Instagram Like A Boss: Utilize Instagram Stories to tell YOUR Story | Carli Vergamini | Skillshare

Instagram Like A Boss: Utilize Instagram Stories to tell YOUR Story

Carli Vergamini, up-cycler extraordinaire

Instagram Like A Boss: Utilize Instagram Stories to tell YOUR Story

Carli Vergamini, up-cycler extraordinaire

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6 Lessons (23m)
    • 1. Utilize Insta Stories to Tell YOUR Story

    • 2. The Basics

    • 3. Sligtly More Complicated Stuff

    • 4. Hidden Hacks

    • 5. Instagram Like a Boss

    • 6. Your Questions

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About This Class

Instagram stories are taking social media by storm!  Are you along for the ride?

Tune into this class for all the basics & need to know tips on how to make your stories stand out!  I'm sharing my favorite hacks, tips, tricks & best practices for engaging & entertaining behind the scenes peeks.

I created this series of lessons with my older sister in mind.  I made her download Instagram earlier this year & have slowly been convincing her to strengthen her knowledge (& post every once & awhile) of the app.  It's a great place to begin if you're just getting started + some generally awesome hacks if you know your way around the 'Gram.

Also great for relatives or parents with constant technological questions.  Just plunk them in front of a screen & let me do the talking ;)

Ready to dive deeper?  This class is a great step 2!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Carli Vergamini

up-cycler extraordinaire


Hello, I'm Carli.  Lover of sprinkles, known to cry when laughing & often found writing run on sentences on Instagram.

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1. Utilize Insta Stories to Tell YOUR Story: my friends. My name is Carly, I own and accessories business, specializing in up cycling ugly stuff into modern jewelry and handbags, as well as a vintage resale shop where a television mostly fake stories behind the previous owners. Lately I've been receiving words of endearment towards my use of social media, and Piers have been asking you about specific instagram how twos and hacks. So I figured I'd just put all of my cigarettes into one skill share class. Here you'll learn the basics of navigating through instagram stories as well as some of my best practices and examples of my most engaging slides. I'll be walking you through my process for sharing as well as my favorite tools and how to use to create a fun and entertaining content. All you need is your phone instagram app and a little creativity. Let's get started 2. The Basics: first things first, let's start with the basics. Mega basic. Here's how to read an instagram story. Head to the main instagram page, the button shaped like a house in the lower left hand corner. Thin. Tap the camera in the upper left hand corner. Here you'll begin with a blank canvas. A K whatever your camera is pointing at, doubled, have on the screen to flip the camera around or used the camera icon on the bottom right hand corner to do the same thing. In order to start adding elements to your story, we have to start with an image. I've tapped the white circle button at the bottom center of my screen to capture a plain black background, a k a. The top of this table. From here, you can tap the icons on the top 10 different elements and effects. Tapping the text icon in the upper right makes her keyboard appears. You gonna add text there? Several different fonts to choose from, all of which can be customized to be different colors. Some can be highlighted and others allow for different orientation and spacing. Tap done. One finished to continue with other elements. Face icon allows you to add all sorts of different filters. Tap each one to get a preview of its effects. Thes can also be applied beforehand. The chain link lets you connect your story to a your L if you have 10,000 or more followers or an I G TV video. Tapping the peeling ish face gives you the option to add stickers to your story slides. Here you'll find Instagram exclusive Imo Jeez and more stuff. It'll get into later the's air all movable and adjustable, and some of these icons unlock more color options by tapping on them. Simply drag to the bottom of your screen to delete the squiggly icon is a marker and eraser . Use the color wheel at the bottom of your screen and play around with size and different effects. Just hit the undo button to rue the last drawing in tap, done when finished again. The Double A icon allows you to add text. You can also add text by tapping anywhere on the screen. This is movable, and adjustable is well moving around your screen, and you'll see guidelines appear so that you can center the taxed. And so it appears in a visible space. Once your stories published again, simply drag towards the bottom of the screen to delete a garbage can icon will appear once you start moving in that direction. Instagram settings are ever evolving, and there's more than one way to start a story. If we start from scratch, you'll notice text beneath the white Circle shutter button. Here you'll find options to create a story using a template to go live on instagram, create a bull ring, super zoom or film handsfree. Try experimenting with these presets and filters and see what all there is offer. You can also build off of a photo or video that's already in your camera roll. In order to access this, tap the picture icon in the lower left corner. Once you enable access, you'll see your most recent photos and videos. Simply tap the one you like to use. You'll probably see a date appear on the screen. You condone. Drink to this to the bottom. If you wish to delete it, you can address the photo by zooming inner out with two fingers. From here, we can attacks to draw and continually adjust assholes just the way we want it. We can tap the sticker icon and K appealing face to create a pole or ask a question, and viewers can give their input. We can also tag the location of the photo this way. Anyone who is searching for location based stories will see this image pop up when they search for Duluth, Minnesota. You can tap the sticker to change the colors and adjust the size by zooming in or out with two fingers. We can also add things like the temperature dates, time and moving Jeffs. I just so happen to have one of my dog, Ripley, which you can learn how to do in my other skills are glass. Make your own branded gifts for staff trapped in instagram stories again, adjust if it accordingly and keep going. We can also add a hash tag sticker so that this story slide will show up when anyone searches for a specific hash tag. I have to change the color, and if it starts looking a little full drag items to the garbage can in the bottom middle. Once you finished with your image, tap the your story icon in the lower left corner to upload. If your profile is public, anyone will be able to view your story once it's published. You can also tap descended to button to send only two specific friends. Doing this will not add to your public story. 3. Sligtly More Complicated Stuff: There's a lot you can easily share on instagram stories, but some things aren't quite as intuitive. For starters, it's possible to sharing Instagram posts via stories. Anyone's post. Here's how. Tap on the post you'd like to share, then tap the paper airplane icon. Here. You can choose to send the post to specific friends or choose to share to your own story tap. Add to your story to continue down that path. Tap the photo again and a portion of the caption, as well as the person's profile photo will appear once again. The photo is scalable and movable, just like most elements and stories, and the good old guidelines appear as well to help you keep things aligned from here, we can have the same elements is before text Jeffs locations, hashtags or scribbles. Just know that anything drawn with the marker element will appear behind the photo. Everything else will appear from when watching your story. Viewers will be able to tap the photo and be transported to the post of shared pool. Unlike other elements, this one is not delete herbal by dragging to the trash can. In order to start over, you must tap the X in the upper left hand corner. Instagram makes it easy to share other people's stories that you've been tagged in. There are two ways to do this. First of all, within your notifications, tap the heart icon on the bottom of your screen and towards the top, you'll see a spot. For mentions. Tap the notification to view the story and tap. Add two story to re share it again. The element can be adjusted and moves the second place to find your mentions are within instagram messages. Tap the paper airplane icon in the upper right hand corner. Here you'll receive a personal message of anyone tags you in their story, tap on the message and tap. Add to my story again. The image can be moved. Adjusted and other elements could be added just before any Jeffs or stickers will appear in front of the original image. But marker elements will only appear behind towards the top of your profile. You'll notice a spot where story highlights can live. This is a great place to keep engaging content or answers to frequently asked questions so that your story content can live on longer than 24 hours. There are several different ways to create a highlight. First is much happening the plus highlight icon on your profile. Here you'll be able to select current and archived a stories to include in your highlight, choose a cover image and give it a title. Keep it short and tap. Add to create the highlight view the highlight by tapping on the cover image. Here, you can see the statistics and people who viewed your story and edit each highlight by adding or removing slides. Remove all the slides from a highlight in the entire highlight will disappear from your profile. Ah, highlight can also be created from your current story. Tap your profile. I conserve you been simply tap the highlight button towards the bottom. Here, you can select which highlight reel you'd like to add it to, or create a new highlight. Same rules apply. Continue adding slides and delete to remove the highlight in its entirety. One of my favorite techniques when utilizing stories is to create multiple frames at once using images and videos already captured in my camera roll by tapping the photo icon, then select multiple instagram allows you to select up to 10 images or videos and edit them all before posting to your story. They will appear in the order. You select them and once selected, can be edited the same way we've done in the past. Navigate between each image by tapping towards the left or right of the screen. Four. By tapping the thumbnail of each image below, tap the thumbnail image twice and a garbage can icon will appear. Tap the garbage can to remove the image once each frame has been edited. Tep the next button to either send it to specific friends or to post your story for my next trick. Let me take a quick video back. Any sticker or element you want to add to a video can be pinned to a certain section of your video footage. In order to do this, we must select an element and hold it down onto the screen to pin it into place. Once the pin option appears on the screen, you can remove your finger to adjust where you like to stay. Use the slider on the bottom of the screen to advance the video and to perfect the layout tap pin to keep it there, and the video will continue to preview and tell you post to your story. 4. Hidden Hacks: Okay, friends. This is where the cool stuff comes in the sneaky tips and tricks that make things easier. Boost views. Yada, yada, yada. Let's start once again with a Calvary plea to show you the easiest way to start with a colorful blank canvas. Oftentimes, when creating a story merely of text, I like to start with a clean slate. Tap the color you'd like the background to be and hold down on the screen. Think tha it acts is one giant paintbrush. Let's do that again. From here, you can add whatever elements you like or use three Razor tool to create a sneak peek effect or right in the snow. If you will try the same thing again with the highlighter pen to create the same effect with a lower capacity. Okay, where the color options instagram chooses for you. Pick your own by using the eyedropper tool and picking up a color in your current photo. This works both for the marker tool and with text, or hold down on a default color for a color wheel To appear here, you can slide your finger to perfect the shade. A good rule of thumb is to include a geo tag in each slide of your story. This way, your slides will show up for people who are watching location based stories. However, you don't have to be so blunt about it. Start by tagging your location thinner. Size it to be a teeny tiny from here. Sometimes you could move it to a place on your slide, and it's not so visible. Hello, snow or simply put it somewhere on the screen and cover it up with sticker origin. Same thing goes for Hashtags. But rather than using the hashtag sticker where you can only include one hash tag, create a slew of text with appropriate tags that correlate with your story or image. Re scale to be teeny, tiny and hide in the snow or energy. If again, each slide tagged will show up when someone washes the story correlating with each hashtag used. One of my fever techniques is to tell stories by adding text upon existing text as I create new slides. The easiest way to create this effect is to build out to your entire story first, then delete one element at a time. Let's use Ripley as yet another example. I'll start by telling my entire story on the slide. Being as this is a lot of text to read in a short amount of time, I want each sentence to appear within a new slide. I'll start by tapping the save icon. It looks like an arrow which will save this entire slide to my camera roll. Next, I'll delete the last elements, I added and save again. I'll keep the leading and saving until I'm left with wide like my first slide to be save it and exit out of the story. From here, we can use the technique of adding multiple slides to upload everything at once. See how our story will appear in chunks. 5. Instagram Like a Boss: When it comes to the Graham, there are a few best practices I like to follow. One tell a story. They're called stories for a reason, and some of my most successful, most engaging for this reaching examples did just that. Tell a story map. Oh, we're trying to say and give it a beginning, middle and end. The most popular stories are then a now style, walking through humble beginnings to worry him now or showing a product being need from start to finish. People love being a part of the process, asked for their input along the way and engage with them when they do. Stories are a great place to include behind the scenes peeks Mawr. Everyday shenanigans include your audience through the whole process by creating a distinct intro, puts a meet in the middle and signing off in a way that connects it all together. Pro temp. Type out the story as well, if using video with dialogue include text of what's being said so that viewers out there volume turned up or those who are hard of hearing can still read what's going on. Number two is branding pick of font and colors that match your brand or personality and use them religiously. I've chosen a few colors that match well with my Brandon aesthetic and stick with those traces for the most part. But I've also created custom drifts to use within my stories and encourage others to use them to. You can learn how to make your own in my sculpture class. Make your own branded gifts for Snapchat and Instagram stories. Number three is Have fun. Let your personality shine through, Share your day to day stuff and pay attention to the content that you enjoy seeing from others and share something similar within your own life. In business, I love seeing fellow up cyclers, crafters and people who love color. I also often ask for feedback and pay attention to the types of stories that received the most replies. Then I know I've on the right track. 6. Your Questions: Before I started filming this class, I took to Instagram to ask what types of things that you wanted to learn. Here's what you had to say And here's where to find the answers to the questions that you've asked if you utilize the questions or pole button on instagram stories, you can access the answers by viewing your story. Been tapping the scene by icon in the lower left corner tap on the slide where you asked the question or pool to view the answers. For here, you can message the individual who answered the question or post to the reply to your story . Here, you can use the same techniques who have been talking about to include a public reply or to report a video response. Here are some things you wanted to know more about one. How not to suck. You don't just show up willing to look like a loose ball, and he going to How do you more comfortable in front of the camera? Let me preface this by saying that I have a deep fear of being on video, and if I can overcome it, so can you start with something simple and take the pressure off, not reaching for perfection. Also just posted without looking back. That way, you can't pick out all the stupid nuances that only you will notice. Three. House Remember to post regularly share what you're working on right now. Whatever you're doing, day to day may seem boring to you, but for people who don't live and breathe your business, your industry chances are it's super fascinating. Plus, behind the scenes stuff in general is super intriguing for how to get people to engage with your stories. The key is to make people feel comfortable giving their input. Ask questions, often use the polar question stickers and shared genuine stuff about yourself. Chances are other people will follow seat and hey, that's how I got thanks for tuning in tag crave by CRV and your stories. If you enjoyed this class, I'd love to see what you're up to. And if you have any additional questions or whatever, find me on Instagram. Think, think