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Instagram Marketing Masterclass for 2020

Calvin Torras

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15 Lessons (39m)
    • 1. Intro To The Class

    • 2. Getting Started

    • 3. Defining Your Strategy

    • 4. Showing Up Correctly

    • 5. Getting Real Attention

    • 6. Mastering Captions

    • 7. Mastering Hashtags

    • 8. Knowing the Posting Schedule

    • 9. Search and Destroy

    • 10. Pace Yourself

    • 11. Your Engagement Strategies

    • 12. Getting Engagement from Others

    • 13. When and If To Invest

    • 14. Become Omnipresent

    • 15. Measure and Improve


About This Class

Instagram shook the world when it burst on to the scene.

This app managed to blast through 1 million users in just three months and as of April 2017, they have as many as 700 million users.

With this much traction, it is constantly adapting and changing. New features and power than ever before to make sure it’s an awesome experience for their users.

Now has never been a better time to use this powerful app to build your business and your brand and In this course, I’m going to show you how to completely dominate the Instagram platform as an influencer.

It’s going to be hassle-free and I’ll lead you every step of the way.

While you may not need an intro to this app it would be foolish to assume that the entire world knows about it.

So basically it’s a photo sharing mobile app that came into existence as far as we know in 2010. They hit the nail on the head with their style and features, then managed to grow so fast that Facebook bought them for $1 billion in 2012.

Instagram has grown into quite a sophisticated app. At first, it was quite simple. You just took a photo, added a little filter and posted it to your gallery. There wasn’t much more to it, but now.

There are a ton of bells and whistles on the current version which has turned it into a powerhouse. Incorporating features that other apps like Snapchat and periscope were using into their suite of tools.

They now have advanced photo editing features where you can write or draw on photos, stream a live video, face recognition filters, stories, looping animations created from videos and so much more, but the goal of this course is to get your follows not teach you how to use the app.

The strategy in this course will allow you to build your own loyal fan base of real followers that will grow while you sleep.

By the end of this course, you'll have valuable skills that will help you effectively build a strong community of Instagram followers.

So if you’re interested in a step by step formula to growing your personal brand or your business then go ahead and enrol and I’ll see you on the other side.

- Calvin T


1. Intro To The Class: Instagram shook the world by storm when it burst onto the scene. This APP managed to blast through one million users in just three months. With this much traction is constantly adapting and changing new features and more power than ever before to make sure it's an awesome experience for their users. Now has never been a better time to use this powerful up to build your business and your brands. So if you're interested in a step by step formula to grow in your personal brand for your business, then go ahead and enroll and I'll see you on the other side. 2. Getting Started: Okay, So before we get started, there's one key point that I need you to keep in mind. Don't ever buy fake followers if your social media accounts okay, When you're bootstrapping a business or you're short on time, the natural thing to do is to find shortcuts for your desired outcome. In regards to instagram, this would be finding ways to show a force social proof. I love people by followers on and so fake likes from places like Fiverr or black hat forums . Usually this is for marketing purposes, but lots of people do it to show, you know, fake social proof or fake influence. These fake followers are either box or fake profiles that have been set up for this particular purpose. But these fakers can't show your brands real admiration or love, and they sure as hell aren't gonna buy any of your stuff. So now that we've covered that, let's go into Phase one off this course, which is define your account purpose. Okay, so you needed the site and cement the main purpose of your account. It's an age old problem that we face as the human race. Why do we exist now with your INSTAGRAM account. This shouldn't be too difficult to answer, So why are you starting your account? Is it to grow on online business, a physical store or develop your personal brand as a coach or a speaker? Why did you bring your account into existence now? The reason why I mentioned that is because it's super important to define this for two reasons. You need to focus on one specific outcome. Measure the key performance aspects off that one outcome and figure out the R O y. Attached to that and the next reason reason to everything you do. Moving forwards will be in line with that one purpose, including strategy on content alike. So let's get really specific. Let's look at some example outcomes that you may have for creating your account. Maybe it's to promote your brand and tell your story, or increase your audience on additional platforms, increased product sales, website traffic or block traffic to get in front of influences in your niche or to make affiliate sales. Whatever your reason is, there is one way to make it solid, and that is to simply adds a number to a desired outcome. And this makes it more measurable. So let's say you want to increase your sales instead of just saying that. Try confirming I'm gonna increase my sales by three K a month by the end of this year only on the instagram platform. That makes it more measurable on more solid because you've got a specific goal to ankle. Obviously, such is life that our wants and needs change on. 3. Defining Your Strategy: okay Face to define your content strategy In phase one, we looked at the finding your purpose and now it's time to flesh out the content they are going to use to get you there. And many would argue that is the most important aspect off your journey. If you don't have a content plan, you're gonna end up putting out round and bits and pieces there will only attract a week and random audience. However, having a strategic plan will help you to build a more targeted audience with the right kind of followers that you need to reach your goals. You need to map out your content plan to match the purpose of your account. There is also the contextual aspect to all of this. Not many people touching this point on the loans are usually quite blood. But content is where you're actually creating, and context is the meaning attached to that message. If your content has no context that it's going to fall flat, context can also be seen as delivering the right message to the right person at the right time. And so let's look at how we can construct a marketing message. We're going to using the five W's framework. So that's what's who. When, why and where first we have What what kind of content are you creating next? Who? Who this piece of content for specifically? Then when? When you're gonna be delivering this content, why does your audience need this content on? Where will your audience receive this message toe? Add one to this framework. We should also look at how this is focused around how we're going to deliver the message. What's the vehicle or medium they're going to use? So with Instagram, it's mainly a visually pleasing app. And that makes context a little more difficult to achieve because assumes something new comes up in the feed. The previous context is lost. The way we get around this is to be constantly engaging your audience. Don't just be a fly by night poster, create feedback loops, engage in conversations and get involved in the buzz around your audience. Okay, so now that we understand, context, content becomes a lot more simple. We've already got a solid and concrete purpose for your account, and this is what we will use to figure out what content to create. There are several options that we can choose from people focus content, product focused content, text focused and then use a focused content. So first up, we have people focused humans interact with other humans, and the human face brings up more engagement than just text alone. Allow your audience to put a face to the name or the business or the brands. This is the type of content where you can reveal your company culture and geek it up a little bit like a sneak peek behind the curtain of your business. This helps people become emotionally engaged with your brand or business types of content that are included here. Would be photos off the team outside the office or in the office. Your team events or fundraisers, images off the office and how people work. Candid photos from employees like a lunchtime or hanging around in certain spots by the water cooler pets in the office, or employees just doing nothing. Next, we have product focused content. This is where you want to push your products to your audience and make some sales. This would include shots of you or your team doing your thing with your products strategically placed in the foreground or people using your product. If you have a T shirt range, for example, this doesn't need to be a single photo off your products in a plain white background. But maybe of people wearing your T shirt, doing cool things or celebrating achievements that your audience can relate to. Now we have text based content, means quotes, literally saturate most of the Internet, and it's for good reason. People read these things and immediately find themselves affiliated with the idea or the quote. Starting off your account with quotes alone can help you in your journey to secure a strong following, the easier to create fast and guaranteed to generate likes here is and go twos for text based content. So relevant quotes with lots of relevant hashtags unusual stats that most people wouldn't believe. Testimonials for sure. All day, every day. Testimonials are amazing in photo, video or text quotes from your brand story. How twos based around your products or influencer or thought leader quotes. Next up, we have used a focus content. The most powerful way to get this working for you is to start curating user generated content, but this is also one of the most difficult things to do when trying to achieve this. Be crystal clear and what you want your users or customers to create for you. Some people may start creating content that doesn't quite align with your business or brands on. It won't benefit you. You can't really use that you want to find an angle. Was the main purpose off the user generated content? Think back to the purpose off the account, Be this certain when creating a user focused campaign using competitions and giveaways. To make customers more likely to participate is definitely a solid way to go. You also have the option off user action campaigns in what Instagram posts. Your aim is to elicit a response or engagement from your audience. Something that's difficult to ignore as a human is a question. So when you post a picture put in the caption, Where do you think this is? What type off X is this? It has a flower. It is ice cream. There's a car Tiger friends that needs this X in their life. That could be a recipe. Or it could be a book tagger Friends that loves this X way too much Tucker friends. They is getting X soon like marriage or going on vacation. That's wrap this phase up. We have several areas to think about when creating content. Decide Emma Theme For your content, Use the five W's to encompass your thing and use a mixture of post types to deliver that message to your audience. 4. Showing Up Correctly: Phase three show up correctly. Next, we're going to look into how you're showing up. You just set up your profile to make it interesting and engaging everything from a profile picture name and a small amount of information that you're allowed to have as a profile description. So pause the video here and sign up for your INSTAGRAM account if you haven't already got one. If you have done this, continue. If you need to edit your account, you can click on the bottom right off your main screen. As shown in the slide here. Update each field with something that is aligns with your account purpose. It's recommended that you use your real name, a photo off your face, clear and professional, obviously smiling. The user name more needs of a unique Sometimes it could be difficult. Obviously, there's a lot of people on Instagram on. There are a lot of names taken. If the name that you want is already taken, think of something simple Toe adds onto the ends off your user name. Maybe some kind of word associate it with the industry punctuation. I would steer clear off. This tends to get forgotten on DSO will your profile so avoid that Link your website to the profile page using the U. R. L filled in the description, keep it short and punchy and feel free to add any relevant emojis to make it pop or stand out a case. And now that you've got your banging profile, we need to get the word out, build it and they will come doesn't apply here. It never really applies anywhere. To be honest, we're gonna look at some ways to drive more traffic to your profile. So we're going to start with social media, ask people to follow you from Twitter from Facebook and even snatcher. Make sure you've added your social media badges. Toe all of your online websites on other properties like YouTube at the icon and user name to your business cards and other physical products at the icon to email signatures on promote to email lists that you also own 5. Getting Real Attention: face for Okay, we're getting there. We're gonna start seeking attention, OK? I know it's a bad thing sometimes, but today we're gonna become the ultimate attention seeker. Amazing imagery, obviously, is the fuel that Instagram runs on. After all, this is what the APP was originally for. Now, I advise you spend a week or two before hands just collecting a stash or buffer off images that will carry you through a few months of posts. Creating this buffer is gonna give you a little bit of wiggle room for when you're not able to find something new immediately. Okay, you can then relax while looking for or creating new images. Toe adds that buffer list. So what we're gonna do is create a running theme for your account. This is the over arching sort. Brand guidelines that you're going to stick to moving forwards now. The human minds can process images several 1000 times faster than text to remain top of minds. Your audience you'll need to create a theme and almost a story of your account. When you're marketing is consistent, you create a sense of trust with your brand or business. A world thought out strategy that encompasses good design is statistically proven to confer better. Your brand, with more memorable annual style, will stand out in certain parts of the instagram sphere. When you have clearly put effort into your design on branding the perceived value increases in the minds off the customer, so you could be like a one man one woman shock. But if you've got good design on a strong brand, the intrinsic value that the customer is gonna attach to your brand is much higher. So hack number one. Keep a set of graphic elements, the use on your website and social media profiles. Toe hand. Okay, so this includes any unique. But it points that you may have shapes or colors, fonts or graphic styles that are repeating throughout your other online presences. Remember, consistency builds trust. Hack number two. In terms of design, think about where the text will be placed. Will always be in the middle top left, bottom right. Develop a few templates to use to keep things varied. But to maintain a uniformed design pattern, color is so important in design. Choose a color palette that matches your brand perfectly on Stick to it. You can use different shades and brightness is, but the end result will be a phenomenal gallery off branded imagery that follows the same consistent feel hack number for the defining element. Is there a particular pose that you can pull, ah, hand gesture on object or a symbol or a type of environment that will be recurring in your feet? This helps towards the consistent branding On also makes you known for something. There's a well known entrepreneur called Number Kegan on Ever since I can remember maybe about five or six years ago that I started following him. He's always been talking about how much he loves tacos now everything from his podcast to his YouTube channel on his groups on Facebook. They all have some element off tacko influence, so now he's known as the Taco Guy Pack number five. Be original and relevant. Use your own photos and just stay clear of those typical stock photography sites. Also consider who your trying to attract with your images and keep them relevant to that audience. Number six Always use 1/4 action like the ones we've already covered. Tiger friends, etcetera, etcetera. This is by far the best way to create more user engagement. Number seven is to use the location section. When you're posting. Shouldn't be where you are. There's an option as you post at location, along with the photo on. Do you know shit other things that Facebook and Twitter. When people search for that location through their own app, your image is gonna show up in there as well. So if people are searching for things in Madrid, they're going to see my post dive tanks for a particular neighborhoods in the city off Madrid. Now, when you're getting started creating these instagram posts or images or quotes, I highly recommend can ver There's gonna be a tons of other APS that you can use but can pretty much offers everything you need to get started on. They've got a lot of great templates. 6. Mastering Captions: Okay, Phase five, Right longer captions. Not many people utilize the phylum app space you're given to create additional content along with your image. There's around 2000 characters I believe that you can use. But keep in mind, the audience is only going to see the 1st 3 lines off your content. The 1st 3 lines is where you need to be the most engaging in order to get their attention on. Draw them into your world. Most people right out there. Caption in a note, taking app along with the paragraph breaks because when you try to add a space in a paragraph on Instagram, it doesn't quite work so well. So writing your stuff in 1/3 party app, like on the iPhone note taking up and then copying and pasting that isn't give you much more control over. Your captions always include some form off court action in every single post that you put out its number one rule off direct response marketing. There will always be a court action 7. Mastering Hashtags: face. Six. The hashtags. If images are the fuel for instagram, then I suppose hashtags are the spark plugs that ignite that fuel. I know that's a terrible metaphor, but nonetheless, if you're not adding hash tags to your content, you're not going to get very far. Facebook and Instagram are designed to keep people on their platforms for as long as possible. And so when people start browsing through hashtags on Instagram, they might as well be he lost to the world the next. On half two hours, these hashtags act as markers in Instagram catalogue, so choosing a selection off related and relevant tags is going to serve you well and help you attract a more targeted audience. So when it comes to Hashtags, think in terms or things like location, products, campaigns, subjects, lifestyle brand, community competition or events, a K so hack number one for the Hashtags common sense would tell you to place your tax in the image. Caption right, however, is much more effective and aesthetically pleasing to place them just out of the way. So putting a hash tags in the comments section is gonna work Justus well, but it's gonna keep your caption Nice and clean feel. Quarter action number to use more than four hashtags but less than 29. Many Instagram hackers have found this to be the Golden Range. The team over Buffa ran tests and found that posts with more than 11 hashtags received much more engagement overall. Hack number three. Keep a master note off your hashtags, the ones that you found the good and relates your brown or purpose. Keep them in a note or a spreadsheet somewhere. Just make it really easy for yourself to copy and paste that content into new comments for every single post that you put out. Hack number four Instagram toes You which tags have a large following. Okay, so when you start typing them out, there will be an auto populated field that shows you related tags with follow accounts. Uses many of these high ranking tags as possible. Number five. Look through your competitions. Highest engagement posts on start to find a pattern of hashtags they use on. Just are copying them 8. Knowing the Posting Schedule: Okay, so face seven. Now, if you're really going to commit to getting as many followers as possible per day, then you're gonna have to follow a strict diet off instagram obsession for a little while. Okay, here's the recommended schedule. 1 to 2 photos or videos per day, 5 to 30 stories, one live video per day at the same time, like clockwork. Can you see why I suggested that you create a buffer of images before you even get started ? This is a lot to do, but you'll see the results because the results become exponential later on. Like all major social media platforms, the top instagrammers post are not throughout the day. There is a direct correlation between how many times a day you post on how many followers you'll get per day. Use the same posts. If you like field stories, try to recycle as much content as you can to make stuff go further. No, everyone that watches of stories are gonna check your gallery, so there's not gonna be a ton of cross over here now. The reason live video is so important is because at the top of everyone's feeds, there's a list of stories now live videos or broadcasts, always the 1st 1 to be shown regardless. So with live video, it needs to be like a TV show that's on at the same time. Every day, the followers you get your target audience are gonna become accustomed to the day they need to tune in or time of day. Sorry, you need to post to your feet with images or videos announcing the countdown or time for when your show will go life. This will keep the engagement high when you start broadcasting instead of no one knowing when to expect you. 9. Search and Destroy: Phase eight. Search and indoctrinate. I used to be a rapper in a past life, definitely not this one. So following the course up until this point, you begin to start seeing an average of about 20. But about 15 16 to 20 users per day begin to follow you. It will become exponential, so at first it will be slow and it'll be tough. But things will start to double as the ball starts rolling. So are we gonna do now? It's a nice little competition hacks to find your audience. So open up the APP and start by searching your top hashtags in your industry that you found to be relevant or that work in your field. Look at some of the top followed hashtags, the images that show up on Move into one of them. You'll find there'll be about nine images that shown at the top off these searches These Either they either have the highest engagement or they're posted by people have caught a large following, so start browsing through these top nine and then go into each profile and then moved directly into their follower list. If they have a large number of followers there's a high chance that those people will start following your profile as well. As long as you're providing value. Now you want to start following their followers writs and repeat this process over and over again with the top influences in your field. Okay. In a nutshell. Search for high performing Hashtags finds the top images and influences such through their followers and start following their followers. 10. Pace Yourself: phase number nine. Pace yourself. Okay. There are certain limitations and instagram to stop people from spamming the system on. We'll need toe right the break a little bit. With this last technique and face eight, you can end up having your account locked down, and that will waste a ton of time. So we're gonna follow 50 people maximum per hour. You're finds that as you begin to follow more users, they'll begin to follow you back in. The process begins to snowball, but limited to 50 an hour to stop any instagram red flags from targeting your account. 11. Your Engagement Strategies: face. 10. It's time to get fully involved Now. The Instagram platform isn't just a gallery of images. It's a community of engaged people, so you also need to become engaged. If someone follows you, follow them back, replied to comments and attack people like other people's photos. Ask people questions about their content, reach out and send messages to people's in boxes. But here's the fastest way to grow INSTAGRAM account. Start partnering with other instagrammers. Okay, cross pro mose and shout outs will grow your account for something you can imagine. We trust recommendations made by people that we trust. So being able to partner with influences is the surest way to grow your account. You need to remember the influence of relationships are not made overnight. You'll need to pre plan your outreach. Also, you're not going to be able to partner up with the competition, so it will take some time to find influences that have the correct target audience for you . So I spent some time finding the best matches for your content. You'll be able to find people that have crossed promoted in the past, and these are the profiles that you need to take Noto bearing minds that some people expect to be paid for promoting you unless you have a mutually beneficial offer Next. Once you have your list of potential influences to cross promote with, you need to list out the ways in which you can help them. What you bring into the table. Can you make anything easier for them? Help them with a problem. Find some way to get in their inbox and lead with value before you propose a cross promotion. Next, you need to make sure that your crystal clear on the terms of business. OK, you need to be clear from day one and setting the terms for the relationship. Define exactly what is gonna happen, who gets what and when. Set a deadline and stick to your word. Lastly, don't just stay on instagram for this one. Move your cross promotion on toe all of your platforms, so Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, YouTube, everything. Send an email campaign if you have to. To get everyone involved. Make the most of this opportunity 12. Getting Engagement from Others: Phase 11 start running competitions. If you've been on social media for anything from five minutes to a week, you would have seen some business taking part in a giveaway or competition. It rallies the troops and creates a large engagement and focus towards a single point of action. However, it requires a lot of energy and effort to get this ball rolling his high. We're gonna put it off in the simplest and quickest way. So firstly, you're gonna define the type of competition. How will people actually take part in this? Are they gonna follow you to win? If they got, like, something, comment give you their email, engage in some way with your post with a hash tag on their own feet or a mixture of all of the above. Next, you got to define the rules and laws around the competition. So how long will it run the method or participation on any additional information about how you're not affiliated with Instagram? For example, Next we need to sort the wheat from the chaff. Okay, There will always be a bunch of non ideal people trying to win your prize simply for the act winning a price, and you don't need any more of those kinds of people. It's gonna dilute the quality off your audience. It's important to make sure your prize is extremely relevant to your brands, business or ideal audience member. Next, you also need to be super pro active in promoting your competition again. Build it and they will come. Doesn't work here. Cigarini. To promote this far and white on a white platforms, create your own hashtag to use when participating. A really powerful way to do this is to create your own hashtag, and everyone that joins in has to use that to even participate. Okay, and use that in all of your messages that relate to the competition that includes your website, e mails and everything else. When all is said and done, declare the winner on make a huge deal about this person. Okay, put them in the spotlight and give them their 15 minutes of fame 13. When and If To Invest: Okay, face 12. Coughing up some dough. Now sometimes if you want things to happen quickly online, especially social media, you need to pay to play. Okay, now running ads on Instagram has become a breeze because they were bought by Facebook back in 2012. So the self is quite straightforward. All you need is a Facebook page. So basically open your Facebook ads manager by visiting facebook dot com forward slash a. D. S ford slash manager. You basically click the button, create campaign and then choose your objective, which for instagram will use traffic. Okay, you want to send people to a particular link, whether it's your profile or your website. Next, you'll be given the page where you create your advert set and you define the audience. You can target people based on location, age, gender, language and other detail. Demographics. This is where you find your exact target audience. This page is also where you can choose where to show your ad. Okay, if you're specifically off instagram ads than de select everything except for that and then continue, so you'll find that down in the placements you wanna click on edit placements on de select automatic. Okay, on. Once you finish that, the targeting section, you move on to creating the actual ad itself. So you choose the images that you need and then your actual message on, Of course, the court action. Never send out a message without a cause of action. Okay, you completely you are owes that you want your audience to visit on your done. Facebook will review your ads to make sure it meets their guidelines in criteria, and then you'll be good to go. 14. Become Omnipresent: Faith 13. Stalking your audience around the Internet. Now there's an advertising method called Retargeting. This allows you to show adverts only two people that have visited your website. You can target these people using the Facebook pixel. Now what this is is a little thing. The drops a piece of code on every single visitor that comes to your site, and it tells Facebook that they're part of your audience. Once you have that person tagged, you can start running really specific ads just to those people. You can either set up the Facebook pics on your site yourself, or you can use things like WordPress plug ins to do the heavy lifting for you. Now to find the pixel, you just click on the top left section of the as manager on on the right hand side. Underneath assets, you'll find the title or drop down for pixels. Now, if you haven't ever run a Facebook ad before, you probably don't have a pixel. Okay, so in that case, Face was gonna ask you to create one. So once you have your coat, you can either send it on to your developer or just insert the code yourself into your site following the instructions that Facebook gives you. Alternatively, if you're running on WordPress, you can use a plug in again like pixel your site dot com, and simply paste in your picks or I d on that will do the rest for you. The pixel will immediately start collecting data from your website visitors and store them for you in your audiences section off your Facebook ads manager. Now you can't do anything with this until it's over. I think 100 people, so once you've picked sort of 100 people on your audience is large enough, you can set up at exactly the same way as before. But now you can choose your pixel audience on send adverts only to those people. 15. Measure and Improve: phase 14. Now you need to measure what's working. Okay, If you're not measuring your marketing, you don't know what's working from what's not working. There's the old 80 20 principle that 80% of your results actually come from 20% of their efforts. So they're gonna be a ton of things. You're doing that Just not working. And if you're not measuring it, you can't find we're wasting time or wasting money. Now, this whole course is just the beginning off your journey. Each point that I've mentioned can be expanded upon. To improve your performance, you need to track each element of your strategy and find areas that you can tweak things like your profile. You are Oh, okay. You can use a service like Betley B I t dot l. Y. And here you can create custom euros that you can track. You can also see how many times people are clicking through to your website. You need to track things like how much additional traffic is coming to your website through instagram. Also, how much of that traffic is actually making purchases? Then there are things like How fast is your profile growing? So tracking your average follow account from the beginning. Up until the four or five week mark, you can start seeing how much exponential growth you've achieved now to wrap things up. Social media is a difficult monster to tame without cheating. Okay, I've tried and failed so many times before I finally figured out that you can't successfully cheat your way up, and therefore there are no shortcuts. But you can definitely work smarter instead of working harder. Think again, off the 80 20 principle in action here. Okay, And that's one try teach you. In this course, Instagram is a phenomenal place for brand building and business marketing. If you can cut through the white noise and the saturation that exists on from what I showed you, you're gonna be able to achieve that. There is a lot of fluff, but with the right strategy, you'll stand out from the crowd with a shining brand. The steps I've shown you in this course is how I grow. My client instagram accounts each and every single time to achieve 300 followers that day. If you want help with that, just get in contact with me. A cabin tora dot com as that was. My clients follow the steps. I give them, like, going live every day, which is something that I can't do for them. They see success. Don't worry. You don't have the put in all of this work continuously. Okay? Each account and business is different. And we'll hit a critical mass at different times. But at some point, possibly at the four or five, maybe six week Mark, all of this work is gonna pay off, okay? And you're no longer need to follow anyone. They will be following you.