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Instagram Branding: Craft a Cohesive Feed Design

Marjet Wullink, Boost your business by ranking in Google

Instagram Branding: Craft a Cohesive Feed Design

Marjet Wullink, Boost your business by ranking in Google

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12 Lessons (57m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Skimming Your Colour Palette

    • 3. Colour Palette Creation with Colorpicker

    • 4. Colour Palette Inspiration with Pinterest

    • 5. Colour Palette Creation with

    • 6. Skimming Your Images for Your Feed

    • 7. Buying Images: Which Ones?

    • 8. Preparing an Instagram Photoshoot

    • 9. Make Your Images More Consistent

    • 10. Apps to Make Images Consistent

    • 11. Making a Consistent Insta Feed

    • 12. Last Tip About the Gallery

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About This Class

Sometimes you see these Instagram accounts that you have to follow. Just because they look so smooth and consistent and thought-through.

It gives a small brand behind the Instagram account a feeling of a very consistent branding. This will give their following-growth a boost.

In this class we are going to teach you how to get a consistent Instagram feed design:

  • Create a colour palette for your Instagram feed
  • How to make, buy or create the images for your feed
    • Choosing images
    • Which images to buy
    • How to prepare for a Instagram Photoshoot
  • Make your feed look consistent with:
    • similar backgrounds
    • filters / apps
    • Examples
  • How to design your Instagram grid to become consistent (some examples before and after the repuzzling.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Marjet Wullink

Boost your business by ranking in Google

Top Teacher

Marjet has 10 years of experience in SEO. First in a Dutch publishing house and after 3 years she started her own company Minimalist Marketing in Amsterdam. From there she already helped over 200 entrepreneurs to make their SEO strategy.

Her background is in business and coding, but Marjet's strong social skills and patience make her drawn to being a teacher. Her goal is to combine humorous elements with seemingly boring subject matter - learning should be fun!

Getting serious stuff to people in an amusing way is one of my top goals. She wants to make it more exciting and more tangible to reach your goals in small steps.

For more information about her in English, she created a small English website called Step by step SEO.


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1. Introduction: Sometimes we see these Instagram feeds and we think, oh my god, they look amazing how did they do that? Well today I'm going to show you how you can also do it. It's most of times because it's a consistent Instagram feed. Why that's so important, especially for small brands, is because they are going to trust you as a brand because you have a strategy behind their Instagram feed. That's why it's so important to keep it consistent and in one line. We're going to use some examples. For example, Referio, Trello and WeWork, to see how they could improve their Instagram feed to look more consistent. How we start is to make a color palette. If you have a color palette, you can use that one, but you'd have to skim your color palette. That's what we're going to do in the first video set. In the second video set, we're going to look at the images. Where do you get them from? Do you buy them? Which one can you buy? Which one are better to be taken together with a photographer? How do we prepare for photographer's session for your Instagram feed. Then in the third video set, we're going to look at the images to make them more consistent. We're using filters and apps to do them. In the fourth video, I am going to show you an example of two types of feed. This one is of WeWork and Referio, to make their feeds more consistent, in a way that we're starting with the color palette and then we're choosing the images to get to a consistent feed. I hope that at the end of this class, you also created a great feed for yourself to make your small brand more trustable. I hope to see them. Send them all to me when you're finished. 2. Skimming Your Colour Palette: In this first few videos, we're going to talk about color palettes. If you already have a color palette for your brand, that's of course amazing and you can use that one. If you don't have it yet, we can create one or so today a lot of videos. Actually for this consistent feed, you need more than just your color palette. You have to minimize the colors. That's what I'm going to teach you today. I'm first going to look at an Instagram feed and it's an Instagram feed, Mija_mija. She has this Instagram feed, and it looks really amazing. You see, then I extracted actually from her images and extra image with the color palette next to it. That's how you see that's really a minimal use of colors. That's what we're going to work on today. Next thing is Mia Mia, if you already have a color palette, you can start with the column. For example, if you have a color palette like Trello has, they have an amazing big color palette. Then you really have to minimize the colors, so they look more like this Mia Mia because they have 11 colors in their palette. That's way too much, especially because the colors are not in the same range. They are all different like red, see. What I first looked at is the color that they have in their look, and with that I went on. So I took the blue because there's some blue in their logo, and then we take also a lighter blue as well. Because of their colorful approach, I will also go for an extra color. I will choose deep pink because it comes back and as well as in their images, but also raising their mass fault. That's this little wolf here and you see, for example, on the top and in the ears, it's pink. So we think the blue and the pink. Let me give you an impression of what it would look like if I take these colors; blue and pink, and I make it into a color palette. See here, I have a color palette with a blue going to pink in tinting. So if you keep this in mind, you can create pellet for your Instagram feed. But it was first a color palette that was much more colors. Now we minimize it to two main colors with some tinsel, those colors. So here you see how you can do it when you already have a color palette and when we're going to minimize it for your Instagram feed common palette. 3. Colour Palette Creation with Colorpicker: If you don't have a color Pi-not yet, it's still is good to watch the first video. Because you there see, how we abstract, substrate soft colors from a color pallet and with a lot of colors to just minimizing into two. We take, for example, the color that's in the DO-M. That's also what we are going to do if you don't have a column yet. With regard to look at your logo, and what's colors are there already in your logo. We are going to create a minimalist color palette for your Instagram feed, because that's the most important thing. I won't say that you cannot change it over time. For sure you can add colors with, for example, if different seasons. Once seasoning, you use green as one of the main important and colors and the other season is more brow or EEG. You can do that. We are also going to show in this class, how you can make the movement from, for example, the more pinkish to green to grays so that's also Oregon's show. If you don't have it yet, or good to choose a color that's in your logo, for example, or one of your most important images, image that you really cannot have in your feet so image it's really important for you to read. Then I'm going to show you what we are going to do with it now. For you, if you have your profile picture in your logo on top of your Instagram feed, you can that feed one and make a call up. If you use a logo, I did not do that so much on Instagram because logos are most of times for big brands like Nike or trade-off, like brands that are already very payments. If you are just a small brand, is better to use you as a personal brand or, for example, I use for clients, the two founders of the brand. It makes it more personal. Take your profile picture and add that to two that I'm going to show you also today. It's a tool, it's called a color picker tool. It's colors from your image, and, this is an online tool, it's called From there you upload your picture, and you can pick a color that is the main color. For example, with me, it's most of times my hair, which has a color that I like to let it come back into my feed, or another polar is my lips, or for my shirts just like white. If you pick a few colors that you really like for yourself as a brand, and you take that out of your profile picture and you make them the most important colors of your pellet. Then you add some syncing, so, you just add a gray because of the wide, you can also use a gray sample, or with the red, you can take a little bit less. You bread with it, more on Friday, it's going more to your skin color. Then you add some black and white, and that's what your color palette is, and finished for your Instagram feed. Like I said, you don't have to keep it always like that. You can just change it over time if you think, Okay, now I want to learn another color. You can do that. What I did now is that you actually manually take out the colors. What's a very nice tool to create a color palette and, it does it really asymmetrically, is with colors, and that too, we are going to use in the next video. 4. Colour Palette Inspiration with Pinterest: In this video, we're going to show you how you can find a color palette for your Instagram feed on Pinterest. Pinterest is really the perfect tool for it because it's actually a visual search and do. If you just type into Pinterest, on the top you see a search bar, you just type in color palette. Then you can think of some extra words like bright or dark or minimalistic, or hue or gray or one of the colors that you think you want. Then it gives you all the results for nice options that you could use. You can also let Pinterest do it for you because if you only type in color palette, then you already see a lot of tags that you can choose from. Actually, Pinterest does a lot already for you, so here I choose for bright and happy. But what I then see is actually too much. For instance, the best is to add minimalist to your color palette search. So your feed will just get very consistent look. Then you see that the most of the color palettes have colors that have gradients in it. I already said, the tint of your main color or you just have one or two bright colors, so it keeps it consistent. This is very important if you want to have a consistent Instagram feed that you just choose one of the main color and then a gradient of this main color. Now you want to make a color palette to keep it somewhere to go back to. You have a color palette that you create and you can always look back on it. If you have a new picture that you made or you bought or you got something, and then we want to put it next to your color palette and see if it fits. It's nice to just have a color palette with the colors. You can just put it somewhere into your notes and look back at it all the time to see if your images fit with your color palette. That's what we're going to do in the next video. We're going to work with this Coolors, that tool to create very easily your own Instagram color palette. 5. Colour Palette Creation with I'm going to explain to you a new tool and it's called Coolors. It's a great tool because you can save your color palette on it and it also creates a color palette for you. You can find inspiration there. It's really good to try these to create your Instagram color palette. If you go to, C-O-O-L-O-R-S dot C-O, but I will also write it down for you. You can click on the button "Start the Generators", and it's free, that's what it also says. There if you hit on the space bar, you can see that the color palettes are changing. You can just pick one that you really like, or you can also upload your picture. For example, here, I'm using my profile picture again, and it generates a color palette automatically for you, but I want to change it because I think the red is also an important color and it's not added to the color palette. Then you can just go with your mouse towards the point where that color is, and you just pick it, and it automatically also gets into your color palette. If you then click on "Collage", it creates a collage of your colors. How cool is that? Then you have your own color palette. You see on the right side, the hashtag with number and the letters and that's really convenient because it's coded you can use online. For example, to create a quote, we're going to talk about that in a later video. You make your own quotes to use into your Instagram feed and then you can use background color. You have the perfect color for it because you know exactly which hashtag color you need to use for your feed and for your background and you can reuse that into the tool, so that's very convenient. But first in the next videos, we're going to talk about your images. Which images are you choosing, where you buy them, or maybe you make a photo session with a photographer. How do you prepare for that? That's what we're going to talk about in the next videos. 6. Skimming Your Images for Your Feed: You saw already with the treadle example, that it's very important that you don't have to show everything into your account. You have to skim, maybe with your images. That you look through your feed, or through all the files with your images that you have, and then you're going skim images. Some you just cannot put into your grid. It doesn't fit. You have to choose which ones you do use, and which ones you don't use. Ones you don't use, you don't have to not put them on Instagram, because you also have stories. You can add them to your stories, instead of to your grid. Your grid stays consistent, but in your source you can show. That's how you still control all your pictures, but your grid stays very consistent. That means, killing a lot of your darlings if you want to go for consistent feed. We're going to now show an example of another feed that I like to show you. It's a very nice small brand. They make covers for, for example, for your phone, or for your iPad. It's an Italian brand. I also have their cover. I don't get paid for this though. But It's a really nice brand. They really do very good job with their Instagram feed. But I still think they can make it more consistent. How I'm going to do that, I'm going to show you now. Their Instagram account is called Pijamas. The covers. What I will do for them, is that I'll choose for example 12 posts that have the same colors. Then you can change to 12 posts that have different colors. I went through their feed, and I picked these 12 pictures. Then, I put them into the grid. You just throw them all into an app that can put the grid for you together. That's what I'm going to talk about in the next lesson. Then you can see that it already has a much more consistent feel. If you add all the pictures that have blue and yellow together in one place. It looks very consistent. Then for the next 12 posts, you can add different pictures. But here you see, if you have a small brand, you can better put the pictures with the same colors together, and then it already looks really cool. You have much more chances that people are going to follow you, because it looks just more consistent, and as if you really thought about it. In next videos, we'll talk about how to get these pictures because now, I just used pictures that they already had in their feed, and they have amazing pictures, so it's easy. But if you don't have pictures yet, where do you get them? Or, do you go for a photo shoot? That's what we're going to talk about in the next video. 7. Buying Images: Which Ones?: In this video, we're going to talk about getting pictures and actually buying pictures. Getting stock photos. I would not recommend that directly, but there are for sure some pictures you can buy and if they look perfect with your feed, it's okay. For example, do you remember in the other video, the last video we made for this pajamas the covers for your iPhone or your iPad. There was one, and it was with the cactus. You see it here. It could be a stock photo. I think it looks amazing within the feed. Also with your own images with it, it can be okay. It's so much cheaper than having a whole session with the photographer and you just forgot to make that picture that you really need. Then it's okay to use some stock photos into your grid. It just should not be that it doesn't look good for your brand. For example, people that are totally not working in your workplace and you show them as if they are your employees. That just doesn't feel good. For that I would not buy stock photos. But there's another company that Instagram creates for. What I bought from them are pictures of their Instagram feed, but also the illustrations. Still the pictures and the illustrations. You see them here. You see that the pictures are people because it's an Instagram feed for people that could use some coaching because they have bad habits. It's called Kick Your Habits. They show people that for example could be having a shopping addiction. They're behind their computer, they are smiling because they're actually are to shop online, or they're using too much their phone. But because this cannot be normal people. It cannot be somebody that you meet on the street and they see you and think, "You are the one that has a shopping addiction. I know you from the picture on Instagram. " You want that to be stock pictures. They should not be pictures of some random people that you can meet on the streets. It should be stock photos from somebody that lives in Canada that nobody would see here in Netherlands and you cannot meet them in the street. That's why for this company, it's okay to use stock photos for the interested people on it. For yourself, you need to think about if you could do that or not. You see that the illustrations that I'm using here, I sometimes ask if I can use illustrations that I found on Pinterest or on Instagram to use them in this feed. Otherwise, I just buy them. To make an illustration yourself, it just takes so much time and if it's already there, why should you not buy it? If it would be an illustration that's used everywhere, it's not so nice. But you can search on Pinterest or on Instagram for really nice illustrations. Or also if you look into stock photo libraries, there are really nice illustration too. So just you really need to find a style that you want. For example here, I chose styles more of a tatoo, very minimally basic style with almost only black and white. Then it's okay. It really fits the profile. But if the illustrations are all the time changing from very crazy with different pen kinds of ways, it looks too chaotic. To create a more consistent feed, even if you want to use illustrations, you should make sure that the illustrations have the same color, but also that they're using the same kind of pen. The same line thick then they become consistent. That's about how you can and which pictures you can buy, and to show you some examples of what's good or what's not good. But if you want to do a photo session because I would always recommend that. It's really nice because you can make amazing pictures for your brand. You can use them on your website everywhere. It will give a good look and feel to your friend. But you have to know how to prepare for it. That's what we're going to talk about in the next video. 8. Preparing an Instagram Photoshoot: If you don't have enough pictures in your files yet, and you want to create a photo shoot, you can call a professional photographer, or you can do it yourself, or you can ask a friend. But it is very important for a consistent feed and nice-looking brand to have good pictures. I will always recommend to do it with a professional photographer, because they also have extra ideas that you didn't think about, and they know about the light and the settings. I think it's very important to really create a good setting for it. For myself, for example, I'm consulting in ranking high in Google. What I need are pictures of computers, which sounds really boring of course, but you can make it nicer to like add a nice magazine with it, or add a nice cup of coffee, or tea, or a hand. You can do all those small things that your computer suddenly looks really inspirational. You can change the most boring things they start to look nice, because you style a little bit [inaudible]. With my last shoot I did do computer shoot, but I forgot to do photo with my mobile, and because I'm now also doing a lot of Instagram feeds for people, that was a bit of a mistake that I did do, because I was actually taking pictures myself, all of the taking of the photo shoot. I just didn't use my phone when a photographer was taking pictures of me. In the next session, I will for sure do that because that's what I need. For you to have a good preparation before you do a shoot and not to forget anything, it's very good to have a checklist for yourself. I'm going to give you now a checklist of things that I'm thinking of when I do a photo shoot. You can put that on a list before you're going to planning. What I also wanted to add is that you should look at other Instagram accounts, because you can even try to make the pictures like they have and then you see that they look so much different but maybe much more of you. It feels a little bit like you're cheating, that you steal it from them, but actually it's just more inspiration because you use it, but you then see that actually it can be better or it can be different or it can be more of you. If you do it in your own way, it makes it much more nice. I would for sure show your photographer a feed that you really like and say, "This picture I really also like to make in my ways, my tools, or with my notebook, these things." Here, I will show you a list of the checklist that I have, and I will get it. That is a background check. Do you want a lot of white backgrounds? Then schedule a location that has white backgrounds, because if you use white backgrounds in your feed, it's very important that it's like the same kind of my background. Sometimes it is a little bit cream or yellow, and you have in your color palette it's white so then it's not fitting. You really should take a location that uses your colors. Real white or yellow on the walls, both can be good. The location is very important. See that the location has the right background. Then the light check. The light is the best around the golden hour. That's around five o'clock. Actually, you should look at that and that it's not at the brightest time of the day, because maybe it's too much for your photo session. Also think about that. What time of the day are you at your best? Because probably they also take picture of you. If you are not so good in the morning because you have puffy eyes, I will not schedule your photo session in the morning. All the pictures of you are with the puffy eyes, its not so good. Try also to find a time that is good for how you want to feel. If you want to have something like urban vibes you can schedule an urban vibe position. For example, in a nice coffee bar or with a wall, that's the brick wall, you see that a lot. That when you use, you have for example in your color pen the color of the brick wall, then it would be great because then you could use the brick wall for a lot of your pictures. Then make a briefing for your photographer of what you like. Send him or her some examples of the pictures that you really like so he or she really knows what type of pictures you want to add to your Instagram feed. That always works because they have different ideas and extra ideas that could really work well for your brand. I'm also going to ask my photographer if she has any recommendation to add to this checklist. My photographer added a tip which is very good, that you don't use static movement, but use things from different angles, especially from yourself. If you take picture of yourself, that is not all the time you in front of the camera, but you can also move and then she makes pictures. I actually did that with my last photo shoot, that I moved a little bit and that really makes nice pictures. Here we show a few to see how you can do that. Now I'm going to give you a checklist of some accessories you can add to your flat days or to the images that you want to shoot with your photographer. For example: the laptop, of course, which I already mentioned, or a phone that you put yourself on the picture with doing something on your phone, your bag, a little purse, sunglasses, a nice plant, a scarf that's in the color of your color palette, coffee, always useful, the cover of your laptop that you're always using, magazines, maybe a funny one or a more minimalistic one, a calendar or a note book. Think about these things, accessories that you use a lot. I also use my watch to add to my Instagram pictures. But you can think about the daily thing that you're using, and maybe they're really beautiful and you really like them, then you can add them to your pictures. That's what I would do if I would make a session with photographer. Think about all these small things to add to your pictures to make them really personal. 9. Make Your Images More Consistent: Okay, this is a very short video about the background of your pictures. Because if you have different pictures with different backgrounds and you want to have a white background, it's very hard to get it into the same light. But your pictures will be a low of consistent if it would be the same light. For that, it's really good to have a photosystem scheduled at a place where is the same light. You also get the same pictures as same colors because that's always hard if there's different light, there's also a different color and a diagram. That's why it's important to think about background colors when you're shooting fixtures or when you choose features. There's an option you can do editing, so you can lighten the background. I'd do that with the App UNUM, which you can also add. I will show it here and, I will also show you here how you can do that. How you can change your background to make it more white. To create the same whites as background, you can use this UNUM tool, for example, if I'm using it here to have the same kind of whites. I go to the picture and then I scroll here down to the whitening. You whiten with kind of a brush so it gets more white. You only do the background. You see that it gets lighter, but it is a lot of work and it's not always getting as light as you wanted. I mean, now it's kind of the same color. But still, if you would do it with the same light and the same background, it would always be better in the same room. But this is a good tool to make it more white. If you want to use that, you can go to this UNUM tool. Extra thing of this app why it's so nice is that it shows you statistics about where to post or which times and dates. But that doesn't really fit with this theme. But that's why I really like UNUM. It shows you, for example, for me, I usually post on Tuesday morning at 9:00 a.m because then I get the most likes. That's a very interesting insight of this App. In the next video, I'm going to show you more Apps that you can use for editing so your pictures look more like filters. That's what I'm going to tell you in the next video. 10. Apps to Make Images Consistent: Now we're going to talk about some apps that you can use to create images that are marketing system that they have to say moving fields. For example, the white is to save color or that there's a little bit of a layer of rate which call filter. You see that with a lot of Instagram accounts, there's an ice filter. So the first one I would like to tell you about is the preview that I'm using. This is the preview app that I really like and you see an icon of Instagram here if you already added it to your Instagram feed. The other ones that are above here, they are not yet edit to my feet. I can still change them and then add to my feed. So for example, if I would like to add this one or change this one into a color that's more consistent. I click on it, then I click on this little icon and there you see all the filters that I got. I bought a filter which is called D. I like to use D5, oh, D6. If you click on it, it's really a hard filter, but you can change it by making it less hard. Then if it's good for you, you can save it. Then you see that it's more in line with these colors. So the white becomes more the same line. You like to have that whiteness and that whiteness is the same consistent white as you have in your other pictures. So that's how I need to make the other pictures look a bit alike and I always do that. Maybe this one is not a good one, so I change it there or maybe I should take it out so you can work on it. It feels like a piece of art, your whole grid to make into a nice fitting form that the pictures come back and sometimes this color comes back there or this yellow. Maybe it comes back in future images, because it looks nice and then you go a little bit more to the yellow color that comes out. So here's more the red that's coming out here. It's more the cornea color. So you can always choose one color that is more pride and that comes out. I really like the PFU app. You can also use an app and that's cold. There are some other app and it's called VSCO. I think I can add it. Looks like this, VSCO, and it also has nice filters. For example, this is an image of myself. You see here that this is the phone of Juliana, she made a picture of me in a bar and it's just with a normal camera, it's not a not a digital camera. She added a filter over it and you see here with VSCO you have a lot of nice filters that you can add. So this is also a very good act to use to make your pictures look more in line. Sometimes you need to buy the filters. So that's what get if you don't do it and then you have to unlock it. But I think she chose already a very nice filter for it, so here you see how she does it with different filters. I think I still like mine. Select it so I can go here and then see that she chose B5 and you see the same here that you can add more or less of this filter to it. That's a bit didn't work if you take it a little bit more darker on one light. So VSCO is also a very nice tool to make your pictures look more the same. Planoly is also a good tool to use, especially if you want to plan. It, uses very good text. Most of the times very annoying the EU app point or you just want to have a return in your text and just really takes that one with it. So it's really a white space in your text, that's what not so often happens. But what I don't like about a feed like this, that it has this [inaudible] , and that for me it's too much into the face. So for me it's too distracting. You see here that I made for other clients some works and to make it more consistent for their feeds and this is again myself. So I sometimes try here, but I use family especially for adding the text. Not so much for making the pictures more consistent. Then you also see a lot of times Instagram ads about filters. I've never really try them. But it's for sure, nice. I think is good. It is good try to take them. Here, I will also show you a few screenshots of the companies that I saw coming by my feed, their advertising on it. So here are a few of the filters that look interesting. After you make your images look nice, you can put them into a grid. That's what we're going to do in our last video. To add all your pictures to grid and then you can see how you can make a nice mix of images or of cross and the different backgrounds so it becomes one of union. 11. Making a Consistent Insta Feed: This is the account. The Instagram account for Marie Forleo. She's like a coach for entrepreneurs. Or if you're still in other people's business to maybe become an entrepreneur. She has a feed. Not really consistent. She changes a lot in colors, as you can see. But that's actually also how she is. She makes it very funny with crazy people in it. She just shares a lot of her own things and her dances, for example. I think it's nice that she shows it like this. But still, she can create something that has a look and feel that if you would not know her and you'd see this, you think she's about that. It's more consistent, that it looks a bit nicer as a one look and feel. It's more consistent. What I did is, I chose pictures from this field that are in line with this picture. This picture is actually my base picture. Here you see that I'm making a color palette for this picture. With that color palette in mind, I'm going to pick out some pictures that have the same color. It's like the yellow and the white. I pick this one and I pick this one, of course, this one. This one. There are a lot of them and I just screenshotted them. Then I put them into my own grid and mixed them up so they would fit together. I'll show you the result. These are also pictures from her grid, but I also made them sometimes have a filter of grid. It's becoming more in the same kind of yellow feeling. You see the difference between feed that still has a funny feeling of different pictures, but it has a consistent look and feel, instead of feed that goes everywhere. If you want to be more consistent, then it's better to follow your color palette. First choose for one color palette and then act on that one and go on with it. For example, these pictures, they are actually not in her feed. I just got them from her website because I think it really well fits her feed to also use these kind of pictures. Because they were not all there they were not on her feed. I just added them from her website, so it is still her. But it gives more of a consistent look and feel to these, instead of her pictures going to Italy, which is also nice. But you can also share that into your story instead of your grid. You keep it the same consistent feed. Then I want to show you WeWork. You see here their feed, which is also a nice feed with a lot of people. But you see that there's not really a consistent feeling in it. They use a lot of different colors. I also thought of creating a color palette first and then start to make their grid. What I did, is that I first made a color palette that has this kind of orange and the white image. Then I chose pictures from their feed. Like these, these, these, these, that have that images with it. They also have very nice quote scenes with the same kind of background. I really love that. I can show you here, that it is there. But because it's just all within the other crazy ones, you don't see them so much. If you put these quotes into a more consistent feed with the same type of colors in their images next week, they also come more to the front so you see better. This is a quote, this is an image. Then, I changed the color pallets to more green. I added still the images that have orange in it, but I also added green to it. Here you see that they change from orange to more green. Then from the green, I'm now going more into gray. It becomes more gray, dark gray, and green. This is how you can change the colors from a more light into a darker green, orange and then to gray. By doing this, I can move that one. Then you actually see better how it should be because I added one. A whole feed sometimes goes different. Here you see where it starts and then it goes like this and like this. You have to add a lot of pictures into your grid to see what fits and what doesn't fit. You make a mix of images with the same kind of stable backgrounds. Then with images that are not so stable backgrounds. But you cannot add too many pictures with unstable backgrounds because then it becomes too much of a chaos. Here there's stable backgrounds, stable backgrounds, stable backgrounds, stable backgrounds and here's also kind of a stable background. Not here, not here, not here, not here. It's a bit of a mix between stable backgrounds and not stable backgrounds. That's actually the whole point of the consistent feed is the mix between stable backgrounds and not stable backgrounds. If it is more in line with each other, and then you see that it gets more consistent. That's actually the example of WeWork and the example of Marie Forleo that we had here. That you can see how you can make your own feed also more consistent by just changing a few images. Having one image as a starting point and make a color palette for that. Then make the other images around it. You don't have to stick forever to that one color pallet, but you can change it into greens and then into grays. That's the main thing that I wanted to teach you today, that you have to look at the background images. You have to have a color palette that fits. It's good to use illustrations like what you can do here with the other feed that I've already shown you. Sometimes use illustrations that are more in line with each other. Also the quotes that have the same background. 12. Last Tip About the Gallery: What you can also use as a last tip for making your Instagram feed consistent is to use galleries. Maybe the first picture in your gallery feed, is in line with your whole feed but the other ones are not. You can just use a gallery new feeds with this so you can add more images. The first one, will fit to the whole feed. But if you scroll on, it's a totally different image with different colors. That's what you can do with this galleries. You can use them to make your Instagram feed more consistent. That's the last tip of today.