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Instagram 2020 Masterclass - A Blueprint to Grow Your Instagram Account

teacher avatar Austin Chan, Product Designer and Content Creator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (39m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What You'll learn from this course

    • 3. The "Secret" to Instagram

    • 4. Growth Strategy #1

    • 5. Growth Strategy #2

    • 6. Growth Strategy #3

    • 7. The Timeline

    • 8. Follower Count - What to Expect

    • 9. Final Tips

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About This Class

Get started on one of the Fastest growing social media platforms! 

Put yourself out there with social media marketer Austin Chan's 45-minute course. You will be given the following things in this Instagram course. 

  • The "Secret" to Instagram and how every other Instagram Strategy works around it 
  • 3 High-Impact Growth Strategies to help you start growing immediately
  • The exact blueprint that will take you from "zero" to "hero" in no time!

With tips on improving your engagement throughout, this class is great for anyone looking to grow their Instagram in a quick, effective, and reliable way. By the end of this class, you'll have your own personal Instagram community to engage with.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Austin Chan

Product Designer and Content Creator



Hey! I'm Austin.

I'm a Product Designer & Podcaster trying to solve problems that I have and sharing them online. Learning new things is what I love doing, and sharing the things I have learned is an amazing plus side to it. I've been on the internet my entire life, it's crazy to see how much it is online nowadays.

I've dabbled into a lot of projects and failed at most of them. I would love to teach you what I've learned on the way and to avoid the mistakes that I have made along the way. I want you to take what you've learned to become a better person.

I've been teaching for 6+ years. I have always loved creating things and that is shown through the things I have done on the internet. Blogs, Podcasts, Courses, anything, you name it. I have tried it, a... See full profile

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1. Introduction: How's it going? Everyone binding is Lawson Chan. Thank you so much for taking my course. This is gonna be the forest course that I produced after taking a long break off around a year from teaching on you to me and I've decided to revamp my personal Brandon and also my uni courses onto a new accounts of this. What is going to be based on Instagram? But enough rambling. Let's get to talk about why I am credible to teach you guys. Because ultimately, I don't think you guys care about that anyways. So why am I credible to teach you this course about Instagram? And if you look at me right now, you're thinking, Hey, this guy's pretty young. I'm only 16 year olds old But for the past year, I have been helping brands. I felt personal brands, companies, corporations, people and also like, mean pages all of these brands on instagram because I have a main focus on Instagram and I've been helping all of these brands grow to 1000 couple 100 thousands, tens of thousands, 50 thousands and really, I've been just scaling all the way up. Now I haven't been focusing that much on my own personal brand. So if you go check it out we have around 4000 currently. But in the next couple of months or so, I will be continuing to grow that brand now. A lot of Randwick so far Why my credible to teach you this course? As I said before, I have a lot of experience in personal branding and specifically Instagram. I've learned a lot from growth strategies and I've applied so many of them that I know which one works and I know which one doesn't. This was a really long rambling video, but I hope that you can get a gist of why I'm so ecstatic to teach you this course and why . Incredible to teach this course also, I will see you guys in the next lectures. 2. What You'll learn from this course: I think my rambling from that previous video is just me being super excited from getting back on the filming videos and created you to be courses. But what are you going to get from this course? Now this is a free courses is pretty much gonna be the foundation. Work off what? My work is going to be on getting me. Then move on to get $10,000. Get 50 100 stuff like that. But what are you gonna get from these sections? If you can check right now, if you go to the sectioning or the course breakdown first we have the introduction. Next off, we talk about the secret, the secret of Instagram. What gets you followers? What gets them keeping them to be followed to you. And let's get what gets some too word of most advertising. How can you get all of these followers? How can you get them engaged? And how can you build a community from that is going to be the first section other than the introduction. After that, we're gonna be talking about growth track now. I only included three in this because it's a three course and really, I wanted to make this as quick as possible while adding as much value as possible. But when I go on to different courses, I'm gonna go to 5 to 10 different growth strategies to grow you're following and also to be able to build a better tight knit, more engaged community. After that, we talk about the blueprint. This is the literal, step by step formula to how you can grow to 100 0 to 100 followers or to gain hundreds and hundreds of more followers. And really, all you need to do is take the blueprint. Follow through with it, make sure you follow each and every single step. That's why I check list and what you should expect from your following after using this blueprint. And lastly, we have the conclusion for next steps. Final place to really show if you know all of the content that I have given you. And also just some final parting words. After you have taken this course, this is a relatively short course, so I don't You will take several weeks to finish it. However, the faster you finish it, the more time you can dedicate actually building up your instant. Thank you for watching this. I will see you guys in the next election 3. The "Secret" to Instagram: This is the secret to Instagram. Now this is a free course and this is just a realization off Instagram. And it's not really like this big secret that Okay, so on every fourth Friday of the month, you have to post at this specific time with the specific Hashtags. It's nothing like that. It's just this big realization. How can you get followers? How can you keep them and how you build a tight knit community? And after I tell you you're gonna tell you gonna save me, Austin. That's the cheesiest thing I've ever heard in my life. And you're right, but really just think about it. If you close your laptop, just think about it. You're like, Wait a second. That's true. I won't keep rambling because we do have a longer video on our hands. But the only way that you can grow on Instagram is by getting more exposure. And before you click out of this video before you report your block, give me a once there, you hear me out. The only reason people get big on Instagram is because they get exposure for more people for exam. How do you get viral on somewhere like Instagram. Either you get reposted by bigger accounts, which means larger exposure. Because really, if you have a bunch of little accounts showing you off on their accounts on your story shoving you out, you're not gonna get as big as much exposure than if you had one massive account. One million followers shout out. Now this could be done through either instigated marketing itself. Or this can be done outside instagram on to other platforms or awesome just in person. When you have celebrities, they aren't creating their entire bases, their own, their whole persona off Instagram. What they're doing is they're building their personal brand outside of Instagram, for example, when you have people like singers, they sing outside of Instagram. It's not like everything they do is gonna be strictly on instagram. They get exposure. So every single time they do a show, they're exposing themselves to hundreds of thousands of people and all of them get a chance to then follow them on Instagram. And really, the biggest thing is the secret Instagram is just exposure and pretty much all of the growth strategies that I have for you is going to be about exposure. Now I'm gonna talk about shout out. I'm gonna be talking about posting more, and I'm also going to be talked. What else? I'm also gonna be talking about building a community. All of those talk about exposure. For example, shoutouts, when you have this exposure is being when you have someone else who may have similar or larger following or even smaller what you're doing is you're getting exposed to their community. The people that follow them is going to be exposed to your content. Next, when you post more when you post in tow hashtags And when you start posting more and more on a more consistent basis, you're gonna be put into hashtags. You're being exposed to the communities off those facts. And if you post consistently in those hashtags and people will know if you posted a new hashtag, then more people can discover. And lastly, we have building a community when you can build a tight knit community when you can have all of these people in one area, what happens is that they will enjoy the content so much if they decide to stay with you, that what happens is they'll start telling their friends about you. This is the word of mouth Like a I found this great great instagram account. And what I think you should do is follow this account and that show their friends They may be your shout out things like that. Now that is the secret to Instagram. It is all about exposure Now I know you may still be thinking like Austin. Come on, that's playing us. Everybody knew that. Really? When you come to the realization that everything around instagram revolves around exposure , whether it would be in Instagram or outside of Instagram, just think about it and just give it a day or so really pent up in your brain and just really think about it. But I'm gonna talk to you about how you use exposure to your advantage because really the way to get Bigun inst again if you're not famous, if you're not a celebrity, is by using viral methods and this essentially is just getting on to explore page. Hopefully all of you know what the Explorer page is. But essentially it's this collection off Instagram algorithm off. What you decide to type in what you search up all of the things that you essentially like from Instagram. You will get put into one place and when you get onto the Explorer page, what happens is that your content gets pushed and then millions or a couple hundreds of thousands to millions of people who, like the sort of content who are in that specific niche will then see your content and then it gets distributed. You get exposure to that many people. Now, how can you use this secret to get hundreds off followers? Thousands of dollars, 110,000 millions of followers? The way you can use this secret is by increasing your exposure. Now, if you go online and search instagram growth strategies, pretty much every single thing that you find it is going to be about getting more exposure on the and only way to be able to get more followers is to get exposed. More people make sure that you have a really, really good content. So they follow you instead of schooling past your profile and keeping them engaged by making a community inside your own. This was essentially the secret of Instagram. And if you're still kind of all defense about you kind of kind of click baited me. They're awesome. Just think about it for a while. Just think about Hey, this actually is true for pretty much every single growth tragedy there is on. Instead, this was the secret to Instagram. I will see you guys in Max. 4. Growth Strategy #1: welcome to the first growth strategy off Instagram. And the first row strategy, as you could tell from the title, is actually shout out Now, if you aren't familiar with shots, this is what it is. Essentially, what a shout out is. You have a different page, preferably the same niche or topic or personal brand. Whatever something that is similar to your own profile, what happens is they take their account. They either post a story or on HGTV or they post post for you, and they pretty much promote your content and they give you attack. Essentially, what that does is it shows all of their own followers. Hey, this account is really similar to mine. They post really nice content. You guys should check them out, and all of their all of their followers will then go to your account. And if your content is good, which is why you need good content, I'm talking more about that later. But if your content is good, they will follow you. And just like so you've taken essentially followers from your competitors. But now they're your friend. You've taken followers from their account, and they're now moved to York out. This can actually be done either free or pay. This is the free version of shoutouts. What I would do is I would go on to search far. If, for example, I am an entrepreneur who is based in Toronto and I want to network with other people. What we need to do is you go into the search bar, you start using key words. For example, Toronto entrepreneur or entrepreneur or youth entrepreneur, anything that is relevant to you, you will then take the accounts that you find you will d anthem and you don't want to copy and paste the same message to every single one of because ultimately you're trying to build a relationship. You are asking for something Then you don't really want to start off message like Hey, you want to shout out What you really want to do is maybe when you start off Hey, I just saw your content. I love your content. You give them a follow. You like some of their stuff. You tell them you compliment you give value. What you want to do is you provide value to them and then they can provide value back to you. It's the law. Gris risk reciprocity. Here we go. But that's essentially what it is. All you need to do is provide value to the first, and usually this would be. This would be a trade off. Shut up for Shout out. You shout out some of his account and they give you a shout out on their account, and that is the change. Next, you can have the paid version. Now the paid version of Shadows is essentially how most of the social media influencers or super big accounts. That is how they make most of their money because they have this massive following. For example, you have some celebrities who would, who would have companies pay them to advertise their products. That's social media market. That would be social media influencer, but specifically when it comes to shout out for shouting, you can grab big pages. For example, if you're a small MIM or a small dog account that post photos of dogs, then what you could do is you can reach out to a large niche when it comes to dog accounts . So a large dog count with, let's say, 500,000. You reach out to nothing you say Hey, And really, when it comes to these big accounts, I don't think you can apply the free one. Because if you provide value, you're not really giving them much. Be honest, and at the same time, they're not getting much from your return, and you're pretty much getting everything from return. So this one would be the paper. And especially when it comes to this when it comes to the paid version, all you have to do is ask them for the show about prices. And usually I would do this. I don't need to type out anything extravagant. Don't need to tell them your life story about a struggling entrepreneur can't afford your shadow service. Don't tell them any of that. If you're just trying to get straight to the point, all you need to do send them the message. You don't even need to follow them like any of this stuff, because really, at the end of the day, you're paying for stuff all you need to do open up the message and type shut up prices enter, sent a message and really in depending how long it takes them to reply. That's really all you need to send them, and this is exposing your profile to hundreds of thousands of people, depending on the account. Free shadow foreshadow. If you can do many, many of you can do 10 a day, which gets kind of annoying. But for example, you could do 10 a day for a week, so 70 or 10 a day for 10 days, 100 shadow shadows. If you can get the right amount of people with the right amount of followings at the right time, then you can grow your account exponential. However, when it comes to pay accounts, you don't need to contact 100 accounts and do that because really, that's not that that cost a lot of money. But if you can get one account or 1232 counts to help you do a shout out after you pay for it, that can help you with your now. I don't recommend either one over the other, but if you don't have any money, just go reach out to other people, build a community and say, Hey, would you like to do a shadow for Shadow? But if you have money to spend and I would absolutely recommend doing the paid for personal experience. I have started off in my instagram career, seeing an account go from zero to roughly 20,000 in a couple of months, just doing shouted for Shout out with smaller accounts. Now I have seen one massive account. Will 1 100,000 account get up to 100 50,000 from just doing three big shadows from three accounts that have roughly 3 to 5 million. And that is a lot, but that costs a lot. Ultimately, what I'm trying to say is both of them work when it comes to the big shout out. It's going to save you time, but it's gonna cost money. But when it comes to the ever shut up other people, it's going to cost you time but no money. We'll choose whatever is more suitable for you, and that is the first growth. I'll see you guys in the next 5. Growth Strategy #2: The second growth strategy on instagram is by posting more content. Now, this is if you want to write it solo. If you don't really want the help of anybody else, all you need to do is post content. Now, in my other courses, I will be going more in depth off what post how you should post what your feet should look like with theme what time of day you should post. But really, when it comes down to this, the only way other people that organically confined your account is by finding your account . Ah, half tag is essentially a section off photos that are grouped together in one area. For example, if you put the hashtag inside your bio or inside of your post inside the caption, then you're post itself will be put inside that when you go to the search bar and you put the hash tag and you can put whatever you want. Let's a hashtag dogs. If you put hashtag dogs inside the search filter, you'll then see all of the photos that have the hashtag inside the caption or the post or the bio off that specific profile. You'll see all of the specific pictures from those now the way that you can actually grow from having and posting content is by posting content. Relevant passion Relevant hashtags is because you can't post something about Let's say you have a dog and you start posting it inside the car niche or the car cash because not only will look out of place, people will think that you're either a troll or your trolling someone. You're doing something wrong on Instagram, whatever what they want to do. What you want to do is essentially posted in the Astra gated that it's because it's not relevant, but it could help you also rank higher. Now, what I mean by that is ranking in the hashtags. If your post gets really good engagement in the 1st 60 to 90 minutes of you posting the photo with a specific hashtag, it will get boosted all the way, usually to the top off the hashtag. So right when you search up hashtag dog, it shows all of the photos, usually a lot. Michael. There are some. There have been some algorithms that have changed it with Instagram, where it's the most engagement or also the most recent whatever, but usually it's just the best engaged at the top, and it would just go continue down. Now, The way that you can actually grow on Instagram is by posting content regularly, so I would recommend 123 times a day. However, that isn't always possible, but I would recommend 123 times a day with relevant hashtags. And now I do cover Hashtags. I will be covering Hashtags in a future course, but I can give you a little snippet of what I now in Hashtags that you want to use its this conception of how many times you use. And really, it's what half should use because there are some hash tags that have millions of posts inside. For example, I think love hash I love and have a Happy is one of the most used hashtags. I think it's in the couple a couple of millions of posts inside that now This is one tip you do not want to be inside those when a celebrity or someone big someone famous. It's already so oversaturated when they post inside that hash tag. Hashtag love their posts automatically gets to go to the top because they had the most engagement, which means it pushes all of the other post death. If you posted a hash tag that has roughly 50,000 to 500,000 posts and you have much, much better way in a much, much better clear path to be able to get to the top off. The growth tragedy is by posting more content because you're getting exposed to different hashtags, relevant people who want to see the stuff in your niche and the people who want to see the specific hashtags. If you post more content, post more regularly inside these Hashtags, more people will find you and more people will be able to follow. The second growth strategy was posting with Hashtags and posting consistently regularly and posting good content. That was the second growth strategy. I'll see you guys in the next election. 6. Growth Strategy #3: the third growth strategy that we have is actually building a community. You may be thinking, Austin, the secret of Instagram is by getting exposed to more people. What you're doing is essentially just making your commute more time it How does that exposed me to more people? And I will tell you exactly why when you have a community and let's say you only have 50 followers so far, so this is more relevant to more people. You only have 50 followers so far. What happens here is if you could build a tight knit community. Let's say you have 50 people and you have really high engagement since the lower amount of falling followers you have, the higher your engagement would be, let's say you have 50 followers, you post a photo, you have 50% engagement. So 25 people like your contact. Now, if you have a point a 50% engagement rate, let's say 10 of those people just really adore your content and they really love. What they do with that is they would show their friends and take just like so, 10 followers from more 50 followers who like your content so much have been gone on to share with their friends like, Hey, this guy's content is really, really good. And then, just like that, 10 people show it to 10 more people, one of their friends. And just like that, you have another 10 followers. And if you can continue building community in making the tight knit, then just like that, you can double from 50 to 100. Now, this one is on the assumption that you already have followers. But however, you can use the past to growth tragedies to be able to grow to build a falling first. Also, a very good advantage of having a tight knit community is if you are a business or personal brand or you're selling something when you go and sell something to your audience. To your followers, there will be much more likely to buy from you or to purchase from you or to trust you on your word. A big mean page. Let's say that has five million followers but doesn't connect with any off their followers . They just post out content. They don't reply anything. They don't have stories telling them how much they appreciate nothing like that. All they do is post content. You would actually sell mawr in terms of conversion rates compared to some. If you have a tight knit by using the first to growth tragedies, you could build a following. And the third step to my INSTAGRAM plan has pretty much been to build a community and grow through word of mouth. Sure that you have this community, what happens is that not only will your engagement rates be better through likes and comments, you'll be able to just reach more people from them, sharing their content with their friends. And ultimately you will be able to be just a lot more happier and be so much more fun once again because you're being social. You're not just following following you're not building relationships. What you're doing here is you're building a relationship with your it's called social Media for any reason, and I think this is one of the main purposes that I joined social media. It was to build a community. People that you meet all across the world can access in one in one point in one click, and the fact is that you can't do that if you're in person unless maybe you spend a lot of money. Grab, get together. But here you can make a group chat, can talk to them, could engage with them. This is where you can just meet with all of them. Actually created a special, Didn't take a look at the numbers of I How fast they grow in this time. If you really just thought about Hey, I just want to grow and make a genuine connection with these people. And you don't really care about follower account. I can guarantee you that the followers will come automatically if you start building a relationship with all of your followers damning each and every single one of them saying Hey, thank you so much for following me. What would you like to see on my page? I really care about you, Whatever your steel is. If you do that, every single one of them depending on you have then I guarantee you that you will get more followers. Even if you do. I think that's one of the main purposes of Instagram. It's to build a relationship. That was the third growth strategy. I'll see you guys in the next section 7. The Timeline: I promised all of you a time line for the step, just that formula of how to get your 1st 100 followers or how to get hundreds of followers . Now there is going to be a downloadable in the next couple of videos. I think it's in the checklist section. This is going to give you a downloadable to make sure you are actually on the right track. You could check off things that you need to finish, and by that time you should be able to reach all of the goals that you need. So I'm going to give you some timelines when it comes to building your INSTAGRAM account. Now going from 0 to 100 it really depends if you're a beginner and you really don't know how Instagram works. I optimistically can say you can probably hit your 1st 100 followers when it comes to two weeks, because really, all you need to do is post good content, puts a hashtags, and even if you don't know any handshakes, nothing about just used some semi popular ones. Try not to go anything over five million, and once you do that, your post 30 of them, you may be taxed on famous people or whatever that's going to give you some likes. That's also going to give you some followers. Now this isn't necessary. Best way to grow on Instagram But if you're really just trying to get the number for social proof, I think that's an excellent thing. Just to get your 1st 100 followers for social proof and the next 1000 followers, then you could grow legit. You can grow organically and actually start getting really targeted. Now when it comes to someone who may be more intermediate, you know how to use Instagram. You've made an account. You may be played around with it. You may be posted 3 to 5 things. Whatever. If you're in that intermediate stage of Instagram, really, I think you should be able to reach 100 followers in a week or even a couple of days, because you need to do is post. Do shut up for shadow, reach out, build a community and reach out to other people. Seeing who you want to build a relationship last week when it comes to really the ultimate , like most advanced or even further if you're super advanced with Instagram shout out if you're watching, that's also. But if you're super advanced with Instagram and really it could take you a day to a couple hours to really just get a couple 100. And if you already have a couple into thousands of dollars, you should get this. But from that 0 to 100 I honest anything that you can go from 0 to 100 in a couple hours or even one day. Here is the actual step by step timeline of how you grow from 0 to 100. The first thing is, you need to set up your and by this I don't mean you have to optimize everything. You don't need to do everything when it comes to the bio. You don't need to make sure that your feed is on point. It doesn't matter about that much stuff yet because really 0 to 100 it isn't that difficult . I'm gonna be honest with you. All you really need to do is make sure you have a profile, because usually people do not like to follow people without profile pictures unless their friends, but try to have a nice profile picture. First, you're gonna want to have a semi decent user day because something like said that x 47 to something that's not going to stick with people. Something like my user name. Austintown Chan. It has my nickname, Tintin, in an awesome has my personal brand, which is awesome, chin. It's relatively easy to remember and you just want something that's not difficult to just type in because it gets annoying. Sometimes every single time they want to find your content, something easy to remember and some next off you want to make your bio. Now, when it comes to your bio, really, this is your time to shine. You could do whatever you want with your bio. All I do is recommend is that you don't make it look like a spam account for examples like follow for follower like like for like, whatever anything like that made you look like a body or make look spanning something that I would not recommend, and it just doesn't look good when people come to your account. What I would recommend is also to set your account to public. This would help you get from 0 to 100 year 2000 just that much quicker because when you follow someone and you need to request it sometimes like, is this really something that I want to do? And maybe I click request? And then I regretted a couple minutes later on request, and sudden, really, they lost a follower just because they were private. Now, awesome. When it comes to public accounts, you can see all of the content from public accounts, and that's a good thing because you want to show off the type of content that you have. For example, if you are attracting other entrepreneurs, if they look at your account, they think they think your content isn't that great and it's OK they weren't meant to be marketed to anyways. But if an entrepreneur comes to your account and they like your content, they like your stuff. Then they follow you. That's good, because you were those were the type of people that you were trying to mark. Next, I would post at least three photos with semi good hashtag. Even if you don't know anything about, um, just post out of some hashtags, I'd prefer it be preferable with 30 because then you can get in the most hashtags and you can get the most engagement. But try for three posts at the most. Optimal is actually nine to make sure that you fill out the entire grid. But after you post specific times and with the specific hashtags, which you can do is start reaching out to other people or shut up. For now. If you've already reached Ah 100 followers after your post and that's all that's awesome, you can continue doing Shadow foreshadow, or you can double down and decided to do something else with your instagram or do a different type of planning whatever. But I have seen other accounts post one piece of content and automatically get like 50 followers. It really depends on what nature on how good, the quality of your photos and specifically what hashtags you use that it should be a couple of days from after you started. That's completely all right. We don't need Teoh worry about how long it takes anybody else how long it takes some to reach 0 to 100. All you need to know is that you did it to yourself, and you can continue building your instagram. This was essentially the timeline of Instagram. If you are a beginner, intermediate or even advanced what steps that you take when you go from 0 to 100 how to get , um, how long it will take you to get those time? 8. Follower Count - What to Expect: this video is going to be talking about expectations when it comes to Instagram. Now there's always these expectations, like I used to do it all the time like Okay, so if I plan it out like this, I have one month to reach 5000 followers. That means roughly 30 ish followers per day, and I wouldn't plan that every single day. So how many followers I would need to get? It was just destroying when I needed to resort to Bad Instagram methods to be able to reach the goals that I wanted for him when I was on the grind for one of my accounts. And this was actually for someone that paid me to grow their instagram. Well, one of the separate accounts, I was like, Oh, shoot. I really got a boost up these numbers and the engagement was already so I was like, You know what? Maybe sneak in a little following following follow here, and that was terrible for them. I ended up telling them, and they're like, Shoot that. It's pretty bad and like it just doesn't look good on my part. It doesn't look good on anyone's part, but your expectations for your followers. It shouldn't be something that just consumes your every single day life. My favorite quotes is and actually use this every single day in not just instagram, but it's expect nothing and accept every because I realized that every single day it's gonna be different. You can't have expectations like Okay, so I'm gonna gain 54 followers today and then 60 tomorrow because if you have no expectations that you won't be disappointed And let's say one day you get $100 when your when your plan said you're only supposed to get 20 then you would feel so happy. You feel so good like oh, shoot, What happened then? You didn't expect anything. You'd feel way better. And you can accept that now at the same time, this isn't saying don't have any expectations, don't have any goals. What it means is don't send your expectations too high if you can don't set any at all. But I have plans for estimations of Okay, So by the summer of this year, I should be able to reach 10,000 followers or I should be able to reach my 1st 100 Try not to have two big expectations of yourself, because when you don't reach the, it just feels bad. Instagram is not only a numbers game, you are not comparing with every other person who can grow the fastest. You're just trying to grow your own brand. You're just trying to grow your own page. And when you start comparing everybody else's to your page, it really just lows. Because when you're not focused on what anybody else is doing, you're just focused on the type of content you're doing growing and just building relationships with everybody else than that is just the my satin mentality that you should be adopted in conclusion. Remember this quote. Expect nothing and accept everything. Don't have too high expectations off where your numbers should be. It's not always a numbers game. Just remember that 9. Final Tips: I have 35 things to say to you guys before we end off this course. I have this video and then also have a conclusion. But this is just key takeaways and also tips. The first thing is there are some things that you do to your account that's just are good for your account. Now I'm not saying that I go against it or not, saying you should do it. But what I'm saying is you should know the consequences of what you do when you do these specific. If you're trying so hard to follow the numbers game, or if you're trying so hard to get clouds and you're trying to get Hey, let me just get 5000 followers here, let me buy you. Follow follow. If you're trying so hard for this, you really shouldn't be on Instagram or if engagements like 2% when you have like, let's say, 500 followers and you only get 10 likes per photo that I really think that you do deserve those engagement rates because you're personally sabotaging your account. For example, when it comes to follow and follow when you follow other people, all you're doing is trying to boost up your numbers when it comes to follow words and fall away. Now they are not engaged with your content, just like when you follow on follow, you're not engaged with their content. All you're trying to do is boost up your numbers. You're trying to make it so your actual amount of followers is larger than that. And from that, that's why some people have low engagement rates. And I feel just kind of feel bad for some people who don't try so hard and just they may just have no engagement rates, but they try so hard. And if that is, you can come contacted. You could come contact me through message or theme Instagram. I can help you do that, whatever. But for those who go on and follow, follow and ultimately lower engagement rates, I'm not recommending you against it. I just want you to know these consequences. It is always up to yourself to how you want to grow your instigate if you decide to buy likes. If you decide to buy followers, you decide to follow follow and suddenly you by followers here, you following follow here you buy more followers here and some do. You have 100,000 followers, and when you post something, you get 10 legs on it. Listen, you did that to Europe own account. You put so much hard work and do buying, and you put so much hard work and do following on following. I really do think that you deserve that. Because in the grand scheme of things, you're really setting yourself. What I would recommend is just growing organically growing, posting building relationships. As I said, That is the number one thing that you could do and this leads me onto my next Instagram is to grow and build relationships, to be able to reach someone from halfway across the world and young them and say like, Yo, hey, I love your page. I love her product. They said they send a message back and make you collaborate on something, and somehow both of you make more money and just being able to be more social and build relationships with anyone in the world. It's just amazing. I said it before, and I'm gonna say it again. If you focus solely on building relationships, posting good content, just being a genuine person on your account. Then don't worry. Your followers become and it doesn't matter how fast they come because these will be waiting more engaged and just way more quality instagram followers. And if you did follow and follow or you just tried to bump up your numbers, the last tip that I have for you is just 1/2 fun. Honest again. This is not meant to be stressful for anyone. Because really, when you get to that point of being stressed on Instagram, just it takes over your life because when you stress out oh, shoot. I lost 500 followers today and really, it's gonna get to your mind. This isn't something that you should stress over. It should be five should be interact. It should be an opportune an opportunity for you to reach out to anyone, to build relationships, to make friends, making community with anyone to look at names of dogs and looking cool cars online. This is supposed to be fun. So just please half on instagram. My last three tips for Instagram if you check out the next video is gonna be the last conclusion and next steps