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Instagram Domination In 3 Easy Steps - Fast & Easy

teacher avatar Somenath Sen, SkillShare Instructor Teaching 100+ Classes

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (19m)
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About This Class

In this class you'll learn how to dominate instagram in 3 easy steps. If you are new to instagram marketing then you have to follow this steps get more target results. So enroll the class now !

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Somenath Sen

SkillShare Instructor Teaching 100+ Classes


My courses are specialized in technology domains that are well aligned with market trends, geared towards enabling gainful careers and are affordable. My aim is to teach technology the way it is used in the industry and professional world. My up to date course library will give you the perfect way to jump start your career and dive into today's job market.

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1. Enroll Now !: 2. Introduction To The Class: Hello guys will come to this class about instagram marketing and in this class I'm going to teach you about three simple steps that you can follow to dominate in server. Now, if you're in business, then you already heard about Instagram. Instagram is a social networks like Facebook and Twitter and Instagram have over 500 plus 1,000,000 followers 500 plus millions active members right now And now there's Instructor Marketing is very important for every business because there are lots of potential customers. There are lots of potency ladies out there And if you can followed the right step, then you can again Lord sublets using instagram. So in this class, I'm going to show you very simple. Three step that you can follow toe dominate in struggle. The steps are very easy to follow. You have to just spend some couple of minutes like 30 minutes to 40 minutes to follow this step and you are just ready to dominate instagram and get more engagement. Get more followers more likes to your images to your post. So let's get started with this class. I'm gonna be so excited to share my knowledge here my marketing experience to you guys. So let's get started with this class 3. Step 1: all right, will come back. So when you're uploading to instagram account, you will probably see a screen look like this knows even see Over here there is not much Ah , to explain. Over here there is pretty much simple. You can see your following Ah, person pictures over here in your life feed and on the top right You will see threes beckons over here. The 1st 1 is for discover where you want to explore more Ah instagram profile that's similar to you more in serve them portals that you may want to lie on more incident PGE's that human interesting on Right After that, you'll probably see allow icon When you have to click on this love icon, it will give you the notification for your profile. It's OK, so all of the notification riel filter and that this little love signs over here. So when you have to click on this little button more hair, it will pop up with all of the notification. If someone follow you, you can probably see over here. If someone like your photo, you will probably see over here. If someone commented on your photo, then you will probably see over here. All of your notification. Our filter under this one button, One little button over here. So just click on this and you will get all of your notification on right after that. This is your profile link. So when you have to click on this link, you will go to your instagram profile. Okay, so now, as you can see over here, this is my instagram profile. And this is my instagram food profile. Okay? I want to love foods. I want to share my food pictures. So I decided to create a profiling surround for food and drink. So I created this profile. Now you're going to see one. A couple of things. I have to highlight a war here that when you have to create your instagram profile, don't just create your profile and throw them out. Andi, think about people. Want to follow them? No, that is not working like that. You have to complete your profile 100 person before you want to think. Someone want to follow you. OK, so first thing that you want to choose is there correct? Usually you have to Tuesday your user name when you have to sign up for Instagram account again. So, Giulio, user name correctly. That will match up with your profile on. Right after that, you have to choose. Ah, matching profile picture for your profile. Okay, Now you can see over here my profile is related to foods. So I have to over here a chocolate cake profile picture in my profile. You can also change that on also upload a new picture by clicking on this little around it . Ah, species over here. Just click on the little space and it will give you option to change your profile picture. Okay, so upload a new photo or removed the your car in photo. Whatever you want. Just click on this little rounded space over here and we will give you the option on a light. After that, one more team that your student is. You have to write a short bio in your profile. This is very important because when you have to promote some links or promote something over here that will appear into your bio So bio is very important in instagram profile Because on Lee, the link in your bio are being clickable, so keep it in your mind. Your bio is important. So if you want to promote your offers are promote your product and describe your product a little bit off in your bio, then give you the link So people want to visit your profile. They want to read your bio, reads your about your put it, and they want to click your link to go to your website or product page. So if you want to a DiDio bio are a new bio. Just click on this aided profile button over here, and it will go to your profile setting space where you have to fill up those Jetta like our name like e mailed and using every year to update your user name. Also over here. But choose only the unique using him. Either it will be rejected. Okay, And now you're option for phone number six, then bio. Okay, this is very important. Light assured bio about your product or service, whatever you want, Andi. Then put your western links over here. Okay? And click on the submit, but in your whip that links will happier right after your bio. Okay, so this is very important. If you are an insert Graham market. So this is now you consider your instagram profile and please, before you want to move on from inside a market in complete your profile 100 person, I mean a profile picture a bio. And I use the name and the name that matched to your profile. So into my next videos, I'm gonna give you actual marketing idea that you want to use to get more followers, more traffic to your website and get more conversion. So, Sue, there's on the next video. 4. Step 2: All right, guys are Will come back. Now it's time to get some four wars into our account. Okay, So four streak to get more followers into your account is search real evident people. 30 religion followers who may want to follow you. Okay, so how you have to search for those type of people for an example, my profile is who'd related so I can search over here for food. Okay, Give it some time, and it will display some. Ah, top A result. Top profile result that you have to take a look at. OK, so just go to the first result. The host Link Fritsch profile is gonna love food. Okay, I think this have some 6.2 million followers on this. Followers are actually following this profile because d love foods. Okay, they love foods category on our target is this type of people who are actually interested in food category. So just click on this 6.2 million followers and it will open the all four floors. Enough, Pepe. Okay, now hollow. Each and every one of them. Just click on this follow, but in a warrior. Now you can see over here it will stand them off foolery Crist on holding them back on When they're notified into their profile, the chances are they probably follow you back. This is the idea behind to follow the relevant people. Okay. Just call. All the relevant people were interested in your category. Interested in your nieces? Most probably. They will call you back because one you have to follow the 11 people are calling back Race you is pretty good. Okay, So this is how one of the way you can get more followers to your instagram page. Now, one more thing that you have to use your search for relive in photos, relive in half stags into your instagram search. So search for has been food. Okay, it will open the half stacks. Now you can see you can get re 11 hashtag related to food. And also how many posts are under those half stack. So just click on this coast one has tak which called food on it will open the all result now, as you can see over here, there is almost millions off result under this Hasta Okay, So our target is to the top post on that. These hashtag really Over each of them. Post As you can see over here, the bulls are getting like 6000 likes 5000 likes 5000 like or something like that. Or get use the religion Foretell which have thousands of life and click any of them on. When you have to click any of them, it will pop up. It will take some time. Yeah, it will pop up. And now, as you can see over here, it will have some 6239 likes on glide below that he will probably see Ah, the comments. Okay, the comments off those users who are interested in this post, So just hold him just a follow each of them who are commented in this post on also hollow the user. Okay, when you have to follow that user this either also have a following list on also this post off this user are getting on talk post list. So that means this user profile are visited over thousands time each and every minute. Okay, so keep it in your mind. As I mentioned before, when your post getting viral, you will get thousands of thousands of visit Written an hour or so. So this user pose getting viral. That means this user profile are getting visited by thousands of time. So if you follow them, if you call it in I just show you something. Just goto the user profile. Now you can see over here this either already have one million. Follower. When you have to follow this user on goto the followers list off this user now, As you can see over here, your profile is on the top. OK, so how are actually idea is that when someone is followed this user followers like us, they will probably see our profile on the top. So they will probably follow us forced before they want to follow others. So this is the idea behind follow that top forced user. Okay, you will get holy wars in no time. So this is how you can get hollow words to your instagram. PGE's really cost on gun Also follow the religion. Has stag limited posed That user may want to share like our case is food. So search for has who and you will probably see lords of Lord self photos Just search war has food on such for these has strength and has even see over here. There are most recent lot off photos. Okay, so just like them And follow those user war actually sharing the hold related quarter. And the chances are those users are follow you back because their profile and your profile is similar to each other. So they will probably follow you because you probably follow them. This is how you can get really reliving follower to your profile in no time. 5. Step 3: Alright, guys. So welcome back now. I'm gonna be sure you something So you some treat toe get more light to your photo even if your profile is new. Okay, so coast option is to search, relive in photo into instagram. Okay, this is search war food. Really dated four door using half Strack, as I previously mentioned before this week on the food has struck. Now you can see there lots off photos related to food now like the most recent four toes and relax. Okay, so just click on the light button over here. Now, as you can see over here, when you click on the light button, your profile are on the top. OK? That means when someone want to like this photo their world to probably see your profile on the top and most likely case, they will visit your profile and like your quarters. And when you have to like this'll user photo this either also be notified that you are like their photo. So most polities user also visit your profile and like your photos because doors photos in your profile and this user profile is really evident. So if you can like the air photo They re like your photos. So that is the one way to get likes to your photo and another way to get likes to a photo is search for Ah ah, half stack call like floor like Okay, now you're going to see over here Life's whole life has millions off photos Just click on the hashtag and it will open all of the photos into your ah timeline. You can see there are lots of photos. But like most recent horribles into this hashtag, this user is put like for like into their photos that mean this user want, like exchange means if you want, like their photo, they will like your for That's why this either real input this has stag into. Therefore, you also use this hashtag for your photos or videos. If you want to put this half second to your photos or videos, that means you are interested in like exchange. Okay, so when someone search for like for likes, they will probably find your photo and they will probably like your quarter because you want to put this half track into your photos on day are think about you are interested in like exchange. So they were want to like your photo in exchange off like their photo. So this is the another way. Toe. Get more life to your photos. Okay, there are ah, Others have stagnated to like for life. Like ah, like four. Then, like, not going to see this also have millions off photos. Okay, so use this made heart to get likes to your photos even if your insert an account is new.