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Instagram Fashion Secrets to Boosting Your Sales

teacher avatar Luna Vega, Author - Podcaster - Fashion Ecommerce Consultant

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (1h 30m)
    • 1. Instagram for fashion INTRO

    • 2. Welcome

    • 3. Forget everything you learned

    • 4. Get inside the head of your customer

    • 5. Find opportunities

    • 6. Drive traffic

    • 7. Hastag

    • 8. Sales Funnel

    • 9. Tell a story

    • 10. Analyze

    • 11. Bonus

    • 12. Conclusion

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About This Class


Unlimited possibilities exist for today’s fashion brands to grow their business SOLELY through Instagram. Yet most of the advice out there doesn’t apply to the fashion business.

Stop spinning your wheels - and spend your time in the right places to get the results you’ve always dreamed of.

Discover the EXACT 5 FORMULAS successful Fashion companies use to reach Instagram Fame and get a tribe of loyal customers. By learning Fashion Trade knowledge you will be more efficient with your time and get more results from your posts.

You’ll learn:

  • How to tap into Fashion Trends to grow your following
  • How to amp-up your hashtag game
  • How to tell an effective story which will turn followers into loyal customers

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Luna Vega

Author - Podcaster - Fashion Ecommerce Consultant


Hi Guys :) and Welcome! Thank you for checking out my classes here on Skillshare. I'm a Fashion E-commerce Consultant, Author, Youtube, Podcaster based in New York City, Miami and Barcelona. I am on a journey to connecting, teaching, and creating possibilities for all talented freelancers, business owners and entrepreneurs out there.

Thanks to my many years as a digital marketing consultant, I know what works and what doesn't. I started my career working on a range of large-scale digital campaigns for a list of Fortune 500 clients. I left it all to pursue my passion in digital strategy and marketing consulting. My goal is to share my knowledge about digital marketing to inspire & empower others to Love Mondays.

Where will you find me? At an airport browsi... See full profile

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1. Instagram for fashion INTRO: forget everything you've ever learned about Instagram marketing. Not really everything, but almost. There are unlimited possibilities for fashion brands today to brother business solely through Instagram. Yet most of the advice that is out there does not apply to the fashion industry. So many brands are frustrated because they're applying the same old same old generic tactics, and hence they never reach their full potential. They never brother business. They never get more cells from instagram, and it all feels like a pipe dream. Stop spinning your wheels and spend your time in the right places to get the results you've always dreamed of. Discover the exact formula that successful fashion brands use to reach Instagram frame and get a tribe of loyal customers. By learning these fashion trade secrets, you'll be more effective with your time and get better results in this class. I will share hot top into fashion trends to double yourself and where you're following how to hemp up your hashtag game, how to tell on effective story, which will convert your followers into loyal customer and how to use fashion business intelligence to get ahead of the competition. So we will discuss instagram fashion trends and you'll discover hot to put a strategy in place that will lead to cells. My goal is to provide you with fashion insider business steps that will get you the actual tangible results you've been yearning for. But who am I exactly? You're probably wondering. Well, my name is Anna Vega, and I'm a fashion e commerce consultant, author and shoe addict. Well, my shoe addiction is what let me into the fashion industry. 10 years ago, I worked for Fortune 500 companies while in New York City and learn from Top Nosh Visual Advertising Agency. If you want the full spiel, just check me out on the Web or luna vega dot net. What are you waiting for registered today? You can try figure it all out all by yourself, or you can let me guide you. It's really up to you to decide 2. Welcome: Hey, guys. Luna here and welcome to this class. I'm really excited to have you here. So before we get started, I want to ask you a quick question. What stage is your business currently in? Do you already have an online store? You've had it for a while. And you're just trying to grow your customer base. Double your cells where you're following etcetera. Or do you have an apparel? Or Gorman or Julie? Whatever it is, you don't have a website yet. But you're looking toe launch and put it in the market in the next few months. Well, whatever the answer is, the good news is that instagram is definitely the place to be. If you're trying to get momentum and double your self so obviously you will be using instagram and a little differently, depending us to whether or not you already have an online store where you're looking toe long. Well, specifically, call this out as I'm sharing all the contents for you. But remember that you need to write down your goal. So this is going to be your first step before you start going through all the content. Write down what? Your goals are. So let's go through specifically what they should be. First of all, I'm going to shock you. Forget followers. Yep. I said it forget followers because a lot of brands might have 10,000 plus followers, but then zero engagement. So you really need to strike for quality over quantity. And I've seen other brands who have less than 5000 followers. We're really high engagement and actually pulling it profits. So I want you to actually start thinking as to want how you can attract customer through instagram. Then the second thing that you'll want to do is to drive these people to subscribe to your newsletter. And the third thing finally is to get them to purchase from you. So I want you to write down specifically. If you already have an online store, how much cells would you like to get a day? So if you already have a number in place, you already have cells coming in. Just double that number and then look at it cohesively, meaning? Look at how much cells you would like together in a month. And if you don't already have a store, look at increasing your newsletter, so meaning look at how many subscribers you're getting. A day 5 15 subscribers when you're just starting out, is actually a great number and try to aim for that specific goal. So I'll walk you through the strategies in order to really leverage the power instagram in order to convert into loyal customers. But I wanted to make sure that you do the due diligence of writing down what your goals are , because otherwise you're gonna be spinning your wheels. You'll be trying out new strategies, new tactics in order to bring more traffic, more cells. And if you don't have numbers and place, you're not gonna be able to really measure as to whether or not what you're doing is successful and being able to pivot accordingly. Pivot meaning, change your direction, try different things in order to see what works and what doesn't work. So let's get started 3. Forget everything you learned: I want you to forget everything you've ever learned about INSTAGRAM marketing. There's a lot of literature out there that focuses solely on how many followers who should be getting so the growth of your overall a town through followers. Yes, followers do help from a credibility some point, but they don't tell the whole story. You could have 10,000 plus followers, very little engagement, not a lot of people going through a website, and it doesn't convert any into any cells. So I want you to focus instead on really thinking through, like I talked about earlier in the preface, how you want to attract your customers, how you can get them to subscribe to your newsletter and then finally convert them into loyal customers. So stop putting so much emphasis on how many followers you should be gathering. You should focus instead on attracting the right people and additionally from that, making sure that you're converting them. So why do some online fashion retailers exponentially grow their businesses with Instagram while others barely get noticed? Well is because they focus on building strong relationship where their followers and have a focused strategy in place. What does having a focused strategy mean well, it's simply the process of identifying specific opportunities to attract customers and generates income. So these companies have a lot of research, really understand who their ideal customer is. But most importantly, they're not just posting pictures for the sake of posting pictures. They have really clear call to actions, and they have a process in place in order to convert followers into loyal customers. Obviously, we will go through all of for following steps in this class, So I want to ask you first if you're facing the specific problems. So no matter how many Hashtags you add, or pictures that you post your content is not getting discovered or it's getting discovered by spam accounts. Very few people comment on your pictures. You are stagnating with the same amount of followers. It just doesn't matter how much work you put into it. Nothing. You just you don't seem to be getting the type of results you really want, and you just aren't getting much traffic from Instagram overall and just Instagram feels more like a game, and you just can't seem to beat. It doesn't matter how much you read up on it, you've tried everything on the web and nothing seemed to work well, The harsh truth as to why you aren't getting the results you want is that you don't have a clear picture as to who your ideal customer is. And you're not speaking to the right people. You're not speaking to people who would be interested in purchasing from you. So like I mentioned earlier, you could have followers who think you're brunnis cool for whatever reason. But they're not your ideal customer. So you aren't targeting your posts accordingly because you might not be using the right hash dogs. You don't have a clear call to Action's meaning that don't have a way to telling your customers. What is it that they should be doing next, beyond just subscribing to a newsletter or going through your website? And you're spending a lot of time producing content without putting in place the strategy that we talked about so figuring out a way how to attract them, how to get them excited about your brand and then converting them. You're using generic instagram marketing knowledge, and you just are losing faith because no matter how many courses you might have taken. Nothing is currently working. And I mean, really, the reason is you aren't talking to the right people and you aren't applying fashion industry specific knowledge to get ahead of the competition. So through this class, I'm going to go through the specific steps that you can use in order to fix your funnel meeting in order to double your cells and finally be able to see results from INSTAGRAM marketing. 4. Get inside the head of your customer: the first step in drafting a winning strategy, a strategy that will attract potential customer is to get inside the head of your ideal customer. So do you really know who is purchasing from you? And you might be surprised as to how little information you actually have about your current customer or your ideal customer if you haven't launched yet. So here are some of the questions that you need to answer in order to attract the right people to your feed and turn them into potential customers. So what are their what are their wants? What do they need and what do they aspire? Are the most important question because you want to get inside the site called. They're buying psychology. Why do they want Teoh buy from you? So a great example that I love to give is Wild Fang. The founders wanted to create an apparel brand for woman who want tomboyish options. And even though they wear the demographic as they were tired of shopping in the men's sections at the department stores, they went through the due diligence of interviewing their ideal customers and spend their time gathering as much data as possible. So they sent out surveys. They sat down and hot interviews with these women to really understand how they could create a need within the markets. So how does this translate to you? Right. Well, here are the list of questions that you should be answering. So knowing who your audience is knowing whether spending their time. So what brands are there following, which has which hashtags are they actually researching? You need to know what they're doing, What trends that they follow. What are they commenting? What are they posting? So how do you get to answer all these questions? Right? Well, the follow TOB, the following top is really your best friend here. Obviously, if you already have an INSTAGRAM account, chances are that you already have followers. I you should definitely follow some of your followers back, especially if you feel like they're an ideal customers. You can take a look at what they're actually following. What are they liking on instagram? Etcetera. So there's actually two options for you want is if you already have customers. I highly suggest that you send them our survey so you can understand why thereby from you. What is it that they like about your specific brand and try Teoh. Get as many answers to your questions as it's possible. And if you don't already have customers and you're a brand that is just launching, you can do two things. One is you can speak to people who would be your ideal customers and get as much information as possible from them. Kind of how wild thing did it. So wild Fang, Like I mentioned earlier, they knew who their demographic is and you want their niche where so they essentially set up interviews, move all these women to understand what they were frustrated about, what they wanted to see in the market and how they could help with that. So and also using the exact words that these women are using. And then you can also find, like I mentioned your ideal customer through instagram and follow their activity. Look at the words that they're using when they're commenting. What are they saying when they're posting their images? Try to get as much business intelligence so as much data as possible. So let's go through the anatomy of a typical fashion instagram user because they use Instagram Actually a lot more. There are a lot more about researching fashion trends. They search it as much as 15 times a day. So there a specific top of customer, and they might be a little harder to attract because they're bombarding. They're bombarded. So much information. But fashion individuals are on instagram, which is why it's such an important platform for fashion brand. Here's some knowledge that would be good for you to have. So they like to post pictures of themselves wearing a particular look because usually they're going to get more likes on those types of pictures. So a lot of fashion Instagram user are aspiring bloggers. They also gravitate towards high street fashion. They love to go through luxury accounts and recreate those look with a mixture of fast fashion and ethical brands. Brands they can really relate to that speak their language, which is why it's so important to know exactly ha. These people speak what their aspirations are, what their frustrations are and really understand their psychology. So knowing what gender they are, what age group there in which is the type of information that most brands usually have, is not enough because it's not going to give you a clear picture as to what is going to attract them to your specific brun. Another thing that's really important for you to know is that these fashion instagram users are willing to shop directly on Instagram if they find something that they love, which is why it's so important to speak their language really understand their emotional core. How can you? It tracked them from a visceral standpoint. Another thing that's good to know is that they love emojis so lipstick and heels for women . And there's a list of different popular Emojis Instagram business section I highly encourage you to check it on a pretty regular basis because they give out a lot of information about their users. That information is meant for businesses like you, so you can really tell her your marketing accordingly. 5. Find opportunities: Now that you have a better understanding of who your ideal customer is, what makes them happy? What makes them excited? What kind of turns them on? You need to find opportunities for growth, meaning apply tactics that will get them even more excited about working with you. So you need toe. Analyze trends within pop culture, tech and the fashion market. I'm going to go over some of those trends with you, but you need to really stay up to date with what other brands out there are doing. You need to get a sense as to what is currently trending and how it applies to your specific niche, right, because some trends might not apply to your demographic and some might be a great opportunity for you to be ableto leverage and attract your customers, right? So let's go through some specific example. The 1st 1 is very obvious. It's real time sharing, obviously, fashion instagrammers they love to share their office with wearing. It's a great way for them to feature their style and be creative amongst the Instagram community. A lot of brands out there are using this opportunity as a way to grow their brand by encouraging their followers to use a brand specific hashtags so they can get featured on their instagram feed. So it's something that you can play with. I mean, we'll go through all the different tactics later in in the later chapters, But obviously real time sharing is something that a lot of fashion instagrammers do They like to share what they're wearing. And obviously, if you're working specifically with influence or their whole business model relies around the following. So then obviously there's from catwalk to feed. Well, we all know that fashion weeks have really transformed these last few years, where most fashion bloggers take pictures real time as to what's happening in the hot walk , and then they're sharing it directly with their followers. So I mean, you don't really need to go to fashion shows anymore just because you're able to get all that information right then and there within social media. Something really interesting that Rebecca Minkoff did on September 2016 is that she hade her show in the streets, and most importantly, she featured influencers within the show, so she didn't have models. She hade the very fashion influencers that she works with walk the show. Why is the following so powerful? Well, because she knows how to get her very influencers excited. It's also a great way to be a little different, right? And make a statement. She gathered quite a bit of press. I know Rebecca Mental cough is a bigger bread, but I fiqh you can learn from what she did and try to recreate it on a smaller scale. There's definitely no shame in doing the following hash dogs surrounding fashion weeks are also extremely powerful because it's a great way to get yourself discovered. Obviously, you have to do it in a cheeky way in a way that will show your audience that yes, even though you're not attending, for instance, Paris Fashion Week or Milan Fashion Week or New York Fashion Week, etcetera. You are having fun with the concept, and you might be poking fun at the fact that you're not attending. I mean, there's plenty of ideas again, you need to make sure that these ideas translate with your ideal customer. Something like that might translate with a younger demographic and my not translate as well with more mature audience. So something else that is emerging or has emerges last this last year is Thea session with Emojis. Brands like acne have included TEM in sweaters the picture that I featured here, and also it's a great opportunity for you to engage with your audience. So Dazed magazine did a campaign a while back. Where was Emoji competition? And I was trying to find it for you guys, but can't seem to find it. But in any case, what I loved about is that they were interacting with their audience solely through emojis . So again, food for thought, something you might want to implement when you're trying to come up with different marketing strategy, different ways to get your audience to interact with you. So again, look at all these specific trends. Try to think us to how they apply of your specific demographic. So it does require quite a bit of research, and then you can implement it within these marketing strategy. All put in place something that is also really interesting. It's a growing trend. I mean, there are so many trends out there, but I just kind of wanted to feature a few. So you have an idea of what I was speaking about more specifically but hyper feminism. So Rachel Antonoff created are uterus sweater a while back, which Lena ended up wearing at Plant a Planned Parenthood meeting. And obviously that helped catapult racial aunt enough. But most importantly, what I like about racial Antonovs feed and her website and overall branding is that she's not a free to push boundaries. She really understand the modern women and it really speak to that specific audience. So if you have a brand that's pretty similar, I definitely encourage you to check out her work and maybe get inspired. Try to see how the following applies. But this overall trend of hyper feminism, she's been able to implement it into her branding, and it really has helped 10 Appelt, her friend. So the lesson here is you definitely need to be plugged in as to what is happening within the fashion industry. I mean, chances are if you are part of the fashion industry and you already have a brand, you really understand your specific in each. So maybe you're trying you're in the yoga seen or your nd high luxury or sustainable really understand transit are forming around that specific Neech and also obviously understand your ideal customer. And you have to kind of mix these two components to create the perfect formula. So it does require quite a bit of research and and also ideation coming up with ideas and how you can extend from the crowd, right? So being a little rebellious in some ways, or figuring out how you can get people like get people, I mean just being outside the boxes. I guess what I'm trying to say, trying to figure out ways to be outside the box and try novel things. Obviously, having a library of different trends will also help you with that process. 6. Drive traffic: so the 1st 2 steps rely around perfecting your messaging. Your messaging consists of your photography, your actual copies of your actual calls to action and then coming up with different ideas, tactics that you can embed within each of these different pictures and kalsa action. So drivers, if you will. And the purpose is obviously to drive traffic to your website. And also, like I mentioned earlier, drive people to signing up to your newsletter, and we'll go over the tactics that will help you specifically get people to convert. But I want you to look at what is right for you based on your current budget. Obviously, if you're just starting out, you might just want to look at organic discovery. So here some of the tools and ways that you can try to drive traffic so the 1st 1 is organic discovery, so posting frequently does help anywhere. Between three times a day to seven times a day, you'll have to look at your analytics and we'll talk more about which specific tools you can use to review it. Analytics. But overall, fashion brands out there recommend posting as much as three times a day. You might be telling me That's a lot. There's no way I can put three times a day. I get it. Start with just once a day, Understand where your ideal customer is predominantly? Are they in Europe? Are they in the US? Are they in other parts of the world? Posting in the afternoon usually works best. Noon is a great time to post again. The Cystic six really depends on who you're speaking to. I'm giving you more general statistics, but as a fashion brand, most fashion brands out there post at the very lease in the morning, in the afternoon in the evenings and posting in the weekends is also extremely important because weekends is when the fashion community is the most active. So you might have not been posting in the weekends in the past. You definitely to start posting in the weekends. Timing is also important. Once you have data from your marketing campaigns and start looking at that incites. You'll have a better ideas, too. What actual time works best for you. I've seen different reports. Different things work for different brands. What I've seen a 70 m noon and around 10 p.m. Does our times that have gone more engagement . Also, you need to ensure to interact with your audience. So coming up with either a contest where they could win a discount, or when something that you already have in your shop or asking them to tag one another, you have to come up with different ideas, which is why it's still important to review what your competition is doing. Look at what your competition is doing. So based on the type of brand that you have, take a deeper dive as to what your competition is currently doing right. You also have to be careful because it doesn't always apply, meaning that a lot of brands out there right now I don't know if you've noticed this in the fashion industry, but they are having people directly by from their instagram feed. The following Onley Works wants your an established Brende. Once you establish Brent, Obviously, driving directly to cells makes sense when you're not. The first thing you need to do is build trust bill trust, and you're going to do that with your with your messaging with also those drivers we talked about so embedding trends, things that people are talking about within your messaging and engaging meaning. Get people to talk about your brand. Asked him questions. Reply back to what they're saying. I can't tell you the amount of brands out there who have individuals commenting, and they never comment back. You need to interact with these people because they're more they feel a connection. A close connection to you, the more likely they will by having a relationship with these potential customers is the most important thing that you can do. Obviously, you need to attract the right people have the right messaging, But the best way to do the following is like I said, having a survey having a survey where you really understand what you're gets, your customer excited, what their emotional value are. And then from there you can start really talk to them as if they were your friends. I mean, these people are your friends, so the other thing that is actually quite effective is doing collaboration. It does require a small budget influencer marketing is extremely powerful. The challenge with influencer marketing is that obviously, if you're going towards bigger influencer, it's going to cost you more money. Most influencers who have over 5000 followers will want to get paid for a post. I mean, that's how they get paid. There's way for you to be able to get them to do a freebie or co lab. You just have to be really strategic. I have a class on influencer marketing, which I urge you to check out, but you can also look for share for share accounts. There's plenty out there. You can also look for blogger groups. There's a lot of fashion bloggers who are collaborating to help each other out to help other audience. And no, I mean, you just want to look for specific hashtag that are specific to your nature. So whether you're a minimalistic brand if you're a sustainable brand, if you are a fast fashion brand, whatever best represents you, you need to start really diving through these hashtags, looking at the type of engagement that is out there, not only because it's going to help you as a business shoot Taylor better a stronger messaging, but also because you want to be part of those community. You want to comment on some of those accounts that are that are using that leveraging that specific cashed are you want to be part of that network? Yes, it does revolve more work. But there's that saying, Time is money. So essentially the less money you have, the more time you're going to have to spend on some of these initiatives. A good way to get around it is to hire an intern and trained, um, so you can essentially have them engage on Instagram and give them a list of hashtags they should be using and should be monitoring and finally advertising. So advertising on Instagram is getting more and more expensive. As more brands are leveraging it, you need to make sure that you're creating something alluring. I personally recommend having a contest contest are a great way to get people excited about potentially winning something for free. Obviously, when you do the following, you need to go back to knowing who your demographic is, because if you have a contest that is appealing to a wider, are you trying to appeal to a wider audience? Yes, you might have a lot of people who will register, but then it will be wasted money for you, as none of these individuals will ever translate into potential customer. You can also try advertising a promotion or a Kickstarter if you're about to launch your brand. So advertising dust costs more money, especially if you don't have a lot of experience. It's important to really have an itched demographic. You could easily spend a lot of money and not see results. It's important that you work with professionals when you're doing advertising, but my best recommendation is to shoot essentially engaged and influencer marketing. Influencer Marketing is your friend. Try to find smaller bloggers. You do have a high form of engagement, perhaps bloggers in your direct city. Don't underestimate bloggers in your direct city because you want to first grow your local network before going global, and it's gonna be more cost effective for you. So setting up a campaign here are some of the things that you'll need in order to do so you need to bring storm marketing ideas. So based on who your audience is based on your trend, research braced on potential products that are launching. You need to come up with different ways to get these people to interact with you. So obviously you know that with Instagram, you need to be consistent. You need to be posting definitely every day, most definitely once a day. And within the 30 day window that you're working with because you definitely want to have a clear picture of to what you're gonna be posting next 30 days. You definitely always want to be in advance and already have your editorial calendar ready . You need to essentially come up with marketing ideas that you can inject within your feet. So don't post every day your marketing efforts, because otherwise people are going to get annoyed with you. You need to have a nice mixed of storytelling. So whether it's talking to people about your personal view as a brand or having some front , entertaining elements will talk more about the following, which right we can go. But you also want to have an actual marketing campaign and place. Then you want to decide on a marketing tactic that you will use. So this is the last line we went over, whether it's organic, whether it's influencer marketing or whether it's advertising. And finally you need to identify your goal. So like we talked about in the preface, and so you can set a measuring benchmark, and you can adapt your marketing efforts accordingly. Whether it's trying to figure out if you're speaking to the right people trying to looking at your message, whether you're not, you should be tweaking it. I recommend doing a B testing meaning, trying out different messaging. Seeing what works best does this. Does this messaging work better than the other? You contest that with the same photos. It's okay to post photos and then take them down. No one's going to notice it. I mean, it's totally fine. So you want to try to test as many ideas? It's possible. So I wanted to provide a quick examples. Faras advertising. This is for Nasty L. They had a cool contest that they shared with their audience, in which they were asking them to take a selfie with a stranger and hashtag, they created a specific hashtag for that campaign. Nasty gal, truth or dare. And so, by posting their picture, they could win a nasty gal gift card again. This speaks to their demographic who's a little bit more rebellious who likes to play tree for their. This is a fun way for them to engage in a very unconventional way with their customers with their followers and get them to spread the word. I'm sure that plenty of individuals wanted to also perhaps be featured within that hashtag . So again, try toe, take all these different principles and try to come up with as many ideas as you can. And so what I really recommend that you do is write down ideas as they come to you. Do your research by understanding trends that work specifically within your niche, and then finally take a step back and understand Hot relates back to your dog demographic. And don't be a free to look at some of those competition accounts because it might give you some ideas. I'm not saying to copy. I'm just saying to get inspired and figure out why that specific campaign works well for that specific brand. And is there a way that you can get inspired from some of these concepts or ideas that they put out there? 7. Hastag: So what are your life goals? Getting serious with hashtags? Well, obviously, Hashtags help drive traffic to your instagram feed. You already know the following, but there's an array of different types of hashtag, so there's different categories of hashtag that you might not not thought of or might not be curling using. We're going to go through the list momentarily. Most importantly is to understand what type of demographic is searching for these specific hashtag. I also recommend if you haven't done so already. It depends on how many followers you have, but trying to think as to creating a hashtag that specific for your brand so that your followers can tag you if they're wearing something specific that you have. So if they purchase something from you and they want to showcase what they bought from you , it's a great way to kind of encourage them to do so. And most importantly, it's a great way to kind of peak interest of your audience. Kind of free marketing, isn't it? So hashtags. How maney should you put? There's a lot of debate about the following. I personally think that mawr hashtags are more effective, especially if you're just a brand who is just starting out. You want to give yourself as many opportunities as possible to get this covered. Don't be shy, but obviously, with importantly, you need to understand which hashtags are the most effective and which type of hashtags are going to bring you the right type of traffic. So let's jump right through this lives. So let's get serious with these hashtags Oh, our life goals. Well, let's look about the different types of hashtags that there are out there and how they apply to fashion. So first there is the brand hashtag, which I definitely encourage you to create one. So when your customers are wearing your Bren, they can tag you, and it's a great weight to kind of help sort of word of mouth, right? So their friends will check out the hashtag, and they might go back to your feet, etcetera. So definitely put that in place. As you're growing your brand. It's a great way to engage with your audience. Then there's Campaign Hashtags. I featured a campaign hashtag in the last chapter. Nasty gal uses it all the time. When they're doing either contest, it's ah, way for them to essentially have people upload their pictures and what not so campaign hashtag are also a great way to engaged those air hashtag that you create specifically for a campaign that you will create around specific initiative. Then there's the category hashtag so these are extremely important, and a lot of fashion brands out there don't leverage them at all. So whether it's dress top, you want to do a research as to how many hashtag could be leveraging. There's an array of them. I'm going to go through all the different platforms. You can use it to your research so category hashtag extremely important. There's also trending hashtag so within the fashion sphere, and again this goes back to trends. There are a couple trends that pop up, and then some of these hashtag become more popular than others. This summer, denim was extremely sought after it was, ah, trending hashtag. So if you're wearing anything, that's Dunham. Obviously, that would have been a great opportunity for you to leverage that specific hashtag. So be aware of what's trending because it's a good way for you to to be able to tap into that opportunity. Then there's content hashtag so these hashtags as well. Trend. These are a little less relevant when it comes to fashion, but it's good to have them as well, because I mean squat is a really important hashtag that the youth culture has really taken to like so. Yet the demographic that you might attract with that specific hashtag might be a little bit more generic. But it does. If it does help, tell your story than go ahead and use them. Then there's location hashtags. Obviously, if you have a physical store, those are great to get people to come and visit you are, you know, to get this covered for that specific hashtag. And then there's also niche hashtag. So whether you're selling vintage while you're whether you're selling minimalistic pieces, etcetera. So these are sort of like the top level category of different hashtags. You need to make sure that you're using a mixed a mixture of all these different hashtag within your post use anywhere between 10 15 I've seen as many 30 hashtags being used. I mean, play around, see what works for you. As you do your research, you'll see that some hashtag zehr bringing you better traffic than others. You'll definitely want to make sure that you're using those over and over again. But as far as getting discovered, make sure, most importantly, that you have category hashtags at all time, especially if you're featuring one of your specific garments. So how can you research your hashtag? What? There's different ways, right? The 1st 1 is by reviewing what your competition is doing, so make sure that you have a list of who your competition is. So once you know who your ideal customer is, you might have gone through the exercise of taking a deeper dive us to who your followers are and looking at some of the brands that they're like. He, for instance, based on that, you can do a list of who your competitors are. Look at what hashtag they're currently using and start putting together in Excel sheet with all these different hashtag. You also want to review the type of hashtag influencers there in your niche are using what type of hashtags are they using? So create a comprehensive list by going through all this information. Obviously, you'll performer search afterwards like based on sort of this top level information that you have, and I also encourage you to review trending hashtags pretty consistently because again, this relates back to knowing what's trending in popular culture and how it relates back to your brand. Obviously, how it relates back to your audience and these are some of the tools that you can use. Icona Square is a pretty comprehensive business analysis instagram tool. It allows you to look at how successful your specific posts are, but most importantly, it also allows you to do hashtag research. Now if you want something that's a little bit more effective or we'll give you a clear insight or ideas as to other hashtag could be using. I like to personally use hashtag if I it's a little bit more expensive, but you can play around with the free version. And, uh, you know, this is great as sort of a starting place if you are really stuck as to which hashtag you should be using by looking at the list of what your competition is using, I would essentially search those tags. Make sure that you also Onley search for Instagram hashtag as hashtag if I allows you to also look for Twitter hashtag so make sure that you only have instagram selected and start your search from there. And then there's also keyhole. What I like about Keyhole is that it's able to not only just search the hashtag, but also tell you who are the top influencers who using a specific hashtag. So when you're doing influencer marketing, distal is extremely powerful. I personally love to include so because you want tohave hashtag there as specific as possible, right? So having something that says top or dress yes, it's great that's been generic. So you want to make sure that you have hashtag there as precise as possible and make sure that there's opportunities within that hashtag sa's well meaning it's gonna bring you like a a healthy source of organic traffic. So, yes, this sounds time consuming, but all it is, really, because once you have to set up, you can have it set up throughout the entire through through a year. I mean, or through the entire campaign. So put in the time at the very least once a month, you probably already have a list of hashtag oh, you're using. So just put those on an Excel sheet, do their research, try to come up with other Hashtags. It could be leveraging and start testing different hashtag to see which one is bring you more traffic so wanted to share with you guys a list of hashtags that you might want to start your research with. I think this is a great way to start your hashtag research and perhaps inspire you. All of these are hashtags that are relevant to the fashion industry, so short sleeved, long sleeved tank and Kem ease blouses so like whether it's top whether it's bottoms, whether it's dresses whether it's out aware. You know, Sneak Peek is also great hashtag So go through all of these hashtag, obviously based on what relates back to your personal brand and start researching it either through hash tag if I keyhole or Economy Square, these air sort of like my top three platforms to help you with that research. There's also Dash zero, which is spelled D A S h e r o, I believe, or 10 just google it. I apologize for that. But that tool is also a good tool to use to do your research. So have a comprehensive Excel sheet with all these specific hashtags and make sure to pepper those in within your post because this is what is. It's one of the equation to help you, Dr. Traffic back to your specific feed. 8. Sales Funnel: Here comes the most important part of your instagram marketing strategy, which is setting up a cells funnel like I talked about earlier. If you're spending a lot of time with your photography, your messaging, you're starting to get followers. It's important that all that money and time that you're spending well, you are translating it into cells and you're actually converting your traffic. And this is something that most brands out there are not doing. It's not because you simply have the link of your website that people are going to go to your website. Yes, they might go to your website but never to come back again. So here's the exact formula that successful fashion brands use in order to convert their customers into or convert their followers into loyal customers. So the first thing is, so let's go through sort of the user journey. The first thing is, they discover your Bren on Instagram. Let's say through organic traffic because you're posting a lot because you have hashtag and you also have messaging that they can relate to. They started following you. They like the content that you provide them. The second thing is you are offering them a reward of reward. You're offering them a reason to sign up to your newsletter, to take a look at your page and some of the cool stuff that you have and notice that perhaps it can get a discount of good discount or a freebie if they drop in their email. Then they get a welcome email so they feel like they're part of your community, if you will. And this is so important because through email, moose of yourselves are going to come through email. It's going to take some time. You're gonna have to build a relationship with these individuals. But if you are not capturing emails, whatever efforts you're putting into your instagram, well, their efforts that are not gonna give you the top of results that you want. So you always want to drive people to sign up to your use letter. So when their sign up, they are starting to get to know your brand, and they start visiting your website, and this is perhaps at some point, you know, you start giving them a great offer, and they finally feel ready to purchase from you. But this is something that's going to take time. Why? Because the market is so saturated. The consumer is extremely savvy now. And if you're trying to sell it them well, there, going toe on, follow you, they're not gonna. It is very unappealing. You have to make sure that first you are their friend, that you're providing them with useful information that you're saying something different, that you're really appealing to them from an emotional standpoint and then you can close the cell. So here are some ideas as to how you could reward your audience, whether it's a product freebie, so perhaps giving them an accessory if you sell accessory. Whatever it is, I recommend doing the following. Obviously, it's going to cost a little bit more money. You can limit it to only people who are directly in your location. So let's say you have, like an actual physical store in your area. You could tell people to sign up to your newsletter for a chance to win Ah, product freebie, and then you can encourage them to come to the store to pick it up. Very simple. You could also have looked books, so this could be whatever look, book that you currently have for your brand. Whether you're featuring your garments for fall or spring or winter, you could essentially leverages photos and provide them with a step by step as to some ideas on how they could sell themselves for work or for the gym. Whatever people love look books they love to feel inspired. You could also do its discount code. The following is not as effective because most brand are using discount code. I highly I mean, it's something that you can use. You can see if people are signing up to newsletter if you provide in the discount code. But I generally don't like to use that option, and then you can also give them a reference guide. So whether it's an e book of 10 ideas to get the most out of your workout, what obviously featuring your brand within that e book, but trying to come up with different ideas as to how I can reward them. So this is essentially what your call to action your C T A. It will be your c t a in your bio link page, so meaning your description should have the following sea takes. I'm gonna give you an example. Wilma Gang, which is a brand based out of Paris. Which cells will end? The whole premise is to essentially, for women who are into knitting are doing crush A and they encourage women to get a free sorry, ah, free pattern by by signing up to the newsletter. So within While I actually they're not doing it here. They must have changed their call to action within their bio description. But it used to say that if you signed up to their newsletter, you could get free patterns, so that would just be an example, right? So let's say you're also selling yarn. You could just tell individuals, like Make sure to go to our website to check out our free patterns or whatnot. And there, including as well, they're hashtag reason being they their brand hashtag reason being that they want their community to share what they've been working on, and they'll repurpose it within their feed. So here's what their call to action looks on their website. Get her feet pattern. Sign up for newsletter, get her feet pattern booklet today. Obviously, it's really own brand unique patterns, or you need you need ideas right so having a pattern, and then you can purchase the yarn and it helps them get the email addresses so they can start building a closer relationship with their potential customers. So, you know, try to think as to what's the best way for you to convert your customers extremely important to have that funnel in place in order to be able to reap the rewards and get actual results? And double yourselves from your instagram some bio link considerations that you need to have this first need to make sure that you tracked the referral traffic from Instagram. There's two ways of doing the following, either including you tm tracker or abate Lee your l. You also need to make sure that within your Google analytics you're reviewing your referral traffic pretty consistently. But you can easily Google how to add a new team tracker. It's pretty self explanatory. The other thing is, I recommend that you create a Lenny page that is separate. So a sign up option that is separate for people who were coming directly from Instagram because, like I said, you don't want to sell to them right away. You want to make them part of your community. You want them to sign up to your newsletter. So especially if you're doing a freebie having a separate lending page where you are featuring, what's the benefit of being part of your community? Or you're also talking about that specific Guti docked they can download, whether it's a look, book or whatever. Freebie. I've seen that work really well, so another option is to drag took clickable shopping links. So here the pros and cons, there are a lot of bigger brands. They're doing that right now. Rebecca Minkoff is one of them. I'm trying to remember the names Monday. Swimwear, I believe, is also doing that. There's quite a few Brown's thought are linking directly. So this is my aversion to it. If you're smaller brand, I don't recommend that you do it because your focus should be first in building relationships. You first need to ensure that you're providing value to these individuals before you sell anything to them. If you sell to soon, you will ruin your relationship with these individuals. You need to build credibility. You need to have a name for yourself once you are starting to really speak good progress within your instagram, then I definitely encourage you to drive toe clickable shopping lengths because, like I mentioned in the very early slides, fashion Instagrammers are okay with shopping directly on instagram, especially if they see something that they like. So, yes, they might see something that, like from you, but if they really like it, I I can tell you that they will definitely go and buy from you. I mean again, this all depends on your inventory if you have. If you're smaller branches is are you have a smaller inventory, so the easier for them to find that specific product. The reason these bigger brands have clickable shopping links is because they have a much larger inventory. So it's easier for them to make sure that whatever item that they're featuring will drive direct Klay to that specific product. Finally, do not drive to a singular product page because if you do, you might lose the interest of that individual that is coming to check out your website to kind of get a sense of your brand and explore and poke around again. You're pushing cell that them to prematurely and they will have an adverse reaction on them . They people don't want to be sold out. Obviously, you need to sell, Yes, but you need to do it in a way that feels authentic. And the key is through email by a building. Relationships with these people will try to do another class about building storytelling emails that will help convert thes followers into actual buyers. It takes time. You can also do the following through your instagram feed by having a nice mixture like I've been talking about throughout this entire class of inspirational and affirmative and entertain content. So having a mixture of that and marketing marketing, which could be anything from contest telling people about the free goodies that they can download by signing up to a newsletter and then having discounts from time to time. But try toe, apply the 80 20 role, most importantly, provide value. What is the mission with the value proposition of your brand? And, yes, like I mentioned earlier, it is important to look at what your competition is doing. But one of the biggest mistake that I've seen a lot of brands do is that they follow some of the tactics that bigger brands have so like I said, having clickable shopping links. I don't advise for you to do that if you are just starting out. So keep that in mind, guys. 9. Tell a story: One of the biggest challenge that friends up there have when they're using Instagram is that they're solely using it for self promotion, and they're not thinking through the story that they want to tell. What is your overall mission statement as a brand? How can you relate back to your customer again? This goes back to the very first chapter where we talked about getting inside the head of your customer. If you're constantly throwing at them discounts or look at it, look at our latest arrivals and etcetera and you're always sort of pushing sells well. It's going to feel like spend and chances are they're going toe unfollowed you. You need to tell a story. Think of Instagram as as if you were microblogging sick of instagram as if you had a magazine. If you had a magazine, what type of content would you have in there? What type of content? I would tell the story, the aspiration of your brand and how can you engage through that content with your audience ? So if you are an athlete, T jher can see that word. My French accent. Eso If your brand that's into you know selling whether it's sneakers or yoga pants Like anything that's athletic driven. How can you relate back to them all? Perhaps talking about your yoga session on Sunday and how it went, giving them tips, etcetera. So here are some of the specific ways that you can interact with them and really understanding what your voice is again having the knowledge of who your audience is, what will appeal to them the most and being able to implement that overall feel emotion within your feet. So let's go through the slides telling a story. Telling a story is the most important part when it comes to building a relationship with your customer because people buy based on emotion and not dry facts. So I think as your instagram feed as a micro blawg, you're creating a magazine. You're creating an experience. Some of these ideas as to how you can create a journey you kept your customer can embark on can include perhaps being entertaining, and I gave specific example here. So by any branch, is a company that sells T shirts online and they have a lot of sarcastic or fund trendy slogans. Make sure to check them out if they are part of your niche, but being edgy, they're funny. They're Kirky, and they're not afraid to push the boundaries a little bit. Another one is perhaps sharing knowledge. So whether it's your providing styling advice or you're giving them lifestyle hacks, etcetera, Low Tote does a great job doing just that. You might also want to support a cause, so help a community in need. Ask your audience to participate and help. Tom's is obviously, uh, the best example I could think of as a part of the country when you buy their shoes like part of a percentage goes to helping kids with needs and giving them shoot shoes. So it's kind of part of their entire Brendan. But they really feed into that within their feet. So they include pictures off some of the kids that have received shoes or they're helping out there, also taking pictures of their staff and telling their community about who is behind the scenes, if you will. And then, most importantly is you want to build a community so that comes with really making people feel like they're part of something greater. So doing shot out three purpose ing content, but when you build a community, I think a lot of brands out there they only sort of focus in asking others to kind of help them get the word out. But they don't really think about what is the what sort of the motivation like, why would people be interested in being part of your community again? And I'm sorry, but I keep on referring back to the first chapter with which is why it's so important to have a very rigorous research before you put anything in place. But it's just really understanding, like who? Your customers. Because once you do the following, it will be easier for you to use a tactic that will attract them, right? So someone who is sort of shop nasty gal customer while they want to feel entertained, they want to also feel part of a community, the community of girls who aren't afraid to take risks. I mean, Sophia Maruso created this whole girl, boss hashtag and mentality, which is really a symbol of her brand now. So I mean, she's created amazing movement around her brand, and obviously it happened organically. Don't try to do too much when you're starting out just really take it one step at a time. So by being very Jenna Ryan, right and start with something as simple is telling people why you started your business. Where you selling those garments? What's division that you had would you feel is missing in the market? And again when you'll have interviewed D's your ideal customer? People are already purchasing for me. You'll have that insight because I think a lot of times entrepreneurs or so sort of in their own world, meaning that they're so overwhelmed with their day to day. It's kind of hard for them to kind of step outside the box. And that's why it's good to have feedback from people who already purchasing from you or people who will purchase from you in the future to kind of so they can help you sort of reframe what your brain is all about and why they are attracted to it. So then you can really work on that messaging and refine it accordingly. So what you want to do is you want to put in place an editorial counter and make sure that it's at least 30 days in advance. You need to make sure you have a library of content you can choose from, and you can break down the storing little snippets and surprise your audience with daily discovery. A tool that I personally love is finally because it's extremely visual. So when you're doing the following, though, it's very important that you take all the different ingredients that we talked about. So let's go through them one by one. Right? Because I think it might be a little overwhelming at this point. So the first thing is like we talked about understand what your messaging is, right? So understand what is going to get the core messaging. What's the core messaging? What's the core value proposition of your brand? What is going to make people take and say Yes, I want to I want to be part of this brand. So for shop, nasty gal, specifically, I'll go back to that example. What makes people take is the fact that she has edgy clothing, right? She has very edgy closing that our garments that cannot be found anywhere else, and she tops into the rebelliousness of that specific audience. These were girls anywhere between, I mean I feel like as young as 13 to perhaps 25 even 28. And they want to. They want people to notice what they're wearing. Some of the garments that they have in their stores a little bit on the edge of your sides , A little risk here. And these are girls who like to go have fun. They like to go out, which is why I don't know if you'll notice, but a lot of her off their Tigellinus joined the party. Join the party because these girl, they like to go out, they like to be seen. So this is what I mean by really understand who your customer is like, really dissect their behavior and why they would be drawn to so 1st 1 the first stages messaging the second stage is understanding trends. So what is it that these girls from Sharpness Eagle are currently talking about the most? Obviously they love emojis, But what is the one thing that is currently trending? And how can you implement that within your editor All counter So your brand feels like it's it knows what's up could end quote Right. So then the third stage is embedding so understanding a tactic you want to use, whether it's organic, whether it's partnering up of influencer or collaborating or the 3rd 1 Advertising. So what's up of ideas? Can you embed within this 30 day window because you want to make sure that you peppered different types of content. So, for instance, on Monday you might have motivational content, right? A lot of people. Right now it's a hashtag that's trending. But let's say you might doom on Monday. Motivation. It's a bit generic, but I'm just giving you an example. On Tuesday, you might want to remind your audience about something that you're selling on Wednesday. You'll want to give another tip on Thursday. You might want to tell him about you had that we can make make them excited about the weekend on Friday. You you want to make them excited about? I mean, you know what I mean. So, like, you need to pepper it. So I think the best rule is 80 20 rule, meaning 80% should be constant and 20% cells and what I mean cells. I need soft cells reminding them to be part of a contest. If you're if you are thinking to host a contest, reminding them to interact with you, asking them questions, etcetera. So again, think of a magazine, and I think that's the best metaphor that can give you the best example I can give you. A magazine has content and then within the content it has little snippets of ads. So that's the best approach. Because this way, your brand feels more authentic. People don't feel like they've been there being sold at, and they are actually getting information from you. They're they're actually feel like you're Brun really gets them, understand them, and you're providing them tip to their data day life using something like, Finally, what I love about it is that it's very visual. So then, once you have sort of the overall idea of what you want to communicate to your audience within those 30 days, you can go back and look at the visual assets that you have. Or if you need to shoot them, just go ahead and brainstorm. What? What's the best way to tell people about model Monday motivation? While featuring some of our products, right? So try to brainstorm as to how you can feature your products in a way that's not so in your face. I mean, there are a lot of brands out there who are taking pictures of models wearing their clothes . Yes, those are amazing pictures. But you need to tell a story with those pictures. There needs to be something more. There needs to be more substance. So wanted to share with you a couple of examples. The 1st 1 is Bo and Drape. So what I love about them is that they really know how to be entertaining. And they really knows well how to interact with their audience. So they really play with her copy. So with their captions and they also play around with their photography. So, as you see here, this Ah, young lady, she's holding two doughnuts with a sweater that is from born drape. And you know, they do embellishments more specifically on sweaters. But here they're asking their audience to participate. And they're featuring their creative director, for instance, right. So, DeAndre, you'll notice they don't use a lot of hashtag. Mainly, I think it's because they have a decent amount of followers. If you're just starting out, don't be shy. Use hashtags. I mean, I don't see any issues with it. It doesn't say anything negative about your brand. I really doesn't Another great example that I love is La Bella Mafia Brazil, because they do such an outstanding job really providing the type of information that their audience wants to see. So there's sports brand and what they sell or that whether known for, are there legging. So their base in Brazil and they have a worldwide account and they have a Brazil account and the core of their messaging is to empower women who are go getter. These women, obviously you love to exercise exercising. Is there life So sometimes they feature influencers in that specific field, and they show them wearing their leggings. Sometimes they will just feature the leggings by themselves to encourage people to go back to their website or show them their latest collection. They have a really healthy mixtures of post. Essentially, I feel like they're post is mainly motivational, because if I mean let's put ourselves in the mind of of someone who likes to work out, I mean, like everyone, there are days where l where you might not feel like you want to go work out and liberal a Mafia. There's a really great job motivating people to go achieve their dream and going to work out and reminding them as to why they're doing it. So it's a very inspirational brand, and as a result, it's done a really great job attracting a really huge tribe of customers. So again, I think as to what will appeal to your customer and then try to think of your brand as a magazine. 10. Analyze: the final steps. Congratulations. You made it through the end. It's to analyze the results and repeat accordingly. You want to have another standing as to what performed best within that 30 day window that we talked about and reapply. Repeat it accordingly. So there couple tools out there that you can use in order to analyze the overall performance of each of your specific post. You also need to look at your Google Analytics Review How much referral traffic you got from INSTAGRAM See whether or not these numbers are continuing to grow extremely important . If they aren't, you need to play around with your messaging, play around with your marketing tactics and understand how you can improve your performance . So couple tools you can use is the 1st 1 is instagram business account. If you haven't made the switch yet, I highly recommend that you do, especially if you have a physical store. It's really easy to do. You can simply make the switch. You can include your physical address, and people can contact you directly. But most importantly is it gives you rial time and analytics on each of the specific pictures. So business insight for each of your specific pictures at your posting. It's a great switch, so test it out, see if you like it. Another option is plentifully. It allows you to schedule your post ahead of time so you can see how it looks visually and along with that. It also gives you analytics on what, where your most popular post, whether it's engagement or most likes. So you can understand what performed better, and then one that is very popular is Icona Square as well. So play around with these three different Option C, which feels right for you and test what type of information. Or, I mean, it really depends on what you want at of your analytics platform. So some things that you want to measure you want to measure which images are the most light . Understand whether it was the photo or was it the caption? Did you put a longer caption longer cop Shins, by the way, are great because it's a form of communicating with your audience. People read, Um, you can have like a small short block post on your instagram caption. It's totally fine. So try toe really understand the anatomy of that specific picture Why did it perform so well? What captions got you the most engagement? How many comments and you get with that specific caption? What was it about it that got people excited? You also need to review which hashtags are bring you the most traffic. So look at which pictures preferring best. Look at the hashtags you are using that day. Go back to your Google analytics and see if, on that specific day there was a spike in traffic, that's the best way to really understand which hashtag they're performing. Well, still looking back at your Google analytics and looking at how much traffic you got on that space, it on specific days. Finally, you need to also look at which offers are converting better meaning, bringing you more email sign up. So you're definitely gonna be playing around the first couple weeks. At the very least, with your bio link and your bio description, you need to get a sense as to what people are willing to download. And you also need to play around with the copy. How can you word it in a way that makes them excited to download that e book or that look book or whatever it is that you're offering for free. So play around with that, and based on that information, you can see what's performing better. What's generating you? More email sign ups and look at everything cohesively. How did you perform in the last 30 days? Did you improve from the month before? If you don't see improvements, you're doing something wrong. Not, I mean, especially if you're applying all these different strategy that we talked about where you're really thinking us to, how you can convert your followers in tow. Actual loyal customer. The that really, that's the key. So make sure that you're looking at your overall results cohesively within the last 30 days . Look back at what were some of the goals that you set for yourself when you started? Were you able to meet those goals? If if you weren't able to meet those goals, you need to understand why. Right? And a lot of the time it's it's it goes back to brand positioning. It goes back to Are you telling a story that people care about? Are you attracting your customer in a way that really moves them? Also obviously review how many cells you got right throughout the month or throat were there days where you got more cells. Another try to understand why and look at also how many email subscribers your you've been getting on average per day. So all this will help you understand whether or not your efforts are being fruitful. So try to learn from what you've put together and try to figure out how you can implement from your findings. Right? So whatever was successful, put that on top of your list. Write down ideas as to why it was potentially successful, have as many as easy as possible and then try to replicate it for the following month. And again, you need to apply the same formula. So which is thinking about Europol messaging? What is it that you're telling your audience? Are you being entertaining? Are you being communicative? So you know, following a magazine flow where you're telling the story first and then you're selling only 20% of the time. So this is a step that's actually the most important. If you don't measure your success, it's like it's like trying to lose weight, right for a lot of us out there I'm sure we've gone through that process if you are not consistent at at least once a week seeing whether or not you're making progress, while obviously you're not gonna be able to adjust and pivot what you're doing, so make sure that you are pretty well. You have a rigorous process in place, meaning that every first of the month you write down what your goals are, and you also look at the performance from the month before you put together a plan on the second day, and you always always want to do that one month in advance. Who put a plan in place based on brainstorm some ideas based on trends that are out there based on what your customers air liking or disliking. Put that in place, don't execute it and then review what perform good and what performed so well. And then you can adjust it accordingly, and by following that process, and also by looking at what your competition is doing, you will be able to see and get these riel results 11. Bonus: as a bonus. I wanted to provide you guys with a list of who's Who of instagram for fashion, so you can feel inspired. Perhaps so the 1st 1 is Gypsy Warrior, these air two girls who started out with a brick and mortar in New Jersey, and they're now an international sensation. They sell directly on Instagram using, like to buy and their strength lays and knowing hot to speak to their customers. So I really encourage you if you feel like you're Brun is pretty similares to them and speaking to kind of the same customer to look at the copy that they're using. Look at the images that they're using. So they're coping. Tone is really sharp. I admire their writing style. It's really fun, and it's engaging and also a good thing to know that they collaborate with influencers as much as three times a week. I mean, in their case, they can do it because they've been around the block. They have a big network, and also they repurpose their content, so they are pretty aggressive when it comes to posting. I know that they post Aziz many as six times a day, and, um Yeah, like I mentioned, their instagram feed is shop herbal, so someone definitely worth checking out. Then the second is Tom's. Tom's is a well know, um, shoe company. So with every purchase you're helping a person in need, obviously, like their model, one for one model by a pair and a child in need will receive repair is how they rally instagrammers because, essentially they're rallying in. They also set up local get togethers to support their cause. So, for instance, in for instance, in 2015 they hosted one day without shoe event, in which they encourage individuals to take pictures of their feet without shoes and use their specific brand hashtag. So this engagement itself garnered them 55 thousands submissions really impressive again, you know, food for thought. They also provide exclusive insider access to their instagram audience, where essentially they feature their employees. They share plenty of behind the scenes and include a lot of educational components featuring the Children that they've helped. Next is Rebecca Minkoff. So when I love about her brand is that she likes to put her fence in the spotlight, and she re grams a lot of her fashion influencers wearing Rebecca Minkoff. She also collaborates with influencers pretty frequently, so she really, really knows how to appeal to her audience. She generates a lot of buzz by posting life content from either like press reviews or her latest fashion show, which happened in the Street. She also combines her efforts with snot pussy on Instagram, a picture so she will encourage them to check out the life feed on Snapshot, for instance. And she really makes her audience feel like they're in the know. So finally, she also frequently interacts with her audience through Ask Me Anything sessions, which I think is very strategic, and it's really her opportunity to get feedback from our audience on whatever she's working all. She really makes herself available to our audience, so she always comments back, she replies back. She's really active on social media. So Rebecca Minkoff really uses her Instagram as a repository for sighing inspiration, combining it with announcement and supplementing it with marketing initiatives and obviously with snapshots. So if you don't follow her, I really encourage you to do so on. And so ground anil snapshots I think it will really inspiring. Next is Lorna Jane which is an active wear company geared specifically towards busy women. So she encourages first and foremost user generated content by touting her brand hashtag, which is Lorna Jane. She frequently repost images from her community, The Post or like a collection of inspirational and motivational quotes. She really keeps her audience motivated to lead a healthy lifestyle. So she Sprinkles behind the scenes and post about her live event. Keep her newsfeed relevant, if you will. So again, encouraging user generated content, she used her brand specific hashtag. She posts at many as four times a day. She provides motivational, inspirational content and a lot of behind the scene. So I wanted to give you guys these different examples so you can decide on which qualities really work best for you and what you could potentially incorporate again thinking about who your customer is and whether or not it's going to resonate with them. Obviously, you want to have your unique voice. This is only for inspiration purposes, especially if you're feeling stock. So my recommendation is to review your editorial counter so you can create and decide on other elements that are perhaps missing currently from your feet try to see how you can Sprinkle in different ideas. And if you like engagement, really think that's to how you can make your audience participate more So perhaps, look at some of these brands. Look at what they're doing and look at what's generating them engagement and see how it applies to your overall brand and to your overall audiences. 12. Conclusion: Alright, guys. Well, congratulations for finishing this class. I hope that you'll be able to reach the goals that you set in the very beginning of this class. Be patient with yourself. It's a learning process. It will take some time Till did you get the right formula and please? But now you have knowledge of all the steps and all the tools needed in order to reach your goals. It's just a matter of fine tuning, really. Your message and really understanding who you're speaking to the following will take you some time. The best recommendation that I can give you is speak with your customer, have a dialogue with them, really understand what they love about your Brent and be a role model. Support your community, meaning the an example of what you are after. So whether you're mission statement of your overall brands, so make sure that you set that precedence for others. Another thing is, I know how competitive the fashion industry is, but really tried to nurture one another and learn from one another. I think it's very important because there's space, really for everyone in the industry. Everyone has a different voice, has a different way of looking at things. So by being part of fashion communities following each other's instagram, providing each other feedback, they will make all the difference. As a matter of fact. But I would love you. To do is in the project section please poster instagram so we can all follow one another and hopefully learn from each other. Most importantly, is to have an open dialogue and being honest. So don't lose faith. I'm really excited about everything that's about to happen to you and your brand. And as you become more and more popular, just remember to share your knowledge with others because it's extremely important. All right, guys, Thanks for watching by.