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Instagram Ads for Beginners: How to Create Instagram Ads that Works in Minutes

teacher avatar Laurie Wang, Digital Marketing Instructor and Teacher

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (42m)
    • 1. Instagram Ads Training Introduction

    • 2. Instagram Ads Training Part 1

    • 3. Instagram Ads Training Part 2

    • 4. Instagram Ads Training Part 3

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About This Class

With more than 1 billion users and growing daily on Instagram, this is the ultimate platform to leverage advertising that is affordable and effective to grow your brand and business online.

In this class, I will be going through the key ways to leverage Instagram ads, finding out the right type of ads to use for your brand and business, and ultimately, watch me over the shoulder as I create an ad with you step-by-step to help you get started straight away in minutes.

To ensure the ad's effectiveness, I will also be talking about the various types of ads and which one is better suited for each scenario such as growing an audience, asking users to make a purchase etc.

If you have never started working with Instagram ads before, or you have used it previously but didn't get the results you wanted. This is the perfect course for you to get started right away using the best strategies.

Let's dive in!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Laurie Wang

Digital Marketing Instructor and Teacher


Hi, my name is Laurie Wang. I'm a digital marketing consultant, trainer, Skillshare instructor, and public speaker living in London, United Kingdom.

Through my digital marketing & social media training company & Instagram, I help to inspire more experiences in people's lives from new perspectives, opening their eyes to the wonder and vastness of what is possible. My work has appeared in Elite Daily, Metro London, Fast Company, and Women 2.0.

I also set up my digital marketing consultancy training and helping small businesses grow online after a successful career at Ogilvy & Mather, one of the largest digital advertising agency in the world. Previously, I have worked with brands such as IBM, Anglo American, Sage, Google, and more.

I'm currently... See full profile

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1. Instagram Ads Training Introduction: with more than one billion users on growing daily on Instagram, This is the ultimate platform to leverage advertising that's affordable and effective to grow your brand and business online. In this class, I'll be going through the key ways to leverage INSTAGRAM ads, finding all the right type of ads to use for your brand and business and ultimately, watch me over the shoulder, as I couldn't add with you step by step to help you get started straightaway in minutes. To ensure the ad's effectiveness, I will also be talking about the various types of ads and which one is better suited for each scenario, such as growing audience asking users to make a purchase, etcetera. If you have never started working with INSTAGRAM ads before or you have used it previously but didn't get the results you wanted, this is the perfect course where you to get started straight away, using the best strategies. Let's dive in 2. Instagram Ads Training Part 1: all right, welcome to the Instagram asked training. So if there's one thing I wanted to really understand about Instagram ads is that it's really important to start with angle before running any ads. So let me show you what I mean. Now here are some examples that you could have as an angle. Do you want to ultimately use as to grow your email list? Do you want to use as to sell your products, perhaps, Or do you only use ads to sell your services? Let's say your consultant or coach or someone that provides specific services to others. Then you can also use us to drive sales towards that, or at least to have a lease that leads to inquiry or do you want to use as to grow your brand? These are all great and goals to think about before you even start any money to be spent on ads. Now this will also help you create a type of ads or you want to run because by knowing the kind of angle you have, you can then choose the right type of campaigns in the ads platform, which I'll show you very shortly on how to run the right type of ads to give you the right kind of results. So why is it important to use instagram ads to grow your business? Well, currently, you can run in scram on Facebook ads platform, so explain more what that means. But basically, ever since Facebook bought Instagram, this has given inscribed so much more capabilities than any of the other social media platforms, with the guards using ads to target the right kind of audiences. So I'll show you what I mean in terms of the Facebook ads platform, actually take you inside of it to show you what that looks like, and how to use it effectively now is also because your audience is probably hang out there and I'll show you what I mean by that. So there's over 1.4 billion Facebook daily users, so that's almost 1.5 1,000,000,000 daily. Facebook users hang out on Facebook regularly on their over 500 million instagram daily users and also 400 million plus in scrum story users. That's a lot of people and also with the Garza having the type of capability you can target with Instagram due to Facebook's as platform even also target users who are using instagram but also hanging on Facebook as well. So there's dual benefit with regards to that. The other thing is that you can actually use Face was asked Platform, which has amazing laser targeting tea, ability to target the exact audience that you want to reach on Instagram by using the same as platform. So you actually hit to bursting one So and also you get to re target people who have engaged with your content, and that's super powerful. And I'll show you why, that is. And also how do that with something called the Facebook pixel So lost Lee is also the most affordable, off all advertising platforms now comparisons something, Let's say Lincoln ads, which sometimes cause a lot just for one click Facebook you can actually start seeing results were relatively low budget, which is really amazing and really levels the playing field for every single businesses out there. So here's a summary of some the trainee agenda and will you will learn in the upcoming part of this video. First of all, in this first section, you learn why Instagram ads is so effective and truly affordable and also very useful for your uncles in your business and in terms of what you're building on Instagram. Secondly, I will show you some of the campaign objectives on how to understand temping objectives in the right way, seeing sure that you're choosing the right campaign for your instagram ads. And then also you could learn how the set up for success and that includes hello. Set up the Facebook pics. Oh, so you can start tracking visitors who are coming over to your website and therefore you can retarget them back home to Instagram. And also, how do you actually track those who are currently engaging with your content on Instagram and you can retarget them as well? And lastly, I will show you a step by step tutorial off. How's it up in stream ads in the right way by using the Facebook ads platform. So I hope you're excited, and I hope that you jump in and start testing with some of these ones. You're ready. We're running ads on instagram. So let's now jumping to the Facebook asked platform and take a look around. All right, so welcome to the Facebook ads platform. now, I already set up on that account in here, So if you haven't done so, you can just go to your profile on the top right hand corner where you see your profile picture quickly, the drop down button. And then from there you can just say create ads and they should take you to an ad platform . We can start creating your first ads account. So in this platform here, I want to show you what looks like and also go through the different campaigns. So you understand the objectives off these campaigns on which one is the best one that choose for your campaign? I'll show you also which one's my favourite? Swell. So first of all, you click the create campaign butts in here at the green button, and this now takes you to a create new campaign page. So on the first column here we have the wearing his campaigns. So this is to raise awareness and also interest that people have in your brand and your business. Now I have to mention that I don't use thes campaigns very much purely because I don't believe that is the best way to actually spend your advertising budget in terms of just getting some brand awareness were reach. And in the second column here, we have consideration. So this is further down the marking funnel where now you have people who are aware of your brand, but perhaps now they want to find out more about it. So the first campaign here is a traffic campaign, and you can actually use his campaign to send people into a lead page or landing page, where they could find out more about you on your website, where, perhaps actually find out more about your products on a specific page with the engagement campaign. So this campaigns where you can actually get more people who are likely to engage on Facebook with your particular post or content. And, of course, if you're developing a mobile app, then you can actually get people to directly them. Teoh, go download the app from a specific location. This one's interesting as well. If you currently have videos that you run on Facebook, you know, to generate more video views to target those people who are more likely to wash your video . I can generate those from this campaign as well. You can also use a lead generation campaign to collect email addresses or enquiries and lossy. You could run messages campaign, which is also very interesting for those who want sends you a message. Value of Facebook Page No Lost Lee. This is one of my favorite campaigns to run. It's called a conversion stage, So this is actually the level where people are aware of you. They know about you. They have seen your webpages on. This is the stage where they can convert into particular interested audience that potentially wants that eventually buy from you. So they either by directly from you, by using these campaigns, or they might even just opt into one. You're free Resource is by using these campaigns as well. Now I use this for both purposes. So conversions, probably my favorite ones. The reason why uses a lot is because one it will actually be able to measure the type of returned I can have on the budget that my client, where myself has towards a marketing campaign. So let's say I spend £100 on a specific campaign on conversions. Then I can see from that £100 how many conversions have I generated. Is it 100? You know, subscribers, is it maybe 50 sales? Whatever it might be, I can see the type of conversions I had and therefore knowing whether or not I should continue spend that marking budget on this campaign. So I'll show you why. I mean, in terms of the Instagram ads, step by step tutorial. And this is the campaign I will show you through because it is the most engaging and also won the most useful campaigns that you can run on Instagram right now. So next I'm gonna be showing you Hala set up your facebook pics. So in the right way so you can start tracking those people who are coming to your website. All right, I'll see the next video. 3. Instagram Ads Training Part 2: Okay, guys. So in the screen. What you see here is basically the ass manager. When you first come into Facebook ads platform. So on the left hand side, you have a drop down menu where you can see all the different options you go into, which will go into more detail in just a minute. On these are all the menu items you can go into like friends and getting the pixels which is will be doing as the first step in this training. Okay, get our pixel set up because this is the foundation of everything. Now the pixels essentially tracks those who land on your website, and therefore you could then retarget them later when you're ready for it on your Facebook ads and your instruments. Now for this training is on Instagram as only but the concept is very, very similar. So the pixels, once you have installed it, then that means whoever visit your website, you now have then captured as part of your audience. Now you don't know who this person is obviously due to privacy issues. And also you want to make sure that you maintain the integrity of the fact that is anonymous in terms of how this captured. But but the same time is that this person, whoever that person is when now be able to see your as when you re target the audiences who's building your website. So we're gonna just Now hop over, Teoh, have a look at the rest the platform. So here, this area down in assets campaigns and as are we're gonna be setting up your campaign your assets and then following that the very last year, which is basically your actual, adds that your audiences will see. So we're gonna look at that later on. But at this stage, when you get very familiar with how the platform looks so we'll go to the pixels option by clicking on as manager and quick on pixels. Great. So you will likely see this page because I'm coming using a brand you account to show you will look like from starting from scratch. So will you see here? Essentially, creating a face with pixel option and we're gonna do is now quick, create a pixel. So now Facebook's generating your own very own pixel for your ass count. So in this case, I'll just leave is very generic Laurie winds pick. So you can feel free to use whichever business name you want for your own name. It doesn't really matter. And then you can entering your You are lawless well for your website. If you like Teoh, but you don't have to. So you know, in this case, I'll just put on mine My website details just for the sake of showing you guys how to do that and then create Great. So now you have your pixel, so you could dio a mix of different ways. Now, if you have war press, you can also use pixel setting with that set of a WordPress option. Now the other one is you do a set up manually, which is what this second option is. I personally prefer manual set up just because I find it very easy. I know how to make sure that it's definitely embedded within my website. So I will use this step on also, You know, if you currently have a website developer that you're working with, you can get him or her to also help you set this up as well. So I'll show you How does that as well Let's cook onset of manually. Great. So now this is your face with pixel cold and you can use this to set it up. So what you do is you literally scroll down to second step, you copy the code to clipboard. And now we're gonna do is you gonna put this in the header section of your website? So whether you have used were press for any the other website builders, you have an option to put in code into the header of your website. So we just copy this code. Whatever it this Antar Co is, I didn't take it to your website header where you can then just copy and paste into that area. So to show you, very simply, I will head over to the Lea pages, which is in the other video in this tech library where you couldn't learn all about how they set up Lee pages connected with your instagram account. So we can actually start collecting enough subscribers from Instagram, which is super powerful. So you can also use Lee pages in this instance to capture all the Facebook audiences and the instagram audiences coming from the social media side on. Then once they land in your landing page, you now have that audience as a bucket as well that you can retarget later. So I'll use his option to show you guys how do it very easily. And if you do, you currently have a website developer or someone that could help you set this up. The other option is to then email instructions by clicking down here. So when you do that, you can put their email address here. So whatever. You know the email address of your developer or your company that you're using to send your website up, and then they kind of son, she just click send, and they consulted for you from there. So that's the other option. Okay, great. So I really copy this code here. So the head over Teoh the lead pages and show you how that works. Okay, great. So I'm currently in the lead pages off one of my pages. I've set up ready to show you guys how that works. So currently in this setting area, I think quick on tracking on the left hand side. So just here on a here they have analytics. So you have S e o Facebook analytics again, This page is completely brand new. So a lot of things I haven't put in here yet. But in the analysts area, this is where you can put the header section off the code that Facebook pixel would like to be embedded. So simply, I just really copied. So I'm gonna just control the and then just essentially copy and paste in the whole entire code safe and then whoever to updates now, that should have been updated. So this is going to do at this point, that's all set off on. And now you can then go back. So let's see what the euro, this pages. So now this page is all set up and there's currently a code they're being embedded on. We're gonna now have back to you Facebook to just do you refresh off the page to see what the recent activity is. Fantastic says you see here the status is now active and it's lost, received the last minute, which means that it's receiving activity from our pixel on that page. So now you're completely tracking those who are coming over to the website and therefore you can then re target them later, which is really important. So this works really well, especially when you want to retarget those people who've been to your website but haven't yet seen you on instagram. And you can use this to retarget them. So that way, when they see your account on Instagram and your content, then they can actually engage with you, follow you or the other way is to use Instagram to capture their email addresses by retarding these visitors and saying, Hey, by the way, did you know about this free resource I have that you can actually download? Or do you know about this free consultation you can book with me whatever it is, you could now run ads to those people on then because Instagram and Facebook is where they hang out, you can then be where they are on actually capture attention again because over 60% of people busier website a law times won't stick around and they might never visit your website again. But Social media ads has this amazing ability where you can retarget them over and over On this way, you can always capture those audiences before yeah, she lose them. So this is a very essential first step, and I hope that you took away a lot from this. All right, so that's it for now. Next video. I'll show you a simple campaign. Then you can set up yourself to start collecting email subscribers from Instagram by using INSTAGRAM ads. 4. Instagram Ads Training Part 3: great. So now that the Facebook pixel is all set up in my test account here, so then we can start creating our campaign. So let's start first by going to create and in this case, I want to show you the conversion campaign, which I believe is the most effective in terms of getting your return on your investment. When they come see your marketing budget on in screw mats so you can click on conversions and this is not a lead it down here where you can then enter the information about your conversion campaign, so it's gonna give it a name. So that way, when you run loss of campaigns going forward, you won't get confused in terms of which one you're actually currently running on. Which one you want to shut down, for example. So in this case, I'm using example of a gin curling trying to get its members new members to sun for free, so way to get one month test trial and they can pay the monk after. So in this case we put down, um, let's say my gym brand just arbitrarily, obviously, depending on which what is your brand and how you want to name it by usually would put in my brand whatever that is in this case, it calling my gym, um so conversion campaign. Maybe I'll even just put that detail membership. So that way, I know for later on that I have this running from membership only. Maybe there's another one for email newsletter subscribers, for example. So my gym membership conversion campaign now in terms of simplicity, I don't want you to test out these other ones just yet, because the split test is for a lot more events levels. And in the beginning, I'm a huge believer in taking a small step at a time. So is much better to get used to platform and ultimate when you're ready to actually use more advanced strategies. That's when you can start testing those new ones. But to keep things simple, I believe just using exactly what you have current in the platform without the split test is absolutely fine. Now. There's also the other option of using a campaign budget optimization, so I currently don't thinking to use is just yet, but I'll explain what that means. So Facebook is moving towards having one budget for the whole entire campaign. So that means we set up more ads within your campaign, your then managing the campaign budget by using that one budget for all ads. So let's say you have one budget for £20 a day. The £20 will be used for all your as across that campaign. Now, that's good and bad. To a certain extent. I have my own opinions about it. If you could have more control over your campaign by giving yourself the differentiation behind different kind of budget for different ads than I would do that. Um, so in the meantime, I don't like him on using this just yet, but I was to give you the test. You do have more budget. By the meantime, leave that as unchecked. So go ahead of that account. Great. So this is exactly why I want to show you, because at this stage, because at this stage you see how the campaign you split across campaign on underneath that you have assets within this ad account on you have the ads. Now the weight of the campaign has split is because it wants to have one campaign, which is one objectives let's say in this case for the conversions and underneath that you have the asset, which is then for you to create the asset into the targeting. We will in target. The targeting is actually based on the research of your target audience that you re search for your own audience for your business and your brand. So this is we're going to do a lot of research behind it with the guards to who your audience might be interested. So other influencers are there big brand names, other publications they might be interested and perhaps any particular additional interested in my half that makes him truly unique. So targeting is different for every single person. Now, this is probably one the most important part off your advertising campaign because one of the right targeting you didn't leave any money on the wrong people. So before we get into the asset creation, I want to make sure show you how do a conversion event. So this way you understand how to select the right conversions so Facebook can optimize towards that. So let me go to the ATM Manager O Toole's, and then you would go to custom convergence. So This is fine, because currently, we haven't started creation the campaign yet. Could always come back and finish the campaign later on. So let's not leave this page and go create the conversions. Customer conversions. So this is where you're gonna be creating your first ever customer conversion. Click on that button. So currently, my pixel is far in the off on that thank you page that I told you about that was actually previously created. So this thank you. Page will be the page being shown to someone when I have signed up for that gym membership . So again, you know, using this example is that this is great to have because you want to make sure you have a place where you're sending people towards as soon as the sun it for something. And that's how you capture the actual event when it took place that someone has signed up for something by your Facebook ads. So this page is absolutely crucial to the track. The conversion correctly, you want to make sure you're pacing in the actual sub bureau off this link, So is nothing's harling, but rather the part where is says four slash Thank you page me just got here. So this is what you want to track? Because this is where actually, the Ural currently sits on on. That way you'll capture all the people that landed on this Ural Force Osh. Thank you, Page. And here you want me in your conversion. So in this case, you say, gym membership signing slight category. So in this case, I would just say complete registration. And there are other ones who you can choose as well. But this is the most relevant one for our goal right here and the value, because is actually a free membership. I wouldn't put value right here, but if it's something, let's say you're selling a product on that's $29 for example. Then you would just put 29 in this box. So for the sake of this training, we're gonna just leave it as blank. Quick, create. Great. We're not done just yet. So here D c or says no activity yet. We want to use and go back to this page. Refresh that page. So you have activity coming through now this pages will refreshed, and then we're gonna go back here, refresh this page as well, so we can check that the pixel is became picked up as a conversion. Great. So you see how this now says active and activities lost, receiving the last minute you're now in business. This is now active as a pick, so and the conversions being tracked. So we go back to our manager. So now let's finish off with a campaign creation. So here face was actually helpfully saved it for me, which is fantastic. So then continue. Fantastic. So now we can then created at setting. So this is actually underneath the ad the campaign that we just created in this case when the call in my gym membership conversion that set since of conversion campaign. Now there's the outset within the campaign. Now, within one campaign, you can have multiple assets, and each asset is one specific targeting area. So let's say I want to target people who live in London who are also interested in the gym brands Virgin active. So that's one of the really big Jim brands in London. Dykan Target or let's say I have another at set where I want target people who live in London. But we read the publication. Let's say men's health, for example. And they have a separate offset where I target people who live in London and who perhaps currently follow specific fitness influencer on Facebook and instagram. So I can do these different kind of targeting so that we can see which one does the best for me and then close the ones that doesn't do so well. So they're different ways to target people this way. So in this case, I will have the asset targeting different Jim of fitness brands on here. I can choose the conversion so about the website and then here you can choose conversion, which you have just created, which is the gym membership. Sign up, Grace. And then you want to leave everything else for now because either more of vans options and I wanted to keep it as simple as possible. So makes it easy for us. Well, so in this case, un retargeting everyone for a sad, bold, let's say, in London, so London and can choose a different radius of people that you want target in this area. So I'll keep a simple is this with 25 miles, you goes later as hard as you can by talking this to 15 17 up suit, 50 miles. So in this case, I'll keep it as simple. Just 25 and then in terms of age group, I probably go for 25 above. I find that to be the best age group to target just because the purchasing power of those who are in 25 above are slightly higher, just the general guidance. Obviously, I'm making a generalization here, but it depends on what your charming audiences let's say. Maybe your market is actually the teens market. Then make sense. You actually start targeting from 18 so it depends on what your market is. But in this case, I'll go with 25 above on in this case ago for men and women. Now I want my asked to be shown to people who actually could read the ads in English, so I will actually choose English all now, if you're a Tory audience in a different demographic, let's say Spanish speaking countries than obviously this doesn't make sense. So do you would make sense for your target audience, and here could then type in the interests. So this is where I will target those fitness and gym brands that I want to target my ass, too. So let's say we have virgin. So that's one in target, and I'm typing a few more that I know off the top of my head. That's a gym box that comes up in my not now. No, every single brand will come up when you type in this option. So unfortunately, that is the downside of targeting on Instagram and Facebook. So things like this do happen. But that's fine, because you can be more creative and think about what other runs out there that you can curly target. So let's see, um, good hearted people who like Nike, for example. So you want to go for Nike as an interest? And it's hard for people who, like, added US people who like Levin, that's medico people who might like other fitness friends. So let's say I think Reebok no crossfit games is definitely good one, because again, these are all people who are interested in fitness in general. So you get the point here now I can go on forever, obviously doing research about this. But the general case here is that when you look in the right hand side and said that your audience is defined, I will lead this other good size right here and wouldn't go any smaller purely because you want to get the Facebook as algorithm as much size to work with. It's possible in this case, having 7.9 million will give them lots of data to work with so that we will find the best people for your objective. Now leave this one on check because I don't believe that it gives you a good objective when it comes to increasing conversions. And actually, sometimes I lose your efforts as well. Now, the other option is that you can actually add a connection type. So if you have people who currently like your Facebook page and you want to include them as part of the campaign, that's fine. But in this case, because I'm targeting a completely brand new audience here, I don't want to be also spend the money to target fans of mine who know about me already. So in this case I ride just leave it as it is. I maybe even exclude those people who currently like my page so in this case can type in your page. So right there you have an option. So that's an option. There was definitely at that. And if I want to just target new people and then you can choose your placements now this is super important. You won't choose a placement. That's only instagram because you only run the ins from ads. If you're running other ads alongside inscribed on Facebook, that's fine as well. But in this case, for this training, I'm showing you how to only run in scram ads. So you wanted then on Take all of these because our Facebook feeds and you want to take on Lee instagram feed you want to on take your instagram stories because it's my story is a completely different sizes you see here, so you want to make sure you creating the right size for it. But in this case, because we're only running instagram feed ads these the size of that you want Take what in stream contextual spaces, absence sites. You wanna leave it to Onley. Instagram feeds in this example. And here you want to go for conversions as your optimization for at delivery and then you want to leave all the other options open? Because in this this case, he won't face the target using the best costs, the cheapest cost per conversion and daily budget. Now, I normally would recommend at least $10 worth £10 or above. Just because you're giving Facebook the best option and the best data to work with. If you give me a too small of a budget, it won't have a chance to really optimize that campaign for you using his algorithm. So in this case, I will actually leave at £20 per day and all my ads to run continuously starting today. And that means I'm spending no more than £140 per week. So because right now this is a free Sina. I only want the one day quick. Now I think I just makes it cleaner because I want to capture those who have clicked on this within one day. And how many people have actually signed up for that free membership? So everything else leave as of this and then continue now, here were in the ad section. So we finished the campaign on the left hand side, finished the assets and we're now in the ad set up calories. We're almost there. So you very, very close to the end. Now, here in this one, I would type in conversions. So again, the scene adds, So my gym membership conversions. And since an asset is not conversion, as with the ad within the asset within every asset, you can actually run multiple acts as well. So then contest things like different copy for your ads, different type of images or videos or difficulty call to action. You can change something different things in your ads to see which one is doing best against each other on a similar T assets, you can shut off, be asked. They're not doing as well as the other ones. So in this case, I'm gonna use a face of page. That's my one. So during way. And then my INSTAGRAM account is also connected to his Facebook page. I also run ads on this instagram account as well, so this is very crucial. If you haven't done so, make sure you link your current instagram account your business account with your Facebook page that you're looking to run ads from, so you want to make sure there's a consistent brand between the two, and therefore you can run ads on the face of platform using this instagram account as well . So in this case, I'm using a simple image or video as the option, and then it's going down further. You can then upload your images, so I created image beforehand, and you can create this on your own within something like Canada dot com, which is fantastic for creating amazing social media images. So in this case, and upload my image, my downloads here. So where is it? Look? Should be something for free. That's the one, uh, into the platform. It should be now uploading. Great. So now that is my ads image is 10 80 by 10 80. Now that's the optimized version for the INSTAGRAM ads. There's also options. Use free stock images so you can choose stock images from the Facebook on account. Now, I don't recommend this purely because I believe that is not the best way to use your images and also ah, law. These are not the autumn eyes size for your instagram at, so I recommend that you go to Canada to actually creating our image that truly speaks out to your audience. And here's a preview all my adult look like on the right hand side so I can type in the primary text, which is the copy down here that people will see in terms of the copy that I want to get them to read before Sonya for this membership. So again, it's something that I can create very quickly right now. But I only have a thing about Wilson, a copy that would truly speak out to your target audience to make sure that they can actually really be interested in your offer. So in this case, I'm gonna type a copy that will actually resonate with this audience and give the sun up to my free gym membership. Now the important thing I want to mention is that you want to make sure you creating breaks in between the lines because all instagram, unfortunately, they haven't picked this issue. I talked instagram about this on something that they're definitely looking into is that currently you can create the breaks in between different lines. So when you do type, let's say, a paragraph or two paragraphs, those will be jumbled up together and be really hard for your audience to see the content. So in this case, make sure you create the line breaks by using a dot in between like this. Great. So now that's done. And then we would create a website. So that's where they gonna sign up. Now for the sake of this video. Obviously I haven't crazy The website that makes sense for this because I'm not selling a gym membership. But if I waas, then let's say, for example, my website is Laurie wining dot com floor Chefs forward slash sign up. So it could be this and obviously then that when they sign up at the end, there will then be led to this. Thank you Page right. Once say everything is all set up and consider Thank you. Your old set. Whatever it might be that you wanna have on your thank you page. So that's done. And display link. Now, this is very optional, so you can have a display link if you want, but on the inscribed this will not be shown so it doesn't really matter. And then here you can choose different call to action. I like the option and learn more or sign up both their super powerful. Now, in this case, people, it makes more sense of sign up as a call to action just to make a super clearing your ad. So that's all done. And then you can then just say face of pixels will selected. Make sure this is actually checked. Upsy have conversion tracking to track your conversions and then when it's all set up Now, I'm not gonna click on this because obviously I'm set up with buildings and everything on this account just to show you. But if I could confirm it would now start charging for this ad but doesn't make sense for me to obviously run this on my own count is more, for example, for this training. So we're gonna do is lost. Step is to could confirm And then that will be in the review que with Facebook's advertising review team. So once they reviews your ad, they actually approved everything because you're at is completely okay obliging within the policies off the Facebook as platform. Then this is now going to be approved and actually being start to run with all the other all the other ads within the platform. So that's it into the set up. And you have everything in here with the guards setting up from start to finish. I really hope that you give this a test to see how that works for you, especially how you can actually track the conversions on how many people be sung it for your offers. So here you have your offer, which is either selling your products, your services or actually maybe even just growing your email subscribers by offering them a free resource. These are old fantastic options to use on your instagram mats. All right. Thank you so much for watching.