Instagram Marketing 101 - How to use Instagram to get leads and build an audience | Frici B. | Skillshare

Instagram Marketing 101 - How to use Instagram to get leads and build an audience

Frici B., Instructor, Marketer, Founder of Digital Lifestyle

Instagram Marketing 101 - How to use Instagram to get leads and build an audience

Frici B., Instructor, Marketer, Founder of Digital Lifestyle

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57 Lessons (5h 32m)
    • 1. Welcome! Who's this course for?

    • 2. Disclaimer-Watch This!!!

    • 3. About the instructor and the course

    • 4. Introduction: Instagram Fundamentals

    • 5. Fundamentals: Basic features of Instagram

    • 6. Fundametnals: How Instagram works

    • 7. Fundamentals: Rule no.1 & Rule no.2 of Instagram Marketing

    • 8. Fundametnals: Purpose and theme of your account

    • 9. Fundametnals: Homework - What is your purpose?

    • 10. Introduction: Account Setup

    • 11. Setup: Select an awesome username

    • 12. Setup: Personal or Business account

    • 13. Setup: Create a drooling bio description

    • 14. Setup: Select the perfect profile image

    • 15. Setup: The solo link

    • 16. Setup: The Before & After challenge

    • 17. Introduction: Content Strategy

    • 18. Content: Theme of your feed

    • 19. Content: Quality & Quantity of content

    • 20. Content: Types of content on Instagram

    • 21. Content: How to create compelling content

    • 22. Content: Free Stock Photo Websites

    • 23. Content: Tools for creating-IOS devices

    • 24. Content: Tools for creating-Android devices

    • 25. Content: Tools for creating-Desktop tools

    • 26. Content: What to do if you don't have time to create

    • 27. Content: Scheduling Tools

    • 28. Content: Planning content

    • 29. Content: Quiz

    • 30. Introduction: Growth Hacks

    • 31. Growth Hacks: Consistency

    • 32. Growth Hacks: Hashtags

    • 33. Growth Hacks: Follow/Unfollow

    • 34. Growth Hacks: Engagement

    • 35. Growth Hacks: S4S

    • 36. Growth Hacks: Giveaways

    • 37. Growth Hacks: Shoutouts

    • 38. Growth Hacks: How to track your growth

    • 39. Introduction: Advertising on Instagram

    • 40. Ads: Instagram ads - within the app

    • 41. Ads: Instagram ads - with Facebook Ads

    • 42. Ads: Paid Shoutouts

    • 43. Ads: Reaching out to influencers

    • 44. Introduction: Lead generation

    • 45. Lead Gen: Valur proposition

    • 46. Lead Gen: 80/20 Rule

    • 47. Lead Gen: Call-to-action

    • 48. Introduction: Instagram stories

    • 49. Stories: Basics of this feature

    • 50. Stories: What to share in stories

    • 51. A final advice

    • 52. Case Study: From 0 to 1000 in 4 weeks

    • 53. Case Study: From 1000 to 10,000 in 4 months

    • 54. BONUS: February 2018 - Quick app tutorial for Instagram videos

    • 55. BONUS: February 2018 Instagram algorithm update

    • 56. BONUS: March 2018 Instagram Hashtag Algorithm Update March 2018

    • 57. BONUS: March 2020 - How to make Instagram and Facebook videos

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About This Class

Instagram has over 700 million (700.000.000+) users and has over 400.000.000 active daily users.

Insanity, right?


Do I need to say anything more to be on Instagram? If you are a business, an entrepreneur or just a person who wants to share their ideas, journey, service, products etc. on the internet


In this course I will show you how to get started with Instagram and how to start building an audience and following on this platform.

Interested? If yes, continue reading...

You will not just learn how to set up an account BUT you will learn everything from optimizing your account to getting leads and potential clients.

You will learn

- how to set up an account

- how to use the different features of Instagram

- how to create content

- how to grow your exposure

- how to optimize your account for leads

... many more

Just check out the curriculum down below for more details.

You will learn how to grow an Instagram account THE ETHICAL way.

NO fake likes

NO fake followers

NO fake comments

especially NOT a "How to get rich by using Instagram..."


No experience, No problems

I specifically designed this course for beginners. If you did not use the app until now, it's no problem. We start off with the very basics and go more into the advanced tactics of Instagram Marketing.

At the end of the course, you will see my cases studies on how I grew accounts from ZERO. You will see what mistakes I made so you will not repeat them.


- smartphone with Instagram app installed

- PC or laptop

- Internet connection

- willingness to apply and practice the learned theory

This course is recommended for


Small business owners, social media managers, entrepreneurs, travellers, photographers, digital nomads, companies who want 'to go online'.

Businesses who want to start an Instagram account or have less than 10000 followers. Persons who want to start building their own brand.


This course is not for skeptics, lazy, people who want to make money fast on Instagram.

If you are not willing to put in the work but you expect to your Instagram to grow magically...then sorry, my friend...THIS COURSE IS NOT FOR YOU!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Frici B.

Instructor, Marketer, Founder of Digital Lifestyle


Hey! This is Frici...

I love teaching people and offer valuable information. I also like to travel and work online.

My goal is to help You kick-start your digital career and design your dream lifestyle. I know that sounds kind of...ambitious but hey... got to aim high!

I want to help 100.000 people with my course(s). Currently, I have 20.000+ students in my first courses. Long way to go...

Here's a short story about me:

I've been making my mark online for 4 years now. I started out by building a WP website (failed), then I got into affiliate marketing (kind of failed, too). Then I started to sell T-shirts online. I failed at the beginning but this time I didn't give up that easy. Today I can tell that this online venture was the most profitable one.See full profile

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1. Welcome! Who's this course for?: Welcome to Instagram Marketing. One of one. My name is Fritzi, and I would be walking you through this course. I designed the score specifically for those who want to use Instagram as a marketing channel. By the end of this course, you will be able to set up an account and market your products and services. On this platform, we will talk about how to set up on a comment starting from zero. Hard to produce and share content hot to grow your account. We will talk about advertising on instagram and at the end, I wish only two case studies off my experiences building to Instagram accounts. The ideal student for this course are entrepreneur, small business owners, social media managers, basically who wants to add another marketing channel to their overall strategy. So feel free to look through the curricula and I hope to see you inside 2. Disclaimer-Watch This!!!: stop! What are you doing? And please watch this video. So I shot this video. It's a disclaimer, Video or warning with you. You can call it whatever. But I wanted to shoot this and tell you why you shouldn't buy this course. I want to tell you that this course is not for lazy people. This is not for skeptics. This is not for Instagram. One of these wannabe influencers want to be queens or kings off instagram on making the millions of dollars just by posting on Instagram. If you think that this course is going to make you filthy rich just by posting on Instagram this course is not for you. This course is for people who were willing to put in the work who are willing to work on Instagram who are willing to learn this platform and willing to learn hot to sell their products services if you enroll if you buy this course, I will be available. I will add you Teoh Facebook Group where we can talk, You can talk with me. You can talk with other people in the community who bought this course. We can grow together. We can threaten jobs together Figure out Instagram because it's changing every day. Almost every day is a new feature on Instagram and new things are happening. So I'm learning. Yes, Well, and I'm sharing it with you if you want. If you want to learn together getting the course I receive inside And I really appreciate that you watch this video and I really appreciate it If you enrolled and see you inside and see late Thanks. 3. About the instructor and the course: Welcome to Instagram Marketing. Wanna one? This is Fritzi from digital lifestyle and I'm here to teach all about instagram marketing. But before we get into learning, let me introduce myself. My name is Fritzi and I run digital lifestyle. I also work as a social media manager for different companies managing their accounts. And I also opened up on Etsy Wet Shop where I sell T shirts like this one. If you know me, you know I have a course on how to sell T shirts online. You can go and check it out right here. Actually, I finished economics and I started the master's degree. But recently I dropped out. I didn't want to continue because I really found my space on the Internet and in social media. And lately I've been testing and figuring out how to grow on audience on Instagram. So in this course I will teach you how to get from 0 to 10,000 and basically how to market your product, your service, your software, whatever you are selling on Instagram. I recommend this course for social media managers, entrepreneurs, business owners and basically whoever wants to be famous on Instagram or want to grow on instagram account, we will talk about setting up an account and we will talk about also how to get leads from Instagram. Hard to get sign ups in downloads sales. We will take this from zero from setting up on instagram account. And until you get 10,000 followers and how to grow on audience and how to build a community on this platform, you have to know that instagram is really different from other social media platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest, Twitter and anything else. I'm going to show you what to share, how to share it, all the tools you need. So feel free to look through the course curriculum. And if you're interested, I see you inside. Thank you. 4. Introduction: Instagram Fundamentals: Hello and welcome to Instagram Marketing one No one in this first section. We're going to talk about the basic features off Instagram. How does it work? What you need to know about this platform. Then we are going to talk about the two rules I suggest you follow when you're building up your instagram the correct and the ethical way. I truly believe that's the only way you need to build it. Then we are going to talk about how to figure out what is your purpose. What is your goal with Instagram? That I'm going to give you a little bit of homework? Basically, you just answer a few questions. This will lay down the fundamentals of your instagram strategy. Later on, when we are going to talk about hex and tactics, you can come back and see what is your main strategy so you can adjust those tactics to it . So once again, welcome. Thank you for enrolling and see him in the next video 5. Fundamentals: Basic features of Instagram: Okay, So basic features off Instagram if you already know it, if you already figured it out you can skip this video and go see the next one where I'm going to talk about the two basic rules off how to build on instagram the ethical way acid eating the correct way. If not, I'm just going to talk about the basic features. I'm going to start with the hometown, which is bottom left corner. So in the home tab, you get the feet so you get defeat from the a constant follow. The next step is search. You can search by people by tags, by photos and by location. And then in the middle you have the camera app so you can take photos and videos we can upload from your library. The next one is kind of ah, notification slash activity log. So if you get notifications, if you somebody like your photos or somebody following your comment that it's going to be appear there also on this tab, you can check out what are your followings are doing? So people you follow, you can check them out what they are doing, what pictures they like, so that you can check out their activity to then the last step. It's basically the home, not the home, but bio. So basically, here is your profile. You have the profile picture the statistics of harmony followers. You have harmony. You are following harmony posts. You have been a short description off 100 50 characters. Nous the bio description. It's called You're allowed just one link on Instagram. That's why it's different. It's very visual platform and you're allowed just walling. So you put up a pretty picture. You cannot link it to any third party application or website. That's why is different. You can put links in the caption, but they are not going to be life. The only link Live link on instagram. It's in your bio, so you have to work. Figure out what is your purpose? We're going to talk about that later. Let me continue. So here, basically, when you are in your bio, you have like four more options right under the description and the link. So basically the 1st 2 are d How you want to view instagram? You want the pictures to be in life three columns and you can just scroll down like that or you want just one picture and it appears like a Facebook news feed, and you can scroll down. The 3rd 1 is photos of you. So, basically, if somebody takes you, the photos are going to appear here and the last one is a new feature. They just installed it. I think last week off 2016 or at the very first week of 2017 you can save posts. So just like on Facebook, you can save posts. You can open it up later, and that's about it. Oh, yeah, I want to talk about. Also, the settings were options, which is on the top right corner. Basically, you you can set up your account how you want it if you want to receive notifications. If you go back to your home tap, do you have two more options on the top off the screen on the left, you have a little camera, which is which lets you take 12th videos and posters as a story, or you can send it directly to somebody and on the right top off the screen. You you will have direct messages so you can direct message your friends and you can receive messages. Also, you can receive ah, message requests, just like in Facebook, and that's about it. So if you didn't know this now you know what really simple application. The main focus, although, is on the quality of the pictures. So it's a photo sharing application. That's how it started. And that is still the main features just to say so because you are not allowed two to link out. So it's basically it's like a photo all so thanks for watching and see you on the next one . 6. Fundametnals: How Instagram works: Hello and welcome to this video. I want to explain what this instagram and how Instagram works. This is really important for you to understand how it works, because that way you can market and target an audience that is really different to Facebook . Pinterest Instagram started out as a mobile F application for sharing photos. That's why when you want to share something on Instagram, it should be high quality. That's the number one thing. Here is my account, my personal account, and I want to share with you. Why is Instagrammed different? So it's a photo sharing application that works on Leon Mobile. It has a desktop version, but you really cannot upload pictures. You just you can just scroll and see different accounts. All the indirection happens on mobile, so it's different than Facebook because Facebook you can share stuff on that stop and on Mobile is where What you have to know is it's a very wish jewel, extremely visual platform. So what? You have to know that video. It's on the rise. At first, Instagram started out with only 15 seconds of video because the main focus was on photos, great quality photos, but they shifted, and now you can upload videos up until one minute, so that's really different. They also introduced stories like Snapchat, and they also introduced Instagram life. But still, Instagram is basically a photo sharing platform, and some say it's like motivational porn. And actually it is. And that's why it's good. That's why people love it. That is why it is so different. So if I want to look for dogs, I just go to the search bar search tab and search for dogs. And as you can see, you can search for people Tex and places. So if I go to people, it will show up accounts, dogs, lovers, dogs, official and so on, such on Facebook and Google Search and so on. But the main thing is, and this is why is different in the hash tax, so people search by hashtag I see that dogs hashtag has been used to seven million times, so 37 minutes I just go click on that. As you can see, I see the top posts and out of those talks post 12345 or videos. That's what I said. That video is on the right, so If you want to market on Instagram, you should prepare videos also. And also you have, like the most recent one shares and what is different, like Instagram shows you related hashtags right at the top. As you can see, the most popular ones are dog lover, dog life dog off the day I love dogs. I love my dog and so on You just click it Then you got in the hashching dog lover used by 14 million people around the world And here you also have five videos. But still you can see you have, like, really cute high quality pictures with filters and so on. We can we will get into that. So what? This is what you have to focus on its really about the photo. It's really about sharing a great moment. So thanks for listening and see you in the next video. 7. Fundamentals: Rule no.1 & Rule no.2 of Instagram Marketing : rule number one of INSTAGRAM marketing. The number of followers does not matter. Actually, it doesn't matter. But, like, let me explain. First of all, why number of followers does not matter. So the main question is here. Would you rather have 100,000 followers with zero engagement? Were little engagement with very few email sign offs were if you traffic to your website. Very few comments. Very no direct messages. Nothing. Or would you rather have 1000 followers? But out of those 1000 you interact with 200 on every post to share your direct message. You comment you you have a conversation back and forth, so that's the main question. That's why the number of follows does not matter. Which brings me to the second point. Why does followers really matter? It matters because your account is grown. So if you share a great value if you share great content and relevant to your audience. So if you are selling dark colors and you find 3000 people who are interested in dark colors, then you're going to have success. If you share relevant content and they're going to engage with you, is that really simple, and if they more engaged, your account will organically grow so the number of followers will grow up. So it's basically two sides of the same corn. The number of followers does not. Doesn't matter and it doesn't matter because you can see the account going. But the main idea is here is that is not the key Biarritz, not a key performance indicator. A key p I should be the number of engagement, the percent of engagement harmony comments you get and harmony direct messages. How many conversations do you really have with your audience? That is all about. And this is what I want to tell you about if you grow your account really fast by buying followers or buying likes or comments or whatever the engagement is going to drop because those people are not interested in what you are trying to say and what you about your content. They are basically just numbers on your call. Which brings me to Rule number two. Never, ever buy, likes followers comments, etcetera. So you're going to get a lot of the EMS and a lot of comments in your, uh, if you're new to Instagram, you're going to get a lot of these messages, like Royal following by 1000 every date, or to get 1000 likes. And I don't know what never ever do that. Let your account to grow organically. Just keep on sharing good stuff relevant to your audience and your account will grow. I promised. So these are the two rules I really suggest you follow these two rules and never get into the gray or black area of this growth hacking thing. You can growth heck, other ways, which I'm going to tell you later. So that's about it. Thank you for watching this video. See you in the next one. 8. Fundametnals: Purpose and theme of your account: What is your purpose with Instagram? Okay, the big question. What is your purpose with Instagram? So if you took this course, probably your purpose is to sell something is to market something, whether it's a physical product, digital product software, a YouTube channel. So let me show you some examples. First of all, you have to decide what you used Instagram for. You use it as a photo blawg. You use it as a video block. What is your purpose? Do you want to entertain your followers? Do you want to educate your father worse? Or you just want to share your journey with pictures? If you want to share your journey in pictures instantly is a great place to start Fourtou Block. Now I'm going to show you a few examples of how I do it. Right now I'm in in my account of digital lifestyle. My purpose here is to educate. So I share a lot of business codes. Coates related to business, entrepreneurship and sometimes just motivational coats to. But I also share some tips and this is great. Like here you can see tip number 14 but geek and nerd. So I shared 40 tips for people who want to set T shirts. And I shared some nature's some really interesting niches they can get into because geeks, nerds, they love t shirts. And you see, I have a theme, so I have a coat than I have. Ah, Then I have a tip. I have a coat. Then I have a tip and I really keep this the last few or Onley coats basically because I want to start to share some tips on Instagram because right now my purpose was for you to download my free e book That helps you sell T shirts. But right now I have I'm making. Actually, I'm in the making of of this course and I want to share some instagram hacks. So probably I'm going to compile all the Instagram hex I will post here into an e book, which will be a free download. You will give me your email and finally I would give you I will give you that free Instagram hacks. And if you really want to grow when to get into instant and marketing, I'm going to offer you to buy the scores. So that's my purpose is to download the digital product and to sell a digital product. My course about the Instagram right now is I told you I have a course on T shirts, how to sell T shirts online, and if you click the link in my bio, it will take you to this page. This is the e book I made. It's really simple. Just put in your email and I will send you to E. But basically, with this account, I educate people. So it's an education. So I want to show you my other account, which is about Liverpool Football Club. Here. You can see that it's a different team, so it's more of, ah, entertaining. So we share funny videos, funny pictures, cartoons off football players, some statistics. So it's more like entertaining an informational. It's not educational for sure. Onley educates like the Liverpool supporters. But we don't really share news. It's more about entertainment and the purpose with this to share a lot of different. We share videos. We share pictures. We share everything related to the Liverpool Football Club, so it's totally different team and the different purpose. The main purpose here's for you to subscribe to the email list as well, or sometimes we put in the link to the shop. So you go to the shop and you can buy one off the Liverpool T shirts. Right now we have this subscribe based. So if you leave the if you leave your email, we will send you an email with the coupon code that will give you 50% off in the Liverpool shop. So selling physical products T shirts to be more exact. That's the purpose off this instagram account. Let me search for Gary Winner Chuck So Gary Re where? His Here he is. So he's an entrepreneur investor. He has AH media company, a sports company. And what he does on Instagram is he He educates. So he has his own coats. And he has this videos where he educates people and that talks about entrepreneur ships. And it's really about educating new entrepreneurs and his purposes really changes. Like right now he has a challenge. You can click there and enter the challenge. Sometimes it's a link to his video. A longer video to YouTube sometime is a link to his website, and basically he gives educational information away content for entrepreneurs. So that's his team and purpose. Now I want to show you puta pie. I think that's how it's pronounced puta pie. So this guy's a youtuber. He he has. He has the most subscribers of all time. I think he has, like, 50 million subscribers on YouTube, so he makes the videos. He makes funny videos. So what he uses Instagram for is to share some Salafist. So it's more about sharing his journey and his personal life, and what he does is Selves of physical products. He sells socks, so if I click dealing, it will take me to this page. You can see he entertained. So that's what she tries to do. That's his team is, he adds. A little bit of personal self is, but his pictures are still entertaining, so he does what he doesn't YouTube. He has a purpose and the theme, and he doesn't break that up. I want to show your last account. It's Amazon, the Everything store. So this is what they do on Instagram. Basically, they sell digital products. They sell physical products, they sell video programmes, they sell a storage so basically everything and they use Instagram as a photo block as you can see, So they don't trying to sell the products and every post to be about one of their products . They entertain a little bit and they interact, so they use it as a photo block. That's very interesting. This is what I'm asking you to have a clear purpose and the clear theme for your instagram account. I also want to show you my personal one really quickly. I share Self is what I read. If I travel my set up on working in the civil on what I do in my free time I play squash in so so I don't mix the two. I don't want to share personal and to mix up, deliver pool stuff with the digital life star stuff and the personal it is just going to send some mixed messages to people. That's why I have separate. It comes for this. Okay. In the next video, I'm going to ask you for a homework. So stay tuned. Seeing the next video tanks 9. Fundametnals: Homework - What is your purpose?: Okay, everyone, this is the last video off this section. And this section ends with the little bit of homework, as I told you before, So I just opened up the pdf. You can download it below this video. Open it up to help you figure out what you want to do with your instagram account. I have prepared three statements. So these are statements with the blanks. So you have to feeling what is the in the blanks in the dots. So let's just start with the 1st 1 and this This is really simple. I want to and you can feel it out. What you want to do with your Instagram, for example, I also give you examples. I want to build my brand. I want to bring traffic to my website to my YouTube. I want to capture emails. I want to generate leads. I want to increase podcast downloads, etcetera and etcetera. Figure out what you want with your Instagram. Then the second statement sounds like this. My instagram will blank people who are interested in blank. So for me, I would fill out this statement just like this. My instagram will educate people who are interested in growing their instagram account. Really simple. Also, if you're in the fitness niche or in the fitness industry, you can feel a loud like my instagram will motivate people who are interested in fitness to work out or to eat healthy or ah, whatever. So if you are selling physical products, you have a Web shop you sell. I don't know. You sell dog accessories. Then you will say my instagram will educate people who are interested in dog accessories than the last statement is based is really simple. My theme is so you have to decide you want to educate. You want to entertain? You want to share story whatever you want. So my theme is sharing behind the scenes sharing personal life, sharing Onley business, sharing behind the scenes off business, sharing how my products are made or how I help people or sharing testimonials. Oh, our motivation. Motivation works, really where as your where instagram coats are all over the place because they work. So that's it. So this will help you in moments when you don't have any motivation. You don't have any idea what to share on your instagram. You just come back to this three statements. And for sure you will come up with an idea you can share some behind the scenes. If you run out of ideas there, then you can share a little bit off personal life. Or if you ran out of photos, you can share some videos. You can take videos. So this will help you always to get back to the basics. What your instagram is all about, What you are trying to do. You try to educate, to, to share, to excite. When you run out of motivation, you just come back here and you're going to see it. So that's it for this section. Seem in the next one and thank you. 10. Introduction: Account Setup: Hello and welcome to the second part of Instagram marketing one no one in this section. We're going to talk about setting up your account. First of all, we're going to talk about the user name selection. Then we're going to talk about whether to go with personal business account. Then we're going to talk about what to write in those 150 characters allowed by Instagram in your bio. Then we're going to talk about the display image. So the profile picture on your instagram account, then the most important thing from this section is hard to use. That soling what to link out to heart to do it, what to do with it. So thank you and see you in the next video. 11. Setup: Select an awesome username: Hello, guys. Welcome to this video. We're going to talk about selecting the right user name or as it it's called instagram Handle. So you will have a handle which you can tag in pictures and captions and comments with the at symbol. So I am in my LFC gadgets account. In the name of the account. The user name of the account is lfc gadgets. And if I want to take a left the gauges I let me go to my here in the profile. If you click on the third tag here, it's like a tax symbol. You click here, you will see photos of you. Here are the photos that LFC gadgets LFC gauges have being attacked. So if I go to this picture, I click on it. It will appear older people who has been tagged all the counts that has been tagged on this picture so you can see LFC gadgets. It's right there. And if I go here and I click, you will see that these two guys tag me on this picture too. Okay, Now, if you want to change your user name, don't worry if you messed it up If you don't like it. You can change it as many times as you want, as long as the name is available. So let me show you how you can change it. Just go into your profile and under the following click the tab. Edit profile. Okay, The first line is actually the title of your account or the name of your account in. In this case, the name is Liverpool FC. Gadgets wind up the way. I'm going to explain it in a later video. Why? I put here a long title. Basically there are keywords and the second line is LFC gadgets. No, I just want to give you a few pointers on how to select your handle. So for this account, it was fairly simple because I had a rep side that title was develop, left the gadgets for short at FC gadgets. So that's how I went with it. I kept it simple and this is what I recommend. Keep it simple. So they used the kiss method. Keep it simple. Stupid. Why? Because if you want to put it on Ah, business card, you can just write it in one line. You don't have to use any lines or quotation marks or whatever you just put at LFC gadgets and you're done also. If you're telling somebody to follow you on Instagram, it's easier to say like Follow me on Instagram My name is Alvarado Peter Nothing fancy simple. Let me switch to digital life stuff because I had trouble with this account when I was setting up the user name because I wanted to be digital lifestyle because the name off my website is digitalized. Start that club. My Snapchat is digital life Start and I want instrument to be digitalized. Now the only problem is I'm going to show you if I'm trying to save so you type in your user name and you just hit done at the top right corner and Instagram will tell me Sorry, that user name is taken so that why I separated DJ and lifestyle ended up with an underscore. So the second point there I want to talk about is if your initial user name is taken, try to separate it or separated with a dot or his underscore or with something really simple. Now let me show you my personal account which is freed CB I wanted to keep this one simple as well. I wanted to be on Lee. At Fritzi. The problem is the same. The user name is taken. So I took my family name, which is butter bush. So I and add it, be there and it looked like for it seemed kind of weird, so I wanted to emphasize that it's Fritzi. Be so I added to ease at the end, and that's how I came off with it. Really simple. Okay, so keep it simple. If not, try to avoid dots underscores hyphens quotation marks. But if you need to used them, if you run out of these ideas to an old combinations with dots and hyphens and underscores our taken, I suggest you go with your location, your geographical location. So maybe you are in the fitness industry in the USA. I'm going to go to search here and type in fitness. Who's fitness? U S. A. And it's going to show me the top people or takes and you can see it. This account is really small account. It's fairly complicated because it has an underscore and the number in it so don't add number. Let me see Fitness USA This is fairly complicated as well. So made for fitness. This is actually a pretty good name made for fitness. So use your geographical location. That's what I'm trying to say here. If not, if you're a business, you have a website. Just use the domain name of your website. If that is occupied, just used the whole the whole name off your domain. Like if your website this Eldorado pizza dot com try. I tried the user name eldorado dot com. If Eldorado Pizza is taking, just use at Dorado dot com. If that is taken to then, you can do like if you're based in, I don't know, in London or Mexico or whatever. It just put an Dorado pizza Mexico or Eldorado Pizza London just to keep it simple. Okay, if that doesn't work and the domain doesn't work, you can include your industry or niche. So if you're in the food industry, you can include your specialty, like at Dorado Pizzas. I told your Dorado tacos or Eldorado whatever. You get the idea. If that doesn't work, either, and all the combination are out. Try to use prefixes just like the Eldorado pizza or D. Add the Rondo tacos. You get the idea. Or if you're a personal brand, you want to brand awareness. You want to promote your personal brand. I'm going to show you what actually Jamie Foxx is doing. So Jamie Foxx he uses I am Jamie Foxx. If you go to his profile, you will see on Snapchat is I am Jamie Foxx on Facebook. He's Jamie Foxx on Twitter. He's at I am Jamie Foxx. On Instagram is the same as on Twitter. I am Jamie Foxx. So you can try that. Or if you if you want, you can try that for a company as well. We are Eldorado pizza. I'm sorry that I came up with this Eldorado pizza, but that was the first thing on my mind. And it's fairly simple for you to understand in which direction to go. Okay. So thank you for listening. I hope you will find the right handled the simplest handle. So your account will be reached. We will talk about the bio descriptions, some keywords and other stuff in the next video. Thank you. 12. Setup: Personal or Business account: Hello, everyone. In this video, we're going to talk about the weather selecting a personal or a business profile. Now, obviously, if you trying to market something on instagram, be it the product, the service of software, your brand, your personal brand, your company. You should go with the business profile. It is an obvious choice because if you go with a business account, you will have some data. Some analytics about your followers, such as gender activity, engagement also about your posts. How many impressions your post has water on the top posts and so on. As you can see, I'm in my personal account for its would be. This one is not a business account. It's a personal account, and this is how it looks like. Let me switch to LFC gadgets, which is a business account. And, as you can see, Indy so right under the followers count you have an extra tab, which says, Contact. If you click on it, you can email me or email this account. Basically, this is the only visible difference between a personal and a business. A con. This is fairly a new feature. It was introduced in the second half of 2 2016 So if you want to switch your account to business, you just go into settings. So top right corner clicking the gear button, and under the account label, you will find switch to business profile. So you just click that you hit. Continue you can you the features actually, so you have to give contact. It could be a phone number, email or location so customers can reached out to you directly and you will get insights. I'm not going to hit continue because I don't want to switch my personal account, too. A business one. I'm going to go back and switch to I left the gadgets and I'm going to show you. So I talked about the contact label and on the top right corner off the screen next to the gear button, it appears the insights. Some were tickled lines, as you can see. Are you going to click it? So this takes you to instagram insights just as you have. If you have a Facebook page, you will have some insides Now. They introduced that to Instagram as well as you can see on the top of the screen. You will have some. You will have an overview of harmony off some statistics, such as impressions. If you swipe to the left, you will see harmony people you reached in a week. Then Harmony visited your profile. Then how many clicked? Wow, this is pretty low. Usually I get between 15 and 30 klicks week, but last week and this week, especially. It's pretty damn low, considering it's Monday. I think it's OK. Then you will have the last one in, which is email clicks basically harmony. People click on your contact label in your profile. Now next up is stopped post. I'm going to scroll down just to get it to the top of the screen Top post. As you can see, here are the top post the top six posts, and if you want to see more, you just click the laying there, and it will take you to your top post in the last seven days, and this is sorted by impressions. You can sort that if you want by reach if you want for the last three months or a year or two years, so you can play around here. If you want to see harmony, which Post received the most engagement, basically comments. In the last seven days, you can choose the type off post you did. It was a photo or a video you just hit, apply, and it going to show here. This post right here received 1605 100 likes and about 265 comments, and this was the second post, which was a video that received 47,000 views. And if you click on the views, you can see how many likes it got. As you can see right there, it got 3.4. Que likes. Okay, let's move on. So the next is to see the followers. So the activity of followers. So it shows Monday because today is Monday. As you can see, the followers of this account got get active around 2 p.m. They peak at 6 p.m. And they are just slowly going downwards. So that is the trend on Mondays. If you want to see more, just click the button Seymour. Then you see like I had so 11 K Followers 300 this week, 88% man, this is not surprising because it's about it's on account for football fans for for Liverpool fans, not a lot of women. Then you can see the age range mostly, Instagram is for youth between 18 and 34 top locations. You can see it by city or by country. So actually Liverpool is from the UK, but the most following. They have a lot of following in Asia, so you can see in the nature Thailand, Malaysia and so on. Then you can see the cities if you'd like. Then you can see your followers activity for every day and for every hour. You can see Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and you can see a trend like on each day somewhere between 12 p.m. And 67 pm They are the most active, so you have to organized posting in that period. Or you can see by days which are your most active days. Basically for Disick on Sunday and Monday. Okay, let's go back. And if you are promoting so if you are buying instagram ads, you can see the activity here. I'm not buying Instagram ads. I think it's still stupid to buy instagram ads because if you're working, if you're producing great content. Your account will reach a lot of people. A lot of targeted people. You will get leads, you will get clicks, you will get engagement from them. Also, we're going to talk about different kind of promotions for your account paid and unpaid. So that's about insights. Just to recap a little bit, I suggest to go with a business account. So you have this nice little analytics to show when, by the way, if you don't have a business account, if you didn't have a business account on to know you had a personal account and you didn't have access to analytics, just go to Inc 361 dot com. You have to register, it's free, you can register with Instagram, and then you can go to stats and you will see all this death almost the same analytics as on instagram for your personal account. So you will see your top post harmony. You posted how many followers you have when they are most active, and you will see some similar data. But we will talk about Inc 3 61 dot com later on in the course, so don't worry about it. So thank you for listening and see you in the next video 13. Setup: Create a drooling bio description : Hello, everyone. And welcome to this video we're going to talk about creating on astonishing and amazing bio . This is really important. The description on your profile because whoever visits your profile, it's a potential lead. It's a potential customer. It's a potential visitor to your YouTube. So the first thing I want to tell you about the description in the bio is that there is a character limit and that limit is 150 characters, so it should fit in. I also want to tell you that the emojis also count as one character. Now, if you're going to your profile and into edit profile, this page will show up. And I want to start firstly by the 12 3/4. So where you have the little I I have the description I have upon tree work from anywhere. I have a little rocket emoji, January average, then you're awesome. Then I have my offer. My free pdf on setting T shirts. First of all, why it is while organized it like this line by line because we are people and we like to see the things really simple. So we read line by a lot So the first thing I want you to do is organize your bio description to be like a bulleted list and instead off using actually bullets or, ah, lines or arrows. Just use emojis. I don't know why I don't care why we love emojis. People love it. I love it. Probably you love it. And who visits your profile well of it. The third thing you want to check is key words. As I told you before on Instagram, people surged by hash tax. They put in one key word, and after that, a lot of hash tags show up and and they just click on the most popular hash sticks. So they typing dogs, they're going to find some pictures with dogs. Then they're going to appear a lot of similar or popular hashtag in that Mitch, such as dog lovers Doberman. I don't know. You get the idea. So what I want you to include include keywords in your bio description. So my 1st 1 line there is work from anywhere that basically is the one liner off my page off. Did you lifestyle? That's why I put it there. And there's some you ain't average you're awesome. Then grab your free. Teach it on hard to sail T shirts, So T shirt T shirts on sending t shirts online. That's a key phrase there. Let me explain one thing. So I don't know what Instagram did this but you cannot go down online. So if you write something, I'm going to write something here and at the end of the first line. And as you can see, I type I type And when the line is filled up, then it moves to the next line, which is a pain in the I don't know why Instagram did it this way. The problem is you have 150 characters and if you are doing with one line like now, my first line is work from anywhere you cannot go down to start a new line. You put the dot or whatever, you cannot go down. So what I suggest is I'm is to use the application notes. So if you're on an iPhone, used the application notes or if you're on Android, do you also have a notes application? I'm sure so I have everything organized. So this is my bio description for my personal account. I have an emoji showing the narrow and saying top than some books. And here I have the digital lifestyle. So this is all I organized this, that in the draft, in the notes that I just copy it and paste it into instagram bio. So let me show you the description on elastic gadgets, LFC videos. I have some emojis there. I also wanted to put in because we do a lot of re postings. We re posed a lot of pictures from other accounts and we usually and retake them. We take them in the caption, we take them on the picture and we give credit to them. And I wanted to say Just put the credit in the description as well and just detained them because most of the pictures are not ours and the third line is here. If you want to promote your account, we can do that. You can contact us via direct message or on cake. We will talk about this later. Then we have the call to action with C t. A. Joined the community and get 15% off. So if you hit the link, you will go to a page. This is the page bribery. I showed you already. You leave your email in your name and you will get the anemia with the coupon code, you can use it on the store, on whatever you buy. You get 15% off when you use death coat. Okay, let me show you my personal account. I have in the same fresher I have clear one lines. Separated like a bulleted list. And instead of bullets or arrows, I just used emojis. It's really clear. And this is how I want. Also, you're profile toe look like now. One more thing before we've finished this lesson that I want you to tests more. Right? A bio description tested out. Leave it for a week. If you see, then change it a little bit. Add a little bit more keywords that is relevant to your product, your service, your niche, your industry. Then leave it for a week and see which one performs better. Harmony clicks you have on profile Hominy takes you have on your on your link. You can check that in the insight as I thought. You just going to inside you see the impressions, reach profile views and the clicks. I want to test, test and test always before I close up this lesson. I also want to talk about the first line, so going to edit profile and the first line is basically the name or the title of your instagram account. This is not the same as your user name. We talked about this before, so used. Her name is DJ Underscore Lifestyle, the second lying. But in the first section, the first line is T shirt busy on instagram business. And that's what I put here and why I put this here. I want to. I searched on Google AdWords, that instagram business. This two key words. This combined keyword instagram business. It's searched on Google by 9000 times every month, so 9000 people search for that keyword instagram business. This is a pretty strong keyword, so that's why I put it here. Also. T shirt business. There is a 30 character limit, so I couldn't add T shirt business. But that is also a relevant keyword for what I'm doing because I have a T shirt business course. So that's why I added so used your key words in the title indeed in the of your instagram and also, if you can include keywords such as your industry knish location, product service in your bio to this will help, you're a can become more discoverable. So let me show you an example. Let's go back. I'm going to go to search and I'm going to put here. I don't know Belle Ile Diet The top results are this to account is Paul it'll? Diet, lifestyle and the user name is palatable diet on their school. So I'm going to visit that 18,000 followers. As you can see, I popped in the search. I searched. I put in Pa Paleo Diet, and it showed up because Paleo Diet is in the user name of this account. Plus in the titles paleo diet lifestyle, it's really easy. So as you can see, this page has only I guess he a lot of food pictures and the little bit of coats. Delicious recipes really cool. I would I would suggest also this account to use the bulleted list. It will be much easier for people to read the description, but probably they are doing well. This is why it is important. So put in the more keywords relevant to you because your account will be more discoverable . That's about it. Thank you for listening and see you in the next lesson. 14. Setup: Select the perfect profile image: Hello and welcome to this short lesson about the display image. So I'm going to talk about the few things you should consider when you're uploading a profile picture to your instagram. Now is you can see I am in my digital lifestyle account. And obviously, if you have a company, you just put in the logo of your company, your website, your startup, whatever your product. So I choose to put in the logo off digital lifestyle, which is a text now. The text was a little bit big, so I had to turn it and it came out like this. And I think it's OK because it's not that really boring. Just two lines. It has a little turn on it, and I just left it like that. Now this happened because if you upload a picture on Instagram, by the way, you can upload it by clicking on the picture itself and then this option, these options come up. Remove current photo import from Facebook or Twitter. You can choose from your library, or you can take a photo on the spot. Okay, that being said, I uploaded the logo off my website and it turned out really bad because life start the second word is it's a little bit longer, so it couldn't fit into the circle. This is what happens with your profile picture. Instagram rounds it up so it's circles it, so you have to be careful when you're done, you have to leave a little bit of space all around your logo. And this is what I suggest You upload a square photo square photo. I mean a one by one. So the with should be equal to the height of the photo. For example, 1000 by 1000 megapixels. And I'm going to switch to LFC gadgets. A content show you this logo fitted in really well because the logo off at FC get it's it's It's kind of a circle. It's fitted in right well into the instagram profile picture. The only problem with this is that I have text inside the logo. Actually, you cannot see it. You can see it. It's somewhere about the head off the bird. You can see it says lfc gadgets. Now, if you look it, look on the phone. The profile picture is so small that nobody can read it and you cannot zoom in. It's not like on Facebook. You cannot zoom in the profile picture. So that's the second suggestion I want to tell you. Do not use text. Only use text if it's necessary. For example, as I told you the digital lifestyle logo, it's text based logo, so it's a typo. So I had used text. But on this one, I I was just lazy on the electric gadgets. I should have created the logo. Want one more time without the text? Nobody can see it. It's a little bit confusing, but I just left there. Okay, if you're trying to bring yourself or you have a personal brand, I strongly suggest to use a close up picture meaning a face close up picture. I switched to my personal content. As you can see, I have a nice a real picture. I mean, I don't know if it's nice. It's a picture about my face. This creates a little bit off confidence because people will see who you are. And one last thing I want to tell you about is D quality of the profile picture. So I strongly suggest that your profile picture to be at least 100 by 100 pixel. But if you want great quality even in the small format, upload a 500 by 500 or even 1000 by 1000 pixel photo. Okay, that's about it. So let's just recap. Use a square photo. Leave space on the edges because instagram will cut down the edges and you will end up with the circle picture. Use your logo. Not used text only if it's necessary. And the quality of the photo should be high resolution. The resolution of your photo should be as high as possible. Okay, that being said, I want to show you two examples off Nike. So let me search for Nike there. This I know that they have this logo. And under the logo, they have the slogan. Just do it So they didn't upload that version off their logo. They have the just do it slogan in the description in the bayou. Why? Because the profile picture is so small that no one can see it. Obviously, if you see the profile on that, stop the display images a little bit bigger, but you cannot zoom in so it doesn't really met, and I want to show you also McDonald's bag don odes. Okay, here we go. So McDonald's is same fashion. I think their slogan is What is the slogan I'm loving it? They usually have. This am their logo. And under that, it says I'm loving. Well, they didn't choose to upload that photo because, well, the display image on Instagram It's so small. Okay, that's about it. Thank you for listening. See you in the next video. 15. Setup: The solo link: Hello, everyone. In this video, we're going to talk about linking out from Instagram. As of today, Instagram allows Onley one ling that will give access to your followers to go outside the instagram at and that one link is placed in the profile and your profile. Now, this is very important because if you put something and you put a link in the caption, it will not be an actively So let me show you. I'm going to Gary. We's account, as you can see, has a link in his profile, and his last post is about his new episode off daily week. He posts videos every day, but as you can see, it's not applicable. It's the link is not the live. The only thing you can click in the captioning or the hashtags and the handles. So if you take someone, it was like in the second comment, like you can go to him with a debt profile if you'd like or you can. Was that the hash take, But you cannot click links that will get you out of Instagram. So he says, like check it out in my bio. If you go to his bio you will see it under the description, the link and that will take you to his website. The second thing I want to talk about is you have to make your followers go from the feed to your profile. So if you're on Instagram, you have a feud like this you can scroll down. And if you're trying to capture elite an email or you want to send somebody to your website to your YouTube So this is how the feet looks like and this is how your post is going to appear. So you have to take them to your profile and the profile they can click. Now. I strongly suggest to offer something to your followers before you ask. In this case, As you know, LFC gadgets sells T shirts related to Liverpool Football Club and what I can offer is if you join the email list, I can get you off 15% off on every order for the next year. So this is what I have here in the account, joined the community and get 15% off. Then if you click my link, it will take you to this landing page. So this is for any comments on now I want to show you what I do with digital lifestyle. And probably if you follow me on the instrument. Instagram, you know what I do so basically, right now I'm promoting free. Pdf if you click, it will take you to this website where you can download the pdf you put in your email name and I will send duty free cheat sheet. Okay, that's what this is what I want to think about. What is that you can offer for free? Because if you asked, like, come to my web shop and buy, I don't know, $1000 worth off products. It's not going to work, So you have to give them something for free. So late I captured their email. So basically, these are leads, and then I can send them emails about free stuff and about my products services. And so last thing I want to talk about is you have to track this link. Now if you have a business instagram account, as I told you in the insights, you will have a statistic that will say how Maney website clicks you had. And this is a pretty new feature From now on, you can see your insights for your stories. Awesome. That's great. Now you have here D Link. I had seven website clicks. Actually, I had more, probably by now, but I want you to track it. I suggest you to services bit li dot com or Google's short link short Inner. So this will basically shorten your link and it will track it. It will give you an insight of harmony clicks you had today plus a location where that link was clicked. Okay, that's about it. So let me recap the only way to link out from Instagram. As of today, it's from your profile. So you have to bring your followers from the news feed to your profile to get them to click in the future. There will be other methods to link out, but for now, that's it. If you don't know what to put in your link section on instagram, I strongly suggest to give something away. For free bid, a coupon could be free. Download free radio whatever. Just get something for free, Then last thing Trickett track it to see how many people click it in a day. And so that's about it. Thank you for listening. See you in the next video 16. Setup: The Before & After challenge: How do everyone Fritzi? So first of all, congratulations for finishing the second part of Instagram marketing one a one Now I have a challenge for you. So first of all, I want you to join the Facebook group Digital Life Start community The link is below this video. You can join. It's free. All of these students off this course are in that group. I'm also active on the group so you can interact. You can get ideas. You can get feedback for your INSTAGRAM account strategies so want So what now? The challenge for this section is to post before and after picture. So take a screenshot of your instagram profile now and take a screenshot After you applied all the things we learned in this section. So the user named the Thai told the bio the emojis the link. Plus what is the one thing you are giving away to your followers? I truly believe that you have to give before you ask What is the one thing you are giving to your followers? Is it the free pdf free video of free training or free webinar? A discount code? Whatever suits your industry, whatever you can give which whatever you can offer, please post that to You can get feedback. You can learn from others. So that's about it. Thank you for listening and see you in the next section. We will talk about content strategy. Thank you. 17. Introduction: Content Strategy: you're right at the third section off Instagram Marketing Wanna one in this one? We're going to talk about content and as you know, content is king on instagram, especially high quality photos or the way to go on Instagram. So we will talk about your feet. What is the theme of your feet? Were talk about quality quantity of photos, how to create photos even if you are not a designer or you don't take pretty pictures. How to create compelling content for your Instagram called How to find free pictures Free high resolution pictures for your instagram feed how to create pictures on your phone whether you're on IOS Android or if you want to create them on that stop, then later share it and we will talk about laying out the content strategy for your account . This doesn't matter in which industry you are. You need a content strategy plan and at the end we will talk about how you can do this on autopilot. So there is a tool. You just have to schedule all the posts you want to share on Instagram and it will be on also pilot, which is great. That's about it. See you in the next video 18. Content: Theme of your feed: What's up, guys? Welcome to this video. I'm going to explain a little bit about theme of your car. Content starts with the team. You have to think about one theme and I want to show you my digital likes that account and the theme I'm running on it. I opened the instagram on desktop and I want to show you how it looks like. So we talked about the bio description and so on. Your feed needs to have a theme. So this is the theme I'm running. I scroll down lately. I've been doing so. I did coats. What used to Graham back in one video is I don't produce videos. I just look for 1/3 party and I really love what Gary we is doing. So I'm just sharing his stuff. I take him. Are repost all the videos Now? I don't get a lot of use, as you can see. Like 94 views on this 1 70 to 69 83. Not much public engagement, Not a lot of views. So that's why I just talked and I'm just doing tips. I'm doing tips for new entrepreneurs. Basically, these are tips for myself because this is what I really feel like. And this is what I'm going to share. What I'm doing and I'm in and these are not like expert tips. But I think these tips really help me to get where I am now. And also the the coats. They just simply work nice pictures with the nice court. It really works on Instagram. So that's why I'm doing it. And also, I just shared a mini guy here once. But these posts that you click on it will disappear in like, 20 hours. This comes up and after a while it disappears. So the thing will be consistent. It will look something like like here, like before. And this is the challenge. You have to come up with that thing. What? You're going to show you we're going to share codes. We're going to share tips you're going to share. I don't know your journey. What are you doing? What your company is doing, what what everyday life looks like. It's a photo block. We talked about this. I'm going to switch to I'm going to Alexa gadgets and I want to show you that here is totally different. So the team is Liverpool and targeting Liverpool fans to send to the shop. This is how it looks like. It's basically videos, pictures, players Team is not that really consistent. Like tips and coats chords in this niche with Liverpool friends. I did some coats, my famous managers by players, but it really didn't work. So I stopped doing it and I started to repost. Mostly are these are reposed or I find a cool video somewhere and I reposted here that what it works with this audience. So you have to figure out what works with your audience. That's why you have to test all the time. So this is what it works. Nice pictures. And it's these work to also like an interview, but you have to share it at the right moment. So this got a lot of likes and, uh, a lot of engagement, actually, two weeks ago when the manager of Liverpool said this, but this if I share with no, it won't get that much, so you have to really be on the spot. It's all about your audience, so I know the games are in the V cancel. The engagement is higher in the weekends or try to share more on the weekends and to share new information. New This Cold by Bill Shankly, Famous manager of Liverpool didn't really work out. 400 likes, but this one, which is a current one. It was probably. It was before a game before a match, and this looked awesome. So we always have to test. That's what I wanted to show you. Figure out what is your team? What, what you're going to share. And in the lead later videos. I'm going to show what types of content you can show you can take. Share tips, product pushes. I'm going to talk about that later. So thank you and see in the next video. 19. Content: Quality & Quantity of content: Hello and welcome to this video. We're going to talk about quality and quantity off instagram content, so you have to be consistent on both sides to succeed on the longer. So let me get my phone and let's talk about content. Okay, I'm in the digital lifestyle account, and first of all, I want to talk about the quality. And as I told you before, in other videos, the quality is extremely important. So whatever you upload, it should be at least 10 80 by 10 80. If somebody zooms in on your post, it should be clear. It should be a really nice picture on the quality you have to bring always the top HD photos. If you're sharing videos, one minute videos that that is allowed the quality off the video should be hired to the resolution. You have to fit it into the square, the one by one format. This would be difficult in some cases, but you can figure it out. It's not that difficult, and videos they are doing good, even if they are not high quality. As soon as everybody we're posting videos, the quality videos will be the top ones, and I suggest to start posting quality videos as well. Okay, Going on to the quantity. First of all, I want to tell you if you're just starting out, start building your influence on Instagram. You should post every day at police three times. So for starters, post three pictures one in the morning, one a middle of the day and one in the evening and see which are performing better than choose to times when they are the most active. So maybe one in the morning and one in the evening. So if I go into the insides, if you have a business, a con on Instagram, you will have insights and I go to followers. As you can see, my followers are active after 6 p.m. So it's six PM nine PM and 12 a year. So this is where I optimized and post and those times because my followers are active in death timeframe, so you have to figure it out, do 10 content post and posed those contents three times in a day for a week. Find out which are the optimal ones, then choose to times when you are going to post, so that's pretty easy What I want to tell you is that I posed to times on every account I manage on digital lifestyle on LFC gadgets on my personal one. I don't post two times because I don't have time for it, but the other comes. I manage. I host two times and this is how I optimize it. I see when they are active, I post in different times different posts. Also, if you go into inside, you will see the top post, and I will try to post those ones that are the most engage. So if I have a question like here, do you believe in yourself? This was pretty much engaging because people responded in the comments, which is good because people are following their reacting to your post and your account will be growing. This is there is a general rule that the more you post, the more you grow. But if you posed 10 times in a day, people will get really bored with your content. And there it's It's really like spamming. So don't spend every anybody just try to keep it consistent two or three times a day, and that's how you will broke. Oh, okay. If you don't have business account, you don't have insights. Go to ink 3 61 dot com. And there you will see which are the top posts. So let me show you. I'm going to go to a 3 61 dot com and show you the statistics over there. Okay, This is the site I was talking about, Inc. 3 61 dot com. You can see this is the main page. I'm already registered here with my digital lifestyle account. You can sign up. It's really easy. Then you go to insights. It's going to take a few seconds to load up all the statistics. So here, you don't want to go. This is the media. It shows all your media on Instagram. Then you go to your stats and it's gonna load the statistics. Here you can see all the general steps are much media you posted. How many followers regard harmony following comments received, likes receives. You have your rate. Things like what does your love rate? How many percent users are engaging based on likes Hominy respond. I mean, how many are talking about home in your commenting? You have your post history So I started this account in August last year, and this is how I grew. I really started posting Wand around September, October. You can see in October had 80 post when I posted consistently. Then I stopped and I really started posting this year again, As you can see and this is size, I started to grow. Oh, and if you want to find out if on account it's riel or they have really followers, just talk the user in here hearing the surgeon more and you will see if they have, like, significant, significant growth from one day to another. It's fake. They have both followers, that's for sure. Okay, yearly distribution. How many are opposed to last year and this year? Time and a distribution. This is it. Chosen the hours, as you can see from 12 a.m. to 10 p.m. So basically the same thing as the Instagram insights. And as you can see, it says the same things after five PM six PM 9 p.m. These are the hours that I distribute, and and this is the time when I have the most engagement on my post. You have weekly ones here the most use text T shirts that I used a lot. Okay, Most liked post the top five ones. They can see if you put a question. So if you ask a question, it is most likely that your post will have better engagement. OK, moving on comments received. Not that interesting. Which photos received the most comments? This is good because it will give you an insight what to share, What type of creative content to do, what type of filters do you use and actually here is a really interesting like It shows which filter you used and harmony likes and comments received for that picture when using that type of filters so you can get really into the details. As you can see the Aidan, the Crime A and the X Pro two. I received a lot of comments, so this filters received a lot of comments. Honestly, I don't use filters anymore. I just create them on this stop and just post them. I don't use filters now, but I used to get into this, but I think it's not that important. So this is the site I'm talking about. If you want to see are others are performing. So let me put in and see gadgets. The official like this, the user. You click it and you go to the States, and it will look the step so you can see basically any account. If it's a personal account over business account, I think you cannot see private accounts the steps from part with the constant That's it. So you can see here home in life. Comments and the information, The heart it grew. This is com. It's almost one years old now, and distribution activity, everything top posts here. The Talk Post is a video comments. This picture received a lot of comments. Actually, this wears Who is this footballer? It's a picture from his childhood and you've got to really, really engaging. A lot of people commented and the field of distribution. So that's about it. Thank you for listening and see you in the next video 20. Content: Types of content on Instagram: how everyone and welcome to this lecture in this one, I'm going to talk about what type of content you can share on instagram and what type of contents do work. So I prepared a short presentation. These are the main types off content you can post again. Post motivational inspirational codes, tics and tricks behind the scenes results. Thank you notes for your customers. Photo block. Really old block. You can post product pushes, and I keep one secret to the end of the lecture. Let's take each of these type of content and let's talk about it. So first and foremost, coats these are basically these are what defined instagram as a platform. So coats, motivational codes, inspirational coats, basically motivational porn bay instagram. That's how it started out but, for example, called to do work. And I do use that as I told you, I use them on digital lifestyle because they really worked with people who are trying to move into entrepreneurship or building an instagram account or starting a T shirt business . It really does work the codes, the motivational stuff, but actually that on the other camp on the Liverpool niche, it does not work, So I stopped doing it. And this is what I should do If you have, like, on instagram for your food or you have a restaurant, don't share coats, share some recipes, share other type of contact. So be careful when you're using coats or motivation and inspirational stuff. They do work. People like it. People need it small. It triggers a pretty deep emotion. But I suggest you you find out if your audience do like that and if you can move forward. So if you're posting coats, make make it part of your theme of your instagram theme and fees team. Okay, now moving up. Eccentrics. This is what I share mostly. So right now I shared Instagram hex what you can do to rule your instagram. And this is one example. So they basically went with tips and tricks. So the main idea here is to educate or entertain. So if you're a prank account or you're sharing pranks, you have to share funny stuff, so you have to entertain. If you are on the other side, you have to educate. So if you're a restaurant, you have to educate your audience. What food do you have. How do you serve? What tips? Hot to look for a good restaurant. Recipes do it yourself meals If you have a dog account or you want to sell dark colors over accessories for dark their share posts which teach how to how to teach your dog or so these are a few examples. So this work really well Any Mitch, you are basically from gamers to luxury to any industry. Basically, you can share some tips n tricks. These are really important. I really like them. This is how I grew my con people, like with also you guys like, Okay, moving on behind the scenes. So if you're a company or if you're just want to share the day to day of your life or your company, you can do that. This is an example from buffer their their tech company. They have ah, software called buffer. They're pretty cool. Go check them out. That buffered dot com So basically, this is what they should do. They did a campus in Madrid and this is what they share part people work behind the scene really simple. And you can do this on a personal level to which basically everyone is doing. If you're a personal country, want you want to grow your brand? Please don't share food and no food Poor, No motivational. Maybe a little bit of motivation, but no food. Nobody cares about that show about what do you do? OK, moving on results and thank you. So this is an example from the elapsed gadgets A calm When I reached 10,000 followers I just said a thank you Ensure the result. This is what you can You on a personal level also you can show your goals your objectives. What are you want to accomplish this week? This year you can share that too and you can share that on your profile. What does you go and you can share life, weekly results or monthly results. It really depends on you also. You can show your objectives What are your goals And you can thank your customers. This is very important because probably your living in a thank you, Ross. So most of your customers going to be on instagram, especially the young young waas. So between 18 and 30 35 they're going to be on instagram and if you give them a shout out like thank you for purchasing T shirts from our store and you share a photo or and tag them . So this starts a really engagement between you and your customers, a connection between your customers, which is great. Also, I put in this category the give away so you can do giveaways for your customers or your audience and you can ask for feedback. As I told you before, if you ask a question, you're probably you're going to get, I don't know, at least two times of engagement. So people love to answer questions. So as them a question. How did you like our service? How did you like our product? But what do you think about us? If you're a new account, what are you interested in? What should we share with you so you can get feedback? You can start communication. You can get your audience and potential audience to communicate with you. This is the last one. This is the least recommended. But you have to do this post. If you're a company, for sure, you have to do this. So these are called product pushes. So, for example, this is one this is a video for LFC gadgets. And as I told you, I sell T shirts and this is one of the videos I did. So it's really simple. Post check out our shop linking the bio. Some emojis have sex video, and that's it got like 600 views. And after what I do with this post that after one day or two days, I I delete because I want to keep the the feed on instagram re clean and the I want to educate or interesting I don't want, like a lot of product pushes. So after a while, either way, Instagram is really fast. So your convents always moving and moving down the packing order. So I just delete after a few days and you can do this with physical products, digital products. Actually, you can share promo coats just a little bit of incentive to buy your product or go to or go to your website and visit your shop. OK, moving on to the last one and this is the extra post that I do. I really talked about in previous videos that you have to give something for free in order to ask for something or ask for business won't ask for a sale. So this is mainly what I use. I opposed this. I don't know every two or three days and after why I delete them. B. These are the lead magnet post. So what I give here is free e book and I get an email address so I can follow up. So this is a lead, a potential customer, and this I do. I think I do this fairly often so you can do this with E books. You can give downloads, free videos, training guides and what I suggests. After a few days, you delete them. As with the product pushes. If you have a store that sales, I don't know chairs, furniture. You can give a free E book. You can write a free book on heart to still like the best material for your kitchen furniture or top tips for getting a good I don't know armchair or which are the tough five arm chest, and you can show this. It could be it doesn't have to be an e book. It could be an article. It's gonna be a block post, but it has to have some relevant information to your audience. So think about what could be one of your lead magnets. Whatever. If you're be to be so business to business, you can give a free. If you're a software company and you're selling your software to other companies, you can give a free trial or you can give a discount. Think about it. What you can offer to your customers in order to become applying. So to get information from them and then later on, follow up on that. Okay, that's about it. So these are the seven. Let me go back and show you. These are the seven main type of content, but you can do obviously you can do all of this in video format. So I was talking and I was showing you pictures, images. But all this you can do it in videos. As you know, Instagram allows, as of today, one minute video so you can do courts in videos or you can do motivational speeches and for a minute and uploaded, you can do the behind the scenes is a video. You can do all of this content in image or video. Former. It really depends on you hard. Do you want to do it? As I told you in this year, two down 17 videos are rising. Everybody's watching videos because it's easier for the mind for the human mind to process it, then reading so videos is going to be huge. So I suggest to post videos as well. You can instagram basically the photo sharing app so you have to share photos up to. So only be there was It's kind of getting boring, so mix it up a little bit. Okay? Thank you and see you in the next one. 21. Content: How to create compelling content: What's up? Everybody in this video, I want to tell you how can create awesome content. So now you know what is your thing? Now you know what type of posts you can share. Now you have your strategy. What are you going to share? You know your purpose, your goals. And now you have to create content. Now, if you're not a designer, if you don't know how to get around stuff in designing nice post and coats and basically any type of content, then welcome to the club. Because I am the same way. I am not a designer. I don't know how I didn't know how to create awesome images, and I still don't know how to do it. Well, it's not one of my strengths, and as I am is I'm alone. I have to do it. So in the next videos, I'm going to show you a few applications tools software is you can use to create awesome images. So I want to show you examples like on my digital lifestyle account. These images are created by me, I think. Yeah, for the zones I used photo shop, so I created a Photoshopped. This newbie preneurs tips the coat but for, for example, for the Instagram Hex, I used tool called Pablo at Buffer and for the videos. Like I just told you, I just till them and reposted them from Gary when your checks account. So trust your guts. All this this I created in a photo shop because I didn't know about these tools You just have to dedicate. One day you can make, like, a contest, social media content. They and you do like 2030 posts. Then you schedule it and you don't have to deal with it for another 22 weeks or for another week. So if you do it, you keep consistent with this one. We're going to become more good at it. So I want to show you getting winner Checker cars to the content is incredible here. But he has like, I don't like 20 people on his social media team. They create the videos, they create the images with the coats. They worse if I all the time they created great content that fix Instagram platform and works well with his audience. But I also want to show you this account which is sumo. Me and this is a software, as says in the bio description, the best free marketing tips and tools to grow your website traffic used by almost 400,000 websites. So this is the software they're trying to market. It's a free tool. You go have a paid version also, but I also have it on my website. It's a great too, and this is what they do. They only do coats and these images are not taken by them. These are stock images. Basically, stock images are free images that you can use for your own right so you don't have a copyright on them. You don't have a trade market photo. You can use them as you wish you can put your face on it. You can put a text on it you can with anything on it. And this is what they they put coats and in the bottom right corner they put their logo the sumo sign. I'm guessing they have also like lead magnet post like this one from time to time like this one also, and this is very simple. Just a background with the with the coat and the local so you can create this type of images really easily, even if you're not a designer. I also want to show you the elastic gauges accounts. Some of these. I do it for this one. I used Canada that com, which is also great. I'm going to show you that one, too, in the next videos. It's a great tool to make awesome pictures like this one and the rest of our re posts. Very few of them are made by me or my partner and on this sitcom. But yeah, on this one, this is where I made. It's really easy. So in the next ones, I'm going to show you all the tools if you are on I O s. If you're enjoyed or if you want to create your content on desktop, I'm going to show you some three tools from some free website, and you can create awesome, compelling content for your feet. So we'll see you in the next videos and thank you 22. Content: Free Stock Photo Websites : Okay, everyone, this is a really short video on the best free stock photo websites. So trust me when I say that I went through all off the top 20 the top 10 top five top everything off. Restock images. I read a lot of articles and block posts about which are the blessed best places to go. I tried a lot of them and I arrived at three websites that I really like and I use when I need to find some images for my blocks or for content on instagram Facebook, email, whatever. So here are my top three, and I also leave you with a long list off 20 websites that you can. You can get images for free and some of their some of them or paid, or you can get limited access to If you put those, then if you pay, you will get more. Actually, that is a block post by hop spot. I'm going to ling that block host up. You're going to have 20. What size to go If you need pictures for your content Now my top three are the 1st 1 is pixels dot com. So this is it. Pack cells that come and you put in whatever you would like to search for you. So I put them dog and a lot of help is coming. And they have a great I don't know how many photos, but they have a lot. So, for example, for dog, they have a lot of docks. If you need something for food, you're a restaurant or something and you don't have images. You can borrow them from here. They are free to use. You can put your logo on it. You can put text on it. You can use them as you wish. Business it you have for businesses she put in the Cuban business. This is what you find. If you have four fashion, you can put the infection or fitness and you will find a lot a lot. So this is the main unite the next. When I used is called pics of a dot com, it is the same. It has almost 900,000 free photos, right? There's an illustration. So is the same fashion He you have like illustrations. You can have illustrations which are also good. It depends how you want to depict your company or your brand Here are really good illustrations as well, not just for tools. And you also have wrecked their graphics. Sure. I tend to find, for example, dog. Maybe you're a little bit less options then on pixels. But still, it's a really great one. So these are the main to ones I use, and I also use another one. This is a little bit different than this called debt to stock photo dot com. And what you have to do is you have to register. So you put in your email address and every month they will send you a pack off photos. So here are the last four day sent right will die by the imagination Tech time. So one and you can check out actually what foot those are in the packs actually conducted the pack for free. So these are pretty cool every month saying join or maybe 20 photos every month. I'm not sure these are the top three years, and I'm going to link this block post by hot spot 20 of the best free stock photo sites in 2017 and he'll you have 20. Really good. You have the number two that to stop for those, you also have pixels and picks obey. In this list, you can use them that's about it and seeing the next one. 23. Content: Tools for creating-IOS devices: how long I welcome everyone in this video I'm going to talk about The tools are used to create nice photos on Instagram on IOS device. So let's get into it. So let me open up my Instagram folder here. You see, I have more applications that I use for Instagram. I'm going to talk about this later. What I want to talk about is easel. So the second EP in the first row and the last one, which is fun toe. So let me open up easily. So this is how it looks like you have three options. You can take a photo, you can take a photo from you camera rolling, or you can find images. And this is really great because you can find images from picks obey, So that is one of the sides I recommend in the first place to use. So this means if you want to find some pictures for your post to be in the background, you don't have to go on your desktop, Donald the fire, transfer it to your phone and then use it in an application to put text or it You just have to go here. You can select a picture from here or search for example. I don't know food and it's going to show up all the food images you select one you select if you want to crop it to a square which I suggest you do because Instagram is you know, it's based around square images. So it was so this one here you have in the bottom, I think. 12345678 Type off text you can use. You seem like the type. You can select the color. So let's go with the pink. You can see the image. You can work on the filters here, the blur gambler robbed the background or right in this. And if you want to change the text, you just click on the text. Oops. Okay, double tap the text, and this queen will come up. You can put in your custom text here whatever, or you already have some sort of ah coats here, funny coats or some sayings in different topics. So travel. I rather have a passport full of stance than a house full of stuff visit corps wants. And you just keep clicking on a whimsical and it will come. Other text rich you can use. So let's go with this one is forever young. So you hit saving close It will show up on the picture and you can with two fingers a k make a bigger, smaller Turn it left right, Move it. You can move it with one finger also. So let's just put this in the middle. Make it May be bigger. Pretty like this on Yeah, by this. And play around with filters a little bit. Maybe like this one or this. So this is how you created you Hit the doctor and then you have these options. You can instantly publish it to Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook. We love it. We hearted. You can send it with a text message or email or you can save it. So we're going to hit save and it says big successfully safe to came a rule. So when I got the picture in there, So that's about it. If you want to create the new you just sit on the top right corner New. Yes. I want to start over and you can take a photo. As I said, Boom is the photo. It will show up square crop the of this song Make it smaller. Change the colors around Changed the style maybe boom, hit the in your all of this It's really is It's really cool. I love this. That and the good thing about this You don't have watermarks, so I'm going to show you fun toe which is really limited. I already put here something which is really bad. So I want to close. Come close it up and reopen it. So this is how it looks like it has ads inside. It's free, but it has ads inside on the top. So here you can to take a four to select from photo album. Or you can just go with the plane image you can select, for example, this one. And if you go with the frame, you have more options. As you can see, it will tell you to go and buy the image back. So it's not 100% free. And this is why I don't like this one. But you can try it out. You see, all these are locked only 12 three. The 1st 3 are free, the other ones are locked. So you have to go out and buy these. That's why I don't like it. So what you can do is import from pack souls or picks. Obey. Send it to your camera roll and you can grab us from there. Or you have to work with what? Just what you have. So I'm going to go with a plane image. Black one. I just hit the top right corner with the arrow and say Use. And then I'm going to click wherever on the image. But in some text, Can you align the right center left into the front like that? Symbols. You cannot symbols. Yeah, yeah, Or you can presets. You want to put in the date, and when you're done, you hit that, and you can move it around When the picture and you can select the style, the tilt size Comptel tits Turn it around. It's it's more complicated, the easier one. It's much the interface, and the usability is greater. So once you're done with the image, just hit the bottom right corner and you can save, but you can put it directly on instagram or saves does an image and so on. So these are the two. I really recommend these are the best ones, but I really prefer easel and I want to show you in the list below this video. I have other ones. So I have worked Swag, which waas when I started out posting on Instagram. So who sexual work? Swing? It was a free application. Now you have to pay five viewers or $5 depending where you are in the world and you can create awesome images. You will have like more types of style. You will have pictures. So if you're willing to pay five euros to use this app, you can make even cooler images. You will have more options. It's payable. So I didn't use it because I don't do photos on phone anymore. There's also type around, which I recommend, which is free. But it's like the other rep I showed you font toe. You have limited access to styles. You have limited access to photos. You have limited access to anything so you can make cool images right there. But most of the time you have to pay for it, and that if you want to create an image on type Perama on this one then they will add their watermark. So there will be a watermark with type perama on it. And if you want to take it off, you have to pay. At least that was the last time. And that's why I don't use this. I only use easily if I'm going to create something on the phone. Uh, I'm going to use diesel because it's free. No watermark. I have plenty of pictures in the pics of a stock. So that's what I would use on IOS. No word swag and type Perama are available on injury to, but we will talk about that in the next lesson. So thank you and see you in the next one. 24. Content: Tools for creating-Android devices: I know everyone. Okay. In this video, I'm going to talk about android app so you can use on your android devices to create awesome content for Instagram. Now, the problem is, I had a Samsung phone, but now it's burned and crashed, so I cannot show you the eps I was using. But I do know that all the free app on Android or are bad. They're really shitty, so to say. And I only with the recommend phone toe which is also available as I showed you on all us. So I recommend that then you have bond to add text to videos. So this is the 1st 1 I recommend. I want to also show you the text swag. This one I remember using it's free. I don't know if they leave a watermark at the end of the videos or at the end of the photos and somewhere. But if they do leave, you can't crop it up. So if you can zoom in and crop it out and posted without watermark. So this one is really similar towards wack, and I do recommend you to try out this. Unfortunately, I cannot show you because I don't have an android device on my hands. And because I'm traveling, I only have my IOS devices with so I cannot show you. But this is the one I recommend. Also, you can use the word swag. I talked about this. This is a paid application. But if you're on an android and you really want to make photos images on your android phone , you should pay this price. It's like $5.5 years. You can pay that. It's not that much money, and you will have clean nice images with a lot of graphics and nice stars. Do it and I really recommend this one. I used this one. You see, you is really similar to easel. This part you can add your custom text or you can you already have some coats and some funny text you can choose from. So I really recommend this one. Unfortunately, easel I wanted to show you it's only available for IOS Anti Karama, the other one I was talking about to use. Unfortunately, the best when I suggest and I used the free one is easel. It's pretty cool. It's not available on Android. I would suggest by word swag If you're on android now, I want to ask you if you find any application for Android, please do share it, share it in the comments or send me an email or send me a d m on instagram or find me on any anywhere social on Twitter so I can update this course and update this lecture and put that one in It could be a free one. Paid one. Just send me so I can update it because I don't know how to do it right in this moment. Thank you for listening and see him in the next month. We're going to talk about that. Stop applications to create nice images. Okay, see you. 25. Content: Tools for creating-Desktop tools: Hello, everyone In this video, I'm going to talk about the two applications I use on this stop to create awesome images for instagram. Okay, the 1st 1 I want to talk about is Canberra dot com, which I used to quit images for myself. I also used to create these lines for clients, and it's a free application. After you sign up, you will have an interface like this, and here you can select to create a design. And here you have the first six options, and if you click here MAWR, you will have more. So if you want to do popular design, social media, post documents, e books, marketing materials, email Heather's advance at Facebook ends Band There's everything. So it's really, really cool. This one it has. If you want to do infographics, you can do it here, too. Now we are interested in making Instagram post. So here I was select Instagram post, and as you can see, it's 10 80. By 10 80 I will click on it. A new window pops up and here is your canvas right in the middle. On the last side, you have the options menu. You can search for images. So in your dog and it would come up or dog pictures and illustrations with dogs and is against see, a few of them are free, and most of them it's really cheap. It's $1 it's really nothing. And you have great images here. Or as I showed you. What you can do is go to one of the free stock for two sides, like pixels or picks obey. They deem it from there and uploaded here. And then you can use it so you can upload it. Here, you just click upload your images and you imported here. Now, what options do you have here on the left layouts you can choose? Layouts here can really outs. You are a few one or for free. They're actually a lot for free. This is paid. You can see they have a watermark on it. Okay, then you can click on the text. You can edit text, gonna get the title. You can change the color up here in this bar right here, and you can add to be bold. You can ask to be centered left, right, spacing. You can do that to the line highs. You can copy it If you want to do it again and just move it around arrange you can do to transparency you can delete. You can click on another element. It will show up here you can select here. The first option is you have a lot off funds here to choose from and then choose and book in your text and you can make it bigger. The second auctions basically the size like this and you can move it around. It's really easy. It's really cool. Let me show you what I did here. So basically the instant Hecht's I didn't do here, but I did a able care. So let me go back to this page and all of your design. So let me Sure. Actually, this e book, if you don't know that I have 51 tips on the growing on the instagram and I did it here in camera. So this free awesome is You can see I can move around the the elements here text. I put my logo in here, uploaded the logo, the text I choose here the funds and this is how I did it and I just duplicated pages changed it. And this is where I created this e book, which is really cool. And also here I create some of the post for the company's I work for. So this one I really truly recommend. It's totally free. It will save your designs so you don't have to all the time create a new one. It will save your desires. It will save your designs with the as you left there. So if I click to go out here, I believe it. It was throw up here and only or design. You can see it saved it as it waas even though I left it like this. So this one is the 1st 1 I recommend. It's really awesome. Easy to learn. Anybody can do it. You don't have to be a designer. Second, when I use is Pablo. Now here are the options are limited. But lately I've been creating a lot of posts with this one. So on the left side here you can search for images and I think so. Also searches, picks obey. So if I put in here dark Yeah, a lot of documents is sure actually cost from on splash on this place dot com. Okay, so this one, it shows images from on splash. But you have maybe from pixel. Yeah, they have from picks obey as well. So you select the image for you can upload your own image really depends on you. In the middle you have the can Imus. And on the right hand side, on the top you will have text you get at three type of text. You can have the heather, you can have the body and you can add a caption. You can move all these three arounds as you click them and hold them. You can move it, move them around. You can put here and I startled in the body and maybe a caption somewhere. Don't. And as click, you will have a few. It's not in like Canada. You will have, like limited funds. I don't know, maybe 20 Well, here have the option of going bold or italic. Then you have three sizes. You can align in the center, left right, and you have the colors and you're limited on the colors as well. So it's not that sophisticated as Canada, but for me, for now it does the work. I can work really fast and create really nice images. So usually what I do is use only the body one. I have the body. Good biggest, but size I can get maybe bold. And I choose here the formed and then I had my text like this. Actually, the color on a move. It may be in the middle. Okay, The next one is You can add coats. So if you don't have any ideas here, you can at coats Just click this one. And as you can see, you will have some coats here from famous people have gone on this Walker Rose the Eleanor Roosevelt Mary Oliver Master one. You can change the star if you don't like it. So it's really easy. Actually, there are a few more options up in the top. You can do a Pinterest type of image which is this format. You can do the Instagram style the the square Or you can do Facebook and Twitter which looks like this. Please select the instagram one. Then you can't. You have some fielders you have with no fielders. Looks like this. Then you have, like life contrast every contrast blur grayscale red stinks blue tint, Grand tens. It really depends on you now. What you can see is compared to Khan Ocma. This has limited options, but for me it's really doing the job. Then you can add your logo. This is my local. You can replace it and upload an image from your files. You can make it bigger or smaller right here, and you continue the radius to be square or could the edges. So these are the options after you're done with creating just hit sharing download and you can send it to Twitter, Facebook, instagram, Pinterest or you can buffer them two posted later with the buffer or you can down So you just hit download and it will appear in your Donald's. You can send it to your phone and then posted, so these are the two ones I use. Lately, I've been using only Pablo because it's really easy. I don't have a lot of options, so I don't spend time on like this should look better or playing around with the brightness and contrast and all kind of farms because these are limited and the that's really helps him because I get the work done faster So that's about it, Tank. For listening. If you have other suggestions, let know in the comments and let's want to the next lecture. Thanks. 26. Content: What to do if you don't have time to create: Hello and welcome to this video in this one, we're going to talk about what to do if you don't have time to create videos. Images for instagram. So until now, in the last few videos with discussed about the quality, the quantity, the theme off your feet, the quality of the photos, the videos, what type of content you can share, what tools you can use on phone to share, what tools you can use on IOS and trade. And on this stop to create nice images for instagram. But the main question remains. What if you are a business and you don't have time to create content and you don't have a social media manager or you don't have a creative department or a designer to do this for you? But you really want to get your instagram a camp off the ground and you don't have time from it or you don't have the skills to do it. So I have a few options, and I want to start with the example off LFC get its accounts off here on my desktop. You can see that. See it so basically all this posts are re posts, so taken from other accounts, or Facebook or websites or for us. So these are all content from third party websites from third party owners. Now, as I said, we have a disclaimer right here in the by you. That credit goes to all creators and what we do is we most of the time, take the people Tell the account in the picture. If we are re posting in this one, I don't know where to find one. Really now, So here is one. So I re posted this with software called on Lee Pulled. We're going to talk about that later, but I reposted from the official Liverpool FC Instagram a con which is which has the handle at Liverpool FC. So this picture is from that I mentioned them in the comments. As you can see repost Liverpool FC and also in the picture. I have this stamp here, and this is what we basically do with me and my partner because I didn't have time to manage this account to. I gave him all the stretching strategy for this account, decided this We're going to do repost. We're going to mention everybody. We're going to take them we're going to do repost and to save time because we don't have time to create. Obviously we create a few images but we're really rarely at the moment. Actually, we are looking for somebody who can create some Liverpool edits, maybe videos. So if you want to do some nice little edits for us, we can give you a shout out. We can help you grow your account so we can figure out something. So if you know somebody send us a deer on this account unless to get it and we can talk. So one tactic is go to re posting Now don't forget to give them credit. Don't forget to mention them in the comments. Don't forget to take that. If you re posting, it's really important. Now if you're re posting, you can repost in two ways you can repost for from your phone with the actual repost app. This is called for IOS reports for Instagram. You can find that for Andriy too. The only promise you're going to have a stamp line this like on this picture you will see the handle and it will see like a repost. It's going to be something similar on Lee with the logo off the repost. Now, if you want to avoid that, you can go to a Web page called danced dot com. Now you can put the u R L off the pictures on going to print this. Or maybe maybe this one. So grab it basted here, and the institute will take the picture. And you can Donald, that you hit, download and the picture with the Donald without any water marks or anything. It's really bad quality, this one. But I just wanted to show you an example. Okay, now you can do this. This is really bad. Call it. Maybe that's why didn't work. Okay, this is very one. If you want to take this one, you just take the rare go to install dot com put in the euro area, and you can download it, send it to your phone uploaded, and you will won't have that little watermark on the bottom. So you use the repost that for doing this. Now, if you want to create your own content, just you have two options. Basically, hire a freelancer or higher virtual assistant. They are cheap, and you can get a lot of work done. Just give them the theme or the coats. Even they look up the codes for you. So for two places to go, one is five were dot com. This is the websites I'm going to put here Instagram Post. Okay. And let's see what comes up are really designed. 10 amazing instagram posts or ads for $5 so that's pretty amazing. For $5 you can get 10 posts done basically for five days. You pay $5. If you post two times a day, you would have 10 posts. And here you can see examples of what type of images this, uh, guys just got. Yeah? Does You can buy bigger packages. As you can see, 30 instagram posts for $15 or 50 work for 25 if you do 50 posts and you post one. So basically, if you post once a day, you get like one was one help One month in the house, the So basically you can have a strategy like you were. You will do a repost so that it doesn't cost you any money. You're going to take a reports from a similar account or the account you love or you follow Our is the leader in your industry. It doesn't matter. You do repost Then you pay somebody like season here from Poland. $25 He will make you 50 instagram post which will be enough for 50 days. So that's pretty cheap. That's pretty cheap and you can do it. And actually you can do more high quality photos. Unique engaging content. This is awesome. So first place I would go his fiver then the second would it would be freelancer. There's also up work so up work or freelancer you can find you can get coats You just put your instagram post you will see you will have a budget of, I don't know, maybe 30 euros or dollars Whatever and you can have quotations you put in your email and you will have you will be sent some copes to you in your inbox So here on this website you can hire freelancers, designers, assistant, but basically everyone But I would really recommend it. Try five because it's cheap and you can find really good designers really good people who do amazing work. I did a few projects here. I bought a video for $5 which is really good. Like a animation video. One minute with $5 it was super. I still use it for the T shirt business, a car which is awesome. And for $5 it's really nothing. So this is what I recommend. If you don't have time, just start re posting and higher virtual assistant to create some designs for you and you just post them. So that's about it. Let's move on and see you in the next video. 27. Content: Scheduling Tools: hello to everyone. Welcome to this video. In this one, I'm going to talk about how to schedule and what tools to use to schedule your instagram content. So let's jump right into it. And the first application I'm going to show you is buffer. So you go to buffer dot com I'm already signed, and you can connect your instagram your twitter, your facebook, and then you can schedule up to 10 posts on the free plan. So if you don't want to pay So I want to tell you that all of these scheduling tools they have some free worsens and they have paid abortions. Now buffer has a free worsen. You can connect, I think five accounts. So you can connect Facebook, Twitter, instagram, and you can connect another Facebook page or a Google plus account or lengthen. So I think there are far. Now we're interested in the instagram. So this is how it looks after you connected, you can do your posts here. The caption. You upload your photo or video, then ah, you just hit at to the Q and you can do the schedule under this step. So basically, if you want to post two times per day. You're going to take out these and put in the hours you want to post every day or you can do it for each and every day on different times. So it really depends on you. It's great. You can choose here, the city word. The time his own it was. Show some analytics. Actually, let me see if I did schedule with this one. So this one is free. It's really cool. You can start out with this. The upside also for this is they have IOS and android applications to. So if you do your content on phone with the EPS I showed you before in the videos, then you can schedule They arrive from your fault with the application, you don't have to go to a restaurant or if you do it on desktop, you can schedule it from that stop and share it to be a full. Now, this one is the 1st 1 The next one is who'd suit and here are the plans. So basically, you have a free plan for individuals. You can connect optically social profiles so we can connect Facebook, instagram and Twitter or to three Facebook accounts or three INSTAGRAM account and so on. You can do the scheduling, gets free and works in the same way they have application for us and enjoy so you can do schedule from the phone. Israel. Now, if you want to move up, here are the plans. You can see it right here. Another tool I would try. Then I would recommend, but I didn't really like it. It's later. I think the first name of this application was later. Grant your plan so you have a free for individuals forever free. You can use one social proof profile platform so you can use one INSTAGRAM account on Facebook and so on. You can do up to 30 posts per month. So buffer and food suit, I think, also lets you do. I don't know. I think whose it is unlimited, I don't know. But with who sued for sure you can do a lot. You can do at least 30 post as well. With buffalo, you can do 10 with the later. As you can see, you can do up to 30 post on Instagram, 50 on Twitter, 30 on Facebook and 30 on Pinterest, the only problems with all of this tree with buffer with who'd suit and with later is that once you do the scheduling, you have to do have the application on your phone. And when it's time to post, this tool will not post instead of you. So what? This? Okay, let's take an example. You plan with buffer hoots it or later to post at six in the evening and not in the evening . Now, what these Softwares do is send you a notification on your phone. You have to open up the application on your phone and actually you have to post it manually on your instagram so it will copy the captions. It will copy the image, just have to paste it. But still, you have to post it manually. This takes a fair amount of time, and this means you're or have to be connected to the Internet all the time. Now, if you are managing mawr instagram cons like I do to personal accounts and three other accounts for other companies, you will have, like notifications popping what you have to be on the Internet all the time and the you miss out. So you're going to miss out some posts or the Internet connection is not good in it will not post and it's really hard to do it. And this is why what I recommend. And this is what I used since last month. Since February 2017 I used this software called Onley Pulled. So you go to Onley pulled dot com. It's only for Instagram. It's specifically for Instagram, which is great. You can connect. It's Paige. So this one is paid. Let me show you the plans. So he ordered plans so you can start out with $12 a month. 2039 65. Basically, you can connect three accounts. You will have one manager 10 users For tracking You can schedule post and you will have analytics. So this is the plan I use. So let me show you I have connected the digital lifestyle County lfc gadgets account in my personal car. What is great about this? That you don't have to post manual so you schedule it here. So let me go to posting and let me to do his scheduled posts. Oops! So there these are the scheduled posts for the end of March and 12 March. But the cool thing is, you can also do the first common. So let me show you I scheduled a few posts for this week. Here There are what is school that you can add the first comment to So you would do the caption. Here you can slow the emojis, just like in the phone application. You can select how you have your hair stakes. You get the geo tech and you can have the first comment. So I have my own hash tax, which I posted the comments you will see later when we're talking about grow tax and exposure. Why you need to post your hash tax in the comments in the first comment under your post So you can do that once you do it on Lee pulled were automatically upload your posts. You don't have to deal with it anymore. You don't have to. You won't get a notification on your phone. It will post instead of you. So for $12 a month, this is well worth it for me because I can connect three accounts and I do the scheduling ahead of time you can schedule Oh, you can schedule on limited, so you can upload batches off 15 pictures. So you upload 15 pictures. It was scheduled for you. Then you cannot with another 15. It was scheduled for the next period. So it so this is my favorite. It also has analytics. You can see it will show you the followers of com. How did it change this month? Growth off total followers here, you can see since the first of generous. So actually, I started using it since January. Okay, you have the engagement here also, how many post having likes comments? So the insides are really similar to the ones in the instagram application or in 3 61 the interactions lost in comments and optimization, which is when your followers are active. So best time to post you can see how many interactions I have it. 12 a.m. on Mondays, 800 so on at 12 PM Monday. I have, like, over 1000 in directions, which is great. You guess you wear or active. So a Z on the other council, the other analytic tools you can see that after six o'clock around nine and 12 a.m. That's the place where my act. My father was a reactive. Here you have the density also and the top tags by indirection under the favorite step. It's really cool. Awesome. You can select an account. So you put here the account on the hash day. In truth, the hashching maybe motivation. And it will show you all the posts that have the motivation tag. And you can repost them right from here. So you can see this from this account with islands. You can repost it directly from here. So you just click here reposed reports. You can add your comments in the canal, your hashtags and the comments that we show you. If you have more than that 30 hashtag x so you can delete one. For example, like this you can add the reports mark. So if you don't, if you want to mention, you will have that watermark or you don't and you choose the publishing time and you hit safe. So this is really cool for re posting also. Or maybe you could hear. I really use it for the liver. Sure. So I go to favorites. And as you can see, I added one user, and this is the official Liverpool instagram account. So what I do is if I like the picture I just hit repost You gonna your Hass tax. You should have your hashtag in the notes somewhere. You had the hashtag X in selecting the there you want to do it The are were you hit ok and say and it was posted. So this is really easy. It will make you more productive. It's reward paying $12 I also in touch with only put with the company. And maybe if you want a one month trial hit me up on a Fritzi and digital last on that club so hit me up. Maybe I can get you one month off free using only put So they're pretty cool. I talked with them and they hit me up. If you need some help with this, hit me up. I can help you. I can get the get You may be a free month of this I would try to do some for for the students who finished this course, I will do some giveaways maybe one month or two months off only put. So if you're really serious about growing your account growing your instagram account. He would need to like this, and it will help you. So maybe I wouldn't give away for the most active students over this score. So Okay, this is it. And thank you for listening. You will have a quiz at the end off this section. The content section. It's a short quiz just to remind you what we talked about in this section. And we will move on to the next one, so thank you and see you in the next session. 28. Content: Planning content: Hello, everyone. And welcome to this final lecture in this section about content. So we talked about a lot hotter, create content, what type to create, where to create it, hard to post the heart to schedule it and so on. And I just want to give you a strategy plan that I use when I have to create content for Instagram Basically not just instagram, but for social media. So this is what I used. It's basically an excell spread sheet for the month of March for this month. What I want to share. So I have here Facebook, instagram, Pinterest, twitter and block. Obviously, if you have a block or you want to share content on other social media platform, you can use this table. So I created this spreadsheet based on our one to post two times on Instagram. So I have two slots here and here on the right. I have what we talked about in the previous lessons what type of content I can share. So basically what I'm doing right now is I'm showing a colt and I'm sharing a tip and this is how it looks like for march. So let me show you. I just put it like this cold and to So this is what I do. This is where I share. So basically, this is the month of March. This is how it looks. And this is something is going to look like for this is how my instagram you looked like a coat and a tip codes and a tip. Now you can put in a product, pushes, I fold you. I do that sometimes you can have the questions and we're here along the lines you can call a call to action, maybe a lead magnet type of post to give something to free download or whatever you can share. Some behind the scenes, you guess. Share some feedback. You can ask for feedback. You can share some results and this is you can report so you can strategy. Oh, basically, you read post and you do a coat, and that could be your strategy. You're starting strategy so you don't have to create a lot of content. So you can do that like this and you do it for the whole month. So you lay out for the whole month and after that, what you do is you just go over to Pablo, you go over to camera or photo shop or wherever you are creating. Or if you're using a mutual assistant, you just shared this table with them. And so they like I want marketing tips. I want love courts where I want codes with inspiration and you just share with them this table. And basically after I create, I just go over to Onley pulled I go. This is digital life. Start account. I go to planner, I go here. I have already here where I'm going to post So these are the sluts twice a day. As you can see, I just hit at post. I'm going to upload. So let me instagram coats. And here I have my tips. As you can see Spy, select the tips. So I I told you that you can upload in batches off 15. So I select the seven or eight hex. I upload them and I'm going to select the coats that we just go back here where there are random coats and I select se eight quotes and I opened them and it's going to load them up here in Onley port. Then I just hit next. So it's going to be how here you copy and paste or put in the caption. Here you will put the hashtags in first comment. You can put, like deal it after 24 hours. If you're doing a call to action poster product, pushed the highly recommend you delete it after one of two days and you can hear me with around so you can put one Koth and want Tech one codes in one heck and that's about it. And after you are done with, the U just hit safe and it's going to appear in scheduled posts like this. As you can see, I'm going to share a video. Be questioned. This is like an inspiration, the device and the newbie Premier tip A quote, a tip. There is a call to action in the free media grant on the hard to get leads from Instagram. So basically, this is what is scheduled on the digital life start. So this is what I do. This is what I use. I do it in a spreadsheet so I can see the whole month or I can see in advance. Usually I do like 10 days in batches of 10 days. So basically for each month approximately I have to do it three times. So I dio 10 days bed nets, 20 pictures and videos and I do it in, I don't know. In four hours, three hours, four hours to other through it depends. And then I have it for 10 days when I'm nearing the end of the 10 days, I'm going to do for another 10 days. So another 20 images and then another one, So I do it three times a month. So basically, that's how I do it. This is how I can really see it, and I really can. And this is the way I work with clients. Also, this is the way I am most productive in. I don't know if it's good for you or not. I'm going to leave this spreadsheet. You can download it, so I'm going to leave the link below the video. You can download that. You can try that. If it doesn't work, let me know what works for you. So if this doesn't work like me, know what it works If you use buffer or other applications I showed you maybe death will work for you. For me, this is what it works. I see all the month and what I'm going to share each and every day, twice a day or three times a day, or how many times I want to share. And then I just do the content for in batches of 10 days. That's about it. So you will have a quiz. It's not the crazy will have a quiz at the end of this section, and I hope this helped and see you in the next video by. 29. Content: Quiz: Okay, One, This is the last lesson in this section. So we talked about content, and I just wanted to give you a short little quiz. Actually, it's not the quiz. It's just a few questions that if you answer, I truly believe it will help you with your content strategy. So here are the four questions. Let me zoom in on this one. So the first question I asked like, what is the team of your feet? So we talked about the overall theme of your account. What you're going to be sharing how, what type of content now focus a little more on this team. So you will have a nice little clean feed like you will share coats, tips and videos on do it yourself. So, basically what I'm asking here is decide what type of post you're going to share and make sure you share those posts in the same pressure. So you will share the quote than a tip. Then you will repost. Then you will share a result and then you start over so your account will be looked well, look really nice and your feet will look really authentic. And the if anybody decides to scroll down on your feet. The second question I want you to answer is what type of post abortion. So we discussed what type of post we have. We have, like code steps, information results behind the scenes lead magnets, product pushes, etcetera. So what were you share? This will help you on the side if you're going to share one image per day two or three images, what type off forcible share. The third question would be it's it's actually a task. So I dare you now to go and do the next day's Decide your team, your feet and what talk of content on you're going to share and do it for the next 10 days . So if you decide to share two posts per day, then go and do 20 images right now, or 10 images and 10 videos go do it now, then the last one is So what tools you will use to create and schedule your instagram post . So I give you a few examples of tools to create attitudes to schedule. If you answer these four questions, you're basically good to go. You're You have an overview of your content strategy it could go through these. It will make it easier for you to come up with ideas on what type of content to share. So that's about it. Thank you for listening. I hope this helps and see you in the next section. Bye bye. 30. Introduction: Growth Hacks: Okay, welcome to this new section. We're going to talk about tactics on how to grow your account the ethical way. So basically, these are tactics, tips you can do and apply from day one, and your account will grow. So I'm not talking about buying fake followers fake like spake comments, fake everything. So basically, this will take a long time. So you're not going to grow 1000 followers and engagement from one day to another. But if you apply these tactics, I guarantee you will grow. I will guarantee your audience were growth. I would guarantee that your INSTAGRAM account will get more exposure and more distribution . And people from all over the world can't see your post and can follow you, and you can give them value. And for their own, you can get leads. You can get potential clients from this. Most of the videos and the section will be presentations where I will explain the tactics, and also I will use the screen on my phone to actually showing the tactics. So without further ado, let's jump into the first tactic, which is consistency. So see you in the next four 31. Growth Hacks: Consistency: how everyone Welcome to this video. So the number one growth heck on Instagram is consistency And what I want to tell you that this one is really important Like you have to get on the rhythm like you're brushing teeth all the time. Every day, every morning every night You have to be s consistent with posting on Instagram. If not, your audience will not grow. You were not. You would get boring so you have to be consistent and post every day. So here are a few things. You have to be consistency scale not just to instagram, but all of social media. You have to be consistent with your theme and your feet. So if your team is darks, don't post about cats or if your dogs and cats then you can post But you get the idea. Be consistent with your team and be consistent with your feet. As I'm trying to be consistent by posting a tip and a coat on digital lifestyle, you should do that too with your instagram. Once you decide what content to share how to share it What? How when Then you have to be consistent. You have to be always on top with quality, you have to share always quality photos. I sometimes share really bad quality photos, repost or something, and I get really lowing a trip. The frequency, as I told you, have to be consistent with your feet. You have to be consistent with the frequency. See, once you find out you have to post like two times a day, three times a day or maybe five times a day. It really depends on your audience. And if they are interested in all of the five things you're posting in a day, so at least two times a post frequency stay consistent, post something every day, post something in your stories every day you have to do it. Then you have to be consistent with the values. So you other entertain or you are in their educate, so your audience has to be entertained or educated all the time, so you cannot post like good morning when it's questions you can post like have a Merry Christmas and happy New Year. But that's not really well. That's not entertaining. That's just, you know, really, general, but you have to bake. Stay consistent with your thing with your content and you have to keep bringing it to your audience. Keep educating them. Keep entertaining. So this one is really important. That's why I put it in the first place. So you really have to understand it. It has to be an every day job. So if you cannot with Escalon intern to do it. If it's a business, you have to bring value all the time. If you want to grow, you can post once a week twice a week. Ah, but you will not get that growth. You will not get that audience to expand. To distribute your content. You will not get into the depths off your audience. If you understand this concept, you're basically hall way through. So if you understand that consistency is key, you're halfway through in your account will grow. Your audience will grow, your brand will grow. Your sales might grow if you're a business. So thank you for listening and see you in the next one 32. Growth Hacks: Hashtags: Hello, everyone. Welcome to this lecture. We will talk about hashtag X So how to use Hashtags to get more exposure to your account to your posts to your feet. So hashtag X is the way people search on Instagram. As I told you before, they don't search by key works. So let me show you. I go to search. I put in a keyword Let's say marketing and I go to the tags And this is what shows up marketing, marketing tips, marketing tools, marketing digital and it will show you harmony posts have this tech. So basically that is the reach of this hashtag. So nine million people use it. That is the potential reach off that hashtag So let me click it and it will show the top posts in market so you would have post nine talk boasts. And as you can see, these are to get into the top post. For this hashtag, you need a lot of likes and a lot of engagement. This one the 1st 1 has liked over 2000 likes and 21 comments. This one has 4000 likes 29 comments. This has like or 1000 likes seven comments, but they get into the top post now. The main reason to use hashtag X is to get in the top was because these night will show up for a day or two days and the people search for marketing this will day. This is what they will see. And if your post is really good, high quality content is good. They're going to click it. And if they click, they will see the name of your count. Maybe they will go and visit your council. Dis account has, like a lot of to over 250 k followers. The main reason to use this is to get in the top one now how to use the hashtag. So let me go back to my A called and I want to show you This is my late disposed. We all make mistakes. So what I do is I use all the 30 hash tax that Instagram allows and I don't post it in the caption as you can see in the caption, I posted only spoiler. You're going to make you more mistakes. No other way around it blah, blah, blah and I posed the hash tax in the comments in the first comment. Why? Because Instagram still recognizes that on that post, these Heston's were used so they will get the exposure. And if somebody clicks on your post, they want to see the first comment, which is the capture, and it doesn't look Spanish. So that's the only reason to put the hashtags in the first comment. And nothing. The caption moving. Also, if somebody comments on your picture and they put in hashtag, you can check that half state and that has stick well, So hustling on, let me show you. It's 59 post, baby. This is this accounts pastor. Yet hustling on this one is not hustling on no, something on. So this is their own hashtag and this is fairly in your account. Probably. They just started the recent Yeah, only 20 posts, and they're using their own hashtag, which is hustling on, and they probably use others to No, they don't use others. This is why they don't get a lot of exposure. No, If I go back tomorrow here and I will I would click on this hash tag left off blood life. You can see that this recent post of mine got into the top post. This means that everybody who somehow stumbles upon lacked up life. Fantastic. They will see my post. They cook it that this is the caption. Every night this they will see the profile. Maybe they go to the profile visit. So this is how I guess you exposure. Now, if you're starting out, I would suggest to look for hash tax with the reach between, I don't know, maybe 7 10,000 Teoh, maybe 60 80,000. So between 10,000 and 80,000 that would I start with because those are pretty big reach. But they are not like in the millions or in the hundreds of thousands. And you have a great chance as a new account to get into the top post. If you get into the top post, you will get more exposure. Now, I would research past X So simply, what are the similar one you can see related Solar printer. I would like that. A solo printer has 270. Yeah, 270,000 reach. That's how many people use it in the top post. You can see here nine posts. There are pictures so I would suggest to use older 30 hash tax. Impose them in the first common. Now I would search for small hashtag X with the region between 90,000 and I would put other plastics that have a bigger reach. So let me show hustle heart I'm using it has a reach of over a 1,000,000. So I would put this hashtag too. Because as you can see, my post or nothing, the top ones to get into the top ones with a hashtag like this would cost a heart because it has over a 1,000,000 uses. So this is how hashtags work People surged by hashtag they put in a keywords hashtags with Pearson Let me show. You are putting dark. I mean, go here to the top And if I put your dog is going to see the 1st 2 that the p o r hashtag dogs and dog Then it will appear the accounts or people. So usually people click on dogs. They will see the top post. They click on it, they see how it works. Then they check out the called one point for me or they search for related here on the top . You have the related Hashtag stop. Black is my five minutes people. And here are the top post. So this is how it works. So what? I suggest you all or that there d hashtags that instagram allows Boston in the first comment Research hashtags relevant to your industry development to your customer relevant to your service to your product. Make a list then when you post, you just simply posed the hashtags in the first comment. So let me show you how I use UNEP cult trail and then frontal, I have your tanks. So I have hospital takes where I have the 30 techs are used. If I post something motivational or a coat or, uh, anything related to business motivation and that stuff I used these hashtags. If I pull something related like an instagram I was posting lately, I would use the social media hashtag So these these are the ones research marketing on one marketing life marketing, social marketing tips, instagram marketing, social media tips, social media training, a social media strategy. And so so this would have reviews. These other ones are used and this will get more exposure to your car. You will see this instantly. So if you haven't been using hashtag until now, or if you're just starting out, post an image or a video without any hashtag X, and you will get out of maybe 10. Likes 20 Likes was the same image or video with the 30 hashtags researched. Relevant to your niche, you will get maybe 50 6100 lax and more engagement on that. I guarantee it will get you more exposure because that's how Instagram works. It works on Hashtags in this way is really similar to fashion. So if you it's really similar to Twitter and Twitter, people also served by Hashtags. And if you put in the trending hashtag your post your tweet, we'll get more exposure. It works in the similar way as Twitter, so that's about it. About hash takes. So this is what I suggest. It's the research Dirty Hashtags relevant to your nish industry, posted in the first comment, and your account will get more exposure. So that's about it. Thank you for listening. See you in the next one 33. Growth Hacks: Follow/Unfollow: Hello, everyone. So the next growth heck on the list is the follow on Follow. Heck, now this is fairly simple or you need to do is follow people and then unfollowed people. You can do this manually and I'm going to show you how so I'm in the LFC gadgets, Akon and what I want is to gain more followers who are interested in Liverpool and there ultimately interested in buying a little pool T shirt. So what I do is I go to search and I go to I'm going to put in Liverpool FC and they're going to show up some of cops. Obviously, the 1st 1 is the official account of the football club, which is a great place to start or there are others. So let me see the LFC man. It has only 2000 followers, which could be good, but you should start with the bigger ones, so liver will go 150,000 followers, which is great. So let's see what? So let me show you what you need to do. So what you're going to do is go to followers and it's going to show all the followers off this account and it's well, listen, you're just going to follow them. So this is really manual work. It's really easy. It takes up some time, but this is what you need to do. So these people who are following this account, they are surely interested in Liverpool. So what, you're gonna do that, Miss? Follow that after you follow. Most of the time you get like, 20% of them will follow you back. So you follow five people and one of them were following back. So for me, they see that I'm interested in Liverpool. The account is about Liverpool. If they like it, So what? They're going to see they're going to send off notification that LFC gadgets follow them. They're going to see the notification. They're going to click the conch. They're going to see what else to get it is all about. If they like the content, if they like the description in the bayou, they're going to follow you back. And that's how you gained followers. I want to tell there is no limit on following and on following people. So let me get to the part off following, so it really depends Hominy followed followers you got. If you got like 10,000 followers, you can follow more people. It's this is how Instagram works. But if you're just starting out with 100 200,000 followers, I really suggest to follow about 60 people. 60 accounts for our You can do this and for the limit for the day, I would say is 400 So you follow 400 accounts per day. Now you can do this one hour in the morning When in the evening. One in the middle of today. That's about 61 80. So you have to double up to do it for two hours in the morning to ours. Middle of the day. Two hours in the evening and you get about 400 followers. You will follow about 400 a calm. Don't spam it because Instagram really if you do a lot more Instagram will spend. They will stop you and block you block you from performing this action. Now what I suggest is you do this for two days. You follow accounts for two days. So you follow in two days maybe 608 100 accounts that on the third day you just on follow people who don't follow you Now you can do this manually. Of course. Just go to your following me show you. And just I felt I followed our father for now you have to understand this Don't spend so don't follow like I don't know 1000 accounts per day. Go around 400 then do this for two days there, unfollowed people because Instagram will grab you and they will flag you. I managed to get flagged with I think that was the LFC gadgets account. I got flight because I just followed too many people for two weeks I couldn't perform any follow or unfollow actions I could post. I could comment I could like but I couldn't Father were unfollowed. So don't be spending This is the limit. I want to show you about 400 per day so you will have to follow days and one on followed A This will help you grow your account because those people are interested in your content and they will follow you If you have great content, you're consistent. You're putting in the hashtag X is what your country grow. It will get more exposure. So that's about it. Let's move on to the next grow tech. Thanks 34. Growth Hacks: Engagement: Okay, everyone, this is actually not the growth. I consider this basically common sense. So if you want to build something, if you want to sell something, you need to interact. It's that simple. You need to engage unit to engage with your followers. You need to comment. You need to like you need to communicate. You communicate one way in your feet with the pictures you could communicate another way with your stories, communicate with your instagram lives. You communicate in the D. M in the dire message section, and this is how you grow if you just keep sharing awesome stuff. But you don't even comment back or text somebody or appreciate your followers saying thank you. Then it's not going to grow. Maybe the numbers will grow, but the numbers just empty so the followers come. Doesn't really matter. This was I was talking about before that it doesn't matter. The big question is, would you rather have one million followers with zero engagement or you have 3000 followers that you engage with every day? At least, What you can do is like if you don't even have time to interact, so just go to your image like I'm doing right now. You can see I have seven comments here and I just I don't reply. I just hit the hard button and like the comments and this is what I do. I do this basically every day. If I forget one day I just go back for 45 images and I would like all the comments. It's not that big of a deal. You're somebody ask a question in the comments I will answer. I will check it. And if I cannot do this all the time, I basically I do it every other day. Or or at least I dedicate I don't know one hour on a Sunday when I'm not doing anything or when I have a free moment. I go back on my last 10 pictures or even more. I like the comments. Just push the little heart button and I like all the comments and if I have a question in the comments, I will answer and if I have a message request, I would answer that too. So it's basically that simple. You have to engage. You have to like you have to comment. You can check out war common thing going. So you just go on the I see I received a lot of comments for this. Let me see. This was this picture was really good. People loved it. Now just go here and see Go live your dreams. It's a pretty similar account. I check them out. What they are doing, what they are sharing. Maybe I like few of them pictures. If I like them. And I really do interact. And this makes older difference. You have to engage. You have to interact with your followers. If you're not doing it, you're gonna build an empty A calm. So basically, this is not the growth. Heck, it's common sense. You should do it other way. You're going to have a big page with a lot of followers. No engagement. You will not get trust from your audience. You were not be able to get leads or sales from them, so they interact with you. So you have to give back. You're offering content, they reply, and you have to take them in some way. Or maybe do every week. You can do a tank e post like every Sunday or every Friday. Just thank you for following me or thank you for following my You can do that too. There are small things, but they met him a lot in building and all the instant instagram. And not just instagram, but this is what I suggest. So like comment. Check their profiles out. If they have a question, answer it if you have ah, message request. Answer it. And that's about it. That's this growth heck about so thank you and see you in the next one. 35. Growth Hacks: S4S: Okay, everyone, welcome to this lecture. We will talk about share for share Now. This is where growth hacking really becomes. Work basically what you have to do with contact, similar account or complementary accounts, as I say to collaborate with. So what you have to do is search for similar accounts. Ask them the m them. Send them a direct message. And I asked them, Can we do a share for share or an s for s? So basically, let me show you how this works. I'm in the elapsed gadgets account, so I'm searching for accounts that have similar interests. So basically Liverpool and they have similar amount of followers. Because if I go to on account, I'm sure if I go to on account elastic Persian This is a bigger company, 80,000 followers and I as them too. Let's do a share for share. So basically a share for share is I will share one of their pictures or videos and they will share one of my pictures or videos and we will take each other. We will mentioned them in the captions. So everybody who sees the post they were cheaper. Oh, this is a nice post. Let me check out there Calm and we do a call to action. So basically, I will do. This picture is from I don't know, elects Persian account. Follow them for great Liverpool contact. So all of my father was we'll see that he will do the same for me. This account will do the same for me. And this is what is called a share for share. But you have to put in the work. So if I want to do a collaboration with Elastic Persian probably they will look at my contents and like our only 14,000 we will not do because we have much more followers. So what I would search for is smaller accounts similar to my So basically around 10,000, 20,000 maybe 30,000. So let me LF see they or new account. That's see soldiers. This is a new account as well. 2000 followers. Pretty good account. You count something we share LFC Media's Center. So this guy's I follow them and they follow me back. This is Liverpool FC Media Center. So what I do is I just hit three dots on the top, right? Send the message. And are we right? Hello? Are you up to? Are you up for AAN s for S share for share? And I just hit Send? No. Most of the time. It really depends in what nish are you in it? It's really hard to say. Maybe one in 10 people will answer. Maybe one in 100 people will answer. But you have to keep putting in the world. So you have to find similar accounts or complementary accounts. So maybe I would. So it's for other football related accounts, just generally football or some other cause that are related to English football. And I would be m them here or your for a share for ship. Now, this works on Lee with accounts similar to yours in the following consulate. If you're going to. If I wait too, let's say this one. I'm going to follow these and send them the same message. So Hi. How are you doing? And that you really need to connect, So I'm not even going to ask or York for a share for share is you can see on temporary blocked. This could happen to you if you send a lot of the EMS Instagram will block you. And as I send ADM on automated the m two, all of my new followers basically, I don't know, maybe 90 a day. This will happen and this will block you. I mean, come on, get out. Okay. Oh, so this could happen to you. So don't send. I would suggest send about, spend about one hour and send, like, 30 direct messages research accounts and sent 30. Not no more because you get blocked. As you can see, If you send too much, you will get block. Now, this means you will get blocked for one or two days. But after that, you can send the EMS again. So don't send 90. Spend about an hour. You can already have the the script. So you will say, Hey, probably doing We're a new account in the in the Liverpool niche. We are sharing pictures and images related to Liverpool. Would you be off for collaboration? So you really have to connect. Uh, so this is the hard work. This is where you really could get results. This is hard. We build this count from basically from 1000 to 5000. We did a lot of share for shares. So basically, if you are a new account and you say, like, I have only 100 followers 200 nobody's going to do share for ship. Yes, they will. Do you only need to find account similar to yours that have maybe 3000 followers, not more because they are new to if you follow the grotesque. I've been talking to the consistency. The hashtag follow on follow grow text. So these three, if you do this for I don't know, maybe a week, 10 days. You will get to 1000 followers. I'm pretty sure you can get to 1000 followers now if you have 1000 followers, you can do share for shares with the accounts from 1000 to maybe 3000 followers because they will see that you're new. But you're sharing a lot of content. They will see you have engagement used. They will see that you are really putting in the work. You are creating your posting and they will do share for share. So to get to share for shares to get to this growth hack, you have to follow the 1st 3 consistency, Hashtags. And for one follow this will get your 1000 followers depending on how much work you put in . It would maybe in 10 days, two weeks, you will get 1000 followers, maybe more. Then you can start doing share full shares. And this is not easy. You have to do the EMS. You have to the end people, and you really have to start the connection. So the first message I sent it was Are you up for a share for share? I did that because I already know that they're in my range. So they had, like, 18,000 followers. I have, like, 14,000 followers, and they already know about this tactic. Share for share. So this is the share for share growth hacking method. Try it out. Let me know what your results are. Thank you. See you in the next one. 36. Growth Hacks: Giveaways: Hello, everyone. Welcome to this lecture we're going to talk about Give aways so you can grow your audience . You can grow. Your followers are giving away stuff. Now, when you decide what to give away, it has to be relevant to your audience. So, for example, if I'm giving away something on the Liverpool account, it has to do with Liverpool. So maybe a lyrical T shirt and probably I'm going to do a Liverpool T shirt give over in the near future. If I'm going to give away something on digital lifestyle, maybe I will give away one month off a software that you can use to to like to follow to unfollowed people on Instagram because the main product there is to grow your Mr Graham account. And people who follow me want to grow their instagram. So I would give away something like a free month off on Lee pulled or a free month off insta grass richer, which is another software I used to grow my instagram account. Now there are two ways to go, so basically you can go the easy way and organize the give away by sharing opposed sharing like I'm giving away T shirt and if you want to enter, leave a comment with I participate and take three friends. Three friends were interested in indebtedness, so if I'm giving away a T shirt in the Liverpool nish, I would take three friends who are also Liverpool fans. So this way they will know about my account so they would follow me if they want to participate, they follow. They leave a comment with another three friends. So that's how it works. After that, you just take all the comments and put it into random that work. So this is the website. Basically, if you have 100 entries, so or maybe 200 it just puts here. You have 200 entries and you were You will give a number to each and three. Anyone who participates at anyone who left a comment and it just hit, generate and it will give you a number. So they're not the winner is number 78. Then you look up the list with number 78 they want a free T shirt and you send it to them and that's it. Or you can use the software and the one I recommend this gleam that I O where you can organize different kind of giveaways on social media, not just instagram on Facebook on any other platform. So this one is for instagram and this is how it looks like. So after you do the signing up, by the way, it's a free software. You can use it for free. And this is how it looked like. People with land on this page on mobile or on that stop, it really depends. And this is what would they see here? You can put the text like giving away free T shirt or whatever you are giving away. You can put a nice picture and there are eight ways to enter and you can select. You can enter by using instagram. So that is one and three point. If you was it the If they visit your account, there's another point. If they view the photo one photo on your account, that's one more point. And at the end, all this this software will do. It will analyze, So if people do this more time, they will get more entry points. They would get more chance to win, and at the end when, I don't know, Maybe do it for five days. 10 days after that, the software will give you a winner based on what they did if they entered with your instagram if they visited and the following you on instagram that worth more points and after that it would calculate the winner and it will give you win. And it's that simple. I really suggest you can. You can do this when you have no maybe 1000 followers. If you don't have any followers and you want to go, you can start with the giveaway. But you have to be careful because giveaways people see something is for free. They will automatically even if they are not interested in your product or your or service they may enter. So I'm really not interested in, for example, dog accessories. But if somebody takes me, I have a friend might be interested in. I signed up for the give away. Maybe I wouldn't I don't know, some accessory for dogs. I give it to my friend, and after that I will not follow that the calm so it softens off your audience. So you have to be careful with giveaways because if people see something, it's for free. They were automatically, Yeah, I want that free stuff and after that they are not interested in your product. In your service, it's really hard. So if you build from zero audience based on giveaways, that audience is going to be so diverse, it's not going to be. We really niche down to your productive service. So you have to be careful with this. I showed you the two methods you can use. Glean is just be creative and post one image like I'm giving the way this. If you want to enter in the common section, write something or text somebody who might be interested in. And then you take the comments and go to random that work and that's how you do it. So thank you for listening and see you in the next one. Goodbye 37. Growth Hacks: Shoutouts: Hello, everyone. So and this lecture, we're going to talk about growing your account with paid shoutouts. Now, bait shop out is really similar to share for share. All you have to do is now search for accounts in your in the street that are way bigger than yours. So, for example, on lfc gadgets I would search for Occam's related to Liverpool. That or at least 50,000 100,000 and beyond that. So let me search. Let me get to surgeons. Search for you're less and I found here in the count. So I would literally contact them the a message and say like, Do you want to give us a give my contact? A shout out I would pay for you. Usually the prices range like under 100,000. If they have 100,000 followers, you can get the shout out for 24 hours so they will post your one of your images and they give you a tag in the captions and the shot that, like, follow this account for 24 hours for under 100 k you should not paying more than, let's say, $35.40 dollars tops for 24 hours. Now, if they give you a shot out every day or every two days or two weeks, then you can pay like hundreds, $100 for it. But do not pay more. If the account is bigger than 500,000 they would ask for 24 hours. They may ask for a 50 to $100. Now you have to be careful, and you have to see that the bigger the account there is more likely that that the engagement is not that good. So the engagement should should be really harm for these accounts. So let me show you. So this is a Leslie Persian. 80,000 followers. Let's see 400 lives on this image. They have my hundreds for this one. They have 1.5 K for this image, which is not the great This one. They have 1000. These are pretty good numbers. Here's a result. 700. They have comments. Let's see comments. Only three comments on this on this one. Very few comments, not that much. But as you can see, they are using really few hashtag X. They only using LFC. Liverpool replaced the NFC Persian. So considering the amount considering that they have 80,000 followers, they are not using Hashtags, and they have almost 1000 likes and 12 comments on this picture. It means they're really good engagement. Also, you can go and check on ink 361 if the account Israel. So if they gained a lot of followers in a really short period, problems with the account. It's fake and in both followers and even if they have one million followers and the engagement, if you go and see the pictures in their profile, they're going to be low. As so this one is really good. They have they use, like 12345 on a less than 10 hashtag x, and they get a lot of engagement. They get a lot of being age when they got a lot of exposure. So this means this would be good. So I would message them. If they want to do a deal, Why? Maybe I pay their $50 they will share my account or four of my pictures for $100 in a period of two weeks so This is what you have to do. You have to search for bigger, constant. You have to work out deals. If the M then or there is an application, I want to show you, which is called Kick. So it's called Kick. This is how it looks like. So it's OK. OK, you Donald it It's available for Andriy, too. And if you want a child outs, you can search for accounts and usually they have a user name. They kick user name in the bar. I don't know if I can find right now, but I'm pretty sure if I go to motivation. So for motivation, you're a few a concert, this one. As you can see, it, has 200,000 followers, and if you want the shot out, they have their email address. So I should email that or us in the end that so basically there are three ways to contact that the end kick or email. You send that the end if they don't have any information. If they have their kick user name in their profile to send them a message on kick or if they have the email on their profile, you will send them an email you less like. What are the prices can work up a deal. You can work out a deal when you're higher, so I have, like 14,000 followers on LFC gadgets account. Maybe I can work out the deal like I was shared their posts. They will share mine, and I paid a little less for the shocker. So that's about it. Pay child outs. It's really good. It's working. You will grow faster because you get exposure right in front of your target audience. So, for example, if LFC Persian shares one of my posts or this one at Liverpool addicted, we share one of my posts. It's the followers, basically are the same followers or very similar to my followers, so I would get exposure right in front of my target audience. Basically, I came workout to deal with this because we are in the same range, like in the following cop and in the engagement were the same, like 806 100 likes 800 lives. Let's see this one almost 1000 likes. So if I if you see in my images, is the same, this was shared two hours ago so this one is low, but 1000 lives for this picture. 8000 use for this video. 800 lives For this 14 comments, I've got 600 LAX and 200 comments for this one. I've got 800 likes and three common, so it's really similar. So I would probably with this a contact into a share for share their share, mine and theirs. But if I want to get really exposed to a bigger number of audience for a bigger audience 100 K our search for 100 K as I told you lfc person, or you see and feel the new there's Enfield's Shop. There's an field something and feel global, So Oh, this is perfect. So you've if they don't want to do shout out so they don't do shout outs. You can see that in their profile, they have no shot out, so you don't bother them with the D M or an email or whatever. You just don't because they don't do they want to go there, account other ways they partnered up. I can see that like they have a partner like follow my partner and the feeling they have Lana Lana for life. So that's a little poopy or 10,000 followers here, too. So this one is. You see, this one is really not good. They have 10,000 followers on the 180 lives. 500 almost six ton blacks, 110 7 likes 200 lacks. These are not really good for 10,000 followers. You should get more. So probably I wouldn't ask for a shout out from this a cop because the lives the engagement , like only want comments you. It's it's really good, Wouldn't you haven't asked. So you have to really check. This one is this one looks decent, but they're following black. It posted this one now the stories 14 hours ago. Still, let's see 160. So for 16,000 followers, this a conversing that a lot of engagement. Maybe I can do a partnership with them, but I definitely not pay them to Hey there for a shot. So that's about it. These are the growth hacks you can do most of them. You have to put in the work. You have to contact people. You have to make deals. It's not easy, but This is the only way you can grow organically on Instagram. The easy ways to buy followers. But you would have zero engagement. Zero audience. It's is just number. So thank you for listening and see you in the next section. 38. Growth Hacks: How to track your growth: however, one. So I just wanted to show you the three tools I used to trek my growth. So it's really important to check your growth, and I have been talking about the software's before. I just want to wrap it up into one of video and tell you how to see your insights, how to see your growth and actually see the results. So basically, if you don't have a business account on Instagram, you can use the stats from there. If you don't have it, just the 1st 1 I recommend is in 3 61 dot com. I have been talking about this. You just register, it's free and basically you. Can you your stats and other any other accounts statistics If there Countess public. So you just go here and you see the states stop post. If you're working with clients, actually, you can print out these and show them like How much did you were commented? How much content did you put out and how the Countess evolving, which are the top post? And so on the second when I suggest this social blades here, you can search for you to twitch and Twitter accounts as well. Just select Instagram and you put in and let's see. And here you can see the summary. So how many followers? Basically these are how many followers per day on each and every day on the second off? No. On the 27th of February, I had 55 followers and because of Instagram s following went down because inst aggress was doing the unfollowed cycle Then the next day does he follow cycle. So this is how it works And here you can see that how many media? So how many posts were posted on that day? So on the 11th of March, it we had four millions posted, which meant about 16 166 followers, which is the in the last 10 days, which is the highest one Here you have the daily average which is 30 per day monthly average 1000 followers per month, which is pretty pretty OK, so you will gain in throughout in a year you will gain 12,000 followers and these followers are not robots and people who are not the interest. So you have to be patient. It's not that easy to grow one million followers on this platform. If you don't have a brand, if you have a brand or you are having other social accounts are very popular site of podcast, you will go grow faster. But if you're starting from zero, no brand, no company. Nothing expect this kind of growth and the last one I uses only pulled. So this is the scheduling softer I was talking about. Here you have the audience. Basically about 300 follow Worst re hardly changed since since I'm using so again 3000 followers since I'm using it in a month, I think so. Actually, it's growing faster, but on average it will grow about 1000 per month, so you can see the growth. You can see the engagement likes. Comments, average Lux proposed average comments proposed in directions. So these are the tree I. So the 1st 2 are free and this run the scheduling when Onley pulled is paid software. So that's about it. Thank you for listening. See you in the next one 39. Introduction: Advertising on Instagram: Hello, everyone and welcome in this sexual will talk about advertising and promotion on Instagram . We will talk about both free and pay. Advertising was talk about a little bit about Instagram ads, but for now Instagram is still in the growth phase and stay. You can use organically or I suggest other ways to promote yourself, which are free shout outs and page Hathout or share for shares. So we will discuss all this stuff in this section, so stay tuned and see him in the next video. 40. Ads: Instagram ads - within the app: Hello everyone. Welcome back to Instagram Marketing 101 as I told you And this one, we're going to talk about how to advertise on Instagram. Now there are two ways basically So let me show you one Just you can't boost your posts Similarly, eyes on Facebook So let him go into my account Select Maybe this picture And here right under it you can see on the bottom right corner promote also you can see the insights So if it's performing well, you can boost it to reach more people. So you just hit promote Then you select your go What is your objective? You want visitors to your website or you want people to call or visit your business As in Instagram, you can put in your phone number your address. So I'm going to select visit website And now you can selling What? Your action. But then so you want Watch more, Learn more book now shop Now This one really depends on what you're trying to reach. You want people to contact you? You want leads. You want sign ups You want bookings? You want somebody to watch your video? Whatever you select. I'm going to go with. Learn more. Then you put here you're link. So this is the link to T T shirt storm, actually. Or you can with your website or your landing page. Whatever. If you scroll down, you can select the audience. You can let Instagram select your audience or you can create your own audience. No, I don't suggest Deliver it on automatic because usually they put very, very large audience, which is really soft. It's not Neech down. You will spend a lot of money. You maybe get some engagement, you will get reach. But they will not be raging fans. So you just go here, create your own and you can name it. Then you select the location. Then you select the interest than the age and gender. Now, this is a limited version off the Facebook targeting system. Actually, if you go into Facebook, I'm going to show that really soon that you can target even more. You can target really niche down. You can target really specifically. You can narrow your audience, cross reference it like people who like T shirts plus Liverpool, this one is really une easier version A simple version off please book hands. I don't recommend to use dishonestly because you cannot select the narrow audience. You can select big audiences which will spend on Lee money. Then you select your budget and here you can see the estimated reach for each budget and you can select the duration. Now, after you are done, you just hit next on the top, right? You can preview your promotion. How does it look? It looks like this. So basically it will be the same post and under it will appear your link and your culture action. Then you select the payment method and you just hit promote. I'm not going to promote this because I don't think you can target really well here on Instagram. And if you live it automatically, it will not give you the results you want. So what I suggest is go to Facebook Edwards Manager, create an audience and really narrow audience for your niche for your business, for your industry. And you can target from there. You can target Onley Instagram users let me switch to phrasebook advertising account and I'm going to show you how you can do debt. So in the second part are we talk about how you can target Instagram users using Facebook heads. Okay, See you in the next one 41. Ads: Instagram ads - with Facebook Ads: Hello, everyone. And welcome to this video and this when I'm going to explain how you can target Instagram users using the Facebook Edwards manager. Fundamentally, you have to connect your Facebook a country or instagram account, which is fairly simple. Facebook is always asking to connect your instagram and Facebook because they own instagram , so there's a simple process. You connect them and then you can advertise from your Facebook manager to your instagram. So going to your address manager? Obviously, if you don't have a Facebook Edwards manager, you have to set up one. I'm not going to show that in this video it's fairly simple. You have to connect your payment methods and follow the instructions. Then you come up with this interface. Then you just hit, Create Edward and you can choose here. What do you want to do? Ah, here. I have a end that I didn't finish. It doesn't really matter. I'm going to start again. So you hit, create advert. You will come up to this page and here on the left side you will have the campaign, the Edwards said, and the actual Edward. And here you can select your objectives, which are categorized in three awareness, consideration and conversion. Obviously conversion you can use, Conversion adds. If you already have, lead if you're or if you are re marketing to already known audience. If you're just starting out, you're getting your brain out there. You just use awareness or you just send people to your website with traffic song going to hit the traffic, going to hit engagement. And here you can select. You want post engagement page, likes event responses or offer claims. I'm just going to go with post engagement, and obviously we are in the Edward Set Now, after we selected that the objective here, you select the audience. I'm not going to bother with selecting an audience because I'm not going to advertise right now that here you can select an audience, and if you scroll down here, you have the placements. Now faithful puts it on automatic as a standard move. But you just go to edit replacements, and here you can select what platforms you want to enter choice on. You can select the device that start on Lee or mobile on Lee depends on you. Then you just on thick Facebook and you will have instagram Now you can do two types of instagram its feet so basically is the same When I used from the Instagram application it appears in your feet as a sponsored post and I will show you the stories as well You cannot do You can select the feed he said defeat Then you put your budget and obviously you had continue and you do the creative part here in the last one and you just hit Use an existing post you can use one. As you can see the digital lifestyle Facebook page is connected with the digital lifestyle Instagram account This is how it will look the ed on Instagram It's a video Then you just hit place order Now I just want to go back and show you how you can do instagram stories ends Okay, I want to go to to the power editor So the only way you can do story instagram story ends is you have to go to you Open up here the three lines here and you open up tools and you go to power Enter Okay Power editor is loaded power that there is a little bit different, but they're the same steps campaign, other set and advert itself. So I'm going to create the new campaign. Then I just put auction time obviously and here you can select the objective. Now, if you want to do instagram story advertising, you have to select reach does the only one The only objective you can do you can use to create on instagram story add So basically this ad will show up in people's stories as they just click and see stories you add will show up. So you create the campaign a reach campaign Obviously you named the Edward Seki. Select your account and you gave an advert name and you hit, create and word sense he select the budget you select the audience and he you will sell like the placement Edwards and Instagram stories. So basically this is a fairly new feature. So this when I'm filming in 2017 April Now, a week from now this whole thing may change. This is a pretty new feature Facebook is take changing it all the time So you just hit edit placements You don't think facebook and you select here instagram and you will select stories. Now you can see you can select stories. If I wasn't in the popular editor, I was in the Edwards manager in Crete and Ed from there you cannot do a reach at from their only from the public editor. So here is the only option where you can take stories. Now you have selected that you want on instagram story ad Awesome. Here you can select the delivery so basically number of days before your advert is shown to the same person again. So at least you want to show. Obviously you want to show your at the same person at least three times, so maybe every day. So I put the frequency here so it will show the ad in the stories to the same person every day. You live the amount on automatic standard delivery and you go to Edward and you will create your at. Obviously you can track it with your Facebook pics. So and here you can select their the instagram account. This of destination. Now I have connected. As you can see, I connected to my Facebook page to instagram account, did your lifestyle and now you can start the creative. It can be an image or it can be a video. Now, as you know in the stories, instagram stories appear in work tickle, so the emits size should be 10 80 by 1920. So it's a vertical right finger. It's basically a tall rectangle, so the image has to be like the screen of your phone in a vertical way. Or the video has to be in the same for, but it can be on em before, or an M refile maximum of 2.3 gigabytes. High quality 7 20 pixels to standard one, and the story has to be maximum off. 15 seconds of the video has to be 15 seconds and no longer. So obviously you select your image or your video that after you review all the changes, you will see how it looks like and how it will appear in the stories. Then you just place the order, so that's about it. This is off what I want to show you. You can do two types of instagram ads from Facebook Manager. You can do one from the adverts manager that will show up in your feet and the 2nd 1 you can do on Instagram story ed from the power editor, which is a different type of tool here in the Facebook as manager. And here you can do a story yet. So that's about it in the next videos. I'm going to explain why I'm not using these tools yet because I think there are other ways to advertise on Instagram that or way cheaper. So I'm going to talk about those in the next videos. So thank you for listening. See you in the next one. 42. Ads: Paid Shoutouts: Yo, what's up, everyone? This is Fritzi. So let's talk about bait shoutouts. No, I talked about this in earlier videos, but basically, if you want to promote on Instagram, you want to pay advertising. I wouldn't go to the first option so I wouldn't boost my post. I would not use Facebook ads to target instagram users because influencer marketing, which is basically paid shoutouts, you can reach your target audience really quickly. If you choose the writer comes the right influencers to promote your instagram, your product or service whatever. So, basically there are 44 types of shoutouts, the first to awareness and re posting. They are basically for branding, growing its growth growth, hacking and the story shot and Lincoln bio they can become worship at you can use them as Comores nous solar. The awareness post are really suggest. If you're trying to build a brand, you just ask for a screenshot post. So you screenshot your own profile your own bio and send it to the influencers who will repost the screenshot off your profile and asked his audience for audience its audience to follow you. They will see the you profile your bio If it's interesting, if it's nice, if you have a nice feed, they will follow you. So this is the 1st 1 I would tell the prices later on, so the 2nd 1 is re posting. I talked about this earlier, so basically you ask the influencer to repost one of your images or videos from your feet and credit. You are mentioned you in the captions, so these two are for growing for awareness for branding. Now you can do a story shout, which you can use as a if you want to sell something. Actually, you can put to your website or Web shop in your own link, and you can ask the influencer to post a story about you. Now the story can look either way you decide on how to look. You will send video or whatever or you have to do is ask the influencer to tag you in the story. Because if somebody attacks you, text your account in in a story, it will be clickable. As you can see, I attacked Did you life start and you can see it's on their line, which means if I click on it, it will take me to the digital lifestyle. Com where they can see the bio and ultimately the link to to my guy. And lastly, is the linking the bike so you can ask an influence. It put your link, your website, your landing page or your video link, whatever you're trying to promote in his own ling description in his own link in the bio. Now, somehow you have to be aware that he has to drive a call to action to death links so it could be a repost with the dimension like Lincoln the Bio. Or it could be a story shout mentioning that Click the link in my bio and he will put the account will have your link in his bio in its bio. So these are the four was Now I want to give you an example of how the prices are. No, I really suggested it's really cheap compared to Facebook Ends or instagram is because let me show you one one account, and I talked with them and I asked for the rates and I check them off so I don't want to give the name of this account. This is a private conversation, but I just want to give you, like an exam so you don't over pay. So this is the price is from a 19 K account. So it has. This account has about 19,000 followers. I checked the engagement on increased 61 So this is really important. You have to check the engagement. Do you have to check out if the likes if the account is fake or its riel? So the average, like is about 600 likes average comments on each post is about 60 which says that the account Israel the followers are riel because I saw some accounts with, like 180,000 followers and, like 1000 likes three, maybe 2000 lives. But, like three comments. So you know that that combat the followers and the likes the comments. It is not that easy to buy comments you can buy followers and likes comments are hard to find. You cannot bought comments or if you're part of a small community and you comment on each other post either way. So I checked this icon. This was really legitimate account, and these were the prices for 24 hours. So for repost with Caption Tech with the caption and tag. It was $10 the story with Lincoln by it was $15 Which is quite OK, actually, with the Lincoln Bio and the story you can get, maybe I don't know you can get about. I know that on LFC gauges account, the stories are viewed by about 800 people. So I got 15,000 followers or released something like that, with 800 people doing the stories so you can get about I don't want to say like 1% is a You can get like 5% to click in the to clean the Lincoln by so 5% of 800 or 1000 It's like you can get like 30 to 40 link clicks for $15 which is a great price. And you you have to know really good Facebook as if you want to get death kind of engagement and that kind of traffic, with the re posting $10 that is a really OK price. Now, if you see this is the quite good example, know if the account is bigger has, like 30 40 50 k followers, obviously the every the engagement should be higher, the average likes and comments should be higher and the prices should be higher. But not that much. So for 50 K account, you can pay like $20 for a repost. You can pay like 25 for a story and link in the buyer, so the difference is not that much. And these are their concert you really want to exploit because the people having 1000 followers, one million followers asking for 500 for a repost or asking for $600 for a story and the link that's just not going to because the one million followers are really spread out. They're really soft your audience. It's probably not there. So you have to look for the small nish accounts between 15 and 100 K Collins, and you should consider this price range so it starts for 19 K account like this. Then, from here it goes up, and I really think it's much, much better of a deal than advertising with Instagram EDS or advertising its Facebook gets for Instagram users. I think this right now in 2007 things this is the right method on the right method but a really cheap method to get Brenda awareness and to buy advertising on Instagram. So that's about it. Thank you for listening and see you in the next one. 43. Ads: Reaching out to influencers: Hello, everyone. So how to reach out to influencers? Now that you have your list written down on a paper or in your phone and your notes, it's time to reach out to influencers. Now, As I told you before, there are three ways to each other. One is direct message in Instagram, so you have to get in the into the D M. Sneak into the PM's 2nd 1 is to reach out on Kick Messenger. I told you about this application as well, and the 3rd 1 is email Now How you can find your their email Usually does a Contra do shout out they already have the cake user name or the email already in their bio, so you can write to them and ask for the price. Now, if you are reaching out to influencers that don't have an email or they don't have a kick, users in their profile you have to reach out by D M. My direct message and how you do that is, First of all, you have to come back so you cannot do life. Ai doing can do a shot down for me. Most of the time. This doesn't work Why? Because problems they don't even know about these shoutouts. If they're like 10,000. 15,000? 20,000? Maybe they don't even know this. Maybe they got some enquiries, but they are not sure they don't know what to do. So you have to reach out and connect first of all saying like I like your account. I like your last post about now and then. And now you have. You have to connect. They will ask for and then you ask why can we do business together? What can I do for you? What can I do for you to help your account girl? And they usually have something in my they usually need creative. So image or video. Or they just ask for a price or the s like to share their comped on yours. So this is how you reach out udm. Then you make a connection. You couldn't neck. Then you ask for business. Or then you start to develop a business or trying to start the partnership. Now if you they already have a messenger kick, just go straight forward asked like how much is a shop out in the story? How much is a shout out in the feet. How much for a Lincoln bio? How much for heading in the story or whatever, but they were You're trying to do what time? How much for a screenshot? Shout out screenshot repost? Or can you do a share for share? If they already have a kick user name or email, you can go straight for the kill because they're already doing it. You're reaching out to accounts that don't you have to connect first. So this is my advice. You can use it. It's not easy. You have to reach out one by one. You can have a generics text against send on the year, and if somebody answers, you continue to conversation. I can tell you, like maybe one out of 10 or maybe one out of 20 will answer directly would answer to your request. So it's hard work. You have to be persistent, but you have to make those connections. It's way easier than phoning or going to conferences or doing this is an easy way. This is the best way I think you can grow. Your is the grand doing. Sheriff pushes bait shoutouts partnerships. So thank you for listening and see you in the next one 44. Introduction: Lead generation: Hello, guys. So in this section, I just want to elaborate on hard to get leads how to optimize your profile and hard to optimize your feet and posts to get more leads. We will talk about the given take rules. So you have to give before you ask for something. We will talk about what type of call to actions you can use in Europe. Posts in your feet to optimize your leads. How to get more leads. So this section is all about optimizing everything, optimizing your strategy, your tactics to get more leads out of instrument. Thanks for listening and see you in the next video. 45. Lead Gen: Valur proposition: Hello, everyone and this video. I want to talk about value proposition. So when you're trying to build something on instagram anywhere, anywhere you're trying to get people to know about your content, your stuff, your products or services, you or whatever you have to think about value actually have to think about the value proposition. What are you proposing? What do you put up front? In order to people, start paying attention to you and your content to your instagram. So you have to really think about this. What you can offer, what they what do you ask after you give value? So, for example, on digital lifestyle account, I give you a free e book on Hard to Grow your instagram account or hard to get leads from Instagram. So what is the value proposition? I propose a free book. If you give me your email address later on, I can follow up and maybe sell you something. The only problem is it's not all the time, a good proposition. If your content is not good enough, people will not stick around. It's obvious I tested it and it's all the time changing. I don't know what is the real value of my content. Only you can tell the only way I can get feedback is to give sent, give something that asked for review, ask for feedback. So most of the time I get a good review on the E book. But sometimes people just I don't know. They could only like 15% of people download evil. But the main idea is, is my e book valuable enough for you to give to give me your email interests? If it is, you will give it to me. I was send your e books or the long term you can become a customer. So that is my value proposition on there on the LFC gadgets. It's different because I only offer content and most of the content is it's available other places to on other Instagram accounts on the depth on forums and everywhere. And I I directly ask for the sales and go to my shop and buy a T shirt. Now the coercion, obviously on that one, is really smaller, because the value proposition is you get the information and hey go by my T shirt so it's not that good. You know the conversion It's really small, and this is where I want to talk about. And I would talk about in the next video about the call to actions. So it's really I have three levels. I can talk about three levels to get the visitor to a website or to your YouTube channel, your Facebook or whatever. That is easy to get trapped to get elite. So people, to give you a new information of full number A on email address, contact that's hard. And to get the customer from Instagram, that's the hardest thing to do. And you cannot go like go pitching like Okay, you saw my instagram feed. Now go by my T shirt. That's really hard to do. Sometimes it works, but obviously the conversion is lower because the vital proposition is not enough. Valuable for you. That's all I'm talking about. So you really have to think about this. What is your very proposition? But they respect them. What do you ask from your potential clients? So thank you and see you in the next one 46. Lead Gen: 80/20 Rule: I'm going to talk about the 80 20 rule or the 90 10 rule. Probably you heard about this. The 80 20 rule. It's there was an Italian guy named Pareto came up with this idea. This concept of basically only 20% of what you do every day is important. The rest 80% is not so. For example, if you take your day, you wake up, you wash your teeth, you eat, go for a run, you go to work, you do your chores and you go to work and actually produce Onley. That production activity is is that will give you the result. The other activity is getting up washing your feet. Going for a job are not important for the results you desire. So you you maybe desire to have more clients. Maybe you desire to sound more of your product. Your service Onley when you right that contract or you go to a meeting and close a client only that matters. And that is usually 20% in general, 20% of your all all of your activities. Now, to translate this to instagram marketing, for example, you set an object if off getting leads from Instagram. So getting email sign ups or getting sales from instagram 80% of the time, or even 90% of the time. What you do is share content. You share videos, this story tell you share images, videos, whatever those posts, that activity, that production activity will not matter. Only the 10% when you ask for the sale or you ask for the lead or that email sign up creates the result. Now, I want you to keep in mind that it's not OK to do to always ask. So for example, you have Maybe you have on e commerce store and you are selling, I don't know gifts. And you post all the time by this mug by this iPhone case by this camera gear by this microphone by this by this by this by this, no one is going to buy because you always pushing your like a sales. The salesman always asking for the sale. What you have to do is to give value, and I told you in the video before your value propositions has to be high enough for your potential customers, too, to dig in to buy into your stuff. So 80% of the time. This is where I should suggest So now to translate this 80 20 rule to instagram market things, To put it in the context off, Instagram Marsh could think what you have to do is 80% of the time share content, give value and 20% of the time asked for your object. So your objective is to get more followers to get brand awareness, to sell cars on, to sell our from cases T shirts, whatever, or get clients or get leads or get the email sign ups or have people contact you whatever your goal is on, Lee do that 20% of the time, so this means, like every fifth post should be about asking. The other four should be about giving, giving value and giving relevant information and value to your industry and niche, of course. And sometimes I go on Instagram because it's becoming bigger and bigger. Is likes more than 600 million users. Now I really suggest to go with 90 10 rule so 90% of the time give in 10% of the time asked So post nine images, nine videos giving value giving content valuable information and 10% of the time esque ask for D email as 40 contact. Ask for the sale. I strongly believe in this. Otherwise we just become like a sales e sleazy salesman, always trying to sell something. So first of all, give value. If you're selling T shirts, talk about the T shirts, What they're made of very get it from how do you printed? But colors do you use where they are produced so, uh, give value and then asked like Okay, by this T shirt. So this is what I wanted to talk about. I want you to think about this and use this room, so don't always ask, ask first, give, give, give, give and then s Thank you for listening and see you in the next one. 47. Lead Gen: Call-to-action: hello where we want. Welcome to this video. Let's talk about call to action. So, basically, if you want to optimize your instagram to genital leads to generate the results, to increase engagement to increase in need to post call to actions. As I told you before, you have to be careful. You don't want to be too pushy his post like 20% of the time. These culture actions don't do it on each and every post. It's not going toe work. People going to leave if you're trying to always push them and to take an action. So basically there are two types of culture actions you can do in instagram. First of all, you can do culture action posts cost called to action stories. So let me talk about culture action posts and give you some examples of what you can. So obviously, if you want to generate more, likes more engagement, you can use the following double tap if you like it. The double tap if you to show some love, leave a common below text someone who needs to see this saved this post. Read this image from 1 to 10. Take a friend, follow the link in the bio description. So these are all Kulti actions. You can put them in the captions, or you can put it in the image as well. You can actually, Moore's death into the creative into the image to tag a friend as as a title or subtitle, whatever. So these are the ones that can do a post. I want to show you also the culture actions in the stories. Now what you have to do here to what you can do to call somebody to take action. So if you want somebody to comment on your story, you have to ask to swipe up. If they swipe up, they can leave a comment. If they click, they will see the next image. So if you're doing, I don't know, a story of 10 12th the videos or images you can ask the view. Were your follower to clink to see the next image that's also in action clicking? Then you can also the swipe. You can link up your website and so on, but this feature is coming out soon. Some U S accounts already have them, so if you swipe up, it will take you to to death link that you put in. Also, you can put another contract shin to follow the link in the bayou. So just ask. Follow the link in the bayou and click on the profile picture, which is on the top left corner. So follow the link in the bio. Click the image you can draw on air over there. Well, you can text somebody you can take in account and you can take it and just say Click here. So that's another action. So these are the Kulti actions now. You don't want to ask too much like you have to use this to get results, to optimize your instagram, for release, to optimize your feed, your stories, your posts to get more interaction. Now you don't want to ask for too much at first time because you just asked like go swipe up, leave a comment, then go to my profile. I click the link in the bio, sign up for something down with something, or but you're emailing down with something that's too many actions. People are not going to follow up on that. So what? I suggest just just one call to action proposed or per story. So if you have, like 10 pictures in your story of 10 videos in your story, just put one contraction like swipe up to leave a comment. What is your opinion about this? Or how do you like this? Don't. But like on the one first story you put okay, swipe up and leave your comment on the second when you put okay, I clicked the link in the bio in the turtle. After you click the link in the bio sign up for my free e book. That's just too much. You're going to lose the person who is following you. It's too much stress. Too much, too many actions, too many activities to follow. So stick with one proposed or per story. So that's about it. Thank you for listening. See you. 48. Introduction: Instagram stories: Okay, Instagram stories. So this is fairly a new feature off Instagram, which was introduced at the end of last year. So basically they stole the stories feature from Snapchat. It doesn't matter in this second, I just wanted to dedicate a few videos on how to use instruments stories to get more engagement at the end of the day. How to get more leads, how to get more customers from Instagram. If you're a business, you can use stories for different type of content and in this next video is I'm going to give you a few tips on how to use this feature. If you're a business, if you're a personal brand, if you're an entrepreneur, so tanks and seeing in the next videos. 49. Stories: Basics of this feature: hello We want in this video I'm going to talk about instagram stories. So I want to talk about the basic features off this new way to communicate on Instagram. This is friendly new one. They came out well, they came out pretty early last year in the U. S. They rolled it out to the two older users in, uh, 2016 in the light months of 2016. And after that, they also ruled out the live feature. So you can do is the grim alive. But I want to focus on the story. So basically, this is a new way to communicate. It is the same feature as on Snapchat. If you're familiar with Snapchat, then you know stories is the same way you have to click. So you go to your feed to your home screen and on the top you will see everybody you are following. They have a little Icahn with their profile picture and if you click it that you will see their story, you can if you swipe down, it comes out and I want to show you how you can make a story. So you click this little plus button on the top left and he ago. You can't do a story now you can do a live video. As I told you, you can do a normal photo or a 15 2nd video that you just hold it down and you can make a 15 2nd video doing whatever filming around. Then you can use filters so you can use feet. Those you can save your story, add it to your story or send it to somebody. You can choose that. You have like the emojis right here, Old emojis. A 1,000,000 emojis right there. So maybe choose the crime. You can play Iran, make it small, big. Then you can swipe to make filters black and white and someone you can also draw. And you can draw a different kind of shiny stuff and you get add text and move it around so you can play around with this so you can sit. You can save it, or you can post it to your story, and it will appear in your story. And this this is the basic so you can do a normal photo as well like this. So this is a photo. Write something on it. You choose the filter and you add it to your story. I don't want to posted, so I will delete this one. This is was just for showing you. So this is basically the feature also, What you can do is in your stories you can take people. So let me try. Take a photo and I will just take my other account my personal one. Here it goes for TB. I can cholera it if I want, or I can make this and I can take them. As you can see, it is underlined. Now if I go to my other account, it will show that digital life start tag me in the story. So this is a pretty cool feature. Obviously, if you're producing content, you can produce 12th 15 2nd videos. But you have to be careful because you have to produce in work tickle, so you have to produce in the size off the phone. So it's 10 80 by 1920. So it's a tall erecting, or you have to make your videos to fit the whole screen off the phone. So basically these are the features. Also, you can play around with the filters. You can put your location field around. It obviously is the same as on Snapchat. After 24 hours, your story disappears. What you can do is here is like you can add the flash or night mood. Really? You can play around. A cool feature is, though if you swipe up anywhere in your screen like this, then it appears on the bottom All the pictures that were taken in the last 24 hours So you can post pictures for example, this one if the picture was taken in the last 24 hours and you can post that picture to your story or video. Obviously this is the basics of the story. You can play around with it and produce some content. Know what type of content you can share? I'm going to tell you in the next video in order to not to make this video too long. So thanks. See you in the next one 50. Stories: What to share in stories: Can you see me? Hey, what to share on instagram stories? That is the big question. Obviously, let me put this away. So obviously, Instagram stories is a fairly new feature, and you have to be creative on instagram stories as well. Now you're sharing content in your feet. You have to share content in your instagram stories. If you want to grow, it's actually there's been a study already. Instagram users who Onley watch stories or only watch feeds, So there are very few people who scroll down on the feed and scroll. I mean, watch stories, but you don't know what your users are into. Maybe it really depends on the industry in your niche. Maybe they like more videos. They like it in the story format. Or maybe they like squirreling down, just like in Facebook. I guess that the older generation like maybe 30 35 plus they don't like the story feature because it's new. You have to like, click on every story to go to the next slide, and they got used to the feet so they scroll all the time, This scroll up and out and now this is in a different way they have to swipe left or right where they have to click on the right side of the screen. So this is a different format and the new new generation. I'm a new generation, the younger generation. They like new stuff. They like to try a new stuff, and they are watching these stories. Either way, you can share the same content, same kind of content as a share on your feed so you can share results behind the scenes your story of the day results. Feedback. You can ask questions. You can take other people in your stories, just like in the photos, and you can share basically 15 2nd videos. Now you can take videos with hyper lapse or boomerang or other applications from Instagram and post them in the stories I showed. You can post pictures from the last 24 hours. Obviously, this content will disappear, so you have to be creative now what you can do as a company, you can offer a promotion code in your stories and whoever sees your story, we'll know about the promotion code. They can use it, but after 24 hours it disappears. And so that's the promotion so you can use that as a tactic or you can see the engagement like you can ask people. I go see my story or go like my picture in the feed or a goal comment on my second in my last photo in the feet so you can do call to actions in your stories. Obviously, Instagram will roll out this wipe up option in some U. S. Accounts. Already. If you do a story, you can link a page on 1/3 party page, and if somebody swipes up in your story, it will take them to Death Page. You can see Gary Winner Trucks account. I think I talked about this in a previous video, So basically, if you swipe up, it will take you to Is YouTube channel or or his website or whatever, and that feature will be rolled out to all instagram users. So I will. I will update on this as soon as something changes, you have to do daily stories. You have to upload the content on your stories as well. If you want to grow, obviously you can share just pictures or you can do short videos. 12th 15 2nd videos, promotions called reactions behind the scenes results. Feedback. Thank you to your followers. All that stuff we talked about in the content section. So thank you for listening and see you in the next one. 51. A final advice: Okay, welcome to this final lesson here from the instrument marketing 101 I want to talk about the little bit about the strategy. Not just the instagram stories strategy, but the overall. Basically, if you have a strategy on your feet, you have your theme. You have your post. What are sharing in your feet? Your instrument of stories need to be a little bit of a shakeup. So you have to makes your content. If you are doing behind the scenes, do the behind the scenes only on instagram stories or you can do behind the scenes in the feet. But don't you can try it out. You try out how people react to behind the scenes on in your feet and how they react to it in the stories test out which works where and then just push old If it works well on instagram stories, people are responding. They're commenting. You ask. Obviously you do call to actions like swipe up and tell me what you think about this video . If you do that, you will get feedback. If it works well on instagram still stories do it there. If it does not work, do it in the feet. And, uh, finally, I want to show you two case studies The story off LFC gadgets account and the digital lifestyle calm how I grew it. How I How was the journey? Basically. So I started it really pumped. Then I stopped doing it. Then I started. The other one was really pumped. I was doing it, pushing out content. It was good. Then I dropped. And then I realized that I really have to work harder and just push content. And I'm doing now both. And I also want to do I'm going to do I'm going to do a case study on my personal Come on, the Fritz CB account. So I would post, actually, I will post the whole video series about that, and I'm going to share it with you. So thank you for listening and see you in the last chapter in the case. Studies 52. Case Study: From 0 to 1000 in 4 weeks: So what's up, guys? This is the last chapter. The last section off this course and I want to bring you two case studies. This is the 1st 1 So how I start digital lifestyle instagram account. I started from zero. I didn't have any followers. I didn't have anybody on Instagram to give a shout off to blow up this account. I basically wanted to start from zero and, uh, it was really difficult because to get the 1st 1000 followers, I think is the most difficult task to do. First of all, I didn't know what to share. I didn't have an idea of what Pete I should build. I didn't have an idea of What's the steam to create on my instagram? I didn't know what to share, what type of content to share and basically how I started off in the this was about a year ago. So here on in 361 it showed that my first media was in 16 2025th of August. So basically, that's a little bit of ah, lie there. So that's not true, because I started somewhere in May or June, maybe even in April of 2016. But I deal. It deleted a lot of content, a lot of posts, mainly because there were not my post. So I started out by sharing coats about entrepreneurship and the motivational stuff. All this court's about life and the success and so on. But now the problem was that I was a lazy and I didn't produce any content. So I went to fiber and I bought a peck off Instagram posts from the fibre marketplace. So yeah, there are people out there who go on instagram they down with a bunch of instagram coats in uncertain ish entrepreneurship, fitness, dog, cats, whatever. They download a lot of pictures, they put it in a pack and they go on fiber and sell it. So I bought one of those packages and I started to share. So this is still from So that shows this was my first post, but that this wasn't my first post, but this was from a an account entrepreneur USA. As I guess I didn't have any logo on it. I didn't have the digital lifestyle logo on it, so I didn't really started to build my brand. I was basically building other spread. I was losing up. So I wanted to say that not knowing what is your strategy? What is your tactic? What conference strategy you have. What's team you're going to do three hard to start out. So once I figured out I started doing this. Look, I posted nine. Media started out. I did it for about maybe two months. I got, like, maybe 1000 2000 followers, as I remember then I stopped because I didn't produce any. And I was lazy end. I'm just stop. I didn't see the I didn't see how I can monetize this or how I can make something up that instagram account. So I stopped. And as you can see here on this graph here, I posted only nine times in August. Then I posted a lot. In October, November and December. I posted some, but I didn't post daily. That was my problem. And the really I really started posting since January 2007. Things I assure you. Another breath here you can see here the yearly distribution Could this Okay, So here is the euro distribution for June July Delish when the stairs. Because I deleted lot off pictures, obviously. And from August he against the high post nine times 23 times 48 times 28 19 times. Then I really started posting since January. So 57 posted in January, which means almost two posts per day. If ever I posted 80 times, that's a lot. So more than two times per day here in March, opposed to the almost twice a day. And we are in April, I posted 22 times, so basically I tried to post two times a day that I found out, that's all. I can grow this account two times per day, and now I have a theme. Let me show you if you didn't see it yet. So I have a team I post a tip about usually social media or entrepreneurship or online marketing in general. Digital marketing, maybe T shirts because I saw T shirts before. I know some good stuff about that. So I'm posting tips and I'm hosting coats. Obviously the coats or not my, but I do the creative I do the posts on. I'm sure I did this in photo shop, and I have my own branding on a digital lifestyle I don't post anymore. They're part two here because I want to grow this brand and this a continent, others account. And now I have a steam. Now I have I know what I'm going to share and I know what I'm doing. Basically, now, this is really important that if you know what you're going to do, what is your goal is going to be easy, easier to get to 1000. And once you get to 1000 it's easier to get to 5000 and 2 10,000 But the key is the 1st 1000 So you have to know your content. You have to know your goals. You have to know what you're going to share. What type of feed you're going to to Bill. If you know all that stuff from the course from the 1st 2 sections, the content, the goals is going to take you maybe three weeks, maybe four weeks, depending. In what industry? What nish are you in to build up your 1st 1000 followers? Then from there on, actually, maybe 10% of that people will actually be engaging with you, and you will see who is liking your pictures, your post a lot. Then you can reach out about the M ing and you can connect and you can build even more from there. But the 1st 1000 crucial. And you really need those 3 to 4 weeks sharing good content, awesome content and be patient with growing. You can use all the tech picks, the grow text I showed you before the following followed the hashtags, the consistency, It's all part of it. And I'm pretty sure you can get that in a month. 1000 followers I want to show you also this social blade so high I'm how this account is growing at the moment. So here is the summary off this account. So basically I get 10 followers per day which is 300 followers per month, which is not a lot. But this is due to I started this account. I did it for two months and I stopped. I started again for maybe two months. Then I stopped for I don't know my stuff for a long time and I really started doing it from January. So January, February, March and we are in April. This is four months and I had, like I think I had in January. I had like to toss and 500 all the worse. 200 to $2500 maybe 3000. So in four months I gained 2000 followers. And obviously it is like I started from scratch because there was no engagement. I didn't share daily, so people were not responding, and it's really hard to start over. But it's easier, and it was crucial to have those 2000 followers in January to start again. But as you can see, I don't have that much of an engagement. So I got, like, 100 lives per post. That's the average I should have Mawr engagement, maybe 203 100 locks and more comments, because if those 5000 followers would be active, maybe half of them are active. And, uh, yeah, that's about it. So this is the case that this is where I am today. Maybe I will do updates so I will of the discourse, and I will update this case study as I grow, maybe at the and the summer. In the end of the year, I will update this course now I want to show you my other accomplishes a feature council. Basically, there's I repost on Leon that the LFC gauges Akane. It's about football. It's an easier knish because there are a lot of football fanatics out there. It's easier to grow death. Akon and I show you how I grew that $1000 to 10,000. So thank you for listening and see you in the next video. 53. Case Study: From 1000 to 10,000 in 4 months: Hello and welcome to this case Study about LFC gadgets instagram account I want to share with you how I grew this account. Actually, me and my partner grew it from 1000 followers to this until this point, which is like 15,000 father words. No, As I told you before, this is a niche that has a lot of engagement. Liverpool Football Club has a lot of fans younger ones age between 11 and 2025 and they are really using Instagram. That's why this account grows faster. But it's a really active community here, and I try to involve the followers mawr into this account. That's why I started with this half steak thing. So if you used the let me highlight it. So if used the hashtag lfc gadgets, you have a chance to get big to get features here either where we are re posting most of this pictures. And if you want to shout out if you want us to give you ah feature if you produce good content, we were full content and, uh, share it on your content used this half day we followed this half state and the good pictures the good images, the good content will be shared on this account To that, this is really recent that we started it like maybe a week or two weeks ago. And we got the pretty goods. Pretty good pictures. Pretty good edits that we are sharing here from our fans, obviously from all followers, which is great. Now I want to show you I want to go to increase 61 and show you how I started. So basically, I started their camp at the same time as digital life. Start maybe a few weeks weeks later. Actually, I got the liberal FC gadgets Facebook Page, which had like 8000 followers. But it was inactive. I used that only for advertising purposes. So if I want to advertise something, I used that account to advertise it. I wanted to build an INSTAGRAM account and I started maybe the same time last year. So as you can see, the first post is on 20 of April 2 talents sixteens almost a year ago. And I think that's where I started, but I deleted a lot of media, so the story is kind of the same. I really started really pumped up in moderated, really pumped to start it. So I started in April, May, June, July. And I think in July I hit 1000 followers on this account so pretty fast and I wasn't posting a lot. I was posting like maybe one picture in three days. Two days. I wasn't posting a lot. I deleted a lot. As you can see, the blue lines or or posts in the 2016 and I stopped is the same time I stopped with digital lifestyle. Also, I was like, really fed up with Instagram. I don't know why I just didn't believe in this platform and I had other things to do, So I stopped either way. August I started to share again and then from September my partner got them old, a friend of mine who is also a Liverpool fan acid like Let's build this thing. Let's do it. Let's build it. I had, like, 1000 followers. Then we come up with the strategy, what to share, how to share it when, how many times and basically from September, which started to share a lot and it started to grow really fast. And in September, October November December. In four months we got from 1000 followers to 10,000 followers in November. I don't know, maybe we had, like, 7 8000 followers or something like that and I said like at the end of the year on December 31st I want to have 10,000 followers. I want to hit that goal and we were not close. We were really far actually from hitting that number, but actually we somehow managed to do it. We shared a lot of stuff. We got engaged with the community and they were really responsible and regroup. And by December 2016 at the end, we hit that number 10,000. And obviously since then until now, until April 2 done 17 we gained 5000 more followers almost 6000. And we are going pretty okay, once you got that 1000 followers and you see that you are not growing because you you do not grow that expect exponentially. Actually, you grow exponentially. But you see, things kind of slow down because you will get the same number of engagement, same number of likes and you use you lose your motivation and they're also ups and downs. Maybe people are not that active, but what They don't care about you. And they found new accounts or your account. Don't grow that much, but, uh, yeah, all these things I've been talking about in the course following follow consistency, share for sure. We did a lot of share for shares on this account. A shout out I was about shout out just to see how it grows. We did repose thing. Obviously we used hashtags and that's how it grew. That's how it group a lot of work, a lot of work put into this. And obviously we got the desire numbers and how we're going to go faster. Now we get a lot of requests in the M black. Can you give us a shout out? If you use the hashtag and your creative is good, your image is good, we will share it. That's how it iss. So it it becomes really hard because your creativity, obviously you cannot come up with all the time with new thinks. But on this account, that's how we managed. We just repost. So we don't have to think of a lot about the creative stuff on the other account on the digital lifestyle. There's a lot of work pitting to the creative into the actual post, and that's why it's gross slower because it's different niche. So I want to show you the stats here on Social Blade. Basically, we get about 35 followers per day, which means 1000 followers per month. So obviously this year we would hit 20,000 followers even though we get lazy. Maybe in the summer we get lazy and we don't post that much at the end of 2017 we should have. Obviously, we should have 20,000 followers on this economy. We have almost 16. Summer is coming. Football is not around, so the car will not play until now. Every weekend there was a lot of engagement before the games. Obviously, now there's coming up the vacation now. This doesn't mean that people will not be on Instagram because even if they go on vacations and sabbaticals, they are still on their phone. But there are no matches. There are no games, so we expect to to this growth to slow down a little bit. We will see our we'll update. Actually, I would do that. I will update you on this case study and the other one to And I will have the discourse just just to keep you up to date. So yeah, that's about it. You So thank you for listening. Thank you for taking this course. Contact me. You can contact me via email. Be a social. I'm here to help you grow here to help you be better on Instagram. So thank you and see you. 54. BONUS: February 2018 - Quick app tutorial for Instagram videos: Hey, guys, Welcome to this update video. I'm going to show you how to do videos for your instagram Really fast and cheap. I mean free. So all you need is on instagram account for the purpose off this video, I'm going to use my INSTAGRAM account, which is dedicated to Liverpool FC. You can see them screen to and what you need, you're going to need pictures or you're going to need videos now, pictures you can find online, it's easy. Or you have probably images for your niche for your product, for for which ever industry you are in. But if you need videos, I recommend Giffey or Jiffy. I don't know hearts pronouncement. Here you go. You can say this jiffy giffey dot com Here you can find gifts or chips. I don't know what's safe and you just download them. You moved into your phone and use an application called Quick and you're you're about done because the app is going to do the video for you. So let me show you I'm going to go over to my phone and show you how it's done. You going to open the F? Okay, guys. So this is the EP hope you can see. As you can see, I have other projects here, but after download the app, it is by go pro. So you know the action camera manufacturer GoPro. This application is by go pro. It's called Quick. They have other applications to go to the Android store or the iPhone store. They will find the application. It's called quick. It's easy. You download it, you open it up. It looks like this. If you want to try, add a new project and just hit the plus button, this will take it to your photos, and I'm going to go with videos. And I already downloaded a few videos like 626 seconds, eight seconds, videos from giffey dot com And I'm just going to psych told of the deals. If you can see I'm going to add it and the rest is done by, As you can see, it's already done. So now you're you can see the main video on the top. Under the video, you have different styles, so I'm going to You can see they're just different styles. You have the box and you can shoot whichever you want. You can choose whichever you want, so let's go with the action on the bottom, you will have the style. So on the bottom you have a little menu. You have the style you show, choose the style. Then you can choose the music. So you have here free library music can use. You can okay for travel and here to move to the right of the Amro's. You have different music. That's about it. If you want to put your own music, you can do it. You just hit the right button on the go to until it goes to music library. You open up the music library and it goes to the screen. If you want, you can download the music library from quick. It's about 300 megabytes sick and downloaded that. Then you can edit you're, ah, videos offline or just hit on the bottom right corner. You have my music. Then it will open your music from your phone and you can choose or on the stock Agencia plus you can add, or you can use it from who will drive or from Dropbox, whatever. So this is how you had the music? Okay, that's about it. So the turned on the menu is the frames. So the first frame IHS some sort of a text so you can edit it if you just click on it. It says a Saturday afternoon. Today is not Saturday. I don't know why it's saying Stay Saturday. Either way, you can just put here like goals, not goals, skills by Liverpool players and it to him. Then you can go to the second slide, which is this one, by the way. You can highlight it Highlighted. You can add text on it or you can add some. What kind of stupid stuff you can it text. So for me No, this is the player. You can add the worth or it's called for me. No. Okay. You can delete it. You can highlight some aspirin off the video. If it's too long, you can highlight that. Then you hit. Okay. Then you can trim the video. You can rotate the video. You can take out the sound of the video. You can speed it up if you wanted to show it fast, slow regular. Actually, I want to show this and really slowly slow. Then you can fit it If you want that the video is enough. The instagram format. You can't fit it in like this or it takes off the middle. Okay, you can duplicate one slide one bit and you can do this for the old video. So that's about it. You can play around here you can duplicate. You can add more clips if you want. You just hit this button and it would take it to the photos. You can't. If you want more, you just hit the kill. Then the last one is setting secrecy. Dulue, you can choose the format if it's square portrait or cinematic. So you have this cinema square and the portrait for Instagram. Obviously you go for the square, Just hit. Okay, let's get OK and you can choose the duration. And this is really cool because it shows what is the maximum length the EP can do with your videos or photos. And the maximum here is two seconds. Because of these videos are bullish worked and you can choose like this is great for instagram. Total duration, great music ending if you put 29 seconds So as you know you can't put videos on Instagram up on tier one minute, so keep it under a minute. If you have and I know a lot of pictures or longer videos, then make sure it's under one minute and you just said OK, and you can choose when the music starts from the beginning in the middle of what they're. So that's about it, and the last option is to say so. Let's go well worth again. 1st 1 to choose the style you want the video in, and second, you can choose the music or you and your own music. Then you can play around in the with the slides. With the clips you can rotate Treem and so on. And last one duration music start and format here. Also, you press long. I mean, this is on the iPhone. So should go back to the 1st 1 to choose the style. You can add filter to the video, so I chose the action style. I'm going to press it for a long time and let it go, and you can choose the format format of text or you can put some filters on it. Oh, you can chew the graphic, some graphics. Honestly, I don't think this is the last one with restaurants either, where you can choose some fielders here to make it look vintage black worldwide's. That's about it. I'm going to choose this feat that you hit. Okay, Let's see what I produced here in life on, um, in a few minutes. So Okay, lets see. You can see I can choose here to edit it so I can add a text here. I wanted to slow and I want some text because this is ah on this is another player. So I went just solar here. So if you me know, Saleh, this is for me no, again on you can see stadium whatever. You just hit, OK, And it's in the app actually does this really fast. You need a good phone to do this, but the EP edited really fast, So let's see and that's about it. I said, I'm going to take off the filter because it's too dark. Once you're done, just hit safe. You have different options. You can publish it the right onto instagram. What's a phrasebook messenger and slapped with whatever you can do? Also story so you can if you do it in portrait mode. You can add Snapchat videos, instagram videos to the stories. And so and the last option is photo library and you just click saved two photo library. It will download the the video. Then it will be in your camera roll just had done. You can see it now. I have two projects here, and that's about it. I'm going to go over to videos. And here you go. Here is the video. 29 seconds. That's about it. So I hope this helps you create awesome videos. Don't forget, uh, jiffy dot com Quick app. And that's about it. You needed these two tools basically or pictures, and that's about it. You can make awesome videos really fast. Thank you. 55. BONUS: February 2018 Instagram algorithm update: Hello, everyone. Welcome to this video. I want to talk about Instagram algorithm. So this is a two dozen 18 January update. They just released some new stuff and they changed the algorithm again. What this means? It means we have to change our strategy. We have to change our tactics and we have to change just a little bit about everything on how we do. Instagram, First of all, history says that only 10% of your followers will see your posts. So whenever you share something a nice picture video on Lee 10% of your father was received . So if you have 1000 followers, 100 people will see that post and those 100 people would be the most active followers you have anyways, 10% through only 10%. Visibility is the same thing they did with Facebook as Facebook owned Instagram. And this is what they did. They showed your post to a lot of your followers. A lot of people who like then they decreased it continuously. Not they're doing the same thing with this diagram. Why? To buy ads. They make it to buy ads to be visible on instagram the same thing they did with Facebook. Okay, moving on number two. They talk about early engagement, so early engagement. They don't specify what early engagement means. Probably early engagement means that if you share something, 10% of the people the followers will see if they engage with your content being like comment or they click on it, they save it because you get our car, you can save on instagram note. And if the interaction is good, they were sure to a lot of 10% of your followers. So if you let pretend you have 1000 followers, 100 people sees it, 50 of them like comment what they were the interim. They save it deeply common. Then history will show that piece of content to another 100 people if they interact again officially, to more and more. And this is how the Instagram algorithm were so early engagement. Make sure that your followers a genuine so nobody engagement is counted. Comments are not counted heart or just thumbs up. Those comments are not counted, so this brings me to update number three. Instagram changed the engagement or gorilla, so if you post a response, comment to a picture on another con. So your friends shares something You want to comment and you Onley add like a little heart or off comes up or I love this. Those are not counted as and those are not counted. So if you you're responding, if you're engaging, you need at least four words to be counted as engagement. So I love this is not enough. I love this picture is enough the same way If you share something that somebody comments just a little hard terms up or good pick or good image or whatever, it is not counted this engagement. Why? Because there are a lot of Instagram butts out there. You know what is an instagram? What? Basically, although mates all the commenting and everything on instagram, they're not counted. That's why they want to measure real engagement. Oh, and also emojis don't count this work. So if you put four emojis five emojis six emojis, it doesn't count as engagement you need to write down words And if you received thumbs up I love this photo stuff like that. It's nothing competent as engagement and your visibility decreases. That's it. OK, moving on the last thing I want to talk about is the one minute rule. So what is the one minute rule? Instagram just announced it. So if you share a picture and somebody comments on your picture, whatever the comment, that doesn't mean if they common something on your picture and you don't respond in one hour in 60 minutes, then your visibility decreases. You respond in two days, three days, more than an hour. Your visibility is going to decrease. Mr. Graham will consider your content. Not that engaging. You will not respond, so they really try to be the community around here. This is this is how it is. So these are the updates. I hope you will learn. Make sure you check out the new update on hash days because instrument changed that, too, but is so complex that I made a whole new video about only hash tax. So thank you for listening. I hope this helps. And this does not mean that is the premise over actually is becoming more and more than your Facebook for brands, for personal branding, for for engaging for social media is the new cool thing. Why they're doing this so simple Answer is they want to DEET and smoke out all the fake accounts, all the instagram pots and really create profiles and help people who engage with certain brands, certain people and make it more of a feeling of a community. This is not a bad thing. The bad thing is, it's not. That is going to be harder to grow your engagement. That's it. But if you have good content Oh, no. One more tank and the 50 don't end. So if you post on instagram and you made a mistake, a spelling mistake or you didn't write something you didn't put in the hashtag or whatever , do not edit that picture because, yes, the women considered this spamming condoms. Spending it will not immediately decrease your engagement or your visibility on the platform, but edits are not welcome. So what? What you have to do is if you if you see a mistake, a spelling mistake or you in your picture or in your captions, just just delete it and re upload it. So that's about it. Thanks 56. BONUS: March 2018 Instagram Hashtag Algorithm Update March 2018: Hello guys. Welcome to this video. I'm going to talk about hashtag X. You can see it in my other video yesterday Changed it all rhythm and I mentioned five things you have to pay attention to in the other video now they also made some changes to the hashtag. First of all, you can follow hash sticks if you didn't realize it. Now if you put in a hashtag in the search, you can follow that hashtag So if you put in I don't know KFC or McDonalds or whatever Hashtag if you put in a hashtag, you can follow the hashtag and you will see the top nine post and then you will see the recent post that used that hashtag. Now I told you before this how to use Hashtags in this course. So what was the trick with Hashtags? So you uploaded your picture. You ruled a nice capture And in the first comment you put 30 hash tasks which are related to your niche to your product, to your business, to whatever you're trying to do on Instagram Now Instagram changed this because they see that this way you can get more visibility and they just updated there are over them. And now whatever you put in the comments or anybody puts in the comments a hashtag it is not considered. And you can see this really clearly with I tested this and this is so true is you've put Hashtags in the comments. It is not working anymore. So you have to put your hash tax in the captions in the post right below the picture. Now, it really looks bad if you put 30 hashtags and this is the grand found out that they still allowed 30 hash sticks. But the recommended with the new algorithm that you recommend the number is five yet five, only five. So if you put on a motivational coat or something, you say something motivational in a video, you have to choose five hash sex. And if you choose big hashtags like motivation or motivational, those hashtags are used by millions and millions of people, and your post will get lost. You will not get any visibility or exposure to that post. So make sure you find hash tax for example, for motivation. Maybe find motivational codes. Motivational Monday motivational, Whatever. You can do this by just put Go to search, Click the tags and Putin Motivation and you will see hash takes. So I recommend you find Hashtags death or between 20,000 and 100,000. So people used that hashtag but not in the millions. You will get more visibility on. The smaller country will get into the top section for that hashtag and you will get more visibility will get more lives, more engagement. And that way you will increase your followings and you would increase engagement on your page. Okay? I told you the other radio also no edits. So you upload a picture, you see a mistake in your picture or in the caption, or you forgot to put in the hashtags in the captions and delete that post and re uploaded the right way because Instagram doesn't like at it. So don't know going back to the hash sticks. I recommend you use 5 to 10 hash sticks. You can test this so you put in five hedge days in next supposed to putting 10 hash sticks and captured that you will see which one performs better. Maybe you can use 10 hash sticks Either way, stick to five that number is kind of OK, the algorithm off history doesn't spend you right the way. Views five hash day. So even if you use 10 I tested it. It's OK. What time problem, David Decrease Because they consider that you just used too many hash tax. Okay, Another thing about hashtag X. If you heard the word about shadow Ben, I talk about this in my courses and I've been asked about this shadow banning means that you're if you put in too much hash tax your post, discuss your considered spamming because we're trying to get his ability. And Instagram does not show that post end in the Explorer page or in the hashtag sections. So here's what you have to do. There is a side called Shadow Band. I don't know what it's along. I link it up below this video. You can see it somewhere. Oh, down somewhere here for his shadow, ben dot i don't know. You go there, you put in your your user name and you will see the last post if it's banned or not. If it shows up for those hashtags you use or not or you can go and put in the l off that post. If you want to see for one post, just copy the u. R. L put it here on this website and it will show if its shadow bed or not Basically, shadow banking means that Instagram will not show that post in those hashtags used in those Catholic girls. It will lose which visibility will lose exposure. That's about it. I hope you don't overuse hashtags. They are still important. You can still ask your followers to follow your hashtag that you are using For example, for my cunt for the for the next gauges account, I have the hashtag lfc gauges and I asked my followers in stories to follow this hashtag most of the people do. I don't know. It's a good way to remind them to follow you because even if they don't follow where account or they follow your come and they follow also, the hashtag you use in every post, they will see your content. Do you get it even if they don't follow him? But they follow the hashtag that used in the report They were CIA post most probably because in the feet 90 where you're getting post from people you follow and the hashtag says you follow. So that's the biggest update there. Okay. And one last thing about hashtag X. So there are a lot of APS and I talk about these abs. Probably before you can choose a knish and find 30 hashtags for that. And use that those 30 hashtags in every picture for every post you make. Now you can use five. Now you can still have the list, but what you have to do is mix it up. So if you posted a motivational coat, use five hashtags related. If you post the next time another motivational coat don't use the exact same five hash sticks. Find new ones imposed with that. So put in the caption, but make it different because if you repeat this process off putting the same hashtag x all the time, the same five or 10 hashtags and every post is the Graham will find it out. And they were shadow Man, you shadow Manny. You know what? You were not show up in any of the search or in the suggested page in the Discover page. That's about it. Keep hustling. Keep growing. Your instagram keep growing your influence. Thanks. See you 57. BONUS: March 2020 - How to make Instagram and Facebook videos: how to create awesome social media videos if you are not the filmmaker or a video coming up right now. So if you're into marketing, if you have a social media agency and you don't know that video marketing is on the rise, you need videos for YouTube for so social media, for instagram or Snapchat for tic tac for Facebook story and so on, and you don't know how to make it. I thought I strongly suggest to follow this video. I'm gonna show you what kind of software you. So I'm just going to show you on my left up the video and I'm going to walk you through all of the stages of this application. I hope you will like it. Let me know in the comments, and if you like the video subscribe, hit the valve and let's get into it today. So if you want to create a Social media videos for your company or for your clients and you're not the video maker you're not. The film editor cannot shoot videos. I strongly suggest you used on online video editor and the one that we use, and my team uses his in video so all you have to do is go to in video that I owe. The link is down below, and here's the landing page. The offer. So let me introduce this blast from really quick. It's a basically, it's a dragon drop experience. You can just add images like the color scheme at text, and the rest is done by in video. It's a club based application software, so you can access it online anywhere from a laptop. That here's what I really like about in video is that they have over three million stock footage is, and if you pay for the premium, you have premium library of over one million videos. So these are videos that are royalty free, just like stock photos. These are stock videos. You don't have to worry about copyright and trademark stuff like that. And another cool feature really like is the ready made templates. So let me just log in and show you how it looks like from the inside and show you a couple of examples. You sign up and log in. This is the main page off in video, so here's the main page that will greet you here on the plateau stance on you will have the categories, and here on the main page you will have three options. You have the pre made templates article to review and blank templates. So if you're more of a professional, you can start off with a blank template. I don't recommend that article toe video. I want to show you this one because this is really cool. If you have some articles and you want to create like a text based video and also the most often used by me and my team is the pre made templates because, as you can see, this is the most interesting one and the most easy one. So you just have to start if you want to do a Facebook story. Instagram story. Instagram posts YouTube landscape or use news feed for Facebook. Just select the format and you can school down here. You can see what is hot. Unfortunately, what this health right now is the Koran, a virus? No. OK, moving on. You have the editor speak brand essentials. March calendar video ads. They have really good video ads, templates. This is what we use for our clients to create the awesome looking videos. So let's just start with the before we start. I want to show you right here on the top, right corner here we have the settings and I just want to go into the brand presets just really quickly and show you what you can do here. So during the French assets, what you can do here is pretty simple. You can't right here your brand name. I just walked my name here. You can choose the, uh, type face and you cannot hold your lover's. I'm going to open really quick my local, just to show you what in video does to choose this one. Here it upwards here, down you can create. You can put your facebook page twitter, handle instagram, handle YouTube channel links here or basically text and you can choose to default. Lee create an end clip. So doesn't matters. Yes, it does not matter if you create pre mates template videos or you create Article two videos or blank canvas. We do. It will put an end upon each reduce. I'm going to hit, save and want to show you what it does. So let's just go start over here and let's say I want to create not the pre made templates , but I want to create an article to video time. So let's go with the less say yes, the story. As you can see, the templates down here change to the instagram story format, which is Portico. I'm going to go with this one right here. See the previewed, the template. Just select you this template and the editor will start up. Okay, so we want to keep a headline. So let's call the headline is, uh Eatzi's first our you can add the story. And if you have the story here, I mean the first paragraph. Then you can add a second line and third line to so these will be creating scenes. You will see. You will see I was going to hit. Thanks. Enter the video main editor. It will look something like this. So on the ra left hand side. So on the left hand side, you will have all the stuff all the media you can. So we prompted. We wrote the first line, the second line, the headline and so on. You have the script for this article, and this is how it looks like you can see here is like a timeline right here with old the scene. Well, this seems I told you that the 1st 1 is a headline in the 2nd 1 is a story lie the 3rd 1 and the last one is I told you, if you upload your logo and your handles, it will create on out trope video sequence the scene which is called also on end clip So you can edit each any of this. So let's just go to the 1st 1 and maybe you want to change the picture or upload a video or cheese a video. So I'm going to search here for dark really quickly on the videos. It was sure all the videos with dogs and can preview it by clicking it. It will show up right here. And if you want to add it to your video, just drag and drop it right here. Here with it will ask you if you want all the length of the video, which is I cannot see it from my big face, which is 24 seconds. But obviously you can call the video to be Onley five seconds, for example, just try boom. That's it? Yes. I just wanted to be a five second long. I'm just gonna hit done with my face back here. Okay, So you do it the 1st 1 and it will appear. And as you can see, I chose a were not the vertical with your butt landscape one. And here's how you can edit it. Just sell like the first scene we just hit edits It will open up a new window which will show the advanced editor in a similar fashion. On the left hand side, you have all the media you connect and you can see it appeared more stuff here on the left hand side, like stickers affect shapes enhancers. You can also upload your own video And here on the right hand side, you just going to select each element. For example, the title, the headline and you can edit it here on the right hand side. If you want to delete and you just hit save on the video, it will deleted. And it will make the size even smaller, as you can see. And, uh, let me show you. I'm going to select the video. I'm going to edit the video right here. I just want to crop the frame because I told you this is a story video and I chose a landscape videos. I'm going to crop it. So I wanted to hit Croft and in video with show which way I can crop this video so I can select. As you can see. Maybe I wanted the eyes and the noise off the dog to be in here. And once you you're satisfied, use had done and automatically it will crop the video in such fashion after you're done editing your scenes or the background, the texts, the different layers, the playback speed. You have also re sizing options. Video animation options. What's your old done right here on the bottom? Right corner, where my faces it's just going to hit safe and boom and you're prompted back, brought back to the storyboard and, for example, you want to edit the second scene just in the singular fashion. Just drag and drop the video or images here and you hit, edit, and you can add it. So I want to show you, for example, if I want to and it I want to add like a social post here, for example, a tweet. Just select here from the drop down menu social. You can add that you are here. So I'm going to go to my Twitter. I want to copy a tweet I made about a video. I'm going to fetch it. Right. Your coffee Paste it. I won't to fetch the data. And as you can, you will see that it will fetch all the data from Twitter. It will fetch. As you can see, Let me hit the Eddie toe are too. So against even bigger. It will appear my profile. Picture my hand or my name. The Twitter level Twitter color brand colors and also the tweet. And if you want to edit issue, just sell like the elements you want to edit. And on the right hand side, basically, just that is what you want. And as you can see ideal it it a couple of sentences here and in video Made the text to fit right there. Made the text even bigger. So it looks great. So you don't have to have video editing skills. So once you're done, you just hit save right on the bottom. Right corner. I'm not going to save this? No. And also you have the addressed at interview which looks like this. As you can see on the left hand side, you it will appear a little bit of more options or the advanced options. Stickers affect shapes and so on. And the right hand side stays the same with editing the elements off the video. And the timeline comes down here in the bottom and you can select which see, you want to edit. You can delete and more scenes. Just select another scene and edited once you are done, just hit preview and export. As you can see every item of 5% 10 seconds if you edit something if you moved to move something, if in venue will save it automatically, so we will not lose any data. So this is the article to video. Once you're doing just review and export it, it's really easy. Let me go back to the main site right here and show you the second option that we always and most of the time uses the pre made templates. So all you have to do is choose what you want to create for lead for this example. Let's just go with a YouTube landscape Medio just selected here. Then you can see all the categories right here. What is hot? What is just added? Basically they have over 1500 templates and they are adding more and more each week. They are working their ass off, as you can see, and they are ending a bunch, a bunch of new templates. And I'm pretty sure it does not matter in what type of industry or niche you are, you will find a template that is good for you. So they just go with. I just go with the restaurants because I have a restaurant client, and, uh, and the end. I also want to show you a video about it. I cannot find here. So I'm going to pull here in type restaurant and let's see what templates came up. So if you want to square one, why Juan? And that's the art with this. This looks okay. I think we used this one already. Boom. And I want to use it as okay. This one is only only available in square. So for the sake of with, we create a lot of square videos for instagram Facebook because that's what we used to. I'm going to choose this template right here and show you how the editor looks like. Yes, they have the intelligence video assistant, which basically helps you at it. All the videos. Okay, this loaded pretty fast. I was expecting to be a little bit more so I chose the template. And as you can see, if you choose the pre made templates option, then you will be prompted. You will be headed straight into the advanced editor. Here on the left hand side, you have all the stuff you can end. And here on the right hand side, you can choose the each element, the logo, the background, the text and you can edited right here on the right camp side. And you can also see the second scene, Which is this one. That special menu you can see here, the third C and the last one, which is the basically your logo. Your, um your local in your contact information. And actually, it just added everything you want and you can create the video and that's it. So basically, you can preview it always. Obviously you can change the music if you don't like it, so I so forth. So if you do a preview here, I just want to tell you that sometimes the preview will not blow as good as and if not, play as good as the final export. But that's no problem, because and obviously and when you try to used in video on safari for other browser, it might not work. And there might be a glitch in so in video suggests that use Google chrome, which is what I use for this purpose. And I want to so show you a small, short video that we created for our client here. So this is the video. Obviously this is square radio and let me play it for you. I don't know if you can hear the sound is also sound for this video. Do we can menus? So basically what we did here is so basically what we did there with the video is that we added the images taken by a professional photographer. We added the text and we had their logo at the end and presented the weekly offer. So that was the video created, and after death, we advertised that on Instagram and Facebook and it's really works. Well, it really works well. So that's about it. If you have questions, please ask them in the comments. You will see this video in my courses on my YouTube channel. So if you have any questions, let me know below. Guys, let me know in the comments If you like this video, if you like this in video application, the link is non video. You can try it out. You can create a free account down with as many as as many. We deal once you can try everything I showed you. And if you like it, use it. This is what we use. We are more than satisfied with it. So thank you. See, even the next one.