Instagram Marketing: Growing your page fast by targeting your audience. | Alex Person | Skillshare

Instagram Marketing: Growing your page fast by targeting your audience.

Alex Person, Digital Nomad | Marketer | Photographer

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9 Videos (34m)
    • The Basics of Instagram

    • Finding & Engaging With Your Target Market

    • Getting Instagram Followers Fast

    • Driving Local Brick & Mortar Traffic

    • Finding Social Influencers

    • Converting Instagram Traffic To Website Traffic

    • Creating Engaging Content

    • Post Scheduling and Time Management

    • Bonus Content


About This Class

In this course you will learn how to grow your Instagram, find your target market, push traffic to your website, and build followers fast and free.

Each video contains a screen capture and shows how I've organically grown many pages from 0-15K+, and generated over $6,000+ in E-commerce sales with no paid ads.

This is course is best for people looking to grow their personal brand, e-commerce store, or drive traffic to their brick and mortar shop. 

After you have completed this course you will have the knowledge on how to market yourself to the people who are interested in what you have to say or sell.





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Alex Person

Digital Nomad | Marketer | Photographer

Hello there! I am a traveling photographer with over 5 years in marketing and business development experience. I have generated over $50,000+ in ecommerce sales and over $200,000+ in brick and mortar foot traffic. In this time, I have since started to travel the world a teach other people what I do.

Feel free to get in touch! [email protected]

Instagram: @xelaperson

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