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Instagram Marketing & Growth Strategies

teacher avatar Jimmy Lee

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

21 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Intro & Course Outline

    • 2. Class project

    • 3. Foundation 1

    • 4. Foundation 2

    • 5. Foundation 3

    • 6. Recap of 3 foundations

    • 7. Before diving into the strategies

    • 8. Strategy 1

    • 9. Strategy 2

    • 10. Strategy 3

    • 11. Strategy 4

    • 12. Strategy 5

    • 13. Recap 5 strategies

    • 14. Rule 1

    • 15. Rule 2

    • 16. Tip 1

    • 17. Tip 2

    • 18. Tip 3

    • 19. Bonus Tip

    • 20. Before You Go

    • 21. Outro

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About This Class

Hi There, my name is Jimmy Lee.

In this course, you'll learn the Instagram Marketing and Growth Strategies that'll help you attract followers and grow your IG Account.

This course is designed for brand owners, marketers, influencers, start-ups or anyone trying to grow their IG followers.

Learning to grow your instagram account and gain more followers can help reach out to more people and potentially get more sales, increase brand dominance or even attract sponsors.

By the end of this course, you will...

  • learn the framework for growing an Instagram account from scratch.
  • learn the SINGLE most important factor that’ll affect your Instagram account’s growth.
  • learn the STRATEGIES to really reach and attract followers to your Instagram account.
  • learn the rules that will serve as guidelines on your Instagram growth journey.
  • learn tips and tricks that will help speed up your Instagram account growth and get followers.
  • learn the proper way to automate the process of reaching out to your target audience on Instagram..
  • be able to start earning money from your Instagram account growth skills.
  • be able to add Instagram marketing and growth to your CV
  • have at least an Instagram account profile to add to your portfolio.


  • An Instagram Account
  • No prior knowledge or experience is required


  • Small business owners
  • Marketers
  • Brand Managers
  • Start-ups
  • Influencers
  • Anyone trying to grow their IG followers

Meet Your Teacher

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Jimmy Lee


Hello, I'm Jimmy.

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1. Intro & Course Outline: Hello and welcome. Thanks for joining the course. This program is designed to serve as a framework to provide a quick overview of the requirements and strategies you need to really grow your Instagram account. Here's the Learning Ally for this program. We will go to three foundations that will serve as very important checklists. These foundations are very important because without them, the strategies that we're going to learn later on is not going to work. And then we'll proceed to the main part of this program, which is the five strategies that actually work to grow your Instagram account. Followed by two roots there will serve as guidelines for you to take note off. And they were led tree tips that will make your life easier in this journey. And as a reward for staying to the end of the program. You also learn the bonus tip and then wrap up this whole program will share some nuggets of wisdom. 2. Class project: Here's our class project. So first we will create a new Instagram account. And it using either your own photos, photos you find online on Instagram to curate and Instagram profile feet using the tips that we're going to learn in a foundation portion of these costs. We focused most on the curation of the Instagram profile feet, as it is the most important part of our Instagram accounts growth. Next, simply take a screenshot and share on the student projects corner the account or they have to be open to public. But it would definitely serve as a great practice account. It is also a great way to get feedback from other cast members or even myself and others will also be able to find and follow you if the rich do. 3. Foundation 1: So the first foundation is to switch your Instagram account to a business profile. Switching to a business profile allow you the access to analytics, also known as Instagram insights. You also have the ability to add a contact button. Your industry will also be shown on your profile. You have the ability to add links to Instagram Stories, ability to run ads on Instagram, and the ability to turn your feet into an online store. 4. Foundation 2: The next foundation is to put up your brand name, chosen display peak, and employ a write-down description of your account. For account name, usually people use the brand name, your organization's name, or if you're influenza your personal name. For display peak people usually use their brand logo or if you have a favicon that belongs to your brand, you can also use that or any image that you think is a good representation of your brand can be used as well. For a car description is simply your about us. It should be shot then S on-point as possible. 5. Foundation 3: The third and last Foundation is to curate your Instagram profile feet. This is the single most important factor that will determine how fast your account actually grows. In order the Curia cohesive phi, you need to decide on the style, the team, and the color scheme that you want for your account. Once you have decided you start curating or Instagram feed and try to stick with undecided team and color scheme are crossed. But don't be overly concerned with this as you can always evolve your account as you progress. 6. Recap of 3 foundations: Here's a quick recap on the tree foundations. For addition, one is to suit your Instagram account to a business profile in order do you delight its analytics features? For a Hindu is to pick the display peak, complete the account name and a description right out of your account. And last Foundation is to convey your profile feed based on undecided style, color scheme and the team that you want. 7. Before diving into the strategies: Now before we dive into strategies we may want to consider going through the channel is to ensure that you have the foundations. Really. First thing to check is to ensure that the foundations that we have learnt earlier has been implemented. Next, you should check that you have at least char for those setup. Be sure to check out the tips at the end of this program to see how you can achieve this faster. And lastly, and most importantly, is to simply use your mobile phone to check out your Instagram feed and ask yourself this where you follow these account if you're seeing it for the first time. If your answer is yes, then proceed to the strategies. 8. Strategy 1: The first strategy is to reach geotag the audience. What this means is that you simply reach out to your target audience and like comment, follow the account if you really want to. Each of these actions is more effective than the other in grabbing the attention of your target audience. The idea behind the strategy is to get your target audience attention. So they DO Chicago estuary feet before deciding whether or not follow you. And of course, the more we pay you can get to check out our Instagram, feed, the hedge funds who have in them following you. Which is why the foundation that we have laid out earlier is very important. And how attractive is your Instagram feed can drastically increase the chances of them following you. How then do you actually find your target audience? You can check out the followers of your competitor. Or you can search for hashtags that are related to your brain. Now, after doing this strategy for a while, you may be thinking of how we can automate this. You might start doing research income across the use of bots to have in automation, but do not they bought actually comes into law risk. And Instagram has in recent years locked down love. But instead, we can consider hiring intense or field lenses to help you in your origin. 9. Strategy 2: The second strategy is to reach out to influenzas. Insulin. This ranges from micro odd weight omega influences and are usually classified based on the number of followers that you have. You can find influencers to media agencies are simply by browsing through Instagram. There's no correct type of influenza and the right type of influenzas, I actually the ones that you think are image or target audience matches yours. 10. Strategy 3: But that strategy is the Irish, the authoritative Instagram account. This alleged Instagram accounts based around on niche. So where and how to find them. You can search for keywords on Instagram or see what accounts do influences in your niche, actually Tech in their posts. And sometimes you can simply Google for them. There are few types of collaborations that can do it with the sludge accounts. The most basic one is to simply pick them in your post and hope that the L1 they see every post them and tagging your account India repost, where their followers can see. The next step is to simply reach out to them for collaboration. To based on our discussion, the collaboration can usually be free or pay. And the last one is to simply reach out to them for a feature or sponsored posts. 11. Strategy 4: The fourth strategy is to run competitions are lucky draw. These are all tricks in Tibet by still works today. The objective of the strategy is to tap on your followers to help you get there friends, AKA their followers attention. And friends operands usually have common interests and are more likely to follow your Instagram account. So for example, you can run a lucky draw. And the criteria for joining their lucky draw is simply Tech Tree friends and towers. By commending, why if you indeed lucky draw. Or you can run a fastest fingers first competition where the first step for Louis the repost these and tech prevents you or when. Or another example is for them to simply share your product by posting on your Instagram account. We've hashtag of your choice, or you can ask them to simply share your products by posting on their Instagram account with your brand's hashtag in ten minutes will be selected each man based on the most number of light. 12. Strategy 5: The fifth and last strategy is to consider also known as sponsored post ps can actually help expedite or is the bamboo grove significantly when done right, pitt ever these men's can help expedite Instagram accounts growth by reaching a target audience directly on their Instagram speed without having to wait for integrand organically show your post. Do know their ps can be very costly if it's not monitored closely. But don't let this scare you from even trying. 13. Recap 5 strategies: Now let's do a quick recap of the five strategies. First is to arrange to attack your audience, Followed by reaching other influences. That is to reach out to authoritative Instagram accounts. And the fascial EG is to run competitions are lucky draws. And lastly is to consider running pit advertisements. Remember, these strategies don't have to be used in sequence, and you can even use them simultaneously to expedite the growth of Instagram account. 14. Rule 1: Here are two January roofs they should try to follow as you grow your Instagram account. First is to always reply or respond to comments. This normally shows that you care and that they're actually people behind a brand, or in this case the Instagram account. You also encourages others to leave positive comments or general comments. Do bear in mind it others will also be reading your comments. And from the CMS that they read the often the perception of how your brain is. Replying a responding to comments can also control and stop spams, crows and equity people before they can spell negativity. 15. Rule 2: The second rule is to try and post new content consistently. New content can be in the form of main post on Instagram story. Adding new polls consistently not only haven't grows or Instagram feed by also increased the chances of it showing on Instagram suggests that tab 16. Tip 1: Tip number one is to use user-generated content, also known as UGC. What this means is to simply repost content on Instagram as related to your brand. This normally shows others that they are really users using our product. And they also prom, user behavior as people usually do the same if they like what they see or can visualize themselves doing the same. You will also meet the person who posted it. Feel special. And because of that, they also likely due share on their Instagram story. And will I need to supply O'Brien again? How to use user-generated content. You can repost the content on your Instagram profile feet with their permission. Or you can share on your story. 17. Tip 2: Tip number two is to plan a schedule your post in advance. This can be done using a scheduler or planner to help with deciding what the post and when the Post-it. The two main benefits of using AI scheduler, our planner is that it will help ensure that the feet will look nice and cohesive. And you also save a lot of time by Bob posting and events. Here are some of the popular tools that you can use to help schedule and plan your post 11s. 18. Tip 3: The third and last tip is the use of giant square banners. These are also known as puzzle fit. They are eye-catching and out of the norm and can help boot up the Instagram feed quickly, especially in the elastic. And here are some popular apps we have easily slice up images from your mobile phone. 19. Bonus Tip: As promised, here's the bonus tip to reward you for staying to the end of the costs. That is the use of Instagram archive function when creating your puzzle fee. Now if you Riccati p or this program where we talked about bringing our photo to create an eye-catching giant banner on your Instagram feed that is made up of four fused lifestyle images. If you were to post a slice of images, are at the same time, they will flood your followers Instagram with multiple posts, which can be rather annoying. To avoid that, here are three simple steps on how we can use the archive function to create a puzzle feet without annoying your followers. Step one is to post the first two images and archive them immediately. The next step is to wait a couple of days. And finally, the last step is to go ahead and post the final photo and immediately undo the archive of the first two photos. Remember, do not post anything during this process or you end up messing up the puzzle feet. 20. Before You Go: Congratulations, you have come to the end of the program before you go. Here are a few things to keep in mind. First is to consider the tone of voice. Do you want for your Instagram account? Social media platforms are usually casual and fun and you'll probably do better if you just be yourself. Also think about what are some of the hashtags that you would like your brand to own. This could be a brand name, your tagline, or anything related to your niche. And use these hashtags consistently across a post. Wherever applicable. Hashtags Council have begun to fall on Instagram more easily. And you can also use hashtags that clerestory. Lastly is to remember that you do not have to be perfect. You can always evolve as you progress along the journey. So don't let trying to be perfect stops you from human starting. 21. Outro: Now if you have any questions or require any clarifications, feel free to reach out to us and we'll try our best to get back to you. And if you think you have learned something from this program, you will appreciate the belief as a good review, this will really help give US law motivation to continue putting our causes to how my students, we wish you all the best. And remember, the key to success is to get started.