Insta Creative: Documenting Your Creative Journey on Instagram | Linda & David | Skillshare

Insta Creative: Documenting Your Creative Journey on Instagram staff pick badge

Linda & David, A couple of creative folks

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8 Lessons (23m)
    • 1. Insta Creative | Intro

    • 2. Self Discovery Questions

    • 3. Defining Your Creative Journey

    • 4. How to Turn It into Content

    • 5. Curating Tips

    • 6. Creating a More Engaging Profile

    • 7. Maintaining The Fun

    • 8. Conclusion + Class Project

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About This Class


Are you a creative? Are you on instagram? Then this course is for you. 

Whether you’re an artist, a designer, any kind of maker - you probably already know that Instagram is a wonderful social network. What you might not know though, is that you can create a hugely engaging presence if you do more than just sharing your work, and practice the art of intentionally telling your story.

Join nomadic creative couple Linda & David (@kinlake) as they demonstrate what methods they have used to document their creative journey and grow a following of like-minded people, friends, collaborators and potential clients on instagram.

In this course, David and Linda will guide you in defining what makes YOUR creative journey authentic & worth sharing, give you a whole lot of guidance on how to create engaging content to post and many more tips on how to generally have fun while sharing your story with others, including:

  • Self discovery questions to find what you stand for as a creative
  • In-depth methods to understand what makes your journey unique, what sets it apart and what parts of it are worth sharing
  • How to find the visual coherency to be constantly inspired to create & post quality content
  • How to define what type of content you could share and come up with recurring themes
  • More content theme ideas that we love and that will make your audience engage with you
  • How to curate your feed and your presence so that it fits with YOU
  • How to keep feeling positively inspired on instagram
  • How to get noticed and grow a community of followers who are always excited to see what you’re up to

This course is aimed to be of help to artistic individuals who feel lost with Instagram and are not sure what content to share, makers who want to find a unique way to link their work and their journey, as well as creative entrepreneurs who want to use Instagram as more than a portfolio and who crave a deeper connection with their audience. There is something to learn in this course for every creative entrepreneur, whether beginner or advanced.

By following these intentional content creation principles and tips, you will manage to create a beautiful an engaging presence that tells YOUR authentic story.