Instagram Marketing: Learn To Generate Leads & Grow Your Brand

Evan Humber, Serial Entrepreneur, Social Media Marketing expert

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28 Videos (2h 29m)
    • Introduction

    • Proof I have 10,000 followers

    • What to expect taking this course

    • Before we get started

    • Check out these numebrs

    • Types of Instagram users

    • Finding your target audience

    • Creating a Killer Marketing strategy

    • Things not to do on Instagram

    • Creating your Instagram theme

    • specific accounts


    • Create the best picture

    • Contest creation

    • Best time to post for best results

    • Using Latergramme to post pictures

    • Content ideas you can use right now!

    • Weekly trends HD

    • Optimize your bio and link

    • HashTAGS

    • Farming

    • Shoutouts

    • Paid shoutouts

    • Run IG contests

    • The importance of UGC

    • Creating Instagram only content

    • Tracking your accounts data

    • What you need to do next


About This Class

** Brand new and up to date Instagram course! FULLY UPDATED 2016**

Instagram: is a very cool social network/ photo sharing tool that is super fun. Instagram allows you to market and grow your business to reach thousands of new customers each and everyday. In this course you will be taught exactly how to do that.

Instagram: has more then 400 million monthly active users that is a crazy amount of traffic and user retention is at an all time high. With that many people on one plat form that is enough to convince you of the scalability and potential Instagram truly has.

Instagram allows you to connect with your customers in a very unique but very effective way:

  • Create a powerful Instagram account for your business or personal brand
  • Build strong and long lasting relationships with your followers/customers
  • Connect with thousand of potential customers everyday
  • Once the relationship is built learn to convert those followers into paying customers over and over again

You will learn the follow + so much more!

  • Learn how to market on Instagram and grow your brand
  • Learn insider tips that will save you time and money
  • Learn how you can market your Udemy course on Instagram
  • Understand how to turn followers into sales
  • You will have access to all of the helpful tools and resources I have used to grow my Instagram account to over 10,000 followers
  • Learn how to capture email addresses without having a website
  • Learn how to build relationships with your followers
  • Learn when the best time to post is for optimal engagement
  • Learn step-by-step how to create high converting pictures
  • If you dont know what Instagram farming is then you need to take this course
  • And much, much, more!

In this course you will be taught all fundamentals when it comes to marketing on Instagram and let me show you exactly how to do this in a easy step by step process. 

See you inside :) 

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Evan Humber

Serial Entrepreneur, Social Media Marketing expert

Hey, my name is Evan Humber welcome to my world!

Ever since a young age, two things have gripped me at a deeper level and more powerfully than anything else: Entrepreneurship and helping others follow their dream while making a living. I was looking up to people like Steve Jobs and Jack Canfield for guidance and the lessons I have leaned from hundreds of hours of reading, watching videos, investing into mentors, courses and of course going out there and experiencing them myself has given me a depth of understanding and knowledge in these fields that rival even the most experienced veterans.

I have a passion for helping others have success and live the life of their dreams. Creating valuable content for other entrepreneurs and like minded individuals to benefit from is truly amazing. I have taught over 2000+ students but I am not stopping there, my overall goal is to motivate and help a total of 1,000,000 people achieve happiness and overall life success.  


 There has always been another voice in my head too, however, and that's the voice that tells me that the world will be a much better place if everyone can learn WHAT they want WHEN they want, and the desire to revolutionize how people grow and rocket towards their goals has been the strongest driving force in recent times for me. For that reason, I have focused all of my vast knowledge and clarity of understanding into courses that will engage students like no other instructor and convey the techniques I use, no matter how difficult, in ways that anyone can understand without fail.


Evan see you inside!