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Instagram For Beginners - Instagram Profile - Attract, Market, & Sell using Instagram (Branding)

Morgan AGenuineMixture, I help college-aged entrepreneurs.

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11 Lessons (2h 6m)
    • 1. Instagram Profile | How to gain a following on Instagram

    • 2. 10 Secrets for Instagram Algorithm 2019

    • 3. Instagram Bringing Back Chronological Order

    • 4. Instagram hiding public likes and views

    • 5. How to Standout Online

    • 6. Gaining Awareness

    • 7. Converting your Audience

    • 8. How to use Instagram Hashtags

    • 9. Part 1 | 5 LESSONS I learned from quitting my job

    • 10. Part 2 | 5 MISTAKES I made from quitting my job

    • 11. My 1st Ever Video

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About This Class

I help college aged entrepreneurs attract, market, and sell to their ideal audience using Instagram. After completing this course, I want you to have all the tools needed to attract the correct audience, become searchable on instagram, and a Bio that serves a purpose.

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1. Instagram Profile | How to gain a following on Instagram: how you guys, if you never met me before, My name is Morgan and I am going to be teaching you for the next seven weeks. Now, this course isn't going to take seven weeks for everybody. Sometimes it might be a little shorter. Might take you a little longer. It really just depends on your skill set. Now for lesson number one all about your instagram profile. What I'm going to teach you is how to optimize your instagram profile, create a bio that attracts the right people and Bisher instagram stories and highlight as a way to promote for you or sell for you even when you're not doing it every single day. Now the first thing. A lot of people always want to blame the instagram algorithm when it is negatively impacting their profile or negatively impacting their business overall. But if you know how to work with the instagram algorithm, it's going to be a lot easier to work with it. This is just how to have your instagram profile work with the algorithm. Let's get into the very first thing you need to dio and ordered to optimize your instagram profile, and that is starting with the name in the user name Field. Now, at the name field, this is actually searchable on instagram, and that's the whole point of this whole entire lesson. We want other people to be able to search you. So if you look at the name field, what you can put in there is the title. So if you're youtuber if your coach, if you are a marketer, um, something like that. But I want you to be even more specific when you're putting that title in there. So what you need to do is, say, an instagram marketer, a YouTube marketer, a social media marketer. If you're youtuber, say a lifestyle longer, say, um, a lifestyle youtuber. Things like that, the more specific you can be. It's going to help you attract the right people, because when people are looking for a podcast that they're looking for YouTube or to watch anything like that, that's the type of thing they're going to search for, because that's the type of thing they're going. Teoh want to be watching, so they're going to look for a new YouTube or they're going to look for, um, travel youtuber. Things like that and Also, they're going to be looking at that not only in the hashtags, but they're going to be looking at that in the name field as well. Now moving on to your user name. What I want you to do here is either put your brand name in there your first or last name. But when you do that, make sure your user names are the same across all of your platforms. Twitter, YouTube, instagram, Pinterest, all of those things. Make sure they're all the same because some people might know you have something on YouTube and when they go to search it on Twitter or they try to search on Instagram, they might only just try one thing and then just kind of give up and be like, OK, this person doesn't have that social platform, even if you dio so another thing to make it really easy to be searchable across all platforms is try not Teoh have too many variations of user name, so try not toe have a dasher and underscoring one or numbers in one and not in the others. Just keeping away from dashes underscores things like that and all together is going to help you a lot, especially when people are searching for you on multiple platforms. Obviously, if you're using your first and your last name or your first in your middle name, these might be more common things. You might have to use something like an underscore or a number, but just make sure your audience knows that they need to put a number up and up all of these user names moving onto your instagram bio. What you need to have in there is who you are, who you help, what you dio give a call to action. And then if there's room, get a little personal touch. So what I mean by who you are. Sometimes with the name field and the user name field being taken, you can't actually put your name in there. So that's one thing that I mean by that you can actually put your brand. So if you have created a business, you can put that at the top of their or your title. Like I said, you want to be searchable on instagram platform. But if your actual title isn't a searchable keyword, then you can put it in your bio as well. moving on to who you help. This is where you actually put your I help state now to create and I help statement. It's going to be something along the lines of I helped blank do blank or I help blank without blank or I helped blank achieve blink. This is the type of I helped statement you want. For example, my I help statement is I help college age entrepreneurs attract market and sell to their ideal audience using instagram. So that is kind of how you can phrase your help statement. If you actually look at my instagram, it doesn't actually say that word for word, because that's pretty lengthy. What I did was, I said I helped college age entrepreneurs and then I put bullet points That just saved me time, because entrepreneur is a very long word, and it took up a lot of characters. So these are things that you need to think about when you're making your I help statement by saying what you do. That's gonna be the tail end of the I help statement. You want to show them how it's going to benefit them. So how is who you helped benefiting them. How is your I help statement going to benefit them. Moving on to the call to action. This is what you want them. Teoh, get by clicking the link in your bio. So let's say you are a youtuber and the link in your bio is to go to your YouTube channel. What are they going to get out of going to that link? What type of videos are they going to watch? What type of videos are they going to see? The same goes for a podcast. What is it? A certain episode that they're going Teoh. Click on it in a certain video they're going to click on, give them a reason to click. And if you are doing this as a business which most of my audiences either doing this for YouTube or a business which you want to give them as a business is a reason. So what are they going to get out of clicking the link by going to your website? What are they gonna get out of going to your website? Is it some type of freely they're going to get? Is it a free training? Things like that. And if your link is sending them to some type of landing page. I would prefer you not to be using Link Tree because it doesn't give them any context. But if you want to use actual landing page, make sure it has video. But it also explains what they're getting out of clicking again because they already click the link in your bio thinking they were going to get something. So if you're making them, click a couple more times or watch a video or something like that be really specific on the landing page, what they're going to get, make sure they can see it. They can watch it, they can hear it, things like that. Those are all types of things you want to make sure you have in there. Your bio doesn't give very much room to explain yourself. So when I say a personal touch, adding in there like your name achievements, you made your location. If all these things are important to your brand as a whole, you you as a whole year account of the hole. You need to try to put that in there. Another thing that you can dio is moving on to the stories or the highlights. Your highlights also give another first impression because we can't actually click the profile to enlarge it. So making sure that your story actually has your face on there you talking to them that's going to help you build like no trust just from your profile itself, but also with the highlights feature. This was going Teoh Be able to explain more of yourself. What do you have to offer? What are your things that you promote? Types of YouTube videos, types of podcast episodes, things like that. This is also where you can put your most asked questions about something. So when you're getting asked the same question multiple times on your captions, on your stories themselves through the EMS, this would be a perfect opportunity to make this an instagram story and then turn it into a highlight so you can always redirect people back to it, and you don't have the answer the same question a 1,000,000 times. As I said previously, your instagram stories when somebody lands on your page gives them another opportunity to kind of get a feel for you about what you believe, what you are thinking about how you feel they just are trying to relate to you in some way and see how you been fit them. So if showing up on your instagram stories every single day and making sure you're educating them, entertaining them or motivating them in some type of way another way you can make it look like your profile as a whole is a little bit put together. Goes with the Instagram story covers, having custom covers and like, kind of like one word that sums up what is in that. So if it's you promoting your E book something like that, make sure you're saying exactly what it is. Whether you want to put an emoji or words or have some type of text or Icahn in that custom cover that is really up to you, it just depends on how your audience is going to jive with it. Perceive it like that. It goes with branding as a whole. If they see these other comment colors you use, these are the common funds you use. This is really going to help you later when you're doing an INSTAGRAM TV or posting on the feed. If you wanna incorporate quotes in your feet because you don't have a library yet of pictures of yourself. These are all things you need to keep in mind. Now, this really sums up the first training of optimizing your instagram profile. The whole point of this is to be attracting the right people. It helps you sell without selling. And you need to be searchable because getting in front of the right audience is most important thing out of this whole entire training. If you're attracting the wrong people, when it comes time to sell them, promote to them, ask them something or give them a call to action. And they don't care about why they wise, If they don't care about your account, they're not going to follow your call to action. The whole point of this is to build a genuine, loyal audience so that you have this long term, as opposed to getting to 10,000 or a 1,000,000 followers in a month time span. And once you stop talking about a certain topic, they no longer interested. I am trying to help you long term so you can really engage with your audience and build a solid foundation for them now I do just want to give you a little reminder moving forward in this lesson in this coaching that if you aren't taking action to the things I'm recommending you there, it doesn't matter how many courses you take. It doesn't matter how many products or courses you buy or anything like that. If you're not taking action, these tips are not going to help you. They're not gonna benefit your instagram. I do know it's really scary to put yourself out there and have a public profile and really be scared that people are going to judge you or criticism or things like that. That's why it's really important to attract the right audience. That's what I'm going to help you dio in the later lessons. And I really want you to actually take action on what I'm saying, because otherwise these air not gonna work, and I'm not gonna be able to help you as efficiently as I'd like to. But I will see you and listen to and there were going to talk all about your audience. So we're really going to deep dive into how to attract the right people and repel the wrong 2. 10 Secrets for Instagram Algorithm 2019: Hey, what's up? That's more. But if you already knew that, did you miss me? Today? I'm here to tell you all of the secrets about the 2019 instagram algorithm. Look, it started, okay? The first secret I want to go over about the new Instagram algorithm that is going to me happening sometime in 2019 is our likes. And views are not going to be shown. Teoh are followers. So when somebody comes to your profile and they click on a picture that they never seen or when you're scrolling through your feet, you're no longer going to be seen How Maney comments how many likes this person has on that specific picture or video? Only that person is going to see now. Obviously, this is kind of ah, kind of a glitch that Instagram had actually accidentally approved and we were seeing it. They might make a few tweaks, but if likes and views and your follower count doesn't matter anymore, I'm going to tell you and secret three what you can do to improve that. Moving on to secret to the thing that had happened was we've seen a couple little glimpses of what the new Instagram profile is going to look like, where your instagram profile is, where the follower count is, and then your bio is on the other side and then under it, like if you would look out of business account where it's like the email or call now. But in this actually under that is where your follower accounts going to be. So when somebody comes right to your profile, they're not going to really know exactly how many people you're following or how many followers you have right off the bat now moving onto into secret three. The thing that you can do to kind of boost yourself in the instagram algorithm if likes used and follower Count doesn't matter anymore is actually building a genuine community around your INSTAGRAM account. So you're probably wondering how you do this as you've seen it, rolled out close friends about five months ago or so, and the way you can start building a relationship with your followers is liking their pictures, commenting on their pictures following them, if you actually genuinely like them or want to follow them, um, reacting to their instagram stories, d m ing them on a regular basis. Things like that building, Ah, relationship with your following is going to be very important. Moving forward with the Instagram algorithm, Secret Number four is going live. I found this for myself and the clients that I'm working with, and whenever you're having a little bit of dip and engagement or low engagement on your post, I always recommended alive. I recommend to go live once or twice a week just because it helps your audience spend more time with you on a live video. You get views from that replay. It's at the top right by your instagram stories, and Instagram loves when you're using their features on Live on Video. An INSTAGRAM TV moving on Teoh Secret five. This goes along with a video and instagram TV. If you get on video and you post videos in your feed regularly or you post instagram story or not stories instagram TV videos. This helps people spend more time on the instagram platform as you know you to reward you, the longer you can get somebody to stay and watch on that platform, or get them to start or get them to come to the platform and then start binge watching all their favorite creators. The same is going for the instagram algorithm. The more you're on video, the more you're on live. The more you're on instagram TV, your audience, your followers, they are spending more time. So whether that be, uh, 60 seconds through a feed video, there's an unlimited amount for INSTAGRAM TV. So let's say like 10 minutes on alive. Sometimes those last for about an hour. So the more you're helping people stay on the Instagram platform, the more Instagram's going to reward you because they think your content is good and people are spending more time on the platform watching you. That brings me to secret six, and it goes along with the instagram stories feature. If you are losing a little bit of your engagement, what you can do is hop on your instagram stories and mention that you are posting in the feed. But another thing that it might be changing soon. But as of right now, when people have been watching your instagram stories a lot and you post on the instagram feed on a regular basis, such as like 3 to 4 times a week when people have been watching your instagram stories all week. And then when you post when they very first opened their instagram after you have post within that, um, day, your post is going to be at the very top of their feet. So the more they spend time watching your instagram stories and damning you commenting on your pictures, things like that and serve em says, Hey, these people know each other in real life, there really close friends and I need Teoh boost their actual feed post on their timeline. So if you've noticed about the 1st 3 or four people you see on your instagram stories, usually those same people have pictures in the feet. If it's their data post secret Number seven is what everybody has been waiting for. And that is I think chronic logical order might be coming back now. Not exactly how we thought of it at the beginning, where whoever posted that day it's just in that, uh, order. But in the sense of okay, if you look at these five people the most on instagram, you're watching their stories attending their lives, deeming them messaging. Then whatever it is there, pictures are going to be in chronological order for that day. We've seen this a little bit rolled out already. I think this was another thing that they were just kind of a b testing. What is the better route? I'm not too sure there, uh, reasons behind this yet, but chronological order might be coming back. Secret number eight, this is more of a tip. So if you have a really engaging captions, if you're likes in your comment count or your follower account really isn't mattering that much having a really engaging caption and making sure you have tagged a location, you have tag people in the actual post. You used all 30 hashtag and you have a really engaging caption on your instagram feed. This is going to increase your engagement just because sometimes when people are scrolling through their feed, they don't really care too much about the picture itself. But if you have a really only enticing sentence in the beginning of your caption, this is more than likely going to pique people's interest and they're going to read it. And then if they didn't per se like the picture that much, if they like the caption there more than likely going to leave a comment like it or share it with their friends. Secret Number nine This is more so Petipa's well, but the more time you make somebody spend time on the platform, the more and Sir Graham's going to reward you. So if somebody is always watching your instagram stories, you've posted instagram TV videos. You gone live a couple times this week. You know your captions are making people stay on your picture a little bit longer than what they usually tend to spend on it. They now this leads me to the last secret for instagram algorithm 0 2019 and that has to go along with Instagram TV. Now, as you've seen, they've been rolling out where you can actually post your instagram TV like a preview of it in the actual feed. And what that does is it allows your following to spend more time on the platform. Now we know that it hasn't come out with an actual search feature as um right now. But once it becomes a little bit more searchable, this insert MTV has a lot of potential. If you didn't know, you can actually use the Instagram TV feature, and it gives you the ability to use a swipe up feature even if you don't have 10,000 followers. So this is amazing for those of you that don't have 10,000 that don't have 10-K yet and want the swipe up feature. Obviously, it would be awesome to be able to use that in stories, but when you're posting on your feet, this is more so evergreen content. So when people are searching through your feet and they see this is a video, they go to your Instagram TV. They spend about 10 minutes watching that video, and then you get to use the swipe up feature. I just remember the more time you make somebody spent on the Instagram platform itself, the more Instagram's going to reward you. I will keep you updated with further instagram algorithm changes in the future. So until then, I will see you every Tuesday where I talk about Instagram got it on my own. Two didn't take no handouts, remember, I was Tab Bro, coming through the dance said I was alone. No sour mood 3. Instagram Bringing Back Chronological Order: Hey, what's up? It's more. But if you are going to that digit, Missy, today I'm coming at you to tell you the Instagram is bringing chronological order back and how they're actually going to do that. You can't kill my more kill my You can't kill my mole. All right, So we know Instagram love stealing features from other platforms. They took the stories feature from Snapchat that that the life feature from YouTube and Facebook and whatever else and periscope all those things. And now they're taking another feature. But they're taking it from Twitter this time. If you are on Twitter, you know that there is a feature that says See top tweets or C latest tweets. And Instagram has obviously been looking at Twitter and seeing how this feature actually works or helps. And I'm pretty sure in the next couple months we're going to be seeing this integrated in our instagram accounts. So if this happens, what do you dio? Well, a lot of people think that they need to start posting three times a day, seven days a week again. And I think that's absolutely fucking pointless. And it's really going Teoh hurt you overall on gonna be annoying. So the reason why I say that is because not everybody is going to be using this chronological order feature. And if you have spent time on Twitter and you know how their top tweets and latest tweets works, it actually of default back to seeing the top tweets after a while. So the same thing is going to happen on Instagram even though you probably have changed it . Or you like chronological order. Not everybody does. And ah, lot of times people are probably going to stay away from using chronological order because somebody is going to get in their head and they think that they need Teoh Post seven. Uh, you know, seven post a day and it's going to be annoying. And Instagram does a pretty good job of filtering out those like spammy repeating type of content. Even though you might be following, you know, 500 people, you're probably only seeing between 10 to 20 people consistently on your feet and in the instagram stories. Like I said, if this happens if this goes, what can you dio and I think you already doing everything you need to dio you just need to pick a schedule post about three or four times a week. Make sure that your quality of your pictures is up there and it's not like, grainy or dark, and then just keep doing what you're doing. I really don't think this is going to affect us in the long run or a long term. If anything, it's actually going to boost your engagement because when people are looking at the chronological order feed, it's more than likely going to help your engagement because people are actually going to see your content Now in Serum wants people to stay on the platform as long as possible. So if that is spending more time reading your captions, commenting on your pictures, watching your instagram stories, your lives, your instagram TVs going live themselves. You know, they just want people to stay on the platform for as long as possible. So I think you should really start creating content that is going to do that. And how you can do that is having content that actually adds value to somebody. If that's through educational content, entertainment, encouraging content, all of those things, that's how people are going to get value from your content so you can teach them something . Give them a behind the scenes. We've really noticed that. That is why people love watching your life strains on instagram and watching your instagram stories because they actually going to see who you are, how you are, how you're reacting. They really get that connection and spending more time with you as opposed to spending you know, 2 to 3 minutes a couple days a week reading your content. If you're on video for, you know, 10 to 20 minutes at like a week. If you're on live a couple times a week, they're spending an hour with you, your INSTAGRAM TV. That's giving them even more time to spend with you. So we really need to start focusing on building a community. That's what in Sir Graham wants, because that's what's gonna help people stay on the platform longer when they're actually commenting. When there d M in people when they're watching stories, reacting the stories. This is everything that we have seen coming about with the close friends feature with them making all of these new integration than you know with the questions sticker, the pull sticker there's the new one where it's like the quiz sticker. They're putting all this out there so it makes us actually stop and spend time and interact with each other on the platform. So, like my other video, they're about to be hiding your likes and your use, and they're giving us kind of chronological order back. So these are all things that we need to realize that building the community comes first, being genuine and authentic. That should come first. But most importantly, the way you build like no one trust with your community is by talking to them, speaking with them, answering them, quote answering their questions. I don't think you need to change up anything. You're already doing what you're doing now. I think everything's probably working out for the best. So long story, short chronological order is probably coming back here in the next couple months, and you don't really need to do anything you don't need to post more. You don't need to do anything. All you need to do is communicate and respond and spend time talking to your community, along with keeping your posting schedule to three or four times a week and then just watch your and Giggs growth go up. But that is all for me today and I will see you every single Tuesday with more instagram tips. And if you want an instagram audit, I actually am starting to do in Syria Monets now. So if you need help with your profile, your growth how to attract the right people, that's everything that you will get out of my on it so you can go ahead and find that in it of Scripture. I will see you next Tuesday. 4. Instagram hiding public likes and views: Hey, what's up? It's more. But if you already knew that, did you miss me? Today? I'm gonna talk all about what is going to happen to your instagram account if they hide your likes in your views. You can't kill my mole. Kill my You can't kill my mole. Gemma. A lot of you may be concerned about what's going to happen with your brand sponsorships getting brand deals if they are relying on how Maney likes and views and comments you get. Well, my point of view is this brands are pretty smart. They already know the external websites to use the external abs to use Teoh track and see if your follower count Israel to see if your engagement is matching this follower count to see all of these things and up into the day. These websites, these abs, are just going to evolve and now include the likes and views. Also, if you are sending them a media kit, what this translates into is you can share your analytics with them because it's going to show the likes and views to you just not to other people. So all in all, if you put this in your media kit there already. They already have the tools that they need in order to see if this engagement Israel and all of those things. So sponsorship goes. I really don't think this is really going to hurt you. Little. A lot of people are concerned that this is going to help fake influence or this going to spike and fake influencers. And I really don't think it's going Teoh at all because like I said, people already used these external absence. See if they're follower, count Israel. They can already tell by just the comments and things like that, how engaged they really are. And now we're really going to start looking at the comments and seeing if these are fake comments and sponsors are going to be looking even closer to the engagement rates in your analytics, as opposed to just what is public on your profile with these changes, what you now with these changes, what you need to do and start focusing on is really building your community. Because these people are more than just a number, they're more than just, um, dollar side. With these things taken effect, it's going to be even harder for these fake influencers to stand out because when the brand start looking at your engagement right, since there are any likes or views or things like that to look at, people are going to be starting to look at the comments section a little more closely. They're going to be really just focusing on the content in general. If it's, you know, sucky content or they're not getting value out of it or if you're not responding to them, Instagram as a whole is going to change. And I think that this is probably for the better things you can do to help. Your engagement is spending a lot more time on the platform communicating with people. So this is spending times in your D M sending the ends, reacting the people stories actually talking to the people that are following you, commenting on not only your followers pictures but the people you follow and always responding to every single comment that you get on your picture. But as we've seen with the close friends feature, Instagram has been wanting to push us to actually engaging with those that we know in real life and less so as those people that are always selling and promoting every single time they post on Instagram story every time they post on my feet or go live. Those are the types of things that aren't going to keep people on the platform what's going to keep them on the platform and actually knowing the people. So when Instagram starts the hide your likes and use these air a couple things that the instagram algorithm actually wants you to do. They actually want you to spend more time on the platform by watching people, stories, their lives, their videos. This is why I suggest to you to start doing this to other people or creating content that is going to make people stay on the platform longer, making them read the post a little bit longer. Looking at your picture a little bit longer, I'm sending the EMS going live. This is going to really help people stay on the platform longer. Instagram TV is probably going to be a little bit more evolved here in the next couple of months. Within a year, especially if they end up having a search feature like you can for the Hashtags. They just want you to use it more regularly, and especially when they have those stories and the lies at the very top these they know that this is what's going to help you stay on the platform longer than just aimlessly scrolling through the scene. I just don't want you, Teoh freak out and think that this is going to change the platform of the whole. It's really not going to affect you at all. And you don't need to dio anything that you're not doing right now. Really, Insanity Mex tricks aren't going to help you grow your business in the long run anyways, having those really genuine followers and those genuine people that are following you, that's what's going to help you grow. So I hope this was helpful and I will see you next Tuesday. Paradise is a place that's far from home. 5. How to Standout Online: Hey, what's up? It's more. But if you already knew that, did you miss me? Today? I'm going to go over exactly what I teach in my coaching program. And that is how to stand out online. This video is going to be in a three part series, so make sure you part two in part three. Yeah, much city, we first shit cause stash it. All right, everybody, this is actually more so for people that want to be an entrepreneur as opposed to an influencer. But this can work for either or in my coaching programs, I mostly and working with, like, entrepreneurs that are beginners. And there'd really trying Teoh build a personal brand for themselves. And what I always tell them is to use your uniqueness in your passions as a way to stand out. Because at the end of the day, your uniqueness is not your weakness. And I know there are a lot of people out there doubting themselves and feeling, you know, I'm not good enough because I'm different. I'm not good enough because I'm this that whenever my back stories is my journeys, this but end of the day, That's exactly what you should be using in order to stand out online, and that's gonna help if you grow overall in overtime. Your flaws or what you think it's a disability or a flaw to you is actually exactly why somebody's gonna listen to you, because it's really hard for somebody toe learn from people that have 10,000 followers already or have six figures in their business already, as opposed to someone that's, you know, just one or two steps ahead of them. And they're like, OK, this is what this person doing it Obviously it's working for them, so I can kind of more so trust what they're saying because it's working for them and their closer to where I can achieve my goals as opposed to somebody that's like 10 years ahead of you and your head is kind of like I'm never gonna be that I'm never going to be able to achieve that. But when you're listening, that somebody that is just a couple steps ahead to you, it's way more easy to wrap your mind around getting to their level, as opposed to getting to somebody's 10 year level. My favorite thing to hear on any social platform that anybody is using, whether it's YouTube, podcasting and Sir Graham, everyone loves to say that those platforms air saturated and I think it's so funny because it's so much bullshit. Have everybody wanted the same thing on those platforms? And yes, it would be saturated. It's your only goal on Instagram is to get likes views and followers. Then, yes, it's absolutely saturated. If your only goal on YouTube is to get a whole bunch of likes views, comments and get the YouTube plaque been, Yes, it's very saturated. But if you're in goal is to actually help somebody or, you know, become a singer, become a business owner. Whatever your end goal is for you, then it's not saturated because there are a lot less people that wanna be singers on YouTube and Instagram. There are a lot less people that are wanting to be a small business owners or have their own closing clothing line on YouTube or Instagram. So just use those things to your advantage and make sure you're posting with a purpose. So every time you're posting a video of picture like whatever platform you're using, make sure you're posting with purpose and that these things are gonna help you get closer to the goal you want to achieve. This is how you stand out, and this is how you can actually beat the saturation, in a sense, because your end goal is completely different than somebody else's. So how to actually stand out online? I'm gonna go over five different points, but starting with the 1st 1 this is what I teach in my coaching programs. This is what I teach on my online course and that is used your uniqueness. So whatever industry you're in, whatever platform you're in, make sure you're using your uniqueness. So a uniqueness can be something like your appearance, your background, your gender, your preferences, a disability, but not using it as a crutch. So, for example, my uniqueness and my industry, which is online coaching or like an instagram expert, something along those lines. I use my appearance because not a lot of people in the coaching industry online or that are having online courses or doing the things that I'm doing are mixed or have curly hair. So I also use being a female, sometimes as ah, uniqueness. But these are things that a lot of people would be like, Oh, I don't look like everybody else. I'm ah, you know, whatever. They would use this as an excuse of why they can't be them self or be confident. But I completely use this to my advantage because I know there are a lot of like, you know, I'm just going to say it White blonde girls on YouTube or on instagram that are doing coaching programs and things like that and they're ideal audience are people that look like them, you know? So when I have my uniqueness, my ideal audience is a minority or something Along those lines. You see where I'm coming from. You need to use your uniqueness not as a crutch, but as something that had to be proud of. And that's going to attract more people just like you. The second thing you need to do is add value to somebody. So this is who you helped for me. I help college age entrepreneurs or beginning entrepreneurs. There are a lot of people out there If you go to Instagram and they're doing their bio correctly, they haven't. I help statement, so my I help statement is I helped college age entrepreneurs attract market and sell to their ideal audience using Instagram or YouTube. Now, how I found this out was it is who I'm trying to attract to me. I want to attract college entrepreneurs. I want to attract 20 year olds in trouble coming up with an eye help statement or something along those lines. Just think about your past self, your future self in your present self. I always break this down for my students. And I say your past self is beginner. Your inner or your present self is intermediate and your future self is advanced. So if you are like, just think of yourself right now, you're going to be helping beginners. Now, five years from now, if you're still using the same, um, past, future and present self kind of thing, you're going to more so probably be helping the intermediate because now you're up intermediate, and then when you're at your future self, it just really depends on who and what stage you're trying to help. But if we're using this to stand out online, just think of it as who exactly are you trying to attract? Are you trying Teoh attract people that are like you that are at the stage right now. Where there, you know, beginning their business. They're beginning their religious journey. They're beginning college, beginning a new like they're a beginner with new moms. Justin, go that sense and use that to your advantage. So obviously, if you are trying to stand out in, like the singing industry or selling a physical product or something like that and I hope statement is important, but at the same time it's not gonna be your main focus as opposed to being an entrepreneur . Your whole reason for creating a product is to help somebody. So you're I hope statement is always number one, and it's very important. The third thing you need to do is share what you do. So this is something that's like a hidden talent. Ah, hobby, something that you like doing or that you're good at. And this is more so for building like no one Trust. Obviously, if you have looked at any of my social media accounts, I don't use this as a main form of content. But I always make sure to incorporate it in my instagram stories or in of logs that you guys understand who I am, how I am, what I like to do and things like that. The fourth thing you need to do is share what you love. So for me, I love R and B music, anything music related. I love listening to, you know, soundcloud rappers or some people that aren't as well known and liked the music industry. Things like that. Now that Spotify is more so mainstream. This is kind of easy for everybody having their own different taste, as opposed to when I was getting ready for, like, high school and I'm getting ready. It was, you know, Billboard's Top or Hot 100 or something like that. So everybody's favorite song was the exact same for you. This is going to be something that you have loved and have always loving it never going to change. So if this is music animals doing crafts, art dance, it could be a your talent. It just really depends how you want Teoh. Um, position this for yourself and your content. It could also be a movement or a cause. Or that you're starting something on your own like the me too movement. That was a really big thing. Or if you're trying to help a charity such as like a thorn or getting awareness around something like that, thes are things that this would fit into that category and the last thing that you need to do in order to stand out online as share your journey so you can share your journey as a beginner. If it's new moms, if it's finding a new religion. If it's the beginning stages of entrepreneurship, if it's juggling college and being full time, it's whatever journey your on, there are things that you can do when you're moving to a new state. Share your journey on that. If you are struggling with going all natural or trying to be vegan or eating healthier fitness, thes air, all journeys that you're on, and this is always going to change with you as a side. No, I didn't want to just let you know that you don't need to start sharing all five of these passions at one time. When I started out doing this, I obviously picked number one my uniqueness because it's my appearance, and that's always going to shine through the second thing I did was who I'm trying to help . So this is where I made my main form of content. It was what do college kids want? Need and desire. This is the type of content that I posted on instagram, the type of content that I post on YouTube start small and then build off of that. You don't need to use all five at the same time. And some of these air kind of stuff that you would share in of log or on instagram stories or an instagram live as opposed to making it your main form of content. No, I did just want to let you know if you are trying to stand out online and you are something like a singer or something along those lines, you would obviously be utilizing number three as main form content as opposed to number two . Because you really want to get your talent out there as a dancer, as a singer, as an actor, as opposed to trying to help somebody become an actor, dancer or singer, if that makes any sense at all, if you look down on the description, you can actually download my workbook for this, and I really hope it helps you in order to stand out online. I try to teach this on every single coaching call because when you have these five passions in place, it's way easier to grow and build a following and genuinely spread your message online, as opposed to not really knowing what to post consistently not knowing who you're trying to attract. And this also goes into branding because when people see these five passions, they can relate to you. You they build like no one trust faster. And when you're making content with purpose and focus, they're more likely going to follow you on your journey and follow you throughout your career, as opposed to just jumping on videos that are trending topics that are trending things like that. And they don't really know where you stand on certain things. That is gonna be all for me this Thursday, and I really hope that you stick around for part two and three on this And don't forget to download the workbook, but I will see you next Thursday that this happened. Hey, July. Taking on the Graham is easy. I would hate to hate his life Look, bitch, I don't even know what the major Mabbutt running him out is easy. Use that energy to take the bag. 6. Gaining Awareness: Hey, what's up? It's more with a few. Argue that. Did you miss me today? I'm back with you guys for a part. Two of how to stand out online and how to do organically grow. You're following. You can't kill my more Kill my You can't kill my more. Okay, now that we know are five passions. My question for you is why exactly are you trying to grow this phone? What is the purpose of getting all these people? What do you want to do with them? What are you hoping to do in the future? These are the types of things we need to know. Because if you don't have an in goal, you're just going to be putting out content that really has no purpose. You're not going to be consistent with it. And that's the whole point of this. We're trying Teoh create content and post with a purpose. And when you have a purpose, you're going to reach an angle. So a lot of people are starting this, um, YouTube channel are starting their online journey in order to promote their business or become a singer, a dancer and actor. You know, all of these things. If you have a really loyal audience, they're going to follow you, no matter what path your own. The first thing I would like to talk about is a sales funnel. And, ah, lot of people have a misconception about sales funnels, and you actually are using a funnel and order to get them to a certain place. So sometimes you can use a sales funnel and order for someone to follow you in order to buy your product. To subscribe to your podcast, to watch a video to go to a website. These air all sales innocence because when you're putting them through a sales funnel, your winning out all the people that don't actually want this content or don't actually want what you're trying to offer, and along the way you're building like no one trusted them. So on your screen right now, you can see that there are four different parts of the basic sales funnel. There's awareness, trust, a call to action and then making a sale Now, as I said, sometimes you can use these for Instagram. You can use it for YouTube. You can use it to go to your website to subscribed Teoh une email newsletter type deals things like that. So it's really important to have a sales funnel in your business or even in your social media accounts, because it's all going to work together and it's going to help you build like no one, trust with your audience. But it's also going to help you get the right people to go where you want them to go. So if that's follow you on instagram, subscribe to your YouTube channel, go to a website, watch a video of yours. These are all things that you are wanting them to dio. And if you are just making everyone go there, you're not gonna have a very good conversion re. A lot of people are having trouble in the awareness phase because they're trying to attract everyone. They are afraid to get specific on who they're actually trying to attract, or there attracting a lot of different people because their content has no purpose and it's attracting multiple different types of people. Once you get very clear on who you're trying to attract, this is gonna help the awareness stage become very clear, Teoh. One thing that you can do in order to create the right type of awareness for yourself or your business or whatever social media you're trying to promote is creating an I help statement. Now, I help statement can go into your Instagram Twitter website Any of those types of bio. And what that does is it Get specific on exactly who you're trying to attract. Because ah, lot of people think that if I attract everybody, I'm gonna have a better conversion rate. But if you're talking to everybody, you're talking to nobody. So the more specific you can get, the better because you don't. Actually, if you are a college student, you don't want to be attracting new moms or college dropouts or, um, high schoolers. Elementary schoolers. You know those types of things. So the more specific your I helped statement is and what they're going to get out of following you following you on your journey or subscribing to your content or even purchasing your content, the better it's gonna be for your business in the long 11. I help statement is I helped blank with blank. I helped blank without blank. I helped blank achieve blank. I help blank by blank. So my example of a I helped statement is I help college age entrepreneurs attract market and sell to their ideal audience using instagram or YouTube. Another one I have is I help college age entrepreneurs create a side hustle. So by the time they graduate or sooner, they have a business. Now, obviously these go different places because I needed and I help statement for my socials. But I also needed it for my like website, my business and my sales pages just because you created and I helped statement that doesn't mean okay, I put it in my bio. I put it in my punches bio. I have it on my website. I'm putting it in my emails. All of those things aren't gonna make all these people come running and attracting teeth. It's going to help you over time. Convert Each person that comes to your page comes to wherever it is that this I help statement is and convert them into your sales phone to give you guys a little bit. Of example, my I help statements are different because on each platform, they're trying to achieve a different thing on my socials on things like that, I'm trying to create awareness for myself, but on my sales pages in my websites, I'm trying Teoh, make sure that they understand that if they buy this product, that's what they're going to get. So on my socials, I'm more so trying to build a community. And on my website and my sales pages, I'm trying Teoh, make them have a purchase. Obviously, for you guys, you're in different stages. Some people have the ability to just focus on solely building ah community and then coming out with a product later. Or some people are strictly just they already have a community, and they want to convert those straight to sales. Or they're trying to build their podcast or move their audience to another platform thes air the types of end goals that you need to keep in mind and create content that's going to help with this angle. So now that we have focused on that, I'm gonna move into more of You need to know who, exactly you're trying Teoh attract, and we're gonna get really clear on your ideal audience. The way I teach my students in my courses in my coaching calls are by looking at yourself. We're going to take your past, present and future self and create an ideal audience from that. And then when we're talking about the past, present and future were also talking about OK, The past is beginner. The president is intermediate in the future as advanced thes air. All different these air, all three different price points. But there are also three different people that you're going to help now on the screen. I'm going to show you the past, present and future of their needs, wants and desires. There's also going to be a new email that you can sign up for to receive this little workbook so you can really get clear on who you're trying to attract. But the reason why I'm telling you to find out your past, present and future self is in order to realize who you're trying to work with. Ah, lot of people don't want to work with beginners because it's the same questions there. A mindset hasn't shifted in a sense to okay, They just want to get 10,000 followers. They just want to make a $1,000,000. They you know, they're in that hungry phase and they're not, um, ready toe. Learn yet about what it is. And then sometimes you don't want to work with the intermediate people because they've already kind of covered the basics. And you don't want to teach that. So putting yourself out there and getting experience from each of these But you need Teoh think now, like OK, I do want to help people do X y z. I don't want to help people do X y z This is just helping you get very clear on your idea audience. We figured out if you're helping the beginner, intermediate or advanced, we needed figure out what their needs wants and desires are, or if they have to undergo a mindset shift. So if I look back at my past self, this is the beginners that I help. They want to start an online business. They want to become a youtuber. They don't want to work a 9 to 5 anymore. They know that after college they want to have more options. They want to be able to travel, and they know that they're going to be in a lot of student loan debt. They want to pay that off, but they need to know that. OK, they are passionate about either YouTube our music, and they need to know that they actually can make money from that. So I need to cover the basics of just showing them. It's possible they need to know that they could make money from their passions. They want to know that it's okay to go against the grain, and they want to be financially stable with their passions and making money from it. Now there are a couple of mindset shifts as a beginner that they're gonna have to go through. And that's obviously overcoming, limiting beliefs around themselves that they're not good enough that their uniqueness is not their weakness, that they have value to give that there are people that are wanting to hear from them, even though they are a beginner as well. And you know, it goes on the line for the president and the future self as well. Three different types of content There is encouraging content where you're telling them it's possible there's educational content where you're teaching them how to do something. And then there's entertaining content, which is just kind of showing your life behind the scenes things of that nature. So I think it's very important to have all three of these types of content in your database . So if you look at my content on YouTube, it's more so of the educational and the encouraging. But if you go to my instagram, it's only entertainment, so I'm not really teaching them on my captions. I'm obviously giving them educational content, but in order to build like no interest, they have to like you. They have to like your personality. The way to get them there and then turn them into and then get a conversion is by giving them what they want and then slowly integrating different forms of content. These are the types of things that I teach my one on one clients and in my online course, just because it helps you be a well rounded personal brand. And once you build a community, let's say on YouTube you can move them to Instagram. You can move them Teoh podcasts. You can move them to your email list, so you need to make sure that you're in the awareness phase and you know exactly how to do that by attracting the right people Obviously, all college entrepreneurs don't want Teoh be a personal brand. So they're not all gonna want to use Instagram for marketing. Not all called entrepreneurs are trying to create a height side hustle and turn it into a business. But there are those that I want to talk to and reach out to that say, Hey, you could be more than an influencer. And if you want to know how to do that, go ahead and buy my own line course. Or go ahead and sign up for a coaching call with me. Now, if I was attracting every single college entrepreneur and they went completely here, my sales funnel and bought my course or bought coaching call with me, I'd have a lot of unhappy customers because not all of them need want or desire those things. A lot of people out there say you need a niche down. You need a niche down. You must only talk about one thing. And I've seen that as a whole, really pinpoint pin hole people. And in the long run, it's not gonna help people. I think that Okay, Yes. You absolutely should niche down on who you're trying to attract and who you're trying to talk Teoh as your ideal audience. But at the end of the day, when you're a personal brand, you're going to grow and evolve, and your personal brand business should grow and evolve with you. So right now I'm talking about like, instagram tips, and I'm kind of helping you market yourself on instagram and build a solid foundation for your side hustle. So in the long term, you can have the business. But at the same time, I'm not going to do this for 50 years. I'm not going to be doing this for 10 20 years. So when I'm ready to start talking about other things, if I'm ready to start incorporating blog's if I'm ready to, you know, turn this into a podcast. I know the the people that are subscribe to my YouTube channel and watching me are gonna follow me. But if I was to only talk about Instagram tips for 23 years, nobody's going to care what else I'm talking about. When I tried to change in Pivot because of the end of the day in Syria marketing, it's fine. It's Danny, it's awesome, and I really do like some of Instagram's features. But at the same time, I'm not only going to talk about that because Instagram's going to go away and we're gonna have a new social media platform or there's gonna be other platforms that I want to help people use. And, um, I just don't want you to do that in your industry, whether you are like, no matter what you are. That's why I always say using your five passions is really gonna help you build a personal brand. Because having a personal brand, you have way more leverage and your community knows you weigh more. Then if you were just on Li pin, pull yourself to talking about one thing. The importance of building a community. This is why I want you to realize that there are bloggers and YouTubers taking over the podcasting space just because they had already built that community somewhere, and the way they did that was body incorporated, these three different types of content in their catalog. They have these five passions, and their audience knows all of these things about them, and that's why they were like, Okay, I like you on YouTube. I'm gonna listen to your podcasts. I'll really like reading your block every week, and I like getting an email from you every week. Now I'm going to listen to your podcasts, These air waste. This is why building like no one trust with an audience and really knowing who you're trying to attract this is what's gonna help you in the long run. That is all for part two of this video, so make sure you stay tuned for Part three so I can talk about the rest of the sales funnel , which is trust a call to action and sales. But if you don't wanna wait for next week's video, go ahead and hop on a coaching call of me, or you can also purchase my online course. Everything will be down in the description, and I will see you next Tuesday. I'm calling you baby. Me pick up your phone so it's 3 a.m. book. Why? You think I got busy if you think I just got it 7. Converting your Audience: Hey, what's up? It's more. But if you already knew that, did you miss me? I'm coming at you today with Part three of my three part series. I can't believe it's already finished, but let's get right into it. You can't kill my mole. Kill my You can't kill my mole. So if you haven't seen part one or part to make sure you watch that, so you're not confused. But let's jump into the rest of the sales funnel right now that we have already covered your five passions and we know exactly how to get them in the start of your sales funnel by building awareness. And we know exactly who you're trying to attract left. Get into how we can build trust with your ideal audience and then give them a call to action to make a sale. Now, as you remember in the previous video, Siri's I said, a sale doesn't always have to be them purchasing something from you. It could be a follow a subscribe. Listen, a watch signing up for your email list or just leaving the platform in general where you had built this awareness, obviously the first way that you can build like no one. Trust with the audience is really feeling like you're a leader or an expert in the content that they need want and desire. The second way is by giving them value, obviously giving you give them value by what they want, need and desire. But if they can walk away with a recreate herbal system or something that they can try and they get results, they're going to come back. So this is what you need to incorporate in your content. Obviously, I said, you need to have three different types of content educational, encouraging and entertainment. But this is more so for educational because you're actually teaching them something. Now you can teach them something and give them a recreate herbal system that they're going to apply right away and get results. You can do this through YouTube videos, e mails, instagram captions, instagram stories. It's gonna be very easy to give them something of value that's going to keep them coming back. This is how you build a really solid like they're on trust because if they can take what you said, go apply it, get results. They know the journal, a liar or this isn't some type of fluff content. I want to give you four different examples of how you can add value. The first way is being, you know, the expert in your industry of what they need, want and desire. The second is giving them value by giving them a recreate herbal system. The third way is giving them result in order for them to come back. And then the fourth Way is showing up consistently because I don't know if you ever been in this position where your favorite YouTube or or your favorite podcaster takes about, you know a month or two week break and you have already incorporated them into your daily routine. So you always listen to their podcasts on the way to or from work. Or if you have the opportunity at work or you're watching their YouTube videos every single Tuesday, if they don't show up, what happens is you start looking for that type of content somewhere else. So if it was about conspiracy theories, you start looking for someone else to get conspiracy theories about If it was something about business, you look for other people in that industry that's going to give you those tips about business. So this is why it's very important to show up consistently and make sure you have system in place, because if you stop showing up for them, they're gonna look elsewhere for this content, and then they might forget about you. And if they weren't subscribed, they're not gonna be getting notifications when you come back. One thing I wanted to tell you guys is that a lot of people feel like they are good enough . They think that Oh, why would they listen to me? I'm a beginner. Why would they listen to me? I'm different. I don't have 10,000 followers yet. Why would they listen to me? But those exact reasons that you're saying you're not good enough are exactly why someone would listen to you. It's hard to relate to somebody that has already been in this business for 35 10 years, because when you are one or two steps ahead of them, they feel it's more realistic to be able to achieve those goals as opposed to making six figures a month. Teoh having trips to go to Bali? Teoh buying a I don't know, Gucci, Bell or something? I don't know. But when you're just a couple steps ahead of them, they feel like OK, yes. I can achieve this status. I can achieve this and they're going to listen to you as opposed to, you know, looking at somebody that is flying on private jets going to Bali every month. You know, the those same a lot. Ah, lot more unrealistic to be able to achieve to that. There are three different types of trust. There is, like no interest. If somebody likes you, they're going to listen. If somebody knows you, they're going to consider And if somebody trust you, they're going to purchase or they're going to do whatever you say. One thing you do need to know as it does take patients. And it does take time to build, like known trust with somebody just like you. You're not going to subscribe to somebody after you've watched about two or three of their videos. It sometimes takes like seven or you know even more of their videos in order to be like, OK, I do like this person personality. We have the same values. They're helping me get to my end goal there entertaining. I like the way they speak. They talk things like that. This is exactly what happens when you're putting out YouTube videos. When you're putting out instagram post or stories or captions, the more time that they can spend with you, the more time it's going to help you build like no one trust. This is why I think it's very important to have a long term or a long form of content, whether that's through them reading your blawg, whether that's through a podcast, a YouTube or even going live on instagram, these help you build like no one, trust with them easier because they're spending more time with you if they've set there and watch five of your instagram lives where it was 35 to 45 minutes. If they sat there and watched 10 year YouTube videos, that was 20 minutes each. They read like five or six of your captions. They sat there and watched your instagram stories for two weeks. This is really you're in the trust days now, when you're in the like phase. This is where oh, I like your pictures. Your pretty you look like me. You're in college you're You know, whatever it is for your ideal audience, this is where you're like, OK, you got them in. Now let's see if we actually align and this is where you're gonna build the no and then get the truck, which is making them spend more time with you and making sure that you're sharing parts of yourself, that they're going to know that your values align. So that's why I think you need to make sure you have already watched the five Passions. Because if you share your five passions, they're going to know if they like nor trust you. Let's get into the call to action. The call. The action is where they're on one platform and you want to get them to a different platform. Your awareness phase is giving them content that they like. It's something that they're like. I want to get more followers. So this is a type of stuff they're gonna search. But actually, what you want to do is build trust with them and say OK, yes, I understand you want followers, but you need to understand that you need to be attracting the right followers, your awareness and trust phase can be on the same platform. That's fine. But giving them a call to action and a sale in the same place that you build awareness with them probably isn't going to work. And I say it in this sense. If you have made a YouTube video and they're now following you on INSTAGRAM, it's going to be more likely to for them to purchase from you on the Instagram rather than your YouTube video. And it's innocents. When they're on YouTube, they're sitting down the relaxing. They're doing something the same four Podcast. This is a long form content. They're doing something, and this is where they're just listening to you on Instagram or through an email. They're more likely going to take called action because for one, they've already went to a different platform already. So you already converted them in that sense. So when they moved to another platform, it's gonna be they already did. That's a bill, the awareness somewhere, and then you have gave it, given them a call to action or a sale somewhere else. This it means they have gone down your funnel and they've built ID like known trust with you and if you've already got them to another platform, you're more than likely already at the trust phase. If that makes any selling back Teoh a sale. Obviously this doesn't always have to be a purchase. It can be. Ah, follow a subscribe A sign up. A watch of you. A comment wouldn't give you a couple examples of how to actually use this sales funnel as a whole. Let's say your awareness phase is your YouTube channel. Your trust phase is your YouTube vlogs and your instagram stories. You gave them a call to action and instagram stories telling them, Teoh, go, um subscribe and listen to your podcast. But you weren't seeing any sales happening. You weren't seeing any of them convert over to listening, subscribing anything of that nature. So these air some things you can do in order to perfect your sales funnel. Now, if this is happening to you, in a sense that means that your call to action might not have been specific enough. So you need to work on how to pitch yourself properly. Or it could just be that they don't understand exactly why they should listen to this podcast. So here are some things that you can do in order to perfect yourself, you're going to start teasing your podcast at the beginning or ending of your YouTube channel, videos or blocks. Another thing you can do is as little excerpts in your instagram story. If you put a teaser in your instagram stories, they're more than likely going to start listening to it and be like, Oh, hey, this is more so of like a longer form content of their YouTube videos or Hey, I really need to listen to this episode who's actually just start uploading your full audio Teoh your YouTube channel. Now, obviously, if your podcast has something doesn't have anything to do with what you have built your YouTube channel around it can hurt your engagement. It could hurt your overall process of your channel, but at the end of the day, your audience is going to tell you whether or not you should do this or if they like this. So ask them. It's asked them on instagram through polls. Ask them through the community tab on YouTube. Um, give them a call to action one of your videos. If they would like something like this, in your actual instagram feed. You can give them a call to action through caption, so make sure you give them like let's say you post three times a week on your feet on instagram on one of those posters. Dedicate that strictly to your to promoting your podcast. But at the end of the day, this is what is called marketing, so you need to be able to vote yourself with confidence in my own line course, and in my coaching calls, I actually give you a fill in the blank pitch of how to hoop pitch yourself. It's really easy if you can do one and one instagram story or you can dio a and it's a sequence of just kind of building like no. One trust of why they should actually follow the sales. Now I want you to realize that this doesn't just go with okay. If I have a YouTube channel, I'm trying to make a podcast that's gonna go with anything. Whether you're selling a physical product, a digital product, you need to be confident in selling to your audience, whether that's selling yourself or selling a product. Now, obviously, this is why building like no one trust with an audience and really having that solid look. Genuine community is so important because if you build it somewhere, you can take them anywhere because they have this really good relationship with you. That's why I don't think it's very clever to pinhole yourself, because if they only know you as the Instagram queen, if they only know you as the person that only talks about iPhones, they're really not going to give two craps about anything else that you're talking about and when you're trying to have it. It can be very difficult if you pinhole yourself for years. If you need more help on how to find your five passions or like no one, trust with an organic community that you have built for yourself. I have limited spots for coaching calls each week. You can find that in the description, or you can buy my own line course, but I am going to be back with you every single Tuesday and Thursday. Make sure that we're turning your side hustle into a profitable business. Just make money like go get money back 8. How to use Instagram Hashtags: Hey, what's up? It's more. But if you are new that did you miss me today? I'm gonna help you with your instagram engagement. And I'm going to do that by helping you actually use your hashtag properly. You can't kill my more. Kill my mood. You can't kill my mole film. All right, Now let's get into the first thing of why you should actually be using your hashtag. It actually allows you to get in front of a lot more people when you're using your hashtag so you can use up to 30 hash tags on every single post which I recommend you doing that by using all 30 hashtag. It allows instagram to determine what type of content this, but what it does do is it helps instagram assess your profile as a whole. Am the content that you are posting. So how should you use your hashtag? A lot of people always wonder if they should put their hashtag in the comment section or the captions. I always say you need to put it in the captions. That's how Instagram wants it to be. That's how they rolled it out to be an overall. It helps you more if you put it in the actual captions by putting it in the comments. The interim gods aren't going to come down and shadow Bandarban your account. But if you can't fit it in the captions, that's completely OK to put it in the comments. But more times than not, I do recommend to putting it in the captions itself. The second thing you need to know about using your hashtag properly is trying not to use the exact same 30 hashtags every single time. You need to be using different strategies. You need to be using different hashtag because at the end of the day, you don't even know if he's 30. Hashtags are going to profit you in the long run and by using different hashtag it gets you in front of different types of people. If you're not ranking in these hashtags, the chances are they're growing every single day. There's more people posting to them every single day. So once these hashtag get over about 50 k or 100 k just by you using the exact same ones over and over again and you're not ranking in them, this isn't going to help the overall engagement or growth of your INSTAGRAM account. Now, when you're using hashtag, there are different types of hashtag. There are phrases, there's really specific. There's more. So on the vague. It's the volume size, which is how many people are actually posting to this hashtag. If you're using Hashtags, actually described your caption described the picture or describe your account. Or if you have a specific industry as a whole, this is going to help you reach the to reach the correct people. Now let's get into the different types of hatch tax. There are small, medium and large. So medium are anything that has 1000 people posting to it to 10,000 or depending on how larger account of small hashtag for you might be 10,000 to 50,000. Medium hashtags are 50 K to 100 K and large hashtags are 100 K 2 500 or a 1,000,000. Depending on your follower account, these types of hashtags are going to react to your account and your growth and engagement very differently. What I mean by that is if you are somebody that gets on a regular 70 likes per picture and maybe like 10 comments. It's going to be a little more difficult for you to rank in the medium or the large hashtag . That's why using a hat of strategy such as the stair method and you show up in the top results will more than likely get you in the category. You need to be of the like size to rank in the medium. You get all the likes in Commons that you need to to rank in the large. Now this is very difficult for some accounts, especially if you have below 500 followers and not all of those are engaged. But if you actually have a solid foundation in a really loyal community that like and comment on your pictures, then it's going to be a little more easy for you to rank in the small medium and the large hashtag going into what the stair method actually is. It is you using in 15 small hashtags 12 medium hashtag in that about three large hashtag. Like I said previously, the goal of this is to rank in all the small hashtags, which will in turn rank you in the medium hashtags, and then hopefully you will rank in the large hashtag. This will obviously increase your engagement. It'll increase your likes, your comments, everything like that moving on into the second hashtag strategy that I like to use. It's called the feature Miss, and what I do is I only do hashtag I only do market research on 10 hashtags. And then out of that, those 10 I used to of the Hashtags that instagram actually recommends for me as an example , let's say you are in the instagram or fitness coaching business, and one of the hashtags that you like to use has to do with entrepreneur. Obviously, that is something that is very, very big. And I would recommend not using something that has a volume of that size because your post overall is going to get lost. I would recommend to try and see how you stand out in the business industry. So a lot of people use that they are feminine. They are female business owner as something to help them stand out. Now, if you look at hashtag that have to do with female entrepreneurs, you're going to find something along the lines of Sim Preneurs. Well, if you look when YouTube is actually suggesting what you should use with that type of hashtag Empire and empowerment come up. So that is exactly what you're going to do for the next nine hashtag And at the end of all of this, you're gonna have 30. Now, when you're doing this with the related hashtag, make sure they are in the range that you want them to be. I would suggest if you're going to do this method, do it between the small and the medium hashtag range, as opposed to making every single one of your hashtags be in 1,000,000 range. Moving onto the last hashtag strategy that I like to use is the 10 10 10 method. Now this is where I use 10 hash tags that have to do with what my caption or photo is about 10 hashtags that are in my industry and then 10 hash tax for the people that I'm trying Teoh attract. So for me, this would be 10 hashtag that had to do with coaching or film or female entrepreneurs than it would be. I'm trying to attract college students and then it goes into whatever my instagram post is about, which is you usually instagram tips. When I'm using the 10 10 10 Method, I used five small hashtag and then five medium hashtags because my follower count is more so on the lower end. As of right now, one thing you need to know about using hashtag is actually how to use them properly. So, like I said before, if you try to look up the hashtag right now for lady boss, you are going to be completely bombarded by millions and millions of people using this hashtag because it's so commonly used. But if you use something along the lines of Empire FIM pra newer biz, baby girl boss, gang girl, boss movement, women and business buff, lady life or girl boss life, you're more than likely going to be able to rank in those. And that's way more specific to your industry or who you're trying to attract. Leave. This can be used for in any industry. It could be for the coaching industry. YouTube Earth podcast. Just be the more specific you can be. I wouldn't go more than like four or five words just because it might not be as more frequently search for. But if you get more specific, such as small YouTube community YouTube blogger, lifestyle blogger, college blogger, anything like that, those airway more specific, and you're going to be able to get a specific industry and attract the same type of people that you not only are but want to actually have phone you as a little added bonus. I did just want Teoh tell you guys that if you use hashtags in your instagram stories, this is actually another way. You can increase your engagement and increase views on your instagram stories, But I recently found out that you do have to have 60 people, have you to your instagram stories in the past. At one time, in order to actually show up on the instagram hashtag stories, I'll have a picture if you guys need that. But this is overall how Instagram protects us from those spam accounts or fake and Syria McCown. Now, I actually don't know what happens if you have hash tags in your instagram story and then you save them at the highlight. I'm not sure if you will continuously state ranking or, like, be the very first hashtag story for that specific one. You guys should go ahead and test that out and let me know if it actually stays there for longer than 24 hours. But as for right now, that is all for this video. I really hope it was helpful. If you want more tips like this one, I will see you every single Tuesday. Or if you can't wait, you can go ahead and follow me on Instagram. You've got like, you stay fresh from Got money? Never. Oh, you're gonna like 9. Part 1 | 5 LESSONS I learned from quitting my job: Hey, what's up? It's more. But if you already knew that, did you miss me today? I wanted to tell you guys five things that I learned from quitting my job in order to start a business. All right. The very first thing that I learned is that content creation is the most important part because this is where people are gonna find you and what I mean by content creation. I'm more so talking about long form content. So your podcast episodes, your YouTube videos, your lives, your blog's post, things like that that's more of a long form. And this is somebody's very first introduction of you. Obviously, if you watch my prior videos, I talked about how toe add value into your content and why it's important. But one thing that I realizes I was spending a lot of time perfecting my online course or my product, and I was kind of scared to start growing my audience because I was like, Well, I'm not gonna have anything to sell to them. But what I forgot was I got away from my wife and I realized that I wasn't trying to build his audience in order just to sell to them. I was building this audience to build this audience, to be able to support myself through other venues, not just selling them. My online course. People need to build, like, know and trust with you. And the more content that you have, it's going to be a lot easier. So what? I was kind of forgetting was the okay by delaying my, um, content creation process by d'Alene putting out the content. I was delaying my like No. One trust. And the most important thing is, if you're not putting any content out there, how are people supposed to find you? The second thing I learned is marketing as the second most important part. So what marketing is It's promoting yourself, your product, your content, all of those things that you're pretty much getting more eyes on, the content you already have. So have any content. You can't market it, and if you don't market it, no matter how good your content is, nobody's going to see it. So marketing is all about how to get more eyes on your content that you already made it. And the more content you have, the easier it is to be able to promote yourself. Put yourself repurpose this content for other things. That's why content creation is the most important part in marketing is the second important part. Also of know thing about marketing is the it kind of gives the like no trust of purpose. So somebody goes down your sales funnel. You're pretty much building awareness than your building trust, and then you're giving them a called action. And then it's a sale. Obviously, sales funnels don't always have to be somebody purchasing something. It could be a like a follow a watch to subscribe a download things of that nature. But marketing really helps you get someone from point A to point B with a purpose. So if you're in goal is to have everyone listening to your podcast or join an email list or something like that. These were the types of things you need to think about in order to advance your growth and really build your community. When you're building like the on trust of somebody, the more loyal your audience member is the better, because that means that they're going to read your blog's. They're going to look at your instagram read your tweets. Listen to your podcasts watcher. YouTube videos. You want those die hard, loyal people in your community? Number three. I kind of touched on this a little bit, but I got away from the real reason why I wanted to start my business and start my YouTube channel. I wanted to become a YouTuber because it's been something I've been passionate about since I've been 13 years old. And the reason why I wanted to be a YouTuber was for all of the freedoms and building a community and having friends and going to events and things like that. It wasn't just about, you know, um, getting the YouTube plaque or you to paying. You're getting sponsors. It was more so of building that community and then having the ability to, you know, be a singer or be a podcast host or TV shows. It was just those types of things. It was more so. You can do whatever you want. If I picked one specific things like I want to be a dancer, there's only so much you can do within the dance community. If I want to be a singer. There is so much so much you can dio. But the whole point about being a youtuber was it essentially gave me the freedom to be do and have whatever I want it if that makes sense. And the reason why I started my business was because when I was on my journey as becoming an entrepreneur and getting into this world and realizing what it is and what you can dio, I realized that there wasn't a lot of people that have somebody like me as their ideal audience. So there wasn't a lot of people that were talking to 20 year olds, college students, minorities. It was more so just, you know, more so demographic of like as a stay at home mom. These are the types of things you can dio or is. There wasn't a lot of people speaking to minorities, so I took it upon myself to I really wanted to hone in on the college entrepreneurs, the beginning entrepreneurs and minorities and help them at a price that is a beginner price. A lot of these, um, businesses, a lot of these online coaches instagram gurus of that nature for beginners, they're starting price is $10,000. I personally don't think that, um, the people that I'm trying to attract have that whore have ever had that in their bank account. Or that's even something like, I don't want to put my audience in a place where they have to get out alone or have buyer's remorse afterwards or just be in that mindset of lack the whole time they're going through my course because they're not going to get the same value out of it. If they're in that mindset, as opposed to if this is more so as a premium price for them, then it's It's more or less going to benefit them and me in the long run. So prices were a very big thing when I was starting my business, so I kind of surrounded everything around. What does a college entrepreneur need? Want and desire? What does a beginner entrepreneur want? Need and desire? And I used my self as my ideal audience. The thing that I've realized is with starting my business with being a youtuber. This all is more or less being an entrepreneur. What those things give me is the ability to work from everywhere, work from anywhere, move anywhere give me the freedom to just enjoy life in the way that I think the lie happiness means to me what happiness means to me what freedom means to me. It gives me the ability to influence people in a positive way and actually give them value and give them all the things that I was looking for as a beginner YouTuber, beginner, business owner, beginner entrepreneur. And it also gives me the ability to realize that I don't have Teoh just rely on sponsorships in order to make my YouTube channel thrive or make my business right. The fourth thing I learned it had to do a lot about myself. I had to overcome limiting beliefs, blocks, um, just figuring out why I am the way I am. The first thing that I had to really overcome figure out and realize. But that was that I had a really shitty mindset around money and how to come with, like, you know, how I was raised in how just people around me talked about money in my childhood. And it really came about when I was pricing my own line course and pricing my services. I really under, um I really had to overcome that block that I shouldn't be charging somebody blink amount of dollars when I was subconsciously scared to charge what I was worth or what my course was worth or coaching services was worth due to me, not feeling like I deserved Teoh charge somebody that were except that much money from somebody feeling like I wasn't good enough to have that much money and what that came back to was I have somewhere along the lines of in my life I had lost my confidence and it was the confidence in myself to realize that I am good enough. I just Overall, there was a lot of things going on in my life that I felt shitty about myself and I really had to build that confidence back up. Another thing that I realized when in the process of creating my own line course on my website in my instagram, my YouTube channel, all of these things I came to the realization that I'm a perfectionist and a lot of my perfectionism is stemming from my want to be a people pleaser and wanting it to be completely perfect and not find any flaws in it. And the point is, as everybody's a beginner, everybody has a starting point and you're not gonna be able to start perfect. So I had to really realize the done is better than perfect. Anybody that watches this is going to find some type of flaw in it. If I'm doing the best I can, and I'm putting out my best work, even if it's what I feel like is B plus work. I know that just because of how I am in my perfectionism that I'm probably putting out, ah, lot better content than most people are. And I shouldn't beat myself up just because I couldn't have the best audio at the time, the best editing software at the time, the best graphics at the time. You know it's things like that that I really had to push past and realize that long as I'm putting something out there. That's the most important part because content creation is the most important part. A lot of my perfectionism was starting Teoh result in self sabotage, so because what was happening was any time that I was going to film a video or edited video . In my mind, I would find some excuse of why I shouldn't do this because it was causing me stress. The reason why I was getting stressed was because I was getting overwhelmed by trying to film and make everything completely perfect by trying to edit it and make it completely perfect when I didn't have the knowledge of how to do this or the means of how to do this. So it was a resulting in me procrastinating. The way I overcame this was realizing that I can put out B plus work is going to be fine and the most important part and the whole reason I had to look back at my Y again was the reason why I'm trying to do this is to help people and by me not putting this out because I don't feel it's perfect. That's not helping anybody at all. The last thing I had to learn and it was very difficult for me was a failure as an entrepreneur is not a fail at all because as an entrepreneur, the more you failed, the more you learn and the faster you grow. That's the whole pretty much premise of entre newer ship. It's just the more you fail, the better you're going to be at somebody. And the reason why there are so many successful like authors and actors and actresses and all of these things is because they have failed more times than somebody else has even started or attempted. They've had to fail a lot more in order to have this growth and learn these lessons and realize what isn't isn't right for them. One fail I had was quitting my job without an audience. A lot of people that I was listening to through podcast. And you know, the coaching industry on INSTAGRAM was they said it was so easy to just come out with the course and get, you know, three or four sales, but what they weren't telling you was okay. They might have made six figures, their first launch or something along those lines, but they had some type of audience tow launch to whether it was on a blawg, a YouTube channel, their instagram. A lot of things that I have realizes that a lot of these coaches will actually have their student come on to their email list onto their podcast onto their blawg, and they will let them promote to their audience. And that will most likely result to a six figure launch just because that coach has already built, like no one, trust with their audience. And when they're introducing this new person, they trust this coach. So in turn, they're going to trust that student and pay for whatever that person is buying, even if it is price of $10,000. The second failed that I had had to do with spending way too much time perfecting in creating my product and not focusing on creating my audience, these air, all types of things that you kind of get hung up in, and you're not realizing that you're doing it. But like I said, I was focusing on Well, I can't have an audience right now because I don't have anything to like launch to them or promote to them. And what it was happening was I was trying to do too many things at once. I should have focused on building my audience first and then come out with a product and then focused on launching it to him. But I was doing everything in the reverse just because I didn't have anybody there to tell me what I shouldn't shouldn't be doing. And I was kind of listening to ah, lot of people that weren't giving me the best of advice. Third fail I had it has to do with, um it has two different parts. So the first part of my third fail waas waiting it out and just trying to wait out when this money is gonna come in from my business, waiting it out, just thinking that somehow this money is going to fall into my lap even though I don't have any audience. And I'm still in the process of growing that and building that and building like no one trusted them. This takes time. And that's what a lot of people don't tell you is that I was starting from zero. A lot of these people were starting from zero on Instagram or Twitter or something like that were an email list, but they still had hundreds, thousands millions of people reading their blawg or watching their YouTube videos. They had a way to convert that audience to somewhere else. I was completely starting at zero everywhere, and I needed to get a job just toe have an income to, you know, pay my bills and I was waiting it out, and I feel a little bit like I waited it out too long. Obviously, there were forces that were influencing me to telling me not to go back. But in my heart I knew that I should have, and I kind of waited it out too long. The second part of this is I wanted to hire a coach, but because I had quit my job, I didn't have the means to afford that investment right off the bat, because that was my savings that I was going to use until I thought that I was going to be able to start making these sales because everyone said, You know, it's really easy just to make three or four sales a month, and in my head, I believe them. And I thought that that was true. Just to sum this up, I'm not telling you to go out and hire a coach that you must need to have a coach or to even hire me as your coach, or that I would be the best coach for you, my three. My three problem areas YouTube background stuff like I knew the basics about, you know, titles, thumbnails, tags. But having a coach who has worked with multiple brands on YouTube, they know, um, different types of things that, you know, I might not even know that is important to my channel was business, marketing, coaching. But it was more so of like, Okay, what is the next step I dio after I have built this audience? I have my product. I'd sold to them. You know what's after that? And then the third thing had to do with, like, OK, I'm gonna be coming out with a podcast at the end of the year. I'm going to start converting this audience into other things instagram for business and things like that. So those are the types. Those are my three problem areas, and I could have hired a coach that knew how to do all three of those things. I could have hired a coach like three different coaches to teach me those things, and it would have in the long run, you know, help me build my audience faster and help me avoid all these failures that I had to spend six months doing and learning and teaching myself. Another thing that you get when you are investing in a mentor is they have invested in mentors ourselves. So you're not only getting their personal experiences, you're getting in the group coach ings experiences that they've been in or that they're doing. You're getting their coaches experiences because, you know, they have taught them their failures and how to avoid it. You're getting a network community because, okay, they know, um, somebody that can create your logo for you. They know somebody that can edit your YouTube videos. They know somebody that can build your website. It just all of these things that when you're investing in a coach, it seems like a lot of money, but and the long run, you're getting a lot more than just them teaching you how to, you know, use instagram for your business or something along those lines. But those are the five things that I have learned from quitting my job too early to start my business, and there's actually going to be a part two of this of the five mistakes that I made while starting my business. So make sure you look out for that next Thursday. And that's all for me today. You see this buzz that I'm getting? It's just wisdom I'm losing. But I need a distraction cause oh, my actions been useless, Man, I've been trying on me. I'll be OK, but that's just dialogue. If you feel the same as me, let me see your life dog. Let him burn that. I'm Byron. If they want to switch sides, let tired, let him. 10. Part 2 | 5 MISTAKES I made from quitting my job: Hey, what's up? It's more. But if you already knew that, did you miss me? I'm coming at you to tell you that I made five mistakes. Well, I made a lot more than that. But these are the five mistakes I made by quitting my job to start a business, you can't kill my move. You can't kill my mul kill My first mistake that I made. I was quitting my job without an audience. Now a lot of people are out there going to tell you that it's really easy just to get four sales. You only need about 100 loyal followers to make $10,000 frequently a month. You know, did it under that they're gonna hype you up. But the the problem with this is is it's really easy to convert somebody from a blawg and then started zero on instagram or convert somebody from an email list starting at zero on a YouTube channel. If you have zero audience anywhere, it's going to be really hard to convert that little bit of awareness you have into an actual sale. Now, this is the mistake I made because I didn't have an audience. If you don't have any audience, you don't have any sales, and a lot of people correlate they're following Teoh their audience. What I mean by an audience is people that actually want your product. So if that is the content putting out on Instagram, of course, coaching services, those people that are following you more than likely aren't boil followers or loyal audiences that are going Teoh follow you to ever platform or whatever venture your on in your journey. And the first problem of why didn't have an audience was because I wasn't putting out any content. I wasn't out putting any content with value frequently on Instagram or YouTube or Twitter or through blood post or email list. I wasn't putting out any content because I'm going to get into my next mistake. But I wasn't putting out any content because I was afraid. Those little people that do find in our my followers, I'm not gonna have anything to sell to them. The next thing that I realized that goes along with growing an audience having a content of value is marketing, so this is promoting the content that you have or repurpose ing. It is pretty much pitching yourself and your product to an audience of why they should follow you. Why they should watch why they should subscribe. All of those things. Social platforms are a form of marketing. This is more so of the micro content, and what I'm talking about is I didn't have any long form content. I didn't have any YouTube videos where they could spend a lot more time growing like them on trust with me. I didn't have any block post where they could read more and more about me or I didn't have any podcast. I didn't have any live videos. I just didn't have any content. So obviously, when I don't have any content out there, I'm not gonna have an audience because no one has built like no. One trust with me. Now, going into my second mistake that I made was I was spending too much time on perfecting and creating my product instead of growing my audience. One of my goals was to create an online coaching business, and I wanted to do one of these by creating an online course. I spent way too much time creating my own line course instead of actually building my audience. I did it in the reverse. I should have spent way more time spinning my audience earth, growing my audience, spending time, growing my audience, creating content for them and then create the product and then launch it to him. But I was doing everything in the reverse. One of the things I came to the realization of was that I am a perfectionist. The reason why I am a perfectionist is because I'm a people pleaser, and when I put something out, I want them to really like it, get value and enjoy it and really not find any flaws in it. However, this is where my perfectionists comes in because I I'm obviously going to make mistakes. Everything's gonna have flaws. I'm in the learning process. There's gonna be a learning curve. Anybody can find flaws in any type of content anywhere. So me creating all the stress and overwhelm around any time I sat down in front of the camera every time I sat down to write any time I was editing, my brain was realizing this was a stressor and I was making up excuses of, Well, I should do this before I added, I should do this before I film, and this was leaving into procrastination. Another thing that kind of played into this is because it was an online course and I was making people pay for it, and I felt like, Oh well, sometime a beginner. I can't make people pay for this product that I feel like isn't my, you know, a plus work. I don't feel good enough to receive money for this thing that I created to the best of my ability. Obviously, when you create something, especially an online course, that is an evergreen product, so you can always go back and fix it and change it and upgrade it later and change the pricing later. But in my head, I had such a shitty mindset around money that it was causing me a lot of overwhelm and a lot of procrastination around, just putting it out and making sure it was as perfect as I could make it. In the moment, this leads me back to mistake number three. I wasn't focusing on creating content. I was focused on creating perfect content for this online course, but as we know, you know, content gration is number one. It's the most important thing because if you're not putting this out, you can't build an audience. People aren't gonna be able to find you, and that's the beginning of your sales. Funnel is awareness. One thing that is, if when you're in the awareness phase, it's really important to build, like, know and trust with them, because what happens is the more content of yours they consume, the longer time they're spending with you. So when you're putting out longer form content such as YouTube, videos, lives, podcast, all of those things, they're spending a lot more time with you. And you can build, like no one, trust with them a lot faster than if they're just reading your instagram captions or watching your instagram stories. Things like that. Obviously, everything is important when it comes to anything from micro to macro content. But it's the more they spend with you, they see you. They can really get a feel for you if you're trustworthy. If you align with them ethically, all of those types of things. It's really about relatability when it comes to like no interest. Another thing that goes along with this type of content is the free content, the long form content you're putting out. It has to have some type of value to your audience. There's obviously different types of value. It's through educational entertainment were encouraging. So all of these have to give them some type of value in order for them to come back and really like no interest you. These things also lied to them following you on other platforms, subscribing to your email list, listening to your podcast as a the other daily routine each week. Those types of things. That's why it's so important to actually give them value and really appreciate how loyal they're being, where they're following you on all platforms. The fourth mistake that I made was I was listening to others, and I wasn't listening to my why. One big thing that a lot of these gurus or coaches don't tell you is that a lot of their clients can get a six figure launch or a seven things. You're launched very quickly if they've already had an audience somewhere else and convert them like, let's say they're starting from zero on Instagram or YouTube, but they're Blawg has 1000 100,000 1,000,000 people reading it. That's going to be very easy to convert and get 10,000 followers very quickly. Or, you know, have a launch that seven figures very quickly when they already have built this like known trust somewhere else and there going to another platform with it. Another thing that a lot of coaches will do is that they will have their students guest post on their INSTAGRAM account takeover their instagram stories, or they will have them on their podcast. Where again there? Coach has already built this huge, really loyal audience, and when their student is launching to them, it's gonna be very easy to convert to seven figures now where I had come in and played into this and started believing that, Oh, it's so easy to just quit your job and build this audience really quickly and then get 45 sales a month, you know, price that $10,000 where I came into this was I fed into that dishonesty about how you can quickly grow your audience. Obviously, that's a form of networking. It just they weren't being very up front about how you can actually go about doing this and how quickly when you're starting from absolute zero getting sale like that? Obviously, there are different forms of instagram ads and networking and collaborating and guest posting and giveaways and things like that that you can build your audience quickly. But when you're thinking about long term, those types of people aren't going to be around long term. You really want to build that solid like no one trust with an audience, it's gonna be around with you forever. Another thing that even wanted me to create my business in the first place was there are a lot of people out there talking about what worked for them 5 10 years ago. Well, as a 23 year old, these types of things aren't going to be relevant for me or my ideal audience because my idea audience doesn't spend time on Facebook. They don't spend time on Facebook groups, you know, they can tell on Instagram ad right away, and they're just gonna swipe past it. My idea. Audiences more so on YouTube. They're on instagram stories there. On Snapchat, they're on Twitter. These are the types of things that a lot of people weren't using too, their advantage for my I d audience for them. You know their audiences, new moms, their audiences on Facebook and instant herb in Facebook and in those Facebook groups. But for me, my idea audience wasn't there. So I was kind of focusing on the wrong things. And I wanted to come out with my business and my course in my YouTube channel to help people you know, grow on instagram growing YouTube, grow on Twitter, grow through things that they actually use every single day, not what worked for somebody 5 10 years ago and isn't going to be relevant at all five or 10 years from now. At the end of the day, I needed to realize why I wanted to be a youtuber, why I wanted to grow this audience and why I wanted to start my business. That reason was to help people. I wanted to help people like me that when they're listening to these business podcast or they're listening to these YouTubers talk about business or marketing or something like that, they're not talking to the people like me who are 23 years old or, you know in that age range to wear. You need to be using podcasting. You need to be using YouTube. You need to be using Instagram and Snapchat and Twitter, these air things you use every day. Why would your idea audience not be on those things? But that's another thing. When I'm looking into these business podcast, I'm trying to get information. They're talking about Facebook and, you know, stuff that is not even going to be relevant to me or my generation like it's not relevant now and it's not gonna be five or 10 years from now. So that's why I wanted to make sure that I put value out for people that are watching me to really realize that there's a whole generation that these business people aren't talking. Teoh and I can kind of be the voice of that and help them. And the greatest thing about it is I can do that by doing by creating the stuff that I watch. So like carved logs or vlogs or YouTube or just, you know, podcasting. I listen to podcast at work, and I listen to it in the morning instead of watching TV, and I use, um, I watch Netflix more than I used or watch cable TV and YouTube the same way. I'm probably on YouTube watching YouTube more than I even watch Netflix. So the very last mistake that I had made in my business was I was in a place of fear and I wasn't able to invest in my business. The reason why this was was obviously I quit my job and I quit my job way too soon. So all of my savings and I had instead of using that to invest in a mentor or invest in my business, I was in a place of fear, and I wasn't investing in mentors or in my business or websites or logos. And you know all of those things. It's really important because your mentor has already made all these fails and they can take you from A to B in the seven weeks or eight weeks of their program, as opposed to, I had to figure all this out in six months. I knew I was struggling and and I refused to invest in my business because I was scared. You know, you need to have an email list you need to have a domain you need to buy an LoC, you need Teoh have like an email list builder and sender. And you know all of these things cost money. And because I was scared and I was afraid and I didn't have the money at the time to invest , I wasn't investing in these things. So anything that costed money, I was refusing to put back into my business. Even though this is all types of things that are going Teoh, help me succeed. Obviously, in the beginning, you can use external websites that are like WordPress, where it's free. You can use chip mail chimp for a while. That's free. You can use other hosting sites like teachable fiber up work things like that to kind of get your business going. But like I said, you know, teachable is a free, but it's not a community based platform, so you already have to have an audience and drive traffic to that as opposed to scale share or you. To me, there's already a community there, and you just have to put valuable content. They're the same thing with YouTube and instagram. But here's the thing. I'm not telling you to go out on investing a mentor right away. I'm just saying for me, I know what my problems were and I refused to invest because I was scared and I was coming from a lack mindset. I'm just telling you that the most important thing to focus on is your content and building your audience and everything else will come next. I think a lot of us get into this trying to do it too quickly, and that's where we can burn ourselves out. We can kind of be in, ah, financial stretch or, you know, something like that and the whole point of investing and building this audience. Obviously, yes, you have to make money to survive, and there's a way to monetize any audience or any platform. But you need to stay true to your why. And I really got distracted from that and the minced of, you know, growing my business and finding out what's important and end of the day, creating content, being loyal to your audience, giving your audience value. That's the most important part. And you don't want to take advantage of these people that have followed you for, you know, a couple years they followed you on different types of platforms and you're giving them value. But I just want to leave you with this two part series and tell you that at the end of the day, you're gonna have to invest in your business at some point, So don't quit your job too early. Anyways, I hope that through my 10 tips that I have given you through my five mistakes and five lessons, I hope this is helpful. I hope you don't make the same mistakes that ideo at the end of the day. If you are wanting to quit your job, to start a business, focus on creating content, the adds value and building a loyal audience because those are the types of things you need in order to take them to multiple different platforms. And really long form content is the best way to go. So if you need any help, I have a coaching program or you can hop on a coaching call with me. I would love to do that with you, or you can check back every single Tuesday and Thursday where I share more videos like this . But until then, I will see you next week, building a better date for better days way. But I'm holding 11. My 1st Ever Video: my name is Morgan. Or if you go to my Instagram, it's a genuine mixture. I helped call it age. Entrepreneurs attract market and sell to their ideal audience using instagram. Now, this lesson that I'm about to show you is Meister Graham Course pursued genuinely a lot of people asking me on Instagram how to get more followers. And I look at their profile and I see that they're making really great content. They're showing up every day. They're using all 30 hashtags. But the problem why people aren't staying is because of their bio, their stories and their highlights. So I want to help you today set all that up correctly because I see a lot of you are attracting people to year profile. But they're not staying your phone. This is going to help a little bit with that. All right, You did it. You're taking the leaf lesson one. Let's hop into it all about your profile. So the question I have for you is what is the purpose of this instagram account? Why do you want all these followers? Why did you create this count? Why are you starting your business? We need to start thinking about that question because at the end of the day, if you have a 1,000,000 followers, that does not mean you have a $1,000,000. So what you do with your following is how you're gonna make money. All right, the first thing we need to do for you is make you searchable, and that goes with the name and the user name field. Though the name is the most important because that is searchable. And what I mean by searchable is when people, whatever you're doing, whatever business you're starting, that is what people are going to be searching for. So if they want to find the YouTuber Ah, podcast. A business coach, a mentor. Ah, fitness coach, whatever you are. And whatever you do, make sure you're putting that into your name field Now for the user name field, that is what we're gonna do. That's what's gonna be centered around your brand. So we need to make sure that's the same across all of your platforms and that it's easy to spell and say I would steer away from numbers just because, as you can see in this example, a lot of people have that name so obviously I had to use the number, but we're gonna try and stay away from that as much as possible. The most important thing for people to be able to find you and search you. You have to have a public profile, though, if you need to start blocking or deleting those high school friends, your parents, your parents, his friends, whatever that may be. So you can confidently post you need to do that. And the reason why your user name needs to be the same across all platforms is because we're gonna be utilizing all the social you use. So if you need to go through a queen, sleep and delete and block all these high school friends or whatever it may be, you need to do that across all platforms. So people are going to see you by the activity you're using on your socials. Whether that's liking somebody's post moment teen, um, on Twitter, retweeting it, but we're gonna be focusing mostly on instagram. So when you're commenting on people's thing, that's when you're going to get eyes on you when you're liking something on the Discover page using Hashtags. If you go live people get a notification every time you go alive and then you post a story and that also helps with first impressions of you. So I would start utilizing that number three. We're gonna get more into hashtag keywords and shareable content in the later lesson. But these are very important. So you need to start thinking about the hashtag you're using and does that apply to what you're posting? Number one and number two does it apply to what you're doing? So let's move on to your profile picture. If you are a brand, you need to use your logo. And for a personal brand, I would be using a clear photo of you. Make sure you're the only one in there and it's a clear photo of your face. As I said before the story features, we need to start using this to our advantage because on Instagram, you can't touch somebody's profile picture and enlarge it. They're using this story where they have video of you talking, seeing you that is gonna be one of the best first impression somebody has, and they're more likely to follow you. So we always need to make sure you have a story, all right, started with the bio. What you need to have in your bio is who you are, what you do, who you help and give a little bit of a personal touch. But make sure you're giving them a call to action of why they should click the link. Because if someone sees a link, they're not going to really know what it's there for, why they should click it. The walking these, through my example, is a three year old Shiro fluent and 10 languages singing, dancing and photography those air all kind of personal touches. So the I help statement is going to be very important. That's who she helped in what she does. So I helped Rugrats stay safe and foil Angelica's plans. And then I gave a call to action to the Link that says Toe, learn more, watch the movie. So let's move on to mine. My help statement is I help college age entrepreneurs attract market sales and find audience. I gave a call to action to the link, which is free instagram training, who I am of what I dio is at the top. I moved from Indiana to Colorado. I'm a crater of pursue. Genuinely. I'm a student turned to a business owner. So and I also have a story in there. A lot of people have been asking me if they should use a link or just a little tree. I personally feel you should just have one link there. And the reason is because if you give somebody a link and then they click it and then they have the 10 options to click again, they're gonna be confused and not acted. All So if you're using a link tree, the max I would put in there is three. But I will tell you, giving them just one link and one reason of why to click the link, they're more likely to utilize that link and do whatever that link takes him to. Whether that's a landing page to your YouTube channel, you get better results. If you just have one link there moving on to the stories feature. This is a little extra first and pressure. As I said, they want to hear you see you and get to know you. This gives them a glance into your life, and it gives them, And if you give them value from the jump. They're going to stick around and follow you so ways you can give value is giving them an inspiration, kind of behind the scenes of what you're doing. Another way to add to the first impression are the highlights. Everything you can't put on your feet or in your bio needs to be Ah, highlight. So this is where I think you should probably put the pictures of your kids and your family . I would watch putting your location just because if you do go to a college or something like that, you're going to be attracting and thousands of people, and you never know who those or what type of people they are. So I would just be safe about your location. But this is where you can show off who you help, the hobbies, the values you have to give to them. If you look at mine, I have my color color color coated with my brand, color said. The purple is all about me and my YouTube channel. The blue has all to do about small business, and then I have a specific one or YouTube that stands out as you can see I use I use Pinterest as a marketing technique. So the story templates I had that because that's where a lot of my traffic has been coming from lately. Another one I have that's way out of the blue is money. So a lot of people that are coming to my account want to know how to make money from Instagram. I put extra stories and tips and there, but just starting out, we're going to get into that in another lesson. You're probably only gonna have five from the beginning. Or if you wanna show your kids things like that, that's where this is going to go. Do the theme and feed on your instagram. No, I don't think you need to delete every single one of your old pictures because when someone comes to your profile and you have anywhere from 5 to 0 pictures, they're going to think of the scam, and they're not going to take action on anything your post or your accountant sane. So here are some examples of very easy themes you can dio you can do quotes and pictures of yourself, all quotes or color code. Your cuts in some way I do think you should use your brand coloring in this. It helps the people that are coming to your profile get I feel for the colors that you'll be using so many times. They see these types of fonts, thes colors, these types of pictures. They're gonna think of you. I think things you can have have to do with the shapes of your pictures. Borders, um, your brand colors the types of filters you use the pattern to use of your photographer. This is going to be great. It's gonna give you a lot of creative freedom. Or you could do, um, lines of three, where it's three quotes in a row or three pictures that are consistent with each other. So my homework for you, for a lesson one, is optimize your profile. Thank you so much for watching. If you have any suggestions of what I should film next or what my next video should be about to help you guys go ahead and leave a comment below, or you can find me on instagram ad a genuine mixture. Thank you