Instagram Marketing: IGTV Guide - Build Your Influence

Calvin T, Online Marketing Consultant

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8 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. Instagram Marketing IGTV - Trailer

    • 2. Intro to the Course - Watch This First

    • 3. Instagram Marketing IGTV - What Is IGTV

    • 4. Instagram Marketing IGTV - 3 Must Knows

    • 5. Instagram Marketing IGTV - Tips and Tricks

    • 6. Instagram Marketing IGTV - Engaging Content Ideas

    • 7. Instagram Marketing IGTV - Apps and Accessories

    • 8. Instagram Marketing IGTV - Wrapping Things Up


About This Class

IGTV has been the talk of the town recently among top social media influencers. The reason it’s so big right now it that it’s a big opportunity for users and marketers to publish long for video content. No more 15-second stories or one-minute videos. IGTV is much much longer.

Instagram really is changing the way users interact with their app and will no doubt create massive value for everyone that gets on board.

By 2021 mobile will account for 78% of total mobile data traffic and social media influencers and marketers alike need to get on board now if they want to take advantage of this massive influx of user attention for their product or brand.