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Instagram Marketing: Making your feed go viral

teacher avatar Kiara Mijares, Copywriter who likes to write about her travels

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. The Feed Difference

    • 3. Tools and Color

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About This Class

So, the class basically teaches you how to properly choose photos for your Instagram feed, how to edit them, and especially how to create a theme that people will love!

Instagram today is one of the best social media platforms for creative individuals to get discovered, and not only that, but for people to share photos. You don't have to be a photographer to get this right, you only need the right knowledge and tools. The thing with Instagram is this: people love it when your theme is coordinated and admittedly, this has helped a lot of people land jobs and projects they never thought they could!

The course also offers bonus material on how to market your Instagram organically!

Meet Your Teacher

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Kiara Mijares

Copywriter who likes to write about her travels


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1. Introduction: Hello. So welcome to my course Instagram making your feet go viral. So the thing is, I had just recently came home from a trip to Europe. And in the three weeks that I was there, I kept posting photos on Instagram and I realized that my feet prior to Europe was really bad. I did not have a theme and I realized that having a theme really, really works and it help you grow organically. And as you can tell, this is for people who want to grow not only on their business on instagram, but for their personal use as well. So case in point on the left is a raw photo I took in Vienna. And on the right is an edited photo off me that my mother took. So yeah, both in both places. It works, you know, like here you would have a blue background and I'm wearing blue in that photo. And when I posted on Instagram, it works. And when I posted this before, they did not have the same filter. They did not even have the same Something's as a photographer or as a freelance photographer. I don't believe that everyone should have the same setting for one photo and basically here on my instagram Right now I was able This is what my feet would look like. This is what my feet looks like. And from 200 followers prior to Europe, I was able to gain about 636 followers. That's all 400 follower difference. And I did not post a lot. Basically, I only posted like, one a day. So if I was there for 20 days, that would be about 20 photos. And right now, all these photos, they work together. They coincide. They're of different things. You can see around Euro. There's one in Rome, Paris, Vienna, Prague and Speed. And I even have a personal photo. But because it works with my feet, people still comments. People still follow me for it. So why your feet matters? A lot of people are a lot of businesses assume that just because they have a niche and that they're posting well, they instantly think that the entire thing does not matter. I've only seen about a few businesses that have successfully done a theme for their instagram, and it is nothing to do with only choosing a white background. That's not true for my theme. I only choose photos that have blue in it, and that worked well with Europe because I was wearing blue a lot. You could take a photo of the sky or even my phone would have blue, and it works that way. I have seen people who have only black and white as a team and people love their feeds. So your feet matters because it shows people that you care about instagram and you have a certain you have track certain people through your feet. And not only that, if your feet is really beautiful and that people find that you're generally likable, then they will follow you. So here I'm going to discuss what Horace has for you Now. This course is really designed for people for business, but it also works on personal reasons. I generally don't believe that just because a certain picture photo does not have the color you want for your scheme, it does not mean it won't work. It will. You just have to give it a little diversity anyway, So this is what I hope you will be able to have after finishing this course, which is number one relation to your feet to Brandy on Instagram. I will be teaching you how to market your feet or we'll generally your feet will be able to attract itself. But how to get yourself out into the niche and then actively have people coming and like your posts even while you're sleeping. So when I was able to gain about 400 followers, I never bought any of them. All of them found my instagram and they loved it. So they commented in it. I have people asking me for collaborations already, and that's a really great thing, especially for business. And it's all organic and off course also to grow your followers. Your followers are very important. But I also think that your followers, especially on Instagram, would not like it if your feet or your General Instagram did not look pleasing to the eye. So this is to help you in both the creative aspects off the instagram community and how to market your breath 2. The Feed Difference: Welcome to my second lesson on instagram Making your feet go viral. Now, here we are going to understand how to build your theme choosing your theme and the difference off having a theme. So first, when you're able to choose a theme, you have to know the kind of photos that you will be able to produce. Now, for example, if you are a food blogger and you mostly take photos of your foot, Okay, what's the common color like? Is it green like vegan diet? Or is it, like brown for bread and hold some diet? You have to choose that. And second, you also have to choose your surroundings. Now, when it comes to surroundings, you're gonna think about. Okay, If I'm gonna make this recipe, where am I gonna post it? Okay, If it's on the kitchen, what color is my kitchen? Would it work when I posted on my garden? Now I know. No, not a lot of people would be posting it on their garden, But it's a really big difference when you also do it outside because you're going to be showing natural light and we're going to be talking about that in the future last signs off the kind of lighting you can have for a consistent instagram feed. Now the general would of your brand is also important. Case in point when you compare mango Deschanel. Mango mostly caters to young women, so their instagram he would mostly have red, yellow and blue or some other bold color, depending whether it's summer, winter or fall now for spring. I'm not very sure where ass Chanel is very classic. I think everyone knows that. So what Chanel does is they have a pretty moody feet, but moody, I I mean, it's pretty black. It's not like completely black, but mostly they have. They emphasized black, white and great. You'll see later on when I show you Chanel's feet. No, we're going to be comparing different feeds and will begin with Kendall Jenner now Kendall Jenner. This is her old feed. It used to be very random, like each row, they wouldn't look good together, but because it's Kendall Jenner, a lot of people still follow her, however, or feed look tremendously better when she decided to do esteem for room Now. That's also a common thing, because really, it's a trend with Instagram. You either do like the two rows or one rule would have its own specific theme, as long as all of them would still go together from going to together and coordinating everything. You can check Lauren Conrad Steam now she has by far one of the best Instagram seems she has been featured in a lot of magazines for it now. Her theme. I know she only uses one filter, but at the same time it's as if all the lighting's for her feed and everything in between just go together. And now she would be posting random photos of her staff off traveling at cetera. Yet they all still go well together. That is, ideally, the kind of theme you would want for your brand. This is also Harry styles esteem, which I personally like because it's black and white. It's pretty dramatic. Although Harry would sometimes be posting like a colorful photo, it wouldn't exactly be oversaturated like others. Now, Now I like it because it shows that he is a very artistic side, and I think that's also what brands would want for people to see. Now here, we're going to be comparing different brands Now this is Chanel speed and as I was mentioning earlier, it mostly had black, white and gray. Now, even though they had colors behind it, it's not very saturated. In fact, if they used via Seo come, I'm pretty sure that they would be saturate it. Sit. Must goes with VSE. Oh, now I know I've been mentioning it legally, but I have no idea if you all know what the issue, it's so for everyone's information, V S CEO is an app. It's a photo, anything up that you can use to better your instagram feed. And I mean that in a very, very nice way because a lot of people really use it alongside snap seat. And primarily I also used csco because they have all the functions that you'll ever need. And their instagram feed, if you ever follow them, is really good because they get they get photos from people who would love to contribute to the SDO. And yet all these photos coincidently still go together. Now, in choosing all of this, you have to understand your instagram community and I don't mean this like oh, okay, I'm doing a travel log. That's I'm going to follow All the travelers know that's one way to get your name out there . But in terms of your feet, you have to understand that some travelers would prefer seeing landscapes, some of them food. Others would prefer hiking. I follow a lot off instagrammers who are mixed off all of them, but you can still tell that they prefer one thing over the other. So to do this, you have to know what appeals your niche like generally get people who already follow you and then see how their feet is. Understand why they follow your brand and the kind of photos that you would be posting. And by knowing our niche, you would be able to translate it into your photos like remember, mango Mango knows that many young women by their brand more is in older women, even though they have office codes. I really notice that with mango, it really caters to teens to, ah, young professionals, and when I was in Barcelona, a lot of younger people really warm mango, and then the older people would be wearing more high end brands, so that's the kind of audience you have to know, like Okay, So if they're young, would it be better if we give them like, bold colors? Would they like it more? What they follow us more. That's the kind of thing you also have to understand with your feet. Because when you steak and you commit yourself to a feed, then you sort of have to push through it. Because if you constantly change, people will start being confused. And most likely, Ian follow you because one of the reasons they followed us for I aesthetic purposes as well . Now all of this I know is a lot to take in. But we'll be discussing it later in the next few lessons, and I'll also be helping you on how to market yourself on instagram. Stay tuned. 3. Tools and Color: so welcome back to the third lesson off Instagram. Making your feet viral in this lesson will be talking about the technicalities off instagram and making your feet better. So what is called a transition? You have to choose one color to focus on in your instagram feed. It makes everything easier for you, especially when you don't have a particulary theme that you can think off. So when you choose a color, you have to know. Why would why this color? For example, Some companies would rather have blue or red because it shows their individuality. McDonald's would have red and yellow because it may. It has a psychological trigger for people to become hungry. So what? And by choosing your color, you have to know who do you Kate. There do have you checked your audience? Do you know if you cater to younger women or older women or men more or toe the general teenage population? Who do you cater to? And finally, you may not have the INSTAGRAM profile like Lauren Conrad, but you can always choose a filter that works. For example, Lauren Conrad. In our previous lesson, all her brightness and contrast settings are probably not the same, but because off the one filter movement she has, her feed still looks very polished. Now. I strongly don't advice people toe. Sorry, I strongly don't advice. People toe always have one filter, but make all other filters work for you. But if you only have one setting and you're only taking photos under a specific light, then having one filter would definitely work for your theme. Next for Instagram editing tools, we have VSE Oh, come and snap seed. I'll start to it snap seed in snap seed. It's very easy. And because it was developed by Google, it automatically syncs everything for you. So it's not seed. I prefer it because you can choose the some things you would like to have. Brighton. Ah, the spots where you would want to have more saturation. It's a pretty advanced tool, but the good thing is, it's really easy to learn now for vsc o com. Ah, lot of people use via CEO, and it's proven to be a very, very good photo editing tool because you have the brightness and contrast. You have your hue and saturation to temperature. Different filters. Ah, lot of people prefer VSE will come when it comes to filters because they're very, very high end, and they're very easy to use and very easy to edit, So that really depends on you. You can always blend and mix both of these tools so that your photo will end up becoming part of your feet and look twice bet there is in your competitors. So when it comes to editing your photos, I'm not talking about only your tools, but the photos you're going to be using. Not all the photos you take will be very good for your team. You have to choose the photos that would work well with your theme. That there are certain angles were light is better. There are angles where light is very dull. So you have to decide, because sometimes even if you use very high end tools like a door blight room or Photoshopped, it still depends on the raw image on how well you be able to cope with it and how well you'll be able to find a certain angle that works best now. Sometimes personally, I prefer cropping because when you crop things, it adds a certain story. But it also helps if you don't zoom in. So my advice is, take a photo, don't zoom in, but instead crop it and it adds to a certain story. But when it comes to cropping, you have to also know that cropping is a hit and miss sort of thing, because when you crop, sometimes it won't be good, and sometimes the four would look better as a whole instead. So that really is up to you. But overall, all your photos really has to go with your theme. So that's the end of this light show, and I'll see you next lesson.