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Instagram Ads: How to Create a Killer Instagram Ad in a Few Minutes

teacher avatar Diego Davila, Entrepreneur and Social Media Innovator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. How to Create a Killer Instagram Ad in Minutes!

    • 3. Final Steps

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About This Class

Instagram is one of the largest Mobile Ads platforms, they have more than 500,000,000 users!

In this class, you will learn how to create irresistible Instagram AdsĀ that can reach thousands of people.

Even if you have never created an Ad on Instagram, and if you want to start using all the power of Instagram marketing to your advantage to promote your business, your website, your blog or your products.

I'll show you how to do that step by step in this course.


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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Diego Davila

Entrepreneur and Social Media Innovator


Hi, I'm Diego. welcome to my SkillShare profile! 

My Mission is to help entrepreneurs and small business owners to spread their message all over the world and make a huge impact in the life of their fans, friends, and clients.

My goal is to produce the absolute best material, best courses to help you to bring your life to the next level, next level on your health, finances, relationship, and to help you to conquer your goals so you can live a more fulfilled life.

I want to thank you for taking the time to improve your life and learn more and more, take a look at my courses. I created each one of them thinking about YOU.


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1. Trailer: East Avram is one of the world's largest mobile ads platform. They have more than 500 million users that are eastern every day in these scores, I'll show you how to create successful instagram at that can reach thousands of people. I'll show you step by step. If you have never created an ad on the stubborn and you want to start using all the power of the storm marketing in your advantage to promote your business, your website, your block or you're proud of your company. I'll show you how to that step by step in these cars. Together we will create an ad for only $3 so that's amount you will invest initially to have a greatest brings on actually see riel. Result. See people going to a website going to your product to your offer through your instagram link. As a final project, you'll post on the projects, area your instrument at screenshot and also you compose your instagram link on your Facebook page link. So people in the community here on a sculpture will be able to see your pages and follow you on your social media. I hope to see you inside the course, and sure you were really like all this process, and I'm sure the result will be amazing for you or for your business. Let's start doing that right now. 2. How to Create a Killer Instagram Ad in Minutes!: Hey guys, Welcome to the course. Happy to see you here Inside the training today we will talk about advertising on Instagram and how you can use all the power of Instagram and why you need to start thinking about east around when you think about at not only Facebook at but also Instagram ads are super important today, as you see here were on the on the eastern business page on the advertising page on you see that they have more than 500 million people on Instagram right now. So Eastern is one of the largest mobile platforms that you can use for at and in these course today. Euler, how you can do that in a very easy way. I'll show you here the easy way to do it so you can do it right now. My goal here the cars is to go straight to the point, showing you exactly what you need to the step by step so you can implement all these strategies. Right now, the main thing here is for you to learn and also toe take action. The most important thing is to take action because by taking action, you will see the results on your business. In order to start advertising on Easter Grand, you need only one thing. There is only one specific requirement, and that is a Facebook page. If you have a Facebook page that's great. You can use your page toe advertise. If not, you can just easily create a new page by going here on the corner on click on Create Page. When you click on creep age, you will just select the time the type off page you want and follow all instructions that Facebook I will show you here on the screen on. After that, you will have your Facebook page with your Facebook page to ready. The next step is to create. Opposed on this post is the post that wou will boost by boosting oppose you reach Mawr. More people, depending off your audience, depend off your targeting, and we'll talk about all that here on the cars. So first, when he took great opposed, I already create a few polls here so we can use that as an example on In this case, let's use, Let's see here, let's go down. Let's use dispose here. So this is a course about YouTube domination. Get your 1st 1000 subscribers and ranked number one on YouTube. This is, of course, and I want to advertise these on instagram for my eastern followers and all the use of the only store under are interested on YouTube because these cars is about you specifically. So how do we do that? First you'd your Your first task, as I told you right now is to pray your your post when you have the post, which is this one in this case will go to the next step. So the next step east to go here on the Facebook at monitor. So how do you do that? You come to your Facebook profile. The home page on in here. Under favorite, you have new Fitz, and the second option is at managers. Click on add managers on in the at. Manager on the top. Right hand side corner. You have a green bottom. These color can change Facebook. Change the colors all the time. You click on create at okay is opening. So next that is what's your marketing objectives? So in here you have several options you can boost opposed. This is the thing that we will do. Promote your page. So in case you want to promote your page on Facebook, you can use this link here. Rich people near your business. This is if you have a special business, a physical business and you want to rich people around you on you have all these options increase. Increase the conversion off your website. Send people to the website gate. Yet you're east are install off your abs on stuff like that. But for now, for these specific course on for today, we will need to choose one of these on the most effective one of these four. Eastern run. My test on my experience is the 1st 1 is boost your posts so we will click on these. And this is the easy way to go. And in here we have the post engagement. So first we need to create a campaign name. In this case, my campaigning will be YouTube course for emotion. Enter your campaign in click on, continue next. We need to define your out. It's so here you can create a new audience or if you have, you can use safe out insects. In my case, I have a few hours is here. But I won't be using these on these specific court because if I go here, I will jump ahead. I'll not I'm not actually going step by step. And I What I want here is to show you all the steps so you can do exactly the same steps on half a great success with your ad. So in this case, create new okay cost on our audiences. You can select an audience here specifically, In this case, I have a peek. So on one of my website, that's why I have dis option. I won't be using these because probably you don't have that that peeks all year. And if you don't know what the pixel is, don't worry. We will talk about that later. Locations next option. So in this case, in this field here and this is super important, you need to select where your target audience leaf. So if you want to start it, people in the US you off course select the U. S. If you want to start it specific states like Florida, for example, you can tie Florida or you can type specific sip codes. Let's hear, Let's speak any sip coat. So this is a Citgo here on you. With that, you can risk you can target your outings to specific areas in the war. If you want to target several countries, that's totally okay. I can target here. Canada, for example. Let's speak a UK United Kingdom. Let's say Australia. Let's say India on off course. You need to think where your target audience leave. So if you have products for specific people that leaving specific cancer specific arias, you need to select these countries here in the locations on also, you can type on address here. You can go us narrow if you need he on their locations. For your honest, if you are not sure if you are if you want peace, is your first out on you. You don't know exactly with countries to target, I invited target any countries that speak your lingo. So if you are speak. If you are promoting material in English, of course you can still like us, Canada, UK and any other countries that speak English. For example, if you speak Spanish, target Spanish country on following that recipe, you can have a great targeting location here for now, I live ladies, remember that each country, half a different price. So if you if in this case we're turning in us when we go here to the pricing the budget will need to be higher for us because the beat on us easily a bit higher than India, for example, on that other countries so but I living like these on this example, you can test different countries, different locations on DSI. The results you are getting the next step is the age. So you need to think about your target audience. The people that will use your product, your body or buy your product on visit your offer on visa your website, for example, if you are driving people to your website so you need to think the age off your target out . So my case, my turnout in is pretty open because I teach online marketing strategies. So I think my target audience is between 18 and 65 blast years all also next step is gender . You can target men, women or both of them. In this case is I select all languages, my cases English. You can select English, UK, us or all. I recommend you to select all. And also you can target order languages if you want, like Spanish, Portuguese or anything like that. Next we go to the detail in targeting include people who much? At least one off the following. So here we will select and this is super important. This is super important because here in this area and the targeting were defining the interest off your audience. So if I am saying here because I am advertising about these YouTube cars, people that are interested on YouTube. So I tied you to be here. I have some options to select from on when I put the mouse on the top here, off the off their options. You see how many people are interested on these specific key word that I enter here? In this case, we have 406 million people on You can go like that. So in this case for 406 million is a lot, so I will be more narrow. I'll say you to marketing, etc. Marketing. They don't have YouTube marketing the combination of these two key words. So I also like BCE's marketing three million. That's good. I will so let year tip. Let's see. Another key work can be digital marketing. Perfect. Let's see, let's tie video and see what Which options do we have? Video marketing, Maybe Maher getting for within our here social me social video marketing. This is good. This is super target. You see, a little are almost 3000 people interested in this. So this is super target people exclusively interested on social video marketing, which is exactly what I am teaching here. So So, like these on you can go on and on as deep a few honest, narrow us you want here on the detail targeting. And remember that we are showing your ad toe people that are in this location people that are between these ages with this gender on, people that speak this language on also, when they meet all these requirements requirements here at the top, people that are interested on these specific keywords on the specific areas. So basically, you are showing that your add to the people that are 100 almost 100% sure that will be interested on your Perata because you can. You have great tools here to actually narrow your audience and show to the specific people really are interested about what you have to deliver for them. Okay, Next you can before we go next. Actually, being to steal on the detailer targeting you can exclude people so you can set screw people and you can slow people that like, for example, Facebook. Let's say he's just an example. So in this case, if I said like this, I will include people that like this, but also they need to like this, But they need toe. We will screw people that likes life. Facebook. Okay, you know what I mean. So you can include in here an ex club in here. So this is another way to actually have a super narrow arrogance. We click on narrow our audience here, you can select a specific interested. So people learn interested on east each off this subject on also interested on social media marketing, for example, social media marketing. So in this case, we are we have a nearer audience on in here on the right side, you see Ernest definition and you see specific and broad. You have a measurement. You have the details, the location, the age and the interstate all there. The details that you are setting up here on their left You have a resume here on the right . It's cooled down under connections. You will use this if you already have another Facebook page. So in this case you click on add Connection type and Facebook page. You can select people who like your page. So if I click here, I will select are one of my pages. For example, this is one of my pages. So in this case, if I select these, you see that the indicator here dropped just moved from bro to specific super specific. Because I am selecting all these criterias and also also people that like these specific page in this case, I'll remove these because it's not the case on go to the next step in here we have the placement and here is where we need to select Instagram's to make sure we use Instagram and we display all the at on east around. So here we have the mobile feet. This is for Facebook, so I'll remove these desktop new fits on Facebook. Also, remove these and remove the right card on the record is the one that is showing here on the right with some ads. In this case, I live only in sovereign because I want toe display these exclusively on instagram school. I'm a little bit mobile devices you can select all mobile devices was just IOS or android. This is useful if you if you have, like, an app on an iPhone app, for example, your company or you just created and you want to promote your ad your app on you have you You want to have more downloads, you can select, for example, IOS devices. So in this case, these ad will show only for people the have iPhones, IOS devices, and you can be more narrow selecting ipads, iPods, iPhones and all that. This case, I'll say all mobile devices. We are almost ready. The last part here East a budget on schedule. So in here we will set the money that we want to spend on the arts. My suggestion, if especially if you are videos. One of your first ad is toe set your budget very low. I recommend you to go to lifetime budget in here and select something like $3 or $2 or something like that in this case, I'll select $3. Let's see the minimum budget. Birthday is okay. Minimal $1 per day. So we have a schedule here. Let me change these toe only one day, for example. So I will start on September 6, and I and on September 7th. Okay, so I have 24 hours, and now you see that they are set me $3. So basically, they're run with. The ad will run from this up until September 7th, 2016 and I will spend only $3. This is super important that you make sure this is actually lifetime budget. Because if you put daily budget and you select like 10 20 days, you will have $3 plant time. 20 you know, because he's $3 a day. But if you select the lifetime badger you will have on Lee spent $3 in this specific period , and this is great for testing. It's strongly recommended to spend just a little bit here in the beginning test. See how many engagement you have. And after that, if you see that it's working, you can come back here on Atmore money to your campaign school. Now we have optimization for delivery post engagement. This is good. So that means they will deliver to people that actually engage more with your post. You can also have impressions unique daily rich. I recommended to use the post engagement in the beginning. Beat amount. You can set automatic or manual. If you said man, all you can say OK, I don't want to pay more than 10 cents per engagement. That means every time people like your father on your ad on instagram they click on your link and anything like that or they share your pen. You will be paying only 10 cents maximum off course. If your key were It's not super competitive. You will pay less than that. Okay. School. Oh, you can leave it on automatic if you prefer. I live it 10 cents per engagement. Okay, Next we have when? When you are, charge it so they will charge you by impressions or by engagement impressions. I don't recommend because even if people don't engage with your pose, you will be they will be charging you. So click on more options here and click on post engagement. Perfect. Now we have post engagement at scheduling run at all the time. This is livid Lee ladies, by default because we re set up here their specific time for the campaign delivery standard . This is good. Next, you can set a name for your specific at if you want. Okay, in this case, are living like this. Click on. Continue. Okay, now we are in the last part off the off the Facebook. That's so here. We have used existing Pote or create a new ad in this game will use use existing post because we're ready. Created. Oppose Here on the page. Okay, so in this case, we need to select the page that we want to use in this case is my dear girl Avila, page on in Select the post page in here. Oh, if we click here, we have all the post that I have on that specific page. And remember that this is the one that we want to target on the specific at perfect. So in the right side here you have add preview and you see that best of new fits is no showing. Mobile is no showing on right colonies, No showing. Only Eastern have a check mark here. Remember that we select toe to show this app only on Instagram So click on Instagram. I mean here you see how the specific at would look like an instrument. This is how the your customers on people that are seen your at only sir God will see your specific picture and everything, so make sure the victories Gray may make sure it's feeding well. Here on the square on make sure the world that you are using here is perfect for you at when you are ready, you can click on place Order here at the bottom on Facebook will process your ad. It will take a few minutes sometimes upto on our for them to a proof they take a look on your ad that they analyze your ad to make sure all is good When you are ready, when that is a proof, you can come back here Toe adds manager at the top and you see here that the campaign is spending review on the deliver you can use depending review. This is the campaigning that we just created on Dhere. You will have the results the reach on the coast that you're having for us. But this specific campaign. After a few minutes, you'll receive a notification and maybe an email from Facebook saying that you're at wasa proof on when you came back here you will see instead off pending review. You will see active on here. That means your app is already running on. Every time you come here to add manager, you will have new numbers, new updates showing up what specific resource you are having. If for some reason they don't approve your ad, you they will tell you exactly the reason why it s so you can correct their super helpful. I had a few ads not approved in the first time. So they send the fig back. I tried to correct and they give you instructions on how to fix. So the ad is in accordance with the with Facebook and insolent terms and conditions. If you are not sure, you can go on. But I haven't read the terms and conditions just to see their requirements. But the main thing is, if you will be at in tax to your your picture, you can not have text or more than 20% off the image So that's one of the biggest things that people the the biggest mistake that people are making when submitting at toe. Facebook and Instagram. Make sure you, if you have any text, that the tax is not more than 20% of the image. As the final project I invited to pose on the sculpture projects area the screen shot off. You're Facebook posts. Just come here to your Facebook page. The pose we created for the at Post these on e on the projects. Arianna screenshot off these specific area Facebook on. Also, you can post your Easter rambling on your Facebook page link and by doing that, you are promoting your page in front off the community. We have thousands of people here on this culture community on they. Usually most people take the project. So if you if you have your link there, people will be clicking on that, probably following you on your social media. I hope this is helpful. I hope you like and you implement all these strategies. And with that see you in the next video 3. Final Steps: Congratulations and happy to see you here at the end of the class. I hope you like this class this training on. I hope to see you in the other classes I have here on skill share. Also, if you have any questions, you can contact me on Diego Davila dot com. I love to receive your emails and to have conversation with my students. And I promise you that if you send me a memo, I will reply to you. I also appreciate your thumbs up here on the sculpture and I hope to see you in the next class.