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Instagram Marketing 2020 - Learn Best Strategies That Work

teacher avatar Justin White

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (1h 27m)
    • 1. Instagram Marketing in 2020 - Best Strategies & Techniques To Grow Your Instagram Account (TRAILER)

    • 2. The Big Picture - How Instagram Marketing & Promotion Works

    • 3. How to set your promotion goals

    • 4. How to create a basic content plan

    • 5. How to create a long term content plan (Part 1 of 4)

    • 6. How to create a long term content plan (Part 2 of 4)

    • 7. How to create a long term content plan (Part 3 of 4)

    • 8. How to create a long term content plan (Part 4 of 4)

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About This Class

Instagram Marketing 2020 is an online course that teaches you a step by step methods for growing your Instagram account.

It includes 3,5 hours of video tutorials packed with the ideas and techniques you can apply to your own Instagram account right now.

There are lots of realtime demonstrations of strategies, techniques, software, and methods for your Instagram account promotion.

So you can follow me and improve your account's look, feel and content from start to finish, obtain new followers and fans, make people love what you do and increase sales if you have any offers.

There is a comprehensive text course, examples, and templates prepared for you to use during the course to reinforce all the tips and tricks I'll be showing you.

Whether you are looking to create better content, higher engagement rates, or just starting I'll give you the tools and the techniques you need.

I'll show you step by step how Instagram marketing and promotion work, where inspiration comes from, how to create a content plan, what equipment is essential for you, what programs and services you need to use to automate Instagram promotion, we will talk about how to start communication with your followers and make them active on your posts, I'll introduce you to different content types so you could choose your favorite and stick with it.

Also, we will use an awesome service Ingramer during this course, it will help you to find the right hashtags for promotion, provide you with high-end analytics, give you access to more convenient direct and bulk messaging.

You will learn hot schedule your feed posts and stories, target your actions with locations and usernames, download and save content, and use VPN for the maximum speed of automated promotion.

Instagram marketing 2020 - you'll get in front of your audience quickly and effectively, sign up now, and start your journey straight away!

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Justin White


Hello, I'm Устин.

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1. Instagram Marketing in 2020 - Best Strategies & Techniques To Grow Your Instagram Account (TRAILER): Instagram marketing 20-20 is an online course that teaches you as step-by-step methods for growing cure Instagram account. It includes 3.5 hours of video tutorials by actuaries, the ideas and techniques you can apply to your own Instagram account. Right now, there are lots of real-time demonstrations of strategies, techniques, software, and methods for your Instagram account promotion. So you can follow me and improve your accounts, look, feel, and content from start to finish, obtained new followers and fans. Make people love what you do and increase sales if you have any offers. There is a comprehensive text course, examples and templates prepared for you to use during the course. To reinforce all of the tips and tricks, I'll be showing you whether you are looking to create better content, higher engagement rates, or just starting out. I'll give you the tools and the techniques you need. I'll show you step-by-step how Instagram marketing and promotion works. Where inspiration comes from, how to create a content plan. What equipment is essential for you? What programs and services you need to use to automate Instagram promotion will talk about how to start communication with your followers and make them active on your posts. I'll introduce you to different content types so you could choose your favorite and stick was it. Also, we will use an awesome service being during this course. It will help you to find the right hashtags for promotion. Provide you with high end Analytics, gives you access to more convenient, direct, and bulk messaging. You will learn how to schedule your feed costs and stories. Target your actions with locations and usernames. Download and save content and use VPN for maximum speed of automated promotion. Instagram marketing, 20-20. You'll get in front of your audience quickly and effectively sign up now and start your journey straight away. 2. The Big Picture - How Instagram Marketing & Promotion Works: Hello and welcome. My name is Justin companies and this is Instagram marketing course. So far, this is my best and most in-depth course about Instagram marketing. So after finishing this course, you will get a lot of new knowledge and very deep understanding of how Instagram marketing works and how you can leverage your account to get the most of it. First, let's talk about the big picture. It means like what you will get after finishing this course. So for every one of us, Instagram could serve some kind of role in their personal life, business, marketing, or altogether. So before we dive in, let's decide, and I want you to answer a few questions. First, what is the ground means for you? It means like what exactly you want to get from your account. You want to gain more followers, or you're more interested in new connections with real people in real life, but not online. Or you want to leverage and increase your sales. Or you want maybe to get new clients to your business. Maybe you have some kind of sharp which is located offline and you want a new customers to come into your place. It all depends. But after you answer this question, you will get a better understanding of how you can increase your account, how you can grow it, and what exact actions you need to do to get the best results. So try to imagine how your Instagram account would work in a perfect world. What results you will get and how they would look like. After you finish writing down your main goal, it will be your goal for this course, and I will help you to achieve it as fast as possible. After finishing the next few chapters, you will get a step-by-step plan for growing your Instagram account. You will understand what is content plan and how to use it. I will show you an example just in a few minutes, how you can create this kind of plan on your computer and how you can generate new content every single day or few times per week. Also, this course would contain dozens of examples and you will understand how to increase your sales and followers. But as I told before, for every one of us, this goal would be different. So you need to write it down. And to summarize this first lesson, I want to show you how Instagram marketing and promotion works and what differences and similarities it have for bloggers, products, services, and the brands. So to cover up these four topics, I want to start with bloggers. Most of the bloggers, they are interesting in monetizing their account by sponsored ads. I mean, like not the sponsored native Instagram ads, but a sponsorship paid ads from other companies or individuals. Let's say your niche is flowers. Maybe you like flowers and you create content which shows flowers. It could be different videos or pictures. You can grow flowers at your home on it, or you can have a flower shop and so on. And Let's say you find somebody who's also interested in flowers. But flowers is their main business. It doesn't mean that you need to have your own flower business, but those people, they could buy ads in your account. And this is the most common way how bloggers or as other people reference to influencers, monetize their content. They find different businesses on the market. And they tried to make a deal, let's say creating content for that particular individuals or brands, companies and that account, that content is promoting that particular individuals. So if you are looking for that kind of monetization, first of all, what you need to do is to find your niche and understand what potential it has. Because if you're operating in a small niche which doesn't have a lot of money in it, or it doesn't have a lot of individuals and companies who could buy ads in your account. It would be very hard in the future to promote yourself and to make some real money from your account. So if you're just starting out, take a deeper look and try to analyze your niche and understand what potential it has. And try to reach out to other companies and brands and see if they are interested in promoting themselves with the help of influencers or bloggers. Being blogger and influencer is very easy because you can start almost in any niche and you can create high-quality content. And it's possible to earn money only by doing what you love. But if your owner of brand and you create some kind of product or services yourself, it could be a little bit trickier because you need to promote yourself. You are not interested in selling someone else's ads in your account. You are more interested in promoting your own products and services through your content. So the idea of promotion of brands on Instagram is a little bit trickier and it differentiates from bloggers. You need to create your own high-quality content, which involves that kind of product or services which your brand represents. And the goal is to make your brand more recognizable on the market. The more people know about your brand, the more sales you potentially could have. Two sub-branches of brands, could be products and services. It could be like a part of the brand or it could be your own products and services as individual. Let's say you create some sync with your own hands. It could be, for example, furniture. So if you create furniture, you could sell it as a product and your Instagram account could be all about the furniture. Very similar how a key or does it. You could have your account where you show off your work and you promote your final products for sale. On the other sub-branch, it could be services. If you are a hairdresser, you could promote your own work. So if you make a haircuts for people, you need to show off your skills. You need to show what you can do, how much it costs, what you're operating hours are, and how people could contact with you. That's how Instagram could be really awesome for this, for kind of counts, bloggers, products, services, and brands. If you are one of them. And I could bet that in some way you are, discourse would be a really great fit for you. And it will show you in details how you can increase your sales, grow your follower base, make more engagement on Instagram, create new connections, and just became happy with doing what you love. Now after this short introduction, it's a really good time to start diving in. And I see you in the next lesson. 3. How to set your promotion goals: In this lesson, I will show you how to set your promotion goals. And to do it, I will need my computer. So let's turn around and I'll show you how to do it. So let's start with setting your promotion goals. To do it, I will use service, which is called in grammar. And this is really awesome service which I am using for quite a time. And it could help you to understand how to set your goals and what to do is your account. First of all, you need to go to this web address in And when you get here, I choose Tools and here I choose Instagram search. So this Instagram search, it helps you to find similar accounts to what you are doing. Or which could give you some insights and ideas about developing and growing your own account. To start with, we can write here something like handmade. It's an example, or you can choose your own niche. I will choose photography. Photography. And here on the right, you can see that we can choose a profile gander. It could be males or females. For me, it doesn't matter. And we have some list of categories. These categories could give you a lot of insights about what your account could be and what ideas you could use for developing your content. You could see this is a really long list here. And let's start with stipend in tomography. So I have photographer, photography, videography. Maybe this one would be better match and choose the number of followers from and to. I recommend you to start not less than 100 or 150 followers because all counts which have less than this number are not so interesting. So the more followers account have, the more chances are that they produce a really high-quality content. And it would be better to take a look and make some investigation of what they're doing. So let's start with typing 150. And the highest limit, it doesn't matter, but let's type 700 and I click Search. So right now we need to wait for sometime before in grammar, does it work? And you can see right now that I have a list of different photographers which have less than 700 followers and more than 150 followers. So by clicking here, I could open them in the ground window. I will do it. Okay, yellow duck works. What else? Let's take a look here. Okay. Ph photo. There is a lot of different accounts so you could spend some time by looking at every single one of them. So encourage you not to spend too much time here. This is only the starting point and it will give you an overall idea of what other people in your niche are doing. And you could also write down all the main ideas or things that you really love about those people and tried to recreate later on in your own content. So let's take a look here. I see this is some wedding maybe portrait family photographer here. And we could also click and see on the captions. So this caption is not so great. But the photos are really good. It's a good account, nothing special, but it could be a good starting point for you. Just to take a look and understand how people, how people right there, descriptions of their accounts, how they add websites. You can also go to their website and take a look deeper. Like what website is all about, what texts they are using, what images they're using. And it will work for now. So, okay, I will not go very in detail because this video would take a million of time. Ok, so this second account is interesting to me. You can see exactly from the start that it has this very vibrant yellow branding. Every single picture have this yellow frame around it with some flourishes on the background. And this is very good type of how you can make your account stand out from other accounts. So what you can do right now, because I'm showing you this way of doing stuff. So what I do, I could bookmark them and you could create some kind of folder with that bookmarks and add interesting account to that folder. This is the first approach. The second approach is that you could copy the URLs and add them in Google Spreadsheets. We will get to this in a moment, but just remember that you have this two ways. First, adding to boot bookmarks, second, adding two spreadsheet. And later on, after you guys are at least ten accounts, we will start developing our content strategy and create a content plan looking at that accounts. So this looks like as a wedding and portrait account. I really like the style of retouching. It's that kind of Moody style. And we could see is someone from Asia, maybe Japan is the owner of this account. Not bad. Oh, I think it's trainings. And we can see also some architecture drone photography account here. So if you are making some of this kind of photo shoots, and if you are a photographer, as I show in this example, it could, this could be a really good starting point for you to take a deeper look into other peoples account, see what they do, see how they do it. And not to forget at those account two bookmarks or Google Spreadsheets. Next, also here in, in grammar, we have this profile analyzer. So you could analyze any public profile on Instagram. The burst, the best part is that this is completely free and it could give you a lot of insights about what's going on with that account. So I copy the name of this account of this guy, floor, AMD Kazaa. I hope I spelled it correctly. And I copy it here to profile analyzer and click Analyze. So we see that this may take up to 30 seconds and we need to be patient. But nothing could do about that. Just have to wait. And after this procedure is finished, we will see a more in-depth and insightful information about that particular account. It will give us some kind of analytics. This is not the best analytics possible, but definitely it worse, taken awhile and see what's going on with that accounts. So we have 67 applauds. It's not a lot, I would say it's really low number of content for one account. But on other accounts you could see the number which is higher than 100. It means that those people are longer on Instagram. They have more history and more understanding of how to create content. So I would suggest to take a look at accounts which have like 300 applauds plus it will give you better understanding. Also, we have here and engagement rate. It means like how often people engage and from the total number of followers of that account. And anything higher than 10% is really good. You will never see is something higher than 50%. As I know, because Instagram cuts a lot of like a lot of show off content to other accounts. And it means like from 100 people, if your upload a new piece of content, only about ten to 20% of your followers would see that content. So this number could be somewhere around 20% in, and it's absolutely fine. And also we can see the average user activity and it shows the ratio of likes and comments to the number of posts and followers. So it shows like how active users are depending on their behavior and engagement with every single post. Also, we see here that this account has a At least 3.5. posts per month. And this is average. Don't forget about that. And the most interesting part is that we could see the amount of posts done during the week. So you can see at what time and what dates and what days this account is most active. And it also could be a great idea to take a deeper look in this data. Because in different niches, people dance to be active in some particular hours, more than other hours. Maybe in the morning. The people are more active in some kind of sport niche than in other niches. Because at morning is the best time to work out. And if you upload your content early in the morning, seven or 08:00 AM, the chances are higher that your followers would see that content and would engage with it in some way. Let's say if you're doing some morning workouts and you upload a new video every single morning. Other people would open up Instagram, would go to a video and would do the same exercises you show in your videos. That can be HGTV, it could be stories we'll talk about later. So it would make sense what time is the best to post. And taken a look at other accounts would also give you a lot of insights. What works better for other people. Also, we see here the top hashtags. You could just copy them and reuse in your own hashtag captions for your content. You could see it top caption words. It means like what words were repetitive in post captions. And the serous shows users interests like in what particular niche or gender. The followers are interesting, interested. So we see here that they are interested in travel, photography, music, car and art. And all this data would be completely different for every single niche. So tried to follow the same path as I showed you. First, find accounts which could be in your niche using this Instagram search to hear. Next, I copy and paste into Google Spreadsheet at least ten accounts, and then paste that accounts from spreadsheets to this tool, which is named profile, analyzer and analyze and also write down or make a screenshot for yourself about this information. We will use it in the future. And the last part that I want to show you is hashtag trends. So this tool is also free and it helps you to find the most popular and stop Instagram hashtags. As you will see later on in this course, you don't need. You don't need only to use at top hashtags in your captions. It's also important to mix. Top hashtags was not so popular hashtags. And to create like 50-50, mix them and everything. What I am talking great now is also written here. So I encourage you to read up what is written here because it will explain you better how to use it in future. Don't worry, I will show you also, but just take one minute of your time and reread it so you better understand until it sinks in and you will not like, think a lot about that in the future, you will just generate like ten top hashtags at 15, not so popular hashtags and posted. And it will work great. So we could see here that today this hashtags are most popular, but also you can see how many people use them. So, let's say motivation, it has 2234 millions posts only for this hashtag. So if your AD hashtag motivation, it means that it would be almost impossible for you to show up in Instagram hashtag search. And your content would be invisible to most of the people because it generates so many posts every single second that the moment you upload your own content, someone else doing the same and your post would just slowly move down the list and people are looking for that hashtag, more likely wouldn't notice anything from you. So this is part one. But sometimes Instagram could randomly pick any single picture or video and put it in the top hashtags. And it happened to me quite a lot of times. I will show you how you can predict it more clearly, and I'll explain in this course. But when you add top hashtags and not so popular hashtag to one post, it will increase your chances dramatically and it's possible for you to show up on every single hashtag you are adding. So take a look at this list, see if some of these hashtags makes sense for you, for your account. And if they do, just copy them and put into Google Spreadsheet. Well, so that's it for in grammar. Don't forget to use these three tools which are absolutely free. And now I will show you how to add all this information into Google spreadsheet and how to use it for your account promotion. 4. How to create a basic content plan: In this video, we will talk about how to create a content plants and how to set, like to finish setting your promotion goals, what we started in the previous lecture. So you have this Google spreadsheet, it's named Instagram content plan. And I will give you a link to copy and use the spreadsheet for yourself. How to use it? First of all, you need to understand what are your goals on Instagram for now, you should have a list of your goals, which I asked you to write down in the first lecture of this course. Trust me, it's very important. So let's dive in here in this spreadsheet, we have a few columns. The first one is called mean. It means what content is connected to you. So if you're a blogger or if you are the face of the brand or your Instagram account, have you behind it as the main person. This is where you should start. So every kind of content which is connected to you, you should write down here under this column, Me. And you need to brainstorm as much ideas as possible using these three tools I showed you previously on in grammar service. So in this example, I have on a beach playing football, hiking, selfie, last Sunday party. It works for bloggers. But if you are the face of the brand or you tried to promote your own products and services. You need to rewrite it and make it relevant to your audience. So right down here, everything, what you brainstormed and move on to the second column. The second column, you should add some engagement between you and other people. So this is why it's named me and someone else. Because when people see content on Instagram and you show only yourself without any interaction with other people. It could be a little misleading for people. And they don't feel any kind of socializing between you and someone else. So that's why it's important to make collaborations and to show other people in your account. It will make it more organic and more live to see how you do something or how you spend your time. So here it could be some kind of quote. And let's say Mountains background from a trip, you could be with your friends in the front of the mountain and you can write down some kind of quote. Or you could show up some kind of your work in collaboration with someone else. Let's say, as in the previous example, I told you that if you are a hair dresser and you cut hair, create different hairstyles, you can show up some kind of collaboration, may be with celebrity or with other hairdresser. How you create some kind of work together. Let's say you cut. Hair and other professional Make a coloring of that hair. And it's a win-win strategy because you show off your work. You show off the collaboration with other people and also your collaborators, your friends, which are shown in that particular photo or video, could also post it on their Instagram account and tag you. Next, what you can show is this c column is your product. You can just create a pictures or videos about your product. What you do, I add captions with descriptions of what is this, how to use it, how it's produced, and so on. All the needed information for others to understand what's going on and what your product is all about. In column D, you could see that you can add some videos. This is also like a standalone kind of content because if you're only making pictures for your account, it's okay. But making a mix of pictures and images is much better. People would love it, would appreciate it. And leaders are more engaged. And videos are more engaging to take a look, watch and, and it's also good to have longer watch times of your content from your followers by making videos. Next, we have boomerangs. Boomerangs are fine. I didn't write any examples here because it could be anything. But don't forget that boomerang doesn't have any sound or music. So it's only like looped moving pictures. Or to be more clear, it's like a short 1.5 to 2 second video, which is playing and from beginning till the end, then back and forth, and it's Looped. So boomerang sometimes are really funny to watch and people could look at them for quite a time. But using Feeders is better. Anyway, I don't encourage you to focus only on one kind of content. The best the best practice is just to try out all of these kinds of content I'm showing you right now because you can find which one suits best for you, which one you like the most, and how you get, how you can create that content. Because as the Proverbs says, try before you buy. So try it first, then if you like it, you can do it more and more. If you are good in photography, doesn't mean that you need to create a lot of videos, can make more photos, but video once or twice per week is also perfect. If you're making only videos, don't try to skip videos and make more photos. Just be yourself. To show your content without any pain and suffering during producing it. This is the best suggestion I could give you. Next, we have stories. Don't forget the stories disappear in 24 hours, so you have this short window of time to make them seem. So if you are producing stories, just remember that you need to produce them on a regular basis. If you create something today in 24 hours, it will disappear. So you need to create something new or add them from archive to the header of your profile where that stories would show off all the time. And also you have an opportunity to host life q and a sessions or live events. It's also a good idea if you have what to show and what to talk about, people would appreciate it. And combining all this kind of content together would give you the best result. So try it, takes some time, experiment with it, and this is the first starting point of your content plan. Next, here is another tab which is named ideas and the backlog. So what I do here in this step is just write down every single evening what ideas and maybe new ways of thinking, new ways of doing things. I realized during that day. Let's say here in the content plan tab, you create a video about riding a bicycle. And during making that videos, you've got some new insight. And after trying and you say, wow, it's really cool. Why, why, why I never used it before. I should like, do it more and more often. So you go here into this step. You put the correct date when the idea struck you as lightning and you write it down after some time, may be after one or few months. When you come here to this backlog, you will see a long list of really good ideas. Some of them wouldn't be so good, but most of them would be really nice. And you could color them, let's say with yellow, green, and red. And that's how you can prioritize them and do them once more, once again and again and again. And this is how you will know what works best, which ideas shouldn't bother you and take your time. Which ideas could be improved and get from the yellow zone to the green zone. That's it for this lesson. In the next one, we will talk about more in-depth content plan, and I will show you how you can start preparing your account for really, really powerful content creating machine and do it very simply by understanding the most fundamental psychology behind how people consume your content, what they love, what they hate, and how you can leverage it. So well done, fill this Google spreadsheet and I see you in the next lecture. 5. How to create a long term content plan (Part 1 of 4): Alright, in this final lecture of Chapter One, we will talk about how to create a content plan. So I prepared this Google spreadsheet and right now I will explain how it works, how you need to fill it up, and what it will give you to make better content. Let's dive in. So you will have a link to this Google spreadsheet and you can create a copy for yourself or you need to do is to go here to file. Okay, let me refresh it. You need to go here to file and click, Make a Copy and it will create a copy for you on your personal Google Drive. And after that, you can start using this spreadsheet. We have here a few tabs and they go one by one, so you need to fill them up. First, then second answered. And in the end, you will have an overall picture of what, what you need to do, how you need to do, and it will be your content plan. So first of all, in competitor analysis, you need to fill up this fields. And just to recap a little bit previous tutorials, I told you about these cool features on in where you can search categories. Then you can analyze different profiles which you found in the previous step here. And on the search step, you can find great top hashtags which you can use in your captions on Instagram. So after you have a shortlist of your competitors or different accounts, you really like and you want to make similar content or to use some tips and tricks which you found on that accounts. You need to write down them here in direct competitors. And just remember, this is universal framework. You can use it no matter who you are, if you are a blogger or if you represent any brand product or service, it will be really handy exercise to do and to follow along with me. Next in this silicone, please write down a link to their account or their website. You can add different links by pressing shift F2 on the keyboard. And you can make bigger nodes using this shift of two feature. Or you can write down straight into the cell. So after you have at least five to eight competitors and links to their web resources, you need to make a research like how easy it is to use their, let's say websites. Because right now we are talking about website. You can see it. Here in the top. So c, d, e, f, g, and h. It's all about the website. So you need to write down how easy to use. Their website is. So reusability is good, bad, ugly, or somewhere in-between. Next, you need to write down if they have something for sale, how easy is the checkout? So you need to feel a lot of fields and you get some confirmation, emails, et cetera. So it means like how fast you can buy. Is it hard to transfer money for their product or not? And it depends because different people make it easier or harder. And after this research you will get a really great idea of how you can tweak it and make it better. So your followers, your visitors of your Instagram account, and in future your website have much easier access to all these resources. Also write down, does they accept payments online and number of Bandmann methods. It could be PayPal stripe and other payment getaways. And it makes easier or harder to make the payments. Also tried to take a look of how good their selling. Maybe they have some high professional sales page and landing page. It all counts. And if they do, write it down here, we will use it in the future. Also tried to understand does they have any customer service? Maybe they have the small chat window where they answer the questions when people are online on the main page of their website and how fast they reply, and so on. Next, take a look. Does they collect any emails or messengers? It could be on their website or in their Instagram account. So if you go to any Instagram account, you could see a website here. And it could be a link straight to your website or your competitors website. Or it could be something like link tree, which I will refer and show you later on, which represents different links to different resources. If they have it, write it down here. Also, take a look at unique selling proposition. If they offer some product or service. Tried to realize what's about their selling proposition. Why it's unique, why people would like to buy something from them if they have it. Great, write it down. We will reuse it later on. And taken note about price and average revenue from the main product or service. Also, this additional social networking is handy, so you can put a link to Facebook, number of fans. And write down the Instagram here and number of followers on Instagram. Next we have here some indirect competitors. It could be some products, substitutes, or some similar accounts to what you offer or what you want to do. But they are not direct. They are not the same product. It could be something a little bit different. But anyway, if you find something using Instagram search and profile, profile analyzer, write it down here and it would be extra information for you. Next very important step is to understand how much money is in your niche. Let's say your niche is really white. It could be some kind of supplementary or diet products. Let's say you sell something on your Instagram, which is related to sports and fitness. And this niche is really huge. So you could clearly see that there is a lot of offers and a lot of money inside that niche. So people are willing to spend with you and they're ready to buy your products or services. But in other niches, it could be really narrow it, and it would be really hard for you to find a lot of people and a lot of money, a lot of pain customers who would pay you for your product and service. And if you encounter that problem, and sometimes it could be the case, maybe you should rethink your Instagram marketing strategy and your niche. Maybe you just need to widen your niche or completely switched to some scenarios. I know it's not easy all the time, but it would be much better if you do it right upfront. But because if you create a lot of content and you spend a lot of time in developing and promoting your Instagram account. But it doesn't make any sense for you in terms of revenue or some kind of engagement is better to say, OK, I tried it, stop and start from scratch. Just trust me, don't make that mistake that you would spend like six months on some kind of promotions and creating content. And then after all this time, you will realize that it's not the best niche because people just simply don't pay you any money. So right down here, just tried to figure out the number of potential buyers, how much people are willing to buy your product and tried to figure out the average purchase check how much money you earn per sale. And then you could see it some approximate turnover, like number of potential buyers. And see how much is this niche could offer you in terms of revenue for months, half year, and year. And also write down some direct competitors and product analogues. So I mean, if you have some products from your competitors, which could be written down here, don't waste your time, just write everything down. Don't worry about making too much noise is better than to live these fields empty. And you can also add some notes of your own to also understand what are the unique points of your competitors. Okay, that's it for this part. And in the next part we will talk about offers comparisons. So now we're almost ready, almost prepared to create a content plan and starting generating your content. But before we do it, we just need to figure out how exactly it should be done. So I see you in the next video and we will talk about offers, comparison. 6. How to create a long term content plan (Part 2 of 4): Welcome back. In this video, we will see offers comparisons of your competitors. First of all, write down about you what competitors do. So it could be workout routines and dozens of step-by-step workout plans that will keep you busy for years. Second, cert fourths, fifths, and so on. So just write down what your competitors do. You just need to figure out what their content is all about? Next competitor, number one, you'll get a specific strategies to help you set powerful transformational goals. Competitor to a private, insanely, insanely supportive community minus, say, is the best part. And competitor three is workout routines, dozens of step-by-step workout plans that will keep you busy for years. So you see this field and this field are absolutely the same. Why it happens? Because actually I written down three of competitors in this example, I realized that competitor Number three have the best selling proposition, the best idea for creating content, which is really similar to what I can do and what I can suggest to my followers. So I written in down here, and this actually what I will be doing next hour offer it should be much more valuable and roadmap, What do I need to do to achieve this? Next, we have five workout routines that we'll have that will require less than 15 minutes per day and will make you feel better and have more energy in less than 14 days. And next competitor have, I need to add this info onto sales page. Okay, so what we do here, we actually take a look at what our competitors offering on their sales page, on their Instagram B0, and what their unique proposition is all about. And we tried to gather all the main ideas in a single column. And then all the ideas which we see are the best and which will bring the best results. And just copy and paste it into this first column you. So I hope you understood. You just need to write down as much information as possible. Then we can use the scalar field feature. It could be like this. And I just color field from the first five competitors, all the main parts I really like and I want to reuse in my own marketing. After we've done this, you should have at least five to ten. Columns filled up here. And then we move to the next tab, which is audience interests. In audience interests, we should write down all the interests which you see are handy for your promotion. Okay, why you needed and how to do it. First of all, you should take a look at what keywords are popular in your niche. How to do it is very easy. I just open a private window here in opera, can do it in Google Chrome, whatever any browser is good, and go to YouTube. After we opened the YouTube. Let's say our niche is fitness, wellness, and work out. I go to YouTube and I start writing down some ideas of keywords which I could use. So I read down here, let's say morning workout. And as you can see, you tube suggests a lot of difference, different keywords here. In the beginning of this drop-down list. We see morning workout, morning workout at home for women. Morning workout music, morning workout for man, for beginners at home, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. And this real jumps because after you find something really, some really good feed for your audience, We just need to copy it. You can make like this. I just copy it. Go here back to audiences interests and write it down here. So we could change it to 2 thousand 1T here could be like this, and just reuse this spreadsheet every single year. So that's how it works. Okay, and here on the left in the first column for new 2020, you could see that these are the keywords for marketing, marketing niche. So if you don't need it, just delete everything from here and start from scratch. You can just take and based here this morning workout at home for a woman. Next to week could delete this. And also we could find morning workouts stretch. It's also a good keyword. Write it down here, and so on, so on. As it all depends on your like mental strength. You can take hours to doing this exercise, but I encourage you to spend no more than 15 minutes and feel as much as possible. After you have Dan to 20 to 30 fields. It's already your A draft content plan. Trust me, you can just take any topic from here and start creating content about that topic. And make rotation every single day or every time you create a new content. Just first make morning workout at home for a woman. And you can create morning workouts, stretch and so on and so on. Don't forget to go here to profile, analyzer and take a look at these profiles we've done here on the first step. And you can also make them shorter, my, making them longer, and vice versa. You can delete something, add something new. And these two spreadsheets would be the main place for you to generate your content. And don't think that you will do it like all the time. But from time to time you just need to update it. Deletes something old, add fresh ideas, and you're ready to go. Also, a good tip which I could give you. You could add this one. If you add an unknown words, the name of the symbol is like shift on the keyboard. So after you put the symbol here, you could see YouTube adds some extra keyword parts in the beginning, just before. Your main keyword, which is morning workout stretch. Youtube could add like ten minute Good morning workout stretch or quick morning, five-minute stretch morning. June, Good morning stretch workout and so on. So it's a really good idea also to try adding this symbol and it will show you extra keywords in the beginning. All right, next we have groups to get insights. Empathy mapping. This is extra step, but if you feeling that you want more ideas and if you feeling that you need to better understand your audience, just go to Facebook. Tried to find some groups about your niche, about your topic, and write them down, down here. Also, you can find some forums or other resources. Write them down here and take a look about the conversations, what people are talking about on that resources, what questions do they ask? What they want to know, and so on. After you gather all this information, it will just give you a lot of new, fresh ideas for your content. Now let's move to a little bit more complicated part, but trust me, if you are selling products or services, this will make your day. For now. That's it. And in the next lesson, I will explain you how to use these next steps. 7. How to create a long term content plan (Part 3 of 4): Okay, let's continue. So this exercise is called Fundamentals and it helps you to better understand your niche. The people who are your potential customers, the people who would pay you money. And to make a really good, sound proposition for those people and to understand better their needs and desires, you need to fill out this tab. It will take some time to finish this exercise to fill up all this Google spreadsheet. It could take you somewhere in-between a few hours and a few days. Depending on the depth of your research, how deep you want to go and how much information you want together. But anyway, make sure that you don't skip it. Trust me on this, it will make your Instagram promotion and content creation much, much easier. So first of all, task you need to determine the niche, sub niche, and product. So if you already know what you're selling, you're ready to go. It's easier. You already know what exactly you want to offer to your followers. But if you don't, if you're already thinking about like these or that product, this is a good place to start. So determined the niche you're want to work in or you're already in. And a niche. It's part of Market which you sell and they occupy a certain position. In other words, it's a sphere of your activity. And here you can see some example of niches. It could be training or education, it could be web development, internet marketing, retail, tourism, and so on. And you need to write your answer here on the right. Next from that one big niche tried to narrow it down and to choose a sub niche. And subconscious, they are specific direction in a narrow, narrow niche which is engaged in the company. So examples in the training niche. So we choose one niche from this previous step, The first one, training, education. And we narrow it down into English language training, marketing training, and preparatory courses for university entrance, diamond instruction, preparation for school, et cetera. So you divide it, your big niche into much smaller markets. And then you can focus on one market. Very important. Tried to focus just on one sub niche. Inside one niche. Don't tried to take everything and create content for everyone. Doing that, you couldn't please anyone. And it would be really painting your but to do so, so choose one niche, one sub niche, and number 31 product. So what's product? Do you selling your business? This could be products, services, physical goods, et cetera. And examples in the education and niche and sub niche learning English could be spoken English course for adults, English course for I E LTS, English course for preschool children, express English course for adults, English course for designers, three month subscription for schools, and six months for three to seven years children. So C is the variety is really, really broad and we need to choose just one from this list. So don't do more than one, trust me on this. It will create, it will make your ideas much clearer, clearer, and easier. And here you can see example, the connection between New Submission products. So in education field, it could be marketing training, which is subnet, and product is marketing course for beginners. Next, we have internet marketing, website development, website creation, a to Z. And we have tourism tours to Europe. We can tour to Creator. Number four, accounting services, online accounting, accounting, EPS. Number five, retail, closing, sale, women's dresses. So if you have Instagram account, all you have to do, you need to focus on that one niche once amnesia and your product or service, which is the CERT here in this chain of new submission product bundles. And I'll say it again. In one niche may be many sub niches. And in each sub niche, a lot of products. To build a funnel, select one sub niche and one product at this stage. And your assignment is to fill up this tab and add your market information. You have this empty fields here. Feel free to make them full. And let's move on to the next step. Now we have audience segmentation. And to make it more clear to you, why we do this. Like you could be asking yourself like OK. Justin, why you're making this exercise? What you want to show is it? So the answer is really simple. After finishing this exercise, you will understand not only what quantity required to create for your account, but also you would understand how to sell, what is the pass for your followers? How they convert to visitors of your website, how they convert to your email or chatbots subscribers, and how they transform to paying customers. All this funnel is represented in this spreadsheet. So filling it up, it will just make your understanding way, way much more clear. So now we move to market segmentation. And your task is to segment your target audience using previous information from niche Deb. So on the previous step, we determined. Submission products, service. And now ask yourself who could possibly by it and divide those people into categories, which would be the segments. Examples of audience segmentation for educational learning English and course of spoken English could be, it could be married couples, businessman, students, designers, travelers, and as usual, choose one of them and they would be your main segment of market. But here, you could be much more broad because when you create content, you could create content for students and for designers, and for travelers. But if you focus on just on one market segment, it would be easier for you to create a very straightforward message for them. So they would understand that your product is a really good fit for them. All right, so you need to select the segments by a set of common features. And segmentation may be different. So for example, designers is everyone who works in this field and married couples doesn't apply to that profession, but they're also a great segment for a course of spoken English. So highlight different segments. And this will help you to write the write texts and select the right pictures to promote. Because when you would create content for Instagram, it would be not only videos, feature stories, or HGTV. It's also captions, text and something which people could read and referred to. And here was a green color. I highlighted this golden rule, which is one fire, one final equals one audience segment. Here. You could just read a lot of examples of segmentation by niches. I wasn't really right now, just not to waste your time. Read it by yourself and you will understand how this exercise works and which results it would give to you. And as usual, your assignment is to write down your segment of target audience and choose one of them for your funnel creation. Here are some tips for criteria which will help you to choose from. So they must be more solvent and most massive in all those segments. All right, so now let's move on to top five pain and gain tab. Here you can see that your customer pain points could be divided into different, even smaller parts. So the goal is to highlight the top five client pains. And here you need to make some extra research. And as in the previous step, you divide it, your audience into segments, then chose one segment for which your creator of content. And now we need to understand what war is, that segment of people like, what they want to fulfill, what desires they have, what pain points they have, and what benefits you could formulate for them. So example of pain points could be for the course of spoken English. People don't have time to learn language. People feel shy when they are communicating with English speaking partners and customers, let's say for business, they could feel shy to work in a group with students. Doesn't understand business terminology. And they could feel some emotional burnout. So they already don't have enough motivation to start. So the tip is, if you are not sure what is really, what really worries your audience, tried to figure it out. Read some reviews of people on the internet. That's what we've done here in group insights also makes some customer base survey. You can just talk with people, ask them different questions and figure out like what they want to fulfill, what they want to buy, what service they are looking for, and so on. And if you ask at least some of your friends or people you don't know, you can just manage them on Instagram or other social media and make Dan glass or more interviews, it will give you better understanding or what they are looking for. Here, I wrote some examples for you, and as usual, we have an assignment to fill up. So you need to write it down and understand with what people we are working and what we want to fulfill, what their pain points are. Okay, we almost done. In the next lesson, I will continue to talk about the last four tabs. But for now, let's finish this lesson. Take a break, go take a cup of tea or coffee, drink it, relax. Go to fresh air. And when you're done, when you're refreshed and feeling good, come back and we will continue. 8. How to create a long term content plan (Part 4 of 4): Welcome back. I hope now you feel better, more refreshed. So let's dive back in. We're almost done here in this lesson. And now I'm talking about awarness and sophistication tab. So we have an objective. We have an objective to determine the level of market awareness. So what is awareness? It means like what people are looking for and what they know about your service, about your product, about what you're offering. Are they aware about it or not? Do they know a lot of details or they're seeing and hearing about this for the first time in their life. It depends. So we need to research it and understand how deep they are in this sub niche and what they know. So in the previous steps we determined who are your clients and what pains they have. Now we need to understand how they are aware of the problems and products that solve those problems. To do this, we need to answer the question, what the client knows about solving their problems with similar products. If you're thinking that your product is unique, have bad news for you. At least somebody of your competitors have a similar product or exactly the same product or service. So going back and forth between these steps, you could check it out and see what you find in the first step when we just started out this exercise. And realize that there are quite a few guys from the market who offer something similar and try to select the level of awareness from five when the client is not aware at all to one. So on the scale from 5.2.1, which one means is they are very knowledgeable and sync and above the purchase, it means that they already know what products or services are out there. The price will they offer which is the best one to choose from? And they are already willing to pay money, but they are looking for some final comparison before they buy. And there are some market awareness levels. So the client is not aware at all. The client is aware of the problem but doesn't seek a solution. They understand the problem and consider some options. The problem is acute and they are looking for a specific solution but doesn't buy. And number one, it, people just make an purchase and They decide to choose something from what others are offering and pay for it. Here is an example. Make sure to read it and understand how this works. And you have an assignment you need to write down the level of awareness for your niche sub niche product and feel this blank space here. And also we have a sophistication. So how many competitors does a product have and what competitors offer? Sophistication isn't indicators that helps determine how to separate oneself from competitors. That is, how to defer and attract attention. This divided also to five levels where one is the market is not sophisticated at all. And number five is when the market is highly sophisticated. So to determine the level of sophistication into answering the question about products on the market offered by your competitors. And select the level of sophistication from one to five. Depending on this scale. So number one, there are no competitors at all. No one offers such a product or service. But there could be some substitutes of that offer. And for example, it could be like the first razor for shaming. Number two, there are some competitors who offers the same product and to stay stand out, they add some new characteristics to the product. And for example, it could be a safety razor. Number three all produce similar goods. And you just need to add some more characteristic debt reflects the pain. And for example, it could be saved to razor with moisturizing stripes. What Gillette does. And after Gillette, a lot of other companies just replicated and tweak it a little bit. Number for all products. All produce goods with a large number of functions, ten plus, it could be a safety razor with n number of functions like extra stripes and most horizon effect and so on and so on. And number five is like the highest level of hierarchy is level of emotions which appeal to option leaders. For example, Roger Federer demonstrates a razor in advertisement. When he uses a Gillette razor, he shaves and the emotions which you feel after taking a look at a famous actor. And you go and buy it. So you can use it in your content and your marketing. So the better you understand what your competitors offer, the battery, you understand how you need to show off yourself, your product or service in the eyes of your followers. So they would have this desire to come to you and buy from you. And as usual, you have this assignment, you need to fill it up. And after you've done, let's move to the next step. The next step is your offers. This is exactly what you offer, how, how you offer it, and how much you charge for it. So now we need to understand what and at what stage will sell to the client in the final, in order to increase trust, pushes the purchase to the mine offer and form a long-term relationship. To do this, we form so-called mafia offers. This is the offers which can not be refused. And there are find Types of them. So it could be a pre-sell value, it could be intermediate sale. Next goes key cell or may not offer. Number four is profit maximizer, and number five is subscription. Let me explain how this works here in these examples. So pre-sell value, it could be something free or or yeah, in most cases is something free. So it could be some instruction article, video book and so on. So if you add a link to your website here and you ask people to download something for free. This is exactly what BSP does. So pre-sell value, get it now and come for more later. Next we have ES, it means intermediate sale. It could be something really cheap, starting from $1 to 47 or 250 bucks. And it could be some kind of product sampler if you selling or giving something offline. It could be some kind of master class. It could be discount service, and so on. Kissel is your main product. It's actually where you got the main profit and it could cause somewhere from $47 to $10 thousand. It depends on your market and niche. And it could be a range of services. It could be access to some kind of application, a set of clauses, some Website development, and so on. Take a look at this example here and you will understand how this works and how you can tie it down to your niche. And profit maximizer. It could be some additional sales or recurring sales. It's something similar to how Google Drive works or Google one subscription Dropbox, Netflix, and so on. You pay monthly and the revenue comes in months after months. Oh, sorry. It's about I was talking about subscription and profit maximizer. It could be some kind of upsell. So it could be some additional equipment, it could be some maintenance done for your services and so on. So after people pay you for for a key sale, you can then add profit maximizer to add. Extra on the top of your main check and subscription. It it's it working on a recurring model when someone pays you months after months? Next we have USP, a unique selling proposition. This is actually what you are offering and how you, how you tell about it, how you show it, and how people feel after, after reading or watching your videos. And after looking at your pictures about what you offer and what make you different than your competitors. So you're spears, the unique selling proposition that will distinguish you among competitors and attract the target audience. Each offer must be formulated in terms of USB format is necessary to use it in your posts. Its use, its useable to use it in your funnel and to broadcast to your potential customers and partners. With the help of USB, it's easier to explain how you are different from other people, brands and companies. So mandatory requirements for USP IR must close to 23 most severe pain points of the client, which we figured out here. It must be articulated in some way. It must contain customer benefits based on that pain points from this tab. And it must contain some facts that are preferably in figures. So you should use some numbers. Let's say it's five times better than XY that, it's ten times cheaper than XY that, and so on. Here I wrote down some rules how to compose a USP. You just need to read through it and understand how it works. It's like a formula. So you read this first step, then you take a look on the example and you feel fill in the blank space for your niche submission product. It's really easy. You just need to sit down, relax, read it, understand the example, and duplicate it for you. Really easy. I already done all of the heavy lifting for you, so you don't need to spend hours here. Do it as quick as possible, fill it out and you're ready to go. So we have step one, then we have step two. And in the end, we have the final ready to use unique selling proposition. And you need, you can just add that USP here in the header of your Instagram account or you could add it on your website. It's really it's really universal. You can use it everywhere and, and trust me, you will use it a lot. And then for the assignment, for this step, you need to create a USP for each author and write it down here. And the final tab, the last one, it's the summary. It's actually all the steps altogether put in this last summary tab, which will help you to have everything in one place. And as a final result of this whole big exercise for reach, we already spend almost one hour is a field tab here in summary, which will represent everything in one column. And you could see all you have and how you could use it. I written down here an example for Instagram marketing masterclass. Go for it, take your niche stages, sub niche product, service, feel it. And when you're done, you're ready to go. Next. In the second chapter of this course, we will be talking about basics like how to show yourself, how to prepare yourself for starting out with Instagram marketing. And trust me, the most interesting part is head. So get ready for it. Relax. Do this exercise and I will see you very soon.