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Instagram Marketing Mastery 2021 In Depth In 3 Hours

teacher avatar Kamarthi Karthik, Worked As A Banker in F500 Company

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

15 Lessons (2h 52m)
    • 1. Course Introduction

    • 2. A Brief Intro

    • 3. Success Hacks & Choosing Niche

    • 4. Creating Username

    • 5. Drafting Ideal Bio

    • 6. Originating Breath Taking LOGO

    • 7. Public and Private Profile

    • 8. Creating Drool Worthy Content

    • 9. Getting Highly Targeted Followers

    • 10. Hashtags Fundamentals

    • 11. Hashtags Generation Hacks

    • 12. Supercharging Engagement

    • 13. Using Shoutouts

    • 14. Making Post Go Viral

    • 15. Starting Instagram Marketing Agency

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About This Class

Master Instagram Marketing with Latest Updates : Extensive Course

Instagram is a Highly Dynamic Social Media Tool with over 1.084 billion users worldwide !!

Also there are over 25 million business which are leveraging Instagram as a tool to increase their online presence and drive sales.

Over 120 Million accounts use Instagram to Learn More about new products on Instagram.

You will be able to :

  • Learn How to attract and retain new organic hyper targeted followers

  • Learn how to Become a highly successful influencer on Instagram

  • Learn How to Create drool worthy Content and make it go viral

  • Learn How to Be a Freelancer and or start your own Instagram Agency from scratch

  • Learn How to Earn Money on Instagram through more than 5 proven methods

This course for anyone who is willing to take an extra step ahead to become a successful Instagrammer .

In Beginning you will learn about Importance of Instagram In our daily Lives

Then you will learn how to carve own niche and learn the hacks that are essential for successhacks to craft your unique username, design an superb Instagram Bio, make a drool worthy LOGO. These are important factors which will define your initial success.

It is a well known fact that CONTENT IS ALWAYS NUMBER 1 FACTOR when it comes to marketing on social media. You will learn how to create eye catchy content using online free tools easily and quickly.

Then you will learn how to get massive number of Followers on Instagram , implement Hashtags efficientlyaugment engagement on Instagram using fail-proof methods .

At the end you will be able to learn how to start your own Instagram Agency from scratch , Choose your own Well Paying Clients and offer them your services.

I am Eagerly Looking Forward To Connect With You Inside The Course.

With Best Regards,


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Kamarthi Karthik

Worked As A Banker in F500 Company


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1. Course Introduction: Hello everyone. Welcome to my Instagram marketing mastery conduct and 21. Now, before starting the course, we will like to explain a little bit about the course before going ahead with the main body. Okay? Now, what are the core structure and what are the expectations that can have from it? See, firstly, we're dealing with a brief introduction on Instagram itself and why it is important, okay, then we'll learn how to choose ONE issue. And what are the success has hacked related to? It can be successful. Then we're dealing with how to create a username. And after creating username will wrap an ideal way, which is very important for success opinion doesn't occur. Once all these steps are then we will learn how to make predicting logo. We're using Olin. Okay? Once all this is set up, you'll understand the differences between public and private provides a product. We will learn how to create drool worthy gotten because Instagram is whiskey contention platform. After this, we'll start a class on how to get highly targeted follows, okay? After the, after this topic, we'll be dealing with how to water hashtags. And what are the, what are the basics of the hashtags that fundamental? And then we will learn tips and tricks to generate hashtags and first-place, and also how to use them. After all this, mourn and how to learn how to engage our content in a massive minor. Then we'll finish up with how do you show dots and also how to make our Porsche go away. Okay, after all this, all this, once we have learned all this text, then the final thing would be embed. We'll be learning how to start out on Instagram again, in this class itself will also learn how to which high-paying pink lines and also learn how to negotiate with them. Okay? Now, this course is definitely a beginner friendly cause and can be used by people who are beginner intermediate and advanced acid. So technically this for all levels and for this, for this no pair expenses actually quite okay. And this goes, Can we technically use for all Instagram and also those people who are into digital marketing. Right? Now, what can exploit the end of the course? Technically, we can learn how to detect more followers on Instagram easily. We'll learn how to make your post go viral. And we'll learn about ways to make money on selling more than five authentic. And after this, you will also learn how to boost engagement on your posts. And we'll learn how to create and curate high eye-catching content. And finally, after learning all this, we can wish to learn how to start our own Instagram agency. Also use it to attract hyperlink planes and offer them new services. Okay, So this is a brief introduction of the course, and we'll see you inside the course pretty soon. 2. A Brief Intro : Hello everyone. Welcome to the course on Eastern and Marketing Mastery. And we should start off with a brief intro. Okay. Now, let's see by white Instagram and violence in the market. Okay. Now what is a histogram and why is it so important for us? Because instead of around 1 billion users worldwide, worldwide as a percentage, so techno more than 1 billion people use instead now and upon them are on 514, uses such needle and fight it out for me. But technically both are almost equal. And majority of them are male and female are actually for 149 million plus users are from missing. And next comes India. And my gut of the users, 86 percent of the US had from osha. And what's most important is that around 70% of users are recent literature. So it means what magnetically uses sudden, highly, highly productive age and also developing gate or something, or technically what are called middle-age. And they're more than willing to discovered new forms of entertainment, disco, new avenues of what are called promotion, knew of unions to discover new products, etc, and so forth. So this is how many percent of users being underneath that phase of quite important demographic. Now, it is a well-known fact that Instagram us use our own fulfillment of the daily time on Instagram access. That is spent on nearly up and understand. And there are 2.5 or 25 million plus businesses. They use Instagram. And why do they use this technique to have a digital presence first thing, to promote them, sell their products. Now to create a brand image. Also wanted to point out Lucy businesses use instead. And these numbers x for camping, please, in couple of years out. So it shows how important for any new business, standalone business and e-commerce or fluid within certain anything to leverage instead in order to promote their business. Okay. And I'm 15 and 19. Instead of him accounts use instead of stories separately. Okay. What did instead? I'm still here. I'm stepping stone you something that was launched in Office 2016. Napkin launching this new feature, people started sharing them on Instagram. So technically it was a new feature which helped to people to use instead much more frequently. So before that, people are sharing only the important selfies are important peaks. One synovitis something. But after the stories reject the lot line and people started sharing the content completely. Now the point is, now you must assume that all of these, because they're quite sure humanness and I was quite huge and important also. But why did these figures as opposed to reach this level of engagement as opposed to these only, I don't know, 40, 2025. But instead, it has a bit quickly than expected due to present ongoing situation. Now, also on what fat is 0, 30 percent of the most viewed instead afterwards assess her from businesses only. So businesses they didn't know circulating Instagram stories to get. My generation also interact with the audience in a better way. Now, you know another well-known facts. And we have around one billion, eighteen percent of people on Instagram follow business in one way or another. They follow the products and is there like any products or something like that. And 80 percent of those 1 billion users, they want to discover new products. And so if any new product is launched than in a big way, then it is a foregone conclusion that those products will have present on these techno beat post videos or endorsement by celebrity for inferences or in any other domain. Now is also this uses also different products from you, from the user side of the URL that more than willing to discover new products or new style. Now, another thing is 65 percent of business profile itself from users who do not follow them. That means if you make a business profile on Instagram, then there's a high possibility that you'll get new followers. Cut it. So you'll get followers. You did use some people, those who have not seen you, those are not followed. You are not aware of your brand, brand presence. And they are very Button meeting because if you're getting XML for getting a 100 and use them, most probably 65 of them will be new people. We'll have the better visibility to newer audience. Ok. And also one per 125 million accounts of these tap on a shop and goes to learn a model wood products every month. This on a monthly basis. So 125 million across, tap on it. So you can see the number of a home kept in a year. So multiple get approximately so it exceeds the number of accounts you have. So since we can assume that one single account can tap on more than one variable shoulder. You'll have lot many. Redirections are a lot much traffic from Instagram resistances. Okay? Another thing is this. And the fascinating fact is that traditionally had to do was around $13.8 billion for 2020 alone. This is what, one-year or not. Okay. I mean, if you're not wrong, which be aware of someone calling influences, that is, they are someone who is a celebrity or someone fan following, etc.. And they are the ones who usually do promotions in order to gain mood was a boolean also on Monday. This indecisiveness will be discussing about that in a bit greater detail as well. And the number of inferences are easily, have easily cost 5,000 thousand. Okay? And, and on an average, and Instagram post earn an average of around 10 hashtags. Technical difficulties or lump-sum can be Leonato to be 10 percent, 6%, 7 to precise. So and I have an Instagram post has an average of so many hashtags? No, or just what are the hashtags? I think but has symbol followed by certain companies, words, dots, etc, that is used for cross-linking of content. We'll discuss this also. And one more very, very, very important thing they use decorated can generate about 39 percent. That is 3.9, take certain area, approximately four times more interactions. So better than Facebook instead on tension written mode interaction. That is really, really important. And this is another reason why you should focus. And Instagram as well. In addition to a phase, of course, you wouldn't be Facebook only much still. He said I'm primarily being a content sharing platform and also my go to the content being only in Tom fix and videos. It will have an axial mode engagement and boring direction. Then if we actually now know the image tag flow, various something which is where you can actually search for the various hashtags and etc. And it's actually viewed by people not immune trust users. And the most later to con Instagram is that of an egg with our phone, yeah. Okay. Let's show that. Forgiveness again. Yeah, so this is the pig that has been mostly mostly. Okay. So you can see here, you can see it has like a private and private Monera and 55 million either. Proximately. This is one of them, is actually pretty simple, but the cleric in the depth of the image and also the creative use of the negative space, et cetera, has the letter maximum Testament explicit and observer doesn't become, or to call one of the most likely to click on Instagram as such, it's just a simple, quick, but it has become very, very popular. Now. Technically, you can adjust one thing and also we can use it must be knowing that we can upload your own videos on Instagram as you're going to put videos are going to put a picture, postcard, friends, etc. The point is, but the point is instead of having because actually get traction then click. So it actually makes sense for you to push on content making using videos. So they get one 95 percent wouldn't action. Now, we'll setup can also do something on geotagging or location visit. And they get money. For example, if I have a physical store, like some store and somebody in Heidelberg, maybe in Delhi, your visor, shadow and cottonwood. It could be even like San Francisco exit, exit route. But the point is it on Instagram here, we are technically allowed to tag a specific video or post to a specific location. For example, fellow students in a specific location. All I can do is I can put a tag on geotag on listing. And this is, this is a promotion, this is a video promotion and this is a poster promotion for phone, for activity going on at a specific place. And this is what to compute. At urea, timing is nothing but a fixation of location, of a neatness specific activity or any Postgres specific area. So this is what we call geotagging. And these these location-based goes gets 70 percent, some Joan percent worryingly, why is that? Let's just put a gender big general ports or something. It can be used by anyone and everyone, and people may or may not choose to like it. But if you put a geode and then data hydro hoodie, that the people living in and around those areas are people who have been to that area so people are willing to put in the near future, the alleles show interest in that post. So geotagging, if possible, is quite necessary and also very important. And another metric is that earn 53 billion pigs have an upload on Instagram so far with 93 million pics been uploaded on Instagram a daily basis. Okay. And we know that the emojis are and 53 percent of Instagram posts or Having okay. And I don't know, It goes without saying that woman naturally gets more legs than men. Because of course, it's basic psychology basically is a basic thing. The point is that women get 450, 5% would like anything related to whom and other missing data we're getting more. Now let's go to some other. Let's have look, introduce a smaller aspect which will be dealt in this course in a greater detail. That is how to make money on a second. Okay? Now the point is you can be, can make money on Instagram several ways. I would just have a numerator of one success here. There is a broad categorization and deal with one band that is one by being an influencer or earning through affiliate commissions, or by creating content for Instagram or service. Creating content for yourself or someone says, or a higher seem for creating content for their course, along with certain specifications will be doing that and getting paid for it. Also could also can earn money by managing and Instagram. And also discuss this. Then another thing is you can sell the seller who's going to products and services. Clarity on Instagram. For example, if you haven't Instagram page specific to your business, you can start selling data. You can do from your personal because personal profile as well. But having a PE specifically for your Instagram businesses, while quite advantageous, The last day selling or licensing other's content out your own content. Now, having just mentioned all this one, I will discuss one by one into greater detail. Okay. First thing, by being an influencer, okay, So these are infants. Influencer is someone who has a great deal of influence on his followers. And ultra handwritten. But a follower of the influenza can have 1000 people and it can be well-recognized. You can have a million people and also metacognition. So of course, having number of followers also use a greater context, but there are other factors. There are several other factors also which are quite important in this case. Now what are those? Let's discuss now. How much money you make and we made it depends on various elements like Nietzsche. Okay? What Nietzsche, you have chosen measurement of specific topic of physicality, of intestinal, and what engagement rate you have with your followers. Okay, this is quite important. Here then gets him to engage my handbag but Englishman whose better ammonia can actually demand. And also the demand of influenza a subset. For example, some people will just tantalum and fences that they hadn't friends on Instagram opposed to having their own follows, etc. And that's it. But at the same time there will be some people who have, who are already well-established to people like an actor says, actors, actresses or fitness enthusiasts. And they all had appeared in the foot people in various hour to other forms of media and their children to be an influencer on Instagram as well. What will happen in that case is that in addition to whatever demand edge and letting us a 100 haven't added additional face value. So because of that, then demanded will unbind on a higher side. And then I don't think it's a content about it. See, for example, if someone is posting, asking you to promote their activities and if you are generating content for them, and if you're generating a normal component into fine, but if you're, technically you're making a professional approach and have seen this figure go back at least 10 to 15. Thanks. And the number of followers, It's a piston open exit. The common thing that article. Greater than number of hollows, Then we still have greater authority and greater and greater ability to demand better and exclusive rights. You know, what is the exclusive right? For example, if some influences and is influenced the Sydney select fashion or something. And they agreed to do fashion promotion for a specific brand, for a specific product like issues for a specific company. And sometimes what will, what the company goes continent then we'll do is they take up a specific contact from them stating that while promoting this is Facit line of products like shoes or something like that. They should work with them and demo land owners. So this is what an exclusive to, right? Okay, so the thing, influenza then for these exclusive device, the rachel got three to five, sometimes even 15 Excel. For example, if you're paying 1000 bucks for influenza for promotion of some length of products like shoes. And if we want to exclude rates, that means that the influencer, if they want to promote to shoes or rate of products and they should, they should work only with you. Then it makes more phobic child who owned by 100 or so you want, sometimes you went to the US. Okay? And now the last thing that writes to reuse the content generated when Chancellor. Now, while being an influencer who can promote and generate and promote content into two ways. One thing is you can the otoconial, the parties or the Brasidas counseling, you didn't fulfill John Lennon content and give it to you so that you can post them. That's one way. Second thing is the influence of themselves. They didn't she do to generate the context. Okay. After generating the content, then we'll go to obviously on their profile or something. And you want the rights to use the content, genetic influence on other platforms, they may have to pay a little bit extra. Okay, So for these rates are for that. So these rates to use the content also generate additional income. Now, let's go. Having said this, let's move into the general categorization of influences. It means no a nanometer principle health also do 10000 followers. Someone who owned it and don't follow coming to nano category 1000 to a 100 thousand and come to micro and medallions 100 thousand to 1 million. And then one will usually come from a macro full influencer on some things you can celebrate. But it's just such a generic categorization and an Instagram or any other pleasant, it's not endorse specific categories in a such that. But we have done this categorization for the sake of convenience for four hours, okay? Now the point is whenever you're starting, you should already have a less television influencer. Then finally, western United micron with low sometimes even handle, but herb and you're starting here, mostly categories and then, and only once you start getting totally follows or something. And my advice is, when you start charging other people for five promotional activities, award charging them money. Didn't you come to highlight moneymaker levels, some of it in MATLAB. If they're 10, we can actually do promotion them for free. They're established a branch point number 1. Second, then also ask them for a fee. For example, if you're promoting for a hotel or a spouse or something like that, and ask them that, okay, I'm ready to promote this on my page for free and just give me some discount coupon or something that we will not be losing any payment opportunity. And the second thing, the PPP mode, on people who give them a free promotional activity. You will also get affected more for us. So till you resist my high micro learn with all my advice would be to stay away from mantissa and our opportunities. However, if they come on to become the dental fund their own within you can access them directly but don't try to demand is my key advice. Okay? Now second thing is how much money can be made by insurances? Well, belonging to waste categories mentioned before. Now the point is for each and animals when silicon actually get paid 15 to $50 for a Porsche when I'm in a postfix, electric post or something like that along with captions. And it can go up to $20 to $90 per video. So for promoting on behalf and ran awesome me individually, I can get paid $5,255 and don't even NT dollars per video. Similarly from microwave, we're getting a $110 to 550 dollars per bushel and from one nitrogen NDT per video. Unless we seen wasted, they have such a huge variation or not. The ring is quite high. One figure $15 to focus almost like a three to three and up 1000 similarities here at UT to 90000, 44. And of transposons, such a huge disparity because it depends on all these factors, as I mentioned before, like Nietzsche, engagement, a demand, excellent fans content quality number. So all of these come into factor and these rates are determined. Okay? So for micro wanting to 25, $50 for potion 192 per video for micro and fun mid-level, one hundred, ten hundred one hundred dollars to $200 per post and $1600.2, $100 per video. And for macro celebrity learn technically sky's the limit. But for sicker appropriate containers, you can easily expect on photon $100 per post for 1 million plus follows, and greater than a hundred and six hundred dollars per video. Frankly speaking, there are cases when some people were P $1.1 million in certain conditions. But of course that is the highest end. But for the sake of generalized frequency, stick to these figures. Next thing, extinguishes we can roughly okay. Another field conditions. What is just a part of commission. Okay. So it can vary from 10% to a 100 percent. What if the commission I said someone someone already has a has a product and what he wants it and wants to promote the product. So he gives you a link which actually is tracked back to his pro product and your IDEs integrated into the clinic. And once you start promoting that link on your page, so what people will do if they click on a clean and declare, start by eating from product. After clicking the link, you'll get a part. Respond commission percentage. I know someone makes a purchase and that percentage is what to call them. Affiliate commission. Technically, can we can earn 10 percent. I can go a 100 percent. Okay. No one's putting all the money, they're getting it. This is a 100 percent is only for those products have a low upfront field by you and they have huge upset. If someone had a product is only as $9 worth of product and later he can use it for up-selling to see some fire. Sometimes you want $200 or $600 per month. Then probably for sake of promotion, effective promotion, what you'll do is you'll go a 100% of this NAND Angular so to anyone who's promoting it. So happens that come. Now how much money you can do it, it depends on how well you are able to promote. It links, okay? You can do your own follows and you've been using if 10 hats. Now how much we can actually comes and says there's no limit there. So minimum limited the Zoom example depends on how well you can promote and also a factor as a function of what is the actual Commission, also the price of the final price of the product, okay? That's one thing. Second thing is, what is, we can also make money by creating content for Instagram. For example, if there's an ordinary and Instagram upon, then someone is promoting especially an issue or something, and they need content. Right. Now. They are not well-versed in creation of content. There then probably hire freelancers or to also okay. Sometimes on a temporary basis or sometimes on a per job basis, somethings on permanent basis. Awesome. So it goes like I so, so hope you know how much money you can actually make by creating content for Instagram accounts is like the caliber of the content and volume. Volume is how many numbers of both ammonia picks or videos or generating. It's also the quality, caliber of contentment, the qualitative content. How professional it looks. It just looks like a simple thing. It has to be curated to ever greater extent, and et cetera, and the amount of customization tool sequence. So this usually occurs when you're creating specific or nice specific videos. So it's often goes to the thing that you have two statements. Often buy premium stock would use or you had to set up your own shooting equipment, equipment to video content, etc. So this factor we are to judge it and the amount of working on classification of content, classification, connectedness, a peak or a video, or whether it is an automobile, is a panoramic picture or wherever it is, the watercolor, the content involving celebrity, and also the sheer amount of overbooking. So for example, a single peak can beat some things. A couple of days or even weeks. For example, long exposure peaks. There are some short videos which requires 73 shoots, amount of graphics and all in the shoots. And there are some ways approve course production values, all this involving the amount of work in one-off class edition of content greater than won't work over four and greater than mode of work involved in getting to class on Monday. And this naturally greater amount, we had to show up. And how much it varies from as low as confederates or sometimes you want to tell such $3, but I didn't mention here. From Confederacy sometimes you in few millions. Okay? Now next thing is, now. Then we can also make money being managing Instagram account for this. Okay? And the point is some, some people like professional influencer something, they have a huge number of followers, okay? The point is, as the number of followers increase, the complexity of assets will increase until their intricacies. And the point is, if you want increase engagement rate there was they must have hired someone else, somebody, or to engage with the audience. Ok. And also if you want to check for spam, it's not an easy task we have to check for. And if you intend to deeper understanding of the signal so to implement the same. So for integration. So how much money we can make it depends on these two factors. Now, so you look again at our thing, our even by some fixed template literals. So it can vary from two, from $15 per hour. And also it can range epithelial working on a permanent basis. But a big good Instagram, celebrity or Conda can range up to you and 40 K. And then of course, suppose a duty to present on and off, on and use ISO follows. Know how much you know, there's another way to make money is by selling up digital or physical products and services directly. For example, if you have a physical product here, cool. If you're generating some digital course content for having a physical product produced by yourself. And if you're adults, if you have what's called Nietzsche, some product and services in sheets and send them to actually in the similar way you have done in previous lecture, acting as an interest in something. So you can actually make money by selling your own goods. Okay? So how much we're going to do, how much you can earn is dependent on how much activity a, how much actually can sell depends on d, proposal, study, the batteries or promotion test you better you can set. And finally, the amount of profit you can be. This quantum depends on the quantum of students actually done. Okay? And of course there are volumes for this. So there is no limit to how much you can earn bustling around parks. Now. No data. Another way which you by which can unmanned that he's selling or licensing others are own country. Okay. Now, there will be some content like stock photography, picks up, teams are stuck with those custom Pixar, something like that. So what you have, you use some have created, okay? So someone sees those convince someone wants to use it for his own purposes, and he he either has to before the contract violations, a commercial license or something. So the point is, so if you already have colored really worthy content and then people who have flocked to you to buy the contract or even for licensing partners. So that way you can earn. Or second thing you can do, relations are easily segments. You can invite complete rates from another person who was already genetic really good content. And then you can send them to someone that people who are conditioned by English content of this can be done even for licensing purposes. By enlightened from somebody were doing the reasoning of those lessons to other people. This way you're going to know how much is going on is first topics. You can actually vary from $5 to $50 coffee, okay? Kashdan pixie can vary from a $110 to $11 thousand. Okay? And for widow, their fee for stock producer can be very different. That vapor video dollars from 100 to 150 dollar. And for customer with us, you can vary from two hundred, five hundred, five hundred dollars. And what is topics that you wish you had? Topics are nothing but you had basically chosen theme and pick and pick a designated contact and done some retouching or something, and you just release it so anyone can use it and buy it and general basis. But customer picks and customers are dual, which are unordered. So if I wanted to pursue to do in a specific way, you actually undertake the task on contact quizzes, you genetic content view to the user. So this is what customers customisation of pixels videos. Now, before winding up, I like to answer a few lingering doubts. And the binders you missed me about it. How much is the time required to start unmuting under study? So if you follow them with us, which I haven't given in this lecture, I'm in a given in this course. It will require at least from one Arnoff 1. Sometimes squamous, you start making money. But this is a time where by week, by week 10, you'll be able to generate quite good number of followers. And then we will start earning money. And how much time you will have to spend on Instagram? A little bit easier or 15, 23, yes. Okay. So 1.5 to four months is the Tang a number of amount of time you have to wait and you had to work hard to begin being on Instagram. That's point number one. And this is for beginners or HE for Andrea established on Instagram. Before it says then, of course, must be a lover of all these things. But however, if you are a newbie, then Sylvie the time required. And second thing is the time required to be spent on Instagram on daily basis is confined to yes. You had to spend this on a daily basis. Simple. And the least number of followers to how reasonable. I mean, well, I mean these are in English that the tank from which you'll start getting offers or you'd be able to score for offers. To act as an influencer, to be able to promote a post and get some freebies, not necessarily money. So you might have me know, 500 to 1000 follows. So once it crosses this special, then you can start actually expecting some office, of course, from a local material, different local businesses. And in addition, if you really wanted to have bigger anything, you must wait till the number of followers increase. Okay, that's it for this, especially as you see in the next lecture. Thank you. 3. Success Hacks & Choosing Niche: Hello everyone. In this next class, we are dealing with success hex and hold to the Vichy. And this is a part of a complete cause there to be dealing with extended marketing hashtag. Now, at first, to try to understand how to choose earnings today. The first and foremost thing that you see is we must choose Venetian, which we had really good passion about. Because it's a dream force which keeps us motivated to vote that lexical. And the second thing is what it includes is that we should choose them. You see, maybe help, good knowhow, and good grasp. And it wasn't you'd have good technical knowledge. For example, you have good fashion, but you haven't pursued it properly. Then we'll learn we haven't good knowledge and good grasp also technically school and we were to produce any content. And in the same vein, blood we will talk, I'm going to think well with our audience on this specific topic. Now, we are choosing these two. Then we'll add to that specific machine which fall under these two categories. There is always growing consumer demand. For example, if you have passion of what your topic and they ultimately have good knowledge, but it's not proper consumer demand, then even though even if you work hard, you'll be seen as Periclean artist. For someone who has good question, good to knowledge, but it's not able to make ends meet. Now, the point is that we are born 900 niches on Intercom formed in Micronesia is more productive. Okay? No. Or how we should do it that we should preferably to the top collection the shape first. And then it's better to call a Micronesia pressing and hotel that we can actually do the search option Instagram easily. So that we'll see in a few moments. Now. Council, traceroute learning that are already near posture successful in what conditions? So there is holding for should form a coalition and then it can searching is does Amazon, What about any successful in local machine? And there it is better to give us more time because quantum successful in this mucosa is missing. There is some hidden underlying problem. So it's better to do to pass for typing. And you're going to another mechanism by which they are technically takes all these other factors. Okay? Now there are certain haze that's just going to silica instead. Hence case which has a fashion beauty and pets, but broad, broad class niche. It's actually So we didn't that we can have a condition how to do it. Let's see. Now, let's go to the Staedtler. The concepts. Now put a hashtag. Click Login, technically contender, fitness on. And if you click here, you can see that directly with the other has an infinite impulse. So technically it is very popular. But within your guy you can see if you go scroll down, can you find other things like yoga poses as 3.1 million, You go girl has 9.8 million yoga practices, 10 million yoga teachers on 0.8 million. By inspiration, you will the banks that is underneath your back. So Micronesia to be precise, one day and you're gonna challenge is 8.9. You'll get everywhere it pointing you that every day. You've got bows, yoga journey. Yoga. Yoga, yoga, daily life. Okay. You've got community yoga fan, you've got therapy. It will keep boosts. Your mom have we'll consider how consumers who are entering the motherhood for commuters. So it is what, 2.7 million posts yoga studio, you go home, you by teachers who were lovers. So within your guide, you can see that it will go as such, has really easily Republic distinct UGA in turn false and a fitness for the actually the umbrella term for all other things like yoga, pilots, gym for defects attempt. And within that we have efficacy of facts. Hugo bare. Okay. You've got a funnel. Now within fitness, a little tooth on whenever you see a phosphate, another micro mixing within frequencies and it has a phosphate greening effort week challenge, that description for different family photos, super duty. So the 45, 45, eight micelle and figuring out what affect fitness for transformation. So you can see that we didn't have an issue of sickness. He has so many years. Now. Once again. Okay. Now let's 200 mainly shipping tools, visual space, just get better and get home town we didn't post. So that is pretty huge. And we can have cat go click OK, and let's just dogs. For example. For adults is one thickly me inputs to the axon that is now within dogs can have something like terrier, Labrador are bullied quota or living to one of them for time being. Saint Bernard. See if it has seen St. Bernard Excel present and harder to get. So technically within this niche for pets, we have cash Coke and within the author, labrador, you have a barrier will tell you that extra. So technically, Labrador has friends would give us Labrador Retriever. And not only that, you can have your own pet were also affect fitness aspect where you even pick variables, had their own specific Michigan. Finally, protecting this hole, you should take it with them mainly here and then you can throw him down to successively to water mechanism if you want to fit in and which you want to. Okay. This is going to is actually a Micronesia. Alright. Now, I'll do actually, once you have done no, not to cry scrutinizing the Iranian constant which just successful in my condition. What we are to do, for example, and just go back to the topic, yoga pants or something? No. Okay. Yoga yoga poses, skip that. And that you can actually see that there are top four feet. So if you click senior stop was ulcerated, they have very good ways to link two legs from D commands. 199 likes concrete comments, 100, 500 like 66 activities are those icons which are actually successful industry secretion. Michel Foucault, who looked like one of them. So Federico and he has made a post years ago and he had already has what are called 11 phasor of x find, particularly. So this home was also from this melting a desktop POS tag. I'm going within this yoga poses hashtags can see those icons which are actually very popular technique. I've seen that there are, of course, which are successful in this yoga person shares are so technically if you want to go for this, you can go for it. So this is how you choose English H3, and what are those certain factors? Shoe shops as hex. That was if you haven't bled, implemented this, hacks, Autolite implement these factors, you only get success on Instagram. I shot mrs. Okay. It's kind of fasting for this'll be honest. High-quality content is working fine. If not the quantity, the quantity. You may post a little bit spreading in, gotten me. Not that doesn't rename that post one every once in a blue moon or something. You should push it little preferably once a day or once you do this, you're going to put three per day. But the point is, quality of the content. What are you posting these videos? Pig wheat or even captions, everything will be good. If you put into an initiation will have very high quality. That's first. Second thing is, we should craft a very good, impeccable them. What it is. Sometimes you'll see under the user know how to make a impeccably it, you know, in a couple of the next lessons, it's covered. And we should have high engagement rates with the audience and follows as a newbie, you, what will happen is if someone posts a deadly 11 comma, two comments, one legs or two legs, we can increase engagement and settlements and good organic and very honest sharing versus etc. We will be discussing these two. And we had to steam at the end. It nice customer. Now what happens is, for example, if you are hello, stuck to yoga brand. And secondly, for a lot of blue and you have put some other fashion, postdoc, porcelain fashion, then all those for those who have been following you and you being stuck-up to say Your Gun knees or something like that, they'll be technically not inclined to continue learning pigment into further. So you shouldn't meaning a brand, you should sustainable brand new sticker, nice. Now if you want to work on more than one vendor of a nice, my suggestion is go for it and I'm going to make another if tech Amazon, but don't spoil that niche off any specific. Now the point is another thickness hashed. Do the search hashtags extensively and implement them properly. And we can also do influenza, can also use the semi self-antigen planters, meeting shout-outs or even promotions, et cetera. Because we used the branch for sensing. And another thing is we can implement Instagram I change degranulate, instead, amortized or damping survival. One of the easiest and nothing easier shock we do. Out of the stack, I'm success. Now, the last thing is to stick really very helpful to conceptualize quizzes and contests with free giver list. But audience by young people put a context which promises that if you follow Lake and share your content and adopted a little bit getting what you got. Fatigability, formal, some cash group one's gift coupons or something like that. Then these are both altogether grudgingly, not only good again, and we're given the electoral follow-up. For this hole. You should mean success hex, which you can implement. And then you can unfold in fluid. Just take them following is highly successful. Now don't we go with this and you'll be discussing each and every point in greater detail. Falling glasses for food and for this question. Thank you. 4. Creating Username: Hello everyone. In this class in federal marketing must be learning how to create a username, okay? Now the point is, yet another point is there are certain things you should know what Islam that is limited to my synthetic can use a certain set of characters, but it is maximum static active. Now the point is before defending wanted to tell you the scrutiny of niche. So we should learn what Neisseria, what is the idea to our niches or macaroni? See what you have chosen as a presenting. So that should attain, that will get only way to know discreetly off your new sheet on my cognition or whatever it is. Find is once you get it cleared lucidity of ADR, clear idea of what content you're going to push, what is our current pertinent do? Then we should make a record of the keyword linked to the tiger. Know how to make it fuels that is, you can move by using Google Keyword Planner. I just show know how it is done. Go to this Google, Google as a kind of confining easily. After signing it can go to this tool section, click that, and go to Keyword Planner. And under the panel 6 and Keyword Planner, let it load. Yeah, so here I can just click, discontinue keywords I can get such 11 forecast is click one. Distinct part only specific you are looking at here. In just a second. I'll go back to school. If you are discovering novel here, you can enter any specific protocol. He would lift up. You must example if I wanted to that would you about epicenter? Because our yoga and yoga yoga mat. Okay. So I just continue that also fine. I will click on Get Results. And here you can see that account. So here you can see the kind of keywords you have provided you with money over mass. So it is showing the monthly successor. Specific worries, that is, a 100 came to 1 million is competition is low. And for your gametes, a 100 and you can get onto accomplishes. But heck, no, under this keyword ideas kicking up your login, you may you go for beginners. Kundalini of the Ashcan, likeable, the eccentric, cetera. So you can actually see that we can, we are getting a list of keywords here. Giving us a little hot yoga, yoga day, criminal guy international facial, the look of her kids, aerial yoga. Now. Go to the first one. Yeah. So solder it from top to bottom. So technically these are keyword ideas, keywords provided. Kid is acute agent. Yeah, So you're going into your 6 o'clock. Now, here we can see are things like kundalini, you are going to Stanley Hall. So you can choose one keyword from them. Any one or more than one outcome is, depends on a personal choice, etc. This is technically to give you some idea of what our keywords you can choose actually, ok. Now that now once you have emitted, ricotta matures. The data, then we can use those keywords which are used after ten reading this whose name we can see it a lot. And it was habitable on Instagram. Then we can directly go ahead and choose it as an image and make articles. And the second action points that is second which you have to remember when making the username. Actually. The point is it's super simple only produce to pronounce. For example, if you are using any name that is a vernacular or something that is difficult for people to remember. And it will be difficult to pronounce. It was difficult opponent and that cannot recollect a clean very easily. Also get an image to genuine and distinctive. For example, if someone already has popular username same. Labrador puppy is not worthwhile for you to make an American named Labrador puppy 123, a Labrador puppy 1234. So it should be genuine in earning her title, make it as unique and as distinctive as possible. And adapting is, of course, I had mentioned to you that you can use a username, can help with 30 characters, but it's always helpful if the username is smarter. With monotony was an infant. And also you can have quite poor, didn't notice keywords. Susan, for example, like thin foil hat, but Bush, Elvis Presley, I, honeymoons, etc, etc. Now the binders have usernames are pointed in question was can actually use them as username stacking or even use your embed these phrases, usernames. Okay. I think that's all I had fully fused for me was that comes with a familiar with are those which don't have to put in extra effort to remember. A key point in all of these things is that you should make their username board memorable. Okay, so the user let people must be able to remember your username very easily. Hi guys. Now the point is, if you wanted to have social him represents like for example, on an unlikely not been prefer something. And it is highly recommended that you use exact names. Like you haven't used social media. Or you can use names which are nearly identical, almost similar to good. Use an infant and the social media space get it because the people who are falling, you're already on this other platform still find it easier to chew on Instagram at home. Lots of volumes are also. Okay. But it is a pike and button. By choosing that, Instagram is happening. And there's certain things you must. Absolutely right? Okay, these are the weird ones. Like, for example, you should avoid long names. And I mentioned with the long excellent point number one. And also I don't think that we should avoid controversy limb lameness for our controversial names is because doesn't make it good traction in the beginning. But later don't blame. You may also affect controversy endian, and enough number of people report named. It may also get bad. Okay. And forced him. But as I mentioned, I use an m That is fun to remember and also easy to live them, but they are actually nuclei. Easy to become popular. They can become popular motif. So for these is specifically in unseasoned should avoid random characters. And we saw him, that's okay. So we should, our both of these and last and final thing we should always remember you should avoid and in some branch and I'm gonna disappear not representing them. For example, for example, we have say, if you're using any companies like lamb, famous, famous brands like Adidas, Nike was something that was adenine. And somehow I'm telling you I'm not representing that brand, then there's a high chance that the main trait reporter. Okay. And if you're not a painting, how about if I were to call specifically? What about somewhat later in the band like effect, I have undertaken promotional activities out if you're promoting their products, standing upon, can pick up omission funder and then use that using them appropriately. And at the same time, if not belonging to any specific community on length. And if you're using the community's name and username, then you will get lot of followers in the beginning from those communities specific, but later at defined or that you have not representing their converting it into a red flag. As simple as that. So you should avoid, however, if it apparently them didn't, it is highly recommended that you use the brand name for communities. But make sure if we're using the commutators, make sure you do some supportive activity for them. If you're using a new brand name, make sure they're not floating there. Okay. Now, we shall look into one thing. There are several represent by him by which you manage and then inverse x using keywords, have to have our children again. We design websites. So if we look at one of them, like domain will copy it. And yes, go ahead. Okay, so I have chosen such a dummy. Now see the point is we are actually looking for names. What about it technically? Domain. So D7 is actually dominant gene data, but the scene needs which are finding everything you literally use any method. For example, you can see over here. So what that's telling us and that could be used in a row, that could be a username, yoga Xiang, and that could be one. I stand off. That could be another username. So technically, yes, I think dominion, Sony. And we are generating domain names only at the point in thes. Domain names can move it for you, then enter. Okay, So this is one of the show and mode of apprentice lean domains and so on. And now let's see what I'm looking for autonomics. So it's not going to put Washtenaw yoga. I stumbled over PB. Okay. I've come to me with all stumbling over, so honest. So technically, what you can see here is, does it keeping this article? I'll fix it for all the username is adding a prefix or suffix, which is probably a little. Okay, So this is how it does. It is generating different the winnings. Now once we have zeroed in on one or maybe more than one, and you suddenly him. What you can do is we have to set the username is actually available on Instagram. And that means you have to check if that was it. It was not in use bandages that are not already. So what do they to do? We can go and go to this Instagram direct couple of upset baby. We can check for username availability also. For example, these have affected, will call leveraged God. God will go there. So the incidence of our choices available or not. So let it load. Another thing. Let's say it takes us low, so great. Yeah, Okay, so here we have, now whatever it is just to take the username here. So what do you do here? Standards and standard life. They'll copy this paste. And username. I never miss. Someone has already taken this Username. Let me get one water. Thus you about your dash Tana. I kinda like chooses fun. Okay? I chose that are linked to my bad. Okay, I found particularly, but you're not going anywhere it easily, right? Because a common user. So yeah, we know particularly WHO solution, something available at this point. So you can use this as a what are called username. I will go here also. We choose one of them and check for soluble or not. We're pretty hashtag smartest at that time, the yoga club, all It's totally chooses as town polished and click on this. So I left and I left and do test username. So you and this is available. So at this point in time because there's not enough time, I will see you soon as I was taking a leaf, they want to start a username which has all this fun on this username. And he says, No, I can't. So this is how you actually use an employer fitness center. Okay. So next we will be seeing under facts, but that doesn't stop there. Thank you. 5. Drafting Ideal Bio: Hello everyone, Welcome to my next lesson. We'll take a Marketing Mastery every dealing with how to draft an ideal way. Okay? Now, what actually is it by knowing something but contains summary of your business which are appending to Amsterdam upon a brief summary of who you are and how you want to present it to your audience. Now, it is always one that flash conditions and pushed and pushed, right? So this bio helps you create that attractive for simplicity and do something that is seen under the username. Ok. And for the 150 characters is that Butler? And it also clearly explains there and a preposition. For example, if you have chosen a specific niche and if you want to sell something, then your bio should have, you should give a field that you are here to promote and what called a satisficer kind of products. You, I just wanted to share photos of my journey and given that, given that X should explain. Now the point is, in addition to all of this, it also do second extract. It is like app links may have even better, so contact information and now there are certain action points I can buy things which atom, because the point is that we should introduce ourselves to customers and explain to them by the should, take notice of them. Okay, So that is a very important when it comes to crafting. Know, Let's see one example. That is true and go. Yeah, electric load. Yeah. Now what does a user name and the number of both it has done number follows and fallen. And below that, this is the entire page. There's what they call a pile here. Okay. Now, what does it say about this? Is a clothing brand Tatas has ever made by personal and so on. To make you feel like and also gives it about propulsion is built by a 404, Our to do community and it does include a hashtag together. Yeah. Okay. Delta and given the link for the same. So this is how it should look like. Finally, show another example. Select. Okay, So this is another good bio mention. It must define Gerald Ford one by one. So it is made into a company that is where things like this as manufactured by momentum and is funded by someone called me, call Batman. And it's by 8 would begin and New York City. And we can also determine thing that you can shop online world, right? And there's a link to it. So this whole bio should look like. So in foo length of sentences it should be. We should be in a position to expert author shows who we are and why they should give us a data connection. And one more thing that if you haven't yet they're associated sister Brenda counter something. You can also include them in your bio. And technologies also helps you to add more followers to fill your main account has no follows, okay? Now I do one would example, Fashion Nova. I showed one. Yeah. So what does it make sure it's a good one? It's a global fashion brand. And you mentioned Disney movie and it does Fox. Fox is tagged us to the features and it also has maintained a question or that makes this for this one and delete fashion, local fashion or woman. If you click this fashionable and what it takes to another sister comes in this fashion or this fashion, no government. And even if a man code here, you can see that they have separate vertical for the men's collection and let the link associated with it, the Instagram. But this is what we should do. We should also include a call to action. Okay? Now, what does he came in to? Click here to subscribe, click here to late ticker to follow all these communists CDS. I will actually show one more and expand. Okay. Yeah, so why does it seem that he said got bigger and join me on LinkedIn? Okay. There's my antenna, he's doing contacts and join me on land begins clip became better with World War for people or step-by-step recipe videos. And he's given a link to hip height. So this whole driven CDM, and I'm going to show you there's greets brand. Yeah. So see here the foot threshold for the I mentioned they started making money, but in this machine, follows, had degrees for an all characteristic learn these narcan does not want, need help. So follow us at the Greeks. Let's go to this one and baboon meters final one. Okay? So this is how you can actually put a, C, D Again. They have put there, I mentioned here follows. So one I'm going to hold are created and they're asking us to follow our theropods. So it's also a great city. And below this, we can use human IGTV now. So we can use this buy order to the captivating for a few seconds. I said, Awesome Can asymptote. And I'm going to think of them as tau observing some Samatha and instead m by dad using emojis. And why should we use the most? Because it has specific advantage. For example, a single emoji can replace an indefinite yourself lading followers here you can put, just put a follows. You start putting in just, this is where we stayed. We can put that geotag, pineapple for indicating a problem with induces a single image and is continually one cat fight and dicloxacillin mentioning Davis activities now Very favorable. So in somebody that is an approval mentioned that this is an approved Akan can just put one emoji him, say that, and communicate to our followers that this isn't approved. Active general proof link. We found a location tagging specific location than using just one emoji and what to call you the impression that this is a specific place with that of our store is located. Okay. And you a few examples here. For example, you can go to get blue. Yeah. Yes. He felt he had been damaged. There is no official upon for JetBlue and they put out blame symbol here. And here, someone who's coughing. And if you have consumer comes exclusive jet, good or come and tap here for Morton did Gandhi, and given that link for this, okay, they have used to all the images here. And we go for nilpotent digital market, particularly, let me go to Amazon. Yeah. So here's my finished. Thanks. Bestselling author, stack of books of a 100 and enterpreneur under Obama and the a 100 percent top 10 Mitre before sticky and Copan definitely, but elision is mentioned and confidence and there, as I mentioned that upward trajectory, what are called graph here. So if you can click here and it'll take you down a point of is that he's doing this and inputting digital. So my picking against the accountant pivot point, it seems. So, yeah, so this hole, you can use emojis to enhance your understanding. Thanks. So that's it for the next ID for this specific class. Meet you in the next class. 6. Originating Breath Taking LOGO: Hello everyone. Welcome to this new class where we'll be dealing with how to make a good looking logo. Now, the point is, what is the logo actually login something that is resilient get next to my audience, face of the company. And something is there no binom still chosen username email, or chosen your niche and also must have some ADR clarity. So it might be something that is originated from your quantity or concept. So from erosion either consequently, most professional look wrapped your logo. Now what is luego do is it actually helps us to the fitness of brand immediately you don't have to remember the name, et cetera. Specifically, people start looking at the lower tail, we will recognize it. In fact, you don't even have to use your tackling. Okay? Now, once you are able to do, they also help in what to call great consumer choice creation, right? Because and I would a person, a consumer sees a local, what he thinks for whatever experiences would experiences you hadn't passed regarding, accompany all that to conceptualize in the mind of the consumer by taking him in form of his login with your company's logo only. So if someone looks at a logo of a variable company known for its customers, I list, you, just get a feeling of all the expenses. Yeah, and impasto technique is some movement among all the good experiences. So the logo in statistics, partisanship. Now if you have really good to go, it also helps to reading your customer and also by doing so, generate more revenue. Now, what are the things that you should remember while generating the local? The point is, when you're generating a logo specifically for Instagram, you should overtake land by all costs. Because the spleen is given for logo in Instagram account is very little. So if you've ever put in tackling logo, you know, it will either take up more space, too small to us to be invisible. Another thing we should do is we just examined as can our quotidian concept. And you should also, unless her own competitors can make a unique look, right? Once we have done this scanning of her quotidian contract by being strong and etc, I will arrive at certain design ideas. But however, if you don't do the instructor for commutators and the, some other computers already come up with a similar logo. And if you try to make a logo from scratch also, what will happen that people perceive that you have actually copy the logo from our competitor. Who technically water the water Nietzsche we have and we should scan of concrete is hazard. And in turn, we should make the logo after scanning or quotidian contracted. Okay? Another thing we should do is we should our trends by armies causal, right? Because some that are very few tests that gain long-term fraction actually measure to the trends to come and go very soon. So if we make our logo based on transport will happen, it will write the wave as long as that drinks per day. And one of the trend dies down, even the logo will become outdated. Okay, so it is always advisable for you to make timeless and new logos. Okay, I don't think we should do is electric tape. Where to think very creatively when making the load. Then also taking minimalism, not have a 100 different elements in robotics and for example, sowed the lowest of the best companies they have very quite simple and minimalistic, for example, of Apple is just pick off an applicant the beta to say, okay, but take the logo off a night gate is just an idea, is also quite simple. Okay, So I've talked to time minimalism, infrastructure. And also when we're designing a logo, can always choose to make it. I didn't black and white or color loop also. But the point is for triangle, make it a logo based on different class. My advice would be to design a logo and black and white. Design the contours, negative space, etc. After doing that, implement how the Halifax, okay? So you can implement a caliph at a later stage, right? Because if you're trained to do both things at the same time, you will end up getting oral and beg. You'll end up getting as simple as that. Okay. If I've designed a logo, make the outline of the design plaque and weight them up and latest statues and the color accordingly. Okay? And if you're just starting out, you can also take the help of several websites, can utilize tools like Adobe Photoshop artery, even very good in the schools. However, if you want to call not well-versed in what is tools, you can use these links also to design your own logo, okay, Now these are feeling sexually and the also deltoid, beginner friendly. And it just cool. Show you one example. We go with the name. So in this name, TVs are actually very low and click and click. Go to this link you can create freeloaders. See you don't have to worry about this. All these things have you and resource section at the end. For the project. After doing this, just enter your company's name. Okay. Life. Companies can type up the hands have putting it up. I'm not putting the type of business option. Now, what is the fair font-style? I would like to choose the category. And among this, and choose this one continued as a distinct tastes. Also suggested to experiment with different things also. So vitamins or something can end up getting a great logo design. So it's organic. Whole secondary loading. Okay, Any hope I didn't just talking. Thank you so much. Click on that. And then choosing one more font like this. And I'm not, this is a color palette which you want to make it. So technically it is to do a bioelectric choose a cheerful, vibrant, unhappy x Login option, keep it optional, may continue. And so you can say for I can see, I can just choose them randomly and just anything I'll take you over here. Let's see what they have. Yeah. So I chose this. Controlled up to 37, choosing one here. And another one I wanted to choose this. And third one, I like to choose this. Continuing with this. So continuing with three icons. Yeah. What this software does, it combined fundamentally different itself. This thing, logos and pathos and logos animal taxa. So I can just see here, I will just choose one. So what you can do is we can actually change the color, okay, then to this. And this is okay. And yeah, fine. Color is good. And can to the text, I can make a capital I can choose is another one that can make that a I said this stage can customize anything but can make further refinements, has a slogan and keeping it. And for I can have 200 and you want to say they can choose the Sultan. I'm going to suddenly. And the layout also, it can make what legacy continues. As I want. For example, I think tool is this one. I, but I'll choose this one. Okay? So once it is done, I can just download this one. Okay. So after him and then I'll ever do sign up and login and you can download this specific design logo Oliphant to get screenshot and modify as you want and uploaded. So this is how you can create a great logos here. But there are other websites with Jeanette similar logos. That is when, when you want to always use when we want them to design your own logo. Actually. Rnc can also use freelancers to develop your own logo design. Okay? For example, I just took one website with a really popular just got 50. A person must have heard of it, but I'm still showing you how it's done. Then go to vegetarian Actually, article. I can hire people to do professional load is N5 depending on your budget itself. Okay. Yeah, after he's done, just type. Go here to graphics and Zeng Guofan over-designed. Click on that. Load is anyone getting it? And you can do, can try minimalist or 3D or mascot or vintage or something, different styles here. So click that. I'll show you the Monte-Carlo. Those designers who are ready to work on this specific type of logos. So once you go there, you can actually select a budget. Just put in a 100. I'm just trying to do go for the minimum. Yeah, just choose one of them randomly. And it shows this one randomly. Yeah. So once hang on there, you can just scroll and see what kind of lose they have done. Three, what kind of different types of flowers they have done. And if you really like that, and the paint is key and for you, okay? So this whole want to design your own logo. You can do it. You cannot hire this if you want to do that again. And they said is, of course, facilitators video seamless, so I won't be touching on it right now. And here also like hex philosoph, on all those. They do have similar what called non-metals to create your own logician case. Okay, thank you. 7. Public and Private Profile: Welcome to an exclusive, it's taken Marketing Mastery. There'll be dealing with basic defenses, public and private profiles. And what are the functional form has. Let's go to our public profile. Know, whenever you make any sense. For profit, it's a default setting on Instagram. Now, what will happen if you make any profile for big? So what will happen is water hashtags we're going to use. It'll operate, appear on pre-filled feeding. Now also on Explore page. Okay. Now, since a pair of Alice public, everyone can see your content. What would be the country's push around and profit. And also, all can follow the Instagram ID floor also falling. And also they can also see what a concert following goals. So technically anyone can tag you and there's a huge visibility in this public profile, you can get a higher chance of getting likes and followers. Having said this, let's move on to additional water. Private private profile is a private profile is something which where you'll have greater control over the audience who can see your content. Because technically restricting other people from doing a proper publicly. Now, because that will be easier for you to deal with online harassment and also to safeguard your personal content. However, if you prefer private and then have a poster, public accounts, then your activity will not be hidden. It will be visible for everyone. And without these specific reason for leave to be very difficult to get followers and for geographic tagging and hashtagging, there have been a lot of issues. Now since you want is quite quick private. It is technically emitting content from barely stuck under any of the external blog post or something is very definite, sometimes impossible for these facilities and it's only me. So turn on monetization opportunities and also add conditions, asthma for example. Now having said this, I would like to mention show to you what actual examples of what I weighed and public profile. Okay. So, yeah, so this is if you can see this MBR and as for as far as this is concerned, we cannot actually click. It has one hundred fifty four thousand, six hundred five hundred, ten hundred ninety eight fallen. But since you can see it as a quantised private, we cannot see any specific activity of this. Okay? And the point is we cannot deceive or what Apollos who, who, who the disappoint is falling, et cetera, et cetera. If you click this, then I requested to send to this account stating that VB permitted to do there are contacting once they approve. We may see all these often than not, there's a private account. Okay. You can see a 2-tuple to post can see on the posterior can just scroll down. And there's three 1 on kp followers. Click on that word the follows extra, fine. And they are also falling 64 people click on that. You can also see what are the for which the stock market line is falling. So this is an example of Public Accountant. Okay. Thank you. 8. Creating Drool Worthy Content: Hello everyone in this class is we're dealing with content creation and how to create really cool work the content. We all know that article you set them is contention crescent primarily. And later on it became commodified to other things like shopping, sharing of contests, acceptance on, but primarily to the content. Simply because it was actually independently as primarily as such, only point is where you get 6 content actually can use stock images on footages from websites, for example, can go to That's a great site for getting quality footage, stock footage. And we just switch and free. So we can go here. And yeah, so here you can search for any specific image you want to upload. Actually, I'll just type yoga. Yeah, somebody didn't go to images of people do involve etc. So let me choose one of them. So you can click here, use your clip. Phenotypically click here. So Kantian donate or it can just repeated it. And once you have done it yet, you can just upper into Instagram. But I didn't make no dilution or you can modify, distribute as you can deem fit. So then definitely use quality medicine for Douglass also just have a neck and is also some of the really great websites. This from better. And we can actually download free stock footage is, and there's one thing called foodies feed. They can get really good for food. So food is feed now. My second okay. Let me choose Kazaa. Yeah, Somebody picks up possess also. So I can download them. As an authority can see these for free download or something. So I can download them and use it for a minute. Okay, so these are some of the great website. And another thing is you can Facebook, friends and the post them, but we shouldn't give it the proper tricks. There's something called manually posting modally pushed out. I'll just show one of them. Go to here and find out a little if a type yoga. Like we put a hashtag yoga here. Yeah, so I got this. I can go there. Again. Technically what a call to the top trending picked here. Are this. I think it until here, and choose this font. I'm just going to waste can do them on science had chilling. Yeah. So technically I can go ahead and do some sense. So what I can do is I can just download this and then I can article you dictate to them and then repost them. Adequate dollar district, give the credit to those things. And then I can repost it on my Instagram page. I also can do one thing called a good repost Sometimes, thanks to the sacred, we don't find humor works wonderfully. Thanks. So what it really is, I'll go here. It is. Click this. Copying, copying links here. Please stand Hamlin here, or these two camera. So what it does is technically yeah. So it is genetic. So what Catherine has intimidated hashtag report from those I want to thank Delta county showing them reporting from the sensor. It has already given the attributions. And then when I stop the auto caption into shown you and that is also getting coffee. And then I do it. So all you do is just click on this and they everything and Copy to Clipboard. Now here, this is the same thing of this, okay? But if it does grow, don't consider, this is the poster symbol from, again from Hinduism face that lower there. So technically I love to do is we stop copying this. Then given, then trying to modify that we can give them cakes can determine savings account Ali can do is just copy dealing, appreciate getting both the caption and that image with repost options. Okay? So all if you didn't actually download here, will get downloaded once a dollar deck and Portugal and use this cash, but it must be this one could actually did deceive hashtag report. And today Hindus elements and this is very important, okay, this, you should not Exodus or to continue continuous variables including the hashtags. Hi, this is how you can actually do the re-posting. Also, if you find any good, good content on Instagram, can lose it to repost also. Okay, That is one thing you can do. So and adults can trick and can we call on LinkedIn? They, which can put as a paid version promotion also, but for Canvas, can actually generate your own creative stuff. Is quite simple. Mechanical is really no, cannot break Canvas. Canvas. Technically free to Arlington, by which you can what to call it, and can lead to urban content and modify files. So we can do manually posting it is quite cumbersome and then just repost business analytic tools in the Reports tab. Now, look at the second design tricks, which will help you make your design standards. Okay? Now, first and foremost to Chile to mention is the roof. Now what is the rule of excess epigenome divide the canvas and the canvas when they indent background of the Internet, we can design a logo whatever you want. So we had to divide a new name, similar parsimony to second to what current horizontal length, then? No, we haven't a priority stuff. Texting wages, send information. So you'll have one text that is most important, like the head title or something. Then we'll have some information that is odd and images of secondary important thing comes in front of you. So mad. Priorities. So to clip out the list contains the most important element of secondary question, the most important anode, third most important element. And like that, now we have placed them in order of the priority, starting from highest to lowest appointed rule of thirds. I'll explain using image. Yeah. So this is a Canvas quiz square canvas. And of course this will imply it is a usual applicable for Canvas off Munich and redesign or something like that. Well point is you have divided into nine sections. What have done to horizontal to vertical and two horizontal link site. Now you can see that they intersected discord points. No, the heart wall, what is the rule of thirds? See that 41 percent of the users and focus here plus and convey percent of yourself focus here first. So technically on the left side, these two points grab most attention. However, on the right side, 20% of focus here first and 14 percent of users defocus here, the last. So what is most important in the order of priority list that visually I'm going to put here. Next. What comes next? We should put here. Then thirdly, we should put here 40 would predict. So this whole, you should optimize your OK. Now I showed you that there's nothing thing called zip patently height. Now the point is when our users use this for 30 percent of a template, we'll first focus here, then you'll move to this point. But we'll focus a little less. But using fun with zip back then, you'll come here again and focus on this specific area or a specific point for a little bit longer thing. At the end of it, you'll go to this. Part of that is. So we should organize our elements in such a way that you would have the elements and say, okay, now, what does this plane loves? What he does is find and find contact values of images. It's not like a putting images and words are such that they are overlapping each other are nullifying each other's effect on trying to grab more attention. If your organism, it will do a more better contrabass. That's one thing. That then our interval will be more pleasing and dynamic. And also since prayer as to eliminate and strategically place them so that you can place them where the viewers will get more attention. Now defended that even by applying this rule of thirds, it cannot judge and Dataflow focus in directional because it patently are. Okay and traditional. One or two examples. Here, you can see that divide this canvas and to name equilibrium parts, you can see that the first to focus comes around this one. Okay? So what it says, it says bizarre, you can deploy, you can read it. And then they made it. Then the person's focus goes here. This image of a preset then immediately goes to the right. So the decision, what is presented, proton sound or failures of March? For more information, visit, really great Okay. And then last it goes to this part up the major posted where there is no Illumina technology is a big but there's not so alluring. Okay, now this is more than this high. So the last turn out the least prioritized element is kept here. You can see here global warming. Find what? Similarly for dividing to consider, first, focus was here at Global Warming only. Then goes here. Then it's just a seminar session. Then when the user focuses on Decide can he then you can see that the named for him for a name to 4 PM time slot that day. That's just a number two, don't 16 location glucose. Then last fall, but it goes onto this image, they're just telling you. So deserve, which is at least prioritize elements for this whole, can use a rule of thirds actually. And that was great, is the use of negative space. Now, whenever we look at his end, there'll be layered designs. That will be what about images, etc. Know there'll be some space that is lifted up this image within the specific design actually put that isn't needed to switch. Okay, for those faces, this face, which is not specifically are actively used where the elements are there, doesn't know what it does, is it tubes we can use to generating pressure or that? Fine. Now also, by doing this, it makes a mate most artists to an author style, style in Greece to the design. Now if you look properly, concrete fascination been focusing on. Now since you are new to spaces, this is something which are actually using identity impression of our, that is, by using this specifically, you can make a lesson. You can create a wooden pressure. And therefore the design look lesser jam-packed. Urban example. Check this. And this is the logo for Formula one. Okay? This one f and then 3 billion. Placing trade or co-design, either say something. But the point is, damn, artist has used contrast and also these two animals to create the impression of one in-between them technically is not drawn one specifically anyway. Okay. It is a whitespace. That is, what are the negatives quiz yet didn't raise the impression of a one here. So you start putting an f n1 and other tree was indeed he has just two elements and depending on the total. Okay, So another thing is this Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG aquifer. Technically it's a logo has weren't equity him. Here you can see that there's only a preempt some ground surrounding are. But if you look closely, you can see, I'll go to layer. You can see a lion here. And in the baseline you can see the fishes jumping out of water. That image depicting equity, although they are births are depicting. That also evens quizzes. I will double in this. Click on one element. Here is the impression of so many limits, right? It is a great application of bittersweet. Yet logo FedEx. Actually, what he has done is he has brought E and X next to each other or close to the space between them. And he has created an impression of an adult. Okay, So this is another example, a 100 users. Now the point is, you have to learn this sense of dance many ways. Now, what does a balance sheet devices to hold different visual elements in them? The balance each other against the GAN was ever designed. So for some elements will be hippie, some elements that will be related. So and some will be almost equal to each other. So how we use these elements to being able to balance is what sampling, how do we use it eludes to bring the Watson's of balance in the design. What does it mean that? Because I would know it helps in Eden darkness, where does with glucose. So the Basque and we are too symmetrical yours. Now somatic vantage, something that is commonly understood, but Watson, somatic balance, asymmetric balances something. Then you have a very heavy element on one side. And that is compensated by several small, several smaller elements on either side of the major, whichever number is smaller than mutates, but there are more than normal. Okay? Who look into this example? Yeah. This is a major where semantic balances that you can see that if you dry speech in here, you can see almost all elements are similar to each other. Okay? However, it here, similarly here, there are two animals to animals, but only minor differences. There are two degrees yet, and one being a 100 and Berlin on to say. Similarly in this image you can see that the majority of the elements are a common among similar to on either side. Okay? But the point is, there are minor differences, but you can, this is perfect sense of balance. Now however, look at this thing. Now here. Similarly dry land, you can see that one side that is sort of old lady sitting here but aren't the same. You can see that data. All shattered bed. Okay. There's no one on the setup stagnant but undecided their impression of heavy coat, coat, or dress worn by this lady. So this ten-day systems are balanced, but it is asymmetric in nature. Okay? Now, there's another side to kind of balance, radial balance. And Monod final example is this. Okay? So this is also going to kind of metric. But rather than just symmetricity brought about longitudinal attitudinal leak, it is around the center, are the focus for a specific Canvas. There's a mosaic balance here together can see in the picture. The point is that it will have different elements, different types, different sheets, and what called spreading holomorphic chaos. But the, the shipper in this activity that human beings have Waters himself. What got him the scales. Okay. They may be disorderly arranged, but they all do. Sij was putting it at the window Watson's of banks. And that is what we call mosaic balance. Now, what is multiband? Find out what it is. It is an example of a mosaic virus. Here you can see that all the elements has taken audience specific order. Some other smaller, some are big, some are other DevOps. Similar. Several elements of similar shape that different incisors, they're different in placement. There's lot of specific order that they can oh, follows but specific pattern. But if you divide this Canvas interface, but you can see that there's one heavy element here and little smaller elements on the other side, but they are more in number. Okay, all this together, bring your Watson's up balance and does not pick me how to practically understand these inverses. For example, that whatever it is, any specific peak or anything, if you want to highlight a specific element in red to make that element. So how are we making excited that, that is dependent on the emphasis. So it helps us in growing or highlighting or drawing attention to that specific element. And also helps in listening the impact of attachments which are undesirable but sometimes necessary. Let's look at this big now. Then dead batteries are deficits. But what we're focusing on group focuses on the specific plaque which is in the center post whose center most portion of the pig and alpha. This is standing or from the, okay, so the emphasis is not on the oceanic plate, is not on the sea, but its emphasis is on this list sitting in the center of this. Similarly, this consist tasks can see background screen, okay, same time you can see Julia. Fine. So this whole dendrite emphasis. Another thing, this is a petition. It's technically he's eating because repetition is something we repeat elements, Everything's okay. So it also gender existence of i 1. Can we sent a load equities and something which he often seem nature. So you can see that they are identical. So this upper border edit ticket, and they repeat, it's not like we have only one leaf in the tree. We have a 100 lakhs of fluids. So the same thing is getting repeated. When we look at it. This is how the tectonic look at repetition. And it's often listen, Enduring Freedom of just one example here. Yeah, so technically we can see that the pattern is Celebrity. But the point is, they have not been having this design specific design is repeating all of it. But the point is it's not having a sense of background on blood disorder. Okay? However, if we look at this design here, we can see that this is led by going and also just repeating in a specific order. And higher. Now coming to one of the next design click, it is approximately what is proximity? Nobody, nobody or tank and ligaments. Didn't we? We certainly limits which actually linked to each other and some elements which are not linked. For example, 10 different elements. What do you can group them under one heading to a treatment group, then another hidden. So it goes on like that. So what we tried to do in a plenary speakers that we group all of them and put them on one side of the design. And the things we group them together add up to three elements who put them? Now the sake of design. So it helps an organism and not connecting the elements we should. Note. On the left here you can see the fish and BMW goes numbers. These are not related. Similar aunties, people, drums, computer syngas, not deleted. Monkeys and abuse, not related. But if you see me to see all those, EDA was like apples and they hadn't declared, put on 1 second. Okay, so technically this whole use proximity in the exam to generate emphasis also. Now, look at this loop rapidly. Well here you can see that they have practically segregated each and every new sector on one side, highlights on the other side, on the third day, they are technically segregated for entertainment and et cetera. Okay. Once it is the ad, This elements which happens, they segregate and put it on the top. So this hole you can use proximity. The last and most powerful bunnies contrast. Contrast is defined as the amount of similarity between two or more elements. Well, if one element is looks like something totally different, which is highly dissimilar to the previous element. And this defendant's conduct contrast is defined as the amount of dissimilarities that is recouped wasn't one elements in that great, either disingenuous, greater the context. For example, if two elements are more dissimilar than delivering a lot more contrast, it can be informal kind of difference of eight elements or science or shapes of elements and so on. And sometimes even know who the Swiss cannot use what contrast extra and will ensure an example. I'll take this that I was in London. And one is Stanford. Because I will say, and also can also see that they have different alleles which are in contact with each other. So that the face dendrites are the color contrast. A little agenda contrast. The contrast can ultimate agenda didn't form of different Nokia. What is the most dominating a legacy here? I've mostly were frequently missed, Collins pink. And all the elements are made up of different elements. Shoots up being here. Thanks for this hole. And then it is another way in which reject contact hours. Now, this is a one-off finding. An example of using an evidence-based for using genetic or contact, not see the negative spaces. What is a plain old sky with some clothes and they give us an image f. And whatever it is, it is sitting on a tree. And that is that an in-focus here. Note that in contract that is generating a contact with the background. Thanks. And one of the last example of the show is harder to know in theaters. The scheme of both of them are vaguely similar, but you can see that the Vedas Next here and get is different than gender contexts. Here doesn't not masculine and more feminine. Rough are not hard. And here it is more agenda and artistic. So here it is in capitals in a dozen small letters. So these after vase, by which can generate contrast even using plain text. But there's other things you need to consider. Generating any design. Specifically need content selected, then you have a content will be more powerful and also more effective when grabbing a second. 9. Getting Highly Targeted Followers: Hello everyone. In this class, we'll be discussing on how to get highly targeted follows, again, because how you type it follows a very important manage their hand because they are the ones who engage a lot with your activity. Okay, So what are the hacks for? Let's go. Now the point is, we had to search for a conflict into a 150 thousand followers. This is for those people who actually stacking order. And the rest. You can even go for those icons which are having higher number of columns. And those accounts, they must have an engagement data greater than six or something. So you should check out their engagement of those accounts which have engagement educated and 6%. What is engagement rate? I mean the number of photon, how much those followers and engaging with the both on the Instagram profile. Now, how to calculate engagement rate can use this to calculate us. Choose one which is Before that, let me choose one Instagram account. Let me click on this. Go to do one thing and just try to loses a complex. 53. The point is I had to copy this. Instagram. Post it here. Okay. Kind of the main link. So they will send, you said, I'm going to say engagement rate. And if you take further courses have better, at least six molecules can have getting good engagement rates. So if you go to the later, usually draw. Okay, In the meantime, I'll show another tangent also. Flanks which kind of ratings to take some time. And just copy this idea that only the handle AD and press Enter. So it's calculating the engagement rate. I can increase it to calculate Excellent. Yeah. So engagement is pretty good, 53.9%. So technically you can use it. The point is what we call ours, the number of followers I didn't know. You had to be a bit vague on that. You go back to this lady. So this is just calibrating. My site is a bit slow, not initially, this works fine. So let's calibrate engagement at first. And she has 527 and follows. So this is okay. It is okay. So the point is you should do what fits where in which you can just plug-in what to call your second MIT. And you can get engagement directly. And we're going to calculate it manually is quite helpful. So 12. Let me check that. Okay, nearly there. Okay. Give me the calculations can get sometimes a bit tricky. Okay, Let's get calculated. So, so it for a constant that is ten hundred, fifty hundred followers and have that engagement and greater than 6%. Of course it's the engagement, it is really very good. Then you can go to the homepage, tell you in 500 follows. For example, just a few months ago I showed an economic system to the point 66 percent engagement rate. That is pretty awesome. So I suggest you to go for it and you had to find 40 or quantitative criteria. Okay, you have to let this go to do research and find out what your costs. And all these accounts should be a part of your niche. And only it's not like your chosen niche or professional trying to search for some food. For those are Constantinian to food mu naught. And I had to choose all these accounts in your niche only symbol, as simple as that. Now then after choosing to use bought the claim metamorphosis particular matter I'll just mention to you. Thank you Anna bit. Now the point is if your account is no trade to follow 190 people per day for one month, that is not more than 20 people per hour. And for second month it can increase it by 10 percent to 20 percent. So 40 to 20 people per day for a second one I'm not wanted 120. And as we know that the maximum volume limits in a horizontal pattern, right? There's a limit should pay Instagram assets. And if your account has more than one year old, you can increase this upper limbs way 1.7 fit up to 15 times. That would limit. Okay. Good. So if you follow this account, so what I'm doing is I will follow this account to my second thought they were doing this and this was a portrait. So I'll be following this accounting period. And also I will also follow those people who are following this lady. So both of them. So that those, so that way we doing 18 per hour for my font is new and not more than 220. After one month, I can actually use it to give me a second after I have unwanted can increase it to 20 per day and country people per hour. So this way I'm doing it cellular falling the main account. However, falling the goes on for falling hard. And even this one grumbles also engagement and it's pretty good to add one to it percent. So that's fine. So you can follow this account also. Now, the point is after following, I'll be using this absorbs fundamental and also tried to ensure that the follower to falling vicious dissenting. Okay, For example, changes upon, for example, followers. She's 4994, but she's going to 83. So technically can find out the ratio of say, three to four. Okay, Let's, since December, your content is also going to be very trending. You can actually use this account also, even though the firing rate is low side, but otherwise also can choose a pair of points. Hassle. For example, gringo is there. Yeah. This is almost like one to 1.5 is also not an issue. She will definitely follow. So, but ideally you should be using the ones, whichever ratio less than eight, okay, this ideal ratio, but you can make some realizations if their engagement rate is high and if the consciousness or something like that. What you should do is observe spot. So we know we are too wet of this border decline with it. What is this quarter decline with it. So once you go there, what it were to light and comment on the latest, pick, three-day old, week, one week old, and a little bit, maybe 10 year old, or post and give them special comments on each Alicia, how it's done, actually, what I am doing this and what the length of a lengthy liking this one. Then I'll go file a little older trick. Click on this. This has pushed it to this other. Fun like this. And post a comment. And I push, and push and push. Good. Similarly, what I'll be doing is I'll first, I'll follow that. And also I will post comments like this. Now I will go for one week or a little bit older one, click this. Okay, This five days. And it shows this one a little bit more. Distal goals and higher. Okay, spelling mistake. And I let this posttest. So like this, you have to make a unique comment on them. It's not like a nice, big, nice, big, nice pinkish, not too late. Not span length looks like and comment later. So once you have done like this, what you should do and special cameras on so we can use this article provides, but I suggest you stick to public professionally. Know this one. These two steps is what we call absorbed spotted the claim. I don't know what will happen is it will generate an impression for this user as if we are actually liking their opponent also falling there. All right, so there's a high probability that this lady will follow me back. Okay? So this is something you can do. And also they can also request your followers if you have all the photos to share your own profile and posts. So these are metabolized by which you can get more targeted for us. Know, what you have to do is wait for five to seven days. It's not notice it and we'd notice this immediately and they'll start commenting back on to take some time to go to their own profile and then notice the car that we are actually making comments, etc, etc, that we can do. And after doing that, we can waive it was hyper sound is for a content. Then we came, we had to unfollow those accounts when followed because to generate more and more followers like so. And since we already have limits, so we can wait for five to seven days per month if they are falling this language, even if not, they're not falling as Benton can click on follow. Another point is we'll unfolding them liter and issues, not because he instead, he doesn't give any notification if you unfollow person only for falling somehow, you send an infusion or do you unfollow will find this. So this is one method by which you can actually generate your own follows. Okay, using spot declared method. So that's it for this specific. See you in next lecture. 10. Hashtags Fundamentals: Hello everyone. In this class we'll be dealing with the fundamentals of hashtags, which is very important. Learning opportunities, target market. Now the point is, let's, let's understand what hashtags isn't phosphorus, it's done nothing but, uh, my decade attack, starting with the hash by using letters, numbers, and underscores. Now just flush to use whey proteins us, our own 2007 and ductility literature uses them. But what happens is using hashtags can technically cross-court contact by different users. Here we see, for example, that will put, similarly, I could put killed, I only know, let's see where it takes them. So it takes me to this page where they having what to call it, both for different users and discipline different way, different users, different user. This is again, another different users. Or the point, the collinearity between all these courses that they have one hashtag that okay. So they'll be using this hashtag are going all this, all this content it has. Okay? But this whole technical content from various phases using the hashtag, for example. I had also Python hashtag love. Yeah. So you run this, we'll have, and then from various users and only commonalities, this hashtag below, what we call a captions. Okay, So this is how we can correlate a, correlate different content, but having same hashtags. Now, as you can know, that this is one of the easiest to echo the discord. Baloney might go back again. Here. You can see that below this hashtag conceiving button called follows. So if we click on this any post that gets tagged with this special hashtag, little bit we'll do viewing your feet, it doesn't fit. There's a place for not only this hashing with all aspects. So technically, if someone is falling any specific, that specific eyesight you can learn caption. Your content will go directly to the 2M directly. Okay? So this is one of the easiest way to get discouraged with our guts. And since it can, discoverability of the content is much easier. Interesting because engagement followers and also you can start on expanding. Okay? Now how many hashtags we can use? We can use a protective hashtags on a post, and if you want to use it on a story, can use a blueprint. Now one of the most some stuff, some of the most popular hashtags, hashtag, Instagram for dotted fashion, beautiful lake for like, etc. So, yeah, so this is just an example of the most popular hashtags are halting. Of course they may change tuples of tank, but the top photo, there are different types of hashtags that are branded hashtags, community hashtags and a little Campaign hashtags. Let's look into it. What are those? No brand has got a specific brand of any other specific brand. And it has elements that is unique. Brand name like it could have named battling, are you unpopular? I'll draw one of them. Now we'll ignore Show Hashtag added us. Yeah, So this hashtag has something like this. So I'm gonna go a little higher. And I could have shoes, I guess pushed us. All this protein drew this one brand contributors. And if you can just see what are the content that is linked to it out, which goes content, which has an explicit hashtag. Okay, So this is one example of a branded hashtag. Know that I don't think something else called a community hashtags. Now, what happened with the hashtag committee has something that connects you this around. I don't deficit in Shanghai. And this group of users who have been coming online. Okay? It could also include a product, okay. You can also included Micronesia, I have explained before it could include some special occasion, like for example, say hashtag, Explanatory million posts. Yeah. This is connected to the beliefs. Instead using detached head and neck would also include the acronyms like ODD. Now what is the ODD of the day? 361 million posts. And this has just fine. I can have the hashtag like Monday blue. The blue hashed out on Monday. This Monday, Monday. Motivations that is specifically literate too. There are specific date. I could even afford a specific community. Could also be eliminated specific book or something like that. Okay. I'm going to get, for example, setting. Yeah, Hispanic has 1.2 million posts. So the state can have a hashtag putting this was a commodity and the last term, coatings to Campaign hashtags. These are usually related to a specific campaign. Usually kidney we see campaigned for promotion of a product, promotion of an event, for promotional fund, any festival or promotion happening. And new film could ultimately not that. So even they will have their own care hashtags when they're running a campaign. So this time, this happens with people that came in. So there's a broad tapioca hashtags which you can actually find on Instagram. Now, before going deeply and lead to mention a couple of things. How do silicon bloomin hashtags? And one of these just refuse to scrutinise accomplishes, since almost all of the pool, several posts, hashtags on Instagram. So to have an effect on your phone, you can actually pause and do an analysis of the hashtags they're using. And not only accomplished, scrutinise their own industry leaders. And if you have an audience that is specific followers, you can human now scrutinise can Muslim as to what hashtags are popular with them. And as I have mentioned previously, and we can also find interconnected hashtags. Instagram such feature, as I mentioned before, it will take for tape at least as good high-tech, interrelated so that you can use. Now if you are representing any brand and it's always good for you to then use the branded hashtag and the profile itself out a user by 0. And if we wanted to keep the caption less cluttered, we can actually keep a space and then post a hashtag. Oils can post her hashtag and the first command itself, that is something you can do and use metal number of hashtags by Don will be posting. There was a big news tacky. I have mentioned the US all tactic, but useful little lemon one's not alone and not sway because somebody who uses their following any of the hashtags which are under loon to the context and you are using them in your course. There are many demand up reporting it right? So far that we had to use only those hash instead landed upon texture. And one more thing is that we should stay away from band hashtags. Okay, now how to search for hashtags will show you. Go to here. Because hashtag and let me choose one example. Okay, alone. Yeah, If we just don't give inputs already. So if you just scroll down below, you can see that you can only see the top performing posts only consuming it off phosphate, the latest posts, something that's hidden. So it is mentioned you have nice important national hidden ghosts. Some of the post may not follow. You stack them community date length. So one cell finally, some new stuff all the hashtags actually save Because actually accommodate for you to search. You search for hashtag like this, whether it is band or whatever it is, you don't know something like that. Because if you use this hashtag, again and again, there's high glucose will get less visible. Second thing you end up getting a shadow band for Europe and that is something you should avoid. We augments. That's one thing. Second thing is all this. If you keep repeating this about using ban assets again and again, there have been cases where a concert ended up getting permanent manner. Okay. So you should stay away from Ben hashtags, uses quantum made a list of 30 hashtags. So people go into such type this and disclosed on the beautiful office for its colonial infrared able to see this recent posts. Then angular seen this comment statement from the hashtag assembler stack. Okay, so this is the basics of the watercolor hashtags. Next class we'll be dealing with hashtags no more deeper way. Okay. Thank you. 11. Hashtags Generation Hacks: Hello everyone. In this class. Marketing Mastery we were dealing with how to generate and use hashtags. As discussed previously, that in fundamentals can have maximum 30 hashtags. So my suggestion is to include all those 30 hashtags. Should we do host, should we use? All of them should be interlinked. Know two to three, you must use stock or are trending hashtags to 23, the top Phoenicia related trending hashtag. And go to the top or a cunning hat and getting likes and followers. And bottom and two to three separate hashtags. One-off, it could be for the specific brand if you're generating a new brand out on your own, or else you can make one hashtag for your own personal AD that also can do so. What it should be self crafted and the remaining hashtags you can use, you can use online tools to scrutinize them and choose which you can use. Okay. So this whole spread out the use of 30 hashtags. Now, similarly for her Instagram stoic and have ten hashtags should implement on debt. And you should only all interlinked or later ten hashtags. And that parlance, you can use one to two or all trending hashtags wanted to war. And he said later, one top oral hashtag, fun getting likes and followers, 12 to self-generated hashtag, finitely many hashtags from ongoing scrutiny using the tools. Okay, now, what's the top model here? Trending hashtags are lit photo of the Danish doubled no filter, TVD, I guess we gotta low and so on. These are the ones. Now the point is if you can stop Instagram photo of the day, because the day in which date they can use harmlessly on any cost. And the next thing is moral hazard. Select, follow me like for, like, follow, for follow, FDF, et cetera. So there's that he likes and followers and isolated a hashtag. Fashion, nice. You can have stallions quo, TD, as I've shown previously. This is outfit of the day. It is also okay. Whatever shop Analytics account. And these are the aboral hashtags for food industry like food, hoodie, organic, rich data and began and so on. And some hashtags are traveling, travel, staycation, vacation son. So I will grab and so on. And if you want to use for pettiness, shouldn't lose popular man's best friend Doug left cattle effects are also indicative. Of course, you can use Instagram search tuned to find out your own hashtags. It's suggesting guess if we want to. And just for science and technology like VR while making life easier. And if you have any onto making posting for wedding, She's ideas D here has fallen wedding, drastic wedding and so on. Fitness, look good, feel good, findable and et cetera. And these are contests, declining stock ontogeny study whereby etc. And this for holiday, like under the tree, Hanukkah, holiday spirit and so on. So these are the top all have effects on niche business. However, if you want to search for a specific aspect, browsing things that concern. But however. Just in case if you want to, and for the remaining hashtags. You can use online tools. These are the ones exist, licks and stylized. Photo lowering grammar. I'll just show one of them liking grammar I choose. Okay, so let's go to and see how we can actually generate a hashtags actually. So in Grandma electric load, take some time, give me a second. The other thing that I want go to Tools here. And he had hashtags, can go and click on Generate. Nokia congenita can connect with 310 Theta accidents and equity work with photo dendrite where you are. Right? Now I just show how we can actually generate before to just click on browse. So they can actually, yeah, so that way we can actually upload any truth to this. Okay, then that hashtag that's as simple as that, can often connect with your own keyword. It's almost similar. Other point is, yet you get the hashtag which are frequent African. So what you should do is if you take, for example, if you're planning to use 20 hashtags, usually take 12 percent here, 20 percent here, and 60 percent here. Okay? So 60 percent of 2018 for typical hashtags from here, you should take what hashtags from here and for hashtags from here. So what did you do it? And also put into this folder and mind it to really be quite very well toothless hashtag because how may crop up which are totally and link it to this. Here you can see that a person's performing meditation or yoga pose and it's a backdrop grown up some hills. Now here we want to consider husky. It's not a calculator. You can say We didn't ask is not liquid, so you should be picked. So here you can choose. Yeah. If you blend frame is quite nice to to share or something like that. Yeah. So what you can do is added to actually take hashed. I know that you can use inclination, getting interesting in touch with nature. Let's take a guess, Carlos. Okay. And who's to some extent hashed? A close second. Click here and satiety and high hashtags. In nature. People in nature you can use to denature. You can stay activity news, interesting people you have probably you can do this. Then this guy level, you can use that sort of cooking. So technically can choose this hashtags accordingly. Okay? So once you've got all this, if you click on Access it flat three dots, you can water, caffeine can push on top. Then we'll go gap and then it'll add this hashtags, family to make your caption look uncluttered. And cooking and nature. In love with nature. So take silicon, choose like this one to all your tritium uncertain. Click on copy and just add the skull. Pick an offer, this caption, this whole thing, template hashtags using photo generated by keyword or even putting into that. Yeah, So you'll get your inspiration. Motivation, yoga mat, yoga, abandon, my lookup logo to go holiday. So that is how you can actually, what's called a generative use hashtags. Of course, there are other tools which have shown the PPD and those links are also available in the resource file, can refer to them and they vote on a similar business. You just have to upload a photo. You can easily what I can take any URL and then you can connect the hashtags for this hole. And this is how you generate and use hashtags for your Instagram posts. Thank you. 12. Supercharging Engagement: Hello, welcome to my next class. Instead of marketing masterclass, we'll be discussing a word engagement. And hopefully as you know, what is engaged. Because like shares and comments. So they get more and more convex then. By default. For SELEX allocating, we're good engagement. Now how do we get engagement on Instagram? You can buy likes and followers. But the point is if you want to really do it for your costs you. But the point is, how do we do it? We can actually take the help of engagement points. What isn't engagement, broad engagement part is nothing but as a private group on LinkedIn, Instagram do this joint and engagement partner, something which you can find on WhatsApp Telegram, etc.. And the point is terribly important and most active. Okay, so I will suggest you to go with Telecom portfolio, okay? And there are three tips and other types of groups that have a personal funder that glue specifically for like specifically for comment and specific for the comments that I've bought. The general and also nice specific MOOC to have fashion that is for support. And there are certain projects I upon what you can do, you can put up any bush. Okay. Now though, what is the fundamental techniques for, for example, one phalanx? In that part, they don't say total losers vital new, there's something you like 50, 50, 50 of those people. And you end up getting phalanx. So it's technically helping each other to each other. If you haven't group allows super late for 10 people, then you'll get the legs and data. Okay? So this is something they reviewed and these are from ordinary users like us. And yearning this possible if I find both free and paid for access. So for a free service, you had to work for them. And we say if one can lecture to 10, to give you your own legs too, can motivate other users. So you get, what did you? Simple? And if you want a ready to pay, then even though cells are also available, you will pay them a specific on what they give you, like some comments or follows and that's all. So how to do it? The point is, okay, I'll open my study telegram here. Here you can search for these keywords, nor is it a telegram group, and click on accelerate influences. Bob goes to the MIG again, Mustafa, woman with the umbrella term for this engagement bots on Delta. Okay, So I'm going to go, go, go here and type boosted up and say I'm getting it here, It's a Muslim and cleansers can do extent. Does it boost M, L plus C. The x 15 was due to them. Like gurgling bootcamp and go to the pinned messages, then you can see all these different types of groups and fine. And it isn't nice group, foreign influences, parallel fitness, etc, etc. Now the point is, yeah, there's a small catch here for seeing that it's like the experiments. You'll learn how to provide likes and comments. Five people and you get five Pi likes and comments in return. Similarly here, we like SAP that what does Mill get only there's only four legs and the tenants. So to prevent legs for 10 people on this group and you get excellent written, similar, the extended legs plus comments. So you have to provide election comes for 10 people and you get 10 likes and comments and data. Similarly for dx. So this is how it works. So yeah, just take one group as a comparator and all this. So the what is this lot, Apollo, given the second last clean very few of the group. Yeah. So the point the whole basic Monday wanted to do is you can do dash to do what to what we're doing for the last isthmus. Yeah. Okay, click here to see the list. Here is a list of ten different links whom you had to provide links for. Okay? Right-click. Copy link will hear preached. So after like the silver as philosophic, go back here again, similarly to do for all 10 ones. Okay? Now what we're doing that and go back here and end up putting the extent space. My link, my linguist, nothing. Instagram link, the link of the port for which you want. And you end up getting enlightened. They can assemble a second. The processes really that simple. Similarly, the same thing applies for dx by implicit come and work for dx, dt, happy and so on. And this is all not only for boosters are fairly appear available for other similar what are called groups has like for example, Wolff. Wolff by dx, simple uniform fulfilled the expense for likes and comments. So what this is like a comment and post starting latest one and going back, hypos casual photo of it, then not show the link dxi plus linked. Simple. They have no daily limits and we are to ensure that I will take a less fast. That means we have computer's lagging by people. And then we push our LinkedIn to wait for a 1145 people. Then we can do, it's not like we can do one on, one after another to the text. So there were all these activism Muslim Walter but bought. So technically do a fine job of helping us out. So this is quite self-explanatory. Any doses can tell us in the comments. So it's as simple as that. So again, the point is if you get what number of likes or comments in the short period of time of posting using the limit hashtags. This is the high chance or a high probability that two ports will go away. So I mean, use this engagement what's judiciously. And it will help you. It'll help supercharge the engagement for whatever poster given up. Okay. Thank you. 13. Using Shoutouts: Hello everyone. In this lecture we'll be dealing with how to use shout-outs. Know what does that teach? Photo. This is a technique where you stack them, use a popular is the content of other users be on his own account? I will also use shorter to his own followers. He also asked his followers to take out and also if possible, follow other appointments. Okay. So I have an account and that was nice and upon if I were to do shorter for the other person, I take content from 3D sharing content on My Profile, last my followers to check out his content. And I'll also ask, ask them to follow that account also that this is what a shorter list. Now, then a shorter is a different way to increase your followers. Very quickly. You can get you on television to a 100 and Python follows in a, in a, in a day or so if you use the right techniques and how do we use it? Now? So total is two basis 1is show tote on peer basis using an influenza that has been made and had to pay for this. And another is so-called foreshadowed or exchange shorter. Now, we'll dilute paint shout-outs. Okay, so what is the pH of the shorter does nothing but you're being someone who already has a huge number of calling and asking them to do a shout out for your account so that he promotes your content on his opponent, painting something in return. Okay. So there are several websites such inventors who can find it on or soil. Yeah. So can do it on PIO cellular target. If I really don't, I can renting whichever conditional another complication, Okay. If I can just search it for shadows and deleted it. So this is another shout-out cut. So they don't agree with controls. Influences of course, can login into it and it'll stay away from them. Okay? Yeah. So yet again, in this category can be more or less, can check for what, what is an issue. For example, your furnishes like say cetera, click on them so you'll be seeing all the influences to 70. That's specifically for you. So you can see in the data and the followers and their score, they have so high underscored better. Then, and also this bracelet and look for a login or register, then you can see the Fest know what you have to do is I just had to go to them. And there you can also see the price is okay for one notch, I'm going to change. But for one night, rather pleasant by only 54.6 for 24 hours, shorter or not federalists and for permanent shortest $152, et cetera. So you can click this and just add to campaign. And you can also see that May 1 follow this with 97 percent success. Okay? So this is an influencer or less. Okay? So looking forward to spending money, you can do this. So this parameter workspace shortcut and that is buy-sell shout-outs. I'll just show one more. To center, good website. So here connect and convince you think I'm follows an exam next, I don't recommend it, but if you really wanted to go fast, So then just click on this second photos and then they had their different niches. So instead I heard us choose what fashion, fitness, thickness, click on that. And there you can get different options. Okay, He said, Come down shorter than wisdom sharing fitness. Click on that. Thanks. So here you can actually enter whatever details you want, turn solicits you want. And then we can jump to the fitness, can go to this account. Click. Patient is her account. So they have 2 million followers. I know a ton falling silicon, just go to that. What they're actually how they account is, etc. But this home can tell by short books, okay? And incidentally, some people, for example, some icons, they promote their bonus activity that they are willing to sell a shout out on Instagram, etc. Okay, I just show another example. Visuals, collect them. Fill out one other wonderful amounts. So seeing here are going to inspiration and submit, but just for L, the link below and DNS server. So if you want, if you added a link to further their family wanted to say, Yeah, you can do it. Okay. Can message them directly followed and then you can message and then you can submit their pictures. I said water dataset. I technically negotiable dr them easily. So this is for font really pn end up using shorter from already famous influenza. But however, if you want to do an exchange factor, the good shot for shot or what does it mean? If I choose an account, if you distorted for me and that I do shout-out for him in return is given tick policy. Now know what is the advantage is it's pre-implementation. So it's mutual trust quizzes. So you do short dot parameters for each zone 3. Now what the point is if you hadn't bought into chimney January, just hold on for me and I do shorter, fine. And then it will be a win-win situation because the kind of follows he has the same number of folders, exact same follows island behind the Internet. It is such a huge marketplace. He's dead now has War 1 billion accounts. So in majority of the cases is follows the beginning from me. Then we have few people who are falling water. That is quite rare. Particularly exchange short-term. Quite advantageous to us. Now how do we actually do such an exchange or faster for the motion should do such pleasure. This is according to similarity siliceous. They share similar content to us. And again, we should choose those users who have similar number of followers may give or take maybe 20 percent guaranteed. For example, if I have one, like a 100 thousand followers, obviously I want to work with someone who has at least 90,080 million followers or maybe a 100 and follow us or one hundred, twenty hundred photos. I will not be interested in working with someone who has only 1000 follows. And if you want to work with someone who's had 2 million policy loved when the pursuit of equipment, simple, I'm at least one free will. So desert is initially people who are having roughly similar number of followers. That's why number. Then, once those hormones, what do you do it bad to share initiated communication boundary that it's not, it's not highly sophisticated. So you have to engage with them. You have to talk to them, or to start engaging the start liking a comment on that, Post, et cetera, et cetera. So we should know a warm up to some extent and we should take an Oxfam data content. Okay? Once this one is establish what you had to do. It can initiate contact contact with them using Instagram messages. And then slowly and slowly, we can ask them for a simpler, shorter antecedent mydata them will agree, right? Because even they are looking for we are to increase the current follows, right? So I end up doing an exchange of exchange or dot or a surface. So these are both shout-outs and instead of marketing, Thank you. 14. Making Post Go Viral: Hello everyone. In this lecture we'll be seeing how to make, we've seen the tips and tricks on how to make your post go viral. So making a post go back and is a framing potential whether you want to promote any Lincoln really wanted to gain more formula so that you want to, for example, say make more sales, etc. So how do we make Portugal where? The foremost important thing is the content should be wonderful. Content should be really, well. Second thing is you shouldn't be in a position to appreciate the needs of their followers and audience. And also designed Apollo persona. And what did the follow-up was met contains two elements. One is demography going on this ecological limits. Limits deals with the age where the truck up and say political elements and dealing with their personal interests. Okay. Now the point is that an extinguisher BBA Office, you should turn the emotions of the audience that we should. We should evoke a specific emotion in the audience. I'm good for you and audience wants the viewer content. So I will show you one, not two examples of this. See if I take this preserves collective. You can see that this is a wonderful thing and it is generating a sense of, okay, this is one thing. Second, can go down, scroll down a bit. Similar as a discourse. Awesome. Okay. So the point is, you should evoke some of that emotional response from your audience when they see your country is primary. This is very important when you are actually making any content on Facebook. Instagram. Now, put hashtag and I see have any good for timing. Okay, some good ones. How would this, yeah. Maybe an emotional response connects with the audience emotionally. So this is how you should try to generate both sets are not just some random post. Know the point is when you're creating posts, make sure to stick to anything. For example, if you have niches like pet dogs, any career or something like that. So skip the definition. Don't try to make it, don't pay to change it. But however, if you really want to explore that Nietzsche's household, then my advice is to open another account and Instagram icon for that specific machine. But those by the existing Nietzsche or that specific amount. Okay? Now the other thing you can do is implement the gallery feature. Now what is the Gaddafi together if we say something in which you can put a pretend. Sequence of videos in single post. Another point is if we start any specific place and who have taken some five or six really good pics. And the one person who Instagram, rather than making ten different hierarchies, as many different posts, you can club all of them and make a single person. So what it does is it connects with the audience very well. You can generate a stream of particles. And also what? Leader, different content. And also the generators three mock emotion. Rather than making ten different posts are making 1% axial slot. And also when people see the dots on the gallery, if he said then they'll be prompted to scroll it. Since desk rolling it, then more and more engaging, get more engagement for the audience. Since more engagement from audiences that there's higher public of them liking or commenting on a post. That is one thing. And then we can also one thing, we can also make a boat go and Alyssa can post-print or humorous company audits, cleaners, you was 100 for example. Any of you find any video of an eager for something, can find that the legal battle, the moment they're posting. And similarly, if you find any content that is humanists, like any Duke or comedy videos on that point popular these days. So using Bohr radius humerus content related to learning is one of the shoe shop method by which you can make your post GOP. That is one thing. And we have to use hashtags that are interlinked to all this content. After all this, we are to use only those interlinked and hashtag because all this content, if you're making, rather than making it into Lincoln, a hash using intelligent hashtags will add boost all the features. And also one more thing you should do this portion right time and engage productively. For example, if you are posting late for specifically for ten days, then you can post a different things and see which both get more legs. If a company, if someone were posting it, one pusher doing in wanting six o'clock the next day post to another kind. And 4748, like the to-do new experiment for say, for five days or 10 days. Sure. Then if you make an analysis, time-series analysis and you can see that some wars between seven or eight, they get more traction weight could be right. So those fourth rule. So if you can find her to 0 in on the time, then you can always use that time to pause any, any content because they'll be getting those engagement nationally. Because that is a time when your followers are scrolling through earnings dynamo, our data hiding. So tech table to find out the right time and then there are two post the specific content. And also second thing is we should engage productive if someone has likened it, artists have, someone has committed it. Make sure you make a personal comment on each comment, reply to the comments. And if someone is messaging, messaging and their proper fashion and instead of responding method, okay, Now, next thing we can do is if you go for not finding any content, viral content, you can do is take vital content from other platforms. And you can do reporting also. Reporting doesn't necessarily mean you have just two fingers infringing on there. You're taking inspiration from them. Okay? So taking inspiration from other posts is not an issue. Now the point is, there will be certain situations going on in the buildings. I can even going on there always will be nationally are getting popular on their own, right? So if we bought any implementing in-line with those current trends which had already getting traction, then you would push will also get traction. For example, if some resampling is going on, the center front is going on in the fashion world. You can return it both pertaining to the specific time. Now the point is when you're implementing viral content up borrowing ideas, you don't have to limit yourself to mistake it up. You can. This is another platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, etc. But make sure you do the proper trait is quite another thing to make a post go bad list to implement CD call to action, like subscribe now, followers for more updates are the legs push now, et cetera. And another thing which are just discussing with you was using engagement parts. The point is when our post has some input has been done. Let's go apple. Show in this one, you can see that my ever done was her to a 100 $0.212 on 102 lakes. And pretty comments were not six legs on something comics. So you can see that they see when they have been posted. Fought for doing so good was done and they ended up getting to the lakes into Photoshop. Right? And this one also 144 in 41 minutes. So the point is, one thing that was absorbing it. The worst who said Getting Maximum, Maximum Engagement likes or comments in a short amount of time that making it to couples fight. Take this arm 127, lengthen eight times. Let's see how many and how long does one novel? So in nanotechnology, person manage a 100, 128 lakes and some comments, okay. So they have made it to deposit, they have made to topos. The people who are following this hashtag will also get a view of all this content hazard. So technically, once it doesn't make it to this top was in the high possibility that you will get funded. So it will boost, would not take this most recent post actually. Take this one. They got nine electrons Unwin's book from Mickey Mouse, but still recent posts but are not in the top box. So if you've tried, as, as long as you are posting into this article, Instagram, make sure you use a related hashtags like this hashtag law or something. And until they get maximum traction, unless someone has time for that, you will have to use engagement bottom. Okay, there one of the simplest way. To get it so that we can make a post go viral very easy. Okay, next thing is you can use shoutouts from influenza and also exchange autos. So if you already, certainly, some people have already created a lead to extreme sort of previously I can do for them and tell them, was watching one a good content like X1 are our towards or maybe tomorrow. Tomorrow. As soon as I posted it, I give you the information, make sure you do a shot in. As soon as I do the link for it. This is one way and also they use photos from influenza spread to do to pay money. So these all these will, what they will do is tell. These also have an additional effect in addition to this engagement partner for increasing of engagement. Okay? Now the one other short methods is implementation of contests occupies. I will show one example. After contest. Contest alert, okay. She feel attraction these people are getting learn 596 gain latent something by 90 comments. It is what Caitlin would fit contests and giveaways. One of the sort method should get massive, massive followings, et cetera. But isn't light. In some languages you are not able to understand. I'll go back and choose this one. Yeah. So if antibiotics to dig into the pricing looks just how to enter follow, yeah. If you want to enter this context, you have to follow both. Like discourse seems this port tag, a friend who would like this. And what they ended up getting. They ended up getting 14 88 legs. And just taking us. And how many comfort level closest? 480 lithium for 44 comments. They've got so much engagement. For now, almost a 1000 and nearly at Olympiad bored easily at 1000. Similarly for this another giveaway, They got 606 thousand likes or something. See, that? Define the oligomers and get to choose from that. I'd just like to push, follow the POS, tag three female friends selection and share this on your studies. Okay? This is how they're actually engaging in getting more and more engagement, getting more and more followers, getting more and more likes, making that postal item C. They already had two good faker follows here. Alright, so this is how using context is super short method to get followers and lakes and engagement. Now one thing is if you don't have anything to implement contexts, we can do one thing. You can contact your local businesses, which are actually running in your vicinity or location where you're staying, you can approach them. I have them tell them that Emmy mentioned that I'm Instagram using instead. And I may about to make a contest that will make your what? Your business is very famous or something. So far that I need some regular coupons have been. If he can probably do it, then I'm just yet. So do this for free, of course, for the specific business. So they'll be giving you free coupons like 20 percent off 20% of what? My number 1. Next thing, you'll be able to generate engagement for that business. Third thing you can also generate using the context will also be generating follows for your own self. And be specific that we're not doing such local businesses, you need to help them, so you have to tag them. Now, do geo Titan for those disasters has that. But this is one way which you can do. And the last thing we can do is implement Instagram. So you can actually generate awareness about what I'm doing. I post you're doing by using awareness ads on Facebook and on Instagram also. So using you can make your post go viral loads. Okay. Thank you. 15. Starting Instagram Marketing Agency: Hello everyone. In this lecture we will be dealing with how to start her own Instagram marketing agency. Right here. The buyer. What is second marketing agency and a set of marketing agency something mistakes. They're all Instagram activities on behalf of their clients. Okay. Now, what we should do this firstly, we should understand what landmarks and then what are the activity they're looking at. And then we should eat them dotting this course. It'll be different for different people. For example, if a plant is individually who's looking to become instead a 100 friends, her goals will be different. And if you Atlantic business, somebody wants to sell the business. I mean, sell products whose business is a vertical, his goals will be different. So different for different plans and we have to understand the family. And what we're to do is then glands are those people in the coming two, pair of two texts, actually someone who has little or no experience in this Instagram activity, so they want and professional. Fine number one. And secondly, there are people who have unnecessarily knowledge and experience. But the point is they're held up with other activities, like managing their own businesses are et cetera. So they want to outsource or delegate such Instagram activities to someone else. So these are the textbook lens. Best of it for her, you said in a marketing agency. Now the point is, how do we actually start up? What if no questions you should do in aircraft and authentic professional branded in people's agency. Okay. How do you do you should have good logo tagline and you should have a digital present also. So for that, if you have already started to have a good professional website stating that domain name also, that will really help. And you should have social media presence in all the platforms on Facebook, instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. They're on all those platforms to portray your services, portray your results, portray your activities, go to your expertise. And the point is we should go, we should also focus on gold delivered, deliverables which are based on hold. For example, we may send them will manage your icon for one month and tighten all the spam, spam followers and monitor your concert one we can try to get so many followers, organic followers, etc. And also Apple wrapping ALL is branded entity should advertise your equity, Artemis, and also websites on Instagram or Facebook. Not our tracks, no plans for that. We can use. Facebook at a point is how to search for putting client across. You can have various curves. Are concerned willing to take a second and help from you, but how do you search for them? But the point is, since you have a new beginning, you can search for professors held as follows, like around 2015 K or something. And also certain for profiles, they have contact information on the ion. So these are the profiles which actually look out for professionals that they are willing to allow others to contact him directly. And also certain profiles have a lot of not loses its followers actually. Ok. So there are certain professions have a lot of followers. So definitely bad, they're falling so many people. That is because they want follows in the tunnel. So those profiles you can target. And so it's first dose plants which have little or no digital presence, like the local businesses such early spoken, spoken off. So if they have a little distant Peninsula and like they have only Facebook for your website, those people, those people you can target. And some people have instead Instagram presence, but they're not having that many good following are given day you can target. And also certain clans they don't have instead happens assets. They have excite you have prevalently in and they have profile on Facebook, but Instagram is missing. Okay, so those are those the work plane to control so you can actually target exit. So happy to have him make him happier, haven't made a list of them, then you should pitch your services. Should discuss with sales, which would then first you should discuss them, contact them directly, edit my mobile. Either on mobile, it's better to contact them personally. Then tried to talk to them and get a clear understanding of the course. What do they want? I want more, some people want just more popularity of their stores. Some people they want only seals, they're for sale. Some people they want to promote the brand because some brands have other plants like that. So first you should get a clear understanding of the ghost, then you should build a professional bond with them and building Likud Apple should discuss with demonstrate, empathize with their goals, which should empathize with their vision. For this whole loop, the Builder professional bond. After doing that, one thing you should avoid mentioning is automation 2000 Instagram bots, because we use automation to consider and bolts. It's a well-known fact that these offices are not a 100 percent safe. So if women start mentioning them, then people will start doubting your authenticity. Okay, Who should our animation and also don't discuss price at the beginning, extensive tell them that you're not here to discuss our price of a triad and I'm here to technically will keep you and we're technically to help you reach your goals like that, that you should do. After doing that, we should offer them a free trial of hockey startling. I was free for the next two to three S naught should work with them. Tell them that I'm ready to provide you just professional service of managing your Instagram account and also helping you to reach your goals for safety. You see that for yourself. If you're satisfied, results will continue further on TD basis. Like it, You should be offered. The second thing and the last and final thing. You should do this when you're offering them really limited in their fingers or oneness, should provide them with daily reports, a timed exam citations, for example, certain length. Okay, today I have, we have got 100 extra cutting followers or 40 follow us. And we have got 25 extra legs. Okay? And this is how we are using anticodon. This is a direction which we hadn't wing now, so you should give them physicians asymptotes. I just like for an apple, it will look much better to provide us with the phone. So content of your own activities like this. So this all you should have a constant communication with the plants. How you actually convert short-term plans like them. Because this is how you can, how to how you actually deal with starting or only staggered. I'm marketing agency now to discuss a chiral switch your potential clients. Thank you.