Instagram Essentials: Creating Easy Stop Motion Animation | Sofia Apunnikova & Ksenia Necheporenko | Skillshare

Instagram Essentials: Creating Easy Stop Motion Animation

Sofia Apunnikova & Ksenia Necheporenko, graphic design and digital art

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6 Videos (15m)
    • Intro

    • Storyboard

    • Setup

    • Filming

    • Tips & tricks

    • Sharing to Instagram

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About This Class

Nowаdays Instagram became one of the most popular social platform to tell the world about your brand. Posting images and video is the common way. We would like to show you one more approach — using stop motion animation. It's an easy way to give a fresh look to your creations. In our class we are going to make animated stories with accessories and other design products.

We will show you the process of brand marketing from idea inception to story board development and realization. For the class production we will use our friends' boutique and all animations you will see on their Instagram account 8-store





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Sofia Apunnikova & Ksenia Necheporenko

graphic design and digital art

Sofia Apunnikova and Ksenia Necheporenko are part of the Komm international graphic designers collective with HQ in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. We focused on art direction, branding, print design, illustration and fashion. In our work we aim to expand graphic design standards and to blend different cultures. Check our latest works on Behance, Instagram and tumblr.

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