Instagram Marketing: 2021 - BIG Engagement Hacks for BIG Results! | Azmat Baig | Skillshare

Instagram Marketing: 2021 - BIG Engagement Hacks for BIG Results!

Azmat Baig, -Marketing Made Easy-

Instagram Marketing: 2021 - BIG Engagement Hacks for BIG Results!

Azmat Baig, -Marketing Made Easy-

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14 Lessons (2h 55m)
    • 1. Instagram Marketing - Welcome!

    • 2. Why Instagram Is So Popular

    • 3. How It Works (Behind The Scenes)

    • 4. Creative Thinking & Ideas

    • 5. Creating a Killer Instagram Profile

    • 6. Instagram Profile Discovery

    • 7. Hashtags, Stories & Best Times to Post

    • 8. Content Strategy

    • 9. Examples of Good Instagram Posts

    • 10. Using Influencer Marketing

    • 11. *Bonus* Lesson: Influencer Template

    • 12. Instagram Case Studies

    • 13. Share Your Instagram Profile

    • 14. Congratulations!

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About This Class

Carve your instagram marketing future with this powerful instagram course brought to your by seasoned digital marketing consultant and social media lover -- Azmat Baig.

Azmat has over 15 years' of invaluable business and digital marketing experience; he has worked with some of the biggest brands around from Mercedes-Benz to Chrysler and hundreds of smaller businesses.

Here's some of the key lessons covered in this instagram marketing course:

  • How Instagram works behind the scenes (Get a deeper understanding).
  • Choosing Your Instagram Passion
  • Creating a killer profile
  • Optimising your profile for discovery
  • HashTags, Stories, Timing and other hacks to get more engagement
  • Content strategy, branding, running promotions and giveaways to grow your account
  • Examples of good instagram posts Influencer marketing
  • Bonus Lesson (Instagram Influencer Template).
  • Case studies

By the end of this class, you'll be fired up to carve your place in the instagram landscape! 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Azmat Baig

-Marketing Made Easy-


Azmat Baig is a respected and seasoned digital marketing consultant based in the UK. Having over 15 years' of marketing experience in the Digital space and first-hand business know-how.

Azmat understands what it takes to grow businesses from small budgets all the way up to managing multi-million-pound marketing campaigns.

Starting his early career in the technical domain and hosting arena, he quickly fell in love with technical marketing and the sales side of promoting digital services.

Being a creative individual from the very beginning it wasn't long before Azmat was dabbling with Adobe Dreamweaver and designing beautiful and practical websites.

Shortly thereafter, Azmat started getting clients ranked in Google and later grew a... See full profile

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1. Instagram Marketing - Welcome!: Hey, I'm Azmat, a digital marketer and social media lover with over 15 years' of experience. Now, I've been fortunate to have worked with some of the most well-known brands across the world. So in this instagram marketing course i'm going to reveal some of the, many tips and tricks that I've personally used over the years, I've helped clients become super successful with Instagram. So a lot you guys requested this course, and I'm really pleased to say it's finally here. So we all know there's millions of people on Instagram right now that the challenges are most people face is using Instagram to its full potential and maximising the results that you get from it. So this course will focus on how you can get a deeper understanding and start utilising Instagram to its full potential to get that killer engagement. So here's what we're going to learn. How Instagram actually functions behind the scenes. You get an extensive understanding of what powers the engine. You're going to learn the best time to post the amount of hashtags you should be using. We're going to cover stories, engagement hacks, and much more on this. I'm also gonna show you how to build a killer profile that will attract the right audience personally for you. And I'm also going to show you some free tools that I use that will help you do this in super-quick fashion. We're then going to move on to content strategy, promotions, giveaways and other growth hacking tactics. After this, I'm going to cover off my favorite lesson. We're just going to talk about influencers and how to reach the right ones to get them talking about your brand. So I can't wait to get started, everyone, I'm super excited and without any further ado, let's have some fun and let's dive in. 2. Why Instagram Is So Popular: Hey everyone, welcome aboard and a warm welcome to you. So thanks ever so much for joining me. We've got a few exciting lessons to cover in this course. So hope you've got your note pads at the ready and you can follow me along. So I'm just gonna give you a very quick overview of what the structure is of this course and how it's being organized. So let's take a quick look now. Okay, so in this lesson we're going to cover why Instagram is so popular with then gonna see how Instagram works behind the scenes so you get deeper understanding. Lesson three, we'll choose your Instagram passion. In lesson four, we'll create a killer profile. In lesson five, we're going to show you how to optimize your profile for maximum discovery. Lesson six, we'll move on to hashtags, stories, timing, and other engagement hacks. In lesson seven, we're going to cover content strategy, branding, running promotions, giveaways to grow your account. In lesson eight, we're going to show you examples of some really good Instagram posts so you can get some inspiration. In lesson nine, we're going to talk about influencer marketing, which is going to be massive. Lesson nine a. I'm going to throw in a bonus lesson and actually give you a fully-fledged Instagram influence, a template that you can mirror. Ten, we're gonna move on to real case studies to show you how the big boys are doing it in a real-world. 11, we're gonna share, sharing opportunity and begin to share our profiles and discussions and talk about that solid things. And the final lesson will just summarize what you've learned, what you can put into action today, and what you can start doing straight away to grow your account. Okay, so in this part of the lesson, we're now going to talk about why Instagram is so, so popular. So what makes this platform immensely popular and wireless? So many people on there from some of the biggest names in the world from NYC added as Starbucks, like Kim Kardashian, footballers, sports stars, got Leo Messi, that theme renowned goes on there. You've got other brands like Sony. You've got makeup brands like MAC Cosmetics and many, many, many others. So what, why is this platform just connect, grown exponentially? Why is everybody on there? And the reason being is lots of people like to showcase and what they're doing in a where they are in their life. That IT showcases lock a memory Book of their moments. They like to share it with friends, family. They logged in engagement. That white people viewing them, liking them, sharing their content. And it's a great way to build and enhance your following, your growth and potentially your revenue from Instagram. And that's why so many people are on there. We're going to be talking quite a lot about coyly Jana and her makeup brand and how she's near attend. Absolutely. Instagram superstar. And I'm going to be showing a lot of details on hers. I'm quite excited about that because you're going to learn a lot from it. And there's a lot of takeaways that you can do. And then some of the strategies and tactics that she's used. Or in this course. And you're going to learn in a how these guys, even such as Kim Kardashian and how they're utilizing this platform to make an absolute killing off Instagram. So a little more about Instagram and some business banks. So the platform was founded back in 2010 and eventually got over 1 billion active users right now. Don't forget, there's only 7 billion people in the world. Is actually bought out by Facebook for a billion dollars back in 2012. It is, as you know, primarily a photo or a video only sharing app. It's not text-based. Lloyd Twitter. 70% of the users get inspiration and interact with influences in some form or another. So they will be following some form of influencer, seeing what they're sharing, getting inspiration or ideas. Be it fashion, cooking, fitness, whatever. It might be people who are on there and they are following an influencer. So that's why I've built in a dedicated paul lesson to influencers because it's going to be a key part of your growth strategy. We can see from this growth chart that Instagram, as mentioned, has grown exponentially. It's just grown and grown year on year. We can see that it's just going up and up and up and is projected to continue growing well into the future. So it really is a platform that you want to pay attention to. You want to understand it inside now because it can be a key part of your personal or business growth. So according to Forbes, marketers or spending anywhere from around 25 thousand to a $100 thousand, primarily on influences and the platform itself through advertising. So as mentioned earlier, influences can charge anywhere from 10 thousand plus per post. Similar even naturally charging a mean dollar plus people like Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, and many, many others demanding these cotton prices because they've got over a 100 million followers. And thus a lot of demand does a lot of presence or nine. So these clothes are making an absolute killing from this platform. And it's very possible that people can replicate the success that they had on there. So here's a bit of a business low down on Instagram. The app itself is generating over 20 billion in ad revenues allows people that are actually advertising on Instagram via Facebook. And because as you know, in Scrum's been bought out by, by them in terms of likes. And there's over 4 billion logs on this platform. They, Sassanid hacker, another likes. And don't forget that there's 7 billion people on this earth. So 4 billion logs or day. Obviously one person can do multiple likes and they are slight gives you an idea. And, you know, what is what is the platform in Southworth or the platform itself is worth over a 100 billion in revenue and net worth, which is absolutely huge. And it gives you kind of them a flavor and a scope for how big's platform really is. And 90% of people they follow a business or a, or an influencer. And every nine out of ten accounts on Instagram or following business on there. So, you know, you're gonna learn later on in this course and you definitely want to create a business account, say Kiki Par there. If you're not using a business account already, everyone definitely switch over to this is completely free, only takes a couple, a couple, a few seconds. And it's going to give you a lot more insight and a lot more detail about your customers, your followers, your audience. That's going to be very, very valuable to the key of the growth of your account. So definitely be using, you know, a business account. And as mentioned there, you know, 90% as not every nine or ten accounts on Instagram or actually following a business account anyway. So you definitely, definitely want to be doing this as a starting point, you know, on your account. And as I said, if you're not already definitely switch over to a, you can find that in your settings on the app. It is very easy to do and only takes a few seconds on there. So just to recap, you know, massive, massive platform continuing to grow year on year. They're celebrities on their superstars are on there, but there's also normal people like you and me on there. You know, a very, very successful on their, you know, they've got lots of presence on there. They're posting daily, they are getting engagement. But what they're missing is there's key tactics and those key growth strategies that we're going to cover in this course. So that, that concludes end of lesson one, everybody, and thanks for watching and I'll see you in the next one. 3. How It Works (Behind The Scenes): All right, so in lesson two, we're gonna cover how Instagram actually works behind the scenes to give you a deeper insight and a competitive edge. So taking a closer look under the hood and many other platforms such as Facebook, Google, and tick talk. These all have something in common and they all run and what we call a computer algorithm. So this basically is a programming language that has been designed with a set of rules on what to show people and to improve their Instagram experience. So in really isn't quite as complex as the matrix or the equations are built into it. But having a deeper standing or what and how the algorithm works is going to give you a massive advantage and a big boost on growing your account and getting more visibility for your posts. So as I mentioned, Fortran is not quite as complex as the matrix, but there is a way to help increase your visibility and to look at the way the algorithm works and allow you to get the most from Instagram. And so I'm gonna dive in and show you that right now guys, on K. So the first thing that the Instagram algorithm looks out to rate and give more visibility to post is relationship. So what do we mean by relationship? This essentially means that the users that interact with your posts the most. So for example, they comment like and reshare your posts and also saves you DMZ or a direct messages. So the idea is to create those high engagement posts that get a log engagement. And this will also be covered a lot more in the late lessons. And I'm gonna show you how to build those relationships a lot, lot more. So essentially you want to build relationships because this is what the algorithm is looking for. Insight Instagram must have very, very first thing. The second thing that the algorithm is looking for is interest. Now. So let's just say you're a fitness clothing brand and a user has been interacting a lot with, let's say Ignite or added ass and Warner. They're similar brand, for example. And you create similar content with the right hashtags to what they're using, then you've got a high probability of showing your content to that same audience and getting them to them to follow you, share audience and a lot, lot more. So a great example of this is actually a brand called Jim shock. And I'll show you this as a live example. They've actually literally built their whole business empire on Instagram and social media alone along with influences. So, So as mentioned, the second thing is interest and Instagram algorithm. We'll look to see how interested your, either your followers or the people that are viewing your posts or in your content. So let's dive in and let me show you a couple of very, very quick examples from Jim truck. And to show you how they're doing this. So as I mentioned, and this is the Instagram page of Jim shock. And you can see they've got over 5 million followers now from only 3,700 posts, which isn't actually that much. And they have been fantastically wow, as a fairly new company has not been around that long at all, at least sort of two or three years, I believe. And they have grown exponentially, primarily due to the power of social media and influencers. And you'll see on, hey guys, they're only following and a 128 people. And that is primarily all their influences. And I'm going to be talking about influences later on. And it's a key, key part of this course. And if you follow the course right the way through, I'm gonna be giving away Instagram templates how to reach out to these kind of influences because they really were the key on making this company gym shall grow into a multi, multi million pound company. And they were absolutely crushing it now. And you can do the same. There's no reason why you can't did the same. Everybody starts somewhere and I mean, just going back to the interests about the algorithm. So you'll see on these guys they're, they're posting or love consistent content. It's very, very consistent though also throwing lawyer for quotation in there, which works really, really well. So you can see on there that often post sort of things and then throw in a quotation like this. And this is very common on Instagram, is a great strategy and content strategy. So fortunate over to somebody like NYC. So this is NYC in return now, um, and you can, you can obviously see as a big, big global brand that's been around a lot, lot longer after they've gotten a lot more followers. But you'll see similarities. And Nancy again, you've got posts and videos and you've got some text here. You've got quotations in here, inspirational quotations. So this works really, really effectively on instagram. And keeping that same consistency, keeping your users interested, excuse me. And you know, as long as you're using similar hashtags. So let's just, for example, click on something like this one here. And let's just quickly have a look at some of the, one of the things that they're using in here. So and then got seem to play inside, played for the world. These are the hashtags are used. These guys, which seems quite sort of irrelevant to NYC itself. And if you unfulfilling slightly more generic, and cellulose is what they've done it in here. Again, they just use their own branding budget. If you scroll through these, you'll see similarities between two different competing brands. Or yi NYC added douse or Jim chocolates and say for example. And it's a good way to also comment on their posts, like their stuff so their customers and their audience can see your posts. And then in return, they'll start to follow you there starts seeing your content. And that's how you grow and hack the interest outward them. Again. So we're gonna dive back into, into the presentation. I'm going to talk about the third algorithm now. Okay, so the third hour them everyone. This criteria is all about timing and timeliness. And this is a big one in fox. So Instagram can only show your post to so many people. So for example, if you are not spending that much time on the app, for example, lessons AND five minutes a day versus the average 27 minutes per day, which is what the average user spends on algorithm per day. Then you've got a lower chance of showing your post to those users. So posting at the time your audience is most active, is highly, highly important. So how can we tackle this problem and how can you do this and get around the issue? So the first step is to create highly compelling content that users will like share and comment on. So that's solved flow rule number one. And again, we'll go over this in a lot more detail on how to create that compelling content. Amen, give you real life examples, things that you can relate to you and you can get inspiration from to start creating your own. And so, so, you know, we're going to talk a lot about that. There's lots of other little hacks that you can do to ensure that you're getting more engagement on your RAM posts. And that's going to be coded in lesson seven. So we'll come to that shortly. So, but to summarize on toy many nurse, you've you've got to ensure that your your posting regularly, consistently. If you're using a business account, then you can actually look at your analytics and insights and actually see when your users are interacting with your post and most often. But again, we're gonna talk about timing in sort of further on in lesson seven in a lot more depth because a big part of Instagram, but at this stage you just need to be aware that timing is a very important criteria in the algorithm. And more instagram looks at. So ensure that you're posting at the right times you're spending the amount of my time and I'm gonna give you a structure on how to tackle all these issues throughout. So really, really excited about all that. And we're going to come to that in less than seven. And there are a lot, lot more. So that actually concludes the second part of this course to second lesson. So just to very quickly summarize, you've learned that the algorithm that Instagram runs on is relationships, interests, and also its timing and timeliness. So that's the three triangle criteria that the algorithm runs on money. You need to be aware of that. Because if you've got a good understanding of this, then your gonna do really well on Instagram. You're gonna grow your account. You're gonna get those all important followers, and you wanna get that engagement that you deserve. So, so thanks for watching this lesson on, on when they see you in the next one. 4. Creative Thinking & Ideas: Okay, so we're now going to get our creative hands-on and start to think of ways of coming up with your passion in this lesson. So your passion might be your business. It could be a hobby or a minus b, what you love doing and want to share with the rest of the world. So Instagram is the perfect place to share your passion and show others what you absolutely loved doing. And this is really important, everyone, because if you don't do what you love or enjoy, then it would be really difficult for you to get motivated to keep on sharing. And that's the key here. And a top ten pairs for the growth of your Instagram account is to constantly be sharing all the time, you know, be a daily or sort of, you know, 34 times per week or minimum sort of longitude three times a week regularly gotta be, you know, sharing and getting motivated chair. So you definitely got to find what you're passionate about and you definitely don't know what you love doing. So I'm going to explain to you how to solve, get your creative hat on in this lesson and give you sort of tangible ways to sort of get your sort of creative juices flowing. So the first step is to grab yourself a note pad and pen and just, just dots, scribbling down some more ideas. I mean, I personally or light upon some kind of inspirational music. This could be lying. Otherness from classical music, Beethoven or Mozart or something like that. They're calling relaxes me, puts me in a good state of mind. And it allows me to sort of relaxed and think creatively. And that's what really, really personally helps me. So I definitely recommend the same thing for yourself if you've not tried it before. And you can also do other things as well. Go for a walk, works really, really well. Often sort of, you know, leading scientists often did this because there's a creative connection when you do other things. It can help, you know, flow ideas and creativity. Something like Go for a walk around and say yes, uh, definitely try something like to start off with and just talk scribbling announced them or ideas, you know, on, on a notepad or on email, on your phone. You know, whatever is easier for you, whatever works for you, utilize data, you let it happen and just let their creative juices flowing. And another top two periods, Everyone is to just ask them on. So this could be friends or family. And just say to them, just say, hey, you know, what do you think I'm good at? Or what do you think our enjoy dimming? And you might actually be quite surprised what people say and what they actually come up with. And it might just make you sort of stop and thinking, say, and it could just give you that light bulb moment for you to start your Instagram journey. And, you know, so this could be anything like, you know, for example, I'm cooking, baking. It could be fitness, fashion, makeup, marketing. It could be absolutely anything. And that the key is, and here's an important quote from the founder of Instagram. And I'm going to relate this back once or twice again later on in the course because it is such an important quotation. And the founder of Instagram saves on here as you can see, you know, find something and you know, some something wants, but doing really, really well and do it really, really good. So again, it over whether US fitness, fashion, cooking, beauty, whatever that might be, you know, stick to your passion, mentoring and enjoy it. And just start to scroll down some ideas and get those creative team flows going. And an unknown thing that I'd personally Lloyd doing and this really, really helps me is to use something called mind mapping. So mind-mapping is something I discovered many, many years ago. And it's a fantastic way of talking about in some of the courses, in my Facebook course as well. And my mapping is a really, really good way to utilize and grow ideas. So you can see from the example on the screen that a really allows you to, you know, Cray or ideas and flow and branch off and find that they're ideas that you might come up with something and then branch or more ideas of that and so on. So an, a mind-mapping, you could apply this to preimage anything. It doesn't just have to be idea creation or there is fantastic for idea creation, you can apply to preimage anything. It could be like a fitness goal and, you know, it could be a cooking plan, it could be absolutely anything. And it works really, really well. So that's just a top tip there that you guys can use Loy. So, so essentially whatever you love doing, that's what you want to share on Instagram. This is important as her because your passion and your enthusiasm will show through your posts. They will show through what you shared. And it will help you grow your account. Leo help gave those all important followers. So it really is a win-win scenario. On the flip side, it might be that you already know what you want to choose. For example, it might be that, you know, instruments for your business. And so I'm gonna give you some real examples now, often real posts that people are sharing already. And I'm going to show you what some of, you know, some real examples of what they're doing. So let's say if you are a service lead business than it can be quite difficult to come up with content and sharing ideas. Or let's just say, for example, that you're an electrician or a plumber. And you know, in anything you all and I'm not to Tang Yun lift to get my company on Instagram logo or early morning. So start sharing and get more visibility around one corner, local city molecular areas. But I really don't know what I'm going to share. You know, I'm not to show what people in them interested in. What I do is fix, you know, cables and wires, all pipes habit. And you might be so slogans and come up with content ideas. So I'm just going to show you some real case examples to help you guys out and show you why we do so. Let's dive into Instagram and O'Shea some real life examples now. So I'm just giving you a snippet of this particular Instagram page. This is a London plumbing company based in Pimlico, which is just as an extra London. And what they're doing is, So thank you that they're a plumbing company. You know, probably not very sexy, not very attractive on Instagram, you know, where people like to see lots and lots of attractive images. But no, you know, these guys and they haven't been on here long at all. Already got 8.5 thousand followers on there. And they're getting some good traction and some good traffic to their Web Soil to they've got their website and advertise T, which is very, very important. You know, just a short snippet of that POJO. London's largest independent plumbing and services company, Norton symbol. They've got their Twitter handle in there. There, there hashtag on their website address. There kind of main story topics and categories here. And also they got their, their reels and their RG TV. Anything, anyone that they've been tagged in says quite well organized. And this is a good example. And again, so they're quite Dickey because he sees no. They got lots of pictures of their staff, which is very, very good today. And be you might be thinking, Well, hey, you know, I'm just colic, a sole trader or a, you know, when a soul where care that I work on my own, you know, I can't, I don't have a whole team of people around me. But now you can, you can, you can, you know, wherever you might be going. You can post pictures of places you're visiting or people that you're visiting and just saying to them, hey, would you mind if we just take a quick picture? Oh, you know, my Instagram page and I'm just trying to build our Maurya, my profile or my social media. You know, 910. Most people say yeah, they promised all you, no, no, no worries. In a note though, do a picture with you. So you can do didn't do my little mini videos like these guys have done here. So the goal of an aerial shot of London, London Bridge. So just Quirky, quirky stuff. And they're throwing some kind of business related posts in there as well. You know, nice little reminder, you know, it's important. I will your gas appoints the checked and avoid gas safe registered engineer. So whatever is relevant again to your particular business and be a locker, the reality or just a recommendation or a tip. These work really, really well on Instagram. As mentioned before, quotes where for a very well to. And they've got their trust pilot reviews there also some students. So desk, you know, resonates very, very well. And just mix, mix it up in a mix of colored business and technical posts on there as well. So this is probably outside a job that they did. So they'll call up, post things on there. And this is great for branding. You know, they got a nozzle in a branding on their bands. There. And yes, it looks like, you know, look at a video leaflet. They don't know, perhaps like a Facebook ad that they've run on Instagram mat that they've run to in conjunction. So when say yes or, you know, personal things as well, mixed it up, you know, throw, you know, throw in a picture of, you know, maybe a baby. People absolutely love babies on Instagram. This is quite a quick look at it. It looks outcome. You know, they've got quite a few comments on there. And you know, so, so yes, so that'll just give you a little flavor of this. And this is more if you're a service led company. And it, let's us say, I'll give you another example of a nother one. So let us say your Gary Bennett check is, is another one that we often follow. He's one of the most respected them into their marketers on, on the planet. What Gary does a law is he'll quantum include his customers. Elon said video responses to people. So he did, he did one haha way to ways actually responding to this lady, which she's actually talking funny enough about Instagram and he's giving us or direct tips. So that resonates very well with audiences answering questions of customers. I'm just helpful videos. And he's got lots and lots of content on here. So did this, I mean, you know, you can study a couple of these accounts and get ideas, inspiration, thrones and quotes, and mix it up a bit. And, you know, again though he's hammering the young, a young child's question here. And this is very, very clever guys because you can see straight away, I can see Gary's strategy here is he's looking to inspire young people from an early age. So they become in a brand advocates to his brand. They get interest for business marketing. They get natural passion of that from an early age. So this is really, really good stuff, is fantastic stuff. Very, very clever. Again, load again, he's answering young people, different ethnicities and narrows, Wow. So did this guy, Gary's on, he's on a different playing field. A lot of respect for this man. He's very, very smart and he's the 0s kidding it with his social media. And there's no wonder why is one of the most respected marketers in the world. So definitely check out some of his stuff. Some of the other examples I'm gonna give you in this course, many frequent corner gain inspiration and kinda mimic some of the stuff that these guys are doing. You know, you, you're gonna go really far. You're gonna drive up your followers, your gonna get engagement, and you're going to be really successful on Instagram. So let's just flip back to the presentation. Okay, so now that we've covered off pretty much this whole section, everybody, you've now got a very good idea of getting ideas and creativity and inspiration of what others are doing successfully and how they're utilizing Instagram in practice method. And so the only thing you can do is finally, is to also common sharing posts and follow other people, not direct competitors of course, but other people that are doing similar things to yourself and star interacting with them because their followers will then see you. And in return, they'll start to follow you and comment Loic and share your content to summarize in this lesson. So, so thank you for watching and I'll see you in the next lesson. 5. Creating a Killer Instagram Profile: Okay, so in this lesson everyone, we're going to look at your best practice for creating your Instagram profile from scratch. So you can get the most from it. And I'm gonna be giving real life examples as I do with all my coding classes and lessons. So please do take notes if you can. And what you wanna do is if you're starting off brand new as a new company, then it's quite likely that you're gonna need to start with something like a logo. So in this example that we've gotten the left ear, we can see that the Jim shark logo. So Jim shock, if you know, herded them on a fitness brand that primarily promote their business through social media such as Instagram, tech talk, and so on. And, and, yeah, so if you haven't got a logo already, I'm going to give you a quick, quick tip just before we dive in into the profile. And what we need to do is is to head over to this website, which is called and come along here and just search logo. So this website is a bit of a hidden gem. It's got lots and lots of logos as one, as lots of other things like mockups. And so you can quite literally come in here and select a logo of your choice, be a flash logo, a static logo, and image logo, and a lot, lot more. So there's over 300 pages of Legos and heat can also be a lot more specific and, and taught in something like in a fitness logo for example. And you can see that now there's a loss of thickness. You know, this would be good for a yoga one. Seeking coin. Literally scroll through these and there's some really, really good high cartoons. I think that's websites Saudi roughly about 1010 or $15 a month, which is quite low. And you can do a lot, lot more amazing viewer clothing, a brand as well, because you can add mockups to T-shirts, hoodies, track sheets, leggings, and a lot, lot more. Um, so you can see here that you can upload your own logo and you know, you can put it on low, high quality, high res images. And the end result is amazing. So that's gonna really also kickstart your room, your Instagram page if you do want to apply some of these with your own kind of logos. And you can quite literally and detect through here, insert, insert an image, change this text here to, you know, whatever you want. And it comes upon making him do captions, you know, in a lot, lot more. Say yes, a definitely a top tip there are used in the past or works with very, very well are highly, highly recommend it. But if you've already got a logo and you've already gone established brand new, just installing off on Instagram. Then we're gonna go through and we're going to set up the rest of your profile. So let's get back to the presentation. Okay, so what you wanna do is, you know, when you're starting off in creating your profile everyone you wanna start with your ego link. Thus this here and this one here that's been circled on the left. And The reason why you want to start with your bio link or law people fall into this trap and they'll often forget this. You want to add in your Lincoln here, why? Because it can give you free traffic and send traffic back to your website and that's a key thing that you wanna do. So the whole idea of Instagram is to drive relevant, high quality traffic to your website, blog, or anything else of your choice. And so that's really what you wanna do. And that's the whole purpose of Instagram is to give you more visibility, give you more awareness for four raid your potential prospects and audiences. But really it's essentially, it's a drive that all important traffic to essentially get you more visibility and getting him selling more and a lot, lot more. Okay, so so that's the first thing we wanna do is to get that on there. The second thing that you want to do is, is to, is to create your bio text. So your boy text is a short bit texts that goes here. You can see that Jim Sharpe won is very, very short, which is essentially a quote, really be a visionary. So that's from the founder of the brand. But you can go in and add a little bit more extensive in there and showcase people who you are, what you do, and a lot, lot more. And, and I'm just gonna give you another tip here. Okay? And that tip is to use something like a Bitly URL shortener. So if you go on to the website, you can create a URL here and use a Bitly Schrodinger link. And I'll actually give you a lot more metrics and insights into vivid top tip here. And you can actually see where people are clicking on your website from how they're interacting with your page and then a lot, lot more. So that's really, really useful to use something like Bitly. And, and also when you're doing things like giveaways and competitions and you, you know, you want to drive traffic, you know, lot of people in what I recommend is you see, you know, Lincoln Bio. And people can click on your link and then they can sort of go through to your RAM onto your website voyeur Instagram page. And another thing is that I'm going to be talking about this in a second is something called a link tree link, which is quite a new thing that people are now using. And I recommend it and that allows you to have multiple links on that page. And that's fantastic if you're using things like affiliate marketing. And I am going to show you that on the next slide here, a k. So this is the small, the small hat color that I've got mentioned here. So this is the link tree aspect that you can solve add inside you and you can actually see that they, Gary Vee is actually using the link tree system for his bio link on here on the left. And just going back to the bio text here, everyone. So something else that I do recommend is to use the emojis, which are these small icons here that allows you to just showcase some things or make it easier for people to digest and understand what your songs had no telephone number. Ceo or whatever it might be, just makes life a little bit easier and just kinda helps your profile stand out a little bit more. And that's the other thing that you can do this on your bio that Jim shark, when they just had to be a visionary, Gary's used, utilizing the icons S lab works a lot, lot better. You know, you can give contact information here. So this point here is very, very good because it allows people to get in touch with you. Because remember, Instagram, yet the point is to drive traffic or get people to pick up the phone and help you grow your business. And, you know, engaging economy, log shares followers and learn a lot, lot more. Okay? And you can also hand and in other accounts or hashtags as well as emojis as I mentioned. These other handles that he's gone there, I am start morbidity. His, you know, his Twitter or it could be Facebook handle all roomed or tick tock handle. And that's really, really useful because then people will search on those other platforms and start following on those other platforms. And really, you know, you've really want to use Instagram as one of your key social media strategies, but you also want to use other social media platforms and particularly Facebook. Tick tock is growing rude already, quickly as well. Now, I've got, I've got a whole course on Facebook. And, you know, while over 3.5 thousand students all net or D recommend that you check that one out as well. If you want to use Loy's the, you know, the advertising side of Facebook, which touches upon Instagram as well. Because obviously Instagram is not owned by Facebook. And so that will help you guys out a lot. And it gives you an idea on how to promote yourself through that channel as well. And so yes, so definitely morning, utilize your bio section. You'll text your links as much as possible. And you know, people tend to forget about the sections. They just rush ahead of them but do spend 15-20 minutes and get this section right, get your links in there. Create a link tree when account was completely free or, or a Bitly won again, completely free, you know, takes any, any, a couple of ministers setup and that will make life a lot easier for you in the future. And he is best-practice. Trust me guys, you know, been doing this a long time. And these things here, they really, really do help because I gave you that visibility and transparency. And that Instagram won't give you all giggling and analytics won't give you as much. Ik. So that, that essentially concludes this lesson. And so you now know how to create your, you know, your, your bio section, Craig and the right links. And you know how to do that properly. So in the next lesson we're gonna talk about how to get your profile to be slightly easier, more easier to be discovered in Instagram search on when people are searching for what you do is we're going to talk about that next. 6. Instagram Profile Discovery: Right, so in this lesson we're going to talk about getting your profile optimized for discovery. So what do we mean by this? This means when people are searching for what you do or what you care about, you've got a higher probability to get in front of those people. So the first thing you want to do is to, is to ensure that you are using a business profile. As mentioned previously. This will allow you extra information and contact details on your account, as well as give you a whole host of data and the all important insights about your users, age, demographics, what time they're visiting your content, and much, much more. So as mentioned, God, if you're not using a pro-business profile, definitely get this set up straightaway or definitely switch across to this immediately as you'll get a lot more free information from it. Okay? So on your, on your bio, you have a, you know, a 150 characters and we talked about the bio section in the previous lesson. So Troy to include as many keywords related to your niche or business as possible. So for example, if you're a personal trainer or a fitness company, then you want to include things like the fitness hashtags such as Jim, fizzy GE, look good, gain shape, fitness, and so on and so forth. You know? No, retrospectively, if you are a clothing brand, then you want to be using things like tee-shirts, genes, tops, hoodies, all in hashtags. So you want to include your keywords in your bio section as much as possible. This is a small little hack because it will help the Instagram algorithm get a more understanding of who you are, what you do. And as you can see on this example on the right-hand side here from entrepreneurship fax, you can see on here that they've got a few nice or keywords and hashtags and they're like financial, financial freedom mindset. These are all kind of inspirational keywords that they use inside there by a, because this is what they're accountable is all based on. And we're going to dive in and take a little look at this account and very shortly in this lesson. So what this does is, as I mentioned this when people are searching for things that they're interested in, you know, this gives you a higher probability of showing your account to those people as long it in using these other tactics that we've already mentioned in this class. Okay, don't forget guys, you can also add mentioned your city names if you're a local business or you are a local service provider and you want, and you know your base, let's say New York or London for example. Then it's always a good idea to mention your ram, a hashtag in your city name inside your bio as well. And that's another low, sort of low tactic that you can use. And another tip is to use a Notepad editor. So if you, if you've got no pad on your computer, that is easier to actually create this inside a notepad because Instagram makes a little bit tricky to actually insert these colored images and this text which is loin broken like this into four different lines, makes a bit tricky is I just use something like Notepad and now make it, I'll give you a lot more flexibility to add in the information that you need on that. Ok. So don't forget to link other social channels to your main Instagram account. This is under the Account Settings option, facebook, twitter, tumblr, and others. So as I mentioned previously, you wanna make sure they, utilizing Instagram and Twitter. And Instagram is one of the popular social media platforms off. So you've got Facebook, which is absolutely massive, and you've got others are on the rise as well, such as tech talk. Snapchat is slowly starting to sort of Dojo and little bit. But Instagram is still going full steam ahead. So don't forget to include all your other social channels as well on things. And they can all be linked through your Instagram. Um, and it's also a good idea to mention those other platforms I follow us on, on, on Facebook, follow us on tech talk. So don't forget to do that as one some ego page, not too often, but in some post you should do nine to current build your overall social profile online. So just another quick example here. For, for everyone is a quick one. So for example, Guys, I'm just gonna type in fitness here. I'm just gonna zoom in a little bit sessions to be easier for you to, to actually see what's going on here. And so you can actually see that of targeting fitness because I might be interested in this particular topic. And you can see here that there's lots of different random corner of thickness where both people, companies, including local James and much, much more that are coming up. So a top tip here is, is to actually include fitness in your actual name itself in Europe show username. So that gives you a higher probability nasa low hack there to get higher up. So if you've got, for example, in a plumbing or plumber in there as a general quick example, then you go higher probability of coming up and they're anomalies can actually click on this first result over here. They'll talk TIM fitness and this is a very good real case example of how you can rank pretty much first in Instagram for the search fitness with only 8 thousand followers. So this particular account here, my AHIMA underscore Fitness. She looks like she's from Australia and an MDS. And she's got 88 thousand followers and she looks like she is fairly new to the Instagram platform. But she's managed to rank number one. So war he's destined or how she didn't know. Where you can see here through a poster, you she's been posting regularly and consistently log workouts. She's got a lot of kind of posts on there. So she has been posting quite regularly. The good combination of mixtures, you know, since 2017, she's been in a regularly posting on that. She's included the keyword fitness. She's also got fitness as a first keyword in her bio. Says he's actually covering all the things that we're suggesting. She's also linked to our other social media tunnel, again to a YouTube challenges, what would just mentioned a moment ago, linking to your other social platforms. She's got a relevance or things to fitness in here. Got Jim, look, exercises me again, tick talk. So and then if you just click on this one here, we can just see some, you know, some of the sort of things that she's talking about, some of the comments that people are leaving on that. And you know, you can see here let Jim, Jim shock, body goes fitness, hashtag fitness. So these are all the exact tactics that you use should be doing. And this is a very, very good example of how to rank first in Instagram with only a small amount followers in 8 thousand followers guys, you know, she hasn't got lying in a five million, ten million plus followers. Say, you can do this too. And it can be done. It's all about optimizing your profile properly. Manichean, rankle, Nan fuel posting good content and consistent content. Then you will rank and you'll get followers, and you will succeed. So a combi done, it's very possible. And this is a very great example of exactly what we've been talking about. Nsa. I'm just going to go in there again and just search another one and say, you know, we've got, you know, a fitness for less that's coming up. So this is one of one of my local at James is not more, it's one of the one that I go to, but it is a local gym. Did at their gain rank because again, they're in the city. The volume, the volume in an Instagram knows this. And you can see on that and they've all got hardly any posts on there at all, is pretty much a brand-new account really. But they economy-wide that their ranking coil, because they've mentioned the city name in that as well. So this is a really good way to get yourself on that and get some real results. And just flick them back to the entrepreneur. Ship facts that we discussed earlier. So they using very good way. And would the quotes in there, as I said, you know, you'll see this quite often in a 20172020202021. And this is what a lot of people do an Instagram because I lived to see before and afters. These weren't really any vowels. And you can look at these accounts, gets my ideas, get some inspiration, and really build out your account. So if you're into, you know, entrepreneurship or if you're an entrepreneur, you might say this, I'm an Instagram. And they go look, first on, they're actually above entrepreneur itself. So say yes, these Goyal, again, I'll kind of using the same tactics that I'm teaching in this course. So you can do it to a case. So that essentially completes the, the last part of this lesson, everyone. And I'll see you in the next one. 7. Hashtags, Stories & Best Times to Post: Okay, so in this lesson we're going to cover some of the more intricate stuff. So definitely how somebody to take notes with everyone. So let's start with one of the most important things on Instagram, which is hashtags. So firstly, what is a hashtag? A hashtag is essentially a way for users to discover or find new content on the Instagram platform that they're interested in. Now this doesn't mean that every time you use a hashtag, you'll guarantee to show your posts. We'll stories to these people, no, but it does mean that you have got a higher probability if he used them in the right way along with the other tactics in this course. So hashtags are very popular across a whole spectrum of social media including Twitter, Facebook, tick talk, and many others. You know, they really are a, an ingenious way for V2. Get more visibility and transparency across your posts. So a key question here is, what many people ask me is, well, how many has time should I be using a moist stories Lloyd or post? So there is actually a magic number here, guys. And this is from studies that I've done, that I've researched online and a lot, lot more than what I've personally found that got the best results. And that's actually between roughly eight to ten hashtags. Okay. So you wouldn't be using around this numbered. Don't overdo it and don't call underdeveloped put there. So you don't want to use like two or three hashtags where you don't want to use 20 or 30 hashtags because you're just essentially bombed the algorithm and it won't like you and you will actually demoing your post if you try to use too many. You can also look up your hashtags in the search bar by clicking it and then looking at the post number button, just blow it right underneath the title. And you can also add hashtags in the comment section instead of description. And which really also helps to you word to boost the algorithm. So if you're wondering, how do I find out where the hashtags on how to solve collectively falling them. I'm going to take two methods in this lesson. One is through the keyword tool, the IAEA, which I'll show you the second. And the other way is religious, just groin, boy, looking in that search bar, kicking Roy Glauber in or show you the number of posts or using that hashtag inside Instagram. So you do want, the sweet spot is really in a roughly eight to ten hashtags. Okay? And there is a great tool that helps you find the royal hashtag. So another common question, another popular question I get asked a lot is, well, how do I know what to target and how do I know which hashtags or should be adding in more posts? And you can, you can look up the hashtag through this tool here called keyword I, o, q a2, REO, sorry. And I'm just gonna dive in that and show you some. Examples of that now, so this is keyword tool Dojo everybody. And you'll start off with this or default screen. And this is a really, really good free tool that gives you a whole host of keyword data, which is really important because you really need to know the keywords to go forward to target, to get maximum chance of sharing your content to your users. To remember, just flip him back to the presentation. In terms of the posts, you want to be going for something that's got around a 100 to 300 K approximately number of posts. So before you start researching the hashtags, moiety, aim for topics. I've got slightly less than 300 thousand posts for our hashtag. Otherwise, your posts will just get buried in the inner heaps and heaps of posts are already live. Okay? So, so just bear that in mind when you're doing your ram, your research less, less common here. So you want to be selected on Instagram as your, as your turn layer. Remember, geysers are totally free tool. You can purchase the paid version as well if you want a little bit more data from them. But I'm going to come in and I'm just going to search something so necessary. For example, I'm interested in doing a post on fishing. There's a general example. Now, this will give me all the trending hashtags now. And it will also give me the number of posts are already using these hashtag. So you can see here that fishing life is a very, very popular used hashtag and has been used by over 4 million posts worldwide. So, yes, this is a good one to use. However, you're going to be really snowed under with the amount of posts are on there. So you're going to be competing with over 4 million other users or post, it's a pretty difficult. And remember guys, we said roughly the sweet spot is around 300 approximately. So, you know, I mean, yes, this includes Australia it over you live in Australia? Perfect. Some of these other ones, yes, there they are. Blank day however, you have got very good idea of color is going to be less than 300 thousand. So that's a little tip there. So this is going to be in the kind of looks like it's in the corner of 50 thousand marks as Hodgkin, perfect to fishing addicts hashtag, fishing addicts, Really, really good hashtag to users, but not got too many post, not too much competition on their fishing adventures. Fishing stories. I'm really, really good keywords to go for an Remember guys. As you kind of grow, as you scale, as you build your followers, as you build your content, you can start to tap into the more competitive hashtags later on. So don't be too afraid to use them later on as you grow. And that this isn't when you start to become, you know, a bit more of a higher authority on Instagram. And you can't stop the beaten with these million-plus corner post and you can get yourself in there, say, don't be too shy of doing it. But at the early stage of you're just starting off, go for slightly more easier wants at all that I have mentioned here in this post here. So the final thing that you want to be looking at everyone in your hash tanks and in general is your location here at the bottom. So location is really, really important, as we mentioned, because that will allow you to tap into your local area. So this is absolutely ideal for companies are specialists in their local area or providing a service. An Instagram, as you can see on screen, allows you, after you've created your post, it allows you to have a location option. So definitely go for that and definitely add that in as I will give you a lot more exposure and that's a nice little hack. And, and as a bonus tip, you can also tag in people. So once you start to build up your followers and do star by falling friends and family at the beginning. Because this will give you a little corner low starter boost. Type them in and get them sort of liking, sharing and commenting on your pictures, on your posts, on your story slides. And that will give you a quick initial boost. And it'll give it these social proof for others to then start to also like share and comment and get you that all important engagement and in grow your followers thereafter. So that's super, super important. Not just to find more top tip there to cover off the, the hashtag section. And we're now going to move on to looking at the stories. And I'll give you some nice little hacks for that as well. Okay, so the next tip is looking at stories. And here's some pretty neat little things that you can do to really get your engagement up on Instagram, particularly with the new Instagram algorithm. So what you really wanted Davids in some of your posts, and you want to start to use our their age story poll question box or a reaction slider. So you don't want to overdo this and you don't want to be doing on every single posts. And guys, you only wanna do maybe low one day or one every few days. So tried to limit them, but do throw them in there at least wants to twice a week if you can. Because this will ready, get your interaction and get your REM, your followers and your potential followers engaged and swiping and selecting options. Just showing you this on the screen as we go along is very easy to do. You just selected through lecture stories Lloyd, ASL, naked editor, as he sees fit. And then just literally hit the post button. And this is a very nice quickly away. As I said, get that all, all the old good engagement that we're looking for. You also get the results, of course as well. So you can see the results or what people type. Your users also see that when they involve selecting a yes, no or whatever, you know, whatever might be. So just bear that in mind as well. Alright, so now that you've integrated wanted the story boosters, the next thing that you want to do is wait a few hours to see who actually interacting with those poles or questions. So Instagram will give you a list when you watch your own story. The next step is to actually go through that list of people and start to actually follow these guys. Interrupted them, comment and like their photos, ignore should you feel that they are and what you're looking for. So this is a nice little method because as mentioned, India Instagram is all about community. And it wasn't an any, loves to see people engaging and interacting amongst each other. So what this will do is this will help to actually boost to your posts and your stories to those particular people as well. So don't forget guys, the ones I actually go through and view your, your stories. Go onto their profiles, have a little look, see what they're doing. Comment like share on their posts, follow them and in return, the idea is for them to start following you back in return and started following, share your posts and your stories. So in essence, you get a whole snowball effect. I'm your account and your engagement will just grow and grow. So that's a really cool little hat there. And this will really help you to sort of build up that engagement and get those all important followers. Said, definitely interact with them and don't be afraid to comment and on people's posts. And Like and share them as well. Ok, so now we're gonna talk about the third engagement ranking factor, and that is timing. So timing is an essential part of Instagram to get the most engagement from your followers and potential followers. So a lot of the experts might say that, you know, you should be posting at, let's say a Tuesday at 07:00 PM or during lunchtime. But the reality is your audience might be completely different to the ones that the experts or mentioning. So yes, as a general rule of thumb, choose day seven PM might be a fairly good time to post or, you know, at lunchtime while it because most people call it work Monday to Friday, nine to five, let's say. So these are good times to post. However, just something that I want you to note down and remember is that, you know, not everybody works that way and also people are in different time zones. So for example, let's say you're based in the UK and a lot of your audience, or a lot of your traffic on followers or based in America. And the American time zone is around eight hours behind the UK. So a lot of, you know, a lot of your audience, you know, if they are based in necessary America than you've got O'Connor readjust your timing and ensure that you're posting that carnage suits their timing and your timing as well. And in a retrospective, leave it as a, you know, your followers on the other side of the world. And NSA, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, for example. Than those goes around 12 to 14 hours ahead. And so you've really got to think of these things and you've got a corner of them. Pay attention to your metrics and your analytics. And this is why I mentioned earlier on in one of the very first lessons is to ensure that you are using a business account because this will give you the insights and the data, the all important data to, to let you know what's happening behind the scenes, how your followers and how your users are engaging with your content. And your posts. And that will allow you to tailor your strategy and ensure that you are posting at the right times. Ford for when your users are most active. You know, it also depends on the niche and the niche your businesses in. And for example, let's say you're in the fitness industry, then a log your audience will be active very, very early morning because they want to, you know, fitness people that are into their college, their gmane, their health and fitness and well-being. They would tend to often they'd get up early because they want that dose of inspiration, you know, they wanted to solve. There were a lot went to their Instagram account and have a dose of inspiration for their hit the gym. And so a lot of that audience will be online very, very early. This could be Lloyd, you know, 67 AM in the morning and minute before they go to work. So those guys will interact around that corner time. So as mentioned here, the best way to tackle this problem is to stop posting regularly. And if you've got a business count, then definitely view the insights to see exactly which countries, which demographics or engaging with you the most. And you can also then a little top tip here is that if your users are in NSA in America or Australia or they're sold a time zone apart, then you can actually use these scheduled post feature in Instagram. And that will allow you to schedule your posts are those times where you are, again, the peak kind of traffic to your account. So definitely the key here is to definitely viewed. Keep an eye on those metrics. Start posting regularly, you know, have fun with their, you know, enjoy post-war. You loved doing, keep an eye on those metrics. And just follow, follow, follow your instincts at the beginning. And, and yes, it's a once you've got that data, you can then start to schedule your posts and you can use some tools or a loss for the free tools out there that can, you can use as well. And this is a bonus tip a, you can use things like HootSuite or buffer. They're two very, very good tools I personally use to schedule posts. Instagram has got that feature now built in, but HootSuite buffer there, completely free to use that will allow you to integrate other social platforms and other social accounts in there. And you can post directly to multiple counts or use this for my clients. And when I'm using it, and it gives, it allowed me to quickly, easily and slightly account than a one, post it to Facebook, Instagram, tiktaalik or wherever it might be. And HootSuite and buffer, they give you that extra level of freedom to do this. And that's just a little top tip there. And of course goes in and don't forget, as I've got mentioned in the last point here at the bottom, it's to always be liking commenting, sharing direct message. This boosts the algorithm and we'll show you content a lot more to those particular users. And the idea is for them to connect, then reshare R3 with their audience to give you that kind of that effect of growing. And so that concludes the timing session. And now we're going to move on to the final one which is asking questions and your post as well. Okay, so the fondling engagement tip of this lesson is to ask questions in Instagram and in your paste. So yes, we touched upon this earlier, but just to reiterate the importance and questions and polls and so on, where roadie Rudy super well. So you can ask questions, you can get direct feedback from your audience. You know, you can say something on the lines of, you know, common below or put in a quote. So another top tip here is to throwing look a quote, because quote work really, really well. And then you can put anything. Do you agree something as simple as that? And just just ask a question. You can always get feedback. You know, just update our website. A little sort of mini video of a, you can just do on a small phone. You could College, just film it. And then upon their love to get your feedback, what do you think or launched a brand new product? Loved again, you guys opinion, what do you think you love it or hate it? Yes, no. Meeting do polls on that or rated R ten. So you can do, you can get really, really creative with your questions and polls and Instagram and uses absolutely loved to gain gauge. They, you know, and this is a psychological thing and this is something that I've picked up over the many years, I've been mocked and guys, if you get people to interact and engage with you on your posts, on your email, on your website, for example. And you've always got a higher probability of that customer then going on to carrying out or filling in a form or purchasing a product, which is essentially an inevitably what you want from your user. That's when your instance variable crown, you want them to or the boy into you or your product. And that is the end goal. So these are really, really good and effective ways of getting, getting people to sort of just engaged that slightly more to build that trust, build that loyalty, and then get them to take action, needs a really, really good, strong, effective, engaging ways that you can do on your posts. And I've got a couple of examples here on the right-hand side of good and bad posts. So the one on the left here is a post which is not as good as the one on the right. You know, in my kind of in my opinion, reason being is, if you look at the two people and psychologically they would always focused more on other humans or faces. They just following them and more engaging, more inviting to kick on. And if you look at the two, you'll notice that this one you'll more than likely drawn to the one on the right-hand side here. Why? Because you've got peace morning phase does looking straight into you read is this one on the left here, you know, she's covered up with a big question box. So yes, that's good that they've got the question box here they could have done is actually move this question box Ob-la-Di to maybe the top of the screen here, move and maybe slightly down. And then you could see both of them a little bit or they've done here, and then you get the best of both. So little things like that can make a big, big difference. So you definitely want to ensure that you're using your inventory and photography in the wrong way. You know in the pictures as mentioned in the third, they make a huge difference. So it's a definitely bear that in mind and definitely use those tips of getting feedback, getting engagement, getting your audience to interact with you, and getting direct feedback which marked as absolutely loved direct feedback from customers. So that actually concludes the final session of this particular lesson. Everyone do drop a comment below in the discussions. If you've got any questions for me, drop them down below and I'll be more than happy to personally help you. And you can get a set of ideas and content from other people on the discussions as well. So thank you for watching and I can't wait to see you in the next lesson where we're going to talk about content strategy, branding, and promotions and much, much more. 8. Content Strategy: All right, so welcome to the content strategy and branding. Lessen everyone. So in this class we're going to talk about how to build your theme and make your brand look consistent across Instagram so you don't confuse your followers. And you've got a nice professional and consistent theming all the way across your social platforms, your website, your logo, and your brand overall. So just a general tip here is when you're also doing anything online or you're creating a business or a brand. You should try and keep everything as consistent and irrelevant across channels as possible. So all the way from, as I said, your website to, to your social channels and an a lot, lot more. So in, as part of your overall strategy, as we've mentioned here in the first here, you know, you want to keep all your colors for your brand, nice and consistent. As I said, you know, the composition needs to be very, very similar throughout. And what you can do is you can login if you're if you're brand new and you're just going off and you're unsure what kind of color schemes to choose. We are looking for some kind of inspiration and some creativity. Then I'm a fantastic website that you can look at is a website called Adobe color. I'm just going to log on to there now and give you a quick idea of what it looks like. Ok, so this is the Adobe Color website, which is a completely free website from Adobe Of course. And it gives you ideas and inspiration and color matching ideas and for you to explore and utilized. So he logo on a homepage which where I am at the moment, I'm not Adobe Click on Explore at the top here. And so this color here, so this knowns blue color. This is actually last year's. I'm Pantone color of the gears are each year in the corner of design and creative industry, you get what we call Pantone colors. And I believe the previous year was a green color. Loss. 20-20 is a noise blue here. And next year we'll, there'll be another color. So what you can do is, I mean, you don't have to stick to these blades. You counsel, coming near the top here and toy pin, anything you want of your choice. For example, moon Lloyds. And what they would do is it will give you some noise corner color combinations and variations that complement each other. You can kind of select and choose. He can look and copy the hex codes here. And it'll give you some inspiration to choose your color palettes and a lot, lot more. So you can see here you'd gone noisy image. And then she's using the conduct, the moonlight effect colors here. So really, really good stuff and talks about the Adobe color in my other Facebook cause, which is trending. And yes, so it works really, really well. Check it out and get some inspiration and some ideas from it. So just flip him back to the presentation. So that's Adobe Color. And as I said, that will give you some ideas on color schemes to potentially go for. And also if you need any help with choosing a color for your brand. And just drop a comment below in the discussions and, or reach out to me personally, I just say, hey, you know, this is moiety or this is the field and ongoing intake would love your expert opinion on what kind of color scheme or thing that I should personally go for that would compliment my brand. I'm generally and this normally starts from your logo as well. So if you've got a logo with air where you're using sunlight, moonlight color or whether using a Pantone green or lou and or wherever called Amoy B. Then generally, when I'm designing websites or marketing for clients or votes, or tend to use their logo as a base starting point. And then let that transition across through all the other channels are via social media, clothing, you know, whatever that might be. So if as I said, if you haven't got a logo, we have covered that in one of the previous one, but even more than the first or second lessons where we talk about logo. So dou, dou, dou, rho. Go back on to that lesson if you want a quick recap on what that lesson included. Okay, so, so that's kind of like a branding and your color schemes salted. And what we're gonna do is because we're on the Content Strategy lesson, we're going to dive into the more tangible side of things. So you, what you want to do is once you've got all your theming, your colors all in order, that's going to be a big part of your content strategy. And so what, why is that? You might be asking, what's that got to do with warm posting. So the reason why you pick colors schemes is because you build a long-term brand and your build and loyalty in your build brand recognition to your CO2, your customers, your followers, and your potential followers. So I'm just gonna show you a quick example of one of the Instagram accounts now. So we're gonna take a quick look at coyly Jenna. And so Connie Janet, she tends to use a COUNTIF pinks in her room in our branding. Yes, she's got some seasonal stuff going on here, the greens and, you know, for, for, for last Christmas. But you'll find here enlightenment, her brand. Should I use a lot of pinks in there? You can see your pink CEA here. Here because this is Cody, skin and packaging and branding. Again, got pink hair in the background. So show you use a lot of pink in her in her Instagram account and disappear again here you got the pink, the pinks here. She's even got pink interior. Nicole. This is all part of branding, is all part of their content theming. And this is what you want to shoot for guys. Yes, you can mix it up. Lloyd qualities don't hear in a schistosome browns in there and some other colors in there. But yes, you definitely want to be, you know, trying to stay on point with your colleagues and pneumonia and new brand to keep all your brand messaging or noise and consistent in there. So, so that's, that's kind of coyly katakana, obviously. Again, the pink EA, which compliments branding very, very nicely. So thus does just real life in real case example of how to use the colors appropriately for your, for your brand and your Instagram page. Okay, so in terms of your content calendars or your content calendar can be uninstall calendar. And it just allows you to track your posting, allows you to stay consistent and allows you to stick to your schedule. So sticking to your schedule is very, very important because it will give you a guidance and motivation to ensure that you are posting on those days. Germany were often recommend to start off with. I'm at the beginning is if you can try and post daily, if you can, or certainly, and draw up a content calendar at the beginning of the week, let's say Monday, and draw out your plan for Monday or Friday today, this is what you're going to post on these days. Sure. If you get a trend or a hot topic or a hot trending inside that comes into play on that day. Celebrity has done something or, or your, you know, your manufacturers or at least something that you've gotta buy in promoting Goetzmann. You can put, you can do a double post on that day. No problem. This is generally why did my clients is we'll call Conrad, schedule something for the full week. And sometimes even two weeks basis is really as a top tip here is to spend time collate your room, your content, in a diary, and then just go for it. And another thing that we do is, and another thing I highly recommend it to search for this augments crunchy on the screen now. So what you can do is let us say you are in the sports or fitness or chiming niche. And you wanna see what's coming up this year or next year. A very good way and at top two periods is to go into just going to give one surge events or what is happening in 20 twenty one, twenty two, twenty two whenever year might be. And just kind of search and see what's going on that yea, could be, you know, holidays, but, you know, it could be like bank holidays or special holidays. It could be sporting events, it could be baking events, whatever. So niche that you're in and get a diary planning going and sort of record all these dates. And then you can start sharing things around those dates. So it's not a highly, highly relevant content for your Instagram page and social media in general. This is a good way to post engaging, relevant on-time, real-time content. And this is something that I've done in a time and again, my still did today for, you know, for a lot of my clients. And they absolutely love it and you'll find that they go log engagement this way. Okay, so the next thing that you want to be doing, guys, as part of your content strategy on Instagram is you wanna be running promotions and giveaways. Now, this is absolutely huge. And I know companies out there that actually started when they first first started Brian, you they started or running, you know, a lot of conic promotions and giveaways and an I'm talking about before social media was even born. This is going back in 1515 years. Okay, we'll save 10-15 years ago before social media was massive and column well-known. And people would write run promotions and things such as Lloyd newspapers, traditional media leaflets. And they do giveaways and priorities from their own companies. And they build a loyal following in a built customers up and they blew up. Companies are now current can lactating over 50508100 million turnover per year. And they coined literally started off with just doing a lot of promotions, you know, so they gotta kinda professional website built and they did some basic, basic kind of marketing, got there, kind of branding looking nice and consistent and professional. And then they just started doing giveaways and just promotions. And they have literally millions of pounds, you know, turnover companies. And, you know, it can happen and these days, is that a lot, lot easier? Why? Because technology has allowed us to silver amplifying. There's giveaways and it's made our lot, lot cheaper and easier than using traditional media like newspapers and leaflets. And that was sort of old school stuff. So, you know, like we'd gotten here. Everybody loves a freebie and people do people love free stuff online and giveaways or super, super important to help you build your brand, to grow your following, grow the, get that engagement. And as I said, you know, I've helped companies grow just off the back of running in a giveaways and promotions said Never underestimate the power of free. So what you want to do is you want to start off with, like I said in the previous lessons, you want to solve, you know, when you start, if you're a brand new account and you're storing off a new account? Yes. You want to follow your, you know, your friends, family members, get them to follow you, like share, comment on your stuff and vice versa. Just to get that in this initial social proof, get the ball rolling. And then you want to slowly starting with employers give ways. Again. Make sure you've got your family and friends involved. Because this gives your RAM posts and your stories start social proof that people do look for on line. And, you know, it was always just relevant to your business necessary your'e, a makeup or a beauty brand. Just give away some stuff where you feel is affordable. That might be a voucher remote, be something tangible like a box set. And due to running a competition every month, and people love that kind of stuff online. And if you really, really want to take it to the next level, everyone, than what you've read you wanna do is you wanna do a viral competition. Nominee should do this once you've gotten laid a bit of a small following. And then you can really amplify your competition is by running something like kick-off labs, which I've personally used several times. And the results that you can get off of this guys is absolutely exponential or highly recommend. You take a note of this and fun to wear head over to our website right now. This is the website which is kick-off And this allows you to create a viral competition using their software that platform allows you to launch. He says that cup chain leads via social media or marketing campaigns. It works really, really well with Facebook, Instagram, and other soil tunnels like Pinterest as well. And quite literally gone thousands and thousands of leaves for more coins for myself using these cloning giveaway promotions. And I mean our window into this too much because you didn't need to have a little look at it. They in essence, the idea of a kick-off lapses. It's a leader board style and competition where people gathering, collect points and to become the top of the leaderboard by sharing is an absolutely ingenious idea, whoever came up with this, and it works really, really effectively because the people, by nature, human beings, were very competitive creatures. We would like to be the best. We want to be at the top. And, and, you know, we want to be the best. And the way that this platform is run as is they used the more points and the more people that subscribed through the person that shares at the most, and they get to the top of the leaderboard. So in essence, you get, you know, if you've got one or two people that economy influences, they've got, you know, 506000 thousand followers they showed to their followers. They then share it to their followers. And it's like a, it's like, oh you know, it's like a viral campaigns like a virus. It just edges, hops and grows, and grows, and grows. And is a really, really good way of getting fantastic results. And you can quite literally go viral. Amino, I did a case study on disk, this company, as part of a marketing meeting that we run a couple of months ago. I'll show you that right now. So this is the company that I run, the exact competition that I was just talking about a moment ago. They run a good few years ago and he went absolutely viral and crazy for them. So the company was called Sonny clothing. And essentially they said anybody that shared album repost that this post on their Instagram would get a free bathing, swimming Sue. And, you know, an Audi users have to do is just covered the post stage. There's an absolutely ingenious marketing campaign on a got them a lot, a lot of shares, pose followers, clicks, sales more, most importantly, and it went absolutely crazy to the point where they didn't even expect it to go so crazy. You can see that kind of follow the town was that it was 23rd of April 17. Literally, within a couple of weeks, they had, you know, close to a million followers guys. I'm from when when they kind of did this when they did this clutter promotion. You know, you can, you can see, you can see that the jump pair in the followers, you know, 745% thousand up. And this was purely because of this viral campaign using that same tactic of just recommended to you as a top, top tip. And what they did was so smart because what they said was that you'd get it for free if you share it, you just cover the post stage. And what many people didn't realize was the post stage actually covered the cost of the true bikini. And I mean this bikini, it costs them money nose around a few dollars in cost price. Shipping Ghetto was a much at all. And I think they were charging like volume knowing, knowing oh, 699. And for the shipping which covered everything can be made as small forging of that. And they got their followers overnight, pretty much overnight. You can see the dome pair from 300 followers to almost a million followers. Pretty much humanoids. And so ready already powerful stuff starts at top, top tip though rarely share dishonest stuff with them, with people. But if you implement these tactics, you know, u2, Congo, Congo viral, it's just using the combinations in the right way. And you will succeed with Instagram and with social media. So that covers this part of the lesson. I hope you enjoyed that one. Among I'll see you in the next lesson. 9. Examples of Good Instagram Posts: All right, and so in this lesson, everyone we're going to talk about and good examples of Instagram posts and stories. So I wanted to give you some real case scenarios and some real examples of how some of the best people in the best companies or doing it in the real world. So we've got three examples and I'm going to give you, we've got Jim Sharkey, which is one of my favorite Jim fitness brands. We've got Gary vein or check who have talked about already. And we've got Cody Jenner or coyly cosmetics, and we're going to have a look at brand. So we've got three very different stone or examples in order to give you three very practical examples. So you got a good flavor and an insight of how these guys are all doing it. So let's flip over to Instagram and I'm going to show you the first one there, which is Jim chalk. So this is the Jimmy shock Instagram page. You can see they've got 5 million followers and they're falling at a 128 people, which is mainly the, the stars or they can work with. And the microbe influences that they go for. So you can see on their Instagram page that they are posting very, very regularly, wants to twice per day. In fact, an Instagram is a big, big part of their overall growth strategy as a business. They primarily run on Social Media Marketing, which drawings around 80% of their over all revenue, which is absolutely huge. And Instagram has been a key part of that. Along with that is the influences which I'm gonna talk to you about in the next couple of lessons. And what you'd really want to do is you really want to have a look at these brands and you want to study them and view them. See this style of photography that they're doing. And a lot of it, to be honest, is likely to be a lot because I just offer basic small thing. You don't need any kind of special photography equipment or anything like that. Just plug-in small thing, you know, whatever kind of room set or whatever and the area that you're in, just just go for it, take a snap and posted on that. You got a lot people there do correlate before and afters. People love down Instagram, you know, they want to come and see like, you know, your, your RAM progress and your how you're, how you're doing. And then also throw in a lot of quotations as well. So you'll find that a lot of people on Instagram do use quotations. And they, you know, they, they help a lot or they'll just throw in some corner of some kind of text in there. You can see this is one from a Halloween poster they did awhile ago. It just don't quirky stuff. So, you know, 400 we know and address it as the gym, maybe then they'll pay attention to me. So just quirky and people love that kind of stuff. And and, and he had just, you know, don't be afraid to mix it up in your RAM, in your postpaid keeper. One thing, if that makes sense. So you can see on here they, they've got good variation here. So you've got in a very clean background and humans and so Komodo, by the look of it, they probably likely they've hired, you know, they've done some work with their clothing. And then you've got just a normal person that's done economy, a workout video in there. So, you know, it's, the theme is the same as fitness, but the content is slightly different, um, and thus a top tip their goals. So you want to do that for variation, if you can. It be that you might get some, you know, some of your friends in the video, in the image. If you haven't got access to models and whatnot, don't forget all I gave you a really, really good website which was place dot it. Earlier on that allows you to use models with their own branding and clothing are met and definitely check out that lesson again as a recap lesson. And so these are the top things that you want to be dealing. So you can see here the gym shock strategy really, it's very, it's very personalized. They live to show people's progress. They love showing what people are up to in their own homes. It's very cold a homely as well. And, and that's really great because it allows you to personal noisy allows you to resonate with their content. A cone of a helps you to do that. And it's really good to do this. You know, they got quirky videos at narrowing the cohere. Quite extreme. But people loved this kind of content. They enjoy the what Jane Doe share it though, locate the comment on it, and they will get them more engagement. This is, you know, this is really what you want to be doing, is looking at these channels and getting an idea, flavor, inspiration and say, hey, yeah, I can do something about now, I can do something similar on that. So that's the Jim Shaw Quan. And as I said, they really build their whole business on social media marketing. And, you know, it's, it's a very, very good platform to help you do that. So I'm just going to flick over now to you the carrying value check one. So Gary's strategy is slightly different. To Instagram, to Jim tried to bake a pardon. And he he's he's obviously and he's a, he's a mock tail, is one of the top marketers in the world. And he turned himself into a brand, essentially what will we call this personal branding. He is the face and his company. In essence, he runs a very large successful marketing agency. And the wild love about Gary's content is Gary managers content is he posts Hill post in wherever he's wearing, wherever he is, he doesn't care what it looks like. Hilda's post a video. Just Boston, it's bone. Wherever he is, whatever he's wearing, whatever he looks like he doesn't get, he'll just roll up the content on a regular basis. And he also does help for videos way or respond to people. And he does conduct talks. And that's part of his strategy where he'll talk to people from all ages, all sorts of groups, all nationalities. He doesn't care who, just kind of just speak his mind and it will give you honest feedback. And you can see here that he's talking to a very young girl. That's column asked him a question, you know, she's 16 years old. Look, it says that. And her question was, what do I do after a rejection? And so this could be locking in a in a in a business plan or it could be locker business pitch that she's done a young age or maybe a job that she's diploid fall and he known unfortunate got rejected. And Gary will go on and he'll answer those questions. He'll get his expert opinion on it. And that's absolutely fantastic. And I highly, highly recommend guides. You put that into your Instagram strategy. And now meu PDA you might be answering customer questions. Might be that you doing the helpful or useful and territorial, or a video. If you're, let's say a plumber, you could do a video on fixing a leak or a dripping tap, which is really common. For example, if you're an electrician, you Mortensen and gave some health and safety tips out. If you're, if you're into beauty and might be the latest must Gora or the latest them Foundation. For example, if you're into cooking, it could be that you marching and shapes a minority in a baker favorite Keiko MRSA in and my family members were my best friend said to me, you know, what's the best way to either know, Cook, Cook, Cook anomalies, for example, it can be absolutely anything. The idea is, is to just keep rolling out that content, not to worry too much in what you're setting is what you look like, where you are, you know, and just comment, just just roll the owl, honest smartphone, Boston small phone and just film shoot, post daily. And you're gonna see results if you do that and you do that on a regular basis, and you're gonna do that. This is the thing that I love about Gary May check is in a Yann says these kind of questions, you know, how to eliminate FOMO, fear of missing out. You know, it's, it's very common things that people do that they've got a fear of missing now on things and help answer these questions. And they're written, your people loved them. He gets tons and tons of likes, comments and shares. And people, you know, people do that, people love that kind of stuff. And so these are great examples or you can, you know, when implementing yourself and you can start diving. So let's flip over to the last one, which is the coil one. So this is Connie Jenner and so this is her personal page. You can see on there she's got over 200 million followers. It seems to grab every day, every time we look at age as grows and grows and grows. And she's really taken the Instagram market, the Instagram channel, boy storm. She is one of cheese in the top five. Instagram is on the planning. Their posts are ranked in the top five or the top ten of the most liked posts in the world ever. Believed the one that she showed when she was and g For a baby or she announced when to use g for baby was I think it's like the first or the second most liked posts in the world. In fact, I think I'll do an example of in some way. And that's really tough to do that, super, super tough to do everyone. But it's all about regularly posting in NMR where you are, what you're doing, just post out content, whatever you're feeling. Be children yourself, you know, whatever you feel comfortable with, whatever you prefer to do. I mean, that's a really cool pictures. He's got a1. It looks like an orange tree there or or something and she's posted it with her child. He's got a complementing and Jay-Z top on teacher on there. So that looks really, really cool. And again, you know, people loved that constant of legal, all the comments on the xi's go thousands of likes on that. And it's great. This get set followers. This gets people talking about her, commenting on her and a lot, lot more. Let's just flip over to her business brand as well, which is called the cosmetics. So not quite as many as her personal brand. So short 25 million on air, still, not too shabby. But you can see what she's doing is she's combining the two together. So she will very likely have an agency or a marketing agency that's looking after this brand. And she's kinda posting regularly on her own brand. And she's combining the two together. Now, I'm not saying that you need to do this at this very early stage because you wanna keep your costs low and you want to keep your costs down as possible. But these, I'm just giving you ideas and inspiration or where you can go with Instagram later on. And you know, it's a very good way of my suggestion would be to start off as kind of a personal branding. And, and then, you know, then branched out into using your personal brand into a business. Because people like that personal touch to it. And it works really, really well. You know, these kind of images that they get a lot of response. Daguerre loved, likes, shares, comments, and shares, and it works fantastically well. And so that's again sheeting in seasons as well. If it's Christmas or whatever it might be Shimon be posting around there because seasonality is fresh content is irrelevant. People loved that again. So, you know, think about all your seasons, think about what's going on around the world. Holidays, seasonality offers centroid to sort of resonate with your audience, get those ideas and just tore implementing it and just stop posting. Okay, so that concludes this lesson. Everyone. 10. Using Influencer Marketing: Okay, so in this lesson, everyone, we're gonna move on to one of my most favorite lessons in this whole course. And that is all about influences. So influencing marketing. What is it and what does it mean? So influencer marketing is essentially when you use influences or people that have got a lot of followers and a lot of influence on social media. They post out and they share content of yours. And you use them, you harness their followers, that presence. And then you get revenue or you grow your own account via them. So it's an absolute ingenious marketing method and it is one of my most favorite methods to growing a customer's account or any account that I managed in the past. And this is very, very effective. So there's three different types of influences. There's your Nano influences. You get micro, macro, and then there's also global. So we're going to first talk about D1 nano influences. So nano influencer will typically have under 10 thousand followers. Now they have a very loyal fan base and a very tight-knit following. So then engagement rates tend to be very, very good. Why? Because they're very smooth following so roughly around 10 thousand followers. So these followers tend to be very loyal. They'll follow what this particular influence a dense quite regularly because I'll be posting often. They trust this person. They'll follow that advice in a, they said the trends and they'll keep an eye on them closely and they get influenced by them and now following what they say. So that's nano M influences. Now in terms of the micro influences, now microarray influences tend to have between ten thousand and a hundred thousand followers. So they're slightly bigger. Again, they're very, very active on social media. They've got a strong and a loyal fan base, and they also have good engagement rates as well. Now, the reason why in our data and have the strongest engagement rates, or they are still very, very good, is because there's, as you tend to grow your follower base on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, tick tuple, and so on. And your engagement rates, IED, gate when he gets so likes shares follows, tend to get smaller as you, as you grow. So, so nano or micro influences both have strong and good engagement rates. They'll get lots of kits and shares on their posts and comments. And they do, as I mentioned, have a very good tight-knit following. So, you know, these guys are super active on social media. They're using it on pretty much a daily basis. They're highly active on that. They've got very good loyal cell fans. And they do a lot on that. So the third one is the macro influences. Now the macro influences tend to have over a 100 thousand followers, between a 100,000 million. They are very, very active on social media. And there'll be posting typically wants to twice a day. And they've got very loyal followers. However, they engagement rates, as I mentioned a moment ago, there engagement rates will drop slightly. Because as I said, even the more you grow, those engagement rates tend to drop down slightly. So, you know, we've done this with the password clients where we've focused on improving those engagement rates, making people like share and follow you more is part of his strategy. And that's all down to the content that you're sharing. You know how often you're sharing, what you're sharing and the way that you're sharing it. I mean, somebody like for example, you know, Gary mainly check has a very, you know, I know what I'm a very good high engagement rate because the conduit stone of content that he shares, his very engaging answers questioned and that's a top tip here, is to answer questions. Talk directly to your customers, get that direct feedback. Do video sharing, do duets. And that's the type of thing that people love scene because they can put themselves in that person's shoes and even really become part of their, you know, one-to-one lifestyle. So you become their economy direct influence. So I'm going to show you an example here of how brands can work with these influences and how they typically work with them. And you know, the idea is, is to, is to reach out to these influences. And as I said in the next lesson, I'm going to actually show you how to reach out to them in the ROI way. Because these influences them, as mentioned here though, have crucially an account manager. And when they have an account manager, this can be sometimes, you know, like a bit of a double-edged sword because on one hand, it can work for you because if let's say that influence is a little bit quiet or they haven't got too much content going on at the moment in their world than they might say, Well, yes, actually, we can do a sharing posts with the ABS with Bushehr. You content. On the other hand, it might be that they're so busy and that their account manager or just say look no, currently we are when we're not accepting any advertising or collaborations. So it is a numbers game. And as I said in the next lesson, I'm going to show you the exact set step-by-step method to reach out to them, to find the influences and which ones to go for that are relevant for your niche, your market, or if you want to use to grow. So I'm just going to show you a quick example of necessary a monochrome filaments. So let's flip over to Instagram. So this is mys Alexandra, Miss Aleksey, she calls herself. So she is a microbe influenza. You can see here she's got almost 53 thousand followers. So she's aid fashion. Blogger and a fashion Instagram influence. So she does a lot on clothing styles. What's a and what's hot, what's not. She does a lot of videos on here. So, you know, if, if I was a brand, you know, reach out to M, we're gonna to look to see if there's any brands that I've actually contact. And I'm going to flip through some of their posts and see if anyone's cotton. That looks like one. Here we go, yes, here's a prime example here. So it looks like I can just tell by the way this post has been done. So this looks like it's been IAB goes snug so far. So this company here snug, so ether, have reached out to miss Alix and they've actually done a collaboration with her. So it might be that they might have reached out to him, said, you know, hey, would you mind doing a little post for us and will give you one of our safest for free. Or might be that she gets a 50-50 commission ratio or maybe she gets a commission. So I'm gonna talk to you a lot more about the strategy in reaching out to these influences. And whether you wanna do lock a commission-based post or whether you want to do a giveaway to them. So it's very common that though do that, they'll get it free products and then they do a post in return. So it looks like here that they, this company as nuke sofa, given missile extent of free so far. And in return, she's done, she's done a couple a couple of posts for them by by the look of it. And yeah, you know, you can see on there she's done she's doing like a little house update as well. So that that would have been a perfect time for snug sofa to reach out to miss Alix and actually do a little mini collaboration with their Indigo. Yes, so this is an OK. So if it's Instagram page and you can see here they've got similar amount of followers. Miss Alix, and they do sofas. So on. Some pretty confident they would have reached out to her. And they've done an influence, a collaboration with her. And she's posted for them. And you can see here that she's getting comments on their flawless noise and waiting to see you with their new home. Rot the look and the maker. Wonderful. So as you go through lots and lots of comments and a lot of these people, if they like that, so if they want it in their home, then they can just go into there. They can click on snug so if they can follow them, you know, they can go on to their website. So yes, I guess they're using a link to the website, which is why I recommended earlier. And yeah, you can absolutely do the same. And this is the exact tactic and strategy that you want to be utilizing, you want to be using. And this is how you grow your social media presence. This is a key, key way of growth. Hacking your social media account. It's to grow your sales, grow your brand presence, and get people talking about you see you want to be targeting in at between 201520 influences BM micro or Or nano, and you only get them talking about your brand. And as I said, you know, if you haven't got products to give away for free, that I'm gonna talk to you about another method, which is a commission-based method. And I'm going to show you how to do that in that style as well. A case I just flipping back to the presentation then, guys, and we're going to cover off the fourth one, which is the global influences. Now, these typically tend to be a large brand or a celebrity. They usually have 1 million plus followers, sometimes even over a 100 million followers in a such as Kim Kardashian CATI agenda that we've already discussed. Now then loyalty and they're fun bass tend to be fairly loyal. Now we've got here, you know, MIT, loyalty found based on the reason why is because as we discussed earlier, the more you grow, the bigger you get, the loyalty in terms of the trust, it does sort of diminish, diminished ever so slightly. So nuts. That's one of the challenges of growing a brand and getting big on social media is to constantly keep up with that level of trust and that kind of relationship with your followers because you get so many, it's difficult to please them all. So you have got a constant nice or post. You have got to ensure that that you, you know, your, your business ethics, your morals, and the way you run your company, your brand, your brand image is trustworthy, is honest, and you are doing the best. Ensure that your customers or the following year sentence that they they trust what you put out because when you do post in you, you've got a higher chance of converting them into a sale or a follower. So we just got in here, you know, it mentions that there's kind of a engagement rates are fairly meat, medium to low, so low, incremental. And the more you grow, the more tricky it becomes d, get those high levels of engagement. You gotta constantly be measuring your metrics, your RAM data, and looking at them in making sure that you are doing posting the right things on the data. I mean, in the marketing world, data is everything and we sold me myself personally, I rely quite heavily on data. You know what, I tend to, you know, all go with instincts, but I'll always go back to the data because the numbers don't lie. And you've got a look at the data and see what's resonating with your audience as really, really important there guys, It's a bit of a top tip you've made. You've gotta look at your data and see what kind of posts are getting more likes, more contrary shares, more comments. And then you'll understand that, okay, this is the kind of content that my followers a liking more, uh, worked with a brand that content targeted the fairly sort of senior market. And what we found was because they were targeting 50 plus market. And we found that posting content around the royals, the Queen of England says there's a UK brand and posting things around the royal family, backing them. Palace that the Queen and so on. That was resonating very, very well with this particular brand y, because 50 plus audience in the UK is fairly patriotic. You know, they're very dedicated to their country in isolated. So anything to do with the royals a resonated with them very well. So Loic shares post comments would go up by a massive sort of 44% times as much as normal, normal posts. So, so we quickly found that we quickly built a strategy or around that. So we made sure that each week that was some posts are related to the Royals or the Queen or the prince, princess at whatever, whatever it might be in. And we found that that was a very, very successful. So this is a top tip here for you guys. And then you need to be constantly posting and then looking at the data, measuring, understanding it and saying, okay, this post work really, really well. Keep posting, keep an eye on that data and you'll start to see patterns. You'll start to see trends, and you'll start to then get a good understanding. Yes, this is the type of content that I need to keep rolling out because it's getting the more comment is getting me more shares and, you know, my followers are going up and up. Kay? So that's the M, So that's the fourth one covered. So I'm just going to flip back into Instagram again and show you an example of a global on now, so we've talked about this prime before. So this brand is Jim shark. Ok, so back to the gym sharp brand here on their Instagram page, everyone. And we can see being a global brand now. I mean, Jim chalk started off than there are fairly new company. They are still clusters. A startup that had been around sort of a coupler, a couple of few years. They are very, very new, but they've gained, and they've amassed a huge 5 million followers in a very, very short space and time. And this is primarily because they've used and utilized social media marketing as one of their key and main drivers of, of their brand name. And, and the founder of the company from a very, very, as AD start, he reached out to big YouTubers. He reached out to people on Instagram, on Facebook. And he just started, you know, giving them, giving away his stuff. He said, We love for you to Troy, Troy Maja, infinite fitness clothing. He reached out to them on on their channels via email and whatever method he could. And as I said, Guys, influencer marketing is a numbers game. So you do want to reach out to as many as you possibly can. Know. Another top tip here is when you are doing influencer marketing on your reaching out to these guys. If you can. Try and follow them beforehand. And try and follow them for at least roughly four to six weeks before you reach out, if you can. It's not the end of the world. If you if you haven't been following them. And you want to reach out to them on perhaps a commission-based package or a free gift. You want your products to try it for free, they do a post in return. However, you do have a higher probability if you have been following them, you have been liking and commenting on their posts and you build that sorts more relationship or blair corn, if they're aware of Yea, priority, just Khan and doing a bit of a cold outreach. And so, you know, you have got a higher probability of getting them onboard. Now I'm familiar with this one. So this is Demi Bank B. She's quite a popular Instagram as she's on Tiktaalik, Facebook and a lot of the social media channels. And obviously Jim shock reached out to her. I mean, she's fairly young or belief she's got one over across-the-board. She's got over 50 million followers across YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, tick tock. I'm Jim shock in a, did a deal with the economy, in essence sponsored her. And they give a free clothing and then they'll do videos with a and so on and so forth. So that, you know, you can see here that they've added air in there. So let's just click on to her page. So you can see she's got over 2 million followers alone, just on Instagram and many, many more and all her other social channels. Or Josie can see she's in fairly good shape. She lives the outdoors and she does a lot quirky videos or should I just go out on the street, hand-on stuff, you know, and just do all this collar really fun stuff. I think this has when she kind of her leg and she did some post, but people absolutely loved this on social media. You can see she's put on Nala. There's nothing holding me back. So these are really good. And posts and people who loved this kind of stuff on social media. This is what social media is all about. You know, she looks like a very young, bubbly, Happy, Fun girl. So brands like Jim shock or girl reach out to her and they're gonna they're gonna want her because she's posting regularly. She's doing fitness videos, guys. This is coworker passion. Associate loves doing brands like Jim shock are going to be all over her because she's exactly what they're looking for. You've got white ones that she's been doing, you know, Army training videos or it looks like an expo. I mean, these these kind of way, I think, you know, probably about 40 30-40 pounds alone. And she's things in pull-ups there. And yeah, this is great stuff, guys. This is what social media is all about. And it's just doing quirky stuff, regularly posting, having fun. Um, and brands lead Jim truck. They will start to reach out to you. And you want to do the same. You want to find people on Instagram and you want to reach out to them, build a relationship with them like common share that stuff, and then just reach out to them. Don't be shy, don't be afraid. Just drop them, aligned DM them, and just say, hey, I've been following you for awhile. I absolutely love your content. I'd love to send you some ammonia emerge or love to send you this. And I'll be amazing if you could do a little post for me, that would mean the world to me. Something is quick, easy, as simple as you'll be surprised the results from the people that come back to you. And you can go through you can go that route or we can go down the other route. Which is a more of a collaboration and more of a professional approach. And I'll show you that now. Such Demi bag B, she's one of the, one of the influences for Jim shock. So let's just flip back to the gym shock. So you know, so and don't forget, you know, Jim truck into the reason why they've become a global brand with over 5 million followers and that turning over while over 200 million per year. I think there recently gone to the stock market and then now valued at over a billion in fact, because of that. And they've got some very, very large investments. It is really a dream story, or to be honest, we do get a chance to look at Ben fronts history on Jim shock. He's got videos of him that way. He started off on YouTube when he was literally sewing these clothes in his kitchen. And it's been N is called a carriage. And it is a very, very inspirational true story. And this history in the make enemies even as a young lad started off in his, in his kicked chain in his living room, sewing these garments, and he's now turned into a valued net worth of 1 billion. It really is a, a yard or dream story. But, you know, it can be done. You know, this is the age and this is the social media era, is inspirational and motivational. It's factual. He's doing, uh, right now, I'm friend diversity levy, Nice ANOVAs guys. This guy is going to be competing. The logs of light NYC added ask, given a few years, trust me. And, you know, you might be watching this and thinking, right? Sure. But believe you, me, what he's it we know what this company's achieved. The small amount of time in only a couple of few years. And with the power of social media these days, you can become a global multi, multibillion dollar company in, you know, in five years. So it is stuff the most people dream of, but trust me, a can be done. And these guys, you know, Jim shock that they're doing a right in front of us. And it's called a history in the making. And so I hope you look at this IP get inspired. You know, don't feed the Facebook ads is what these guys used a lot as well. And I did a full course on Facebook ads and which obviously Coase Instagram ads in there as well. So definitely check it out cause out of mine as well. If you want to hit it hard, hit it big this year, then definitely run, run some ads as well. There's no reason why you can't be as big as, as, as some of these boys at all. Ok, so that essentially concludes this part of the lessons. I really hope you enjoyed this one guys. You know, tried to be as upfront, honest and just kind of laid down as much as I can. And, you know, I know you can be successful and you know, I really want you to be successor. Definitely share your stories in the discussion section, in the comments. Let me know how your, your pages getting on and just make a star and make a killing. And so that's called a, concludes this lesson and the next lesson we're going to keep it short and sweet. And I'm going to show you the same strategies and tactics and give you a template of what I've personally used as well to reach out to some of these influences on Instagram, Facebook, tick tock, and, and, and so on. And you can use the same, same one. Just take you 30 seconds to edit some of the bits and then you're good to go. So let's dive into the next lesson and I'll show you that now. 11. *Bonus* Lesson: Influencer Template: All right, so we're going to cover the second part of the influencer marketing lesson, and this is a bonus lesson are thrown in for you guys. And as I mentioned in the previous lesson, once you've got your list of influences, which I'll show you how to do in a moment. What you wanna do is everyone you want to send out some kind of email or direct message template. In this style or ideally Zai You Can, you should email them if you can. And if you want, if you want to send out something in this regard such as this. So hi name, ideally wanna use that firstname Sunday morning to do a little bit of research around the person. And you do Jai Hind, firstname, My name is insert your name. So whatever your name is and I'm the affiliate manager here at into your company name. I found your Instagram page are absolutely loved the content that you are creating or thought reach out to you to see if you'd be interested in joining a exclusive influence, a partner program. As I think there is a huge alignment in both of our audiences. We have one of the highest paying affiliate programs that exist worldwide. Becoming official influence upon a you will earn a huge 50% commission on each sale. For example, if a customer orders our insert your product using your unique link for $50, you earn $25. So the 50% here guys, obviously, you can, you can change the 50% to whatever you see fit. I would suggest going for a fairly high commission ratio if you can, purely because the higher you give, the high probability you have of them joining your program, obviously don't go too crazy. And I know it probably saved 50% would probably be the most and the highest that I would suggest. A reason being is because if you go any higher than they might think that this is, you know, is this a legitimate offer? Does it seem the analyte authentic, that, that, you know, they could question that. And a lot people tend to go over even 25 to 40% as a, as a sweet spot of paying 50% in here as a buffer because I found them personally worked quite well for me and some of my clients. So, um, and Yeah, essentially you just call it split the sale ratio of 50%. And what you've got to remember is that, you know, getting 50% of something is better than getting 0% or a 100% of nothing. So, you know, and you've got to think to yourself that if it wasn't for this influencer, then I wouldn't have generated those sales. You know, it is purely because of them. The one getting the sale and I'm not rate in in theory, I'm not really technically spending anything yes or no. You're going to be paying them 50% of the Commission, however. You know, they are going to build you followers the organ and get you sales. And now I'm gonna give you extra direct exposure in a niche or a niche that you're already in. So it's definitely a win-win situation. And it's definitely worth exploring him for the brand awareness or they can bring to you and the sales. It's definitely worth a shot. So we're gonna move on to the third paragraph is, you know, I personally think that you could do really while promoting our insert product or even just including your affiliate link in your bio. Because our product is extremely popular worldwide. And I think your audience would be absolutely, would absolutely love it. Let me know if you're interested in organ, set you up right away or can't wait to work with you. So it's really, really personalized. I found that this, this drawing of templates worked very, very effectively. Just into, just close it off with your name, you can put affiliate manager. And now because we've mentioned at the top here as well. And this is a very good personalized high commission rate template. So all drop this template in the and in the resources section so you can download it completely free and it's on me. It's work really effectively for myself. And, and yes, so what you wanna do is you want, you obviously research the person you want to research the people in our show you that what to do step by step in a moment. Once you set, sent out your first sequence email, you want to send out your second sequence email. And I'm going to show you how to set up sequences as well. So it's all automated and very, very easy for you. And for the second sequence, email is going to be this email through this software and tools I'm gonna show you in a moment. You can set this up completely free in a few seconds and it's gonna be good to go. So that starts off with, Hey, next, but this one's a lot more short, short and sweet. So you know, hey, name I just wanted to follow up to see if you're interested in the part program that we are rolling out. We now only have a few spaces left. I think there's a huge alignment between our audiences and let you could do fantastically well as an official influence their partner. Don't forget we offer 50% commission on all the sales that you bring in through your unique affiliate link. Let me know what you when you get this set you up, we think you'd be a great fit. I think. So. Don't forget guys. You got you know, if you're if you're signing something through, let's say something like Shopify or WordPress. And then you can download free plugins. You can darn it free apps. You just type in nature like commission app. In fact, let's just head over to where to Shopify. If you're using Shopify is an e-commerce platform. If you're selling anything on, we'll show you that right now. Okay, so here we are on the Shopify App store. So if you're running Shopify, which is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms out there. If you're not using it already, definitely check it out. I've done a course on Shopify as well. And which is really, really popular. And you can use this font if you come in every just toy pin affiliate program. And this is the one that you want to go for, which is go off pro growth goofy at probe. It's free T2 source setup. It's had over a thousand ratings of all. Miss five-star is really, really good, is really, really easy to set up. And they do offer a small paid version of a in solid, but most of the features are free. And that will make me, that'll allow you to set up unique affiliate links for people. So let's say you get a general example. Miss Alix on board, you could set up her affiliate as MIT Alex, you know, 2021 or 2020 to whatever might be. And you can, and then every time she gets a sail through there that they type it into your she gets this is all recorded in there and it's all current done professionally inside this up very, very easily. And you can track all or the conic commissions and rates. And now you can see yellow partner, the partner's name. So this will be like, you know, miss Allix. So she's earned a $134. You can accept it, you can reject it, you can prove it, and all sorts of gives you a very nice simple clear dashboard. Your partners and your continent bringing you set up all their coupons inside here. So it's very, very easy, simple to set up. And so that's if you're running Shopify. If you're running something like Woo Commerce, which is at the WordPress equivalent, which closely very, very popular, show you the best on, on-air. Okay, so if you search for WordPress plugins, and if you search for affiliates manager, this is normally going to account for guys. So this is the equivalent to the Shopify worn in WordPress stroke with commerce. It's a very, very good one. And it was updated idea a few weeks ago and integrated very, very easily with WordPress and Woo Commerce and has a similar thing in there that allows you to quickly, easily track all your all your affiliates or your programs, everything in there. So it's really, really good and are highly Heidi suggest it. Okay, so let's just say I'm going to give you an example now when everyone in how to actually find the influencers and what you need to do step-by-step to reach out to them. So let's just say your a fitness brand or you know, a gym or a clothing fitness for radio, you know, fitness clothing company. And you're selling merchandise and you want to talk it fitness people online. So the first thing I'll do is I'll come into you. Instagram is not just talking fitness. Keep it simple. And so the first, first 1 that comes upon there at the moment is ash fitness. So this chap here. Nor heard of him before or not affiliated with him at all. He's the first one. Let's just come upon that as I've just searched. So let's take a look at this desk over here. Let's see what he's all about. So you can see obviously is into his fitness. Immunizing is in great shape, is posting coil losses or obviously the morning, the first thing is that you want to see is he's got 336 thousand polymerase Elise clusters, AGM, a macro influencer. He's done 324 posts. So that's quite a good ratio. And he's not following that many people. So this all seems fairly balanced. If, if he's got a very 50 users guy, very low amount of posts and a very high amount of followers and very low amount of following, then that's a bit of a red flagging. You should watch out for that. Because that means that they've probably got a lot of fake followers. The other way to detect fake followers is just by looking at some of their posts and just kind of getting a gauge on the comments and seeing what kind of comments that they're getting, are they getting in illegitimate comments in there? Does look quite legitimate, or do they look? They look a bit fake. So you have to kind of do your due diligence on that in your homework on that and go through a few of them for reaching out to them. And just flip through their profile. Flip for their profile or take a little look to see what they're up to, what kind of content they're posting. In a OC. This chap is doing a lot of courts or fitness and training and weight training videos. And it goes back quite far and has said, you know, seems like a fairly legitimate one. And sometimes these guys had their own gym and clothing brand that they're doing themselves already. And as he just want to be mindful of that, obviously, they're not gonna promote you if they're trying to promote their own clothing or fitness, Bryan, for example. However, this chap, it doesn't look like AS he's got. He's obviously got neu icon here. And it looks like Under Armor. Default one another nine Quan ne'er. So when some more note there, so It's unlikely that Nike would reach out to him. So they were become at the top, top athletes in the world. So it's very unlikely that had reached out to a slightly smaller influences were three injure came followers. However, for someone that's just starting off, you know, such as yourself for example, then he, you know, he is an ideal one to go. So you, what you wanna do is facing even David, you want to follow him? Okay? And then you want to have liquid through somebody's videos, seaways up to like comment, maybe share if you want to drop a little comment in there. Okay, and to start to call my followers or no, don't do, don't do. Don't comment like and share. All of a sudden on cotton light, you know, 20-30 IV is post because I'll just look a bit too. Our natural as I said, remember that timeline of approximately 444 or five weeks or so and just slowly started liking instead, if you want to, as I said, if you don't want to, then you don't have to do. You can reach out to them in showing follow them first, okay, so if you want to get the details of this person, so who is this person? So, you know, it's likely is firstName is ash. However, it might not be. Let's have a quick look. So let's click on its YouTube video. Let's check aids YouTube channel now. So yet this is his channels yB of 4 thousand subscribers on their Cisco back onto his homepage. This is C one or more TVs video. See what he's up to. It looks like it's just using some cloner tennis pollen core here. And basically what we're doing is at the moment we're reworked the research stage. So again, we're going to look through all of these channels. Is kind of, you know, when it's his, some of his videos gauge whether he's a good fit for, for our brand. K to, the next thing we're gonna do is we're going to go into Google and we're gonna search. So we're gonna go into Google and search ash fitness. Okay. So you can see he's got a Facebook page here. Looks like he's got his own website is Vout is perfect, and that's what we'd be looking for. Possibly this is his website as well, so we need to check out these websites. So let's just open them up in a new tab. I came oxidizes Instagram page, their local ranking right at the top and cover crooked ease case. It is a different ash fitness. So this is why is it important to check, you know, check out the ROI, wants to make sure you landing on the ROI one. So let us go into these to see if it's the right one. Here we go. That looks like him. So does his website look at ash Fitness Okay. So we've found him here within a couple of clicks. We found him straight away. And there we go, guys loop and go as contact details right there. Perfect. So, you know, we can I can reach out to him in here. I can put in my firstName, lastName, some details here. This is where I can send more pitching man, I've gone email for him here as valid email address and that's ideal. And because I'm now gonna show you how to do the sequence email and I'll show you that right now. So remember everybody. So we're going to reach out to, and this is less than this chap called ash. And with this first email. So you know, what I would do is just obviously edit out that policy, but rationale, Hayashi, My name is put your name in there, edit the relevant bits near that of Conan firm. Done for you and we've just literally sent him send him down through his Gmail address that we just looked at a second ago. Ok. Throughout our own Gmail account that's been set up, our own professional domain that's been set up. That's relevant to our business, okay, so obviously you will need, need to do that beforehand. If you need help with registering a domain name or getting something setup with the professional domain. Just drop me a comment and I can help you with that. As I've helped domains and web hosting as well. And so gets a, you've sent him that. And let's just say it's been and three for four days. You want to leave it roughly 33 days on say three to four days because they could be busy working on projects that could be on holiday or they might be busy with something else. I deem it three or four days. If you don't hear from them, you then want to send them the second sequence email Norman says that I'm going to show you how to automate this process. And so you only need to do it once and I'll show you that right now. So what you wanna do is you want to head over to the Google crime or webstore. If you're not using Google Chrome already or I highly suggest that you do. Now coming over to the top left here on the Google Chrome webstore and search for auto follow up. Okay, you'll then see this crime extension here and answers a completely free Gmail or that auto follow-up Chrome extension, say click on that and all you need to do is hit on the ad to crane button. Add extension. Ok. This will then installed the Chrome extension onto your domain, okay, and then slip the account that you want, sign-in. And then all you need to do is follow the simple instructions online that it will just show you. So just follow the steps three for these next few quick windows. So when you log back in into your Gmail account, everyone, once you've gone through the steps to allow the cloud HQ access, you'll then get auto follow-up button on the left-hand side, just under the Compose button in Gmail, you can't miss it. Okay, once you click on the 48EI follow-up button, you'll then get presented with this particular window. And this really is a bit of a genius software is a bit of a hidden gem. And what you can do is you can automate your whole process from first email all the way up to four emails. As I mentioned earlier, what you wanna do is you want to create just two seconds. You want to create the name of the campaign here. So let's just call it influence campaign one. Okay? You can, either, you can create your list of people. So let's say you've got a Google sheet or an Excel sheet that you've set up with these four columns and now or even, you can even get away with two columns, to be honest, you could do email him first_name and then what you do is you just employ from Google Sheets and it will just automatically import all your list. So if you created a list. Let us say 25 or 20 influences. All you need to do is just have their kind of their email address and first name in two different columns side-by-side. With the space. You'll be good to get all you can do it manually. So you can just come in here and just type in, you know, fitness First socket. Ignore this warning midpoint firstname, I'm gonna put in there ash. Okay. Just ignore this one for the, for the second GAG. So let us say we are sending out a sequence email to this user here as fitness at is firstName is ash. So my first and my first step here, step one is this is where I would put in the first step. So Google has already inputted My name is Holly input an email address and that automatically sort of cloud HQ has automatically subject docking changes to affiliate partner. Partner ship. Something like this. Okay? So firstName, so this will just automatically, if you've got all of these in here, this will automatically send it. And to the first name field in that automatically will say, Hi, Ash. This one could be ordinary, John, if we did it and did another one in that cold air, Sarah. Fitness at Sarah, ok. So this will automatically, when I create this, hit the send button, it will automatically send it to, you know, ash, Sarah and John automatically a case that's my step one. So this is where we put in the first or long sequencing male. Okay? And then the second sequence say, hey go so wait three days local contagious to as less or as many as are warms less than say, four days. So wait four days and then send this one k. So then you want to change the partnership to something like this. Chasing affiliate partnerships, Something like that. Here's a little top tip in a bonus a by the way, if you do all R3 and then do that, does a little hack there. And that helps people to actually open emails because they think they're deploying your, your replying to their emails. I was just a little top tip and a little hat there for you. And this is the second one. So this is a second sequence email that you put in there, the shorter one from the, from the template k. And then you just want to delete the steps here, say you just want to remove this step so we don't want to step three there and we don't want to step forward and we're just going to remove these steps. It's a nice and easy. So we should now today you have the first two steps, a lot. Step born there, that boom. And then step two, the wicked. Alright, so rainy, ready, nice and easy. Absolutely amazing. Just hit, select these and then hit send and you're, you're literally Good to go guys and none to automate that process for you and also give you a little tally. And, you know, you see the dashboard in nano gave us time to use opened emails, is viewed them and gives you a little bit of insight as well. So top, top tip, that is called Cloud HQ. Check it out. You're gonna absolutely love aid earned easy to set up. And you can get yourself sort of adapt. Okay, so that's pretty much thought. The, the lesson complete on the complete run-down and complete overview from start to finish, from researching finding influences, getting the best warms and emailing them out and automating that process. And then just cashing in boys, you know, when, you know, don't forget to use your unique affiliate link and Woo Commerce, WordPress or Shopify. For example, if you want to keep your own personal log of eight, you can whatever works for you. But these methods is what this step-by-step message oil personally use to make my life easier to track things and make things a lot more college efficient and automated. Okay, so, so thanks for watching this lesson. I hope you enjoyed it. And I'll see you in the, in the next one on case studies. 12. Instagram Case Studies: All right, so in this lesson we're going to look at some real case studies or some real companies out there. And I'm going to try and give you a mix of both small and large brands. So you get a very good firsthand and idea of how people are doing it out there. And how you can kind of mirror their success and how you can replicate in real time what some of these guys are doing. And I just want to start off here with a quote from the Instagram founder, because for me, I'm the founder of this platform is Gordon spot on, um, and I absolutely love reading this because not only does it deploy to Instagram, but it also applies to many, many other things in life in general, to be honest, but especially in more in the mounting the business world. Or if you've got a passion that you have. And the thing is what they found here, Kevin Systrom is saying is, you know, is essentially focus on one thing. But do it really, really well and they will get you very far and is absolutely spot on. You know, he's saying all your effort and energy into one thing by just doing really, really well and your passion will shine through it. You know, people will see that in your work, they'll Sida in your posts and your photography, in your imagery, in your creativity, and your spot them to Lloyd share, follow you and follow your journey. And no loved commenting on your post so that this is what you, this is the mindset you want to be in. And that's really key here. So let's dive in and let's take a first look at the first case study. So the first one we're going to look at is Connie Janet. So this is one of the bigger brands, associations go colleague cosmetics or we'll show you some other smaller ones as well. But I'm just going to show you better than mics. So this is Connie Janet as you know. So just a few quick facts about her. So she's now turning over 900 million in net worth. She founded colleague cosmetics back in 2015. She's called one over 200 million followers. In a very, very short space of time. She's primarily utilized the Instagram white perfectly to become immensely popular worldwide. And she's really used Instagram to create foundation to the success of her brand, Cody cosmetics, which is essentially a beauty and makeup brand. And you can do the same. So you can harness this. And you can just get ideas on actually the muscle mass at Brown now, but she started somewhere. And you come to, and you can just get ideas and inspiration from the biggest and the best. And you know, you can follow their their college, not, not necessarily their their schedule or their budgets. Obviously, they've got massive budgets. I completely get that and appreciate that book. You can look at it in the sense of, OK, this is what she did. This is how she did it, and this is what she was doing. You can call me or replicate that stalled to the best of your ability. And then it'll give you a very, very big headstall. So, so please don't look at coining thing all in. There's absolutely no way or it can be like erm 5-years. There's no reason why you can't be, but we all start somewhere. And that's the key takeaway here, is don't be afraid. You know, look at your passion and just go for it. You can do it. And I believe in you believe in yourself. And just make the star. You can get and grow your Grey, your account getName engagement. So let's move on to the next slide. Her company in Cali cosmetics reasoning recorded over 300 million in revenue alone. She didn't use any investors. He only has 12 employees. So she's not a massive, massive global brand with over 500 or over 1000 employees. She's only got 12 people running the whole thing. She actually got communicate. Cody in both $0.51 stake in the company for a massive $600 million. You know, they saw the potential in a brand. Coating, Inc. is a relic of beauty and massive beauty, a global brand. So they obviously saw the potential in, you know, put in a big stake in the company. Because those guys have got massive, massive budgets. So I mean, the beauty of this is, and this is very common in the business world is, you know, you'll grow a brand to a certain size and you'll get often, you'll get people that all. It will just come or raise an eyebrow with them and go, wow, okay, this seems to be, you know, let's put in a bid for this company. Let's take a look at this company and they make an offer to you. And it's definitely always worth considering that because, you know, you can take the money that's been injected into that company, put it elsewhere, buildup another company, become an entrepreneur you might avoid, wanted to be, you know, invest in another company where you might use it to invest in the same company, get more staff, bigger products, increase your product line. So there's lots and lots of things you can do and you get to that stage. And ourselves, the luxury that CoiledCoin yhat. So how is college and as a housing making all that money via Instagram, how's she doing it? So she's primarily doing it through obviously Instagram, but she's also combined it with her Shopify website. So sharply falling is in the top three or top two best e-commerce websites in the world of Go, a dedicated course on Shopify. In fact, that shows you the complete eight is n And out of build and market and promote your website and, you know, it gets standing on there and that's exactly what Cody is used. So sure. Use Instagram as essentially a traffic driver, Social, do all that in a wall, posts. A regular posting videos on Instagram, you know what's going on in their life at the moment. And then she will also throw in some offers and discounts and push that traffic to the website, which is coyly, which as I said, it's been powered boy, shot deploy. And that really allows you to put, pushed the boundaries and get those sales. And they're really, really helps to do that. So definitely a big, big takeaway on, definitely recommend if you are on Instagram than you definitely need a website. You definitely need to run something like Shopify or Woo Commerce and ensure that you're utilizing the traffic and turning that into sales and profits. Okay, so this next brand, everybody that we're gonna talk about as a case study is a much, much smaller one as promised. And this is, they're called baffling bakes. So as you can see, they're very got 4 thousand followers on Instagram. They've already done 85 posts. They're fairly new on Instagram as a channel as you can see. And, and, you know, there are also falling a lot of people in return. So you can see they're following quite a lot of people. So a lot of these followers will be falling from follow, which I don't really recommend to be honest as a tactic. Although yes, you should follow some people in return. And con of especially today in your sane monkey and same niche. And because you do want to, you know, like comment, share or like and comment on their posts because then their followers or see you, they'll see your content in the loci and they'll then start to follow you. So it's definitely worth doing some of that. Don't overdo it. But you can see the stall and this new uniform brand that quite consistent in editing or in an opposite or internet baking cakes that are enjoying Pope on Biscayne here, which will imagine was quite popular with the comments and, you know, good use of hashtags. Probably a few too many. Daguerre layer. So the opposite that these guys are based in London and I've sold Hash tagged in London in a lot of state because they public or physical shop in London as well. A great way to drive traffic into your local store. And that didn't grow corn law of near noise. Image shots in there than they've solved, mixed it up with a few videos. So you can see they've got a few sort of GIF, GIF images in some, some column multi, multi-story images, and then some, some quirky things in there as well. So this is just calling gives you a very good idea and a good flavor of some of the stuff they should be posting. So something that I can see that probably missing from their school strategy here, though, tends to work really well on platforms like Instagram. Tick tock Facebook and is having actually recipes actually on the image itself because people love to see these posts and then get inspiration and then do it themself. So I can see that's missing here and the followers and their shoes. Or definitely recommend adding some content recipe instructions on their sort of hero image. I'm only showing you a quick example of that. I've got one here. So this is just a quick example shop that have taken Yes on and this is from Tiktaalik, but the concept is exactly the same. And you can see here that what these guys have done is Dave and you know, it just has x bakes. They've actually put the recipe actually on the image there, which is really, really cool. And it really helps to drive engagement. And it boosts the 11 engagement. So it's just a top tip there for yourself because you can apply this to any market. Doesn't just have to be bacon and can be fitness if you do not have Fitness video on how to do, for example, you know how to burn fat or all your lose calories can be anything. This is a very, very good effective way of getting clicks and likes and more engagement and getting those all important followers. So let's just flip back to their self to, they've got their website here, they're using those icons and emojis I recommended with the three things and they've got their bolded key points here. So one thing or would change on this is, I would definitely try and get baking somewhere in their username, if possible. That got a here, which is very good because if you search for baking or they've got a high probability of getting there. And so yes, so I mean, that seems a bit bit random that they do. So they were just little bit irrelevant to their whole cakes and baking and stuff. But overall regularly good photography there are very good smart thing. And you know that the XOR of images look pretty good, high-quality. Looks pretty tasty. Say Yeah, you know, it's quirky stuff. A Looks good. They're getting the followers and yeah, they're well on their way. I mean, you know, in 12 months on children also would be two to three times higher than that. And this is what it's all about, says out units by how you start off and how you build, you build your brand. And this is how you start off guys. And so this is just an example of a very, very small brand that O'Connor installing often they're doing pretty well as a startup company on Instagram. So I hope that helps and I hope that gives you some flavor, an indication of how you can start on some real life case studies of how people dying in the real-world. And definitely apply these tactics with it as well. 13. Share Your Instagram Profile: Hey everyone. So in this lesson, I want to take this opportunity to get you guys to take action and share and showcase your Instagram profile and the audio logos or any creative worthy you might be doing. And just drop it down below in the discussion section so we can all take a look, share, and comment on each other's profiles. And they'll help you give you a really, really good boost and it'll help each other out. So, and as I mentioned earlier, you know, if you're just starting off this year as a brand new company or a new brand. And you create a, you know, a really cool logo or something like that and you want to share it, you want to get some feedback. There's no better way of doing it than sharing them with each other. So definitely do that right now. I'm personally also willing to give you my personal feedback and my expertise. And that's my promise to you, is I want to help you guys out this year and help you sort of, you know, really, really did really well online. So don't be afraid and definitely share your stuff now. 14. Congratulations!: Okay, so big. Congratulations to you everyone. You've come to the end of the course. So I just want to personally thank you from the bottom of my heart for joining me. And I wish you a huge success on Instagram and in your online journey. So if you've got a passion for social media and digital marketing in general, then definitely follow me and check out my other courses such as my Facebook ads cause the I've recently updated for this year is called all the latest info in the latest material in therefore, yea. So I'm now just going to recap quickly what we've covered in this course I'm sure you've learned and what you can take away and start doing straight away. So you now understand why Instagram is so popular and you know, it's only going to grow and grow. So you wanna be Paul or the Instagram journey. Now, you've got a good insight of how Instagram actually works behind the scenes and what the algorithm is looking for. So you can definitely Hackett BT or whatever you wanna call a, you'll always be a step ahead of the game. You can create a killer profile that will stand out and look professional. And don't forget to check out, play store it as my top tip and action point for that particular lesson, everyone. Now I also know how to optimize your profile for maximum discovery. And you know what hashtags to post to your wall and your stories. We also talked about creating a unique and powerful content strategy, as well as branding ideas and tips and some pretty cool hacks to get you some super high engagement through promotions and also giveaways. By then showed you examples or some good posts. We then moved on to my favorite growth hacking tips, which uses the power of influences to skyrocket your account. And don't forget to download the template everyone to reach out to these guys as only included. Finally, we looked at some case studies and I gave you a dose of inspiration. So you can leave your mark on the Instagram platform to ensure there is your time to kill it. So definitely follow me everyone. An armed robbery already wish you all the best on a call. Wait to see you again in my future courses. Thank you.