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Instagram - How to Grow your Following on Social Media

Addy Stepaniak, Digital Marketing Certified Associate

Instagram - How to Grow your Following on Social Media

Addy Stepaniak, Digital Marketing Certified Associate

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8 Lessons (26m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Who am I

    • 3. Step 1

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About This Class

How to grow your following on social media specifically Instagram with quality and engaged followers. Learn 5 quick and easy steps that you can implement into your social marketing plan in order to have a positive influence on others, and make sure you are attracting the right audience to your social platforms or your business. Perfect for beginners, but also a good reminder for those who may already have a social media plan in place. 


Meet Your Teacher

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Addy Stepaniak

Digital Marketing Certified Associate


I may not be everyone's cup of tea.. and that's okay. I graduated with a BA in Advertising & Public Relations with Marketing & Management, while part of the 2010-2013 Women’s NCAA Basketball team, and am a Certified Digital Marketing Associate. For the past 6 years I have been working in various aspects of the digital marketing world. I started specializing in  social media and small business development  in 2015.

So who am I? And what’s my story? Well…I’ll start with the short version ..

I’m really a certified weirdo, and I couldn’t be more happy to be that way!  I love traveling & being outside-seeing what this amazing world has to offer, however, I am an excellent nap taker… which proves difficult som... See full profile

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1. Intro : welcome everybody and so excited You're here with me today We're gonna go over how? Toe grow your following on social media. Specifically, we are talking about Instagram today. This isn't a moment question that I do get from individuals, entrepreneurs, startups Anybody who has a social media county wants to grow it. So today I want to give you the answer to this common question. I do know your time is valuable, so I will keep it short but very informative for you. So let's see what you're gonna learn today. The five secrets to growing your social media following specifically again talking about instagram the confidence and knowledge to implement your strategy right away access to templates of tools to help you gain quality followers Before we get started, I want to add a disclaimer and tell you that your follower count on instagram is not the end all be all And the number of followers you have is irrelevant because what really matters are the engaged customers or clients that you do have that enjoy your content and ultimately purchase from you not gonna promise that you're going to gain the specific amount of followers just by doing this course because let's be riel. It's unrealistic, and I don't want you to get your hopes up for it. But I can promise that if you follow the steps we're going to talk about today, you will definitely start to seek your profile. Your followers and your customer customer base grow. Also remember, not everything is going to happen overnight. You will need to put a little bit of work into it. But once you have everything set up and flowing, it becomes very easy and less time consuming for you. 2. Who am I : and before we deserted, I should introduce myself. So my name is Alan Stepanek, but most people call me Addy. I am from the good Old state of Minnesota, but do live in sunny California now because I get cold very, very easily. I graduated with a bachelor's degree in advertising and public relations with a minor and marketing and management. I am a certified digital marketing associate through Duke, which is kind of a mock full when you say it. I've been helping companies for the past 67 years with their digital marketing and their sales. I've seen a lot of ups and downs, a lot of different tactics used. But what's stayed consistent is a clear cut strategy and plan and creating content that evokes some emotion within your customer or your client base. 3. Step 1: no you never about myself. Let's get started. So Step one, you're gonna want to discover your why this will always be one of the most important steps . Second, to create your strategy that you need to take before starting any new project. So you need to tell your why. Why are we using social media? Why do you want a girl you're following? Be honest with yourself. What is the driving factor for you that is making you want to gain more followers? Once you answer this question honestly, write it down, frame it, do something with it, put it somewhere that you can remind yourself about it when you're going through this process, even look back on it. So why are you wanting to be here today? You know, you you want to gain more followers in order to gain more revenue into a small business that you've started because you want to be able to help your family out. That's a good wife. So, while discovering your wife will also want to establish your goals and to create your plan , always provide your why and your goals upfront before you start any project an easy way to create a plan and hatch out your goals is to follow the smart technique. There are several different ways to create goals and strategy, but I'm a huge fan of the smart goals and Susan with clients. So let's go over those s assets for specific B's specific and what you want to achieve by using social media platforms. The more specific, the better. Are you wanting to increase your sales? Your brand awareness? Find new prospects. Customer service needs to be better. You want to create a better identity. Whatever IT ISS state what you will be doing, and it's best to be using action words with this one. The next is M, which is measurable, so you're going to provide a way to evaluate your goals. How do you know when they have been achieved? Are you trapping jacking specific analytics? Are you looking at your likes, your comments, your shares, etcetera? What will you use to measure then? So use your KP eyes for those you don't know what KP eyes. That means they're the key performance indicators and what are the host? They are a type of performance measurement tool that evaluate the success of an organization or of ah, particular activity in which it an organization or a company or someone engages in. So this means you could have a goal of gaining 500 followers, and you'll measure that by actually looking at the follower. Count on your analytics, data analytics and data. There's something next is a for achievable. So are your goals achievable? Will they be possible to accomplish? Are they actually realistic again? Make sure you're honest with yourself on this. Your goal should be attainable. So don't set yourself up for something that isn't realistic, especially if this is the first time you're using social media marking free your business. Next is our, which is relevant. So are your goals aligned with your why or your company's mission, vision and values? How do these goal of improve your business in some way? Next is time specific. So when do you want these goals be achieved by again the specific With the time frame for you in the company to achieve these goals that you're creating right now, you could have a bunch of smaller goals with with shorter timelines and then one bigger role that will take a little bit longer and to reach social media takes time. So don't get frustrated when you don't see lots of results in your first few months or even in the first week. Baby steps. Everything needs to come together. You're and you're already making the step in the right direction by creating your goals and getting on your social media platforms in your sights, and your journey is just beginning. So you got this. 4. Step 2: in Step two here, we're going to optimize your bio in your profile. What this means. So your bio is there to tell others how you can help them. It's not about you. Unfortunately, it's gonna be about how you can provide value for your audience. This means stating right away what solution you're providing for someone's problems or that you can provide for them. With only 150 characters, the some a little section on your profile may not seem that important to some people, but it is one of the more important parts of your program. This section. Let's people know who you are and what you do for them after you have stated what you could new for your audience and your clients and what they can expect from you. Then if there's enough space of very in, you can put a little something about you to it, but you're gonna be telling your story through content, anyway is so I wouldn't really worry that your birthday and your sign didn't make it didn't to your bio a couple other tips on this one that most people don't know is that the bold letters at the top where people usually type their name. Those air also searchable, so this is uses to your advantage and use keywords that are relevant to you or your industry. Your business name should already be used for your handle, so you don't necessarily need to repeat it below. But use specific words again. Those keywords for your industry that people actually search for so like mine is Addie Dash , small business marketing or a small business social media Because those air searchable Also don't forget a high quality profile picture of yourself or your logo. I know that picture is relatively small, but it's still you want an image that is memorable on that stands out from the crowd and last but not least on the profile slide here we have making sure that you're profile is actually a business profile. If you're selling anything or offering services, make sure to have your instagram set up as a business account because there are valuable metrics that can help you understand your audience better that don't just come with the standard account. To be able to do this, it means you need an actual Facebook business profile to link it back to. So if you hop on over to Facebook and create a business profile for your business, that'll help you be able to connect to that instagram. And it's pretty simple. So if you don't know how to do that, just go to your personal account right up at the very top of you're on a desktop. It should have your name, something else and then click. There's a button that says, Create, Um, that's to the right up there, right next, A little sign for new friends. You're gonna want to click that and then just click Create Page and it'll walk you through the steps for that. 5. Step 3: All right. Step three is your content right? Here comes the nitty gritty. This is another ingredient into gaining more followers. You want to make sure that you have quality, engaging and relevant content with this content you were wanting to human is your brand. You're gonna show your audience who you are as a person or company here to tell your story . However, remember to provide value to them bilion build your know like and trust factor. Since we no longer meet clients in person and her face to face really anymore and we're doing it all through this digital database, you have to be able to get people to know who you are as a person or company and really connect with you. So your personality needs to be there. This is where that know, like and trust factor comes into play. So to know you is to understand and hear your story. This goes deeper than just that surface level. When building content for customers to know you again and tell your story, provide the details of where you are today. How you got there. Share your why Why did you build this business? Why are you doing this. Let your audience know the real you. So this get goes right into getting your audience toe like you. And how do you build your likability? That's a good question. The easiest way is to really ask yourself why you look someone or someone else Why you like them at all. So what is it about them that draws you to them? Is it that they inspire you? Their values align with yours? You like their sense of humor or style. Or maybe you just really like to be around them. You don't really know what it is. So how do you convey that beer, your content and how do you get people to like you serve your content and on a digital platform? Good question. You're going to create content that speaks to all those attributes. We just went over. Create content that inspires someone content that aligns with your values. Be really be kind. And don't be afraid again to share your story. I created goodbyes because the lines with my value and how I want to be able to spread good vibes to all. And I don't want any more negativity. So that's why I built my brand, and if someone wants that, then they could like me and they can follow me and be part of my community and they want to continue spread negativity. Then that's okay. That's on them. We re board to the trust factor, so trust is a big thing again. Your audience must feel safe with you, and you really can't let them down. So be reliable and trustworthy. Create content that has social proof, which means your testimonials from the people who have already worked with you or the people have known you get them to tell. Tell great things about you. Share stories of how used to fish. We help them or help someone reach their goals. Be accessible. Make sure your people can contact you if they have certain questions. Reply your emails and your messages in a timely fashion. Not nothing really gives him or anxiety. When it takes someone like a we get 1/2 to get back shooting. Just something saying Hey, I've got your message. I'll get back to you ASAP as soon as I can get this done, just knowing and letting someone know that you had received something that they sent to you Get the respect and really dont the last one but don't constantly create its sales post. So don't always be selling just every now and then you can put one of those sales a post in there saying hey, purchases or hey, by now. But otherwise on instagram it's gonna be about you. Your story your wife didn't build that know, like and trust factor. And remember, not everyone's gonna like you And that's okay. It's really, really OK. You have to understand that you're gonna live. And plus, if they don't like you, you don't want them. Is your audience member Anyway, they're just gonna throw hate at you. They're not gonna buy from you. They're gonna bring down. They're not going to spread the good vibes for you. So it's OK now this is something that out of anything today, if you take away, I hope it's ist you want everyone to be obsessed with you and your stuff. But you have to know it's you who should be obsessed with your followers in your clients. Don't just expect people to follow you because you think you're cool. Yeah, Unfortunately, you being cool isn't gonna attract more followers. But be so obsessed with your clients that you add value and worth through their day, or any time they interact with you again, build that know, like and trust factor. Be there for them. Don't just expect them to be obsessed with you and last but not least, for your content. Planet out, please. So stay organized and ahead of the game by creating content counter. As a marketer, I tend to live about three months out while I am planning my content Now, does this mean that I actually get three months worth of content out? Not necessarily. But I have specific dates planned out and things that I want to accomplish in this three month time span, And this is something that you should be doing as well, not necessarily the three months out, but at least plan your week out in advance. And if you can, your full month out. This means that you're writing out and praying together, your context, your hashtags and the content. So if it's a video, if it's a picture, if it's a gift, anything that is involved in this post, if it's a link, so to get you started. I have provided you with my content calendar template for you to start planning your content. So download that below. A great way to just start there, Put your stuff in there and have it ready for you. So after you've planned all your posts in schedule them in 1/3 party, I like to use Tailwind. The final piece to this content is that you need to stay consistent with your pro statement . So planet your media, stay consistent. Know that your consistency is going to help drive those followers to make sure that your content is on point. 6. Step 4 : All right. Step four is all about your hashtags. Who? The beloved and hated hash. Uh, another question that I get a bunch of on how to use these. So let's take a step back and go over what Hashtags are and what they're used for. So they are the pound symbol, which is proceeding a word that is describing your content. Ah ha. Shades are used to categorize your content and make it more discovered discoverable on this social platforms. So anyone who clicks on the hashtag your searches for that word, we'll see a page with all the posts that are tagged with it. The reason we want toe tag are pictures with these specific hashtags because it means that your content can up on users feeds even if they don't value. This is how we're going to expand the interests and expand your brand and you as a company or an entrepreneur or anything like that. Uh, and if you're sharing great content like we went over and step three and you're taking it with the relevant hashtags, many of these people will actually start to follow you, and they can then convert into actual customers for you. I am about to dive into all things Hashtags here, the Jews in the Don's um, I can spend a lot of time when the isn't really go in depth. But for the sake of this video and our time constraints, I will be going over just the basics for you. With these Hashtags, you do have more questions. Feel free to reach out to me about them, so let's do it. Ah, we will start with some doughnuts on the hash. Take front number one so don't use the same group passions over and over again on every post. Yes, it's OK if you do have a company, one that you've used on all your repose, so that it is searchable. But using the same ones over and over is actually against in secret. Instagram's community guidelines, which states that posting the repetitive comments or content, is not okay. Don't use hashtags that don't make sense for your content. For example, if you're tagging a picture as hash ocean conservation and you happen to be standing at the airport, it's not going to be very appealing to the people you are trying to track because it has nothing to do with the ocean unless you are standing in front of one of those cool whales created by all the trash that gets picked up in the ocean. Remember, it's not about getting seen by a lot of people. It's getting seen by the right people. That's how hashtags lead to higher engagement and more followers overall, Don't stuff hashtags into your photos that don't make sense because then it looks spanning and you don't want your counter. Be spamming. Do use your business profile to see how your hashtags air working. Ah, which you can go into just your insights on your app and see how the hashtags are gaining people to your or having people come see your profile. Or you can even click on individual posts and see which hashtags air working, which has shows working the best for it. Do you make sure your profile is public so people can see your content? Unless there's something legal wise that you can't actually have a public profile, do you use Hash A's in your stories, which most people probably didn't know about? I do know the hash. Take a limit on your stories in your posts So most people don't actually know this. That there is a limit of how many hash eggs you could have. So your stories, it's gonna be 10. And for your post, it's going to be 30. No. Should you be using every last one of them? Not necessarily. The data has actually shown that using just put nine hashtags in your content seems to kind of be the sweet spot. And for your stories, about three or so is good. Do keep your content area clean and rotate. Posting hashtags in the common section and in your actual posts. We want the ascetics toe look good for your page that we don't want everything to just have a bunch of hashtags next to it. Do you use more specific hashtags for your brand and not necessarily the broad hash eggs that have a 1,000,000 uses, which most people think? Hey, I'm gonna get seeing because this hash has been used a lot. Not necessarily. The goal is for your content to be seen, and if you're using the broad hashtags like hashtag love, your content will be on the search page for about a millisecond on, then be overtaken by the rest. The content people are posting with that same hash tag, so use a combination of the specific and the broad. Do look at your competitors hash tags to see what they're using and what is working for them again. They've already doesn't work for you, so it's kind of nice to see which ones are working. Do save your hash eggs that have worked for your content in a note on your phone to be able to use them again. But remember, don't use them in every single post again looks for me and actually against Instagram's rules. Golden Rule. When it comes to choosing Instagram, Hashtags used the hashtags that are relevant to your brand, your industry and your audience. You want to be seen, but again, you want to be seen by the right people. 7. Step 5: Okay, Step five. Last but not least, is your back and social. This one is pretty self explanatory because it is basically telling you to actually be social. Uh, I just got a call back and social because it's kind of the behind the scenes that people don't think about. You want to engage with others, you want to connect with others, um, again, back up to step three, be obsessed with your audience first, and that's how they're gonna be obsessed with you. Get to know them, ask questions, comment on their account, comment on their content. On my when I say comment and I mean, like, actually comment with a genuine common or question. Don't just posting emoji. Please do not just post emoji or hey, great photo like that. That's amazing. Amen. Um, that's not real interaction. You guys posts a genuine compliment that is being specific about what they actually posted . So if you like someone's genes or if you like someone, sure. Hey, I really love the color of the shirt you're wearing. Where did you get it? That's the perfect kind of pink that I'm looking for. It's specific to their content. It's asking a question, and it's more genuine than just posting a thumbs up. Like you can also like their content or you can save it for later. You can seek out accounts that are similar to yours and connect with, um, this is a good way to grow. You're following as well. Eyes connecting with other counts. It have the same my incentives. You are in the same niches. You you know, they are your competitors. But that's okay again. It's a community that we're trying to make happen here and reaching out and networking is good for you and your business. Sen. People direct messages. Um, and please, for the love of Pete, do not automate your messages on Instagram. This drives me absolutely bonkers. If you have no anyone talking about Good. Uh, if you know what I'm talking about, then you probably be seen it or you've done it. Um, when you you can you follow someone and you reach out to them, and it automatically sends you a direct message back, maybe thinking you for the message or thinking you for following them, and then you actually try to have a conversation with them, and it's the same thing. Um, and if you actually try to have a conversation with, um, it doesn't work out very well because, you know, there's no human on the other end, and it just sends you the automated messages that they think people are gonna ask eso Please, Please don't automate your messages. It's not a good thing for your account, and it just shows that you're not really again. You're not really obsessed with your clients. The incident algorithm likes human interaction more than bought interaction. So think about that before you invest in a box what it all comes down to. You guys connect with others and watch others want to start connecting with you. It's a social platform. Be social, to be kind. Go in and tell people how much you like their product or their content. 8. Recap: So let's do a quick recap of what we just learned today. I know there was a lot of information thrown at you. So one you're gonna want to find your why and set your goals to create a plan two. You're gonna optimize your bio in your profile. Three is your content again? You're gonna want to be consistent with this content and create that know, like and trust Factor before is you're gonna use your hashtags efficiently for your business and your niche and Nash niche how you say it. Five. You're gonna use your back and social and actually be social. Humanize your brand by being a human and being social on your social media. You guys, thank you so much for your time today. I really hope you've learned something and you've learned something that you can implement into your business. I will be opening enrollment later on this summer for my digital marketing. Social media can grow my business course where you're actually learned interact have step by step instructions on how to build campaigns, click funnel social media paid ads, social media best practices, how to use a one page marketing plan, and so much more if you have any questions about any of the content we went over today. Anything coming up over the email me at Addy at good vibes creative ab dot com I will link it at the end of this video again. Thank you so much for your time. And I really appreciate you being here. All the good vibes, your way.