Instagram Engagement Secrets 2021 (Grow Your Instagram Following) | Benji Wilson | Skillshare

Instagram Engagement Secrets 2021 (Grow Your Instagram Following)

Benji Wilson, Social Media & Entrepreneurship

Instagram Engagement Secrets 2021 (Grow Your Instagram Following)

Benji Wilson, Social Media & Entrepreneurship

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6 Lessons (41m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Instagram Algorithm

    • 3. Create the Best Instagram Captions

    • 4. The Hashtag Ladder

    • 5. Instagram Content Stacking

    • 6. Your Next Steps

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About This Class

LEARN HOW TO USE INSTAGRAM AS A TOOL FOR YOUR BUSINESS.  Expand your brand and Business through the strategies we teach.

In this Module we start with the very basics and we give you comprehensive break down of:

  • Instagram's Algorithm.
  • Hashtags
  • Create Amazing content with ease

I demystify these important Instagram skills so you can use these to grow your Instagram account.

Are you intimidated by these terms?  I will walk you through them giving you a basic understanding of what they are and how to use them to your advantage.

If you already have and account, be sure to check this class out. If you don"t check out our first strategy class and then follow up with this. 

It is imperative to know that you have done this in the most optimal way for your Instagram success!

In this course you will learn how to promote your Instagram Account to those who have an interest in niche.

In no time you'll have valuable skills that will help you effectively build a strong community of Instagram followers, that are targeted to your niche

Be sure to follow this class to receive notifications of each new module!

You will understand what it is to use it to create an Instagram Account that will be professional and with exponential growth.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Benji Wilson

Social Media & Entrepreneurship



Thank you so much for visiting my profile!

My Name is Benji. 

I am a passionate creative and entrepreneur from Melbourne, Australia!

I love pinpointing the difference between what makes people successful and what makes people fail in all arenas of life and then share with you!

Apart from building and creating... I have 4 cats, I love working out, skating, playing basketball and reading. 

Be sure to reach out to us if you want to connect!

- Benji



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1. Introduction: welcome to this instagram course. What you're gonna learn is how to get your content out there on Instagram in people's discover feeds, even if they don't follow you. And better yet, we want to get this in front of people who are targeted to your niche and people who are gonna love your account so we can funnel them back to your instagram profile and have them stop following you. How we're gonna do this is we're gonna be decoding the instagram ogre than the algorithm that decides whether your photos and media get shown to people or not. And we're gonna be implementing strategies that help the Elgar them out. These are called content stacking. Gonna be using advanced hashtag and advanced captions strategies that are working in this year on instagram. So let's jump in and go through these in detail to start the exponential growth of your INSTAGRAM account. 2. Instagram Algorithm: awesome said Now welcome to the Instagram Algorithm lecture. Now, if you can take what you learn here and actually understand it at its core fundamentals and then apply it to your INSTAGRAM account, you are going to be miles ahead off your competition and you're going to see some incredible incredible growth on Instagram. So let's jump in a match excited to do this one with you because this is the stuff. The science behind Instagram that is, if you plugged the right stuff in, you're going to get the right stuff outs of you. Plug this in. You're going to get a lot of follows out the other side. So Instagrams algorithm decides what content to show on people's home feeds off your browsing your home feed on Instagram Instagram have selectively curated what you're seeing . It's not. It's not showing you every single post from every single person you followed, but instagram actually using an algorithm to decide what they think is going to keep you on the app the longest What they think you're going to enjoy the most and interact with the most. Which ones of these posts are your favorites in order have have you have the most pleasurable experience possible on the rap and therefore spend more time on it and come back and use it in the future. So you need to understand. The same goes for people who follow your account. You'll, on average, reads just 10% of the people who have decided to follow you, meaning if 1000 people decide that they like your camp and follow you, that's not enough to actually get in front of those 1000 people. When you put a post out on average right, you're gonna reach just 10% of these people or 100 people. So this is where we need to work a little bit of magic, and we need to understand and understand the algorithm first and foremost. And then we need to understand how the hack this algorithm you not to increase this exposure and be seen on as many people's news feeds as possible. So making sure that any photo that you post will go out to at least half of your followers , or sometimes even more than your followers, which we're going to get into that in a second. But how do you post a photo to 1000 people and get 5000 people. Look at you Use the tips and tricks in this exact lecture. So this is what is going to look like. This is what you're current on the left. Here, your current instagram account may look like I don't know if you're posting stretching bears in the water, but you're going to put a voto up, and it doesn't actually attract new followers back to your account. Um, and you know, you probably get 52 maybe 100 maybe getting 1000 likes, But you're not getting the full capacity of likes that you actually can get. When you use these strategies that we're gonna teach you, you're going to actually get new followers for every piece of content that you post. So one of the biggest growth strategies now it's just gonna become posting more content and then using these strategies to boost that content so that you getting these new followers back and they're more likely to like your next photo and help that do really well. And of course, you're going to get a lot more interaction on the photos that you post you get more engagement, more lax more comments And you instagram account really is just gonna be seen as much more popular from Instagram and they're gonna help you boost it. But to understand how to get Instagram to actually boost your account, you need to understand. Ah, the answer to this question and the question is what does Instagram want? Because if we know what Instagram want, we can give instagram what they want and therefore they can give us what we want, which is more exposure. So the simple answer to the question is that instagram want high quality content that people absolutely love because for the simple reason that they want people to use their apple and the more people use their app, the more ads they can show to these people and the more money they make So therefore, if you're on instagram and you just keep scrolling and you keep seeing continent absolutely love, you're going to spend more time on it and this programming going to sell you more ads. So now that we know instagram want high court content, people love, we need to know how they determine if it's high quality content that people love or if it's local. Any contact. So say we post this photo here on the left off, delicious looking avocado toast with a side of what is that apple crumble or something? And a coffee, You know, just a breakfast post. Instagram have to decide whether this is a high quality post or whether it's a locally post and whether they want to show it to a lot of people or nobody, and the way they do This is actually quite interesting and representative here as what we call a micro test. So instead of Instagram being like, oh, we're gonna have people manually look at that photo and just be like, Do we think that people are going to like that Instagram actually go and use hard data. They actually just go and they micro test the photo that you put out there, meaning they take that photo. And in this example, this isn't these numbers on exactly. It's just to get the principal across. They're going to show that photo to 100 people who follow you already, and what they do is they measure the engagement. So whether people view it, whether people, if it the video, it's called of you if you watch it, whether people like it, whether people comment on it, share it. Whether people stop scrolling set time on post is if they're going through their newsfeed and they stop scrolling and they see a photo that's also counted as engagement. So these are the things that we want to make sure that our content is doing. We can get our followers to engage without content in any of these ways. Instagram are going to see it as higher quality because this is how they run their tests. If Instagram if you put this photo up on instagram an instagram micro tested which you need to know that my instagram micro test every single piece of content that goes on their platform, not one piece of content is not micro tested. So this isn't just a random stop and frisk test that's going on. But every time you post your content won't go out to everybody at once, it'll go out to a micro test and if say 10 people, you can see the pink. 10 people on top of this cool little graphic have interacted and engaged with it, which remember the engagements are what we saw on this other page yet. Freaking go back. I think we've gone back too far. So these are the engagement. This is how people engaged. They view it, They like it. They comment on it. They share it all. They stop scrolling of 10 people have done that. Instagram. I'm going to see that and say that while 90 people actually didn't engage with this and therefore wasn't interested in him. Therefore, this is low quality content because I need 10 out of 100 people actually engage with it. However, the same piece of content goes out to a micro test and they have 60 people engage with it. They're gonna be like, Well, okay, that's really high quality content because six out of 10 people like this photo enough to engage with it. And therefore, this is how instagram are going to understand whether your content that you're posting out there is really high quality or low quality. And this is how instagram therefore determine. Should they promote this pizza content through there, two more people on their app, or should they really just hide it from existence and pretend it never existed? Now you can see here that I've got a sort of binary, uh, my mainly just to show you how simple this principle in the simplest form possible. So micro test isn't high quality Isa locality where in reality it's more of a sliding scale . So Instagram do the micro tested you get similar left, have tested your photo and then on the right instead of being visit. Hi, Claudio, Is that low quality? They actually rate it. So they may rated on a scale of 0 to 100 based on how many people engage with it. And therefore you're going to fall somewhere on this exposure graph. And this is the boost that instagram are going to give your piece of content if it's really high quality or if it's really locally did. And I'm going to give a little bit of a boost. But you can see this is how things go viral. They keep they someone close a piece of content that performs exceedingly well in the micro test phase and therefore instagram push it out to 100,000 plus more people because it's done well in their micro testing phase. An average piece of content is going to fall on average on the graph. So that's how you reach 10% of your audience, on average, when you press a piece of content because that's how you're content is going to perform on average and we want to boost that average up. We want to be able to reach or 100,000 people from outposts. But how we do that is we need to perform well in the micro test and just a little bit of background info, how this actually happens and how you can actually reach more than, uh, the amount of people time just going back right here. How you can actually reach the 100,000 people for your post is because of the Discover tab . Instagram can recommend your content both in the Discover tab and in the home tab if it's performed well in the micro test because they know it's high quality content and they want other people to see it, that's going to keep them on the APP for longer. So Al HAQ here and what we need to investigate how to do is how to get as much engagement possible within the first couple of hours of our post because we know that first couple of hours is the micro test phase. And therefore, if we can get as much engagement as possible, we're going to be rated really high quality. On that scale, we're gonna be rated at the top tier, and we can actually get all of our post that were posting to do far more than a 10% reached . But we can do up to 100 to a 200% reach on average to our audiences just by hacking the algorithm instagram algorithm in this micro test phase. 3. Create the Best Instagram Captions: so one of the best and easiest ways to boost this engagement in the micro test phase is using captions. So, first of all, what is a caption? If you don't know what the caption is already, it's basically just the text that accompanies your image or video that you posted Instagram . It has a word limit of 2200 words, which is actually a lot of words to go along with your instagram photo. So if we can optimize our captions, we can optimize our engagement and therefore prove the performance off our micro test and then get exposed to much more people than just 10% off our audience. So here the top three strategies that we're going to investigate together, and we're going to go through them one by one and shave exactly how you can use story questions and call to actions in order to really skyrocket the engagement young your posts and not only increase the average amount of people that you exposed to per image, but increase the chance that you're going to go absolutely viral and blow up your account with just one post. So the 1st 1 is story and story is basically telling a story in your caption. Now you can see this is achieved. Success is the INSTAGRAM account that posted this. It's not actually Will Smith the camp, but they have posted a photo with Will Smith and it said, um, a little court from him that says the things that have been most value to me, I did not learn in school. And then that could just be the image that could just post that. But that would not get as much engagement as if they posted the story that they have below it. And you can see that person a little. It's not exactly a story, but they're posted a longer caption that tells a story that tells it has quotes and emerges , and people stop scrolling on this and they read through it so you can see they've got Albert Einstein quote. I have no special talents. I'm only passionately curious on the there are West crimes than burning books. One of them is not reading them. You know, these old, just random quotes that go along with the actual quote from Will Smith, and then you can see it at the bottom of ridden tag someone who needs to see this. So this is another call to action, which will be discussing in later on in this lecture. But they've done really well to put that, um, those quotes and those extra information extra value into the bio or into the caption off this photo. And therefore, when people are actually scrolling through their instagram feed and they stop on it, they're going to spend more time on it. There will be more likely to interact with it and more likely to go and follow this account . Just because I've got an extra additional. I know 300 words below it. It's the same for this one. You can see there's a photo of three ladies on a beach, and if this was just all it is, this is obviously posted by the United Nations. You can see there in the bottom, right? And, um, if this is just the image you know would get a few, lacks a little bit engagement people would keep scrolling, but you can see that posted the background story behind the image, which is really, really key. You'll be shocked at the engagement difference from posting a background information about the post that you're talking about a background information about the post that you posted on Instagram. You're going to see much high interaction, engagement and therefore much higher amount of exposure for it. So I highly recommend you try telling a story like these two examples here and wide actually, um increases your exposure because one the biggest one it does is it increases the time on the posts. So you can you can have people transfixed on your post because you're telling them a story . Therefore increasing the time spent on post which remember that is one of the strongest engagement identifies from Instagram. Ah, story is also going Teoh be ah, lot of text. So you want to make sure you break up the paragraphs because otherwise everyone's gonna be overwhelmed by the amount text you could see that used emerges on their use dot Send that used, you know, fun text characters to keep you engaged because the longer you can get people to spend on that post, the better it's gonna do. And of course, it boost trust and affinity helps people understand. You understand your content and want to actually like and engage with your future content. So number two this is a really simple one as well. But it actually works really, really well Instagram right now so you can see this is damn luck, and he's asking questions in his content. So would you rather be rich, or would you rather be right? Um, and you can see it's got a red pill blue pill and he's dressed up like he's in the Matrix and, um, in the caption below you can see is written. Through my 20 years in business, I've noticed that most people would rather be right and satisfy, satisfy their big ego, then be rich. Would you rather be right or rich comment below? So you can see he's asking a question that's going to get people to engage. It's going to get people to actually right there opinion on this thing, and a lot of people will be writing right. A lot of people gonna be writing rich, and it's really a fantastic, simple way just to ask that question in the bio and and even to ask that question in the actual content, to get people stopping to get people typing to get people interacting with the post increasing engagement, and especially in that micro test phase where the content is going to go absolutely viral. If you can get enough people to actually engage with this question. So you can see here. Is that really simple one from Chipotle? It's Who else does this and just this guy shaking up his chipotle bowl before he eat and some people might do it? Some people might not do it, but I think the key here is that people are going to have an opinion on this because they asked to have an opinion on it. People like it all. No way do that. That silly old they could be like a. Of course I do that, Um, and people are going to be not only commenting, but when you read something like, Who else does this? You want to see what the content actually is. So they're going to stop and wait for that video to play because someone's asked them for their own opinion. So making sure you're asking people for their opinion. And he's 1/3 not specifically a question, but a call to action, which is capture caption this picture so they haven't actually captured there in photo, but they've actually got a really cool photo of a cat in front of a volcano in Japan. And they're asking people to caption it. So whether people actually go down to the comments and caption it for them an increase engagement that way, Or if they just see the cold action of caption this picture and they'd be like, Oh, what would I caption it? And they don't even have to type it. But they just go back up to the photo and be like, Oh, what would I do on to caption this? They're increasing their engagement. So question keys get people to comment because that will really, really increase your engagement, especially the way Instagram is trending. You want comments as many comments as possible. And, of course, don't complicate it because people don't want to be stopping and trying to decipher what you're saying. Make sure make it really easy for people to respond by asking questions like this. Do you agree? Red pill. A blue pill like Dan locked in which door? And you can have three different doors in your photo. 12 or three like you can say which is your favorite way to eat your burrito one to a three D and have different options? What's your favorite flavor or caption? This photo Really simple and easy questions that you can put in your content to increase your engagement now call to actions again. Really, really simple. You can see this is a really awesome looking, get away house thing. I don't know. It's Photoshopped it, really, but it's just a big globe of glass. Trump Show is really tough to keep clean but luxury empire have posted this and just written tag. Your better half and you know this is intended for goes to be scrolling through their instagram and oh my God, they're being amazing. Get away Tagged their boyfriend and free number can take them here, but it's just a really cool way to say tag about 1/2. Instead of no call to action down there, it'll check this out. Something and less people are going to be interacting and engaging with it because they aren't having a call to action like this. You can see here this is Shake Shack and it says, looking double tap worthy double tap, obviously is how you like a photo. So the colder action is toe like in this photo by just prompting the words double tap in. Here's a really cute little photo Cubist cap for you posted and you can see someone had made a replica off there. Cat, um, in a mini form and you can see they got double tap written in their caption. And they've also got follow curious cat for you, which means that not only prompting a double tap, but a follow. And if you get someone to follow you in your micro test, you're going to do really, really well cause that is that really, I mean, your content is really, well, eyes really, really good because people are going to see your content, have to click on it, have to go to your cat and follow it. Instagram going like, wow, that must be a really good piece of content if they prompt a follow So Colt action keys. Make sure you get people to comment. Uh oh. Like annual photos to boost the engagement in the micro test phase. What would you lack or tag a friend full? So ask yourself that, like what are you interacting with? What did you engaging with on your own instagram account and make sure you're replicating that in your instagram account that for the for the content that you're pursuing. So if I said that in the most confusing way possible. But basically what's making your like photos and what's making you tag a friend? Do that on your own content and make it very visible for the viewers by using emerges and spaces. Remember, don't overwhelm them with big block text. Um, here's a few prompts that you can use. It could be tagged friend like if and then you put some condition in their double tap. If again, put a condition and then you can actually use a pizza content with both of those. Like if you agree, Um oh, comment. If you disagree, so I think you can use to cold actions and have people sort of talking against each other. Follow us again is a really powerful one. So remember, you want to keep your captions relevant to your brand. Don't go out and copy anyone that's random. That's doing really well because you don't want to hurt your brand reputation. So make sure that you are adapting what these other people doing to your own proud process to your own brand and making shorts brand relevance because this is what's actually building trust. 4. The Hashtag Ladder: awesome. So welcome to Hashtags and that's so powerful. And that's why I like to talk about these hashtags with you because we really are going to skyrocket outpost engagement specifically in this micro test phase using hashtags and these work, a lot of people are skeptical if they still work on Instagram, we're gonna show you how we getting 2 to 3 times engagement on a post using hashtags this year and why they're always going to work and these are not going to go out of date. So you understand that baby hashtag is basically a way of categorizing content on instagram that makes it discusses discoverable to the whole platform. So instead of just being discoverable to you and instead of it just being discoverable to that your followers, the whole platform now has access to your piece of content because of the categorization that you have put on it. So as tax can be added to our post to a just guy rocket engagement during the micro test face. So remember, this is the micro test phase. Remember Instagram and going to say if our content is high quality, low quality and by using hashtags were going to give a lot of people access to this photo using them during the macro test phase. And therefore, where instagram think they're only testing 100 people there going to be testing a lot more than 100 people and they're gonna more higher engagement rates using these hashtags. So you need to understand Instagram allows you to use a maximum of 30 hashtags in your instagram post. And the best way to think of this and the most fun way to think of this is hashtags basically like highly trafficked museums. What every hashtag is its own art gallery that people go and can browse the posts all they can browse the artwork inside each gallery. So when you hashtag cat, you're basically hanging your photo up in the cat gallery. And therefore, anyone who's currently browsing the Cat Girl Gallery can't come across your post because you're basically, you know, like nailing. You'll ah, content to the wall of the cat gallery. And there's always millions of people hundreds of thousands people, actually in that gallery, interested in looking at cats, and that's what they're doing. They're they're just browsing content off really cute cats and you can see this is the same for every single hashtag. So whether it's a food hashtag or a beach hashtag, that's people in those museums as people in those galleries looking at your content and this is what the gallery looks like on Instagram doesn't look like an actual gallery, but basically they search for cats and they just browsing all these photos off cats. Now the museum ranks all the artwork based on its popularity and museum. Being Instagram, um, ranks all of its artwork based on its popularity, and we'll display only the best and most popular artwork first. So if you go into an art gallery, they're going to be festival instagram. I'm gonna be monitoring in the art gallery. What's bringing in the most people? What most people stopping it when they walking around the gallery where they pause, Where do they interact with them with what do they like? And those ones that they like? They're the ones that going to be really showing two people, cause they know they have high engagement. The same is on instagram, so the more someone interacts and engages, it likes this post, the higher up they're going to show it when people are actually scrolling through the cat Hashtags. So you need to understand that most people use hashtags incorrectly and if we can use them right, we're going to really, really take advantage off these other people and your competitors who aren't using them correctly. So in order to absolutely skyrocket our account using hashtags, we need to Teoh, I need to show you what's right and what's wrong when it comes to a hash tag So you can see over here on the left, this person has tagged money entrepreneur rich luxury and freedom and on the right, this person ash tag money, money, money with ah, emerge e motivation for life motivation. Wanna one? Um, I don't know what that is. Motivation Nation. Tony Robbins started business. Start your own business and I'm going to show you exactly why. But this person on the right has done a lot better job with their hashtags than the person on the left. And it's because the number one mistake that people make with Hashtags is going for the king. Hashtag now the king hashtag other ones were talking about earlier hashtagged food has take . Entrepreneur has take cats. Hashtag beach hashtag love, hashtag Sunset. All these really, really popular Hashtags, basically the most popular museums now to stand out in an exceedingly popular museum is really, really tough. It's basically like hanging up your artwork in the loop and competing for views against the Mona Lisa. You know it's going to be hot. You're going to end up gathering dust at the back in storage. You're not going to get the engagement and the views going against these really famous paintings. So how we combat this is we need to actually start, like in the art world in the local art exhibitions and slowly build up to the more recognizable galleries. And the cool thing is that you do build up as you build your following as you build your affinity with them. You start climbing this hashtag bladder, and when you climb the hashtag letta, you can eventually be seen next to the Mona Lisa and you'll actually be competing with it. And it's such an exponential growth strategy because when people, um when people are posting their artwork in the museum in the Luth, when people are going for the biggest hashtags like hashtag entrepreneur, You can actually really skyrocket your account like that, cause if we rank high entrepreneur, all you need is one poster rank really high. And you're getting hundreds of thousands of followers from that one post. And when you have the power to actually do that with every post, your account is going to skyrocket. So you can see here is the hashtag Letta. Then down the bottom is entrepreneur minds. Then next is entrepreneur actually spelt wrong and then above that entrepreneur style onto in a spirit, entrepreneurial entrepreneurs and an entrepreneur, and you can see below it it shows you how many posts, still how many pieces of artwork or in each one of these galleries. Now we need to be using the local galleries, the one that have a lot less posts. Because even though there's gonna be a lot, let Pete a lot less. People in those galleries were going to be the main on the main exhibit. You know, the main piece of artwork in that gallery and draw a lot of engagement, draw loving interaction with that post, especially during that micro test, and then we're going to be able to move up the ladder as our account grow. So you want to look for things that have a lot less posts and a lot less competition with within your niche. So finding which hashtags used within your knee, she's actually very easy. You first just need to start with the King tag so everybody knows what the King tags are. If you are a, um, if you are a restaurant, it could just be hashtag restaurant. If you're a pizza place, it could just be hashtag pizza there. The King tags. It's gonna be really hard to compete with, but what happens when you typed that into Instagram? It's going to give you suggestions, and you can browse these suggestions and you can see how many post they have in in their hash tag and then target the ones that have less than 100,000 start than 102 100,000 and work your way up that instagram hashtag letta. You can also look at competitive stags, which accounts that are about your size or slightly bigger than you, what hashtags that they're using. And then you can discover those hashtags click through the to them and see if they're going to be the right size for you, and then you can use hash tag APS. Now there's a lot of hash tags APS you can use out there and stop making specific recommendations because the hashtag APs actually keep changing. Instagram keep updating their terms of service, but all you need to do is go through the play store on a Google device. Or, if you're an Apple device, go to the APP store and typing instagram hashtag and or just hashtag and you're going to get suggested a ray off APS that you can use to find the best hash tags. Um, in your niche. And what you can do is you're gonna just test those hashtags out manual yourself and see what a hashtag app you like. But there's a lot of them that could give you really good suggestions for your hashtags. Now you can see if you have less than 10,000 followers. You want to stop with hash tags that have between 5000 and 150,000 posts, and you want to get an array of them. So don't just go for all Hashtags with 5000 actually start the work outside. Ah, way. You think you're going to be good and you can go upto hashtags with 150,000 purse? Because if your post does really well, you're going to be ranking really high on quite a medium sized gallery with a lot of people in there. So something like entrepreneur minds might be a good one to go for if you're in the entrepreneur space, which has 40,000 posts, Um, but if you are starting to rank high than that, you know, if you're starting to have 10 to 50,000 followers and suddenly build that momentum or if you really just have strong affinity, you can go between 5000 because you want to keep hitting those little ones. It doesn't matter how big your account gets. You can hit the little ones and absolutely dominate them. Um and then stretch yourself and go to one something like entrepreneurial, which has a 1,000,000 posts. It's and you can start to stretch beyond that. True, but basically, just test it for yourself. So this is basically the life cycle of the hashtag and how you're going to be leveling up. So you want to choose low competition Hashtags to stop. You wanna rank at the top of those hashtags be discovered by more people, get more engagement specifically in the micro test phase and then you want to choose a higher competition hashtag for your next post, and the next post should be at level to the next post up so that you'll be at level three. And basically, you keep leveling up on these hashtags and want to keep a big sheet of these hashtags when you know what your dominating you know what you need to stretch in order to achieve and you keep leveling up into you really are in the loop of your hashtags, and you can use the mega mega king Hashtags and absolutely skyrocket your account. So hashtags work the same way if they using your caption and comments. So we recommend that you actually put it in your comment. So this is someone putting hashtags in the caption. We actually recommend what happens after you post your photo. You put your caption there so people can read it, and it's not really distracting with 100 or 30 different hashtags next to it. But what happens is you you make the first comment on your pursuits. A post this photo opposed this video, and then you make a comment on your own post with these hashtags, and it's gonna have the same effect as if you put it in your person. Remember, that's just an extra tip. You can actually use your hashtags in your comments and not in your caption, and therefore you won't dilute your caption and make it really confusing for people. 5. Instagram Content Stacking: awesome. So we're now going to talk about a really cool strategy called content stacking, and you can use content stacking on your INSTAGRAM account to actually double your initial reach to your followers on a post that you have newly posted. So, for example, if you have 10,000 follows and you put out a regular photo post and this is one that we put out one day, you will be proud. You did not give up and obvious That's me and my friend Evan sitting on a seat and it got 1000 views. This is obviously a hypothetical, but they say it gets 1000 views for, so it's 10% off our audience. We have to remember that this content time is the lowest engagement sort of content, so a photo, even though it's easy to create, you can see underneath. It's the lowest engagement, whereas if you put out a video, it's much higher engagements. You don't really need to do this for videos, but just photos and you can see it on the fire right column that an instagram story is easy to create but also high engagement. So I want to show you how you can leverage the high engagement types of content for a photo that is normally low engagement. And if we leverage our story and now Instagram live, which I'll show you exactly how to do in a second, you can double the engagement that we get during the micro testing face. And therefore, I have a stack post and therefore outperformed by two X double the amount of exposure for that one piece of content. And once again, the key is we're going to be actually leveraging our story and our live in order to promote our photo. So here's an example of that or an account once again with 10,000 followers, we post a photo. But at the same time, we also post a story on our INSTAGRAM account and we make it on. I'm gonna show you exactly how to do this in a second, Be make it so that they can't see the post you that blur it out, you pixelated, will you Post mustache is over the top of it and you say new post and then you tagged the post in it. And because stories get much higher engagement, you're gonna have a lot of people clicking through to see that regular post of yours and therefore get instead of 1000 views 2000 views. So he's a really good example of that from Zach God and ah, he's just as New Post and you can see obviously it's ah, the new post writing is over him. Eso that you can't you see him in the post, you can't you see what's behind that writing? So people actually have to click on the post. I click on the story to go to the post and see it. So that's the key here. And when you do this, if you've been doing this before but haven't Bean making sure that you're creating curiosity in your stories, then you're doing it wrong because the the photo on the right is the one that ah bomb body A jets have posted. And for example, if they did what the example on the far left is doing, which is New Post, but actually just showed the photo of the Post people like OK, well, I've seen it. I don't really need to go and see it again. However, if they gave it a little bit of a story gap. If they said New Post, check out a $40,000 photo shoot, you could very easily double or triple the amount of people who are actually seeing that purse because everyone wants to see a $40,000 photo shoot. And you know it's an engaging looking story, and they're going to go and see the post that they put out. That's gonna get less engagement otherwise. So you need to understand that you can do this with stories, which is the very simple, easy way to do it. But if you really wanted to get massive results and double down, you can actually do it with your instagram live. So you want to save this for special post one in 5 to 1 in 10 posts because it's incredibly effective. But if you do this every time it will wear off. You want to just go live on instagram, and if you're not shy, then put on your face and talk to the camera for about 60 seconds. Tell them about your post and leave a story. Gap in there were like, Yeah, we just did a $40,000 photo shoot. We came up with this one incredible photo that I absolutely love. Make sure you go and see it. It's on my profile right now. Don't miss out on this. Let me know if you guys have any questions about it. It was a really fun time. And you just talk to the camera. The 60 seconds. Tell them about your post and people are going to be tuning in that live and then going to see. And then they're gonna watch the recording of the life because lives rank really, really high in terms of engagement. If you are a little bit nervous or camera shy, I don't really want to talk to a camera. You can. Actually a really good one I've seen is a hand written note. So get a piece of paper, write down, check out our new post. It costs us $40,000 shoot or whatever story, gap or whatever curiosity that you want to create and just video the handwritten note and just hold it there. And people are like, Oh, this is interesting, It alive. And it's just a call to action. I guess I grossly the post, um, you can add music to it. as well, which I've seen, like playing music in the background on and people can go and they what's your live with high engagement, and then they can go and see opposed. So the key again is make sure you tag your post in that story. If you're posting a story, there's a way you can actually tag your instagram post that people can click, see post and it takes him directly to it. So make sure you do that to increase the click for and if you stack the content in the 1st 60 minutes. So as soon as you put it up, you want to put up that story all that life, you're going to double the amount of exposure you get really cool, really simple method that I really would like you to try out and let me know how it goes. 6. Your Next Steps: first things first, a massive congratulations and a pat on the back for you for making it all the way through this course. Now the next 2.5 steps are really important to further your learning. The first half a step is a favor. I would really, really appreciate it if you go up and just take about 20 seconds to leave me and feedback and let me know what you enjoyed about this court and what you learned it very much helps its course. Get out there to more people. The second thing come over the YouTube. We are Entrepreneur Academy on YouTube. We come out with little concise instagram tips, the most up to date strategies that are working to get more out of your INSTAGRAM account right now. So make sure you go hit that subscribe button. And lastly, the most important thing that you could do right now is to come over on skill share and check out our entire cost library. We have dozens of courses, and we're adding new ones every single week to help you get more, not just out of your instagram, but out of your visual marketing presence online what I specifically recommend for you. After finishing this engagement secret instagram course is going over and looking at what sort of content gameplan you can start to put into place and also making sure we're optimizing your instagram buyer. So once we have that content going out there, we know right now how the Instagram algorithm works, how to get the most out of it when people come back to your profile making sure that they're gonna hit that follow button because you're fully optimized to go check out one of those two courses now or anything else that tickles your fancy in our cost library. Thank you so much. Once again, congratulations more convenient for you, and I'll see you in the next course.