Instagram: 6 Steps to Gain Followers and Loyal Customers Instantly

Kiara Smithee, Instagram: @kiarasmithee

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About This Class

Welcome to the Course!

As you’ve probably already experienced – there’s a lot of competition in the digital world. Instagram has over 500 Million Monthly users yet you still find it hard to grow a following and get people engaged on your posts.

Why is that?

A 2015 Instagram report shows that 70% of IG users are shoppers; having looked at the brand on IG before purchasing. Another interesting statistic states that 62% of people will follow a brand just because they like it. With all these users and 60% engaging in media why is your page stagnant?

You're probably missing the six steps to success. 

This course is going to show you how to capture Instagram’s audience by setting up your profile correctly, attract the RIGHT type of followers; who will be loyal to your brand, buy your product, and re-share with their friends.

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Great class. Short and sweet :) I think the biggest tip I took away was how to find your potential followers by looking at who is following accounts that are similar to yours.





Kiara Smithee

Instagram: @kiarasmithee

I am a published writer, publicist, and online marketing specialist with 4 years experience in Marketing Communications.

I am successful at creating website sites, familiar with search engine optimization, producing high quality content, and managing marketing campaigns. Having worked in the promotions department at Channel 6-CW News and NBC 7 San Diego, I know how to network with the media, identify quality content, and follow the latest trending. 

My goal as a teacher on Skillshare is to share with my students both traditional and untraditional ways an individual can be successful in the marketplace. I share with my students my personal success stories as well as provide statistics and resources they can apply in their own business.

I hope to inspire others to CREATE something new, SEE something new and DO something new.

Stay Inspired,

Kiara Smithee