Instagram Marketing Hacks: Build A Following After Terms Of Use Change (1st June '16) | Dragos Stefanescu | Skillshare

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Instagram Marketing Hacks: Build A Following After Terms Of Use Change (1st June '16)

teacher avatar Dragos Stefanescu, TeacHack Founder - Teaching 1000s Online

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Welcome To This Course!

    • 2. Get Instant Social Proof With This App

    • 3. How To Find Relevant Hashtags For Your Posts

    • 4. The Key To Making Your Hashtags More Visible

    • 5. Use This App To Declutter Your Following Regularly

    • 6. Here's How To Create A Targeted Instagram Following

    • 7. The Fastest Way To Engage Your Community By Replying To Comments

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About This Class

On the 1st June 2016, Instagram changed their terms of service. This in effect altered the way many people had been acquiring a lot of followers previous to that point. Although this makes the process a bit more complex, there are workarounds that you can employ to build a large following.

In this class you will learn how to:

- Find and utilise the most relevant hashtags for your photos to bring you engagement

- Instantly get 100s of likes and engagement on your photos (instant social proof)

- Create a large targeted following even WITHOUT the "Copy Followers" functionality from apps like Crowdfire

- Declutter your following of the people that are not following you back

- Ensure you engage your audience by replying to comments in an efficient manner

This is quick hack class - meaning these are the essential tips that you need to know in order to create a great Instagram following. If you stay consistent and master these techniques, you will see your following count accelerate in no time!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Dragos Stefanescu

TeacHack Founder - Teaching 1000s Online


About Me

I'm an Internet Entrepreneur with a background in both the Management Consulting & Telecommunications industries. The skills that I have acquired during those stints and in previous years in general have unleashed my passion to teach.

I have a wide array of skills that I share with you via my courses

(1) Social Media

One of my true passions, I have invested a lot of time building a presence online. Highlights include:

Creating a connection base of 100+ people in a large Management Consulting firm within weeks of starting the job. Met with a handful of Managing Directors & Senior Managers after approaching them on Social Media Trained Partners on how to effectively make use of LinkedIn & Twitter to network and generate leads Conducted Workshops wi... See full profile

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1. Welcome To This Course!: Hello and welcome to the INSTAGRAM marketing blueprint. Post terms of service changes. So on June 1st instagram changed away. It allows its users to follow a certain number of people. So a lot of acts that were suggested before don't work anymore. But here's what I'm gonna cover in this course I'm going to show you hashtag research and usage. So how to find the best hashtag for your content and how to post them on instagram? They were going to transition into how to get instant social proof. So sure, some abs that will give you instant likes as many as you like on your instagram photos. Just they get that initial social proof to get you going. Once you both new photo now then I'm gonna show you how to build a large targeted following and this will be after terms of service changed. I'm going to show you innovative ways to do this without relying on app such as crowd fire . They were going to look at how to de clutter your following so how to unfold those people that don't follow you back And don't bring value to your network on Instagram, and finally we'll learn how to handle engagements of all the comments from users in the fastest possible way now, I'm not going to cover all the stuff about how to create photos for Instagram. How to create your content and so on, because that will be another class in itself. But these lectures in this very short time will show you the hacks, the exact tips and tricks that you need to use to grow your instagram account in the fastest possible way. So take this course right now, enjoy me on this exciting adventure. 2. Get Instant Social Proof With This App: how to get instant social proof on instagram. Imagine this. You've just created an account and you want to get that following and you want to get that engagement to your photos. Now, what's really important is in order to get that initial traction until you get to 1000 followers or so it's going to be really difficult. Law. People are not going to follow you back because people look at your photos. So what I'm going to show you is how to use an AB that will instantly give you that social proof, those comments and those likes, especially on your photos. Now, where you going to do is you're gonna download magic like er as you can see it here. So I'm just gonna go into magic like a right now and show you how this works. So basically, the way to do it is based off of credit. So as you can see at the very top of the screen off 30 credits and when you download the app, it gives you, um, 200 credits to start with. Now, as you can see, I can like other people's photos. And that gives me one credit And then I can, um, spent two credits in order to get a like for a photo. So right now I have 32 credits. So what I can do is I can get likes to any of my photos instantly. So let me show you. Right now, I'm going to choose this photo, and I'm going to say, As you can see, I have the exact number of likes there I can play with this wheel, but it's a bit in accurate, so I can press the exact button on on the bottom. And what I'm going to see is that I want 15 likes. All right, so I just press okay. And as you can see, I have 15 likes for 30 stars and 32 stars, so I'm gonna say, OK, get 15. Likes I'm going to say confirm. All right, so right now it said success. My lights are on the way. Let's just switch APS and see if it does anything. So any moment now, you should see the lights coming through to my photo. Let me just refresh. This is you can see this already to likes coming through. And these are other people that are on the app at the same time. And they're trying to like my photos. They're trying to get their credits and their liking my photos as because he almost instantly I have likes coming through and this is a photo that was there before, but this is extremely powerful. Whenever you released a new photo to get the likes straight away, so you can get 2030 lights, whatever you want just to get that initial social proof. And as you build your following, then you're going to see that this is not going to be a problem because your followers are going to be engaged in the gun. You like your photo straight away. You're gonna put interesting hashtags, so that's going to be taken care of. But whenever you want to get that social proof, just use magic liker to get those initial likes that you need 3. How To Find Relevant Hashtags For Your Posts: how to find hash tax for your instagram photos. So you build up your photos and you want to start posting them. So how do you know which hashtags you can actually use in your photos in order to attract more followers? So here's what I'm going to tell you. Simply identify the key words that represent what you want to do. So I'm going to show you this with an example for myself. Let's say I do you Jimmy courses, right? So let's say I search for you to meet our place. Is there for you to me And what this tool hashtag if I thought me me's or hashtag define me . What this will do is it will identify all the related hashtags for the hashtag that I chose . So I see you doing here, and I have programming startups and you can see it shows correlation and popularity as well . Now, maybe I don't want to only stick with you to me. I want to say put passive income and this is how actually started doing this and figuring that what kind of hashtags that should put on Instagram If I do passive income, which is what I sell people on. I see another relevant hashtag, which is make money. Online income, of course, but it's a budgetary, but I could go on that as well. Money, blogging, residual income. So if I click on make money online that I'm going to see the related money with that so I can see work from home would be something that people would be interested in. Incident Marketing is definitely something that people are interested in, and it's my niche. I see blogging again. I see make money. I see earning money. I can put all those hashtags whenever I post something related to my business again. If I go on incident marketing, I'm gonna go in other things online Marketing s seo make money, make money online marketing, email, marketing, social media. All of these ones are very relevant for myself and by the way, this hashtag to also works for Twitter. But you can use it for instagram because it shows you all these related tags that you can use. So look fresh legs this way and just post them on your instagram photos. And that way you're gonna attract well oven people that are going to click on your photos, and they're hopefully going to like them and engage with you, and you're going to attract followers that way. 4. The Key To Making Your Hashtags More Visible: how to post hash tax. Now we've done the research and we've seen for that particular photo What kind of hashtags we want to use? As a matter of fact, depending on what your focus is, you're going to want to post the same kind of hash tags to your photos because you're gonna figure you're gonna target the same crowd, the same people to follow you. So here's how I wanted to do hashtag So let's say I'm gonna upload the new photo. I'm just gonna do the do this as a test. So I'm gonna click next next. I'm going to say here, having a text call to action. And as I write this, I'm gonna click. OK, I can add a location if I so want to. And then I'm gonna click share now, bear with me because you have to share the photo as a days and then what I want you to do is to go in the comments here and to post it both older hashtag as a common afterwards. And there's several reasons for doing this, the most important one being that it's Tidier and it will pop up into people's eyes much easier if you post them as a common. So right now I copied on my phone all the hashtags. So you have to find a way to send them to your phone or have them on your Dropbox or Google drive just grouped, depending on the type of four that you want to post and then I'm just gonna base. The hashtag is here and I'm gonna click post. And as you can see right now, on the actual post, what I have is the hashtag actually appearing like this. So if I go to my photo here, you'll see text call to action and then the hashtag appearing underneath and this looks much better. And it's the best practice when it comes to Instagram. So identify the hashtags, as I showed you in the previous lecture, and then you can just post them as a common as soon as you post a new photo 5. Use This App To Declutter Your Following Regularly: how to de clutter your following on instagram. Basically, when you adopt this Teoh technique of getting followers, you're gonna end up following a lot of people. They're not going to follow you back. So you need to do is those people they're not falling you back after a certain period of time, maybe a few hours you want to on follow that. Now there's two ways of doing this. And as I mentioned before in this course crowds, Fire does not support free subscriptions anymore. I'm going to show you how to do it. If you want to use crowd fire, it's still the go to app. So if you go to crowd fire, the we can do this is go on the menu to the left and just click on non followers. And then it's going to show you everyone in your instagram account that is not following you. What I usually do is I scroll all the way down to the bottom because it shows them in chronological order. So the people at the bottom didn't follow me. Let's say a few days ago whenever I followed them. So if I actually unfollowed the people from the top. Those are the people that I have just fault. So you can just click on this button. And as you can see, just like that, you can unfollowed people's right now, I unfollowed about 20 people in five seconds, so that's one way to do it and it's extremely efficient. Now. If you don't want to use crowd fire, you can use this other app, which is called ends track. So if you just click on instruct and you lock in with your instagram, a lot of the features here are paid us well, and this app gives you amazing insides regarding your instagram account. But basically you can do is press non followers all the way at the bottom of the screen. So if I press non followers, I see all the people that I am following and that are not following me back. So then I can simply press the falling button. As you can see, it just unfollowed them one by one. So that's how easy you can do it with this app and again, this one is free for this feature so you can use it solely for this purpose. If you so choose to But the point is that you can unfold people straight away now always remember in the lecture what I told you how to deal. We're following an unfolding. Don't just unfollowed everyone on your list straight away. Try to keep it in a limit. And I told you what? That limit waas in that respective lecture. That being said, use one of these Tuapse and you're gonna be good to go. 6. Here's How To Create A Targeted Instagram Following: How do you build a targeted Instagram following? This is a topic that is extremely important. And I need to give you a bit of perspective on this before I actually show you how to do it . Basically, here. What I did was I created a new account, and as you can see, I have 231 followers. This account has been active for the past 4 to 5 days. Now, it's important to understand is that when you don't have the proof or you don't have certain, you know, email lists or a lot of traffic on other social media websites to send to your instagram profile, What you need to do initially is to follow other people and expect them to follow you back . Now, I'm gonna touch on this in the next lecture, and I'm going to tell you the limits and the extent to which you can actually do this Now. The other thing that I need to mention is that up until now, you were able to use APS such as crowd fire and a ton of other APS in order to follow. People says you can see there's this copy followers option right here where I would just put the influencer that I want Target, for example, Lewis House, who was something relevant to meet someone relevant to me. I would search for him, and then it would show me his most relevant followers. However, as of today, so as of the first of June 2016 this functionality will disappear. So in very short time, you won't won't be able to do this anymore because instagram is changing the way that it gives access to these third party tools and they want to stop this half from happening. So you're not gonna have this option anymore. So what I suggest you do is not use crop fire. I'm going to still use it for other features. But those are gonna be bait features. So I'm gonna try to give you three APs and discourse that you can use and what I want you to do is to go to Instagram, make a list of your top influencers. So people that you want to follow people whose followers you want to follow you and simply go to their profile. So let's say I go to Gary Vaynerchuk here, since you can see, I'm going to Gary V and what I want you to do is to follow people that are engaged on their profiles. So let's say, for example, I click here on this photo of his and I see he has 41 comments. I'm gonna look at everyone that kind of fits my profile. So Super episode. Let's say this guy right here, click on his name and I simply press follow. I go back, I go to another person, I click under name and I press follow. Now, this is going to be extremely important for you to do, because if you target the people that comment on their photos, then those people are targeted. They're engaged. And this is pretty much what crowd fire was doing on their app. But it was doing it much been a much more automatic way. Now you're not gonna be able to do it as fast as he used to do it with crowd fire, but following around 20 to 30 people every now and then a few times a day shouldn't take you more than five minutes. So this is the way that you create a targeted following and in the next lecture. I'm gonna tell you more about the limits of doing this and how you should be careful in order not to get on Instagram's radar and get your profile band. 7. The Fastest Way To Engage Your Community By Replying To Comments: the easiest, Waits replied to comments and keep your people engaged on Instagram. So a lot of Instagram is mobile, and that's on purpose. That's done by the company on purpose because they want people to use their app on the phone, because that's how people are the most engaged. However, if you're managing a high volume of comments on your INSTAGRAM account, that is not a good idea to actually do that from your phone because it's much slower decide from the phone that is from the computer. So just go on instagram dot com and I was searching for tools for a while to do this, And I realized after a few minutes while Okay, hold on, I could actually go on instagram that calm. Let me see if this actually works and let me just hover over my photo, see which one? For example. This one has five comments, and as you can see V. Bo, 100 posted something here, I can simply go and add a comment at V Bow or at whoever at stocks options, for example, and reply with whatever I want to reply, and then the reply will be put on there So whenever you have the situation where you have a ton of comments coming to your photos, there's no point in making the effort to comment from the mobile phone The smartphone unless you're actually on the go, but he can go on your desktop on instagram dot com. Log into your account and you can reply to comments there. Now. It's good to actually reply to older people that engage with your photos because maybe they're not following you and that will you build report and they're going to follow you. They're going to be much more likely to follow you. Or you can establish relationships or networking opportunities that weight so replied to comments on your photos, because going to make a massive difference and the engagement that you see from your followers.