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Instagram Ads: Grow Faster & Reach More Targeted Customers

Benji Wilson, Social Media & Entrepreneurship

Instagram Ads: Grow Faster & Reach More Targeted Customers

Benji Wilson, Social Media & Entrepreneurship

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7 Lessons (26m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. The Opportunity

    • 3. The 2 Ad Types

    • 4. Ad Structure

    • 5. Top 5 Ad Secrets

    • 6. Promoting Your Creative

    • 7. Doubling Your Results

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About This Class

I will break down everything you need to know to become proficient at Instagram Ads. This way you will be able to create Instagram Ads that are targeted and most effective ads for your specific brand and targeted audience.

In this class I walk you through the very basic of Instagram Ads.

  • Creating your content
  • Finding your hyper-targeted audience
  • The Types of Instagram Ads
  • Structuring you Instagram Ad
  • The Keys to a successful Instagram Ad
  • Insights for your Ad campaign

All of this using a small budget to reach as many people as possible.

These people will then come back and like your page and follow you. Once you have them on your page you can offer them links to your products or websites.

These hyper-targeted people can become long term fans of your Instagram page and your business. 

Once you master these skill you will be able to successfully use these over the life time of your Instagram account to build your brand or account with effective and low cost Instagram Ads.  

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Benji Wilson

Social Media & Entrepreneurship



Thank you so much for visiting my profile!

My Name is Benji. 

I am a passionate creative and entrepreneur from Melbourne, Australia!

I love pinpointing the difference between what makes people successful and what makes people fail in all arenas of life and then share with you!

Apart from building and creating... I have 4 cats, I love working out, skating, playing basketball and reading. 

Be sure to reach out to us if you want to connect!

- Benji



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1. Introduction: awesome. I'm really excited you're here because we're going to go through Instagram ads together. We're going to start from the rial basics from creating your content from finding your hyper targeted audience out there on instagram and then having small budgets and making sure that budget goes as far as possible to reach as many of these people as possible so they can discover your content and take a liking to it. Come back to your instagram profile, follow you go to your linking your bio, go back to your products and services and explore them on your website and become long term fans of your business Just because you know how to target them with ads. We're gonna do this process entirely together. So we're going to go from the ground full and build up step by step so you can follow along and not be overwhelmed by the process and understand every single aspect of instagram and and how to create the most effective ones for your specific brand and target audience. My goal with this course is to give you the keys to the kingdom so you can then go and replicate these results off over and over and over again that the lifetime of your business or brand or personal profile if you're using it for that. So if you're excited, let's jumping together and start learning about INSTAGRAM ads. 2. The Opportunity: Welcome to Instagram ads. It's absolutely an incredible tool. Best of all, we're gonna go on, go through. What is the purpose of running in? Scram at now, Theo. Only purpose of running Instagram ad is going to be increasing your reach. So whether you're increasing your reach to sell a product, whether you're increasing your reach to grow your audience, it doesn't matter. Your ads are going to be there. You're gonna be running ads to reach people that you wouldn't have normally reached without using the at this streets. Judgy can be scaled as far as you want. You can actually scale. This reached energy to the entirety of instagram if you have enough budget, which is why it's so unique and so phenomenal compared to the other reach strategies. But more than that, instagram give you the ability to not only reach everybody on their platform, but they give you the ability to filter it down with location, age, gender interests. What they buy websites. They visit other instagram accounts that they like. You can hyper target your audience. You know who your purchaser is. You know who your customer is and you can make sure that Instagram doesn't show your ad to anybody but this very specific person who you're pretty confident, will buy your product or so so To have an example of this is to show you how incredibly powerful this ad is. If I ran this stole pizza by Benji, I can very hyper target people who, my target audience, for example, the location. It's in Miami. I can put a two mile radius around the city of Miami where my own not even the city Manny, but the true mile radius around my pizza store. I can have people aged 18 to 30 because I know and this is all hypothetical. Of course, I don't actually have a pizza store, but I know if my tire customers 18 to 30 I could put that age range. They're I know they're mostly male. I know they're interested in football and Domino's pizza. I know they also by napkins, Um, and I know that they have visited my website before, so I can retarget them and make sure anyone who's visit my website can see my ad. And I can go and find other Instagram accounts that they have already like, such as Domino's or Pizza Hut and then put my pizza, put my add and my content in front of them, and therefore have them discover me potentially engaged with my account, follow me and then by my products or services, which is, in this case, pizza. So three key. And this is what I'm gonna keep reminding of this. But the thing you need to remember is that value is the most critical thing here in the whole off marketing in the whole of boosting your instagram profile and getting out there to the world, you always need to offer value. So the ads are a megaphone, Meaning if you have something of value, If you have something of value and you put until megaphone, you're gonna reach happy people. If you have something that people don't like and you put it to a megaphone, you're going to make people unhappy and not actually buy your stuff. So when you have to remember is that you need value and the megaphone, and then you're gonna make people happy. So once you do have that down, you can then go in hyper target your audience. You can get them really cheap, and you can scale these to the moon. You can absolutely have no limit to the amount of people you reach. Remember, once you've got value there and then you've hyper targeted your audience, you can do it for cheap and you can reach as many of them. It's possible growing your account by a lot of followers. 3. The 2 Ad Types: awesome. So a really important lecture and wide so important is because we're gonna go through the different types off Instagram ads that you can run as two main types of instagram at one is a feat. Obviously it appears in the news feeds and appears in on people's profile pages, and the other one is a story at which is going to appear at the top of the INSTAGRAM account inside other people's stories. So the story at of things like this you cannot videos. You can have photos, you can have the ability to swipe up thes three here. All examples of really good story adds, and you can tell, the story adds, because off the wood sponsored under that user name and because most the time you're not actually going to be following these accounts. But you can see that they are quite eye catching, and they're very well put together. So these are These are the top types off ads from really big accounts that spend a lot of money on advertising, and this is why you want to go through your ads and see what you see, and I want you to make sure that you're not copying all ads, but you're copping ads actually work, so you need to make sure these people have really strong ads in order for you to replicate that for yourself. But these story adds there going to be seen in the story section of Instagram, where you can swipe up and you can have a direct court action to their website or through their profile, and we'll go through that in just a second. The other type, obviously, is a feed ad, which will come in the newsfeed on your home screen off your instagram up and will come through as a sponsored post like this example. Here, in Come Through is a photo could also come through is a carousel where you can swipe across the images and you can see the different images that this person is promoting for this one , that permanent different items in their store in a carousel. And there's also a video that you could actually watch a video as an ad inside off your instagram app out. This video is not playing right now for us, but you can see the little mute icon in the bottom left, which shows that it is a video. And remember, you need to actually put subtitles on your videos. For the people who don't turn sound on, this is actually really cool. This is a translate voice. Translate the voice of your cat in an app and you can see um, what they've got underneath the actual add the video is an insult mail button, which takes them to the app store where they can go and they can actually install this app . So here's the video really cool eye catching video that you can go and install pretty quickly. Now that's a very quick, um, add. A lot of people were at home pretty bored. Be very easy for them to now go install that app. So they're the different types of, um, adds both in your feed and in your story. 4. Ad Structure: so to give you a little bit more of a foundational structure before you go and start making your creatives. This is what a lot of big accounts using to really get low cost effective ads out there to grow their account and then monetize them. What are the characteristics of high performing instagram ads? Now, this is think. Hold a four step story and I'm gonna walk you through these four steps stories together So you can see here. This is a instagram ad you can see in the video format. It was a full step story. So these are the four steps in the story. Step number one. Learn how these 25 year old guys number two makes seven figures on Amazon number three or traveling the world number four. The call to action swipe up. And this is a four step story that really helps people break down. You add into digestible frames where you have a long running video, but you put text in four different areas and it keeps people's attention. It makes it really easy because the video actually hold people's attention. People eventually end up at a swipe up cold action, so another way you can do this is just talking to the camera. So let me see. Don't you know if that one's gonna play for us? That one's not gonna play for us. But that was Grant Cardone, literally just turning on the camera and talking to it, telling them what they need to do. There's a caption you can see down there says you'll never be rich. Um, and people like I'll never be rich. What does that mean? They're listening. Whatever Grant Cardone says, you can see there's a learn more swipe up where you'll go to his account and you can follow him all you go to his website and buy one of his products. This one here, this is the ad views To really inspire people now inspiring people is of one of the best ways to get them to actually take action and follow you, because once they're inspired, they're looking for more like, Wow, I'm really inspired to do something like that. What are the action stepped and what you can do is then you can give them the action steps by following your profile, swipe up and go and follow that profile. So member offering value is really big on Deacon. See the out of it here on the left here at Fat Hippo we want ever and to enjoy some good old fashioned glut me. So we have created a menu with a whole range of vegan options to choose from. Swipe up to book your table so you can see the value here that they're offering is the new range of vegan options. It's not just like, hey, check out our regular burgers. Let's check out this vegan options that we have created for you swipe up to book your table So they're cold actions directly to their apple to their website, where you can actually book a table and start to eat the next offering value. Is this how you can fly to Bali for $464 round trip? Really good ad, because in order to figure out how you have to swipe up and that's the value and the story gap all at once, cheap flats of the value story gap is how to do it. And that's obviously going to this person's page or going to that person's Instagram page old website. So number four is a hook you can see as soon as thes come on the screen that both very, very flashy, very, very fast. And it captures people's attention, and you have to hook thes people as quickly as possible. Otherwise, they're gonna scroll through because they know it's an ATS and make sure it's fast pace. Make sure it's things and moving. Make sure you are hooking people in whether being story all flashing, you want to capture people's attention. That's what your painful you can ask yourself if you don't use any of these structures that you just So what are your competitors using? What are you seeing on instagram from people you're following? What do you resonate with? Member adds all about testing different creative. So feel free to come up with your own creatives, to imitate others. To use use that them is inspiration and really stop putting out a lot of different ads in order to see what works best with your target audience. 5. Top 5 Ad Secrets: awesome. So now we're going to go over the five keys for the perfect at number one. And we keep coming back to this because it is at the core off everything. You're not going to get anywhere if you don't give value. So make sure that your creatives, which is the actual media, that you're putting out there offering value to the people that they're reaching on the left. Here, we've got the Burger Project New Daily Special. This is the best produce and therefore the world's best burger. And you can get true for one on Get the photo of what the actually represents that looks like a wreck. Tasted delicious meal even if its not healthy people are going to be going for that because they can see the value in it. Thea other one is the Gabriel Wall. Double your video Added conversion, she concedes, got subtitles in there, which I keep saying, like, really, really well, he says use this road map free download. This is him giving value through a free download. Now you don't have to do anything. You probably gonna give him email address that you messenger link or something like that so we can contact you again. But apart from that, he's giving free value away for you in this ad. And he's not just like Go buy my product and I'll help you out. It's for free download up front. So that is examples of how you can give value, and you need to figure out what people want in order to figure out if it's valuable. Number two. Structure of your creative of the structure of your media. You need to ask yourself this question. What problem are you solving? And this goes back to exactly what I was just touching on. You need to ask your audience. Hey, what is your problem? What are you struggling with? What can I hope with? And if it's something simple, like I'm hungry. Cool. We have the world's best burgers. I'm gonna solve that problem with the world's best burgers. That is the problem you're solving. You're solving hunger, and you're very convenient, cause the problem might also be I don't want to go get something so you can get out up and get out. Birgit delivered to you in 20 minutes. That is the problem here, so you need to be very clear on that and have it simple, streamlined and customer focus. So the number three is a very, very simple one. Used Facebook ads Manager Don't use ads on the Instagram. Don't push the Bruce Post button on Instagram, but log into Facebook ads manager. Now, if you don't know this is, it's worth finding out about. Go and use Facebook ads manager Not Instagrams actual Bruce Post manager Because you get much, much, much cheaper rates and much better targeting on Facebook ads. Manager number four Make sure you know who your ideal demographic is, and the cool thing is, is that you? Once you set what your goal is, you can then work backwards from there. And it's very easy for Facebook ads and instagram. And because you've been using Facebook ads manager for Instagram, you can target anyone you want. So whether you want to target a global audience, which means they're gonna be very cheap, you know, one cent each, they're gonna have lower conversion to both following you end to buying your products. But because they're so cheap, you can run a whole lot of these ads and get a high social proof very, very cheaply, um, using these strategies. But you have to realize that they're gonna have a lower conversion for buying your product and engaging with your content. Otherwise, you could use local, which could be moderately priced people. So people are actually interested in your stuff. People are actually living in your local area, local country. Wherever it is, you are there going to be very high conversion. They're gonna be more expensive on bless social proof, cause there's gonna be less of them. But you're going to get really good return on your money. That and you didn't know is your goal. Social proof is your goal to actually sell products and build a big, high, highly engaged audience. You need to make that decision. That's tip no. For before you run your ads and have your ads reflect that Number five might be the most important tip out there. You need to come from the mindset that every ad that you're running is just a test. Nothing is final. Don't beat Perfect. Don't suffer from analysis paralysis, but go out and get actual data and information behind your ad. So you need to know it's impossible for you to know which add is gonna perform the best for you. This is Alex Becker above. And this is his wolf mug ad, which absolutely made him moons and Telus looking like this. Very, very cheap. Very simple. But it resonated with his audience. So you don't know what your audience wants until your audience tells you that you want. Otherwise, you're just making it up. It's in your head. It's just all thought experiments. Stop. Um, stop waiting to put yourself out there and stop putting yourself out there and using people's feedback. In order to perfect your message, you need to go and create five creatives. Five ads that could be similar. I can just change the photos some words around. If you're doing photos, you can do three creatives, but go on, get three or 25 creative done. Then target five different demographics using your Facebook manager, and then you're gonna have 25 different ads running, which means you got five different creatives to say I'm a burger place, not a video of you got a photo of a boat is my second creative. I've got a really high value two for one offers my third creative, my fourth grade. Evans, I've got me eating a burger. My fifth grade is not paid a model to eat my burger, and we've recorded all those on video. So we have five different videos. We then need to go and test those five different videos to five different demographics. So, demographics, maybe we have 40 year old people. We have 30 year old people. It could be the second demographic. We have males, we have females. We have, We have doctors and you find five demographics. And then you show five of those adds that you've created to to each of those demographics, they will give you the daughter that you need. You put $2 to $3 on each of these, and you want to go see how many followers let came from each creative and each demographic . And all you need do is pull is the demographics and creatives that aren't working. Put more money into the demographics increases that are working, and you've got something that is insanely scalable. And this is how we blew up our account so quickly. We just doubled down what's working and post what wasn't 6. Promoting Your Creative: Now you need to know the that on all of these ads. All these different types of edge you can promote to two different things. One you can promote to your website or your store and two you can actually promote to your INSTAGRAM account. Now, this is the ultimate question. You may want to test both of these for yourself, but with our account, we had a really, really incredible results not pushing to a sale, but pushing to a follow. And I want to show you exactly why. So in the first example, you could add, and it's going to promote directly to your website, which is, of course, trying to promote to a sale. So you're normally running through cold traffic. People haven't seen your stuff before. Not really. No, they don't really trust you that much, and then you can't actually get in front of them again. If they don't buy or if they do by, there's no way that you're capturing this present information. He better way to do this in the success that we had with our account was to run ad, pushed to a follow, then build trust without content and then get a sale. And remember, if they don't get a sale, they still follow you. You still have them getting updates on your information. You can run more ads to them. You can put a organic content to them, build the trust and then get a sale later on. So this is why we always try to push not to a product, but back to our instagram account first. So whether that is a feed or a story, remember I said that one ad is actually 60 times cheaper than the other for us. So we ran both these ads No, to push back to a follow up. So we were trying as many followers as possible for its cheapest possible, making sure that genuine, irrelevant, and they're targeted and out. Feed Ad and Alice story add performed very differently. One cost of 61 cents per follow and the other one cost us one cent per follower. Now, if you have a guess, if you're playing along at home, which one do you think was cheaper? The story at all the feet at So I think you probably got this right. The story adds that actually 60 times cheaper for us in our results, and we're getting one cent followers using story at and I put this down to the higher engagement in the stories, the better chance to actually show someone something. Videos works so much better than photos. Story adds work so much better than post at So the best, most powerful ad you can run is a video story ad to not your website, but to follow your account or backed link back to your account so they have the chance to convert and follow so you can build trust and affinity and have contact with these people in the future if they don't buy your stuff straight away. So I hope that makes sense of a dozen, please. What, just one again because this is a really, really powerful lecture that you need to graphs that you need to do a story. Add in video format with a prompt to follow you. And then later on, we monetize these followers 7. Doubling Your Results: also so want your instagram ads are up and running, starting the test. Um, you really need to do the things in this lecture. That's gonna be nice. Short lecture for you in order to maximize the results that you're getting from them. So he steps are you want to make sure you monitor and check in on your ads every 3 to 4 days and you want to make sure you're keeping your objective of your ads in mind. So the objective is we wanna maximize our INSTAGRAM followers and minimize that ad spend member. The best objective is to go followers and not sales straight away. So we want to really get out followers down between one to six cents each. And when you do that, that's when you can really scale these ads. And that's why I'm going to show you how to do here. So if it's performing well, if you're getting followers before between 1 to 6 cents and those followers go and they engage in your other content, so not just getting the followers. But they're actually active followers on your profile, you need you know, that the ad is then performing well so what you need to do in the Facebook ads manager instinct to duplicate that ad and then increase the budget because as long as this is in your budget, those results were really good. You want mawr of those results. You want to grow this account. What you need to do is duplicate the ones that our can increase the budget. I got a tip for you about that in a second, but the ones that are underperforming the ones where the follows too expensive or not really connecting with the audience. You need to pause that campaign and never uncross that again, because, remember, they're all these old tests. That's the point of this lecture is having you understand that every ad you put out there is a test and the test to do well, that's when you put it into another test. That's when you duplicate that and make sure you running more of those tests and less of the tests that are costing you money and not getting your followers, and you come in and refining this every 3 to 4 days. That allows you to be able to have really, really cheap out followers over long term. So when testing a new campaigns, remember, there are only two changes you can make. You could make credit creative changes, or you can make audience changes, and you need to know that maybe it creatives really good. This is why you test all creatives against all audiences, but the audience is bad, so you can keep that creative on on and test a new audience. Or you can keep the audience and testing your creative true them and basically to keep tweaking your creatives and keep tweaking your audience until you hit the perfect combination that, like we'll sing before you want to scale So you duplicate them and increased the budget. But the key here is that you never increase your budget by more than 20%. This is a cardinal sin off running Facebook or INSTAGRAM ads only do horizontal scaling, which means you duplicate that ad. You increase the bid by 20% and if you want more than that, you could duplicate that again. But dont Jukic a. You add and then increase the bid by 200% and don't pull his original ad. Just have these ads running in tandem, so make sure you duplicate the existing working ad and then change the budget in the new ad because you don't want to lose your best performing ads. But if you're not up to the stage yet and you've just watch this lecture, it's totally fine. This is a good mind set toe have what with your whole instagram account. So whether you're just putting cool content up there and you're seeing what's working, you want to double down on that stuff that's working where they're putting ads out there, where they're doing shoutouts out there. Whatever it is that you're doing to grow your INSTAGRAM account, make sure you're measuring it, because when you measure it, you can see where the high quality lax and follows coming from and you could doom or of that stuff. But if you're not measuring it, then you don't have any insights. You don't have any way to increase the results that are coming in, Um, and when you do measure it, you can literally double your results by just doubling these ad budgets. But not all at once. Stunning one thing or doubling the amount of shadows Ugo, doubling the amount of a certain type of content you post