred and sixty four hundred and sixty seven K followers. They're all about yoga, vibrant living, positivity right? In their theme is very similar to mine, so we can actually shout out each other and you wouldn't even change our theme at all. So I chose to hashtag them because this was a post that I saw from them. So I'm re-posting, repurposing. But I also wanted to create a, a pull that allow me to see what my viewers are vibing with and resonating with. So the post pretty much said, which do you want the pain of staying where you are or the pain of growth? I think will, according to this, 4% chose paying 96% chose grow. Because these people chose krill. That means I have a whole list of people that want to grow and that they resonate with growling. They want to expand. They understand the pain of growing. They understand that it's a process. They want to transform and they want a new life. And that means because I am in the realm of personal development and coaching, I can reach out to them personally. These, this right here is a list of 26 people that are part of my, my audience. So what I can do is I can download this saving, maybe even screenshot, swing shot the people. So because this is, this is going to delete. So what I can do is screen shot, right. Maybe not get everybody screenshot and then reach out to them telling them message such as thank you for participating. I saw your answer. Tell me a little bit more, you know, start picking their start beginning their interests and start getting to know them in order to build report. So that's when he that's a list of 26 people I can honestly go to. Now I'm going to show you that the power, so this, this right here is what personal, personal accounts get to see. For this one right here actually had a call to action and it was to swipe to download. You can download my interest too ambitious, Which is my freebie, which is also this is my landing page, which is also I feel like I got do hashtag landing page, hashtag, freebie hashtag, email building, right? Because this right here allows people to go to my freebie, give me their email in exchange for value. This one right here is me showing off my blog telling people where they can find more information, more tools and resources. This redirects them personally to my own website. They get to see my website, they get to see my brown dean. They get to also see value, value, value at their own pace, at their own rate. So they get to just swipe up in redirect without having to give anything back to me. So it's a storage is really powerful. You can use it, you can use it for, for whatever you want really. But I'm gonna tell you with instant stories be intentional. If you want to get the most out of storage, you need to remain intentional with your content, with your message. Think about and think a little bit more about it than you think about live, right? We usually going live. You think about everything in order for you not to go live because you're just scared. Millennia when you're on your own stories, you can honestly it honestly it just start recording as you see it's recording the little dial is going. And if I don't really like it or I just want to stop here, I can just exit right? And bam, it's like nothing ever happened. So don't feel so pressured, but also don't over analyze things because what's happens is you get an analysis. Paralysis is you paralyze yourself. Don't take action when you, when you overthink it. So I'm going to go, there's, there's tons, tons of freaking options. You can do type, which? This is pretty cool. Hello, let's see what this is all about. How low modern. Wow, so there's so many things that you can do. I absolutely had no idea that you can do all of this. You can even change. Wow, this is impressive. Instagram is really stepping up its game. This is really awesome. It seems like, wow scissors. I absolutely have no idea where literally doing those as we go. This is pretty nice. So way to go, Instagram. Obviously there's other things you can do, right? So once you click that, it seems like he can go straight to it. So as as an account that is a business account over ten K, I have the opportunity. Literally put a link. So all I do is click this link right here, and then I can put a URL where I want people to go swipe, but, and that's exactly what I did. A redirect people to my landing page and redirect people over to my website, my blog. Here, this little icon right here allows you to put a location, right, too. I don't know. Give them a little bit more creative with what, how many degrees it is if you want to share that. You can also put a hashtag, hashtags and locations and pulls are my top three favourite. Hashtags literally allow you to go into literacy for the sake of this example, personal development. So just like, just like when you search for starting hashtags, when you search for handles. At the bottom, it gives you suggestions. I'm telling you Instagram is a search engine. They want to, they want to, they want to conclude what you're thinking about, what they will or they want to see what you're thinking about. So here are the suggestions as soon as I put personal, so personal treated like a hashtag. So there's personal development. There can be different variations. I'm going to go all the way input, personal development because I want you to see how many variations there are when it comes to personal development. In once again, the suggestions are here. Personal development junkie, personal development coach, personal development time, personal development books. You know, I can do all of this and literally market or hole a hole hashtag. And this is going to appear, this will appear in the stories if it makes it to the top, right, if there's plenty of viewers, if the insights are really good, this is going to make it to that hashtag, right? When you put personal development in your search icon, you're gonna see that. You're going to see what hashtags and what posts are associated to it. But you're also going to see what instance stories are related. What instance stories put this hashtag themselves. So hello, personal development. Sometimes what I like to do is hide because yeah, aesthetically speaking, this looks cool, but what I'd like to do sometimes is literally minimize it to the point where I'm hiding it. I'm hiding it so it just appears nowhere, right? And then I get to do that. So geotags are super important too. So that's the hashtag. We've got the hashtag cover. Put a geo tag for me. Los Angeles works out gravy. And of course, what I've noticed is when you want to put hashtags in your post using geotags that are super like populated, like Los Angeles likely is not going to work out, right? You get to top and changed the aesthetics of it. That what I've noticed, what instant storage that's kinda the opposite. It's totally the opposite of my personal experience, my research, my analysis is that if you put a big geotag somewhere where it's populated, then you get a lot more viewers. So I'll, I'm gonna do the same thing. I'm gonna hide this. Like I said, you have the option of leaving it out here. As well, a thousand filter. So it seems like I can move it back and change it back because I really like this a set of gray here. I'm going to hide it or actually no, I'm going to use a believe this, this is pretty cool. I want to get the attention of LA. There's also filters. If you just simply swipe left or right, you can see all the filters are Instagram has for you. I kinda like this here. Tokyo makes it really pop out. And there we go. You can also draw, right? You can, you can. That's what that looks like right there. You can change how small, how big you want it. All right? So there's things that you can do, you can undo it. Some people get really creative, right? There's different, there's different points. So let me show you the point that we have available. So this is what that looks like. That's what that looks like. This little icon right here makes things really, really cool, like neon. And then there's the eraser as well where you can just erase things are or not. I guess now. There's also this feature right here. So there's many, many things you can do. All you have to do is just type on pit undo, hit, undo, undo. In order for all of that a goal away. Or you can just literally say you're done and then exit if you don't want to go through all that hassle, you also have the option to tag people. So the way that I tag people is I go straight here to the a, to the typing icon. And then I say hello at, right, and it can be at, and let's say Boss Baby, tribe. I can literally just showcase it, right? I can showcase it in the thing is, I can change it. Wow, this is so new. This is totally new. This is something new I've never seen on Instagram. So this is, this is really, really neat in it seems like you have different ways of going about it. So let's go back to the classic. When you have the classic. So this is what happens when you update your app. You can go back to the classic and you can do this too. You can add borders to it, and these are just the features you have. You can align it, right, switch it. So what I can do to is say just a hello to all these accounts that I want to say hello to get their attention. This is my friend IV right here from minding her business. I am and spoke to her in a while. So we're going to send her a little shout out via instant stories because all these accounts are connected, their brands and businesses that are connected to Instagram. So they're gonna see me one way or another, they're gonna get that notification. So it's really, really neat to actually do stuff like this. Give out shout-outs, give I'll shout outs to two different accounts. Okay. So just for just for. Okay, let's see, we're going to align a aesthetically speaking. I loved to do these things and all about the aesthetics. And I believe that these are, these are the little things I you gotta do. Take that extra time in order to make it nice and presentable. So Arlen just working with my fingers and literally just rearranging things, try and figure out where, how or what I'm gonna do is I'm just going to keep it like that. And maybe say like sanding you were wishing you a great day. You know, people like to see these things wishing you a great day. And you can use emojis as well. Actually suggests to use it. Maybe some, maybe a heart. There we go. So I'm going to change. Ooh, that's pretty neat on no idea. That's cool. I like it. Switched and do that right there. So this is a process. It does take some time if you're building something like this obviously. But it really, really works out. And I just want you to see all the things you can do with in-store. So now that we have our hash tag right there, it's hiding within the WHO. Now that we have the deal tag which is also hiding. Oh no, it's not. The geotag is nine. The geotag is right here, LA Like I said, I could hide that T2 and put it somewhere else. But no, I wanted to show love to LA and get viewers from there and just tap into that. So now what we're gonna do is just give my stories and just like that. Now I'm going to share with you how to do a story like kinda live, right? So that was just a graphic that we created, something that I wanted you to see. What features Instagram house. So you can do boomerangs, you can do zoom ins Ri, this is where people get a little neat, little dramatic. And now I'm going to show you my favorite feature, which is a hands-free feature. With hands free, I'm able to just put my phone down. I really let me just fix this. So I really I'm someone who talks with my hands and I've noticed that I'm able to connect and speak with my hands. So I'm going to show you the process. It's not like live, but it kinda is like live. It's like little meaning lives. But the cool thing about it is you don't have to post the content if you don't really like it, but I usually like to not think about it. I don't want to just paralyzed myself with analyzing everything, every little detail. I just literally go for it because I'd just keep in mind that my audience wants to hear from me, they want to see from me, and they want to engage with me. So that's exactly what I'm gonna do. I haven't necessarily done a story today. You've got to see my first story post, right? They want I'm gonna do now is. Show me my first post in regards to actually going live. So sometimes what I like to do is give people information, right? Valuable information right away. Or I like to give them a call to action right away and it's super exciting and gets them going. And it sets the tone because really your first impression, you're forced to, your first story kinda determines how, if they're gonna swipe away, if they're going to go to the next video to see what you're talking about. So the high vibes be engaging. If, if you're not my vibe, if you're not engaging, if you're Ahmed, crappy day or if you're feeling emotionally, you want to share that, then share with, share that with them. Just be real, be authentic, be genuine. Today I'm going to share with them the fact that I had a live stream and that they can go to their replace. So pretty much a call to action to go check on my live stream so they can obtain value. So I'm just going to remind them where they can go and what I talked about too. So let me think about how I'm going to formulate this, right? Because I can't just talk out of nowhere and not no one would talk about. So I can say something like, hey tune into my, hey tune into my life. I spoke about ignoring and accepting your mind, body and soul. And then put like maybe a caption at the top saying, go check out the replay, right? So let's try that out and see how that goes. So I'm going to just click here the hands-free icon and just go for it. Hey, go take out the live life pillow lava of it. So that didn't work out, right? Let me redo this one more time. Here we go, here we go, here we go. Hey, if you missed out on the livestream, don't worry, the replay is available for you for the next 24 hours. We talked about accepting and ignoring your mind, body and spirit, and the pains of it and the consequences, but also things you can do. Pfam. Awesome. So now what I'm gonna do. Now what I'm gonna do is put the GL tag. I'm going to use Los Angeles. I definitely love to use Los Angeles when it comes to it. I'm going to hide it, right? I'm setting the tone. Maybe you would add a filter where I personally like this filter. I hear a lot of those logos is one of my favorite filters and I'm pretty consistent with it. I'm going to also use hashtag, spiritual growth, or maybe personal growth. Personal growth. There we go, personal growth. I can change it, but I like this right here. I like to align it so I'm going to cover wherever that geotag was because it's so small now, but I'm going to align it here. I'm going to say, I'm going to remind you about the call to action. Go catch the replay. Maybe change it. Go catch the replay, and put that. Live, live stream, let them even know the title to more information you give out the better it is. So ignoring versus excepting. Buddy. So and spirit to see this and they're going to appreciate it and just know that there's people out there who appreciate your efforts. They really, really, really do. So here we go, that's gonna be something that maybe I put right here. Sonically speaking, this is what I like. This is something that I think looks cool. So last you ignore versus accepting your spare their personal growth. Go catch the replay. Awesome. So I have a hashtag, I have a geotag dots hiding underneath the hashtags. So it's not just everywhere. I know that the people who, who searched through personal growth are going to see this or this has a really good potential to go over to a live stream. I mean, a story, right? And appear there and get featured. And then what else can I do? That's pretty much it. That's all I I believe I can do. And then I want to do for this one right here. So I'm just going to submit it. And you can submit it in different ways on the summit there, here through my story. Click that icon. You can save your story. That did not save what the F. So sometimes things like that happen. The university's towels, you knew the universe was Thomas a note, not that one, that one wasn't good. So here we go. We're going to redo it again because technical issues like these happen, right? And I want you to see, and I'm glad that you got to see it. So these things just happen, really happens. That wasn't posted. Jesus. And take again. So things like that, technical issues like that happened. Sometimes the universe doesn't want you to put that up or I don't know, the phone just tweaks out. But it's okay. We're gonna we're gonna persist through it. Don't allow these things to get in the way and say like No, like it was so perfect. You can redo it. You can add more SaaS 2A, you can add less to it. It's all good in the hood. So I'm going to try to set my phone here because I'd like to talk to them with my hands. So here we go. It alive. And once you know the difference between ignoring and accepting your mind, body and soul, the consequences that come to, come with it and also what you can do in order to honor it, then you don't want to miss out the live catching now before it's gone. And there we go. I'm gonna do the same thing. Okay. Go through the same process. It happens. It happens. Maybe it wasn't meant to be. So I'm gonna go back here, go back to the hashtag, personal growth. You'll get the hang of this. You really will. You'll know which, you'll know what, what you like. Catch the live stream. That's gonna be, that's a decided, that's gonna be my call to action, just like anything else. And so hashtag check, geotag check. So I want to have other accounts then I'll do that, but I'm cool. So I'm just going to send it straight to my stories. Here we go. Bam, story done. So let's go back to how this is performing. So thus far, the first post that I had, no one in LA has seen it yet, but it does give me the list though that a people have seen it. Now if you're a business account, you can go into the insights right here and literally see the impression. See the top c, see if people will have, have tabbed over to these accounts right here, right? The people I shout out, we just had, okay, nevermind. So here we go. Now I'm going to show you how to do a poll. Polls are really cool because they're really engaging. So we can do like a boomerang, right? Where literally were like moving in its queue and it's quirky. So I'm going to do that. Right? Okay, let's see what else I can use. I like logos. And I'm going to say something like have you watched the live stream, right? Because that's what I'm focusing on right now. I can do a here. Have you watched the live stream? Yes. You can tweak it. You can put emojis. Not yet. But I will or I, so we're using psychology here in Not yet. But I will, I will soon. That's it. That's as much as it allows me. Yes. Okay. So there we go. That's my that's my call to action. I can also do something. You don't have to necessarily write ups, delete. You don't necessarily have to use a pull that way. You can also let me just copy and paste this. It'll be easier. Okay, you can also just do that, right? And even type up some different lettering because obviously insulin allows you to do that. So have you watched the live stream? We have more flexibility with how we want this to look and this looks really neat. I definitely dig it. So we're going to use this one and this one looks really, really cool. And we have the option of changing the colors, right? Of changing the way that we wanted to look. So it can be something like this. How do you watch a live stream? Cast your vote, maybe like cast ear. We vote. And that can be a different color. Keep him grounding that. So there you have it. When I'm going to do once again, my deal tag. You can literally put businesses too. You can put cities, doesn't really matter. So what I'm gonna do here is I'm gonna either I can just hide it like this or I can have it still big. It doesn't really matter. And just hide it underneath. So it's not visible. Alright, so I'm not going to use a hashtag because I don't want to overdo it. So it says how you So have you gotta look for these typos, you know, have you watched the live stream? Make sure it's aligned, it's line, it looks good. Cast your bot. Yes, Not yet, but I will. Geotag is hiding behind the pole. And just in case this, this is so good, just in case I don't want to lose it. I'll just click Save. They'll save to my camera roll. And just in case it doesn't go through, I can just bloated and it won't come out with a geotag. I have to do that again, but there you have it. This is in storage. This is what I created today. This is what we got so far. No one has clicked any of these accounts that I have that I shouted out. No one has clicked the geotags or the hashtag, but we do have people who are viewing in that's pretty neat and they'll give you the list of people. Okay, so this is the people who caught my live stream. Let's see any insights. It hasn't given me any insights yet. And then this is also my pull. And there you have it. It really is easy to do stories and in order for you to gain more visibility, use everything. Don't just create a story and don't even use a hashtag or a geotag or shout out people. Use that. It's powerful. You get discovered and if you don't believe me, let me tell you. Yes, I have close to 4014 thousand people, followers raving fans, however you want to say it, right? And they're attentively looking at, anticipating my stories. But at the same time, I'm also gain you viewers and I'm leveraging on all the tools that Instagram has available, tuning, such as this right here. This right here reached the most I've ever reached probably on a story within 24 hours. And it's really, really meet, it really is because it got people to view over here. It also tells me thousand account that 65 viewers swiped away from my story. It probably didn't resonate with them and that's okay. That's, that's definitely okay. You'll also have the option to download, download your whole videos, download all your stories to, to race to, maybe upload, you know, so use it, use it, use it. In stories is really neat. It's very powerful. Just get away from the fear and you'll rocket, I can't wait to see your instance stories. Tag me on your insist on is I want to see how well you do and yeah, just show me your insist stories. Tune into the next video to learn more information on how to master Instagram. Instagram is free, the dream is free, the platform is free, but the hustle comes with a price. You must, must always put your time, your energy, and your effort, and just give value and love. And the people will reciprocate that. 37. [Module 9] Sales Funnel: Intro: Social media is just social media unless he learn to convert your followers into loyal customers. People hate to be sold, but love to buy in. If you have a business, it's your responsibility to make the buying process as simple as possible. Now if you're not selling anything, don't worry. You will also learn a great way to get your followers to sign up to your mailing lists, subscribed to your blog or support your cards. In this module, you will learn where and how to direct your followers to take action. As a bonus, I also included a list of resources. 38. [Module 9] Sales Funnel - Demo: On this video, I'm going to demonstrate to you the power of having your own sells funnel an action via a landing page or just solves funnel system. And the very first module name setup profile, I showed you how to leverage your link and spoke about the different links that you can place here. And one of the lead tender rating and moneymaking links you can embed or given impactful call to action is through a sales funnel. So I like using manifestation gave as an example because Catherine is such a money-making Boss Baby, and she has her links working for her at all times, whether they're automated or she's advertising in the academy or a book or just all these tons of freebie. So one of her cells funnel that she has is that she's been advertising is rich baby. So as we click into the rich babe Academy, this is her sales funnel and also in a sense, her landing page where people lambda1, they get valuable information, tons and tons of solutions because essentially what you're doing, what you're doing with the cells Fano is you're helping people through the buying process. And the buy-in process has multiple layers that your client can appeal as they're making a buying decision. In the first step is awareness and they usually become aware of the solution that you provide via landing page. As you can see here, what Catherine is advertising is her rich baby Academy for those people who want to unlock the financial abundance. So the problem is, she states it right away way too much month at the end of your at the end of your money, struggling to keep up with the lack of financial abundance in your life, feeling like you're never like you'll never get ahead of your bill. So this right here, right away off the bat, she gives you with all the problems. These are all the problems that her ideal client has. The woman who is seeking to be financially bundy right away. She States them on her, sounds fun. After that. She gives examples, right? She gives examples of, of the mindset, the blocks, the money blocks like money is the root of all evil. That's a financial block that we have as human beings. And she talks about things I got. She talks about the problems. And she also gives us solutions. People who are rich babes, what they think about all these problems. So she'll tell you and right off the bat, she said it's all bullshit. So as you continue going through her page, she introduces herself, she introduces her team. She talks a little bit about her story of where she was in debt. So she gives you something that she can relate to in her sales funnel. And throughout the whole entire thing she's delivering value xi. She's letting you know why you should do this, why it's important. She gives you testimonials from people who have taken, these are the, this gives you a description of her program, but right here as you can see, she has a link for those people who are already, are sold on the idea of becoming a member of her rich baby, a counter me. So she has a call to action and right away you can click to it. If you haven't yet a, you need more information. She delivers and she gives you some encouragement. So she gives you valleys, She gives you value through the testimonial she has, and she tells you exactly how her programs when the work and also what you'll receive. So her enrollment is already close, but you can sign up for the waitlist, which is amazing because already she's creating the list for the next time around. So what your landing pages are going to focus on is gonna focus on the solution to a niche specific problem, in her case, or the woman who are, who are wanting to up level their financial game. And what she's going to, what you do, you deliver loads of value through a freebie that will build your email list or an irresistible discounted price of your service or your product as passive income for her, this is a a six-week program that she's going to teach you. But I know she has also things are going to generate a passive income for her that, that click a button, are ready, you download your product out, are super cheap ray of light, ninety-nine cents or maybe $7 or something that's really, really, really cheap for me. What I have is on, I have a landing page for my anxious, too ambitious workbook, which you click right here. And it automatically takes you there. And this is a landing page that I created via Mail Chimp. It's my email provider that I have in order to build my list. And it's very, very simple. You don't have to get as extravagant. Don't think that you have to go with a software like Katherine usable for a manifestation. Maybe she used a software that you pay monthly and I'm going to share those software websites with you. At the end of this video, you can just click OK the bottom, but you can, you can create, you can create a sales funnel via your WordPress by either purchasing like plugins that have drag-and-drop functionality. Or you can go the route of buying a service or software that provides you with multiple optimized templates and professional design options that are completely ready to use. You can create, you can create these landing pages just like this right here within a few minutes. You can create them within a few minutes with with the options that you have available to you out there. So definitely if you want to leverage, if you want to monetize and you want to create an income on Instagram, it's super important to have a landing page or a sales funnel in action that is ready to make money for you. 39. [Module 9] Email Building & Platforms - Demo: No matter how big or small you're following on Instagram is, the cells rely on the email list. You must, must, must build your email list. It's so important to always gather emails on your website. There are pop-up or a freebie and exchange of a solution to a problem to your ideal client or your niche. The value you add to your freebie must exceed the value you provide on your post. There are many providers and the interwebs that integrate lists building with landing pages. It's so easy to build a list and I have built my list via mail. Chimp, milk, chimp has a remarkable free plan and as you're following an e-mail lists are growing, you can upgrade for free to get more features. I love Melcher because after I gathering email via my landing page, such as this one for anxious, too ambitious, it goes straight to a special list. Goes straight to a special list. And then I can schedule and automate a series of emails that are intended to give more value and gain more trust. So let me just show you. So it went from step one to gathering the email, to then going to a specific list, which is right here. And then I created a campaign or a, a series of automated emails which are right here. And every time someone puts their name here, automatically, they start gain a series of emails and these are scheduled, as you can see, you can schedule them. And it's so amazing because that way I have automation working for me, but I'm also building a connection of building Report and building trust in order for me to sell a product or a service. So as a matter of fact, we can create a landing page for free veal male chimp. Make sure to download the worksheet to see my personal template. But I'll show you quickly right now what it is looking like. So I'm creating, I'm creating a new program and that program is going to be released very, very soon, which is this one. So if you journey then AMI here are going to show you what I have created. So there's a freebie that I have created and that freebie is nine steps, nine step checklist for Instagram. This is going to go into Pinterest. This is going to go onto, this is going to be a landing page just like this one right here. And this is what it's looking like. He gets you preview it. This is what it's gonna look like under the desktop. And then this is what it looks through mobile. So the way that I created was through a campaign. And this is under the free account. So you can create different types of emails, automated ones, and maybe sending like special codes. You also can create an ad that is it, that is connected to your Facebook and it has an integration. Or you can create a landing page. You can, you then select what lists you wanted to go to. You create a title. And then voila. So all you do is click and drag. I love Malchenko because it's so easy to create landing pages to create special forms such as data collection and analysis. And I created my landing page, which looks very professional and I can, I can't put images, I can put, I can change the design of it to be different colors. So if you don't feel it, don't think that just because it's a free version that you don't have flexibility. Indeed, you do. So I'm going to personally show you my mandy page for this program. And then at the same time I'm going to share with you that template. So make sure to download that worksheet in order for you to see the template of this landing page, which is the landing page for my freebie. So everything is click and drag. This is an image that I created through Canva. Then I just integrated and placed a my my icons for all the platforms and means that you can contact me. This right here is just a box texts that I used. This is right here, plain text. The landing page already came with with the form. This is a image I created through Canvas. I just simply downloaded it and then just drag to hear. So there's a lot that you can do. Absolutely recommend melt shrimp if you're starting and if you don't have a lot to, if you don't have a son, just for your marketing or just to invest into new tools or services or software's, then I highly recommend Mail Chimp. 40. [Module 10] Scheduling & Grid Planning: Intro: I bet that you're counting on your business to gain momentum because you truly want to gain control of your life by having more time, wealth, and freedom. I can also gamble that you're a true genius out what you do in wish to really do more of it. And that leaves me with one conclusion. Your goal is not to be glued to your phone or computer managing your Instagram account, if anything, you tread getting sucked into all the social media buzz. And I can definitely relate. I much rather spend my time taking mental pictures of beautiful scenes and living in the moment versus being glued to a screen. But now you're learning how to market and brand and manage your business account. A yellow officially earned your title as social media manager and less follow through with your duties because until you have an extra pair of hands managing it for you, you are solely responsible for the success and profitability of your IgE account. In this module, I'm going to share with you my favorite scheduling tool, Ingrid planning app, so you can allocate your time on things that really matter and that you enjoy. 41. [Module 10] Scheduling Content: On this video, I am going to show you HootSuite. Hootsuite is such an awesome platform that is integrated with Instagram. It's, it's legal, it's illegal platform that you can utilize a nor to Agile in order to schedule and to publish on Instagram. And the cool thing about this platform is that it actually is integrated with up other couple platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. So as you can see, this is the homepage. You can create your own, you can create your Afri HootSuite account via via He are the here are the plans that they have. They have various tiers. This one is absolutely free. That's if you have three social profiles such as maybe a Facebook and Instagram, and maybe a Facebook page or a Twitter. So I would highly recommend if you're just getting started, just get the free account. You can get something professional depending on how big your team is, how big your company is, how many profiles your managing and yada, yada, yada. But here it is, right here. So I'm going to show you my dashboard because I'm already signed on. And I'm going to show you the platform of how HootSuite looks like. So this right here is what HootSuite looks like. And let me see here if we can create something me so engaged with your ions, ok, that's not what I wanted to do. Okay, so we're gonna go back to my Instagram since I do manage my Instagram via here. So here I have installed my how-to woman Facebook page, which I showed you on the previous module, that you have to create a Facebook page. Pretty much this is your business page. If you decided to convert your personal page into an Instagram business account. And I get to manage a couple of pages. I have a Facebook group and its called the, the woman Village. And it's for women who are seeking, who are seeking education and who are seeking empowerment and transformation. And then I have my How to women account. So those are three accounts already that I am managing. I'm going to show you my Instagram. So this is currently my feed. This is how, how to woman looks like. I get to see how many people like day and this is live, this is what is showing up. I get to see my comments. I can respond to people via here, write a comment back to them, send them an email. I can delete things. So this is my life. This is synchronize with my personal Instagram. I can also schedule posts from here, which I'm going to show you what you can do. So you can schedule post. And these are the things I can do. I can choose what social network I want to pose. I can maybe write a post or schedule message to my How To a Woman business page or maybe to my Facebook page. But I'm going to stick to Instagram and I can schedule post here. Now this setting right here. Is a little bit more complicated compared to clicking composer. Composer is something that they're just trying now it's something new. And I'm going to post to how to woman. And it shows me a, shows me a preview of what it's gonna look like. So there we go. Okay, shorting your lean places. Got it. And then I'm going to choose media so they have, what I've noticed is that you can choose your own or you can choose from stock pictures up they have. And it's so awesome because these are high-quality pictures, high-quality pictures. So these are other things I you can add this additional. You can install your Google Drive, you can install your Dropbox if you love using Dropbox, you can also guess now, post gifts like wow, this is all new, so this is all available to me for free. So just for the sake of creating something high def, I'm going to choose that right there. Close the media, the media library, and this is what it's looking like so far. So what I like to do is I like to put like a type a man if you want to be here, right? And then I can just keep doing what I usually do. So type type, type. I have a format. And if you haven't seen they were paid attention how to woman has a format where I like to split my things. I first like to do a call to action because if people don't scroll all the way to the bottom, I'll lease. At least I get engagement, an engagement type to action which has typing amen, and from there on I can start conversations. I've noticed that that right there just typing yes or no, typing amen or typing Me too has, has the ability for people to interact and to build community. And what I've noticed is that the more comments I have, the more that the Instagram algorithm pushes my content into people's feeds, into the feature explorer page and just ranks higher. And at that moment, I have the ability also to interact and build community as well. So let's see, dot, dot, dot, dot laptop. Now send, now this is going to instantly publish. I believe this is going to instantly publish into my own personal instagram account. Because I don't think I don't think that and I'm going to verify right now with my own personal account if it if it made the post or not and it actually did. I wish I showed you, but it actually did do it for me. Cool. So now that this is something that I integrated, I integrated my instagram, i in the, i integrated in on Instagram. I believe the composer it I'm not sure, but I believe the composer is for business pages. At the moments. If you have a business page and It will. So let's see, set up direct photo publishing. Yes. So it's only for businesses. And what happens is when you get started in, it tells you that it already set mine up, but a redirects you to Facebook because if you have a business profile, you must have a Facebook page. So a will link it to your Facebook page, which then will tell you to authenticate that. Yes, you are the owner of that Facebook and then bam, it links it to for you. Another cool thing about HootSuite is the fact that I have all the live stream. So what I can do is I can, I'm just going to focus on, on Instagram. I can't start looking for people. I can start commenting on in searching for people, in hashtags. So personal development and just like Instagram, it starts guessing what I'm trying to look for. So personal development, let's say I want to look for my ideal client. Here is a live stream of all the woman who just posted. Okay, it tells you exactly the time, the day. Someone just freshly posted and use the hashtag, personal development. And so what I can do is if I'm seeking people and personal development, i start commenting on, on these profiles and start building a relationship. And it's really cool because there's other things that I can, I can do. I can tap root into people's followings. And let's say I wanted to tap root into the spiritual boss Bay, which is someone who is in my industry, in the spiritual entrepreneurship industry. So I can start following people. I can follow on fall, I'm going to follow her. Let's see what else I can do. So these are the people that I'm following. Oh, these are the people who are following how to woman and these are the followers following how to woman. I'm a little confused now. So followers how to women, so following and followers, ok, so these are the people that I'm following. Yeah, these are the people I'm following on how to women in these are my followers here. So follow, follow. Following, Yes, I can start following people. And there's just like little actions that I can, I can do. I can once again look for specific users. So let's look for manifests station. So I get to see her feed as well and in Iraq with her. So there's many, many things that I can do. These are the things that I've liked. It shows me my dashboard and it's really cool because as you can see, there's multiple things that I'm here managing at the same time. So a few don't automate. If you don't have a service to automate someone who's doing it for you. You can just hop on HootSuite. Manage your multiple accounts. Hop on, take maybe 1010 minutes I your day in and start commenting, start engaging with your, with your audience. Because in the first modules I mentioned how it's important to engage with your audience. It's really important to start finding your ideal client. Start talking to them, start creating conversations, start creating rapport. And these are the ways that you can do it. These are the things I you can do. You can go to your own followers, start having conversations with them. Or you can start looking for your ideal client in hashtags, maybe also in your competitor or someone else who's in the similar market and industry as you, you can start top rooting into their own, their own following and into their own, their own page as well. So I just wanted to briefly show you HootSuite and the things that you can do. You can also look for location. If, let's say you are interested in people in Los Angeles, you can start looking for people there as well. Instagram location. So it didn't look for for me. Okay, so it didn't search for it, but these are the options that you have as far as Instagram. And like I said briefly, you can also interact with your Facebook page so you can start linking your pages and start making PO Stan events and activities. And it's all really neat because this is a free platform that you can do all of that. You can integrate your team, you can find out analytics. You can create contests, which is so cool that you can create your own contests and maybe integrated with your Instagram. It's a really good way to do a giveaway. It's a really good way to start gaining more attention. And even with the free, the free profile, they allow you to try these out. So if I wanted to do an Instagram contests, it says run hashtag contests with images and videos curated from Instagram, from your Instagram audience can share and vote. So it's really this simple. You can run a contest straight from HootSuite for free, and these are the ways that you can publish it. So I just briefly wanted to show you the power of HootSuite that you can, you can look at your, you can look at your Instagram, you can look at all the pages and things that you have associated with your business or your personal brand and navigate through it and also create post and publish them directly from here into your Instagram if you have a business page at the moment. So this is HootSuite is a powerful tool that I personally used and I hope that you can use it to and you find some value in it as well because a will make your life super easy. 42. [Module 10] Planning Content: On this video, I'm going to show you my scheduling apps in tools. What I've noticed is that if you want to create a beautiful feed, you must visually see it and you must plan out your grid. You must turn out your feed. Also, scheduling is so important because ultimately the point is to steer away from your phone and automate as many things as you possibly can. In order for you to delegate, delegate, and focus on really important tasks are going to make you money. So I'm going to show you today what apps I've personally used and what apps I personally use in order for me to schedule my content and also planet out. I'm going to begin with the grid planning in case you've ever wondered or envied some, some almost close to perfect accounts and their content. I just want you to know that there is a numb. There's also plan only. I've used anime on them. I think it's uname. I've used to plan out my feed and this is my live feed right here. This is what is being showcased. And I have the ability to start grid planning. Of course, I have very predictable grid or content now compared to before, but before when I used to have a lot of color in, it was just random pictures I used on num in order for me to see visually what it looked like. So I'm going to create something really fast just so you get to see the gist of it. I'm going to use this picture right here. Okay, what I can do is switch these right here, and I can add as many as I want as well. So let me add content. So for the sake of having stuff here. So it all pops out, you can load multiple things at once and then after that, rearrange it. So my feed is like this. This and this are gonna switch out. Alright, so now we're creating and planning our grid. In order for it to look good. I'll just stop there. I began I already had something planned out, so i began the process and I'm going to show you what it looks like. You can write your caption and you can put your tags. The neat thing is you can add different sets of tags. So everything that I showed you of like having your three sets of 30 tags, you can apply a here and put it on a num and have it already scheduled habit already planned out. So I'm gonna go to my notes. This is going to be one set. So I already have a sentence, My Spiritual, and it'll give you the count of how many hashtags that are, and it will give you different hashtags. So even if I were to type this out myself, it gives me so many options, which is a really, really neat things. So. You're wanting to try out new hashtags, you can do that. And I'm just going to put this as boss. These are my boss paved tags, so I have a set spiritual tags, boss paved tags as well. All right, so here you put your call to action right away or maybe you have lettering for hideaway. And then you want to put your call to action, right, until there's more lettering here and then more lettering and then you can have your call to action. And so we can schedule that. We can post it right away. It will give me based upon my base, upon my account. You can also get stats in analysis here it'll tell me you ill tell me the best times that I should pose. So this is another neat feature they have. It'll tell me what are the best hashtags I have. And this is a really cool app. You can go in and check it out it herself. I don't want to go into it, but let's say post, we're going to post this rate to Instagram. Just so you see how it works. So it's either my story or my feed. And right away it has everything setup for me. Believe I put paste. Okay. Share some. So I'll have everything ready for me, ready to go. It's it is Instagram does have Instagram does have parameters where they don't really like automation. You actually get shadow Bam that way. So it's good to use these, these apps in order for you to be able to have like a push, a push notification where you get notified, you schedule it in, and then you have to do it yourself in a pulse onto Instagram. So I wanted to show you there's also plan only. You can find it on the App Store. Plan only. Oh, there we go. And it does the same thing. So here's enum right, right underneath the and these are just things, these are just apps right here that you can preview your Instagram with a drag-and-drop feature and you can schedule it in. So this is a mobile app that you can utilize as far as a scheduling tool. There's also HootSuite. I'm going to show you that desktop version though, so you can see how many social media platforms you can manage. And so really need really, really neat desktop, desktop website that you can utilize.