Instagram Branding: Craft a Cohesive Feed Design | Marjet Wullink | Skillshare

Instagram Branding: Craft a Cohesive Feed Design

Marjet Wullink, Boost your business by ranking in Google

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12 Lessons (57m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Skimming Your Colour Palette

    • 3. Colour Palette Creation with Colorpicker

    • 4. Colour Palette Inspiration with Pinterest

    • 5. Colour Palette Creation with

    • 6. Skimming Your Images for Your Feed

    • 7. Buying Images: Which Ones?

    • 8. Preparing an Instagram Photoshoot

    • 9. Make Your Images More Consistent

    • 10. Apps to Make Images Consistent

    • 11. Making a Consistent Insta Feed

    • 12. Last Tip About the Gallery


About This Class

Sometimes you see these Instagram accounts that you have to follow. Just because they look so smooth and consistent and thought-through.

It gives a small brand behind the Instagram account a feeling of a very consistent branding. This will give their following-growth a boost.

In this class we are going to teach you how to get a consistent Instagram feed design:

  • Create a colour palette for your Instagram feed
  • How to make, buy or create the images for your feed
    • Choosing images
    • Which images to buy
    • How to prepare for a Instagram Photoshoot
  • Make your feed look consistent with:
    • similar backgrounds
    • filters / apps
    • Examples
  • How to design your Instagram grid to become consistent (some examples before and after the repuzzling.





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Marjet Wullink

Boost your business by ranking in Google

Marjet has 10 years of experience in SEO. First in a Dutch publishing house and after 3 years she started her own company Bureau Bold in Amsterdam. From there she already helped over 200 entrepreneurs to make their SEO strategy.

Her background is in business and coding, but Marjet's strong social skills and patience make her drawn to being a teacher. Her goal is to combine humorous elements with seemingly boring subject matter - learning should be fun!

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