Inspired Color: How to Successfully Use Color in Your Work

Jessica Colaluca, Founder, Design Seeds

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8 Videos (47m)
    • FREE LESSON: Seasonal Palettes, Color Theory vs. Color Harmony

    • Introduction to Color

    • Color Through Intuition

    • Color Theory vs. Color Harmony

    • Modern Color

    • Tools for Using Color

    • Applying Color Palettes

    • Your Project for the Seasons


About This Class

Gather useful and insightful color inspiration in this new 45-minute class with color expert and Design Seeds creator Jessica Colaluca! As Jessica answers questions about her experience working with color and walks you through her approach, you'll gain a new understanding of color and a confidence for using it in your work.

In Inspired Color, Jessica shares her views on Color Harmony (which she believes to be the foundation of successful color palettes). She also addresses one of the most popular questions she receives ~ how to successfully interpret and apply color palettes to projects ~ by offering tools for working with color and by walking you through her Inspired Color class project. 

So sharpen your pencils, break out the paint, loosen up your mouse wrist, fire up the kiln, line up your beads, find your yarn stash, make sure your markers have juice. Whatever your creative jam is, this Design Seeds class is a color and inspiration session which will culminate in creating a project for the seasons.

*This class was created & filmed in October, 2015.

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I've been to your website dozens of times and found lots of inspiration and just joy looking at all the photos and representative colours. Enjoyed your class. It was refreshing to hear someone say to put the colour wheel away. Sometimes working with it can be so limiting, particularly if you're looking for inspiration. Nature is a much better source! It was great to "put a face" to your work! Look forward to more from you!
Excellent class! I've viewed and read a lot on "color theory", but this approach really resonates with me. Thank you Jessica!
Debby Greenlaw

Weaver, Spinner, Dyer @ Flora & Fiber





Jessica Colaluca

Founder, Design Seeds

Design Seeds is a color and inspiration site which receives over 2 million pageviews a month. Although Jessica creates all the palettes for Seeds, a dynamic creative community has grown over the years, culminating in diverse talent contributing their inspiration photos from around the world via #SeedsColor. on Instagram.

Beginning in art school and throughout her design career, Jessica has created palettes while collecting inspiration in journals. Conceived in May of 2009, the Seeds si...

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