Instagram Influencer - Grow your followers! Simple Tips and Tricks, easy to apply! | Adrian Daniel | Skillshare

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Instagram Influencer - Grow your followers! Simple Tips and Tricks, easy to apply!

teacher avatar Adrian Daniel

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. Course Introduction - Preview

    • 2. Design: Intro

    • 3. Design: Avatar

    • 4. Design: Bio and it's importance

    • 5. Design: Story highlights

    • 6. Posting

    • 7. Tips & Tricks: My list

    • 8. Finale

    • 9. Late Edit: Blue Circle Around Avatar

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About This Class

A short and on point course that helps people grow their Instagram page. Applying the rules learned in this course will make your profile stand out in the crowded land of Instagram and guarantee a faster growth in followers and likes. The things presented in the course are easy to understand and apply, everything can be applied as soon as the course is finished.

Meet Your Teacher

Welcome, thank you for visiting my profile, my name is Adrian (people call me Adi), I am from Romania and I am 27 years old.

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1. Course Introduction - Preview: Instagram got insanely popular over the years with over one billion users. It's pretty hard to stand out in such a big crowd in this course. I'm going to show you a few tricks to increase their chances of being seen in that big crowd. I'll do my best to keep it short and simple so you can start as soon as possible. The structure off this course will take you to various subjects, each one being an important part of becoming a successful Instagram influencer. No, let's get started. 2. Design: Intro: one of the first things that hits the user when checking your profile is the design of it. The avatar, the bio, the Instagram story icons and the actual posts all together form your actual online identity. Let's check each one off them and see what improvements we can achieve. 3. Design: Avatar: the avatar. Whether your Instagram avatar contains a personal picture on object or even a longer, you need to make sure it contains eye popping colors, something catchy that easily attracts people's attention. If you can't really do this because in some cases it might not Feet the current niche, I'd suggest you at the circle stroke around the Avatar, preferably blue. This will trick most of the people into thinking the profile is very fight. At the same time, this kind of avatar will make some people check your profile when they scrolled through comments, and your avatar attracts their attention with its unique style. Every new user that checks your profile is a new person that might follow your profile. 4. Design: Bio and it's importance: many users considered the bio almost useless and skip feeling it properly, they rushed the posting in hopes of fast success. The bio is like a welcoming letter toe people that check your profile. Sometimes the bio can make a difference between a follower Skip. You have that great avatar. You get people's attention and there no chicken. Your profile. Make sure the by will convince them to hit that follow button. Here is the least off things your buyer could contain. A small, simple description. What are you in tow things. You are going to post a favorite quote, maybe a short joke. Thank another account if it's necessary and invited to follow the page or anything else that you consider important to your profile. You can use emojis or symbols and also change. The text wants to make it more attractive. If you have a link to another social media platform, feel free to add that to here's how you can change the font. Now I'm going to show you how to change the Bio Instagram fund. In order to do that, I'm going to is this test account I have create a long time ago and you will need to go to a I G phones that I owe. Type down the text. You want to change the phone store and the site will show you a bunch off. Already created funds. Let's say I want toe at this one. I'm just going to simply copied Edit profile. Let's delete something here. It's I delete everything and put my you phoned Press submit. And no, if I check my current, the new front is there. Let's pick another one. Let's say maybe I want this one and its profile again. Gonna place it here, submit going back and here it is. 5. Design: Story highlights: instagram story Aikens. Since posting stories is the most nowadays, you'll have to save the best ones so others can check them later. When you're picking or creating your Aikens, make sure they represent what category off stories you will save their. And another thing. Make sure the design of your story Aikens are similar. They share the same theme, similar colors, all shapes. 6. Posting: when it comes to posting, it really depends on your niche and how you approach it. What? There are a few things that you need to take into consideration. Make sure your pictures have a higher solution. Keep Instagram's favorite aspect ratios. Avoid using pictures. Pictures because those don't attract likes. Be consistent. Yeah, you probably heard it multiple times, but most of the people don't stick to it. You need to do this at least three months and don't quit after two weeks just because you gained only 100 followers. The first few 1000 followers are hard to get. Everything gets easier later. Good idea is to create yourself a schedule and prepare your post during the weekend and just post them according to your pretty cornered scheduled during the week. Don't leave the captions empty right? Something interesting related to your post. A person's that usually doesn't really like so many posts can change his mind and simply by reading a good caption. Leave a like to repost now. How often should you post? People are talking about to your four times per week, but analyzing some other pages and the results I got on people that I worked with. The best thing is to have one or two posts per day with two or three posts during the weekend, including Friday. Also, at least a story a day is the most off course that our nations were posting four or five times a day, we'll have the page grow much faster. Usually, entertainment pages grow fast with that much. Posting the hours you posed need to be specific, depending on their niche. There's a time when posting will increase your reach. Experiment with boasting hours, check other signal pages and they're posting time and learn from them about the hashtags. First, you need to know that you can post the hashtags in a comment after you made the post. This allows you to have a PIN description. You can include up to 30 hashtags, but that's not really almost. Keep it between 10 and 20. Just to be safe, Play with them, trying to figure out which off them actually bring more engagement. Narrow them down. Even in the inspiration for some hash tags, check online her six generators. Save the hashtags, that performer in a notes up so we can copy paste them later 7. Tips & Tricks: My list: Now the profile looks amazing. You have everything set up. You can start posting what else you can do to increase the chances off being followed. The following tips and tricks are in no particular order just how I remembered them and wrote them down. Don't ignore your audience. This is very important reply and like comments made on your posts. This makes people feel special and continue liking and commenting on their posts later. This will boost your post reach by showing your post on other people's feet. Ask people toe tag friends in the comments section. This will bring your new followers and likes from people that are being attacked. Talk to your audience of your stories like creating cure Nays also reports their stories. If they tag you inside them. Host small giveaways. Get in touch with other small instagram influencers in your nish and share promotions like each other in post and stories. Converter Accountable Business one. This will give you analytics. You can see which post did better in which days and had a higher reach so you can learn and apply what you did during the good days to all the other ones explored the instagram trends before making your posts. Who knows what ideas you might find? You can also try Google trains to find subjects that you can relate in your posts, engaging other people's pages. People that scroll through comments will follow your at least Checker Pro Fire, since your avatar attracts their attention. And now both platforms, IOS and Android have plenty off editing APS that allow you to use custom emojis and stickers. Make use of them people will senior things and not the overused stickers created by Instagram. Like other photos from influencers in your nish, this is a great way to create a connection between you and other influencers. This way you might get a cross promote later at a location to your posts. AJO Attack There are people talking about an increasing reach when you have a job attack added to your post from cedar using INSTAGRAM ads. Running a small number of that's monthly is not expensive, so if if you can afford it to it, avoid using boats or websites that get your followers and likes. You need real people to follow you if you get 1000 boats to follow you, but you still get five likes honor boasts. It's still nothing when your profile. It's pretty new or small. Avoid following more people than the number of followers you have. 8. Finale: So this is the end of the course. I tried to make everything as short, and that's clear as I could, so people can start everything. After watching a course of under 15 minutes, Everything presented. The buff was used by me in the previous years to promote Android games on growth on Instagram pages. And I considered those things the important parts of having a successful INSTAGRAM profile . I left a small project below the course. Show us the design of your profile and create yourself for a weekly schedule to yours. Hopefully you could make them and post your creation. I'm curious how people are managing these. Also, I leave a message under the discussion section. Feel free to ask anything. They're trying to answer everything as soon as possible. Feel free to discuss between the students off the class If you found the discourse helpful , please. Liberating. Thank you 9. Late Edit: Blue Circle Around Avatar: So this is a later edited with the course because some people ask me how to do the circle around the outer toe, make your profile look look like it's very fight. People that use for the shop can easily do it. But because not everyone Kenya's photo shop, I'm going to show you similar method in orderto to make that circle, we need to download pains .net you get it from get paint that net. So we go here, President. No, don't want Donald Payne Burnett and install it. And after that, launch it. It should look like this. I'm going toe, uh, free cooperated picture from the Internet to show you how to the server. So we go file open. We opened that picture, so I'm going to use this picture as an example. The things you need to do are pretty easy. You go here to this stool for the shapes. Make sure you have the circle the lips here, hold, shift and create the circle. So this is the circle. You can change the color from here from the left menu and you can change the thickness off the stroke from here are from those two weapons. If you want to make the circle bigger or smaller after you created it, you have four points in each corner that you can drag again. Pick on the point and hold shift to make it bigger or smaller. If you want to move the circle around, click on the circum. Move it or you have this small score here, which can drag around when everything is set and you're like how it looks. You just goto safe. It's a dress. Select the PNG here for the high quality and that's it. You can go and upload it on instagram In order to make sure that the circle looks good on instagram, make sure to crop the avatar around the circle.